The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1961 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1961
Page 5
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Board Proceedings BOARD PROCEEDINGS Regular Jamm'ry Session 1961 FOURTH 0AY FEB. i, iflsi The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present Were John Rode, Chairman, and Jens Sorensen, A. -M. Kollasch, Charles Newel and Charles Plathe. Absent: None. .'.••• Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Jens Sorensen that the Financial Statement be approved and trie Auditor be authorized to have same published to the lowest bidder. Ayes: AH. Nays: None. Motion, carried. . Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Cliarles Newel that keep for Ben Paulken at the County Home be set at $50'a Month. Ayes:' All. Nays: wone. Motion carried, Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that the bids tor tru'cKS be awarded to thf following: Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. 'Unit No. 1—Kossuth Motors -?1,960.00 Unit No. 2—Kent Motor 2,398.39 Unit No. 3—-Kossuth Motors _ 1,960.00 Motion by Jens Sorensen and sec- dnded by Charles Newel that the wages: for County Employees and Legal Holidays remain the same as they Were In 1M80. Ayes: AH. Nays: None, motion carried; .. Jt was motioned that the following bills be disallowed. Advance Publishing Co., ,Ad ?8.30 xMUl Li Warner, M.D., Medical.. 5.60 • It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meeting of the persons arid firms listed immediately ipllowjng be ratified, allowed, and 'confirmed. ' COUNTY FUND Host: Offlct. Stamps ; $ 69.00 isorth Central Public Service Co., .Gas u 79.82 Algona Municipal Utilities, Util• mes - : 172.31 Algona Municipal Utilities, Utilities —; — 28.73 Payroll Fund, County Payroll . 6,740.18 uuirley Maahs, Assists the '1'reasurer 8.00 Payroll Fund, County Payroll . 2,292.46 j.aiph W. Lindhorst, Board & Lodge of .Prisoners 388.50 Donald M. Wood, Mileage & Meals — L 64.26 Ralph ' W. Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage, Assistance 455.58 I'iom's Kadlo & T.V.. Repairs - 21.SB ±..e Srierwin Williams Co., Supplies 8.82 Vti J. Funk Plumbing & Heating, Repairs ^_. 537.80 "ling's Studio, Supplies 3.85 '*., vV. Bell Telephone, Telephone Service .63 Davis Paint, Supplies 1.09 municipal Supplies, Supplies . 14.49 uoyce riayden, Mileage 44.B6 .tuSK Drug, Supplies 3.25 •oailigan soft Water, Soft Wa...-v ter ;...._• 6.00 > ^/1-o.iibruL-n i>rug, supplies 3'l.un J uonn M. Schutter, M.D., Medl- r cal ^ 3.75 Joseph M. Rooney, M.D., Medi- cal 27.00 'Dr. R. F. Snyder, Coroner's Fees , 12.52 John M. Schutter, Coroner's Fees 10.00 •L. U. Huber, Meeting 4.00 Clarence Scilutjer, Meeting 4.00 '~. P. Hanson, Meeting 4.00 ied De Boer, Jr., Meeting — 4.00 rienry Mayland, Jr., Meeting — 4.00 •j.enry SxecKer, Jr., Meeting .- 4.00 - 'uonn R. Sleper, Meeting 4.UO oienn H. Larsen, Meeting 4.00 Uonald Ringsdorf, Meeting — 4.00 n>/. J. Stewart, Meeting 4.00 Uoyd H. Bartlett, Meeting 4.00 ^,iuer Sehaefer, Meeting 4.UO ,U Duddmg, Meeting 4.00 , ,-uner Willmert, Meeting 4.00 win. Oldenburg, Meeting 4.00 i red Plumb, meeting 4.00 numten Bjustrom, Meeting 4.00 ...elvm AH, Meeting 4.00 ..enneth tilrayer, Meeting 4.00 , ..jondard Dittmer, Meeting 4.00 ..aiph Bierstedt, Meeting 4.00 .mi-old Holmgren, Meeting 4.00 ,*;.. R. Woltz, Meeting _. 4.00 ueonard Stenzel, Meeting 4.00 i-oone Blank Book Co., Supplies 11.73 liutzell's, Supplies 19B.99 Bernard Thiiges, Cleaning Election Room North Central Public Service Co., Gas llonshruch Drug, Supplies '" me Churchill Co., Inc., Sup" plies Cuilen Hardware, Supplies ». W. Bell Telephone Co., Tele•'' phone Service Aiatt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies Kapto Loose Leaf Co., Supplies •' Hulzell's, Supplies jiuvance Publishing Co., Sup- piles Oenkms-Fergemann Co., Supplies Fmlar & Chambers Co., Supplies ln.vl, Typewriter .- ._ nunural '1'ypewritcr Exchange, nepairs ., Fnuen Inc., Maintenance Agreements bmimway, Kelly & Fristedt, .,, Drainage Kxpense .. Joseph ivi. Rooney, M.D., Medical Drs. Schultz iSc Schultz, Medi,, cal iiancroit Register, Board Proceedings _ Advance Publishing Co., Board Proceedings Upper Lies Moines Publishing Co., Board Proceedings 244.11) Advance Publishing Co., Notices _. 23.02 Bancroft Register, Notices 16.80 Advance Publishing Co., No•' uces 48.43 L'ancroft Register, Bar Dockets Bi.aO u,jper Des Motnes Publishing <-o., Supplies 72.00 Uoruon L. Winkel, Expenses . 15U.16 jiossutn Co. Treasurer, Bounty l^i.vo POOR FUND ., Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll ._. 1,066.00 i.,ralg Nelson, Rent la.(10 -uamey Hill, Rent 25.UO uoy Bjuslrom, Rent 48.67 vj. R. Cook, Rent .._,.. 2a.UO oarry Funeral Home, Ambulance 8.00 iwarvel Immeri'all, Mileage 51.aU *\orth Central Public Service Co., Gas 51.28 Algona Municipal Utilities, Utilities _. " diaries Sehrader, Gas t\. & H. Coop. Oil Co., Fuel ... ..right Co. Rural Electric Corf., Electric Service D.cK Drugs. Medical . . . uuii L. Bray, M.D., Medical ... .al. Ann Hospital, Medical .... uonn N. Kenefick, Medical ... jt. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, Medical . Holy Family Hospital, Medical ,.01111 J. Lusiak, ivi.O., Medical . Uancock Co. Memorial Hospital, Medical ... _ ' Kcrstcn Clinic, Medical . i.c!toy Strohman, D.D.S., .Medical iVliiler Pharmacy, Medical .... Osceola Clinic, ivledical .... Ljdd Mcmurwl Hosoiul. Medical ... .:::; .„•_ . • VVicwcl Drug, Medical ... Ur. DonalU D. Scl-milt, M.D., Mediclll ... University Hospital. Medical .. 'iii. Hugo & C. V. Liiidhoiin, BANCROFT BUSY BEES Pres. — Margaret Alvey, Bancroft V. Pres. — Marie Diers, Bancroft Leader — Mrs. Clarence Diers, Bancroft IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Bjustrom Furniture 4-H 4-H BANCROFT HO'MEMAKERS Pres. Jean Rustemeier, Lakota V. Pres. — Mary Cogley, Bancroft Leader — Mrs. Orville Dixon, Bancroft IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Beecher Lane Appl. 4-H « 4^7 BLUE AND WHITE Pres. — Nancy Kennedy, Bancroft V. Pres. — Mary Ann Meyer, Bancroft Leader — Mrs. Lawrence Menke, Bancroft IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY KOSSUTH RADIO 4-H a 4-H BUFFALO BOOSTERS Pres. — Dions Gartner, Titonka V. Pres. — Kathleen Eden, Titonka Leader - Mrs. Erwin Eden, Titonka IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY FINN'S BAKERY 3.00 Medical . M. G. Bourne, M.D., Medical .. Dr. R. K. Richardson. Medical . ... Drs. Coddington & Northup, 1 - 50 Medical .... . Dr. Schutter, M.D., Medical ... Van Norman Drug Co., Medical 351 93 Joseph M. Rooney, M.D., Medical Honsbruch Drug, Medical ."." Husk Drug. Medical Fareway, Supplies Hood's Super Valu, Food Cowing Food Mart, Food . Vogels Store, Food Council Oak Stores. Food C. L. Egcsdal, Food . 4.18 Paul's Pay & Takit, Food S. & I... Clothing i, sn J ' c - Pen ney Co., Clothing . '_ "•SO Martin OiU Inc., Clothing Standard Oil, Fuel Standard Oil, Fuel Standard Oil, Fuel 7S.OO Renfalr Nursing Home. Care & Keep Delta H. Falvey. Care & keep " St. Anthony's Home, Care & Keep Lutheran Home Findings Society, Care & Keep . Boys & Girls Home, Care & Keep 6.57 3.54 433.10 71.U7 24.00 18.75 4.18 541.80 U.50 104.00 75.00 20.00 10.00 244.19 244.19 18.75 Alice L. Clapp, County Home 56.B2 Ella Dau Peril. Labor 80.25 L. C. Rovn, Probation Deputy _ R. K. Beck, Probation Officer 11.40 Fern V. Miller, Court Reporter 1:19.00 Dean G. Parrott, Court Reporter Raymond H. Wisnom, Jr., Court 28.05 Reporter A. M. Kollasch. Meetings & Mileage '_ Jens M. Sorensen, Meetings 10.50 43.05 U7.42 3.41 35.00 35.00 40.00 132.00 20.00 83.00 5.HO 26.33 50.57 18.44 22.05 37.44 67.00 109.31 65.00 65.00 - 330.34 AUlona Good Samaritan Home Care & Keep Axel Thomson, Care A.- Keep State of Iowa, Dependent Children Slate of Iowa, Blind Fund . State of lowa, Emergency lie- Slate ot Iowa, Disabled Fund Ira Duttun. Shelling Corn Algona Lockers, Rent C'ulligan Soft Water, Soft Water 1'.oncer Mfg. Co., Suppiie., L'uiUm Hardware, Supplies N. VV. Bell Telephone Co., Telephone Service Hunsbruch Drug, Medicine. John M. Schutter, M.D , Medical ._ Husk Drug, Medical Hallie R, Guess. Mileage Ed's D-X, Parts ' Hcgarty's Plumbing iieat- mg, itepairs ,'•»« Adam Helderscheidl, Labor 38.50 Herb-Lai Industrie.; Suppli,.;' 10,-7 Grace-Lee Products Inc., Sujj- Ii.o7 plies " "- United Variety, Supplies" Consl. Coop. Creameries, D.;n v Products 60.DO M. & J. H. Hakes, Supplies'."! iruHii F" & i**A Sales c '°" Sapplico 104.8U Consl. Coop. C'rej.mcncs, Dairy Jlu.iiJ Products 32.75 Nichol's Shoe Shop, Repairs' '. Diamond's, Clothing 40.80 S. & L., Clothing .."... 22.50 Finn's Bakery. Food Standard Oil Co., Fuel oI.OO llobarton Coop. Elevator, Feed 5-J.ll Charles Newel, Meals M.oO PAYROLL FU\D Shirley Maahs, Assists Tiea,- 2U.OO -urcr lo.uO Lola Scuflhain, Rc'Bistr.u Juan Muciler, Assists Shrriii 40.UO Hallie H. CJuuas. County Home 113.50 R.jae M. Guess. County Hoi..,. Heiku C'iapp, Counl> Il'jiuu . John H. Rode, Meetings & Mileage 452.79 Charles H. Newel, Meetings & Mileage 452.64 Charles Plalhe, Meetings & Mileage _. _ 36929 H. M. Smith, Engineer ~ 824^20 John Fraser, Assists F.igineer Ha/el Anliker, Assists Engineer Raymond Baade, Labor J. W. Burnett, Labor Henry EJbert, Labor Earl filler. Labor I Maurice Eischen, Labor Howard Esser, Labor 258.23 Alvin Ewing, Labor _ 25741 Donald Frideres, Labor 159.88 George Gade, Labor 3927 Clifford Holmes, Labor 269.37 Dale Helrners, Labor _. 27839 Anton Kardoes, Labor 279.47 A. J. Kollasch, Labor 2!)8.l>0 David W. Merryman, Labor ... 14U.GO I.en Met/.ger, Labor _. 270.47 Ralph Markla, Labor _.. 291.88 Urhuii Neurpth, Labor ,_ 28H.SS Edw,.rd Ricke, Labor ... 2H1.8B Ju|m Schueler. Jr., Labor 27.1.54 l.em Stiickwcll, Labor 202.00 l.K'.\d Sch.iller. Labor _ ._ !.')!>.78 W. Sclmlt/, Labor 283.16 George .Wcringiij Labor S80.29 Oivlllc Weiland. Labor _ . 301 !)6 Jan-.e.s Walker, Labor _ 303.38 Arthur Winkel, Labor ... . .. _ 188.HO Krieh Willretl, Labor 281.78 C. E. Zau«g, Labor 332.<H E.I Blanchurrl. Labor ._ 2ti3 02 Harold E. Blanchard, Labor .._ 293.28 E. M. Downs, Labor '28r.78 J.,hn Ellcr, Jr., Labor 161.28 Don Haiiizinger, Labqr 303.3U Arrmld Ilainzmge'r, Labor' 27.'l.l'fj' George W. Koeklcr. Labor 281.76 Roclf c. M.llcr, Labor 273.16 Fcrdin.jnd Meyor, Labor 262.16 Heibcrt C. Ncllis, Labor I 293.36 F. C. Oh:n, Labor .'..... Charles '1'hornpson, Labor __„. Chtlord Blanchurd, Latxjr 263.06 r.'obia L. Crouch, Labor 273.16 C oivnce hicnlg.'i, Labor 261.66 Cv?orgc- C. Srudtrr, Labor 273.16 C,rol J. Wa-jner, Labor ... 31346 Henry Zwcifcl, Ljbor 281.76 INSTITUTE FUND L-r. tti^cf Thompson,. Kc-o . . 70.CO BANG'S DISEASE FUND Or. Jj, D. Ru'-h, Inspection . Sii.GO i.t. D. L Fritz, Inspuchbn ... 217.00 Ur. £. j. Capcstus, Inspection 5'^bQ Dr. J. K. Hill, Inspection 52.00 L'r. A. V/. R. Lichtcr, Inspection 21.50 ui, J. A. Saixftru. 1 ) 1 . Inspection 35, 50 fji. O. 1. Shey, Inspection 95.50 Lr. A. J Collc'i, Inspection _ 81.00 Lr. Jjy D. kuih, Impcclion .. 91.00 P-r. D. L: Frllt, InSDCdion . .. • 325 bO (jr. E. J, Cupc-'Mus. Inspection 38.bO Dr. P. C. Gcilcnlcldt, Inspection 3300 Dr I K Hill 1'uoeclic.n ... 23.50 J.-JLI. A. V/. R. LiUilei, liupLt- tlon ---.... Dr. J. A. Sanftner, Inspection Dr. D. J. Shey, Inspection __ Dr. R. E. Weber, Inspection _. Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection T. B. FUND Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection Dr. J. A. SanftneY, Inspection Dr. D. J. Shey, Inspection ... Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection STATE.INSTITUTION FUND J. ,K. McLennan, Comm. on Collections ... State Hospitals, Medical, Care & Keep 25,295.14 375.00 Joseph M. Rooney, Exam. Phys. Leo J. Cassel, Attorney David L. Shumway, Attorney State Sanatorium, Medical Care Mental Health Iristitute, Medical Care DRAINAGE FUND Wm. Runchey, Dr. 9 Leland Wildin, Dr. 9 .III" • Francis Kollasch, Dr. 9 Irvin Harms, Dr. 9 Advance Pub. Co., Dr. 9 I. Herman Wichtendahl, Dr. 9 . Leonard Baas, Dr. 9 Jenklns-Fergemann Co., Dr.~~9 E. R. Lester, Dr. Ill ..1 Shumway, Kelly, & Fristedt Dr. Ill . G. D. Hart, .Dr. 133 ..._ E. J. Seeney, Dr. 133 ..... Shumway, Kelly, & Fristedt, Dr. 166 G. D. Hart, Dr. 166 ; ,. G. D. Hart, Dr. 184 Joe -Haupert, Dr. -184 E. J. Seeney, Dr. 184 Axel Brattlund, Dr.-184 Shumway, Kelly, & Fristedt, Dr. 184 1. Cecil Langerman, Dr. Trl. 84 COURT FUND Kossuth Co. Treas., Jury Fee Ralph W. Lindhorst, Serving Subpoenas Leo J; Cassel, Court Costs Joe E. Lynch, Jr., Court Costs Gordon L. Winkel, Clerk Expense Stenographic Machines, Supplies Joseph J. Straub, Court "Costs Payroll Fund, Court Payroll Dr. C. C. Shierk, Mayor's Fees Delia Welter, J. P. Fees SECONDARY ROAD FUND 19.00 Faber Const. Company, Final: 67.50 No. 503 (4) 31.00 Vivian Equip. Co., Parts 96.00 Millar Lumber, Supplies . 10.00 N. W. Bell Tel., Tel. Serv. .. Koss. Co. Treas., Freight ' 36.20 Algona Inipl. Co., Parts „ 19.00 Chapman's, Parts 23.60 West Bend Impl. Co., Parts . 5.40 Willie's Canvass & Uph. Shop, Repairs ^ Estherville Concrete Products Co., Supplies Central- lowa Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. Lone Rock Coop Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. i Lu Verne Bid. Co., Coal Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Parts . Kent Motor Co., Parts Ljwls Motor Supply, Parts Everds Bros.. Road Repairs . James H. Merryman, Labor, Management 8, Equipment _ James H. Merryman, Labor, Management & Equipment James H. Merryman, Labor, Management & Equipment Cuilen Hdwe., Supplies Gilbert Nelson, Gravel lowa Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. Serv. Arnold Halnzlnger, Parts Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel SOLDIER'S RELIEF FUND 7.-50 7.50 10.00 2.00 816.41 3.00 • 18.3i 567.30 15.00 ??••?! Lu Verne Pharmacy, Medical 41.58 Bi ||' s Jac:k Spra| . ( Food 30 00 Mc ? ul ! ou .9 h ' s Funeral Chapel, • 9>4 34.06 Ambulance , LeRoy I. Strohman, Medical Egesdal's Briardale Store, Food '•00 Dan Bray, M. D., Medical .. Honsbruch Drug, Medical John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical Iowa Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. Serv. Si Roth, Rent Good Samaritan Home, Care & Keep J Mrs. E. Behnkendorf, Rent „ Herman Wise, Rent St. Ann Hosp., Medical 22.40 8.75 7.50 8.00 22.60 8.01 25.00 25.00 j oe r HerbrtTffenf - innn st - Jos - Mercy Hosp., Medical 20.00 R OAD CLEARING FUND .-.., P-ayroll Fund, Road Clearing 19.87 Payroll 2,016.00 Motion by Jens Sorensen and second- 13,013.22 166,01 30.69 51.60 3.00 16.89 18.29 129.49 37.75 323.69 20.70 11.75 22.68 653.32 177.16 11.26 3,161.25 140.00 105.00 189.50 7.45 3,393.60 5.00 21.45 1,991.08 12.18 268.00 50.00 7.00 115.22 52.50 45.99 2.25 14.69 35.00 13.20 25.00 46.50 117.90 50.00 184.24 25.00 9 4l.OO fl b X-5Jl^N«. we " r .'"af'-.the'-reSTof Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., Parts _ Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., Parts Harry Greenberg, Parts James H. Merryman, Labor, Management & Equipment Standard Oil Co., Fuel Opsal's D-X, Parts " Mrs. John K. Madsen, Gravel Pit _ _ Henry Stecker, Jr., Gravel Stock Pile Rent i O'grens Service Station, Battery r Reynolds Machinery Co., Parts Peterson's Radiator Serv., Repairs 48.36 313.09 1,101.50 County Engineer for the year 1960 16.00 be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. '??/£? ' M °t'' on by Charles Newel and second- 374.53 ed by Jens Sorensen tha.t the Secondary Road Construction be approved for the year 1961. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and second- on sn l d by . Charles Newel that the 2nd half 29.50 Semi-Annual Report, Annual Report, and 9.^5 2nd Half Bank Statements of the Treas- K MA nn' ^"i rer ' s JP'"ce be approved for 1960. 5,064.00 ,,Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. ..... Motion by Charles Newel and seconded oOO.OO by Charles Plathe that the bond for TX ox! L? 10 ' 000 be approved for Ray Cunning- 34.96 .i ham. Treasurer of the Kossuth County 31.83 "Agricultural Extension Council for the year 1961 and also that the list of ap- 8.55 pointed officers and the bank and fi- ^/ . "* •• -* •.< — -.-••' ...'• BURT BLUE BIRDS Pres. — Cheryl Lovstad, Burt V. Pres. - Frances McDonald, Burt Leader - Mrs. Wallace Hawcott, Burt , IN OLJJ? STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY HARRISON'S 123.25 1)1.50 108.34 110.20 50.43 57.43 149.94 Van Norman Drug, Supplies la. Elec. Light & Pwr. Co., Elec. Serv. Interstate Power. Co., Elec." Serv. Hancock Co., Taxes Universal Manufacturing Co., L. S. Muckey, Parts I Thompson Dist. Co., Parts .. Carpenter & Son, Parts Cook's Welders, Supplies West lowa Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. Cent, lowa Tel. Co., Tel. Ssrv. Gambles, Supplies Northern Lumber, Co., Supplies _. Swaney Oil & Equip. Co., Parts Sherwin-Williams Co., Sup- Arnold Motor Supply. Parts Goplerud Lubricants inc.. Supplies _ Jphn Estenson, Power Steer Unit __ Koss. Co. Impl. Co., Parts ... Standard Oil Co., Fuel Town of Titonka. Utilities .. Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equip. Co., Inc., Parts A. J. Masuen Co., Parts Curtis Industrie) Inc., Parts Ready-Mix, Supplies Fcrt Dodge Machine & Supply Co., Parts Advance Pub. Co., Supplies K. & H. Coop. Oil Co v Fuel . Interstate Power Co., EJcc Serv. Paper Calmcnson & Co., " Parts Wayne Hanscn, Right-of-Way Frank Fliiig, Repairs ._ ^ Upper DCS Moines Pub. Co., Supplies .... _^ Everds Bros., Final: Proj. 503 (3) -Everds Bros., Final: Pioi. 90 (4) .' Everds Bros., Final: Proi 501 (5) Bros., Final: Prpj. No. 1.50 7.92 3.16 7.69 56.77 12.92 8.15 26.88 11.50 49.63 86.76 135.82 12.43 90.00 I I.3/ 69.85 4.50 41.81 13.50 71.90 22.92 No. . No"." ' No"." 329 Dole Co., Final: proj." Elmer Dole Co., Final: Proj"" No. 1141 (I) i 80 Elmer Dole Co., Proj. No. 6 & 3 — Final ..-._.. North Cent. Pub. SerJ". Co.~" P.i/roir Fund, bcc. Rd:-Payroll Fiber Const. Co., Proj. 503 (4) & 510 Fdbcr Const. Co , Proj! 503 " James H. Merryrnan, Final: Proi No. I 139 (2) . J<jnv.'s H. Mcrrymjri Final Proi No. 503 (S) James H. Mcnyrnjn, Filial CrcJ Mo. 1135 (3) _ ." M, T. McGuire 8, Cfr Fnidl Proj. No. 1141 .'. . M. T. McGjire & Co Finiil" " I'roj No. 1136 M. T. McGuire 4 Co Firidl" " Proj. No 1139 M. T. McGuire 4 Co Final Pro). No. 80 '.. ' : Fabr-r Cont-t Conipanv. FinaT" l'iu|. Nu. J10 3.95' nancial statements be approved. Ayes: . All. Nays: None. Motion caVried. 10.27i Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Newel that the following bo 50.00 appointed to serve on the County Board 63.00 of Social Welfare for the year 1961. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. C. S. Pearson Burnetta Bohannon Milton Norton Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Jens Sorensen that a refund bo allowed Henry Ford & Frances O. Willey on Drainage Ditch 116 and Drain 68 in Sections 13-94-28 in the amount of $95.09. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and second- i b ^o, Ch £ rles Newel that the amount of $300 be allowed the Bee Keepers Assn. for Bee inspection for the year 1961. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Morion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Jens Sorensen that refund on open ditch dram No. 184 be allowed for the years 1959-1960 to Glen Klocke in he amount of $88.57 and to August Klocko for the years 1956-1957-1958 in tha amount of $126.20. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and ficond- ed by Jens Sorensen that the following appointments for township trustees be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motio.i CATftGQ, Alvin Swanson _ 1963 Term ,, , r , e " Newlin 1965 Term Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Hode that the following Resolution be adopted. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. RESOLUTION OF ,>„ 5°*, R P or SUPERVISORS RE: Condemnation of Mr. and Mrs Dan P. Hoberts Real Estate WHEREAS, Kossuth County has instituted proceedings to condemn ecr- tain land for highway right of way WH? 0 ^ under Cna P tcr 306 of the . 1954 Code of Iowa, and WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors pursuant to Chapter 306 of the 1954 Code of Iowa, has appointed Herman Studer and Arthur Klein, the owners ot said land having failed to appoint an appraiser as authorized by law to appraise said land' sought to he condemned and which is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Pan P. Roberts, husband and wife, said land being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point thirty-three feet (33'J east and thirty-three feet 133') north of the southwest corner of Section four (4) Township ninety-five (95) north Range twenty-seven (27) West of the 5 P.M.; thence east cloven hundred eighty-six and two tenths feet (1186.2'): thence north twelve feet (12*); thence west eleven hundred eighty-six and two tenths feet (1180.2'); thpnce south twelve feet (12') to the point of beaming. Containing tluity-tlnee hunciredtha (.33) of an acre. The South line oi' Section four (4) is assumed to rifu due vast ahd wett. Also: BcflinniijK at a point thiity- 11.80 7.85 132.25 50.00 375.30 14.00 9.73 1.05 4,112.72 3,858.98 9,423.30 4,216.28 1,252.37 482.97 2,360.49 3,663.93 201.25 27.67 13,167,10 376.25 247.20 1,778.38 1,219.53 1,791.23 1,355,82 5.536.57 1.810.36 1,366.38); J,V60.Ji LAKOTA LUCKIES ••• ft Pres. — Donna Kayser, Lakota . V. Pres. - Diane Sheldahl, Lakota Leader — Mrs. Burdette Hoeppner, Lakota IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Honsbruch Drug 4-H • 4-H GREENWOOD GIRLS Pres. — Joan Wilhelmi, Bancroft V. Pres. — Virginia Heldorfer, Bancroft Leader — Mrs. Richard Krapp, Bancroft IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY F O S TE R'S Pres. — Betty Wickwire, Algona V. Pres. — Linda Bristow, Algona Leader — Mrs. Edward Arend, Algona IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY I Rusk Drug & Jewelry 4-H 4-1 Pres. — Janet Banwart, Ottosen V. Pres. — Jeanette Stenzel, West Bend Leader — Mrs. Ernest Habeger, West Bend ' IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY GRAHAM'S 4-H B^BBHKBBI LONE ROCK LIVELY ROCKETS Pres. — LaVonne Thompson, Lone Rock V. Pres. - Jo Ann McCleish, Lone Rock Leader - Mrs. Robert Binzen, Lone Rock IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Reding's Davis Paint one-quarter corner of Section four •1) Tuuiiilnj) niutty-livu CJJt North LOTTS CREEK LASSIES Pros. - Carol Anliker, Whittemore V. Pres. - Colette Streit, Wbittemore leader - Mrs. Elmer Anliker, Whittemore IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY S -& L 4-H IUVERNE LIVE WIRES Pres. - LeAta Ann Voss, LuVerne V. Pres, - Raeann Srihkj, IwVetne Leader - Mrs. John Vpss, Jr., LuVerne IN OUR STORE WITH THiW 4-H DISPLAY Shilts Shoe Store Range twenty-seven <(27) West of the 5 P.M.; thence west- ten hundred elRhty-four and two tenths font (1084.2'); thence north twelve feet 02'): thence cant ten hundred elBhtv-tour and two tenths feet dnS4.2'J; thence south twelve feet (12') to the point of beginning. Containing thirty hundredths (.30) ot an aero. The south Section line ot said Section four (4) is assumed to run due oast and west. All of tho above described land Is located within Kossulh County, Iowa, and WHEREAS. Louis Cink and Mary Clnk, husband and wife, being tenants in actual possession of said land, and WHEREAS, the above two appraisers have selected Philip J. Arndorfcr to act as the third appraiser, and WHEREAS, the County Auditor of Kossulh County, pursuant to the statute in such cases mode and provided has given notice to tho said Mr. and Mrs.. Dan P. Roberts, Husband and wifo, as owners of said land and to Louis Cink and Mary Cink, husband and wife, as tenants in possession and occupants of said land appraising them of said condemnation proceedings and that they might appear before the Board and file objections to the use of said land for highway purposes and file claim for value and damages, and WHEREAS, the Board now finds that it has complete Jurisdiction of the persons of all the parties and of the subject matter under consideration, and WHEREAS, it appears that the three appraisers selected, as hereinbefore set fO'-th, have qualified and have now filed their written report with the Au- dllor of Kossuth County, and WHEREAS, said written report sets forth that all of said appraisers to-wit, Herman Studer, Artjnir Klein and Philip J. Arndorfer, have assessed damages in the amount of One Hundred Twenty-six ($126.00). THEREFORE, The Board ot Supervisors hereby sets February 1, 1961, at 10:00 A.M. at the Court House In Algona, Kossuth County, as the time and place for hearing on the assessment of damages and the County Auditor of Kossuth County is hereby directed to give notice of said hearing to Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Roberts, husband and wife, and to Louis Cink and Mary Cink. husband and wife, by mailing a copy by certified Mail of this Resolution to each of said parties to their last known address at least 7 days prior to said hearing. MARC MOORE County Auditor of Kossuth County A. M. KOLLASCH Chairman. Board of Supervisors Dated this 31st day of December. 1B60. HEARING ON DAMAGES ASSESSED IN RIGHT-OF-WAY CONDEMNATION PROCEEDINGS OF MR. & MRS. DAN P. ROBERTS, HUSBAND AND WIFE. AND NOW, TO-WIT, on this 1st day of February, 1061, the matter of the Condemnation of real estate of Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Roberts having proceeded to hearing, and The Board or Supurvisors, pf Kossuth County having inspected the proceedings and documents pertaining to said Condemnation, and The Doard of Supervisors having found that they have jurisdiction over the matter, and The Board of Supervisors having found that the duly qualified appraisers have oppraised the following described real estate, to-wit: • Beginning at a point thirty-three feet (33') east and thirty-three feet (33') north of the southwest corner of Section four (4) Township ninety-five UI5) north Range twenty-seven (27) West of the 5 P.M.; thence east eleven hundred eighty-six and two timths feet (UU6.2T, thence north twelve feet (12'); thence west eleven hundred eighty-six and two tenths feet (HBIi.2'); thence south twelve feet (12'| to the point of bcglning. Containing thirty-three hundrecllhs (.33) of an acre. The South lino of Suction four (-1) is assumed to run due east and West. Also: Beginning «l a point thirty- three feet (33') north of the South one-quarter corner of Section four 14) Township ninety-five (D5| North Range- twenty-seven (27) West of the 5 P.M.; thence west ten hundred eighty-four and two tenths fret 11084.2'); thence north twelve feet 112'); thence east ten hundred eighty-four and two tenths feet (1U84.2'); thence south twelve feet 1 12') to tlie point of beginning. Containing thirty hundredths (.30) of . an acre. The south Section line of said Section four (4) Is assumed to run clue east and west. All of tin- above described land is located within Kossuth County, Iowa, and The Boaid of Supervisors having found that the land owners ami any aiid all mh'rf.'sU'd parties (herein have lilixl no written objections tu the damages assessed, and WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors being of Hie opinion that the damages as,&ebsed in the amount of $126.00 are lair, ivasunabh.' and just, IT IS THEREFORE. ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DKC'ltEKD that the clain- a;4t.>s ai^ci-sed in the amount of One- it. ii| f it..ri Twontv-six anil No '100 Dollars ($12(>.()0) in the above entitled case, are finally awarded and the County Auditor is hereby authorized and or- L*..C« 10 tissue a warrant in said amount to the proper parties Dated this 1st day of February, 10B1. A. M. Kollasch. Chairman of the Board ' '"in » Uorip, Member of tho Board Jens M. Sorensen, Member of the Hoard i.narles, 11. Newel. Member of the Hoard Charles Plathe, Member oi the Board On molion adjournment was taken until Ki'b. 10, 10U1. ATTEST; iHan- i-lonn.. Kussulh County Auditor John II. Rod!;, Chairman. SPECIAL JANUARV~SE8SION 1061 BOARD PROCEEDINGS FIFTH DAY FEBRUARY 10, 1361 MIP Hoard of Supervises met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Jens Sorensen, Charles Newel and Charles Plathe and Clvil'-man, John Rode. Absent; none Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Newel that Dr. Richard Bralnerd of LuVcrne, Iowa, be appointed to act as Deputy Medical Examiner. Ayes: all Nays: none Molion carried. On Million adjournment was taken until February 24, tl'JBi. ATTEST: Mare Moore, Kossuth County Auditor John H. Rode, Chairman, Board of Supervisors „„ BOABU PROCEEDINGS SOCIAL JANUARY SESSION 1961 SIXTH DAY FEBRUARY 21, 1961 me Hoard oi Supervisors met pur- iiMii. to. iicljniimmi.'nl.. Those present ";••'••; John Rode. Chairman. and A. M. h.olL.;cli, j, :lls Sort-risen, Charles Newel "'i!i ( .. ha:l '.' s ''lathe. Absent: UOHU Motion by Jc-ua Sorensen and sec"."*•< by A. M. Kollasch Unit the ,,'!i" llv Auditor b.e au,lhori/cd to dis- Ti, i : "i '"" '" r;are Nu - 'D.401 ugaln.'it Alvln J. and Henrietta Huenhold for ,ne Hi wm Joi m Hueiihold. as a pa- cut v < I ht sutu school al Woodward, i i'.!;-,, A lsi ' mcnl was satisfied May 'i' S: **"**'• n(J " c ' Motion PROCEEDINGS OF REAL ESTATE OF MABEL G. REED, RUTH REED STE, WARD AND PEARL ADAMS REED AND NOW. TO-WIT, on this 24th day of February, 1961, the matter oC the Condemnalfon of real estate of Mabel G. Reed, Ruth Reed Steward and Pearl Adams Reed having proceeded to hearing, and The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County having inspected the proceedings and documents pertaining to said Condemnation, and , TMe Board of Supervisors having found that they hay.e jurisdiction over the matter, and The Board of Supervisors having found that the duly qualified appraisers have appraised the following described real estate, to- wit: Beginning at a point thirty-three feet C33') west and thirty-three feet (33') north of the southeast corner of Section twenty eight (28) Township ninety-five (93) North Range twenty-nine (21)) West of the 6 P. M.; thence west thirty-eight hundred ninety five and four tenths feet (3895.4'); thence north sixteen and five tenths feet (16.5'); thence east thirty-eight hundred ninety- five and four tenths feet (3895.4 1 ); thence south sixteen and five tenths feet (16.5') to the point 'of beginning. Containing one and forty eight hundredths (1.48) Acres. The south lino of .Section twenty- eight (28) Is assumed to run due east and west. All 'of the above described land Is located within Kossuth Co'unty, Iowa. and The Board of Supervisors having found that the land owners and any and all interested parties therein have failed to file written obections to the damages assessed, and Whereas, Helgen & Helgen, agents of the land owners, have appeared and raised oral objections to the damages assessed, and Whereas, the Board of Supervisors being of the opinion that the damages assessed in the amount of $370.00 are lair, reasonable and just, and therefore said oral objections are overruled; ""IT IS. THEREFORE. ORDERED, AD- JUUGbU ANiJ DECREED that the damages assessed in the amount of Three Hundred Seventy and NO /100 Dollars (?37U.OO) in the above entitled case, are finally awarded and the County Auditor K hereby authorized and ordered to issue a warrant in said Htnount ,to the pn. per parties. Dated this 24th day of February, 1861. John Rode, Chairman of the Board jens M. Sorensen Charles Plathe CudtiuS n. isewel A. M. Kollasch On moMon adjournment was taken until Mai ;h 1, 1WB1. A I™cTviooro, Kossuth County Auditor jonn hoae, Chairman, Board of Supervisors Ardith Brandt OfTitonkals Shower Honoree Titonks — A miscellaneous shower was held Monday evening in honor of Ardith Brandt who will be united in marriage Mar. 10 to Neal Locschen, son of Mr nnd Mrs Albert Loeschen. Miss Brandt is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Hurley Brandt. -About 150 were in attendance. A program was put on by the Luther League, after which the bride-to-be opened her gifts, assisted by her sister Margaret anil Sara Beth Brandt. Another sister, Dorothy and Brcnda Brandt assisted with carrying the gifts to and from the tables. * Hostesses were Mesctamos Geo. Alke, Harry Bartelt, Clarence Brandt, Edward Brandt, Verla Brandt, Recca Hipp Alvin llon- ken, Leonard Lock, Herbert Kn- kow, George Sachau, Edward Sleeker, Henry Steckor, Telko Stecker, John Welhousen, Harm Wibben and Kenneth Beal. Bowling Report The Titonka City Womens Bowling T o u r n a in e n t, took place the week of Feb. '2.1 through Mnrch 4 with 52 'entries. Receiving prizes were, doubles, Lois Peterson and Jo Ann Hoover, 1086, Esther Limberg and Mary Limberg, 1042, and Joy Jsebrand and Mick Nelson, 1047. In singles were Lois Peterson. 655, Jen Rode, 589, Florence Eden, f>80, Fr;.ncis Stratlon, 558, and Kas Larson, 523. Lois Peterson won first in each event and became eligible for the trophy as Well as prize money. Mrs Francis Gingrich (if Titonka won the trophy and a savings bond Sunday at Algona Lanes where' she was Titonka's representative on the March of Dimes Bowling Tournament. John Rike was the men's representive but did not place. WEDDING Mr and Mrs Roger Lynch of Nashua were married recently in spite of the rrcenl ice storm's interference. The bride was given {.way by her 11 -year-old brother because her father was delayed in a traffic problem; her soloists had to sing a cappellu because thire was no electricily for the pi,;e organ and they had to turn back from their honeymoon because of icv roads. PORTLAND PENNIES Pres. — Patricia Lampe, Burt V. Pres. — Betty Lampe, Burt Leader — Mrs. Harold Lampe, Burt IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Wiltgen Jewelry _ _^ , __ _ t 4-H A 4-H RiVERDALE RUSHERS II Pres. — Lucille O'Brien/ Bode V. Pres. — Georgia Thul, Bode Leader — Mrs. Hubert O'Brien, Bode IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Carsons For Color 4-H 4-H U-GO-I-GO Pres. — Maureen O'Brien, Algona . V. Pres. — Gretchen Deim, Algona Leader — Mrs. Fred Lypkes, Algona IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY I No. Cen. Pub. Serv- Co s ALGONA CLUB Pres. — Russell Bode, Algona V. Pres. — Lee Froehlich, Algona Leader — Robert Mayer, Algona IN OUR GARAGE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Kent Motor Co. EAGLE WILDCATS Pres. — Maurice Carr, Swea City V. Pres. — John Pavik, Armstrong Leader — Lloyd Thorson, Armstrong IN OUR BANK WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Security State Bank BBOBBIHtl 4-H •••BBi GREENWOOD BOYS p res . _ Philip Heldorfer, Bancroft V. Pres. - Allen Dumstorff, Bancroft Leader — Gerald Soderberg, Bancroft IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Frederick Hardware 4-H » 4H "ft c " H Sorensen and »ec- that the fol- BARBER Walter Garrison, 07. of New Market has served AS barter to five generations of the Curnu- chuel family thcic. LOTTS CREEK LEADERS Pres. - Charles Bierstedt, Whittemore V. Pres. - Dqvid Wegener, Whittemore Leader - Dick Kuecker, Algona IN OUR BANK WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Iowa State Bank TwoLakofans Hurt In Crash Friday Evening Lakota — Mrs W. C. Vodraska and Donna Hertzke were in an automobile accident Friday evening on highway 169 between Elmore and Lakota-. They were taken to the Buffalo Center Hospital. ,-Mrs Vodraska was trans- fered to Mercy Hospital in Mason City and had two bones in her wrist broken. Donna was treated for- cuts and bruises. She was released from the hospital Sunday. Mrs Vodraska is expected home Tuesday. Rippentrops Honored Open house was held at the Presbyterian Church Sunday for Mr and Mrs Alvin Rippentrop of Titonka. Rev. Hai;lan Krusa opened the program with a few remarks and devotions and pra^ yer. Sharon Rippentrop and George Knnen sang a duet. Jimmy Rippentrop read a poem and George Enncn sang, accompanied by Mrs J. E. Ukena, Rev. O. H; Frerking from Twin Lakes, who married Mr and Mrs Rippentrop 25 'years ago, gave a few remarks' about the wedding, Mrs George 1 Ennen did a littie'reminiscing of their life. Hostesses were 'Mrs Andrew Jensen, Mrs Robert Rippentrop of Elmore, Mrs Albert Rippen- trop, Mrs Russell Winter. Waitresses were Corrine and Sandra Itippcntrop, Mrs Raymond Brandt of Titonka and Mrs Henrickson of Ringsted. Mrs Francis Steinberg of El- rnorc and Kathy Heetland had charge of cards and gifts. Jimmy Rippt'itlrop was at the registration table. Mrs Donald Rippentrop of Albert Lea poured and Sharon Rippentrop cut and served the cake. • Mr and Mrs John Griese returned home this week after a two week visit in Max, Minn. They visited the Charles Peter•sons. Sunday evening guests at the William Kcinitz home were Mr and Mrs Carlyle Gcrzema and family, Mr and Mrs E. J. Johnson and family of Buffalo Center, Mr and Mrs Dean Kuchcn- reuther of Titonka. The Lakota Band Mothers will meet Monday evening, Mar. 13, al the school hot lunch room. The Lakota Luckies 4-H Club met on Saturday at the city hall. Donna Kayser was hostess. Mrs Gretchen Heetland wa& the visiting mother. Carolyn Ley, Kathy Heetland and Arhss Christ gave talks. A panel discussion was led by Judy Jutting.- Others, on the panel were Marsha Smith, Linda Boettcher and Linda Hoeppner. Plans were made to entertain their mothers at Fairmont Mar. 16. Larry Wuestenberg of Bennett received third degree burns on his hand when a pan of grease caught on fire recently in his home. BUFFALO BOYS Pres. — Dennis Fritz. Wesley V. Pres, ± Roger;TjdrWTitonka Leader — William Fritz, Wesley IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Coast-To-Coast Store LUVERNE PEPPY PALS Pres. — Carol Fish, Corwith V. Pres. — Nancy Chambers, Corwith Leader - Mrs. William Merria'm, LoVerne IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Olson's Variety Engagement Of Seneca Girl Is Announced Seneca — Mr and Mrs Alficd Peterson, Seneca, announce llio engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Dorothy Mae, to Eugene Kieselh, son of Mr and Mrs Elmer Fneseth, Badger. Miss Peterson is a beautician at Fort Dodge. HIT fiance is also employed at Fort Dodge. Tne wedding is planned for May 28 al the First Methodist, church at Armstroaig. Seneca Stars Met The Seneca' Stars 4-H club met at the home of Alyce Petersen Monday. Mrs Ted Jensen reported on, the recent leaders meeting whkh she had attended. Alyce Petersen gave a demonstration. The gioufl voted to give $3 to the IFYE program. Mrs Roy Mueller and Mrs Tec} Jensen wen; guest mothers. with David at. the hospital Saturday night and brought him home Sunday. Mrs Carrie Jensen spent the weekend at the Henry McGre- gors. Mrs Charles Osborn, Mrs Cecil Bailey and Mrs Carrie Jensen visited al the O. R. Patterson home near Ringsted Friday. Friends of the Millen Jensens, former Seneca residents, now liv-' in?' at Wallham, Minn., will be interested in knowing that they arc having a> fur-m sale March 0. Bertha Olsen has been ill and confined to her home for the past few days. She was a patient tit Holy Family Hospital at Eslher- ville Tuesday, Mrs Henrietta Thompson will be hostess to the Seneca Thursday club at her home March 30. Newly-elected officers will have charge of the meeting. They are: president, Mrs Cecil Langerman; vice-president, Mrs Edith Cage; and secretary-treasurer, Mrs Henrietta Thompson. Mrs Everett Witham, Mrs Alfred Petersen and Mrs Thompson, are on the look-out committee. Mrs Calvin Vaudt and Mis Frank Set-ley, also Mrs John Wuite of Fenton were hostesses) to tjie ladies aid of St. Johns Lutheran church al Ft-nton Wednesday afternoon. David Wagejidr,'three year old Sort of Hie Marliu Wtigeimj-s. submitted to a tonsilectomy Satur-. duy. at Huly FuuiUy Hospital wt Estherville. Mrs Wegener stayed IQOF George W. Haglund of Red Oak was recently presented a 50 year IOOF jewel. He is a past noble grand of the local lodge and presently is the lodge's right supporter to noble grand. ANNIVERSARY The 73nd wedding anniversary was celt-bra I «d' recently by Mr and Mi'E W. II Shepherd of %i^c/gyijlfi. They have 4 chjlr drcn, 14 grand chiJdw--n, 50 great- g«<iijlchildren and 11 great-great gi^ndchildrtn. UP is S3- and &" is S9 years old. PORTLAND BOYS . f Pres. — David Harms, Burt V. Pres. - Charles Trunkhill, Burt Leader — Harold Lampe, Burt IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY WESTERN AUTO 4-H 4-H SENECA PROGRESSIVE FARMERS Pres. — Vernon Wilberg, Penton ' V. Pres. — James BergUrri, Barteroft - ' Leader — Ray Bergum, Bancroft IN OUR GARAGE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Kossuth Motor Co. 4-H 4-H ST. JOE TROJANS Pres. — Ronald Illg, Bode. . V. Pres. — James Erpelding, Bode Leader — Bernard Thilges, Bode IN OUR GARAGE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY SCHULTZ BROS. 4-H ft 4-H SWEA-HARRISON Pres. — Curtis Hanson, Swea City V. Pres. — Terry Johnson, Swea City Leader — Cecil Thoreson, Swea City IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Botsford Lumber Co. 4-H 4-H UNION BOYS . Pres. — Richard Dugan, Algona V. Pres. — Tim Vipond, Algona Leader — Kenneth Strayer, Burf IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Joe Bradley Equip. 4-H 4-H WESLEY BOYS Pres. - Chris Nygaard, Wesley Vi Pres. Jerry Heinen, LuVerne ; Leader — Joseph Skew, Wesley IN OUR STORE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY Klein's Farm Supply 4-H 4~ WHITTEMORE BOYS Pres. - Dennis Elbert, Whittemore V. Pres. - Clelus Mosbach, Whittemare Leader - Hfirgld Qreene, Whjttempre IN OUR STQRE WITH THEIR 4-H DISPLAY kelley •. Lumber Co, Burt Couple Is Honored; Wed PasiSflYears ; Burt — Mr and Mrs Herman} Neitzel were honored on their S8th wedding anniversary when members of the family gathered at the Clinton Jlendcrson home in Algona for the occasion. Pro-sent were Mr find Mrs Lyle Johnson, Lake Crystal, Minn., Mr and Mrs Dean McACee and family, Garner, Mr and Mrs' Durwood Neitzel and family, Whittemore and Mr and Mrs Henderson and girls. , Birthday Party , Barbara Hair illon celebrated her 9th birthday Wednesday and in honor of the occasion, her mo^ tlier, Mrs Bob Hamilton entertained 10 of hor friends after school. Present to help Barbara celebrate ' her birthday were Cheryl Samek, Marsha Sodcr 7 berg, Jill Smith, Gayle Wermers, Donna Miller; Sharon Bergorud ; Joyce Spr.y, Marilyn Cherland", Valorie Holding,' Joyce and Mar 1 - jorie Baumgard, Bernita John r son, Jeanette Graham, Carolyn Madson, Cynthia Chipman, Nan 7 cy Presthus, Connie Sheirbon, and Ruth Long.. Circles 'Meet .MethoSist 1 church circles will meet Wedfiosdby Mar. 15: Ada with Lorraine Campney; Francis with Velma Dlxon; Ly- dla w,ith Benita Mitchell; Stella with Dorothy Campney. Open House Held The McCullough Funeral Chap- 1 el, Algona held open house at the Burt Chapel Friday, Saturday nnd Sunday. A large number of friends stopped to view the newly remodeled, complete funeral chapel. Approximately 200 friends and customers registered and enjoyed a-cup of coffee nnd donuts at the annual open house held tit the Burt Produce Mar. 4. W. J. Stewart won the door prize. The Burt Blue Birds 4-H Club met with Evelyn, Judith, nnd Janet Cherlnncl Saturday. Talks were Riven by Susan Lovslacl and Judith Chcrland. Demonstrations by Judy Mitchell and Du- borah Schultz. Linda Ackerman was n guest Sunday at the Lou Hoover home. Carole Wiener has been eon- fined to her home for a week by illness. The County Meeting of The Woman's Clubs will be held Mar. 0 at the Good Hope Lutheran Church in Titonka. The meeting will be culled to order at 10:30 o'clock. The Women who were named by their club members as the "Woman of the Year" will be honored. Miss Ernu Baars was chosen as the Woman of the year in the Burt Club. Margaret Moore spent from Friday evening to Sunday evening with a friend, Phyllis Peterson, in Des Moines. Sunday evening, Mar. 12, the Young Adults Klub of the Methodist Church will be hosts to the members of the Ledyarcl Young Adults Klub. The evening will begin with a pot luck supper nt 0:30 p.m. and special guest will bu Phil Diamond of Algona who will speak. Dick Trunkhill spent from Tuesday to Sunday in Omaha. Lurry Holding was .pk'usunlly surprised when a group of friends dropped in to help him celebrate his ' birthday Sunday evening. Guests were Mr ;md Mrs Kenneth Isaacson, Swea City, Mr and Mrs Jack Nyman, Mr and Mrs Ordean Kabrick and Mr and Mrs Al Cyphers, all of Bancroft. Mrs Opal Peterson and Mr and Mrs Robert Peterson, Fairmont, were Friday dinner and civer- nipht guests at the Eldon Toslen- rud home. Mi' and Mrs John Kissner ana family helped Linda Tieman, Fenton. celebrate her 3rd birthday Sunday. Llndu is the daughter of the Les Tiemans, Fenton. Mr and Mrs Stanley Black and Jane left Thursday for Oklahoma where they will visit for two weeks at the home of Mr Black's sj.sliT and family. Tin-: Fortnightly Club will mn-l for a 1 o'clock luncheon at the Ijome of Kiilh Carman in Algona Friday, Mar. 10. Maymo Sehracler was hostess to the Auxiliary serving meeting in her home March B.

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