The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1961 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1961
Page 19
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You Con Address Questions To Him At BOX 66 KALISP&1, MONTANA /V cltftf ttfft' fof tfrtftttuprr* Deaf Dans My girl and I have been going together for nearly two years and see each Other several times a week.-Not too long ago I got transferred to the night trick at our plant and ever since then we've be6n having trouble. My girl has the idea I could get back on days again if I wanted itfc and is mad half the time because we can't go out as often as we Used to. She also thinks I should be able to phone her sometime during the evening but I can't always get to a phone. All this has happened just because I was changed from the day gang to the night gang. Is she being fair? I've told her 1 don't run the factory but she still refuses to listen'to reason. — Heckled. * * * Dear Heckled! Of course, your girl isn't being fair and if she would take time from her selfish thoughts, she'd realize it as much as you and I do. Very few employers prefer working at night to a day job. Your girl seems to be only thinking of her own pleasure and with her present attitude, she wouldn't make a very good wife. * * * Dear Dans My parents won't allow me to date until I'm 16 but my 16th birthday is just five days after my best friend's 16th birthday party and think they should make an exception. Don't you think I should be allowed ito attend the party with a boy? My friend lives, a little more than a mile from .my house. — M. J. Dear M. J.: Five days might make a difference in certain circumstances but I think in this one, allowing or not allowing to attend a birthday .party with a boy, they shouldn't. If you were my daughter, I would allow you the privilege'but your parents are your boss. * * * Dear Dan: I'm pretty well acquainted with my girl's parents and know what she is and isn't allowed to do on a date. I know, for instance, some places that have been ruled off-limits for her but she still insists when we get put that we should go 'to them because that's where all the fun -is being had. To be honest; I'd like ,to go to them too but I don't think it's my place to cheat-on her parents. We've had a couple of arguments about this and I know I'm right but I still thought I would write and ask you for your help. — S. R. ,' Dear S. R.: If your girl won't respect her parents' wishes, how can you expect her to respect your wishes? She's .all wrong and if she wants to go to joints ruled off-limits for her, she's just going to have to find another escort. She sounds like she might do it too but as long as you've respected her parents' orders, that's about all you can 'do. * * * ' Dear Dan: I work two nights a week as a waitress and meet many young people of my own age, 17, on the job. Last night I got to talking with a young fellow and liked him from the strat. After he left I thought he was gone for good but when I got through with work, I found he was waiting outside in his car for me. He invited me to ride around with him and I accepted. Later he took me home , and didn't even try to kiss me and we made a date for next week. I told my mother all about him and she said I was picked up and couldn't date a boy I didn't know. Was this a pick-up? After all, he introduced himself as soon as I got in the oar and he knows most of the kids I do even though we attend different schools. —'Anxious. .. Dear Anxious: You definitely were not being picked up. It wjyUd have been better if sorpeone-had-intr'OdTiced'' you-tvfO~and"p'as£fbly' if you hadn l |r-'3ccepfed the boy's offer of a ride home < but as long as the evening turned out so well, why worry. Again, you were not picked up. ' ' GET YOUR LAYER FACTS STRAIGHT FROM THIS NEW USDA BULLETIN 1958-59 Combined Summary Random Sample Egg Production Tests USDA Bulletin ARS 44-79, Sept., 1960 BULLETIN FIGURES FOR 11 WELL-KNOWN LAYERS Variety Hy-Une 934-C Layer "A" Layer "B" Layer "C" Layer "D" Layer "E" Layer "f" Layer "G" layer "H" Layer "1" Layer "J" Income Over Feed & Chick Cost $3.08 2.82 .2.72 2.71 2.65 2.62 2.61 2.51 2.45 2.41 2.37 Eggs Hen Housed 229.8 229.3 219.2 227.1 214.1 216.1 222,8 213,0 212.5 220.3 213.7 Lbs. Feed Per Ooz. 4.2 4.4 4.5 4.4 4.4 4.5 4.4 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.5 Average Cgg Wt. Per Doz. 25.5 24.9 25.7 24.2 25.0 25.0 25.5 25.3 25.0 24.8 25.2 Laying House Mortality 4.6% 10.0 7.6 7.3 10.8 12.7 13.6 10.9 11.5 16.3 11.6 NOTE: USDA Bulletin gives actual breeder name and variety number instead of "Layer A", etc. This hew USDA bulletin shows fly-Lino 934-C at the top of all 107 varieties entered in official 1958-59 Random Sample Tests. Hy-Line 934-C Ranks: 1st —Income over feed and chick coil 1st —Laying house livability 2nd —Feed conversion (topped only by an* Other Hyline variety) Look at the summary above. Sue how consistently Hy-Line 934-C tops the other well-known layers in the major profit points. If you'd like to get the complete report, wrilo to the Agricultural Research Service, Washington 25, D.C. Or, ask us for a copy. If Eggs Are Your Business Make Hy-Line Your Chick ORDER YOUR Hy-l/NE®CH/CKS NOW FROM ROBINSON PRODUCE, Algona DONALD JACOBS, West Benel BURT PRODUCE, Burt FRANK SEELY, Ringsted JAMES MAYNE, ledyard ALFRED HURLBURT, Elmore MAYNARD HURLBURT, Swea City ROBINSON PRODUCE, Wesley CALVIN VAUDT, Fenton LYNDON KSRBER, Cylinder AREND SWALVE, Buffalo Center LERQY SCHILTZ, Bancroft AARON STEUSSY, Algona WALTER VAUPT, Whittemore - mew 4i6i Wesley Group Holds Auction Wesley — W.S.C.S. met Feb. i in the R. E. Newbrough home with 25 women present, Kathryn Hauptly and Esther Smith were assistant hostesses. Fern Paulson gave an illustrated lesson and D'Lorcas Price led devotions. The group voted to pay $200 on the church fuel bill and to assume responsibility, for church carpeting in the 'improvement project. Circle 3 had an auction of baked goods that added $27 to the treasury. ' Methodist Circles met Feb. 15 in the Halvor Flom, Richard Smith and R. E. Newbrough homes. A son wds born Jan. 25 to Mr and Mrs John Loebig of Britt, formerly, of Wesley. The infant has been named Max Anthony. Mr and Mrs Victor Loebig are grandparents. •. A large crowd attended the public card party Sunday evening in St. Josephs parish hall. Pauline Pfeffer and Ed Eisenbacher won high score prizes in bridge; Josie Gouge qnd Vincent Eisenbacher in 500; Bill Ricke and Mary Jean Hughes in the young people's games. Circle 1 of St. • Josephs Guild sponsored the party. Mrs Oscai Johnson and Ralph Yanser were dismissed last week frorn^ the Britt hospital. Mir and Mrs, Philip Goetz and Gordon Giddihgs called on the Guy Dimonds of Britt Jan, 29 A series of four mission studies began Sunday evening ir» the Methodist church. Mr and Mrs Roy Luhdell of Oakdale were guest speakers Sunday evening in the- Evangelical Free church. They showed a film "Forward- With Trinity" and talked on improvements needed at Trinity Bible college in Chicago. They and the Dr. Paul Warners and Lester L'arsons were Sunday evening guests in the Rev. Carlsson home. Rev. and Mrs Earl Miller, en- route to the mission field in Philippine Islands, were guest speakers Sunday in the Evangelical Free ^church,, at./Wesley and at Upper Flat; Th'ey were house- guests of Mrs Mary Flom and daughters and , were supper guests of Mrs Chloie Simpson. Halvor Flom Jr. Was designed and built a cabinet type lectern and dpnated it to the junior department of the Methodist Sunday, SchOOl.. ,,' . : ...,;,il . .. iuaV',0 Rev. Percy Carlsson,- -accompanied by Gordon Sonrierholm of Britt went to Des. Momes Monday • to attend a central district conference board meeting. Rev. Carlsson is chairman of that board. ."» Mr and Mrs Charles Nygaard visited his mother Mrs Lizzie iNygaard at Livermore Sunday. Sandy and Susie Ackerson observed birthdays Feb. 5. Sandy was 9 and Susie 8. They are daughters of the Everett Ack- ersons. Mrs August Studer and her sister, Mrs Hoy Clark of Britt left by train Feb. 2 for Durand, 111. to visit another sister,- Mrs Raph Crowley, who has been ill. Donna Mae Bleich of Cedar Falls and Paul Pfeffer and Danny Arndorfer of Iowa City spent their .semester vacation at their homes here. Mrs Justine Becker, Bob and Marjoric and Mr and Mrs Tom Becker attended the wedding of a niece, Donna Thul, and Ray Forythe Saturday. The library board met Feb. 1 with Mrs Clara Erdman to schedule librarians for the nc-xt foui months. They planned to have an open house for adults one day during National Library week in April with hours 9-11 a.m. and 2-5 p.m. The date will be announced later. Rodney Murtlc who teaches math and science in junior high was one pf 130 graduates at Drake University Jan. 29. He,received a bachelor of science degree in education. Ed Thissen took his brother-in- law. Joe Johnson, to Veterans hospital in Des Moines Feb. 2, for medical care. He is recuperating from brain surgery at Orange, Cul. two months ago. Ed Thissen, who had spent several days here, left fipm Des Moines for his home at Waterloo. Mr and Mrs June Noble ol Britt, formerly of Wesley, are parents of their 7th child, a girl who was born recently and has been naind Cynthia Marie. Mrs Noble is the former Maxine Seiler, daughter of Mr and Mrs Tony Seller. Mr and Mrs Rudy Young of Garner spent one day last week with Mrs Josie Gouge. FIVE Five generations of the Slrau- ser family of Clarksville were prcsont at a family gathering re- rcntly. The group included Mrs Katncrine Strau.scr, 09. her son, Ralph Strauser, her granddaughter, Mrs Ernest Jacobs, tfreat granddaughter, Mrs Robert HOVT eriga, arid her great, great grand- cla'ughter, Brcnda Sue Hovenga. Mr and Mrs Jerry Heelland and John Smith left on S^urday for a vacation in California visjt- "I know I'm dragging him," but it's n6t as cruel as it looks ... I waxed his feet I" W. G. Coopers Honored, 50th, AtOtfosen Ottoseri — The children of Mr and Mrs W. G, Cooper held open house for their parent's fiftieth wedding anniversary Sunday, Feb. 12 from 1:30 until 5 o'clock at the Commercial club building. Mrs Hattio Daniel attended the twentieth anniversary W.S.C.S. program at the Methodist church parlors at Bradgate Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Daniel was the oldest charter member present. The Ladies Rural Club met Thursday at the home of Mrs Essie Cooper. Husbands and other family members were guests at the planned pot luck dinner at noon. They held their usual meeting in the afternoon., In place of roll call the ladies told about their hobbies and brought some exhibits. The anniversary |i]pqffr,..iS F.eJp^vlj^-at. 6:3^3^ the, •Kermit'Fowler home. Mr and Mrs Alfred Sclmltz en-, tertained i their card club Satur.- v day evening.. Other guests were Mr and Mrs Mike Frohling, Mr and Mrs Robert Block, Mr and Mrs Olyin Ha'Ug; Mrs Jim Jacob.- sohia'nd Louis Ja'cpbson had high Scores;,'.Mi's/, Robert ..Block and Victor Meyer low and Mrs'Ralph Jacobson travel. Home for the semester break from Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls were Gary Schultz and Martha 1 Usher and her friend, Linda. Lucas of Greg- ton. Douglas Daniel and Don Waechter were home from the State University of Iowa at Iowa City. • Mrs Fred Kampen was one of the hostesses at a shower for Yvonne Sundholm at the Hans Kampen home at Laurens Sunday afternoon. Miss Sundholm will marry John Kampen, a nephew of the Fred Kampens. Attending from here were Beverly and Peggy Kampcn, Mrs Merel Ludwig and Susie of Rutland and Mrs Gerald Shiflett of Humboldt. Fred Kampen and Scott were guests at the Ed Sundholm home at Albert. City Sunday afternoon ''The. parents of Mrs Harley Knutson, Mr and Mrs William Stang celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary . Sunday at the Legion Hall at ^umboldt.JMr. d-^-rs-KnutsorTantf.'Uermis 'attended as did Mr and Mrs Ray- ,mond Wehrspann; , p Mrs Hqward Hellickson and DeVere Newton celebrated birthdays Friday evening" with a din- ',ner at Tony's in Fort Dodge. At- Jending were Mr and, Mrs Hel- r }icksonj Mr 'and Mrs Newton, Mr flnd:Mrs; Howard.. I J?hQjripspfj i ; K Mr Farm As I am quitting the farm 1 will sell the following property at public auction at the farm located: The First Farm West Of Crystal Lake, South Side Of Blacktop Road, on , Feb. 20 Sale Starts 12:30 P. M. Lunch on Grounds 20 HEAD OF HOLSTEINS Heifer fresh with 2nd calf Feb. 1; Heifer fresh with 2nd calf Dec., rebred; 2 Heifers fresh with 2nd calf Dec., open; Springer coming with 2nd calf; Heifer milking, open; Cow fresh with 3rd calf in Nov., rebred; Cow coming with 4th calf in spring; Cow fresh with 3rd calf in Dec., rebred; Cow coming with 4th calf last of Feb.; 2 Heifers 8 mos. old; Heifer coming with 1st calf in summer; 5 Holstein bull calves; 2 Holstein yearling steers. 40 SUMMER PIGS WEIGHING ABOUT 175 LBS. Veterinary Vaccinated Approximately 300 Welp-Leghorn Pullets Laying 75%. Aproximately 500 Bales Clover-Alfalfa. Approximately 60 Tons Good .'Corn Silage. AAACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT 1947 1HC "M" Tractor, completely overhauled in 1960, Including Power Pack; IHC 438 4-rpw Cultivator; 1958 M-M.4-row Corn Planter, semi-mounted, fibnT glass fert. boxes; 1960 New Holland Roto Rake, side delivery; 1959 IHC 7-ft. Power Mower, Windrower Attachments for Above Mower; 1959 MM 3-sec. Rotary Hoe; 1957 Case Manure Spreader, Tractor; 1951 M-H Clipper- Combine; 1957 Lindsey 4-sec. Drag, Flexible, Folding steel draw bar; Farmers Friend 50-ft. Elevator, Wide type, 2 wheel on rubber; Overhead Hoist and speed jack, wide type; IHC 3-14 in. Slat Bottom Plow; IHC 18-ft. Disc; Roderick Lean 15-ft. Disc; Field Culti- ator, 10& ft., rubber; Horn Manure loader; 4-Wheel Trailer; 6x10 Wood Grain Box; Flat Bed for Bal^s; 1947 l'/2 T Chevrolet Truck, Grain Box. MISCELLANEOUS - 2-Pen 8x1? Hpg House; Pride of Farm Hog'Feeder, 25-bushel; 16-ft. Hay Bunk; 12-ft. Hay Bunk; Coal- Wood Tank Heater; Steel Stock Tank, with built-in Hog Waterer; 200-ft. New Hay Rope; New Bottle Gas Brooder Stove; New Electric Weed Chopper; 5 Can Top Open Westinghouse Milk Cooler; Sears Milking Machine; Pipeline for 20 Cpws; One New Style, one old style Surge Buckets; Siegler Kitchen Siie Oil Heater, Like New- Built-in Fan. TERMS: CASH- No Property to Be Removed Until Settled For. Not Responsible for Accidents. John Loebig Owner ^fclir Aucts: Quinn and DeVries Clerk, First* Stale Sank, Britt and Mrs Alvln Fossell of Thof and Mr and Mrs Lester Lenning of Foft Dodge.> *' ' Saturday, evening Mr arid'Mrs Howard Hellickson were supper guests at the De Vere Newtons for another birthday celebration. Wanda Jacobson and Howard Klemme oi Hubbard spent Saturday and Sunday at tne home of her mother, Mrs Berlha Jacobson. Sunday they were all dinner guests at the Allan Wehrspann home. Mrs Allan Wehrspann had surgery at Lutheran hospital Tuesday. Sunday evening .supper guests at the .ErJing Malmins were Mr and Mrs Fred Scharf and Mr and Mrs Walter Weis of Fort Dodge and Mr and Mrs Orville Knud- sori and Susan of Dakota City. Mr .and Mrs Henry Olson visited .at the Lawrence Anderson home at Duncombe ,Sunday evchifig. Their grandaughtcrs, Betsy and Barbara Anderson celebrated their fifth birthdays. Through the efforts of -Naomi Struthers a special record player with records has boon obtained from the Iowa Commission for the Blind.for' Mrs Helen Campbell'to enjoy. She' has '& catalog whereby she can select the -records she would like. The records arei.-of n<5ws, Reader's Digest stories, etc. Mrs Campbell, a former kindergarten teacher here, has been nearly blind for several years. Thursday, Feb. 16, 196f Afgona (td.) Upper Bet Mdfnet-7 Ed Laing Second In Stanford U. Law Competition Richard W. Giauque of Salt Lake City took first place and the-$100 prize in the final round of the Mnvlon Rico Kirkwood Moot Court competition at.Stan- ford University Lnw School. The Moot Court sat as the Supreme Court of the U.S. in hearing "Eastern Railroad Presidents Conference v. Noerr Motor Freight," a case now before the highest court. Edwin L. Laing oC Algona, In., was awarded $50 and second place. He and Giauque are both married nnd each has two children. Eighty Stanford law students started the competition in their second year, last spring. Since then elimination rounds had reduced their number to the four finalists. Judges, based their selections on skill in oral arguments, clarity of presentation, and ability to dear effectively and responsibly with questions from the court. wnn all-Iowa prizes foi extemporaneous speaking nnci drama ; while attending, high school in. Algona,'Where he ranked number one in his graduating Phone CY 4-3535 — Your Newspaper ENROLL NOW | Young School of Beauty I 310 W. Fourth, .Waterloo, jowa | ' * State Approved Accredited School II! • Competent Instructors ' * ... • Newest and Finest Equipment in • New Classes Now Forming Ijl •(Hi'g'ri 1 ScKool Seriiors—IEnroll hc/w'for June Class) • class. A Orinnell College gradua* te and Phi Beta Kappa, he was active in student government. He held a scholarship for four years, and was editor of the newspaper, pootry editor for the literary magazine nnd won awards N One of One Thousand All New 1961 Fixtures This Circline fluorescent fixture is just one of the many, all new 1961 fixtures you will find at Pratt Electric Construction Co. Your kitchen is the heart of your home . . . and it needs the most light. One calling fixture in the center of the room for general lighting is not enough. Yaur chores will be easier, you'll be more relaxed when you have proper lighting over every work aren. Plan for lights over your sink, over your range, rw»r all counter space, over table or breakfast bar. Choose your favorites from the many all new 1961 collection . . . and don't forgo} to ask for your free inspiration lighting book- bt. PRATT ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO. "Electrical Contractors" Capacity Challenger MARVELOUS Blends equally well Into any decorating schema. 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