The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1961
Page 2
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r N.F.O. Committee Named .a£»J Members of ihe committee in charge of a big 10-county NFO ' feshown above!' *"* "^"^ ' t0 be hdd here Thursday, March \° ri ! M ' nrc Mrs ' Vic Youngwirlh, Corwilh, rcgis- Slei ' Fuchsen - Whittemore, dinner; Mrs. Arlo Duhn, serving; and Mrs. Lawrence ThHges, Bode, dinner , I Sui i", gl are Mel vffl.0berhelmun, Barnum, program; " ui Rthlr ' ., , , coffee; Leonard McGuire, Bode" genera le, Vincent, finance; Stanly Humpal, Fort Business Briefs I I KLEIN FARM SUPPLY* owned and operated by DuWavne Klein, is holding ils grand opening and operi hb'Use, SaliirH«£ March 4, on west Slate Street. This is the former RobinSort Produce nur chased some weeks back by Mr. ftlein who had managed the firm f here for many years. Registration prizes are numerous, and corttbietfr' details will be found elsewhere in today's paper. i * * * BOMGAAR'S Variety Store is nearing completion of a storewide remodeling program. The Bdmgaars recently purchased the Jaco Vanoly, and since then have been revamping the entire Interior. DOLLAR DAYS? This event last Friday and Saturday was generally reported as an outstanding promotion event, with a' lot of fun and considerable business as well. Most of the silver dollars given free to Upper Des Moines subscribers Who happened to have the right number stamped on their papers, Were gone by Saturda^ * * * •• FOSTER FURNITURE, which had a special "event within an evenl of giving one silver dollar back for each 10 dollar purchase reported that between GO and 70 silver dollars went out via that I method . . . at Cullen Hardware one the items offered for a buck were cow stanchions. Pat Cullen only had 12, and they went Fridav morning. He was still getting calls for them on Monday ' * * * ' '< JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT reported a hearty response to their special "second tire for $4.95 sale" and were still getting calls on Monday Harrison's said they had the biggest dollar day in the history of their store . . . Hub Clothiers had a special sports coat on V FnSy ° l ~ " W ° nt ^ th ° ^ h °" r after the store opened] 'THE YOl f AttRf SfcHS^H* 1 VO HitAN'aUY AT Vft pblCE! NOtHNG HELD BACK! LOdk OVER TH6 ITEMS ,,-, WILL fil ! JvtKflwSlSi &,' ~w A5B ** fMB T6TAL AN3 YOU PAY ONLY HALF DURIN6 THIS SALE! THERE ° * 66u IAR ST( 3 RE HOURS T ° SERVE Y °w <M»ffiK M^***«*W»«.. v-»»*e«rtt . ^T^iw^*^"*-"! 1 **-*^^**^*. ProcHeally New. >$. p r |« —„„_.„.., „„>,„ v-.ijr, table clearing; Lester , arrangements; and Carl Degner, Laurens, TM »„_ _,,„ " I «rn,^ "r"n"J""J~" ai '?- Si Ad ' am Berle ' A1 Sona, and Mrs. Anton ,, wt ,t, HST HOU R Wiltgen Jewelry reported that in the first Weydert, Bode, decorations; and Mrs. M. T. McGuire, Algona dinner hour thcy soi ' d a reconditioned watch for $5 and the special SlO' According to NFO officers, 1500 persons are expected to attend !' :lzt)r ', ' ' Zender ' s Clothing reported an excellent sale of suits and the dinner and meeting in the Garrigan high school gym, which to P CO£lts : • • Tom's T-V sold over 10 sets the fii-st day as the resul will feature a sausage meal from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., followed by a ° f . a S P CCI ^ °«er, and Tom Rich commented "when you have 3 •program with speeches by Erhard Pfingsten and Vince Rossiter on Ulln S good to advertise at a good price it sells." flllTfcS Of f.nP NPO A 1,1 fii»-nl o«J ....I :.!_„.._ ... I * * * ,n" A Ef ^ R I.^ d R ? D ' N(3 : S Davis Paint stores reported UPRIGHT PIAN6 AND BENCH $60.06 ^ flfl TWO PIECE SECTIONAL Regular $37.50 ^ n ; Mn j? *i_ -KTi-iX A ., "" ~ " -.*"*£».* i.^.** aiiu v iii\,c jAu&aiitri uii aims of the NFO. AH rural and urban residents are invited to attend Erf avin ) ' WJH alS ° be drawings for door P rizos - ( UDM . 4-H Day Planned Here With Displays March 11 vohimn riTv= ~-"" *"> >° • • .the local groceries all nad heavy volume days . . . Consumers and Fareways gave out all of their silver dollars . . Hood's ran out of a ground beef special the rrdd- dle of Saturday-afternoon . . . National Tea-Council Oak was'pack- sood trafft b ° th d T ' •-; Bill ' S Ma f ket had a h ° s t of visitors^ fii nf fi f- \J • u d so U went ' and we know we haven't covered allofthe field or heard all of the stories. through 4-H' and Garry Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements Mr.' Vask'e died at his farm home Friday morning following 'a heart attack. He was stricken while working in the barn on I his farm southeast of Bancroft Born Dec. 10. 1900, Otto H Vaske was married to Loretta Haupert. The Vaskes have always farmed in the Bancroft vicinity. He was a member of St Anthony's Court of the Catholic Order of Foresters at Bancroft. Besides his wife, survived by three so.ns, A-Ian,-" fluffUio Cen- CARS FOR SALE ter,; ^Robert" ^nd'.' Kenneth, Bancroft; 1 sh> mother, Mrs. Catherine Vaske, Winthrop, three sisters, Mrs. Arnold Schiltz, Bancroft, Bertha, Algona, and Mrs. Allen Murphy, Winthrop; and seven grandchildren. Kossuth 4-H Club members and leaders will ooserve .National 4-H Club week March 4-11 by ' setting up displays m tneir locai communities ana in Ajgona. ba- turday the llth of Marcn. Tnis years theme is "Learn, Live, Serve through 4-H". ' Some yoU members & leaders of the county will join with the nations largest rural organization of 2,302,000 members in observing Club week. Activities during the week are designed to call tlio publics attention 10 the activities of 4-Her' and the advantage ot 4-H club membership for youths not yet enrolled. 4-H Club Work is a family centered Educational Program for youth 10 to 21 years ul age. Members are interested in learning by actual practice how to be Letter farmers, better homcmakLTs and bettor citizens. They work in dose contact with the County Extension Service and Iowa State University. Members have projects, keep "records attend meeiings and take part in activities and events. iThey bene fit from the guidance and coope ration of the public education system; civic groups; city, coun ty, state, and federal governmen tal organizations; and business and industry leaders. They have as volunteer leaders in their activities farmers, homemakers, and other adults interested in the tulure of the stale's young peo- Thc 4-H Clubs have pioneered many improvements in farming and homemaking in fowa. But no less important is the charaeler- buildmg thai results from membership and active participation m 4-H work. Many former -Ml members now hold prominent places in agriculture and other walks of life. There is a place in 4-11 work lor many thousands of other young people — and for many other adults who want K, make u contribution to Ihe welfare ol youth and progress of Uie stale by lending a hand with 4-11 work. Start Feed Grain Survey Of All Farms In County t'U-L'l'uin iUTC;tPi> s;i HM-, , i .1 .1 , , **^ A leeU-gram aereago .survey reaching every lann ,„ Kos.suu, county will be made dm my , n , next two weeks, u was ..nnoiiu- ced loday by itiehard 1. Andei- son, chairman ol tne county ASC 1 committee. The informalion will be obtained in conne.-uon wth the re cent presidential message to congress requenmg feed-grain lei'is- Jation lor this crop year. Farm operators ot the county Will be requested to repol t UK e 1959 and lyijl) acna;;es 01 (•,,,!,' gram sorghum, bailey and o;ns to representatu'es ol me county ASC office who will go Innii farm to farm to obtain the m- iormalion. Sepurale acieage fiyu- res for each of the four crops and for each of Ihe pasl two years Will be listed. Farmer-elected ASC community commilleenien and alternate committeemen will be assigned the job of collecting the information in their respective townships. Substitues will be named lor any committeemen unable io assist in Ihe project. Gathering of the information will be started next Friday. March 3. Pointing out that only two weeks are allowed for gclliny ihe feed gr ie acre.-igi history f. . . • ry -i_,in, in Ihe cu.<i.'. '• h.. n,nun Ander- b "" '' i. i -iii Jiiiiucid t(j coope- r.i! t.., Die Jullcst exlc'iil. "Any farmer who may be ab- Kt-nt from home from limu to time the ne.a Iv.o v.c-dw," he lnwn Ins Hie four crop,past iwo year. (Hires ready i, sentalive u! u ., j ; aul, '.^'10111,1 coni.-u '. a member oi I"S ASC commumiy commill, e or the county ,\bij oliice m Al- K""" U.S t.lepl.oMe „;. „, J)L . M(J11 •••'} that a iv,,, e.-.. .|it.,'ive oi the cuunty olfu-e will „„!. a useless call at the farm. " Ja |11K <J\.-n oesl interests, '-very farmer Uiouid see t., n mat h'S 1U5U and J%0 t .,,,,,,,,„, corn grain sorghum, Ke k v and oaU i.-i reporti d m im, M,IV, r\ U Would he esp, cia'ly n, Ipliil n ) ; Ji iiK-i would m.mi diately l.'U ,; Illl and r UK lie Arrangements to - mation in the ham pn.senlative U h away trom home 0. H. Vaske Of Bancroft Is Hear! Victim , , ""•'• Wt '"' lifld in St •><>>»>* ^.ti,,,!,,. ( . hui( . h ,7; Monday :l 9 . :jo „ m _ ^»;«Joseph bm.H,, oifu-i^in,. h ^. lui \\u., in ||;,. ,j,, i, - FARM SALE CALENDAR Algona Upper Des Moines March 6, Monday — Louis Cink and Dan Roberts sale of herd of dairy catlle and brood sows, to be held at the Algona Livestock market north of Al gona. Includes 41 head Holstein dairy heifers. Quinn, Leek and West, auctioneers; sale details ii "ull in UDM today. March 8, Wednesday — Ear Thompson and John Prilcharc ale, 3 miles south of Corwith on slacktop, then '•; mile east Quinn & Yungeberg, auctioneers Jorwith State Bank, clerk. Salt etails in full elsewhere in UDM oclay. March 8, Wednesday — Mrs Ii.-kn Pearson sale, 5 west and !j south of Swea City, starting t !):UO a.m. Cbrk & Clark, auc- joneoi-s; Swea City State Bank, lerk. Sale details in full in UDM .iday. March 9, Thursday — Gerald '. Kramer .sale, 4 north and 'i lilt-s v.vst of Burl. Quinn & \ unrobe);;, auctioneers; Iowa State Hank, Algona, clerk. Full details elsewhere in UDM today. March 9, Thursday — T. M. Aurc sale, 2 west of Bode, or 3 <a-.t and 2 south ol Ottosen. Kleve ct Anderson, uuclioneers; Stale Bank, clerk. Sale de- elsewheix; in UDM loday. March 11, Saturday — (Postponed from Feb. Hi) Franklin \Vai<nfr, a S. '!• W. ", south of Algona. Quinn & Yungeberg, .IIK-I., LuVernc Slide Bank, clerk. How Can The Man Do It? Bui He Does! USED CARS 1960 FORD V-8 FAIRLANE Ranch Wagon, black beauty, auio«f trans., heater, 6 pagr. a'hd luggage area $1795 1957 OLDS 2 dr., R & H, Hydromatic trans. Valves just ground. Good rubber _ $895 1954 CHEV. BELAiR 2-dr. hardtop, w/Powerglide. Very clean $395 1959 FORD FAIRLANE, 2 dr. R & H, V-8, overdrive, finish like new $1195 1958 FORD FAIRLANE 2 dr., V-8, R & H, 30,000 act. miles _-. $1096 1957 FORD 6 cy], 2 dr. Custom 300, a clean car, ready to go $825 1957 CHEV. 210, 4 dr. V-8, has Powerglide, R & H. Looks and runs like new _.., $1050 1956 CMC % ton, 3 speeds, new tires all. around $850 1956 FORD CUSTOMLINE, 4 dr., 6 cyl., stand, trans. $650 1955 FORD CUSTOMLINE 4 dr., 6 cyl. stand, trans. _ _ $550 1953 DODGE, old but reliable, / - and she-starts in cold weather _ $175 1953 FORD MAINLINER, 2 dr., V-8, overdrive, worth every cent $195 1957 FORD C-700 2'/ 2 TON truck' with tilt-cab, V-8, 4 speed trans., 2 speed axle, all new tires, new engine with 18,000 miles. Would cost ;ibout $4 500 new. Plas 15 ft. flatbed . $1695 See them today — we trade — and terms can be arranged KRAUSE "66" SERVICE FENTON, IA. 9 Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS I wish to ihank my relatives -•ighbors and friends for the riany cards, letters, flowers and yitts received while u surgical patient ,„ thc Mercy hospital, orl Dodge and since my return lome. Harold Worby, Lu Verne PIG Leonaid i'eter.sen of near Big Hue!; h;,s a five month old pig that lias four front legs and two '> ; i< k letfs. The extra legs are growing between the two normal front lcj...s. The extra limbs have grown to about the .same length as the other two. but the pig does not have any control over them, and they do not move when he walks. CARD OF THANKS I. wish to thank everyone for tir visits, cards and gifts I i v - eiyed while 1 wa.s in the hospital jncl since my milm h Everything you have done very much appreciated. •V- H. Culbertson. CARrToF "THANKS .We wish to extend our Inos sincere and heartfelt thanks to nends, ,,,'atives and neighbors o the eards, memorials i.nd food ollowing the death of our bo- loved husband and father. LAND VALUE USDA studies find that the sale value of a farm on a gravel road :>: :i-ll percent higher than one i"i a- dirt road. A farm on a paved road hell,; l-:y> percent higher. IOWA'S INTERSTATE l"'.'.;i will have 711 miles of Inl"r;,!Mc liigliv.-yy \vlien ihe t | R . i BOOKS, register tickr r carbons, adder and j Pub. Cu. I wish to thank my J( .. tul ,.,. ! . and Inends for the nice flowers cards and lelters, also the vi'.ta while I Cade. --•- vi.-ita "•as m H H . ho-pita! I enjoyed them. Mrs Lill'um 9 . . . _ CAHD OF THANKS wi -- lj . '" «'"'"l «-ur |11(JS , '•• and heartfelt tl,;,,,,.. ,,, /'•"•'^-"•l relatives [ w lh{: {,,» •'' ^'"-Hiuet:, memo,',;,!,;, ( ,, rds l<): "' J">d fv.ryone who helped "' "very way following tin, d h "• M r . l n IO M Cd J 1 l Jsband and fi ' ' •'• M'" «• - and family. BEAUTIFUL ROCKER CHAIR Regular $12.50 $C 2 PIECE LIVING ROOM SET Regular $19.00 ~ $Q 8 PIECE DINING ROOM SET REG. PRICE $54.50 ^27 7S SIX Cu. Ft. GAS REFRIGERATOR .00 ' ' VACUUM CLEANER Regular $12.50 ' $K 25 8 PIECE DINING ROOM SET Regular $35.00 ^1750 Large Assortment Of CHAIRS & ROCKERS W Price $ 4.00 Ul> SOFAS STUDlds BEDS SPRINGS NIGHT STANDS OCC. CHAIRS I ALL TO GO AT •Jggg. * DRESSERS I LAMPS > SPACE HEATERS > SEWING MACHINE 2 PRICE 405 E STATE ALGONA gfST BUYS for MSY WIVfS/ LARGE FAMILY SIZE PACKAGE SLICED BORDEN'S AMERICAN CHEESE package 49C ALL FLAVORS (Plus Deposit) • CANADA DRY SODA qt. 15c FROZEN PIZZAS • QUALITY MEATS • HORMELS LITTLE SIZZLERS p te FRESH, YOUNG • • ~* ^ BEEF LIVER Lb. 35 GIANT 12" SIZE WITH SAUSAGE 89c STANDBY RED SOUR FANCY Pitted Cherries 4 c303 v>ans STANDBY HAND PEELED, HAND PACKED Cal. Tomatoes 2 C3a ° n3s 1 CALIFORNIA CELERY JUMBO STAIK 19c RIPE, RED, FLORIDA TOMATOES Lb. 29c U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF ROAST Lb. 49c LEAN, FRESH PORK CUTLETS Lb. 49c RENWICK COLBY CHEESE LB. 55c NORTHERN PIKE • HALIBUf • SMOKED FISH t IF YOU DON'T SEE It, ASK US. NO. 1 RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT.... 10 For 39c ALL CUTS OF VEAL MHMMHB^^^^^^^^ B ^^ MH -____^ • '"•"""•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••(•••IBPI OREGON FANCY FROZEN RED RASPBERRIES 4 10 Qz, HQMi QF DON'T FORQiTi FREE DEUVERY FROM ILL'S MARKET Swndwy from 9 a,m, Mrt«!l! NQCH und 4 p.m. Mntl! 6 p,m/'

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