The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 23, 1961 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1961
Page 8
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?" A| 9 onti Molne» Thursday, Feb. 25, Wes/ey Girl Will Wed Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Weiland of Wesley have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Phyllis Des Moines, shown here, to Larry Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Car Olson of Gnnnell. j Ti? e b J"i de - to - b e is employed by an insurance firm in Des Moines and Mr. Olson is employed at Amana. The wedding will be held Saturday evening, April 8, in the First Methodist church at Wesley. (Udm Engraving) ' I'd like to have been at Friendship Haven, Fort Dodge, when Rubinoff and his violin gave a matinee performance a few Weeks for the residents. News of Good Samaritan residents — Mrs Jennie Lukin spent the weekend at Wesley with her daughter Mrs Viola Studer. Mrs Addie Driver was visited Saturday by Mr and Mrs Wilson Abernathy, Carol and Diane, Mason City. After a visit at Sulphur, La., with their son and daughter-in- law, Mr and Mrs Dale Collins and family, Mr and Mrs Perry Collins went on to New Orleans Mrs Collins reports anyone who wants the city can have it so far as she is concerned. I told her Myrna Orton felt the same about Biloxi, Miss, and Mrs C. said New O. was cold and rainy all the while they were there-. When Mrs William Weiner lold me about her ailments, I said "well well-troubles from head to foot." WhU'h was re-ally the case tooth, glasses and bunions. * * * When I heard that Bill Nugenl had resigned as administrator of the Veterans hospital at Des Moines, I called his wil'e'.s sister Helen Dinglcy and asked her if they thought of coming back to Alfjona. She replied, "No, they have rented a duplex in DC: Moines and will continue making the city Iheir home." Well, it's logical. The son Jack and family live there and the son Father Frank is associated with Dowlinj! .school. » » * It was nice seeing Margaret Seefeld when she called on a few e>f us here at Good Samaritan Feb. 1. She was a nurse when 1 first e-arni- here. r * * * Take heed everyone who might feel inclined to send me a chain letter. 1 merely give them a glance, and into the waste paper they hmd-PHONTO. I hope (he friend who sent ine oiu recently Will read this. She c-uuld take time to write the pane IOIIK whoop-lu, but not even a line ut personal mi-ssa:;e. working on her sewing machine- cabinet. She explained her work but it's still Greek to me but must be an interesting hobby and ccrtinly a highly satisfactory one. She gave Alex Nielsen credit for her success. * * * A card from Hazel Lusby who is visiting with her daughter Marguerite Dahsiel at Corona Del Mar, Calif., mentions the perfect weather. She expects to be home the last of the month and I shall be happy to see her. The houses and yards pictured in color, were beautiful, Well, California really has it. * * * The Toastmasters bulletin sent to me by Milton Norton was interesting. At the meeting held Feb. 13, assignments for the next meeting were James Whittemore, the presiding TM, the five minute speakers were M. L. Vandcr Waal, Mitch Taylor, Dr. L. L Sn- ydcr, Dr. D. J. Shey, B. P. Richardson, Charles Paxson -r 'op'c- master, Milton Norton general evalualor, & assistant evaluators John Nauholz, H. Miller, M. Metcalf, Darrell Ludwig, Dale Lockwood. Robert Johnson is the grammarian. Jack Limbaugh timekeeper, and prayer by Don Hetnmingscn. Dr. D. D. Arnold was winner of this final speech Contest and will represent Algona in the district contest. His speech was titled "Should We Control the Weather." Other speakers were Ray Gilbert and Syrori Richardson. * * * Callers Saturday at G. S. were Annabelle Long and her friends Mrs Prater, Dubuque, and Miss Breidert, Glidden All are enrolled at the Antonian School of Nursing at Carroll. It's a poor sort of attic thai won't yield something of interest he older the article the better, "he attic here has been gone over and a charred contract wa; ound; a contract for U.S. mail oule 43350. The signature was gone but it must have been sign- d by Ambrose Call, who history ays held such a position back in 899 and 1900 which dales appear n the papers. Manchester, Iowa vas written in, and postmaster rummerside, if the name was read correctly, had sisned. Apparently he was of Manchester for 1 do not recall any Algonan by that name. Attached to the contract was a letter from H. A. Hi.iber. attorney at Stoughton. Wis., dated Dec." 5, 1900. Inciden- •ally. Ambrose Call was grandfather of John Cowles, v/hose irticle annearcd in "Look" re- •ently and snyinc Americans are 'oo rich. Well; John is in a pood position to .judge. He is a very wealthy man and any time he wants to lower his bank account, I would be a willing and erate- ful recipient say about $50,000 tax free! * * » Gleanings from Glenn's bulletin — She "The man I marry must be brave." "Oh, you aren't that bad." ' * . o. e Freud might males something of this. I seldom dream but the other night I was on the verge of matrimony but chickened out just a day ahead of the ceremony. I was having quite a 'time arranging for the newspapers to announce to my fiance that "stuff's off" and making return of gifts. I was glad to awaken and find myself just the same old Miss Cady. (Apparently I wasn't strong enough of character to tell the bridegroom-elect myself.) * * * Dick Post shares Abe Lincoln's birthday anniversary. To , celebrate the milestone this year, hfi and the family and his mother Lizzie drove to Newton to spend the day with his paternal aunt Martha Van Dorstan and her daughter Thelma. The Van Dors tan family will be remembered * * • When Mrs William Gusiin gave me a news item about relatives from Ackley, the name rang a bell. Ella Lewis married Ed Clemens and moved there some time Mr Clemens had o heart attack some time ago and. doesn't d much driving. * * ., * The Clyde Lloyd ehildw: would not be safe in calling the! grandmothers by the first narrie/ It would be confusing beca'us one is Bertha Lloyd afid ; th other is Bertha Spear. : " • * * I had such a nice ValenHne from Lolla Ladendorff — a lovely handkerchief tucked in a very pretty Valentine card."' 1 have known her ever since ,1 \yas a very small girl and she Has always been so kind and thoughtful. + * • Julia Earth's nintielh birthday was observed here Feb. 13. Cake was served to residents on her floor and the nurses. v * « .-. • . I wish f were clairvoyant so I could find a pair of crocheted baby booties I want. Esther has been over to help hunt, but no boots. They were for a child too young to walk; so where oh where have my little shoes gone? Do you know of anything more vexing than hunting for some- thing? Am "f foilowifig the fob steps ot, ray ifahdaioUjars? On was always huriUng 1 ' Afor he glasses, the< other for her derHtir • ' ' ' es. , I 'had fr'''flfc* Chester Bailey -who^toia -trie fie son-in'laW ahtf daugHteii Mr am Mrs C. N. Aaifs^SijBuy-6'ity, afe on a nice trip, First td. fort Sill to see their son David, then to Tampa, Fla., : on to, Clay tdn, New Mex. to yfslt Mrs- Aalfs' sister and husband', 'Mr find Mi's L. W Graham, then- to' Cheyenne, Wyo The Bailey girls will be well re membered. Merle is Mrs Aal fa and Mildred is Mrs Graham. 57 At Firearms Safety Program, ; Feb. 15, Burt i Conservation Officers Floyd ^okenbrodt of Humbqldt, Verl tolriies of Knime.tsburg arid L. F. ""ellier of Hurt, conducted a Gun- afefy, Inslrtictbrs School'in the Burt Town Hall on Feb. 15, with 7 present. This group consisted of people m training young boy gifls. Jn the safe hflndlin find Use of fifeftrrM ; .Upon completion of the cheek teg o* the exaMnalions .by the State Conservation Commission and .the tffatfoMl ftlfle Assodft f sm W AnierJea,^. those satlsffac tbfjly passing will;be issued Gun Safety Instftiictcirs; cards;, 'Instructors will' be available to conduct gun Safety courses foi any groups: of young people who afe-interested in,fifearms. Clarify Confusion On Tax Rates Federal unemployment tax rates for the calendar year 1961 s 3.1 percent of the first $3000 Of wages paid an employee. Ernest W. Bacon, District Director; Of internal Revenue for the State : of, Iowa, said today that oirie employers had. applied the ncrease" in- llnemployment taxes o -.Social •; Security retirement axes (FICA). Mr Bacon said here has been ho change from he 3 percent'.retirement taxes. 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Theie is usually a fly in the ointment, even if it is ju.--,i a wee one. * * * When Mrs G. A. Wttkcpf told me she and her husband were going to Des Moines to attend a Dairy Queen convention, I said "It won't be long now till you'll be opening your business." I could have eaten a double decker rifht then. # * » The last time I called Nell Larson for news few weeks ago she was slow in answering the phone. She was busy in the basement n-finishing a desk. When I called her the other day, there was again delay and I asked, "Did I catch you in the basement again?"' Which was just what I' had done. This time she was HOME BUYERS - HOME OWNERS - HOME BUILDERS WE'LL SEE YOU THROUGH - FROM DOWN PAYMENT TO DEBT FREE OWNERSHIP. Because HOME FEDERAL OF ALGONA'S home loan plan is fitted to your income and needs — your journey to ownership is made easier, safe and surer. Monthly like rent payments include payment on principal interest and taxes and insurance. 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