The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1961 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1961
Page 20
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' This is on6 ef 'those weeks . wnen'theife seems, so far, to be little 6f Interest to write about. I Wish I Were on a Mediterranean dfutee' a la Marian Miller of the Des Molftes Register's "Over the Coffee'." I'd even settle fdr a lesser trip; 1 think I'm on the verge of the "mid-winter blues." Just overwhelmed with ennui. *' » - ••» • Last week's daily carried news of ek-Algonans. Dbrothy Gronan Thomas won* several 1 paragraphs "6n her cruise on the pirate ship Keith Campbell, son-in-law of Mr and Mrs Charles fox, was mentioned in connection with business projects at Sioux City, and O. F. Griffith, senior examiner in charge of an audit in'the Woodbury County auditor's office was mentioned. I am sure the initials are wrong. His name Is Earl. ' » *' * 1 A germ just doesn't have a chance in this home. A mother recently was visited by her son who was coming down with o cold. She avoids colds like the plaque and after he had gone, she carefully rinsed the water glass he used in stfalding water and washed the'.door knobs. I wonder if one sneaky gem'/ escaped. * * * ' As • Mrs C. R. McQuision says, "Don't forget to feed the birds." They are so hungry when ther is so much snow and poor pro spects of findng their own food • 'I.*'' * . Then there is the young lad; who broke her glasses in a man rier that prompted me to say '"She should be more careful it her drunken' moments." And I know the girl has never had anything stronger than a coke. Some time ago 25 couples or ganized a dancing party and a old age has crept on, slowly bu ruthlessly and relentlesly, they decided to use up the kilty anc have a final Whlng-ding-an adieu to youth so to speak. This grand finale took place Saturday even" ing at, the Plantation. (Oh, their aching feet) « » * • Mrs Hoy Hagg passed around some oranges she had received from her daughter Mrs Gene Thissen, St. Petersborg, Fla. They came through in fine shape but unfortunately a jar of honey placed in the center was broken. Dr Thissen, well known here, lives with his daughter Eleandr in St. Petersberg. • • * A short time before .Fern Foster left for Long Beach, Calif., she phoned me to get my cousin Melvin Henderson's address. I called her the other evening, to ask if she, got in contact with him. She replied she hadn't'time goes so fast, it takes such a lo of time to get from city to city because of conjested traffic, so we talked about her trip. It was made via jet and she has fallen in We with air travel- 28,000 feet up and 500 miles per hour She says the view above the clouds is beautfiul-just like float ing over cotton. The plane Was lowered sufficiently over Bryce canyon to get a good'view. The trip home with Ann Hanson was made via bus and was also enjoyable. They were guests of Mrs Mary Pratt one day and were joined by other Algonans, Hazel Lusby and daughter Marguerite DaJziel and Mrs Louise Mann. Hazel was planning to leave before long and will perhaps be iome before this reaches print. * * * During the recent remodeling of the kitchen here at Good Samaritan, a cupboard was torn out and there, lurking behind some part of it was a picture of personable young woman pro- jably in her twenties. The fash- on of her blouse, lace trimmed collar and . plume covered hat linted at life "gay nineties" era have a picture of my mother and her good friend Ada Stacy (Mrs Jim) clacUn'just Sttch „_„„. garments and I'd say it WAS 'fife en in 1600-02 ( ~I sent 'the to Mrs Ferguson' might be one of.'the Gall who lived in this house 1 .,,, ago. She did not" any of them and tbok tffe : f)J to Fort Dodge for Mrs f _ Murtagh at Friendship Mlvert% pass her opinion. So far she ha^if come up with whbm it mighLbj and it is possible it belong^ffpi the Vincent famlly^wiio^'raiM over the house sftniff yeara' 1 and made it into hospital. Who the, mains,' n mystery. 1 •f^fpf It is a blow id one's ,tJi be a low scorer at Cafds'a": card club has an extra- 'or good playing and that>ls .. NOT be stuck with the dlshesT.'A he meeting of the dufe Pqtt.Htl •U the Duane Logues, ffenry'iGfel enfeld and Mrs Kenneth 'eld had that penalty to Henry it was the first tirHe'ih _ fears that he was on the, losing ?nd, which after all is qtlifej ecord. ' . •<. f ^f[ SCRIPTO MARKING PEM6ILS ishing Co., phone CY , 4-3635, Pub. Co., Algona. Whif temore Man, „ , !, 4* 4J-& t.a^^Aj^ftsAH^.assJ* 1 ;*^" Algottfl son Of Mr ratz of Whitfem&e, L'uef*. In Lnlller, daughter .ofMfs J6hft Lallier of Algdn'a. ,werd mlrtffed Thursday'fe St, CiefelW #eei tory. They w¥i 4 e IffteWdld? by Marvin Lallier; 'tfifttgHtr >b* Mi»s John LaTliet" of Algbnfr, I were married Thursday jn»tTi6' ! st*'Ce* colia rectory. Thej> w6fe fitiended by Mavin I/allier,- Brother of jthe bride, and Bonjife-.-Potfatz," cousin 1ft tyVditoe, &he?e tyff employed • ^Itff -the is HiSifea %nday ifternooh , f tteek fiMJLof evei 1 8300 »flM .yBftthtf tvlfh.lft Cuhphy's s s ??!• A^ Phoenfje, Art*., they viaiWd' jvltfi; Bister Mary St. Joseph , afca'alsiTdroVe to Tucsori, ''ith their Mmef' i;6Trf :Kufecke? and AiVce-duftphy of Lds Angelerf, Ml" fiftd MrS James Me- of the brfdegrpont./r.heyj'wUi live . . . - . ?-'.. ->. ...... t .«' ..!.,&'-. _' Fr&ndscoy, Itsters^f Mr ( Jbunehy TAX RETURNS PREPARED " ' \' ' ', j»'itv ti ^ . i I T . { . i ' ,' . . •>" ' Accurate W .Dependable - Economical CY 4-2595 "ChudC BLOOM ALGONA -, t 1?hey* flIS6 Visited with Mf afld Paul Weiftfiold at AnaKSlm, ?or'tri'ef ^astdf af*'§t. Haul's Cbngf egatio'n iri ,W h i 1 1 ff rti o t a They " ^Weik^shbW-Slitu^da^nJght^Jaif,' HOMe,FI&6RAL fil HAS ALL LOAN PLANS AND * ^ SECURE COMPLETE COVERAGE ONE PAYMENT INCLUDES PRINCIPLE, INTEREST, TAXES ANS pftofSRTY pRdTeerioM. , . .\ ,, , YOU CAN>AY ANY AMOUNT At ANV TIMl WifHOtfr ANY PREPAYMENT PENALTY - Another big odvatv MAKING HOME - FINANCING MONTHLY PAYMENTS EASIER AND LESS COSTLY ARE FINE FEATURES OF OUR PERSONALIZED HOME LOAN SERVICE. ' CALL OR WRITE US FOR FULL DETAILS, LOANS TO BUY BUILD AND REFINANCE YOUR PRESENT LOAN FOR VARIOUS. PURPOSES. ' '' ' ' Home Federal Saving & Loan Ass 9 n TFN Phone CY 4-3545 Loans Since 1917 J Algona, lovya (6eow) ffmmmmmmummmmmmmmmmmmmmmummmmmmmmmumt The ground hog didn't see his shadow around here, -but I'll bet _we have six more weeks of win' ter. Wanna bet? *... * . * • / Hev. and Mrs Newton Coughenour are leaving on . vacation this week and Will land in Puerto Rico. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Guests speakers have been , obtained to coVer the- month the pastor will be gone. >' • ; , .•;'..- ' . ^ ^ * .» ! A couple of months ago this quip would have been more appreciated. "The 1 shortest night; oJ the year is 'Christmas eve — from sundown to son-up." GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW The Town and Country wiiniiimiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiinoiiiiiiiiiiunifliuiniiiiiii Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona farm Machinery H- Trucks — Tires This is newspaper cute too. A student column of engagements and marriages is titled "Who's Whose;" - ' .-'.•' ' • * •*;•'» "•(•'. I wonder how Jackie K. keeps her hats on? Evalyn and Wallace McDougall started their vacation in a snow storm and according to weather report? they must have had snow all the way east. They drove to Clinton, then to Alorrison, 111 where they stopped to visit a>- unclo, Charles O'Harrow. From there it was probably better and the next visit was to be at Columbus, • Miss., with Evalyn's sister & family, Mr and Mrs Jay Kent. The rest of the nearly three weeks will be spent up and down the Florida coasts. • * « Claude Samson is happy to again be home following several weeks at St. Ann where he was taken after a fall in which he suffered a broken hip. He is making good recovery but a hip is slow to heal. X-rays will be taken again in March and I hope Claude can then begin getting on his feet. I've known him a long time and am interested in his recovery. You wouldn't believe how many calls it takes sometimes to get. an inch of news. But I am a pretty good blood hound and finally came up with the news or the marriage of Joan Scott and Julius Baas, Saturday, Feb. 4 at 4:30 o'clock, Rev. G. j. Gerike officiating. Only guests were the respective mothers, Mrs Kate Stephenson and Mrs Reginn Baas. The couple was attended by the daughters, Shnron anil Phyllis Rrott and Jo Ellen and Diane Baas. Thev will bo nl home on t^e Rnns farm Jrvin hnu for sf'ornl VPMI-S h»cn a clerk n' the HonsHnich dni" store nnr> "'ill continue (here for awhile My nrivate theory is thut she is hard to renlnre rind is probahlv coaching a new recruit. » * Or. and M's C. M. O'Connor added a d.wHer to tVir family for ten dnvs recently when Kithv S*ranh staved with thp-n The narents, Mr nnd Mrs Joe Straub. wo'-o at Oce^nside N. Y visitinff the onn-nls. the Joe Strauhs Sr.. and attending the wedding of Virginia Straub. daughter of the seniors. • » t Marie Hawcptt and her broth er and sister, Lee and Bess Honkins, were nacked and ready to leave for Arizona when the snow storm came along. After careful consideration, they unpacked and are stayine at home, safe and secure in their own crtzy, comfortable plane with nn fear of icv roads and impassable snows. A sensible decision. There is always plenty of time for trips when the weather is nicer. ; '• Oliver Maspey-Hanto AJUa-Chalmerf 'CMC Trucks flreiion* Tlr«» Phone CY 4-241] Algona YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR ~~>^~X~x~^~N— ~^~^ ' " - ' ' ' ' " • ' " * ' ' JOE BRADLEY IMPLEMENT IN AtGONA We Serve Your Neighbor, Moy We Serve You?" Bronson Building Service "fry Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL 'YORK Builders' Hardware Tools KLINE Tanks & REDWOOD Tanks N. of Jet. Hwys. 18 & 169 A.lgona - CY 4-4369 Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On i Diagonal Street On \ CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona Waltef Br 9 adlev rSB o t ld e ^L ri r » WaS * k f °^ ?f ?u radl ? y BrO 5' ^P 16 ™ 6 ^ '"« as a partnership. July 1, 1960, merit? radley sold hw lnler est to hu brother Joe and the firm's name is now Joe Bradiey Equip- (••'" ' • ' J £>»>"*J*A, ? «kl,t<- COUNTRY NEIGHBOR :( Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service n Id MICMATMIUa. KAMISIU Phone CY 4-3501 Algona Meet Charles Plathe Of St. Joe WS/JPSWSS////7ffj l S/S/.W/SSWi > J f A r ' Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing , Heatlna Shnt Metal Ga* or on Unu» Pump* Water 8y*i»m* Complete Fixture* This week's Country Neighbor is a well-known resU dent p| the S|, Joe area -T- Charles pjathe — and he's been in thai vicinUy all his life- ' For the past 43 yew*. Charlie has resided on his farm', located 3'/j milen west and a half-mile north of St. Joe, end before that he wag born, and raised on a farm just south of the Kowuth-Humboldt county line, • !•.••:'•••,• ' ;' ; >: t*'V? - <" '• ' •• * .• . , 5 i '' I v Mr, Pla»he'»,ioh, belmar, actually farms 'the home place, but 1 Charlie lives there, is interested in the fanning practice and Heeps busy as a Second term county supervisor, |n fart, bis full-time job as an electtve officer of the county has mada him almost qiuit h»s favorite hobby, fish. mg, He gave up hunting several ytars ago. WATCH THIS $PACi EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR The Plathe farm of 160 acres was planted in co.rn, 65 acre* -oats, 30 acws, and bearu, 30 acres, during I960. The remaining acres are pasture and hay land, The PJathes sold out their cattle *on>e Ume ago, Charlie used (9 enjoy raising shorthorns, and they .have not replaced them due to price. Tbjy njarket, about 200 hog» each yew, however. Mrs. PJatbe, the former Clara Fuhrman, died in Charlie hat thret sons, Pelmar, on the home place, Arthur. Sofwitb, *^i YtTBflJi, north of ^HYerrie. He »!*« has a bfithtfi Hi rro^rj, I»t|ngtpn/ a sjster, Ml*. Peie M«ti» West Bond, and two other sisters, one at Chicago, the other at iiniiiioiiipiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM Kelley Lumber Co. Near Milwaukee Depoi - Algona Algona Flour & Feed Complete Service For the Farmei • .Fertilizer . • New Holland Baler* • Ferguion Tractors' Phone CY 4-2701 i Algona Mimiiiuiiuciiiiiuimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiumaf Buscher Brothers Imp). Minneapolis Moline — Kelly-Ryan — Papec New Idea Farm Machinery • Sale* •Service • Friendly It "• Courteous Always V, Main St. Phone CY 4-3431 Taylor Implement Co, and Taylor MERCURY Fine Cars and • full UQQ of Used I*** MfceMaary ' J. It Cat, „,, Kewanee Phone CY 4-Ut? Alaona llllllpllllKUIlllllllllilllll «IIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!UIIUIIIIIIIIIII|IIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIW Robinson Construction Co, 5ioyx Steel BulN!ng» C^nffruttian Ps? ii*», :\o\ix sifff , of building, taw SIOUX ' tt X FAUS. Aj»tb«r ftdvanoi. mm w eafier larming. E. E. Robhuon Cut §» Hwy, II

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