The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 6
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frAGE FOUR THE-.BLYTHEVILLE COUK1EK NEWS THE COURIER NklWS CO., PUHL18HEHS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W, HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dnlllfx, Inc., New York, Chicago, DehUt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Ciiy, Memphis. PuWlched Every Afternoon Excqit, Sunday. Entered BS .second matter at the post cfTlTO nt r);ythevl!le, Arkansas, tinder act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Sewed uy the United Press SUDSiCnlPTION HATKS By carrier in tne city or umiirrlllc, 15c |«r week or 56.50 |x?r year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six month;, 85c (or D.rce months; by mail in postal zones two so,six, tncluslve, 56.50 per'year, in zones seven and eight, JIO.OO per year, payable In advance-. Fascism Present's Us With Another Laugh If yon fuel Hint something <inislie ought to bo doiiu about siviiitf tile republic, ami if yon ;ilso. liku to wc>;ir nice unil'ornis ami have; » tVi-liiiK I'm 1 v;iguc supei'MiUuralism, llu'M you surely will want to know iilmnt llu: Silver Shirts. This set-ins to be a Fascist sort of oullit now liiiinj; onjiiiu/.oil in llu: mitlillewcsl. Its loader is :i man who sttys that lie once dieil and thon rotnnied to earth, endowed with sii|ii>rii»lui-;il powers. As a result, it seems, IK: possesses "pliydiie aiileniw," with which he \>\ ahle lo ijutform such prodigies as make forecasts acc-onl- ing to (lie dales which are inscribed -in stone on UHJ great pyramid of Gizch. : It should he added, perh:i|w; that (he gentleman unco was einployod 'MS a scenario writer in Hollywood, •. •> * » Some lime uutwecii now and 11)30, the Silver Shirts plan to seize the reins of government in the United States. They are opposed violently to all Jew;-, asserting that the Jews control Ijolh inleriiational linance and the U. S. adminislration. Von can join this inufVahlc outfit for S10, which lirings yon a noal tini- '.". i'orm consisting uf cainpaign hal, silver ., itui-l, ^ bine .Corduroy pants,, legging.-? and lit-. pVesi'mmuly, also, yon arc put in tone!)'with the leader's mystic revelations from beyond the void. Now all this—which must, lie taken seriously by at least enough people It) - give the lender a living—really' represents a lucky break for America. * » • ' Tim contagion of Fascism, which atflicts Knropcan countries very badly at this writing, .seems lo break out in • this country, only j tl symptoms which are laughable. Some months ago there WHS the fiasco of (he Khaki Sliirls at Philadelphia. Now there is .this • woux.v btisincs.; of the Silver Shirts; and the result is a sort of reduclb ad absnrdnm of the whole idea of Fascism. H is being presented to us, not as a movement which fan enlist the sympathies of determined men, bid as a supremely dizzy aberration al which we only tan chuckle. 'I hat, to repeat, is a hiekv break. BLYTHEVIUE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Once lei an idea gel u humorous association in the minds of the American people and they never will take it seriously. If we are being introduced to Fascism in its most ludicrous guise, there is small chance that we ever shall commit the blunder of falling for it. — lirnce Cation. A City Speaks Up One of (he interesting side issues in connection with the i-ncr of the nulor-. ion.-- Dillinger (fang is lliat a coniinnn- ily id last has found a way of expressing its dissatisfaction with lawyers who stand lii-lween crooks and punishment. Harry I'krponl, one of (he gangster.-, i:i hold in .jail at Lima, ()., »ji a charge of murder, lie retained as Ins counsel an attorney who also happened to he, city solicitor of Lima. And what did Hie city council ,,r Lima do but demand thai (his lawyer <eparate hiin- .•idl' at uncf from Hie cily payroll, as a penally for defending rierponl! N'ow this, probably, was an unjust and impolile thing to do. F.very accused man lias lh t - riglil to retain counsel; every lawyer has a right to lake, a case that is offered him. And yet, considering one (hing with another, it is at least easy lo uijder- sland why (lie l,i, im t ji y ci.uucil did what it did. Lwcrmore, Again •li'ssu l.ivermore, once famous as "(he buy plunger" „[' Wall Street, is busted iigaiu. His petition in bankruptcy discloses that he has liabilities <>!' more than .^iSO.OIK) and assets, of approximately $181,000. 1-ivennore has been broke before, and has come back to make a millionaire of himself. ,\o one familiar with (lie career of [his canny trader will doubt thai he will do the same Hiiug again. He knows (he Wall Street game as few men know it. He .may go broke, but a man uf Ijis kind never .stays broke. iJul the career ul' this famous speculator seems to stand a?, a kind of symbol of the whole stock market arena: a steady cycle of boom and depression, periods of great alVliiencc followed by periods of extreme liiianeial stringency. And what, in (he long nm. does it all amount lo? Just who, in (he end —if anyone—Ls the gainer by this kind of operation 1 .' Surely not society as a whole. FIKIICI: Is the ]>«•;• of n bund of criminals who stop at notiim:; 10 ra! - ry cut [heir evil am. —Henri Cheren. French minister ol justice. No matter how fat a woman l.«, there's a jn:in lo: lur :.u:r,f placi:. —Mrs. ii'.licl Grcci,. cirrus !;it «onian. OUT OUR WAY I lie Loici (!iu..,t have been ftTOii); i." c:i|iilalisiii !••> uioi;n. Didn't ihe Lord know »Iiat Mi- wn.s tluini; nhi-ii lii- en,. Abraham his l:r-l I/it and n-licn Jii- H.IM- [. o l his fiiit yrera pasture 1 ? —Seiiatur limy Long. Thirty Days That Rocked the Nation Reviewing the Cr;ish—One V«ar*Aftcr •n-Mdcnt Hoo-smlt sign, his flrrt m _ Ulf m xMn , ,,,„, Mtraordin .iinknip; powers:, which «a« rushf.l (hroiiih ConjrcM on its lim day. Twenty-Fourth Day, March 9 _J4tlDAY, MARCH 9, 1U3-1 >J HOW OLD , RA LI-WAV TfrAc- <; 5 ^ An>»ers on Back CHURCH EXCUSES By Gto. W. Rarrmm S1DK GLA;\CKS 'lie TJrd Congress, summoned on (our days' notice, met In an atmosphere of .solemnity and grav- ily thai had not been seen in UK' Capitol since war days. In the Mouse B'lllery. kulUiiii;. sat Mrs noo.scvclt. Iiiiiuedlalely after convening, the administration's bank bill was put before the House, so hastily prepared that copies had nol even been primed. .Members knew what .hi; bill contained only Insofar a.s they heard Ihe clerk rcda il Irom iinijlc copy scribbled with jien- clled corrections. In just 38 minutes the House passed Hie hill, nnaniinoualy, and | i liulf hour later it was before the [ Semite. Here there was sonic' short debate, bill the Senate, tuu | .Hissed the bill promptly, 73-7. ' | In eluht hours after it had convened, Ihe 73d Congress had Missed the key bill giving the pics- I (lent dictatorhil powers over hu- i xnmdiiiK of (jold, Issuing of cur- j icncy. cretin transactions and j rorclBii exchange. A few siyhcd with rciu'ul to see ; CongrrN; -abdicate" Us, |>ower.s; thus: but. many more .sighed with | rcticl at, iiosilive proof Ihat a rep- I i-c.sentiitive assembly could act (liiickly and positively in an emergency. Shoilly after dinner, President Roosevelt received Iho, bill, mid at 8:25 he iignctl il with a borrowed fountain pen. The New Deal wus on il.s way. I Another $30.000.000 of hoarded. ;old wn.s turned in to Federal Kc- I *ivu authorities in New York 565.000.000 for Ihe week. NEXT: Ilooscvtlt abk s federal p.i.v cufs. Walrr Works Froicn . N. Y. (UP)—Many i«,l- denus of Ulica and nearby eltles and villages wcni on meager ration? of muddy water during a .week when water pines tlirough- oui the area were frown during :i prolonged Mother and Joe nre like a lot of church members. They have lost enough time arguing baptism u> [have made ihcinselvc.s valuable to 1 the causes their respective churches represent. But like a lot of members they are more concerned Hlxml my church and my baptism than they are about the service that Hie church could render in teaching right living as cxempli- ficld by tile Man who taught the way of life. Mother fays she is ready to slop the argument any lime Joe is willing to admit thai is riyhl nnd that her church was anionir Ihe first, if not th•• ?'• " . . - jl-:if"j >»TVV •'. •r.;.. £ ( ' : '-f|>'i^J^t f § ••'•-.-• i ::. tfA3;;-"-A4fe \ ^.41- W rM-rc-xr.vra A rto3&>, / •>'-' j'. 11 t;\ (' ^.A\A\ ' • • r <; $ i& - ,J 1 >vl il i *'M "•%->> ^ tdb£Q' -Vfl .-. -s v\ • \x-iv . •:V$.. I '- Wf -II Oft _"V«ii;i-c just terribly aniusinjr. when anybody dse is around. J ri i ::u jneihwl. I tnld I tha". tlicy may hea: lhnt lilh liol know "of ;t belter cvinmin ' : lcv ' b hil " lo llls srave or wherever of idk-m'.v, ihan two or more i) q ""'•' tnkl; llim ' % QDMMIJC HK(;iM JIKHE TODA*, • knD*< >ln « IT-Tnr- .1*1 r«uib. vrork* AI che falnllal ">mp nl nilninmilrc j|ji FIELO. IVhpn KIpM-i dnugkler. ESTELI.E, irrt.r. fcr mil. In !„*• nlik tcr nln «r nt ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier N'CAS lias been authorized to annoimci. the following a? candidates for pi.bllc ofliLc. subject to the Democratic primary :iuxt August: ' For McmLer ,.- Cnnsrcs? CLINTON L CALDWEI.I, l-'or Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-eiectlon for Second Term Bv Williams For ItO JOE S. Treasurer GRFEN' DILLAHUNTV , -*r>»»iiil / Ti--' L «:i'i? N -^-i t 2 E !Si \ /' I'LL" frtKE' HIM'OUT—"\ "' ( i N pSsVu^ A^Y H1U ~ : ! / ? lv f HIM . T0 ME! \ For Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CfJAIG ^DDISOiN SMITH For County Court Clerk t'KED FLEEMAN For Re-Election for 2nd Ten-. For Assessor R. L. (BILLY, GAtNES U. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of Chlcka&awba Towri.sTiip JACK ROBERTSON FOR CITr OFFICKX Election Tuesday, April 3. For City Clerk S. C. CRAIG R. L. MCKNIGHT ROSS BE.YVEUS •-. KoIoDY H ARO A U«J. \ HOnU ^ cS - OR ^^ x . UOfaS. ._ . - For Clly Attorney SAM MAKATT |»iicci,explgtvr. cabinet; olTicer. irst ironclad naval e. OH salt 1'nl.llKi knurr, nnlblnu of hi. pnrrnfi—n lltltd Encllilimnn «ntl n «rr>^nt elrl. A« n child k» rno n\rnr trtnn AlVrtEI.A. lb» h«irt- I". «lrt „„„,. ,„ „,,„.„ tar , «n. IrTl start tkrn tr kn< HT>« "Ilk Mlltmp NOTRS. nnnlrd b, P.'llrr rat n nnrUrr mrf brfnrr. TKII JKI-'FIIIES. » I'lrlil !i,,ra f . „,. Xfl . ..isnlrr» !,!„,. I'olitK, "• M'lf (n lh P », T .niiin ai l-p« I., nirpl him <Mp rr . In Ihr «Tj>np Knfr* krnn • n.:in nnd %lrj oinklni; f\ a *m lo rnh "" Kind bomr d.trln, ,),« -0> . W'llinnl | r |I lt , = ! I" n,,l,p ,„ tnlfc ,„ E,,,,,,,," M>W no ox WITH THE STOUT CHAPTER Vili. p.MII.ITO found N'oycs where "icy hail agreed lo meet In a can of the swamp near an open Btrctrli. "II'-" -ill rljlit," he sail!, tile sh.iilow ihat was Noycj. "Vnu'ro sure?" tbe other asked In an undertone. "Vi's. fro been lo the camp aad lo ll.-intiim's. i\'oboily- 3 been tall;. |! >B in ullhcr place. I've been Uiiiililnj: Jeffries mar not have recosnirprt y 0 u—» "lf« knew mc nl] right. I saw It In ins eyes."Hut you were facins Iho aun." "Jnst Ibe same he knew mo." Pabllio sionpcii nnrt uotled Noyes' canoe. When he raised btj heao" be F:IW nn, f. linl g , ow of [ba Brfl Tarllier In ilio swamp. "Snmcono lipre?" [, 0 as i; C ,j. "Vcs. I'll lell you about it Liter. I ilnn't kaow what to do about wtut I ovcibtaril. SJut i c i' s £e( s'.arteil." "•Ml right. Reaily?'- ; "Ves." i'niililo t-avo tbe canos a sbote '• and led u to Ilio cr.d of bis boat j Ho made It fast lo ibo second boat, [ S"l lo and bL-uu.:J home. He! whlsileil oo tbe way. n e ^33 re _ | Mevc.l Ixrause Noycs nas s.ite ancji Iwcaurc b9 bad his cou-jrae. Per ' baps on the followlog n1sht be nuuld talk lo Ksicllo. Wlien they reached the island lie tied up both boats ind tollowed Noycs Inlo luo shack. Looklns over Hie older man's bead he ' Read Conner News Wf.nt Ads. ^7 KATHARIN' HAVILAND-TAYLOR Pablito got'c th 3 cliaiieo ot expression. II: thought quickly. There would be a boat (or Havana In tbo morning. It Koycs could get on cvcryililm; would bo all risht. If Noycs a CM down to tbo dock at once be ii.ul;- bo ablo (o steal aboard. Onto on Iho boat It would be quits sin.;;.,. • • • TTE heard himself thnnkln,; j, ; ; . and a raomcnl later ?aw l:in- off. Then ho came lm<-k io ".:< shack and oulllntC bis p:.ui ir Noycs. "I'll join you as soon « I I';I:I. P Pablilo promised. "We'N me-:: :i: liiat hotel called 'La Mira.-; I'vo beard Kerry at the o.imp ?; c : :, of It often. You'll bavo lo {:?: ,-•:•. board lonlgul wltlio;it am out' r':- Ins you. Take rlfnly of mr.M'i aod you can tip any or the cio.< to help you through tbe ci:s;..;r. bouso, loo, so the oBiclals won't ECO you. I hive enougb I Hiink—" He gate Noycs $100; be had 51; | cjed wlin wonder, was excilcil hy Hicse!mis. "1 think, my iienr." he fald, j "thai this will tio railier a nict party—" It wa= nt tbe end or llic afternoon ami lie am] i!, e s | r | worn I moored by the dock In t' ;c bnai j Pabllio liad run for ibcrn. I EstellQ lorjkeil lownnl Uie land. Tbcro bad hecu cbaiigcs gyen dur- | ing tba bour they had spent, on u,e i water. Tlicro f.Ms a M K tcnl with a colorful Venetian awiilns siilkccl : lo tbe ground by tall po^s" „„,, . S'lilcd loiis. and n loresl ol ever, srecns had suddenly sprung np. I It only, sbe tbou.slit. s], e COI ,|,| wander ihis (.iiryi.inri »iih smne . 0110 like the yoi llis „„„ wllo r , 1n ! bcr father's be.ns so clllrlcinly. . Sbe turueil ber delicale oval (ace toward I'abliio. "It could not Help 1,1,1 he a rery I wonderfnl prnty.- s |, e srl i,i a ,,,| | or the Hrsl time her voice was a lilltu vajuc. I''icltl slcppcd from Uie iwai to nclp her out. Pabliio. one strung tanned liaud on the ducfe and the oilier nn the edge of the, looked up at her. "It uas a line run. I'alililo" ='it said. "Thank yon, Miss l-^telle." "Will yo:t Ue workins here to- iilstH?" she qiicstioued. "No. Mi=3 Esteilc." "I'm sorry. U will i,,, hcjnliriii willi all the colored lights, t ihiat you might like to see It." t!io toreador C':;nn;'>. you." he salf « s aln. Tlicn lie wati-hed t«i- make ^oye-. air,:;f !:•,• \i' t iQ ^ri| = 7e > ^.ui-nen nil- make I'.o I,.,] not i-;>\',,'l,'r' ',,",' "'''"**- "I 1 tllc 'ons. waierhhck. not l ... I.UMIO «!..,, „„ enod dock toward the land. • "'• be.i:i! l:i !,.« s.vunin. lip do HnM l^rt her as sii e Ee i jp-n it i'.\ i lilc [icv,:r < :i.:.ue-r n:i:i h ai n Fiold'e i "i'".i ii.a ricncli and relurnert [n la!.li;,i. -Smilb." he said. "1 -".. ..„ ia., r- ,s,,;- K . . nrinl a I!l11c ""^ K 'lh roil sorao ,. ,,,. , .','"' ""' c ' Sli;i " "° *** loaiorro-.v • u l.ic tlorK; .;( jiaii.JSil. HP ivr>:;!;| Ilioriiins al 1 r." ii.ive jnsl M.C rliink. he decided. (..> j "'U auy i!-i. 0 ihr.t suits yon. sir." f'iro ho Far,s,-d :i j,, )ari | Onc rtM . • '^>ry well. T'ien I'll ejpcclyoa vj -or c.vo rc-'-T,- ,.•„..,, , , nt llla t ''""f lr. mi- oHlcc." .,, ' ' " ''•' slcrltlf "Ves. sir." _••"• H--' -lid not GO io BasitumV "I w.-,,,, , 0 ,,o «,,i: ic thln; lint will •MI li:.n»i! into a more o!>3curo - bc r-ulier g.-n.i t. !r v..;,. Sniilb." :':.•'"» r.-hore !: C iv;,5 nol well known i " Tll '' lnl! J'oa. Fir - li're hi f.i; ,i,> aad ordered a ! A '" DC ' ['.it'liio u'.>::,]cred why his L-:;'n ct n-i °, employer should » ;m! ,„ mik with ,„" ', "". ;" im - "e il.wl.le,! Fall's Inter,, •i I.- iniai-.ics an uiuliavcn Hons. Me ],.,.) hn ; ,rd nl hla liolns "<•<» wi.o hid onco j. cca , v i,ji c . "Kood" to men nr-rt knew :»--.a I: .:n v.l;orc he had tor-n eii. I l!! = t Uli3 "i'linlly sit- 1 ' = , men or iiiat Ibey «,np ' '"° 6 °" :ml1 " lllc ra,,.io said with forced ,,„, hon i „,. 1V .„.,.,; ,' '" a "" e " • lit snil; , 1I50 ,,r >:,» rich i- ^r,;-| "limi " 3d *'-'*'™***»* bo <:: t,>, nnir-.s n = n.ore. ^•K.<™ o:,= c: , , ;1C ..' U , 0 :::aij „, ' fr ,^ i^\**"'x ^; : ;";''4en \.,, r ,, ... . N '°K3. He miifi li.ive ^,:;^ of ,•:, -,",•",.'i"",!'"';. ',,'"' " 3 cyc5 ' u lo ^ic!d a:irl n.-.w r"'ci.i was - ' ' l ' : "JiJ." ,* r ° h "' ' rt™»l*3 I" •:.«= this lr,f..l,,,,ilPn -•.it wiiliout j try to make a inr.l ol Hie oae who ! was siiiddii;- xojei Well I'ablito rcdcctc,]. No >w ms 1:1 Cuha I'J B: "icn Pahlito poled him o mainland. Tliey saiil f;irc hastily. P.uiito ot the e. Or this lln-.e. Ms r| r i>w a i.r.-.;n. tt:o ot t'-lo r ,- !„ i- - • '.t'i lor.-liej here :niii u, C re gave Her. ivaverms njinra wblch made' Looklnj; I,,'.- ,.,] ' by ro- -,-v Eslclls no rcplj lo l ° " r " 1 " fU'-H'.- he I ' All>:tf - Mis' Jcffrl«s'. •»-"l« shack—alone, l-'or a ou ins Noyca' |nlto\v. Then, lic.:aiir-c- ho [cared to imlnlpe an uuiKanl; I display eveu while aloue, ba arose | aod opened tbt p.icVage conlalo ' .i"'. drink. Two orrheatras Eecmort so deeply duvolsd lo tluj co.i.o trora ibo north to i,ro- daughter who ID no way rosciii'eO '• nrjilo tor Ibe atfalr. | h«r (atl,cr. ifl'l cruM see tbat Esle!!?, ivli!e ! t -; c !( . • . r ,| in in'.l>

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