The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 7, 1933 · Page 11
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 7, 1933
Page 11
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PAGE 11 City Engineer Tippee Terms Present Euclid Ave. Bridge 6a Hybrid' THE PES MOINES REGISTER MONDAY MORNING, 'AUGUST 7, 1933. NRAList VoMfwued From Page j -"a Tn (poultry r C" .;nt;,U;.8tudr , .photo). l'u"a."rS trucilSn Co. Forty Cleinerl. rnui Fisher Co. Book Storo, Klec uo. rn -rsilv lit p"1'!'- , ;,,! t;rholtfrIn( Co. Ke A. lnln r"'". ' ,.,.v Pmduni Co. KSSIH u runt "!!,;';;.,;' inn. Memorial sjies co Heating Co. ii l Games. '.,iPd Laundry Co. $S'ul Iowa. inn Sl'lTUH C'atualty. Casualty. Vert Sti". R'Pfir Co. rSiversal UMoratnres, -S "fVl M"tnr Service. Inc. rfm Bros. Co, lies. The. Inc. (Insurance). vi Pvrk Furnace Co. . VsrSarMr Shop. ulrti Urul Co. venetia C ( VirtnriA DffluiJ Virsim Cafe. Vis Pakery. Viflu Press Club. Vntruna frank (Grocery). w- DviK AUtO. . Vrtens (.Harm munig. 4 ..,. n,nm.nil Iron Works, i vestsi, oy coecoratori. Van Pyck. Paul (Grocer). Vntrurifl, M. H. v runen Fremht Line. Vsn Burner Sn"P- Van H"rn OfJIral Co. Van ftcovoe Barber Beauty Shop. Verrni, frank M.. Inc. Vecrhl Barber Shop. Verran. A. J Cn. Vicioria Barber Shop. Vinrent Fuesro s Barber shop, Virnnn Dare Storea, Inc. Vilacrapb. Inr. Vito Barber Shop. Wslereen Co. Sai'ir, E R (Paint Contractor). Walker Plumbing t Heating Co. ttal'eratedi. C. V. (Bakery). Walt Barber Shop. Wsits inracei Beauty Salon. Warrcn'a Clothes Shop. Watt's Bakery. Wehster Barber Beauty Shop. Week! Co. ID.) D. C. Leo CO. Werner. M.. Kit Co., Inc. Welch Prinuns Co., J. H. wessimf Service. (Financial adv.). weaico Manufacturing Co. Wen End nrocery. West End Market. Western Insurance Companies. u.t.rn Letter Service. Wealinthouse Klectrlc Supply Co., Inc. Went Side Feed Co. Wheeler Lumber, Bridge A Supply Co. wmte (E. Carl I Funeral Home. White Rise Service, Wilkinson Music Shop. William. Auto Market. Witness Grocery. Winner's Buffet. w ,-n Pharmacy. winick Bms. Winslow'i Rite-Way Grocery. Winter. N. A., Advertising Agency. w pjier Insurance Agency. nia Fountain Service. Wolf s Fountain Service. Woim Plumbing A Heating (M. O.). Woltr studio. W'oodard, J. W. (Wall paper 4k paint). Woodbine Tourist Camp. Woodcock Pharmacy, Woodland Barber-Beauty Shop. Woodslde Golf Course. Work Letter Service. Wright (C. K.i Coal Co. w right Orocery. Walker Druff Co. Walker 8i. BaKery. w aik-Over Shoe store. Walnut Coffee Shoppe. Matrons. Charles A., Inc. (architects). W'eathenniiton Studio, The. vyeicn fie Bnop. Weldrest Tailors. Western Adjustment Inspection Co. Western Soda Fountain Co. Weston Dump Boriv Co. White Front Barber Shop. wkes tlnslneenng Construction Co. Wiiitsms A Persinger Motor Co. Williams Tailor Shop, 8. tneijrenner drocery. lAing Laundry. Widen Grocery. Woivers Grocery. Wooia Grocery. Wot-M Finance Corp. Wright Beamy Shop. w nsht Motor Parts. Wakonda Gardens. w alker. E, M (Grocer). Wailerstedt Shoe Repair Shop. Welsh's Service Station. Western Grocer Co. Weston Plumbing it Electric Co. Wheeler Grocery. W'hiieiock, Mrs. Millie (City Market) vhi'eway Inn. wiiiard C, Pierce. Furn. WHMsms Lewis Beauty Shopna. Wilson Tailor. Winston k Newell Co. Wishard Cigar Store. Wolf Co. W'ipon's Markets. Wa'green Co, Walker, Elwvn (grocer). S'kr, Jorrn J. (grocer), l I'! Linnane I lug pig). Wallace Publishing Co. N alnut Tire A Battery Co. Walnut Tire Co. Wards Barber Beauty Shop. Warn Service Station, J. R. Warner. Lee (grocery). Wash AVe Grocery. Waikms Co,. A. E (manufacturers et preparations). Waveland Cleaners. W ebb Auio Service. Webster Life Insurance Co. Wegener's Tavern. Weiss Grocery, M. Welch Barber Rbnn. Weiltnston Barber Shop, Weeks A Canon iharberV Weeks A Summers (barber). West, o. B. Co. W est a Grocery. We,terman Trucking Co., h. "estern Auto Supply. Whiicannck Grocery. white Palace System, The (restaurant). Whits Rtar Launderers-Dry Cleaners. W'h'te Way Grocery. Widmayer Kev Shop, W'CEms Stem, lnc Vfiiiiams, E. C. t barber), " !!son Concrete Co. Wlitsey's Shoe Shop. Inc. Wilson J. S Floral Co. W'mnirk Bros, (dept. store). Wi.trom Casket Co.. Phil, w -ifs, inc. (women's wear), woodland Ave, Pharmacy. W o ,,.r(s Groc'rv. W'omelsnvirt Grocery. X If-L'-S Barber Shop. s Goodie Bhoppe. i.ouna Barber Shop, srman Sons. J'orer Grocery. J Grocery. rhm Brake Co.. Inc. ("o Mike (fruit, veaetablesi. J.s .s Et, Co, 'inn Jacob tveseiables fruits). I' msn Mutual Lite Insurance Co. i v,mc Grocer J" M c. a. Barber Shop. i -urker Bros., inc. vi'h-0-Matic Co. telec. aooda). i:sers Stationers ' Eartwr Shop. Office Outfitters. ABOLISH FORT? I N0' SAYS DERN Var Secretary Against Move To Abandan Omaha Post. nMAHA, NEB. (P)After an li'rection of Forts Omaha and Crook and a visit to Fremont. , Secretary of War Dern said he would not favor any proposal ''ipgesting abandonment of Fort r,maha. It has been suggested as J future campus sita for Omaha Municipal university. ( At Fremont, where the Secre-"ry of War, and Mrs. Dern were parried, Dern and his daughter, Pctsy, visited his sister, Mrs. Reorge Haslam. The party, jich included MaJ. Gen. Johnson Haeood, commander of the sev-'"th corps area, returned here B'mday. trn and his daughter plan to " 10 Frt Leavenworth, Kan., Mcioday morning. BUILT OF OLD 6TH AVLSPANS Were Abandoned Un til 1908. The present Euclid ave, bridge which is to be replaced in the $300,000 project for relocating' No. 8 highway is of hybrid construction, it is recalled by John Tippee, city engineer. Two spans were taken from the old Sixth ave. bridge, built in 1885, and were set aside as salvage when the Sixth ave. project was completed in 1903. Removed to Euolld. They remained abandoned until 1908 when they were removed to the Euclid ave. site and another span was added, making the present bridge. The old Euclid ave, bridge is 450 feet long, with an additional 150 feet of trestlework. It is 16 feet wide and has a 14J-foot roadway. Aks New Bridge. In May, 1932, a delegation rep-! resenting six Des Moines organizations asked the state highway commission to approve construc tion of a new bridge. The project was taken under advisement. It was hoped at the time that the span could be constructed by the time .the new veterans hos pital on Euclid ave. was completed. Bridge on Dotiglax. Another link in the improve ment project involves the Douglas ave. bridge over F'our-mile creek, between Thirty-third at. and Frederick M. Hubbell ave. The present bridge is a steel span 95 feet long and 16 feet wide with a 15-foot roadway. It was constructed in 1892. quickly as possible, it was reported. Polk county labor is to be used on the projects in Polk and Warren counties, it was reported, snd it is planned to carry on much of the grading work through the fall and winter. From Relief List. From 50 to 75 per cent of the common labor on all projects un der the federal highway and pub lic works act is to be enlisted from persons receiving relief from public funds, relief officials have said. First Project. The first four paving projects for which bids will be opened Aug. 15 are: Osceola county 6.8 miles on No. 33, north and east of Sibley to the present paving on Old No. 6 Route Highway No. 6 as now routed through Des Moines is as follows: Southwest on Avenue Frederick M. Hub-be 11 to Grand ave.; west on Grand ave. to Seventh St.; north on Seventh st. to Keo-sauqua way; northwest on Keosauqua way to Nineteenth St.; west on Carpenter ave. to Twenty-first St.; north on Twenty-first st. to Forest sve.; west on Forest ave. to Beaver ave.; northwest and north on Beaver ave. to Hickman ave., then west on Hickman ave. No9. Clay county 5.7 miles on the relocation of No. 10 directly east of the paving, east of Peterson to the Junction with No. 71. Carroll county 6.3 miles on No. 48 from Manning east to No. 71. Humboldt county 5 miles on No. 169 from Humboldt south to the Webster county line. The Euclid bridge improvement and the new routing of No. 6 through the north part of the city instead of through the loop is to cost $300,000. Psving No. 28 to Martensdale will cost $212,000. Polk Labor, Although the paving on No. 28 is to be laid in Warren county, Polk county labor is to be employed on the project sa well as on the Euclid ave. improvement. The remainder of the $600,000 construction in Polk county will be on smaller projects. One of them is the grading snd bridging of No. 88 from No. 6 to Bondurant. Bids on this latter Job will be opened Aug. 15. No. 6 Project. The new highway project calls for construction of No. 6 from the present junction of Avenue Frederick M. Hubbell with the platted Douglas avenue at the east entrance to the city across Douglas ave. to No. 65 at E. Fourteenth st. There the route of No. 6 will Jog south to Euclid ave., and continue west on Euclid ave. until Euclid merges into Douglas ave. at Thirtieth St., passing the United States Veterans hospital. Douglas and Merle Hay. The route will continue west to the Junction of Douglas ave. with Merle Hay road. It then will turn south on Merle Hay road to Hickman ave., where No. 6 is paved into Council Bluffs. Overhead Croewings. Overhead crossings will be built over the Chicago and North Western, Chicago, Rock Island and Pt- Roads Continued From Pane 1. New Route of 0OUGIAS m - HtCATMAN AVE. i New route of Highway the new route include two and grading and paving of m with Highway No. 6 at Avenue Frederick Hubbell. Li I ilk; The Euclid ave. bridge, two views of which are above, will be replaced with a new span as part of the stale's $800,000 public works project In Des Molne. Narrowness of the bridge Is shown by the upper view. Public Works Paving Projects "" . CT. WwmmmZu. m Jmmmmmm I i t i 1 rkm 1, i "',. i h I Ft. LfctiiTe tins bn&ijrfjl'1' N" ...-es-j U ft turn , j ' , H I JTrsetsiii cific, and Chicago, Great Western railroads between Avenue Frederick M. Hubbell and E. Fourteenth st. The new bridge over Four Mile creek is on the east end of the project. Paving the gap on No. 28 between the south Polk county line and Martensdale will afford a shorter all paved route between southwestern Iowa and Des Moines than now is afforded by Highway No. AV. P XUCUD AVE. X "A No. 6 across Des Moines as new bridges, three overhead E. Douglas ave. from E. Fourteenth st. to E. Thirty-seventh st. " g S , - - . " V; V 'l jmmmltn ' ''I kmviinfen tmJk , .sw. ' Rn ; t! .' ..''' -WjF fV'F !'f' Mns showing Individual paving project nrheduled In five Iowa counties under the public, works program. Projects are outlined Inside the heavy circles. way of Indianola on No. 65 and No. 2. Projects Indorsed. The relocating of higtwsy No. 8 and psving on No. 28 have been indorsed by the Des Moines city council, the Chamber of Commerce, the state relief agencies, the Iowa Motor clubs and Des Moines Automobile club, the Retail Merchants bureau and other civic bodies. Traffic over No. 6, which now enters the city from the east on Avenue Frederick M. Hubbell, comes over Grand ave. to Finn ave., and goes northwest over Keosauqua way and Beaver ave. to Hickman and west, will not need to come into downtown Des Moines. Old Route to Continue. The old route will be continued for persons wishing to come Into the business district. The Euclid ave. bridge improvement bai been needed for many 6 and Where Improvements approved in connection with the railroad crossings, paving of Bridge over Four Mile creek on T.. lttmliw ave. which Is to be rpplHced ttlth a new structure In the rerouting of No. 6 highway Borons Of Molne. years but the city hss been unable to finsnce the work and the new construction necessary to reroute the arterial highway on the new bee line. The change in the route also sffords easy access to the new $1,300,000 veterans hospital. 15V Mile of Paving. Under the Iowa program, worked out by the highway commission, Governor Herring and relief and employment officials, $4,-000,000 of the $10,055,660 allotted to Iowa is to be used for paving on arterial highways. A total of 151 miles of psving is to be Isid and Includes paving to be laid in short stretches to fill gaps and extend paving In many counties. Another 200 miles of bituminous treated gravel surfacing also is included In the program. The paving will be laid on primary high ways, and the treated gravci sur facing will be laid on primary and secondary roads. Primary Roads. Of the $10,055,660 direct grant to Iowa, $5,000,000 must be spent on primary roads, $2,500,000 must be spent on secondary roads, and $2,500,000 must be spent on exten sions of federal aid highways in cities and towns. The $2,500,000 spent on extensions through cities and towns will be used in construction of paved highways, overhead crossings, viaducts, subways and other street improvements. Many cities, large and small, will share in the federal grant, (trading, Draining. The balance of the money allocated to primary and secondary highways not used for paving and bituminous surfacing will be used for grading, bridging, draining and graveling highways in the program. The entire $10,055,660 construction program has been approved by the federal . bureau of roads, and contracts will be let as specifications for individual projects receive approval of Public Roads District Engineer Shoemaker of Omaha. Highways in every Iowa county will be Improved with the federal allotment. In All Counties. The regulations under the In dustrial recovery act, under which (U tin ftfld flflfl la mtAn ai.-uUahla ; , 17. require distribution of the fund to at least 80 per cent of the counties. The Iowa highway commission spread the money to all 99 coun ties. Keeling's Probe To Continue on 'Gang Hideout' Sheriff Keeling Sunday night said the investigation of a suspected "stolen goods cache," in a big frame house at 852 Eighth st, had not been completed. No positive information has i - i U . - ei. . - urrn urn, ,.v o. urn " - .,,reuu i ..wum.1,.,.... KoooH una cioining ib Biotcn goous, Sheriff Keeling said. The 12-room house was found to be packed with goods ranging from valuables to Junk after the sheriff followed up a "tip" that it was a "hideout." STEAL TOBACCO. CANDY. Thieves who broke into the Glensrt grocery store, 2218 E Fourteenth St., Saturday night ransacked the store in search of money but took only tobacco and candy, detectives said. OOUCLAS AVE. OLO va.e caS- ROUTE Iowa public works program. Merle Hay road from Douglas The new paving on Legion Confmtiro! From Pnqe 1 buque at his home here and is on the convention program Tuesday. Tournament, The legion golf tournament and the Forty and Eight meeting were the principal Items of interest, Sunday with the convention scheduled officially to open today. Sunday night many legionnaires helped Dubuque celebrate Its centennial and witnessed the crowning of Miss Georgia Lyon as centennial queen. The state executive committee of the Legion Sunday went on record indorsing the NRA and President Roosevelt's business recovery program. Favorable action by the convention was recommended. Rate Reduced. The state executive committee met Sunday to hear a complaint on housing conditions and hotel rates and appoint a subcommittee to investigate, Substantial reductions in hotel rates were granted by hotels following demand by the executive committee that only regular rates be charged. Winners. The fourth district was announced as a winner of the Spsf- ford trophy for having the largest percentage of its four-yesr average membership. The district had a percentage of 85.8 per cent, with the Northwood post leading with 205 per cent. The Northwood post also won the Robbins trophy for best membership showing In cities from 1,001 to 2,000 population. Williamsburg was second and Elkader third. Des M'dnes Posts. The Highland Park post of Des Moines won the Des Moines Serv-j Phillip Anderson, 24, of 1 4064 E. ice club trophy for best showing ! Vine St., and a car driven by in cities over 50,000. Argonne j Howard Courtney, 19, who said post "of the same city was second: he lived at 1008 Maple St., col-and Cedar Rapids ranked third. ; tided at E. Twelfth and Filmore Ames and Ottumwa tied for streets. first in the classification for cities of 10,001 to 50.000, each having; TJI lA QnrfU irsr Burlington ranked next. Charles City won the Murphy trophy for cities of 5.001 to 10.000. , ' , ,, . . with Cedar Falls second and Cres ... ilil-A j, ' inn nor cent. Rurtlnetnn ranked1- UV-ai v,n iui rvnoxvuie won ine met nTy 'Mrs Louisa B for cities of 4,001 to 5,000. Storm ;H M c r n Lake ranked second and Decorah!w1fR of w' 'E' lh'nl jHoldcroft. 1315 The McGinnis trophy for '""'Twenty-first st of 2,001 to S.non was won by Vil- wh0 rtiS(lppar Humholdt third, Casey won the Webster trophy for cities of 501 to 1,000, while Anthon took second and LeClalre third. Topic for Talk. In the classification for cities under 500, Aurora won the Balrd i trophy. Elalrstown wss second I amJ WalCott third, Af)d wh,)e ,nrjjcation., tor a humnr nttpnHnnris thin vpar In " ' . e i u - ... r,.v.,,,. ( oi Liie unv iiiuuu.; in located in an extreme corner of the state and that the national con- vention in Chicago this fall will attract many Iowa legionnaires. advance discussion revealed that economic conditions may com in t-a . ifrn:ac, TnA for ,ir.M. In th. innvntlnn'Tt. DCS MOineS band for considerable in the convention deliberations. Murphy Spenk. The economy act which reduced veterans compensation and the polo match at 3 p. m. Sunday un-unaay in snmiuw sl.s, demands for payment now In casb.der the direction of G, Undstrom.iFridley, near here. Will Be Made POUR, MtLE CREEK I Improvements planned on ave. south to Hickman ave. E. Douglas ave. is to connect of the soldiers bonus are said to be the subject of numerous proposed resolutions. J. Ray Murphy, in addressing an open air meeting here Sunday evening, told his listeners that national program of the legion is primarily one of Interest in the fate of wounded and sick veterans, the widows snd dependents of veterans and of those who were killed. "People Misled." "Powerful financial groups, Interested in keeping their financial contribution to the federal government as low ss possible have contributed to a campaign of villl-fication of our organization, charging us with being treasury raiders," he said. "To accomplish their end of lessening taxes, these Interests have seized on the disabled veteran ss the most feasible point of attack snd through propaganda have grievously misled the American people." Pell Heads 10 snd 8. Roy Pell of Marshalltown was elected head of the Iowa 40 and 8 grsnd voiture In the annual meeting Sunday night. Other officers elected were correspondent, Charles Kretschmer, Dubuque; chef-de-train, Carl C. Carey, Newton; garde-de-la-porte, Dewey Butterfteld, Waterloo; com-missaire Intendsnt, Roy Johnson, Mason City; rhemlnote nstionale, Frost Patterson, Fontsnelle; historian, Frank Miles, Des Moines. District cheminoles elected included second, Paul Chrlstensen, Clinton; third, George Prugh, Waterloo; fourth, A. D. Tllton, Msson City; fifth, Dayton Piper, Chariton; sixth, Victor Worledge, Knoxvllle; seventh, Paul Richardson, Greenfield; eighth, F. E. Pow-ers, Boone; and ninth, Harvey Barnard, Rock Valley. Frank Miles presented a bell and gavel to the Mason City voiture for having made the best record in legion membership the .last year. M'CABE HELD AFTER CRASH Three Injured in Car, Truck Collision. John K. McCabe, 38, who said he lived at 2030 E. Thirty-eighth Street court, was srrested Sunday for driving while Intoxicated after his truck collided with a csr st. E. Thirty-second st. snd Easton blvd., Injuring three people, A witness told police McCabe's truck had crowded his car over the curbing before It struck a car driven by C. S. Robinson, 60, of 2518 E. Forty-second st. Mrs, Robinson, 60, suffered a severe scalp wound. Robinson and Edna Robinson, 36, who gave her address as 1407 Eighth St., were cut and bruised, The truck was going east ami Robinson's car west. McCabe also suffered slight cuts. Jeanne Anderson, 8, suffered cuts and bruises when a car in which she was riding driven by Mrs. Holdcroft, Seen Saturday rolice, relative, snd friends con- I tinned a search Sunday night for from her home Saturday morn- ing. She was last seen at 10 a. m. Saturday walking east on Carpenter ave. She was wear- in? low - heeled MPS. HOl.prkWT. shoes, a sleeveless house dress, I ; black coat and a dark brown nv,t etlt,MM V.r ctfee In i j SU' """'S " . . r l " V" fa "11 i f ; neavy sec, nas wnne nair snu i wears glasses. j f.-he probably had no pocket-! book, money, or Identification on nf,r pPron, relatives said. Plays at Polo Game Th Fort De Moines armv post band played a concert at the poat CLOWNS PARADE STREETSJODAY Pirates, Cowboys on Rampage at 4 p. m. Four hundred "pirates," a "dangerous handful of cowboys," not to mention a lir of "hungry lions," all will appear on downtown streets st 4 p. m. today in the playground parade. This is a solemn warning not to miss the free circus Rt 7:30 p. m. Tuesday st the Drake university stadium - solemn, that is, if a whole bevy of prancing clowns can be solemn when the calliope plays "Yankee Doodle.'' Hour tif l.limn! What dignity those rascally clowns may detract, however, the impressive prehistoric "Cook," will more thnn make up snd the roar of the lions will thrill the most experienced big game hunter. The elephant, the giraffe, ths zebra and the rhinoceros this morning may respectively h John and George snd Billy and Pete, hut at 4 p. m. what fearful shapes these youngsters will assume when draped with painted canvas! Even Katherine Krieg, superintendent of the 23 Des Moines playgrounds which are putting on the circus and the parade, Sunday nipht was considering calling; on the "cowboy outlaws" to protect her from the "wild animals." Will Rehearse Show. After the parade today ths 1,500 boys and girls will go to the stadium to rehearse the show which they have mad themselves. It will Include tap-dancing, tumbling, rope stunts and pantomimes. "Mine," Iowa's own elephant, will be there ss will th playground band of 235 pieces. Tuesday night is the big night. The three-ring cirrus starts at 7:30 p. m. For an hour snd a half the 22 acts will be In continuous performance. ARIZONA REPEAL BALLOTJESDAY State Also to Vote on Congressman. PHOENIX, ARIZ. OPi Arizona voters will ballot Tuesday on national prohibition snd nominate a successor to Lewis W. Douglss, who resigned as representative in congress to become director of the, federal budget. Antl-repeallst leaders concede 14 delegates pledged for repeal of the eighteenth amendment will b chosen. The prohibitionists failed to obtain sufficient signers to petitions to place their candidates on the ballot. Twenty states have) ratified the amendment. May Write In Name. Two columns will appear on ths ballots, however, and will be head ed "for ratification" and "against ratification." Drys may writs in the names of their candidates, The Democratic congressional nomination is sought by two men snd a woman, They are Mrs. Isabella Greenway of Tucson, Demo cratic national eommiUeewoman for Arizona; Harlow Akers, former state senator and Phoenix at torney, and William Coxon, former member of the state house of representatives. Two Ballots, Voters will be furnished with two ballots, one on the prohibition issue and the other on the congressional race. No Republicans have come forward for ths latter office, and it Is expected nomination of the Democratic aspirant will be tantamount to election. Should the general election be) necessary, it will be held Oct. 3. MRS. FEGTLY RITESJODAY Born Near Denison, la.; Active in Church. Funeral services for Mrs. Carrie M. Fegtly. 72. who died st her home, Tenth st. Fridav. will he held st 2 p. m, today st Dunn's Funeral home with burial at Glendaie. Mrs. Fegtly wss born near Denison, la. Active In Chnrrh. When her husband, the Rev. Edward T. Fegtly, had charge of t!1 Dea Moines city mission Mrs. Fegtly helped organize ths Sunday school at Riverside Community house. Pne was active In the Methodist church snd the W. C. T. V and wax a member of the League of Women Voters and Delphian society. Husband Survive. She is survived by her husband, and four children, Edna L., E. Merrill, snd Eifreda Fegtly Deni-nls, all of Des Moines, and Cedno Springfield, 111,; two sisters, Mrs. Lillian M. Black. Tacoma, Wash., and Mrs. A. H. Fisher, St.orkton, Cel.; snd two brothers. Dr. W. H. Plimpton, Glenwood, la., and Dr. P.. P. Plimpton, Denison, la, FIND M'PE BODY. ANOKA, MINN. i.4- The un clothed bodv of. a man, who had been nhot In the had, was found

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