The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 16, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1961
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Dept. of Biatory and Des Moines 19, loua IftH ^ AL60NA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 1961 2 SECTIONS - 16 PAGES Pit* IS-Pag. Tabloid VOL. 98 - NO. 11 By Russ Waller * * - * ' Perhaps our subcrlbers. at Irvington, LuVerne, Livermore, Bode, Ottosen and West Bend don't know it, but the way they get their papers .promptly every Thursday morning from the UDM is because w,e truck them to the six towns. Regular U.S. Mail would not 'reach them until Thursday after the RFD carriers had left on their routes so no rural subscribers from those towns would get the papers until Friday. . . . "'.; ' * • • v. .'».'>,"' This has not been a 'bad win ter, but it seems that ar. unusual percentage of the "bad nights" have come on Wednesday. Such was the case last wdek. But despite a warning from Alfred SchuUz that the' "county. roads were .pretty bad" we took. off. I say "we", your reporter and Oscar Wittman, one of our linotype operators who happens to be unmarried, and hence a little more foot loose. « » * Those of us in Algona don't always know just how it blows out in the country, .but it wasn't too bad except between Irvington and the Sextoh-LuVerrte blacktop when visibility was near zero. But the rest of the route to West Bend wasn't too severe and the • -Winds in Humboldt were minor compared to those' in Kossuth. Leaving .West Bend, highway 44 was clear of snow completely, but four or five miles north (after* entering Kossuth territory again) we 'began bucking drifts, about 10:30 p.m. : "•!•••• f. ' '•'•' • * < Just as ' the' water tower of Whittemore was visible; -we came to the end,of the line •— in the middle of -a block-long pile, of drifted and blowing .snow.. Fortunately we had a flashlight, and the .temperature jwasn't too cold. A hike of ab'out.half a mile and we sayr. a 'light.'It was theVLeo Dbgbtch-fann«hbme; "and .-Mtv and.- Mrs Dogoteh hbspitslbly iHvited us to stay until morning, an offer we gfdtefull£ accepted. . By the time we got back to the car next morning the plows had been through — on each side of the stranded vehicle right - in the middle of the highway. The Dogotch tractor did the rest, and we reached Algona. about 9 am. Thursday . . \ but the papers went through ,'.- and it'was the first time-we've had oatmeal for breakfast ,in a long, long spell. * • » We hope they're through with the worst of it, but before spring floods the area, we'd" like to pay an annual tribute to Algona's street department snow re.moval crew . . . they did a magnificent job. Sometimes we take these things in stride, but the street department deserves a hearty slap on the back. They probably get plenty of kicks in the pants. * * • . Maybe our antenna isn't turned right, but we seem to sense a little more optimistic outlook by folks in this area as to the year's prospects in business and farming — and we hope ihey are right. * * • For several years, now your scribe has looked with longing at the Grapefruit League baseball games played each spring by most of the major teams in Florida. Now we are about to see some of them. .« . * * John Kain has agreed to furnish his new car, and we have agreed to furnish the road maps (courtesy of Arnie Ricklefs) — a fair arrangement —- and so we're off to Florida. Enrbute,-we have agreed that inasmuch as this Is the Centennial Year of the Civil War, we should visit a few of the historic battlefields, also, so we are routed accordingly — Shjloh and Muscle Shoals dam on the Tennessee among" the first . . . the Pirates are winning and the Yankees are losing, and the azaleas are in bloom, and the regular tourists have mostly come home and we hope the result will be a good standard of living at a respectable cost. * * * Unless plan* change, our route back will be somewhat circuitous, along the Atlantic Co»st, through the Carolines into Virginia, and eventually to Fort Tot* ten, N. Y. where we expect tq take advantage of a spare room in the home of a brother . . .only thing is that a look at the maps of the eastern freeways and turnpikes send John to shuddering, even with adjjed insurance on hi? vehicle. t « ' t Wiy Towns Ask Larger Part Road Fund •• • ' ' . . •' * . '"."'• .'• %^ • . 2 Sentral School Robbers Nabbed' Confess ' .-'•'• '-..,. . f Arrested In ;Had 3D Break-Ins A possible wind-up to the. breakrin' at jSentral high schopl, located, between Fentbn and Lone Rock, during the -night of Nov. 30, 19QO came to: light this week at Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst's pf- fice'when three'men were arrest-• ed at Fairbury, Nebr. .The three, Lawrence and Wilbur Gates and Fred Dickes, were picked up at Fairbury and charged with possessing concealed weapons. The Gates brothers were released about an hour after their release on bond and Dickes was extradited to Hill City, Kans. where he has beep -charged with carrying a concealed weapon, burgar- ,ly and shooting with intent to harm an officer. The'lead; to. the Sentral case, which came after thorough investigation of the matter by Lindhorst and other authorities around the midwest, • came from Dickes. He admitted to Hill City authorities that he and one of the Gates brothers (it isn't known whidh one) entered the Sentral school. He also, said the Gates boys disposed of 'merchandise taken Srt the" theft. ,/ ;3 The thieves .pried opehfahyeast door^ of ; the' school arid "stole'' $95 in cash from the school,, safe, three typewriters, a microphone - ;th|;: intercom,. system^ ...two .._1_., J--!.-^-!...,. ^....1. ...... . |jj^ e £. 3rd Quarter Dip, Sales Tax For Algona, Shown , Third quarter sales tax figures for '19~60' just released indicate •that Algona retail sales on which tax was collected in the.third quarter of. last year dropped 5.8% compared with the same period: in-1959.' The average change in the state as a whole showed a drop ot 1.8%.. Algona's drop , was comparable to'most other cities of its size in the state, although there were a ,few notable exceptions here and tftere; I In this area, Clear Lake's sates tax collected showed a startling decrease, in I960 as comparld with 1959. I Figures for a selected group pf cities in this general area, sortie larger and some smaller .than Algona, are given below with approximate percentage of increase or decrease from the preceding year: '59 3rd Quarter '60 3rd Quarter CITY ALGONA .. 1 $ 64,638 $ 60,880 Clear'Lake -_L ... 61,537 48,839 Iowa Falls __..- ' 78,569 84,655 Webster City —'__.—_ .. 87,882 79,345 Humboldt __,. 52,218 . 53,889 Storm Lake 84,857 84,285 Spencer • _______• 109,656 109,219 Estherville ._ 65,545 64,097 Emmetsburg : 39,068 36,509 Sheldon 45,023 46,333 % Change - 5.8% -20.0% + 6.9% -10.0% -(- 2.0% - 0.6% - 0.3% - 2.2% - 6.5% + 2.9% eases. "All" but the movie projectors ,were reportedly covered,, toy, insurance. ' . •;'''''• • 1 'Further investigation of the ' trio shows ihey were probably involved in no less than ,30 • other break-ins around the midwest. , When. arrested the .three had an arsenal with them, including several-pistols. Their arrest came after'the sheriff at Hill City had asked the Fairbury sheriff to pick them up. They were wanted at Hill City for questioning co'n- cerning a' recent burglary at which time they shot at an officer while making their escape. So far, all information on the break-ins has come from a statement made by Dickes after he was.jailed at Hill City. According to. Sheriff Lindhorst, the men will probably come to trial in Kansas, after facing charges there and might never be tried here. Ex-Algonan Dick Dale Opens A SHERIFF LINDHORST STAYING WITH US ' Rumors to the contrary, Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst is remaining as Kossuth county sheriff. Reports were that he was a potential appointee as U.S. marshal for northern Iowa. Lindhorst said that there had been talk of the matter, but .that he is not a candidate for any appointment, anywhere. However, most Kossuth county folks will agree that if he had been named to some Federal post he would have made a good marshal. In the meantime, most are also very happy that he is still with us, and intends to stay that way. Asst. Rush Chairman Sue La Barre, daughter of Mr and Mrs Donald Ferris, 804 S. Jones, Algona, has been elected assistant rush chairman of Kappa Alpha Tneta sorority at Iowa State University. Miss La Barre is, a sophomore in home economics. : Dick Dale Dick Dale, Algona native Who has been a mainstay in Lawrence Welk's famous band and T-V program, has opened a restaurant in partnership with two other men, in the San Fernando Valley, in California. The restaurant known as "Dick Dale's Restaurant", is located at 22513 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, and is already a favorite spot for T-V personalities to meet. , Dick is a brother of Mrs Harold Cowan of Algona, and his mother, Mrs Gertrude Campbell, lives in the Seneca area. (UDM engraving). Dr. Arnold Heads,] Toastmasters Dr. D. D. Arnold of Algona was elected president of the Algona Toastmasters Club at the annual election of officers held,Monday night. -. t Named as educational,vice pre- ^ident was Darrel Ludwig, and Dr. William L. Clegg was'nam^d administrative vice president, Gerald Haas was named treasurer, Robert Johnson is the treasurer, and_Byron Richardson was ho- •JL'««W.3'i'««4-lt •' 4-Vin *.<V«i**ritnn4w4-"_«4- Jtv*»ttfl)JI selection. To Add District Judge, This Area The Iowa legislature has approved the addition of another district judge for the 14th judicial district, which includes Kossuth, Palo Alto, Emmet, Dickinson, Humboldt and Pocahontas counties. There have bean three judges in the past, of which group Judge G. D. Stillman of Algona is a member. The extra judge was deemed; necessary in the 14th district because of the size of the district. When the new judge would be, appointed, and how was not stated. Truck, 2 Cars Suffer Damages; No One Injured Two minor mishaps were reported in this area during the weekend.' Two Lone Rock brothers, Darryl Householder, 25, and David Householder, 23, escaped without injury when the tractor truck in which they were riding struck a patch of ice five miles west of Armstrong on highway 9' and skidded into the north ditch at 1:30 p.m. Friday. Damage 1 to the vehicle was estimated at $300. Darryl Householder was driving and David was a passenger in the tractor truck, which was heading east at the time of the crash. An Emmet county snow plow was called and pulled the truck out of the ditch. An Algona driver, Barney Frankl, 48, was charged with failing to yield the right-of-way Sunday after his auto and another, driven by Mrs Ann Drone, 50, Algona, collided at the intersection of State and Roan streets here. Frankl reportedly was unable to stop his auto duo to the condition of the streets. There were no personal injuries reported. Damage to the autos totaled $400. Final Concert Ass'n Program Here Mar. 22 With the conclusion of the 1961-62 Community. Concert membership drive Saturday noon, March 18th, Ed Gilmore, president of the association, will preside over a meeting at the High School Annex for the selection of next season's programs. All members are invited to attend at 3 p.m. The bonus concert .for new members will feature George Feyer, popular pianist, next Wednesday, March, 22nd at 8 p.m. in the Algona High School Auditorium. Mr Feyer, appearing in the last concert of the current series, is a native of Budapest, and since his arrival in the United States in 1951 has made a highly success- | ful series of "Echoes" recordings Vox. His appearance on the id Sullivan show and Voice of Firestone has made him known as one of America's top piaru'sts. Already slated: for one of the attractions next season is "Dick Schory's Percussion Pops". This is a group of 19 musicians playing 119 different instruments, with a program including "pop ! ballads, Broadway show-tunes and original works by Mr Schory. This is the first concert tour ol the group. If you 'have 1 not joined the'Kos .Concert '..Asso ci'atfbri for next year,' be 'sure 'to stop in at headquarters—Foster Furniture or phone CY 4-4991. Speakers At NFO Dinner 26 state and National Nst'l EditprM Ass'n Annual Better Newspaper Contests Second Place Nat'l Editorial ''General Excellence" Bryant Operetta With Huge Cast Slated March 21 The kindergarten, first, second, third and special education grades of Bryant school are presenting an operetta, "The Magic of Mother Goose," Tuesday, Mar, 21, at 8 p.m. in the Bryant gym. Two hundred twenty-five children are in the operetta and will present songs and dances portraying the Mother Goose nursery rhyme characters. Principal characters are Robbie Claude, Tony Weaver, Bonnie Willrett, Jon Sjogren, Jeannie Patterson, Diane Palmer, Kenneth Ruhnke, John Hedlund, Sandra Faulstich, Tommy Skog- strqrn, Robert Leayerton, James Stock, Larry Samp, Becky De^ vine, Melvin Ward, Cathy McEnroe and Piane Boeckholt. The operetta is directed by Mrs Lilliacp Sefrit assisted by Mrs Florence Larson, Janet Kimmel, Mrs Clare Wolc/Ht, Karen Saylor, Mrs Mona Bonacker, Mrs Lois Leaverton, Mrs Ruth McVay and) Mrs June Carson,, George Feyer Ottosen Boy, 5, Is Victim Of Leukemia Despite very poor weather conditions, which included snow- packed highways, a total of 1200 persons attended the free sausage dinner and meeting of the National Farmers Organization at Garrigan high school here Thursday night, March 9. The men shown above, Vince Rossiter, left, and Erhard Pfingsten, right, were feat'urcd speakers. Rossiler, Hartington, Nebr. bank president, and Pfingsten, national director of the NFO from Sergeant Bluffs, outlined farm problems in their talks. • At the sausage dinner which preceded'the 10-county meeting about 200 pies and nearly all the meat from seven hogs, donated by farmer-members of the organization, were devoured by guests present. The meeting was considered a huge NFO officials, who had planned for a total of 1500 guests. Highway conditions held the crowd down somewhat. (NFO Photo-UDM Engraving) Funeral services for Kevin Meyer, 5, son of Mr and Mrs Victor Meyer of Ottosen, were held Monday nt 2 p.m. at Peace Lutheran church in West Bend. The Rev. D. E. Weiss officiated, and burial was in West Bend cemetery with the Schellhammer funeral home in charge. Kevin died of leukemia Thursday, March 9 at University hospitals in Iowa City where he had been a patient for several weeks. He was born Oct. 17, 1955, at St. Ann hospital in Algona. Surviving besides his parents are two brothers and two sisters, Mary, Dana, Joellen- and Doreen; his grandparents, Mr and Mrs George Balgeman of Cupertino, Calif., and Mr and Mrs Martin Meyer of Ottosen; and his great- grandmother, Mrs Anna Meyer of Fenton. WWI Veterans To Elect Officers Ed teVetrup, senior vice commander of the Iowa Department of the American Legion, will be the featured speaker at a meeting of the Tall Corn Barracks No. 688 at the Legion hall here Wednesday, Mar. 2, at 8 p.m. Officers will also be elected during the meeting. AH veterans of World War I and their wives are invited to attend. Mr teVet- rup will speak on veteran's affairs and impending legislation. Mr and Mrs Warden W. Clark, the former is 6th district commander, Fort Dodge, will also assist with the program. Refreshments will be served. Milton G. Norton of Algona is acting commander of Tall Corn Barracks No. 688. Kiwanis Honors Nine Long-Time Members Here Nine long-time Kiwanis club members became members of the organization's Legion, of Honor and were awarded recognition pins by District Governor Wallace Cassoll of Ames, at a dinner at the Knights of Columbus hall here Tuesday evening. Recognized for 35 years of membership were Thco Chris- chilles, Duane Dewel, Milton Norton and H. M. Smith; A. J. Huenhold and II. W. Miller, 30 years; and O. B. Lning, J. D. Lowe and C. B. Murtagh, 25 years; Roy BjUstrom, Dr. M. G. Bourne and C. R. LaBarre, who previously became Legion of Honor members, were introduced. Thco Chrischlllcs, Milton Norton, H. M. Smith and C. B. Murtagh were introduced as charter members of the local club when it was organized in May of 1924. Algona Kiwanis president, Roy Hutzell, and past District Governor, Wes Baiilett, presided at the dinner which was attended by Kiwanis members from Armstrong, Estherville, Fort Dodge, Lake City, Pocohontas, Webster City, Spirit Lake, Ames, Gowrio, Manson and Spencer as well as Algona. Visiting Kiwanis officers included I.t. Governor of Division 4, V. H. Sidles of Estherville and District Secretary, B y r n a t- d Smith of Spirit Lake. The Kiwanis and their Kweens were entertained with numbers by the Hybrid Kernals barbershop quartet und John Hayes showed pictures on Japan and Formosa taken during his recent trip. lakotcm Loses Finger Tip In Elevator Auger Paul Kollasck 45, '-of Lakota lost the 'end cfe'fils ."fi&l. finger between the first and second joint and had the middle finger mangled on his right hand Thursday morning as he was working with a corn elevator at the government bins one-half mile south of Elmore. The auger that elevates the corn started to lift and he reached- down to shut off the flow of corn when his gloved hand was caught in the auyer. Elmer Anderson took Kollasch io a doctor's office in Elmore from where he was taken to the Blue Earth Community hospital. He was expected to return home Friday. Kollasch was working for O. J. Dgren of Lakota trucking grain :o the Farmers Elevator. Meet Monday; Ask Boost In Allocations ' Mayor C. C; Shierk of Algona, and a number of other mayors from Kossuth county towns, are planning on attending a meeting in DCS Moines, next Tuesday, March 21, of n "State of the Streets" conference. The purpose of the meeting is to report to the people of Iowa's cities and towns the startling facts concerning the street 'crisis that most of the communities face, and to implement the fight for the Fair Fifteen percent of the state road use tax for towns and cities. In 1960 Iowa cities and towns received approximately 8.3 percent of the state road use tax for their own purposes. The city and town group is striving to get this changed to 15 percent. Tuesday, a meeting was called for next Monday evening, March 20, at 8 p.m., at the Algona City Hall, to which mayors, council members. Civic groups and others interested are asked to be present. The Algona -Chamber of Commerce is cooperating in sponsoring the meeting with Bill Steele handling arrangements. All phases of . road use tax allocations will be discussed. Mayor Shierk brought the mat« ter down to a concrete explanation. Kossuth county last 'year received something over $700,000-foe road. purposes, he said. Algona received .abpyt $30,384,, and^the total for-all -towns; anjlDeities in the county including Algona was Champion Fight Pictures Coming Ray Langfitt, manager of the Algona Theatre, announces that the world's championship heavyweight fifilit held Monday nitfht in Miami, Fla. between Patterson and Johansson will be shown on film at the theatre he-re starting Friday and running through Monday night. He didn't explain how this speedy offer was accomplished, but fans in this area will have a ringside seat, anyway, right up to the knockout c-limax, for four days. Weather Settles Down; Now It's Just Sloppy For the most part, the weather seemed to settle down in this area during the past week. Temperature readings shot upward, snow melted rapidly, leaving only a couple of coats received before the big blizzard Mar. 8, and schools and roads were again open. Schools were closed all over the county Wednesday and Thursday, Mar. 8-9, then opened Friday morning. However, many closed again shortly after noon Friday when snow began to blow and drift over roads again. Here are the readings for the week: H 28 39 Mar. 9 ... Mar. 10 -_Mar. 11 37 Mar. 12 34 Mar. 13 33 Mar. 14 43 Mar. 15 — L 21 11 24 14 24 18 23 , . If the 15 percent ratid "is approved by legislative action, about $100,000 would be added to the total amount received by Kossuth county towns and cities; the use tax refund to the county, however, would be no less than in the past. In other words, Kossuth county, rural and urban, would receive more money than n the past. There are nine counties in the state, of which Kossuth is one, where the county allocation would increase under the new formula. In the other 90 counties there would be some decrease in county use tax funds. "The county doesn't lose anything, it merely provides more money where the need is greatest at present," said Mayor Shierk, Discussing the present situh- tion with Algona alone, Shierk said that Algona's present indebtedness in general obligation & revenue bonds is about $440,000. Of this approximately half is from street and storm sewer contraction and improvement. At present, about 25 percent of Algona's millage levy rate is in debt services, he added, The county road program has been on a cash basis with nq bonded indebtedness, and is aided annually by Federal allocation of funds for Farm-to-Market roads. Fractures Wrist Mrs John Wesselman of Bancroft slipped and fell on the ice on her way to Mass Sunday morning, fracturing her left wrist. Her wrist will be in a cast from 6 to 8 weeks. Bancroft VFW Names Priesfer New Commander The Rahe-Murray Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, had election of officers at their regular meeting Wednesday night at the post home. Francis Priester was elected as post commander to succeed Gordon Deldperdang. Other elected officers were Ed Marlow, senior vice president; Palmer Jensen, junior vice president; Joe Kcmna. quartermaster; Verio Reinken, chaplain; Phil Sheridan, trustee, and Melvin Fangman as post-advocate. The installation will be April 15. LuVerne To Vote April 7, School Bond Issue A special vote on whether or not a bond issue totaling $25,000 shall be approved for the purpose of purchasing land to add to the present site of the LuVerne Community School district, has been set for Friday, April 7. Polls will be open from noon to 7 p.m. in the city hall at LuVer- ne>. Purchase of the land, if the bond issue is approved, will be the first step toward construction of a new unit to be added to the LuVerne school when such an addition is deemed necessary. TB Meeting The annual meeting of Kossuth County Tuberculosis & Health Ass'n. will be held March 18 at noon at Hotel Algona. All town and twp. chairmen are expected to be present and give their reports. C. B. Murtagh, Algona, is county chairman: Mrs C. C. Inman, Bancroft, vice-chairman; Mrs Claude Slagle, Algona, secretary; and Lloyd Bohannon, Ak gona, treasurer.

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