The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1961
Page 15
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6-Algona (Id.) Upper de* Motne* Thursday, March 16, 1961 I've never been a fan of George Burns but I did enjoy hearing him sing "Don't Take Me Home" and "Red Rose Rag" on a recent TV program. II took me back to my youth and memories of the friends who gathered oround Zada Bninson's piano and sang popular songs. ,'.* * * February is a favorite month for marriages in the Helmers family. Mrs John Helmers gave me this data the other day, Her mother and father, Mr and, Mrs C. Helmers were married Feb. 2 (A Helmers married a Helmets, but no relation). A sister, Mr; Charles Wagner, chose Feb. 4 another sister, Mrs Fred Gronbach and a niece were married Feb. 13, and the .John Helmers and a niece, Mrs Don Hammer, were wed Feb. 22. * *, * I wonder if any of the above couples will reach the sixtieth anniversary as did Mr and Mrs Abe Tuttle of Blue Earth, Minn. They are parents of Mrs Emily Ringgenbrrg and their date, was Feb. 19. Emily and Mr and Mrs Dwaine Lighter and Ann Renee were in attendance. Open house was held and approximately 100 'guests offered their good wishes. They received a message of congratulation from Gov. Anderson of Minnesota. * » * Roseita and Hanry Johannsen have returned from a five week vacation in California and according to the pace they set, it's time they'got home to rest a bit. They did everything from the Iowa picnic to dancing to Lawrence Welk's orchestra and Disneyland. They were d.i n n e r guests of Ed and Genevieve Genrich .and were joined by the Roy Bjustroms who were on vacation, too, and the Homer Tuttles who have made their home in Pomona. The daughter Marilyn Plumb also lives there and from the list of ex-Algonans seen, it surely was old home time. In spite of the fun, .the Johannsens were glad to get back home and 'are more sure than ever that Iowa is the garden spot. They came home via Phoenix, Ariz, and visited with a nephew and his wife, Dr. and • Mrs William Johannsen. They also saw Dr. and Mrs Harold Meyer, former Algerians. » * * Another letter a day or two ago from my cousin Melvin Henderson, Upland, Calif, laments the lack of rain. He yearns for the moisture of Iowa and would love to be here in the snow. Ventura, is considering water rationing and he belieyes it won't be long till other communities there will have to do the same. * * * Another Algonan glad to be back home is Mrs Marie Ogren, She recently returned from In- dianoplis, Ind., where she visited with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs E. E. Alger and the return trip was made via plane. The train trip there gave her opportunity to compare farms with Iowa's and one thing she noticed in particular was the lack of corn storage. Asking nbout it, the reply was, "We use- it." On my trip to Ohio a few yours ago, I noticed the difference in the appearance of farm homes and barns. Very few were well kcpt-:ill were badly in need of paint. Yards and fields were trim and neat, but the buildings were gray and weather-beaten. * * * Imolda Engesser has an aunt living with her, Mrs Ella Dooley, who celebrated her ninety-fifth birthday Mar. 1. Congratulations! My grandmother Mrs Thomas Henderson, nee Margaret Hec- karl lived to be Of) years old. * * * I wish Jane Asa and I could whisper in the ears of our sparrows to stay away from he' 1 husband and Dick Post. The men kill 'em and Jane and 1 fr-cd 'em. Supposing they are a little remise on certain well-established manners! So what? They are cute and if the sparrow is worthy of Biblical mention, well, Jane and I are on the right track and let's put a hex on the men! * * * • Funeral services for Aly Googoo Alligator, pet of Ann Renee Lighter, which died Feb. 24, were held the following day and burial was made in the family back yard. Barbara Stoffel assisted in the arrangements. Aly Googo was born in South America, shipped to Florida at an early age and was purchased by Mr and Mrs Ernie Williams who were vacationing in the south and brought to Ann Renee a year ago as a gift. Aly had made his home the past year in the Lighter's basement. In spite of good care and his diet of raw meat and fish, he succumbed to pneumonia. Reneo and Barbara sang favorite songs and bore the artificial flower bedecked casket to its final resting place. As* a tribute to Aly, we might say he has been quite an education to the many children who called on him in his life time. * * * Mr and Mrs Heinle Stebritz did some baby sitting while their Son-in-law and daughter, Mary and Dick Wilhclmi, Rock Falls, 111., were in California a month, making the trip with Mr and Mrs Charles McVay. They had a nice visit with Dick Dale who is a cousin of the McVays. They also had a chat With Lawrence Welk who sent greetings to Heinle, whom he remembered well. •> « * * Jane Asa (Mrs Don) loves to cook and with a new double oven range as an extra incentive, she decided to entertain the Asa clan Mar. 5. Those present were the parents Mr and Mrs Frank Asa, of Rutland, Mr and Mrs Fred Asa, of the Doan vicinity Mr and Mrs Kenneth Asa, of -Waterloo, Mr and Mrs Dale Peterson, of Humboldt, and Mr,and Mrs William Marrhant of Gilmore City and the respective families. This gave the relatives a chance to become .acquainted with little Anthony Scott Asa born February 14 to Mr and Mrs Fred Asa and who rather took his by surprise. Other .Children are Allen Steven, Charle^e and Phil lip,'It was done purposely t narn> ing two sons so that the initials spell the surname. * * * More news about the Asag, When I called Mrs J. B Am for news, she was delighted with the results of the Titonka-Algona basketball game. Of course i took the opposite side, but when she explained she has two nephews on the Tike team, I couldn't blame her for her partiality. They are George Cunningham and Dverg Krantz. V • * * _ » Leora St. John has discovered she has a "boss" and the .other flay she got "told off" in fine style. She hurt her back awhile ago when arising one morning, and has taken the doctor's advice-"take it easy". So, having slept unusually-late, she. was fixing herself a belated breakfast. Susie Nuisance, her beautiful Angora cat I have mentioned before, seemed uneasy and was all the more so when Leora went to the bedroom to make her bed. Susie paced back and forth in great agitation till the bed was finally made, the pillows in place, and the spread in proper position. Whereupon Susie leaped to the .bed and curled.' up in the customary place, a picture of contentment, and proceeded to have her hap. Susie has (been taught that an open bed is no pldce for her, but a MADE bed, with pillows covered, la just the place for her siesta. * , * « . . ' Scholastically er education-Nothing irks the hardpressed college student more than shaking an ,efivelope from home and finding nothing in it but news and love." * * .... "The college basketball coaches are all interested in higher education, and the closer they come to seven feet the better they like it." (Wouldn't this apply to high school coaches as well?) . * * * When Mr and Mrs'Les Kenyan were on a vacation in the south they stopped in Jefferson .City, Mo,, and visited with Mr and Mrs Don Akre. Don told Mrs Kenyon he had been able to find a translator- for the letter the family had received from Norway. He, had phoned me one day .when and his wife were here' and 'asked if I knew anyone who could do it. Some time later Emma Crouch phoned me that' she would. have been' able to do it. It is of further iriterest that, the daughter Donna was a member of the 200 person band that went to the inauguration. She visited with her ntimV anil uncle Mr and Mrs Charles Akre there. Charles will be welt femerhbere'd here having grown to yOung 'manhood, was graduated" ffdm the State University at Iowa 1 City and practiced law' in Washing- ton' D. C. I believe that is still his vocation. > , . EGO Mrs Bert Rouse of near Ayr- hire found the largest egg she has seen. The horizontal circurrt* fer<*hce measured 9& inches and the vertical, 8'/4. The'egg enclosed a complete normal egg with a double yolk. Egg white filled the space 'between the outside shell of the smaller egg arid the interior shell of the larger. ks &!* FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance and Air 1 Charter Algona CY 4-3731 Burt Phone 233 fftfifi Big trees Mill grow in Iowa. Joe Takes hds & big CottoriwoO'd at his sawmill- at decide: It was felled in the AlVa Streeper timber near Onslow. It is 32 inches wide on the small end and is entirely free of knots. ORGANIC SOIL BUILDER ' . . . Corn • Grain • Field Crept WILL NOT BURN- ODORLESS No Fillers -No Chemical* Where Can You Get More Than Soper-Gro For Your Money? CHECK THESE ADVANTAGES Higher proteln'conlent. Supplies major and minor nature'* minerals. ' Increased benefits each yew. Long lasting. More mellow soli. Larger root structure* Roots stay alive longer. Better legume stands. Does not corrode equipment, Harmless to humans and livestock, TRY and COMPARE GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW .' - ' , Around The BP" - , ; . . ^ ' •• Town and Country IIIH1 nueimiiiiiiini Joe Bradley Equipment Soulh Hotel Algona Farm Machinery — Trucks - Tires Oliver Mauey-Harrli Allli-Chalmen CMC Truck* Flieiton* Tlxel Phone CY 4-2*11 Algona imniuiuiuiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiui Bronson Building Service "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL WORK • Builders' Hardware Tools KLINE Tanks & REDWOOD Tanks N. of Jet. Hwys. 18 & 169 Algona - CY 4-4369 YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR llillllllllllP^ Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona •IIIIIHl , CRACKERS 4ND CONSOLIDATED \ MILK-UM-UM! YOU SAID , AMOUTHFUtJ SISTER?, Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service D II Phone CY 4-3S01 Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing - Healing Sheet, Met*) CM or Ql| Unltt Fiuopf Water Bytlenu Complete Flxiuzef Kelley Lumber Company, across from the Milwaukee Depot on North Main Street your "One Stop Shop" for all types of building materials and services. *^WtH NEW HOMES: Aluminum, asbestos, wood and other siding applied. All types roofing, flooring, windows, panelling, ceilings and Sherwin Williams Paints <&Ht. KITCHENS: Fashionwood Cabinets, Custom built cabinets, Formica countertopping and built in appliances featured. FARM BUILDINGS: Conventional Cribs, Barns and other buildings. All purpose, steel frame buildings are here now. Laminated arch grain storage. FARMYARD EQUIPMENT: "Norton" Hog Feeders and "Lee" Cattle Feeders are now built and delivered by Kelleys. Kelleys distribute the Petersen Stock Tank in north central Iowa and southern Minnesota. "DO IT YOURSELF" SERVICE: At Kelleys you get top quality materials, friendly assistance. EASY TERMS: Kelleys offer 4 sound, types of financing with monthly or seasonal terms. Remember, Kelley Lumber Company in Algona, Sexton or Ottosen. At Kelleys "OUR BUSINESS IS BUILDING". •VNJ-VV^%rti->^ YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Meet Eugene Henry Of Algona Eugene Henry, this week's Country Neighbor, farms 220 acres 31/2 miles west of Algona on McGregor street rosd. He is a part owner of the farm and works the place with a married brother. Jack. Engene, born here in 1930, has been a life-long resident of this area with the exception of time spent in the U.S. Army several years ago. The Henry brothers, both sons of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Henry, who farm near Hobarton, raised a total of 350 pigs for market last year, but seem to favor their fine line of *?*•* Aberdeen Angus cattle. They maintain 50 brood cows and feed about 50 calves out for market each year. Eugene has raised Angus since he purchased his first one at the age of 11 years. Eugene and Jack also have 25 crossbred 'ewes and raised more livestock on their farm during I960 than any previous year. Eugene has been on the present farm for the past four years, since his discharge from the army. He has never married and claims he doesn't have any hobbies, but practically classes his Aberdeen Angus cattle as a hobby due to the fact he likes to work with them. TUIC coAr-c Eugene and Jack are half of the Henry's children. The mlb brACfc others are Tom, a junior at Garrigan high school who showed the grand champion baby beef, an Aberdeen EVERY OTHER WEEK Angus, at the county tw last summer, and Ardytb (Mrs. Roman Knecht), West Band. TO MEET A NEW The Henrys follow practically the *9me practices on their land each year. During the 1960 growing season, they COUNTRY had 120 acres of corn. 45 acres of oats and the balance wa« hayland and pasture. (UDM Polaroid Photo-Engraving) NEIGHBOR •iiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiii Kelley Lumber Co. "Our Business Is Building" • LUMBER • PAINT • CEMENT We Aim io Pleas* Near Milwaukee Depot - Algona Beecher Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS NAMES Gieet You" In TELEVISION WeitlnghouM In APPLIANCES Waitlnghouse Frlgldalre YoungsioVBi Phone CY 4-1611 Aigon* 'iiimiMmiiiimiMinimiiiiiiniiiiiiii! Buscher Brothers Impl Minneapolis Molina — Kelly-Ryan — Papee New Idea Farm Machinery • Salei • Service • Friendly it. Courleoui Alwaya N. Main St. Phone CY 4-3451 Cullen Hardware Your" Our Own "Hardware Store" A Complete Line Of H*wdware • Housewaret • Tool* • Bldg. Supplies Phone CY 4-4630 ALGONA • """""'iiijifiiiiimllMUIIJIIIKIHI' Robinson Construction Co, Sioux Steel Building; Building Construction For size, strength, , 9 u l fa * nd ea *« of building, insist on — SIOUX -, Another advancement in easier farming. E. E. Robinson East On Hwy. 18 Phone CY 4-3374 '

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