The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY,- JULY 8, 1989 BIA'TIIBVILLB (ARKi) COUlillJ.'U NEWS PAGE FIV1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line lor consccu live Ihsei dims: Une (ime per line.............. lOo Two (lines per line per day....08c Three times per line per day'...OGc MX times per llfie per day....053 Month rat^> per. line 60c Cards of Thatiks .5Qc & 75o ., Minimum charge 50c .Ads ordered for three or sli 'toes and stopped before expiration will be charged for Ilia number of limes the add appeared lind adjustment of bill made. All . Classified Advertising copy lubmltted by persons residing outside* of (he city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may uc.cas Uy computed from above (able. Advertising ordered, for Irregulat Insertions lakes (he one time.rale. . No responsibility .will be taken for iriore lliaii one Incorrect Inscr- tibu of a«s l classified ad. For Reiit 3 fui nlshcd rooms. Mrs. Ted Green phone 8I4-J. 8-ck-lD Cool, froill bedroom with private entrance to Imtli aiid oiUside, F?mne S38-W. 627 W. Watnul. -8-da-mk-IO 3 roolii furnished apanmciit. Private ualli. Vacant Monday. '224 Du'gan. Mrs, Wcrt. 7-ck-ll 2 room iinhirhlslicd apartment. 210 W. Clicfry SI. 7-pk-I3 'i robin Fiihi. Apt. Also bedrooms. Phone 385. 102 W. Diivis. 7-ck-l4 Cool, soiith b'ctiroom. Garage. Hea- sonn'ble. Mrs. Siniiilons, 818 Walnut, fi-ck-it 3 room furnished aparliiieiit. Clilckasawba. Mrs. Ramsey Cun : , can. 5-pk-!0 5 room furnished apaiiiiiMit with bath. 1013 Wiilnut. 6-pk-10 5 room furnisher) house on Ken- lucky SI. Rent $35. Thomas Lnnrl Co. 3-ck-ll 2. large, cool bedrooms, newly dcco; rated. Mrs. Eirifim Noleii. 310 Walnut. 26-ck-U Cool, south bedrobtn, convenient (o bath. Gil \V. Main. Call 280. 21-ck-tl Conilorlable bcdrcuin., 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. 15-ck-tf 2 or 3 riioin furnished apartment,. Newly decorated. 914 ilcarn. Modern 3 room unfurnished apart- meni.--'Kialn and 'Becdhd. 'F. Simon, phone 764; :' • , • . . 3-ck-lf tlfflce roonis: Sudbury Building. Graham Budbury. 27tf For Sale bold fish miniipv's. pay aiid night. E: h. Keith, 416 No. "stll.' 24-pk-7-24 213 E. Kentucky, 4 rooms with batli. Newly papered and paint- fed. SiOO flown paymenli remainder (o include principal, interest, Insurance and (8xps. payable nionthly like rent. Haf'ey Morris, ptene 128 or 508 2!-ck-7-2d VIv Stucco holile. and 2 acres. Ha6 5 room's and Uath. Slocked hardwood floors. Phone 252 or .347. Paul Byruin. 23-cic-tf Sweet peas »«-( other ciit tlowrn. ix)is Hooper, Phone 306 or 792. 700 dozen used fruit jars, any size. Save money. Al'vfri Hardy, 212 E. Main. . 17-ck-7-l7 Cans for Jug Fishing complete ivith straps. Guaranteed won't leal;. 7',3 cents each. Raymond Brooks, Steele, Mo. 9-pk7-9 Dairy Fstlstactory quality antl service In Dairy products. Cattle free of Ba'iig's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace I/iwer.v. 902-J, for Hnlsell's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream. Country Butler, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection ehcoiirngecl anytime. Hilsell's Dairy Promised Land. Route 2 Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 * JOHN BUCHANAN Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 803 W. Ash. Phone MX , 22-ct-tf Help Wanted High clnss man or ladj May se cure exclusive franchise'. Place candles, peanuts, confections ns- plriii, pkg. drugs wllli nierclianls. Oiir Patent elliiilnn'e'i toinpStlllon and ciil prices on main line Mini muni liivesl/iient of f310 rciiiilrtd. Each 100, locations served slibiild pay Hieiitlily profits of $100. Wrllc Universal f3ates Rjsteni 1599 Uist liidieland, Memphis, Teiin. 6pk!0 Miiihows For Sale Minnows nnd fishing caries, 300 E. Main. Phone 800. O. U. Hawks. Goldfish Minnows B. F. Krogdori, lit) Dougjtri KINNOWS & COCK ROACHES •M nanion Cor. IJailrniiri * Ky Persoiial Arouse SlUEjlsti ijver, work 6R Ihc lillc, lo rid yoiirsclf of crjiisll- callon, gas pains and lliat sour. >i!Jik feelliiR.. Tnttc one box oi . kjRHY'S VF.R i'ii;i.s at. all Klrliy. fitorns ' Notice Upholstering- ami Rcflnlsnliig. M. Toinlln, 211 S. First fi-ck-8-l !?XP!3Rl r ELECT ItlC AND ...ACEfYljENfc I)h»g line atlrl lieavy weidirig a specialty. Mfg. Co. Phoiic 19 or Res. 10J9 Notice Fishing License "OR VOIiit CONVENIENCE; WU • "" '•' TO ISSIIB ..FISHING LICENSE AT \nu VOTJR (Hjii SHOUSE-HENRY tlARDWAlJE CO. Phone 35 For Sale, or Trade Suiiiii;V4n' ( gfppery', Stld market for snle or trade: Well located, cstab-. llshed ^ business. Write ' =»~ ••"" c/o Co\iffer fjeivs. NCiflCE is hereby glt'cn lliat the undersigned cmniissioner lii compliance with the^terms. of' A decree rendered by the Chancery Court, for the. Cliickasawba District of Mississippi 'county, Arkansas, oil the 9th day of June, 1939, wherein The Federal Land ; Bank . 01 Sli Louis, a corpotallbn; was Plaintiff : No. 6782, •:..;... ' and J3etty Alley et al were De- fcndanls, will sell at public auction W the highest and best bidder, fdf cash, oil a credit of three months, Northwest coiner of the Noilti- cast aiiniler (NK'i) of (he Southeast quarter <GF*j) of Section Getenlcea (ii) um- nlng (hence «est sli. Iiundrc'd and sexcnlj six (016) feel to BUer Sljt thence in a soillh- casltily direction along Ilio tast bank of said rlvei Stjx to the b»se of 81 Fiancli L«vce thence. East along llie Lcvfcc (our hundred rtnd forty (110) feet to quarter section lliie, then north to Hit jioliit of beginning, confaU'iiiig tea (10) acres, nioro or less, and except ii strip of latiti oil the land side of (he levee lying a'ioiis, parallel with and contiguous to tlie present right of wiiy of iwllorin width of llfty (50) tcct and extending along Ihc levee and contiguous llicrelo Iroln levee slalloh 51/D lo 51/11 (hclng the Inlerseclloii of Ilio east bunk ot River Sty.x nnd Ihc- coiiler line of the levee) and containing five hundred five oiie thousandths (.605) acres lyliig along (he l c yee Crist of Iftv'cr Siyx In ilie Southeast nuiirlcr (Sl'J'/i) of Section Seventeen (17); iili the above dejcrlucd Iniul being In Townshi]) llltcen (15) North, of rinngc thirteen 03) jftisl of Hie PUlli rrliiciruil Meridian, containing In nil se\'eiij.y-iw<i aiid 1B5/JOOO acres more or less. SAID sale wll be hail (o .sullsfy said decree lii (he suin of $3380.8i, wllli G per cenl Intcrcsl (rom June 9, 1039. THE purchaser at said snle will Uc. rciiiiired lo execute bond with approved seciirjty, lo stcure tlic pa'yiiient ot thb pilrcliiise money, (iiid a lien will lib retained iipoii said properly its lidd'ltioimi security for the payment- of inch pur- chrise nioiiey. WITNESS my tiii.nd and (he sertl of said Court, oil (his, the 1st day of July, 1S39. HAIIVEY MORRIS, Coihmtssloiier In Cliiincciy. KOK illUS • I'tojrcl Nii. I'M'.t-V Scaled jii'optisals ivll be' ffccclitil wy the Board of Coimnlsstdnei's of Drainage . District No. 17 at its ollice In (lie Lynch Building, ijiy- thcvlllc, Arkansas, until ip o'clcrek A. M. (C. S. T.),July 1'ith, 1939, for excavation work. ' Alternate plans will lie bkl upon: itlah 1. Excavating approximately 351,000 cuuic yards ol cnrtl) In trie, chaniicl of Little River in Poniscll .County, Arkansas, Iblal dislaribc 11',4 jhifes. .Plan .3. EScav.-iiihg appro.vim- alcly 200,OpO ciilifc yards of cartli in the cliaiiiipl ofMllid River and a ciit-ofi tlirdiigli Seciian 26, Towiisliip 12. Noi'lh, riahgc 7 Er.:(, in Polnsett Col nty, Arkansas, (otal distance 3-K nilles. Piaii 2 is tlic choice plan hom an engineering standpoint aiid will be Scccpicd conliiigc'iii only ujwii Uio District. Acquiring acquiring the necessary righl.-oi-wny. At which time • and place Die proposals will be publicly opeiied and read nloiid. Aiid bid fcrjelvccl after.closing liihe wilt be rcttidiied unopened. Copies of the piaiis, 5pc'cittcalloiis and oilier proposed Contract Documents are oh file in .the oiilce of . ; r , ~ t ~.~~, —- "' ~'.'"-" " Lv " u t j ^.. Drainage District No 17 at, Blvhir^ at (he front door of the Court vUii..Arkansas, and dfe oplrt foi- House, bet«-cen (he hours prescribed by law, hi (he City 1 of Bly- (lieville, Arkansas, on the 29th day of July, (033, (he following real estate, to-wit: The Northwest quarter (NW/O of the Northeast quarter (NEM) of Section Seventeen (17); Lot two.(2) 6f section seventeen (17); all that part of live Northwest quarter (NWK) of the Soiitheasl iiuarler (SE!J) of Section seventeen (17) described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the •"r> . •••^"ii'3«o, tiuu a Hi U)J{iIl 1OI public Inspection. A set of siicli tlbcvJinents may be obtained froni J. W. Meyer, Engtnecr, Blylheville, Arkansas, iipoii deposit of 'Iliree Dollars ($3.00). Tliis deposit will be refunded to each actual'bidder upoii return of such documents hi gotid condition vvilHlM 5 cidys after the reVelpt of bids; The ' character aiid amount ot security (o lie furnished by eac h bidder rtre stated In the above mentloiled bids. No bid may bo withdrawn, after (he scheduled closing lime for rc- Repnrt of Condition of the First National feairk in Blylheville of Blytheviile, in Ihe Elalc of Arkansas at the close' of hn-liirw ..,, June 30th, 1939, published in rcs,x,',ise to call made by top& 0 (he Currency, under Section 5211, U. s. revised statutes AssfeTS Ixians and discount!! (including $6.47 overdraffs) .. . $35371177 United States Gpvernmen! oWigalibils, direct hue' ' ••^^"•"f-M •"' ; . •-*ooo,(l 1. M "I' 1 ."", • J "' lv ?i^y v V" I1 " c »i ouiiganons, eiirecl and guaranteed 1500000 Obligations cf stales and political subdivisions . .tsan'fls Other bonds, notrs, anil debcnturrs iftinn Corporate stocks inchrding slock of Federal Reservc"baiifc".'. - 3,60000 Cash, balances with other {ranks, including reserve balance rvA^^,****. df coll<:cl1011 : »j-».»? °'" cr ^ -..:.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:J^Si fdfAt, Assirrs r .. ....5818,223^ UAfilUTIKS Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships -and corporations .' j Time dertosils of Individuals, partnerships, niifl corrionuioV)?; UepcsiU of Stales and political siitilvlsbhs Deposits. of banks .........' " Other deposits (certified flnrl c.ishier's checks etcS Capital -Stock: CACtT..H, ACCOUNTS I ,osl • 1 fliare mule, 7 yiars old. 15 hands high. $10 reward. James Monroe, Luxora Rl. I. box 131. Black cocker spaniel puppy. Three; nionths old. Reward. Call 545J. Washing, Ironing Expert washing and Iroiling. Cheap. Ronsh dry and finish. 6 quilts Sl.OO. One nay service. Willie teeil Green, behind City Ice Plant. 7-pk-8-7 Common stock, tolal par $100,000.00 ..................... $100,00000 Surplus . ...... ......... .. ............ .. ..... ' UndivWed profiU ........................ ..'.....'.:'. Kcserves (and retircmcni account for preferred slock)...;.. G21.i>3 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS .................. . ...... 122.830.85 ; celpt of bids, foi nt least (flirty* (JO) dajs : llie lio.ud of Colimilsslohcis r^- wiics the ilghl lo reject niw or nil lilds ahd lo waiver liiforiiialllle.s. • DRAIN ACiU DlSTniCT NUMBER iSEVENTEKN" o( Atlsslssiiiiil, Coiuilj', B. A. LYNCH, v Bccrclnry-Treusiircr. First Publlciitlon: June Ul), July 3 Last I'liblieiilion: July 8lh ^ Hie 30th day ot Jiine. 1010. AiiMoniib nnua co. ; (E. C. Wllllnms) ' ; "hid tn I'iiiiVaus J'riiits ' Hie Idea of using taiiiolis'prlills on liuichron iiuitr, is new, nnd uii- iis«al-l«it tlic prints selected lo niioin nndcin luncheon Inblcs nro pld fiivurilos from Currier fc Ives, f'"i: I'lulu nmls lire nnidc cf crirk — it Hire iirolcclion lor u i- -t_>.j.. ,,j( tablo lo|i. Hie |>rliils (ire eceiirly moimled en tlic cork nmih, (hen covered vvlth « 1^ O f 'ccllo- liliinie, nil litiiilnnlcd logriher 'by a (ircteia wlilch mitkej, thn lm i,, botli (hirnblc mid easy | 0 <.\<:t\\\ MISS THEM .1 ^ ,j «^ 1 J. . I. .. K "t * i- f PRESCRIPTIONS Frcsiicsl Slock LIQUOR I'liliMlT j Notice Is hereby given Unit (he Commissioner o[ Revenues of the' Slate of Arkansas Ims Issued 11 permit, No. IC2, (o Elmer Hull lo sell and dispense vlium.t or spirituous liquor for Uevcr.'iKc at rcliill on llie premises described us 1!M Knst Main SI. lilythevltle, Ark. Tills penult issued on the 1st day .of July, 1038, am! expires on the 30th day of .lime, 1010. llALli. 1-b I,I()UOK I'KitnitT Nolico Is hereby given Hint Ihc Commissioner of Hevcnues of the Slate of Arkansas hn.s Issued H permit, No,. iW, lo Klmcr Ilnll lo sell and dispense vinous or siilrR- uous liquor for beverage »t relali on (he preinlses described - .us Norlli Main Street, Luxoni. Ark. Tills permit Issiicd on Ihu 1st diiy ol Jiily, 1030, and expires on llie 30lh day of June. 1010. 1SLMEH HAUL. 1-tt Notice Is hereby given ihiil tiic Commissioner -of Revenues of lli'u Stale ol Arkiinsiis hii.s issued n pcrinii, No. 120, to Ahiiorcl brtig 3oi (B. C. \Viitliiiiis) to Kull iiiiil (llsjieiixc vltioiis 'or. spirituous •H(|-' iiprs for bcveraiie ut'rcluil oii'.flic ircinlscs dcsciibcd ns 2 Miilli Street, Ariiiorcl, Ark. -.' "';.•• This jichnll issued on Ihc 1st' .lay of Jiily, 19:19, aiid expires c'ii itra> RVni3iT~" Wert Optometrist "UK fllAKKS 'ICRI SICK" Over ,loc Isaacs' Klnre 1'liime 510 . —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - Your )'rfsc'il|illoii Fowler Drug Co, Main A I'list I'l.ono tit (W'L'AIN CYSTITIS A 30-ilny liijfl nf N' A T u i: ,\ i, , ivlll etml . . . . Ibis lest yoiirsdlf timl mile (lie liii- pruvt'iiictit. DIslilbiitDd by Crosstown Whiskey Shop IMfUBT WlNES, JJQUOIfS, ALliS id!) H. Ultiflnh SI Ki^_BrugJStorcs J. L GUARD Optometrist Only (Ira'tlualt Ojilomc- Irlsl lii myllicvlllci. Giiissts Mllri) Orrcclly the Antarctic comprises half O i Canadian InalnUnd! n?riii«rri ' el- the cailh'b uhcxjilcrcd territory bcrlS ' 'r'bBl, AfaJUa,- llie high Olhoi Ricnt Areas aie In (lie Ak-tlcr'irT. 1111 " 5 ?','"c lilinalayiil chain, Island* Of northerJ£;$ik A(ls l, 1 ? lla '. *a<l,So«t|i tamo nrMu (u ttin ' ' > mniij 111 the NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Vot 1'iompt I,a«ndry Hint Clcitiilng Servic* HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surnciy, nliil (iiiiinuilced A very nifc mid lii.ilntei incllmd; without connnoliiciil lo bi'd, low ol time Irani work mill with veiy Illile tUwwitforl All types of piles, llsswi's, flsliilns, etc., licatcd by out office Ilirlliiids. DKS. NiES & NIES Clinic r.H No«' Minitcil iU 101 Niii-th Srriiuil ADDING MACHlNl- & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIIWAKDS, i'rniirlclnr All IMnkos ul Hrlfiilli 'rypiivi'rlliTs, Adillnj; AMchliica and C'alniliiliirs—HcpiilfiiiK—f'iiHs—H 11)11 tniij [.'OK ' SAFETY'S SAKE! KKAl) THIS AD See us .mil IIH C I jjav,. delay! S.ive troiiiilel Jletorc isolriff o» juiir Mimllon or Ukhip moioi lilpv, lei us clicck the following': Danger Points Cooling System .•Hid Fan Belt Gcncuitor, Bnficry, Klcctrloil System KnikcH, I'ciial & Clutch (Jctif, Wheel Aligumvnt IMfTcnmtiiil and Ti iuisinissit)i» PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. fith vt Walnut PKone TAKE A COUPLE. OF UYDER. IM WvJD TORS) HM OVER.'» THE SHERIFF.' Alif.RY OOP ,• Wiiile, HIGH ON iiie .rjocw .UT1VE.BEAVE~ " BY FUKI) HAItMAN ; "M SORRY f£R YUH: VOliNG FELLER.' /<J(I BEEN DEU^IOUl ' APE, AM T ? WHY, "fPS^^^^^.-/^—~ DAt>6UM YER RUNTY A GIT AWA ^ PROM\ HIDE, I'M 6ITTW-'. (•^ V 9 J< " V P U ) TIRED OF THAT SiUf'FJ^ _™? R £iLX V fell ii : D ra--^^ V. f^r, ^OS^S^TS^^S^^ ^^^^ (.CAM DO ABOUT 'EM/ \ ./M. o'p'voubw N,My CHEST? ISOOTS uv**/ •' <•!< JiA^U V'/sv* *$t tAh • •(^rMM4_ S'Kdiitr, I'HK WASH TUBiiS T!Y RDOAR MAU'rFfN ^SL^HG-BVE Kcarly fot- FOR i. _", 1.... . wreuc HE WEHT -,.. . UA^IE KWOWJ HE'D TICK A Crt7V HII)EAW*>V THE PAWE5 ARE . P6AUT1FUL. y~S EH? 1HW.MP •S()UEE6E ^SV fits* v-^\'/ J BY ROY <g AND IMS TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $818 '2D 5' S(a(e ol Arkrwsns, Couuly of Mississippi, ts: . - ' '" ' " 1, S H. Wlllteiiis, cashier ot the above-iiaiiicd Irilik. do solemnly " slttlcmd '' 1 ls true lo tlw } **'< °* W knowledge ' S, H. WILLIAMS, Cashier Correct— Attest: R. H. Taylor Roland Green „ . . , . H - Hlehfill, Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before this 3rd day ol July 1939 (Stall . spencer Alexander, Notary' riibllc. • My commission expires: 2-10-1943. ^^i&S^ v " A. liiff Help MO«E Of YOUR CQVlfOUW>tD BUSIHE.% H fi tlUYllAll 1 ^ 1 fl~ilT-H A l-i/\< II IT^ T f^ '"ii GOSH/ ;-ls'D Be A HANDY GUY ~K3 , I'EEP IN T|(E= TbOlDQX If- HE KX.DEO UP IM TMB MIDDLE ( BY BIERR1I.L BLOSSBk TLl RXO IM THE MIDDLE IF w& OOMT GET SOME- IHIMQ To , EAT soon < ; MAYBE E BETTER SPREAD OOF AM LOOK FER SOME VITTLES / TMATS A GOOD IDEA/ ' "f GOOD' r, EVERYtlNE GO N A taeFEREfJT J I'LL STAY, ^ DIRECTION AMD S6S WHAT / MERE ANO ^ WE CAN 6RISJG BACK/ _^PRACT1SE: Rijs- 81M6 - STiCKS r . A T6S6TMER IM t CASE l^e McEO A FIRGl *&

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