The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JULY, 5, 1949 BLYTHEV1U.E (ARK.) fOUniER NEWS PAGE SKV'KN HOME^REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENT II [MOD KING Outdoor Cooking Unit Easily Built $ Backyard Fireplace Brings Inexpensive Summer Enjoyment A backyard flreplact. to add enjoyment to summer living Is easy and inexpensive to build. Fire brick laid in fire clay mortar is best. Other materials needed to build R 36-inch cubical fireplace are 10 nieces of 'i-itich pipe H6 inches lon^, one length of 8" x 8" flue lining Hie. » metal grill 2 feet square and a '.12-inch length ol heavy ingle iron, Make the foundation 3fi inches square, extend H below the frost line and slipe the top slightly toward the front for drainage. On ihh tree! rear and side wMlA"thkk. This leaves an openfront 20" x 28" firebox. Build thr three walls up'u inches, then place ihe pipe lengths across the top course of brick 3 inches apart to serve as a grate. Spate below provides draft and an ash- pit. Mount the pip* ends solidly in thicV mortar, then continue the walls up Another 22", leaving (space slightly ISM than fl" x 8 at the rear center of the firebox for the flue. Set the grill in mortar for the cooking surface which will be at th» comfortable height ol 36" above the ground. Lay one more course of brick on the three walls and place the angle ;^lron across the rear of the firebox ^^ihere it joins the chimney opening. The iron is to support the front ftdge of the flue, the other three .side* resting on the brickwork. Lay up brick around the tile to within 2" of its top and complete the fireplace with a -sloping mortar Joint from Ihe top of the tile to the outer edges of the chimney bricks. ll Ranch'Home Needs Added Bath Facility No. I on the home builder'* liit parade is the ranch type one-story 01 one and a half story bitjspineat- lesfi house .according to architects and plan services. Since this type of hoas< i& spread oul and covers * large ground atea, careful planning ot the bathroom* and the piping Is necessary for eco- iomy, the Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau points out. This advance planning should be done with the help of a plumbing contractor before the plans for the are drawn. If the house lias a fioorpUn with the bedrooms located in one wing and the kitchen and utility room at the other extreme, one or more bathrooms will he required for thi sleeping area with a powder room or half bath to serve the kitchen or utility room. If the bedrooms are to be served by two bathrooms, these may be arranged back to back for pilling economy. Similarly it may be practical to back the powder room against the Icitchen or utility room for further economy so thnt the two groupings of fixtures will each be served by one soil stack. In a house which covers a large ground area ,it is often a problem to know where to locate the water healer .since Installation near the kitchen or utility room frequently involves » long pipe run to the bathroom at the other end of the house. It may be better, in many cases to have two water heaters- Courier XPHS I'hoto NEW TRAVIS HOME -Shown above is the recently bin'H homo ol Air. and Mrs. A. P. Travis. It2 Wosl Cherry. Of frame construe-lion with asbestos shingle siditiR. this .six-roam home features an 1ft by 26-foot combination living-dining room ami white o:ik floors. There ai'e three bedrooms. The kitchen, utility room and bath are finihhoci hi tile and have asphalt tile floors. Walls in the other rooms are plastered. Both the front porch and the enclosed back porch are of concrete. Huili on a concrete ulotrh touiKliUion, Ihe Travis home is Insulated and weather-stripped. Room Where Germons Surrendered Is Now Part of Peaceful Man's Home RPints. Flam-*' ' \vril ipn my rii.spuLch on the suiTf.ti- AX Ol'KX I.KTTKR In I'jcsiilfiil del immediately after Ihe m-emony IHvight I). Kiftcnhourr of Columbia j a tid oui''klv found the Wai- Room University: ! The guide was jn.M Riviisx his lec:- ] have Just left the pnnidoM iinrl ! i"''? to thr Abbe Jaseph Lejennr ol most Miiiimeri man in all fVancc. I the 'own of Hunny ami about 20 lie is Albeit Chariot, the busmen i boys ""ri gii'ls of his history c'lu.'se.s manager oj the Reims Tedin:ral i when Max Winter. Arnw t'amrra- Coilege. \\ I Juan, a»d I entered the room. Tlie rf>H.«nn for 1 'his piido and; , * , amazement is that 1 |i a vc Just in-j ' hls ''"*I" 1 slK ' h " distraction formed him that the s|>ol where lie " lal L?°" S , IU ,'" ™l >lain f" I"' 1 *sits anri .smokes his plpi* in his Thr t hrcc Islets. Virgin Island. 1 ; consist c>r main islands and about 50 Courier Mews Want Arts. The 1 Salt Luke now cover* I.&OO square iniltA, l^ss than tjrw- lonth of It is original are*. Krad CourlPi News Want Ad*. Soles of Kitchen Galvanized Cans Cabinets of Steel j Hailed as Guards Up 25 Per Cent T\veiHy-fivr per cent more steel kitchen rabineis were sold in 19*3 than in 1947. in spite of the continuing steel shortage, says 'he Plumbing and Heating Industries Bureau. Total steel kitchen cabinet hiisi- ne-ss in 1<HS .showed 3510.000 units Against Disease School teacher* In New England nnce were generally paid two ham* in exchange for a year's tuition in arithmetic. sold in 1947. Retail dollar volume zoomed to $138,000.005, an incrensr. of 32 per cent over Ihe $104.600000 recorded In 1947. , 'rhe increases were uoi seneral. a lar«e one !or the kitchcn-ntiluy— however Undcrsink steel cal)ineLs. powder room combination and an- , or esamp t e totaled 913503 uniLs. other for the bathrooms. compared with I,OJ5,000 in 1947—a -...- drop ° r 10 per cenl " But a r '- se of Mofmon Town GrOWS Ola 46 per cent in all other types of cabinets- from 1.775,000 units in 19-17 to 2.586.500 units in 1943—move than offset the slight decline in the FRANKLIN, Idaho (API—Franklin. Idaho's oldest community, recently observed its 89th anniversary. The town, in the extreme .southeast corner of the .state, wa.s settled by Mormons. At the last census it hud » population of 528. BRING YOUR TRACTORS T0 US FOR Major Overhaul and Minor Repairs Work *ttp*TTis*^ h? IK Expert Instructor!. "N« eViirxe f«r la^or . . . replacement part* at cost." DELTA TRADE SCHOOLS, 1KC. 635 Hernando S(. Memphis Phone 37-0181 Health officials say that snniiary refuse disposal Ls the rosponsilnlity of every home owner. They point on I that refuse which is .itored in paper sacks or wooden, boxes is oix 1 !! to iuva.sion by rats and flics, both of which are regarded a.s menaces to the nation's health. Rats and flies thrive cm refuse sold, compared with 2.190,000 units j which Ls easily accessible. Then. fortified with food, they spread diseases direcily and indirectly people. Their chief avenue of altnrk is by direct contact. By contamiii- atiug food, they spiead huRouic pUfjuf. typhu. 1 ! fc\ r cr. iiiberciilnsis ti ichinosi.i and many (jtber ills. T o starve t h e diseriMe-carricrs and to help control [he sickness they spread, authorities are recommending Use use of galvanized steel gar- i uy rcom is a n h (.stork 1 si (e. 1 1 exactly the .same .spot where lour j years ago you .sat at your «uul | accepted the abject >-iiri etiriei nf j Ihe German aimed forces from Co- ! lonel-Genci al Alfred Jodl. i Yc.s si:', anri you could Invc j knocked M Chariot off his clmii with thp lailteather.s of the tinsel : .storks which decoralf his lh f mc room (able! What hnd been vour .stnjill siiilp of o/Mce.s on the .secmid floor of the big brick polyicchmral .school of Reims has b^en convene tl into IJvins ajmitinent-s fur members of tht? .school administration. t kunw you've wanted to red."MI here for a look-.soe yourself at Ihe old "SHARP Forward," but ncvrr hpvc found tiir.c, so hetc is the description 1 promised you be lor" I IP ft New York. unrtersink ba^e cans throughout the city. Tbese containers have close-Mtiing covers and all-metal bodies which It is expected that .steel will be j make them completely pest-proof. in move plentiful supply for .steel Icitchen cabinet* during the last. three quarters of 1949. the ; Joe ; OSRollisonlumberCo Sheet Rock . $5.50 Celolex . . . $6.00 TOM SAWYER PAINTS Call on us to Estimate Your Repairing and Painting Doors and Windows FOR SALE OSRollis on Lumber Co Office Phone 594 Res. 3309 Applications for Six Building Permits Filed Six applications for building j mits were placed on file in office of the City Engineer Carney last week. Total estimated cost* as listed on the applications amounted lo $13,700. Applcalions were filed by: Pred Bullock, to remodel a house at 900 South ?tst; estimated cost Sl.flOO. Also applied for permit to move a house. Roxie GiHi.s. f o r R concrete block building at 1609 Herman; estimated cost. 34QD. | .James Goodloe. for 20-toot ce- | ment block extension to building at 417 west A-sh; estimated cost, xaoo. Husscll Riales. for a six and one- half room brick residence o n Country Club Drive r North Highway 61'; estimated cost, J10.0QO. Maltie and Soloman Jackson, for a three-room residence o" Brawley Street. A. F. Taylor and Frank Ryles. for a two-room frame residence on Peaborty Street; estimnteri cost, $1.000. Many home owners have fount! thai it pays to use two galvanized steel garbage cans for family refuse. While one can is being filled, the other is piven A water rinninp V o prevent, the accumulation o f odors attractive to animals anri insects. HINTS /or HOMES When (hat old rug curls, tack it down wrong side up, brush the back v.vCh a thin coat of white she 11 me. IVhe-n shot teninj: chair or table legs, slip a cardboard mail- inf tube uver one leg, saw where desired. Use slut in the tube as saw guide lor other legs. Glass block makes excellent stall shower walls. They provide privacy, are impervious t o moisture. - . — When polishing; furniture, use a clean shetpskin .shoe buffer for curved surfaces and mouldings, A glass block partition offers required privacy la a b«thro<un to permit simultaneous use by more than one person. The block is easily cleaned, doesn't the Bow ot daylight. Vtni'vf hron pretty well converted to peace I in IP Hppca ranee yourself, . with your tuTpri snii.s .silk tir.s and 11'^ht tan Texas-style hit*. So i( should delight yon to know thai your olri beehive of milhaiy effi- cirnt'y is now n complelnly peaceful and prosaic apnrtment. M. Chariot's fnvorile up hoist, ered r>iair sits where you had your desk. In the fireplace there'* a Rreen tile stove. The walls have been papered *ml tlie floor h:»5 a high wax jvolish. In the otri outer office where your WAC secretary, Mnj<?r KH.V Snmnier.sby, liplrt forth, the Char- lots have their dining room. II fra- 11 ] r e.s a 1 ! * r<? e a t) i] a ri u m on the inside wall, Some pnrtilion.s Vi.ive been rlisuisod. but I doii'l believe the office of your njival aide. Cup- tain Harry Butchpr. is now Mme. i Chariot's immaculate Vilclien. | M. ChfirloL WHS so delifthted by : IVie visit \hat be dispatched his W- year-old son, Clnude. to brinR a bottle of champagne to toast, the occasion. Mm P. CUavLot was ai IhP market plate when we called anrt Albert kept repeal ina that she would be desolate to learn ol ;wf call in her absence. ice. This in turn created an gronlPJ' di.* hit ha nee anri before I | (|inte knew what was hapjjejiing, ! ihe cuide was e.scoi'ting me to )il,s ! ixi.sition before the .sunendei table and 1 was delivering to the delighted Abbe and his tloclc niy person;)! recollections of the surrender. I drew a cross vrilh my toe oJi the door whei e I hud .stood. I pninied tint tlie seitl.s where your'ii- hxiivp, GenrJiil "Beetle" Smith, urnl ihe other deleente.s .sst. 1 desoibed the sombre visage of ,Poril and hi.s assistants.. I told t hem the war j iiiiip-s were unchanged a.s they \\?r<* i thrtl nisht. | And finally, I implored Ihe chil- 1 | dr<-n to study their .subject. 1 ; btMtei i than T had studied my F'rench—rind : this I am -sure sent the good Abbe j back to Huppy happy, We left lo look (or your urlvalp > office! amid cries of "mcrci hien. M'.sieii," and one sluiiiug-faced lil- 'I j tie Rirl CEirnc up u> us and said: ! "And picas* to loll the Gcncnil j Eisenhower, we thank him, loo " ; It's a pleasure to pa.vs tlifvl MIPS- I sacje alfinc, because I'm sure from my visit to Franco that it roprp- seiu.s the heart-fell feeling of everyone hcrf. * . ATTIC FAN DEMONSTRATION \Ve IKIIK installed one nl the new Rancher Type A (lie Inns in our office for a demons I rat ion. KH.sily inslalloil in any home and costs less. No Down i'Hvmenf Required Ciinvenienl Terms. • HK CO.MKOKTABI.K • E. C. Robinson Lhr. Co. I'hone 5T.1 Hlvfheville. Ark. 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Boy (I Lewis. j\KA Staff C WARMXC ORI>KR In the Chancery Court, Chickfl- | sawba District, Mississippi County. ] Evelyn, PLf. i vs. No. 10.9:10 i , Pxnl E. Dft. | S The defendant. Paul E, Wood- ; | house, Is hereby warned to appeal i i within thirty days in ihe court I named in the caption hereof «nri answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Evelyn S. Woodhonse. Dated this 20 day of June. 194f>. HARVEY MORRIfi, By Pat Morton, D. O. Gene Bradley, atty. lor ptf. C. F. Cooper, atty ad IHcm. Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Just IriinU, fin a .small p^Mirsl-miiiie ?*r<:iire «ne of llir^^ IIFH rniidrrn two under mnsii iiciimi. Miin.v are m^k CKinr while you HIMJ rhonse. lip^uilifiilly rtrsifciieH, ,%tiirilil) htiill, .inmc have pic1«rc wm down.s. In new subdivision. deposit yon mar n«tw *d r*»nm hnmpn, n»w i]; their >electinn. *• Klseu-Urre in the block - long, three-.story, all of the .si^n.s of war have been pruned ,ss*ve in ihe "war room" where ihe actual surrender document wa* .signed by the Allied and German representatives, jiusl before (hey cajiie to yfiur officr. This room l.s now 3 shrine, visited daily by .school children and toui'«i. When we inquired of » ' gendarme en the onLskirt-s of Reims : tor i/Ecole Polytechnitjlie. he fur- ; rowed his brow. But as .won a.s 1 ' added: "le .scene de capitulation." | he immcdiniely kuew what we : wanted and directed us "tovil a j droit." As we neared the school we ' found nnmerou.s gtiidepostA direct.- ' \i]z OJIP to the "Salle dp Guerre" or i "SHAEF War Room." The famous ' Reims cralhcdral is now a .secondary ' loirriSf Attractinn. \ I passed the .small room where I'ri j Th* pcrceutaK'- of Aiuedeaus fiS year.*; old or older ha.s nf arly doubled In the 50 years. About per rent of the people; the United States now urn B5 [ years old or older. Call or Se« MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Holly Development Corp. 3801 West Main Phone 4445 Glassware Suggested To Brighten Living Room When you choose MvlnR-ronm accessories, select which will complement, not distract attention from .the room itself. Against -solid-color walls, delicate hand-blown'i in handsome colors made by American craftsmen will erhn the color In patterned draperie.s and furniture coverings, If the general color .scheme .subdued, one large decorative psece, or two or three gla.sses will be .striking accent of contrast, ypt thr tran.sculency of fine £las.s avoid.' too heavy a concentration of color. floral or striped wall* crystal-clear handmade glassware i.s particularly beautiful, for u. e hist i ous surface will reflect coi:n.« without adding di-str acting elc- SERVICE Long experience (over 1^(1 years) speaks for itself in showing yon that we can do the job. Trained personnel, using- the f -psh equipment assure you of prompt, dependable service. Holder of Arkansas Stale Ton- 3 tractor's License Xo. 527, another reason u-liy you'd retei\o the most expert service. Charley's Electric Shop 112 South 5th Phon* 2993 THE BUDGET PLAN WAY VT h y wait to e n j oy r he i'<> n - vcnicnir und comfort of a smart, new f >;i nc Hath room — a modern Ortnc sink, or ,in cflicicnt Crane hcaunj; <.yMcm f<» r that m n ((cr. Let <i s help A'Oii muderru/e nn\\-, the easy \\ ;i v—ihe budget pKin way. ask US obout the convenient Crone Budget j Plan today I "PETE" The Plumber So. First SURE WAY TO BEAT THE HEAT I'hone 273 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Drink Lots of C-o-o-l Refreshing Pure Water There's nothing so cooling as clear, part water, during h»t, sultry weather. Most p*o- ple never once stop to realize that a plentiful supply of PUKf water is one of the most essential things in our daily living. In this rt- spect, Blytheville residents enjoy the purest water in the world. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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