The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1961
Page 2
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fefl* "to- (la.) Upper Des Moines Thursday, Feb. 1 6, 1961 Music Students District Meet Wesley — Junior high music students'went to Mason City Saturday wh.erc they attended a district contest. Twenty-three instrumentalists entered from the GDrwith-^fesley school: 12 received 1st ratings; 11 received secpnd ratings. Local students ginning firsts cm sole? Cumbers w.ere Giieryl Jpnes, alto solo, Linda Ncwbrpugh an,d Diane Robinson, flutes — Ronald (Johnson, trombone, Nadine Erir gen, baritone sax. Second ratings 'for solo numbers to Marleen .Harr, drums; Dennis tfunnemark, trombone; Tommy Th.6m»s, clor- jnet; Vicki Delrnering in a wood- "\vind group. Mrs Robert Jones and Mrs R. j!. NeWbrough 'were accompan isls. • Mr and Mrs Henry Baade of Titonka called Friday on (he Wil Martineks, Glen Carlson and Mrs ^Florence Hansen. Prairie Neighbors met TUBS* day, Feb. 14, in the Tom Lickteig, Jiome. They had a dishlowel exchange and social hour, followed Jjy a lesson on meals from the freezer given by the assisted hostess, Donna Studer and Marilyn Schipull. • A son was born to Mr and Mrs Arvin Larson Feb. 10 in the Britt hospital. They also have roui daughters. Mr and Mrs Bill Studer and phidren of Algona were Sunday dinner and supper guests In the Gayle Studer home. They also Hsitod his mother and grandmother, Mrs Viola Studer and Mrs .Jennie Luken, • Frank Richler was confined to nis home and his bed part time "ivith a siege of virus pneumonia. Herman, August, Duane, Rod, 1 Donovan and Leonard Stu- Friday afternoon. Mrs Crowley iwas a sister of Mr August and •Mrs Herman Studer/ i Mr and Mrs; J... P-j iSJtudcr at-; •tended a regional \ petrolei)ip; •meeting in Waterloo, Tuesday,; 1 ?. ^tr and Mrs, Jpe Smith and Mr and Mrs Charles Hofffn&n of Algona were a guests iri the Ray Hirner home one day last week. Good Will Industry truck is to be in Wesley Feb. 21, All materials, clothing and supplies may be left at tne Methodist church before that day, Mr and Mrs Ray Hirner entertained a group ot relatives Monday evening, Feb. C, in honor of their daugnter, Christine's first birthday. Guests were the grand- parejns, Ira Tatro of Fairmont, Mr and Mrs George Hirner, also Mr and Mrs Howard Fries and Dick of Cylinder, Mr and Mrs Reuben Fuerstcnau of Fairmont, Lucille, Anna Mae and Lyle Hirner. Janice Paulson was hostess to her Belles of Boone 4-H Girls Club Jan. 14 at her home. Sht gave a report on her trip to the International Show in Chicago. 'Four new members joined the club, Eulinda Huang, Murgait-t Studer, Rose Marie Studer and Marcia Matern. Russell Swanson, secretary of Hancock Beef Producers Association, announces a tour for Feb. 24 of several farms, beginning at 9:30 'at the Orville Thompson farm. , Mr and Mrs Frank Girard moved'to Clear Lake in January. Mr and Mrs Francis Sleinlicht ENTER ALCOA WRAP'S 3rd Annual $100,000 "Wagon-Load'!' Contest (^J A-.5M- OVER 100Q PRIZES Get Entry Blanks at this store NATIONAL FOpp STORES •• i•; (Council Ctdk)^ ; \] Algond | 1 i FARM As the farm has been sold, I will hold a public auction on farm located 2 miles West and Vi mile South of Whittemore or miles North, 1 mile West; and %,mile.North of West^Bend on.- Tuesday, §ale Starts at 12:45 P.M. Ditsworth Lunch on Grounds ; POWER MACHINERY 4 TRACTORS - 1954 Oliver model 88 diesel, complete, overhauled; 1950 Massey Harris model 44 with hydraulic system, new -front tires, new 13-in. rear tires; 1950 Massey Harris model 44 jwith hydraulic system and 12x38 tires; Oliver model 70 tractor, new radiator and wide front end. OUTSTANDING POWER MACHINERY - Planter, 1959 model 494 J. D. 4-row corn planter. Regular runners and fertilizer with disc openers, complete with Gandy Alderon attachment, rubber press wheels, 3 sets of plates, like new. - MOWER - Ms-D. model 100 9-ft. trailer-type mower, new tires, used very little ^ ^° W ~ MeD ' model 6 °- L 3 ' 16 " tri P botlom Plow with Super Chief bottoms, new. ELEVATOR - J. D. 48-ft. elevator with PTO, truck hopper, underslung derrick, wide type, new tires, new 6' elevator sections. WHEEL TANDEM DISC - 1959 model R. W. 13-ft. 6-in J D >heel tondem disc with 18-in. blades, greaseless bearings. McD, mode) 2ME 2-row mounted corn picker, compete with Jiew cnams, rubber rolls, new main drive, blower, in' excellent <ondil,on, 1956 model; Massey Harris 4-row cultivator with 3-row hydraulic; heavy-duty Oliver 3-16" hydraulic plow with new style bottoms; Case heqvy-duty rotary hoe, new; Turley tractor ondgnte seeder, new; Lmdsay 5-section heavy-duty lever flexible harrow tractor^anur^ s re f ° Ur " bar 5ide deliver y rc *e; New Idea 12A field cultivator, ' ' " ' WAGONS - New McD. model 140 heevy-dwty 7-ton truck Wagon 7.50x16 6-p|y ,ruck tires, new/with neavy-au y ?«-".'n 7 ;!'", h °M T" 1 He!der 7X12 bar ^ box with .doubVrlocr 5.w 0 ^ en dga» e; Montgomery Ward 4-ton wanon with new 6-ply est hoist, 6x10 b,arge box with 5-way endgate. • - Rubber-tired loading chute; Riichy ciuto- nn ,t h u • eleetric unit ! Tox-O-Wick cattle oiler wiih used for"!? uld" e 3 °°" 9al ' ' anl< Wi ' h " ft> ° f 2 ' ln ' P ' C ' Stic c.leaner; hydmul'ic"am S^rSo.bu 0 ^ h^fe^er'' ltb!T &T^S£5^JK=a ° f ! 5 °° bdes mixe <' clove, and AU?T(QNiER'S NOTE: Please nqte this - machinery h ed> " U " eXCe " ent • e ° ndition ' w 'USUAL AUCTION TERMS - NO property R eir , pvcd Until Se ,, lcd Not Respensihl^ for Accicjents. Edward A. Berte, Owner Clark & Clark, Auct. Livermore State Bank, Clerk have moved to the'farm vacated by dtirardSi A group of neighboring women gave M coffee party Wednesday fnbrning ift the Jerry Nielson hpifle |tp. V£J©9. me Mrs Steinlcht. Guests were mesdames John Hughes, Lawrence Erdman, Russell Swanson, Merle Rasmussen, Duane Studer and John Smith. Mrs Maureen Harr, Cheryl and Marleen spent Feb. 4 & 5 with the Dennis Wehrspanns of Whil- temore. Mrs Martin Hamilton and Nancy went to Waterloo Monday to spend a week with the Ed This- sens. The women are sisters. Mr and Mrs Ed Johnson and his mother, Mrs Helen Johnson, visited their brother and son, Joe Johnson, a patient at the Veteran's hospital at DCS Moines. Sunday. Ray Otis arrived home Feb. 8 from a 3 week trip to Tucson, * '* < Arizona where he visited his sfifc let) Mrs Francis Haujitmafl afla faniily. He also "speht SeVefil days visiting relatives fo Sttt Diego ang Los Aflfi£ifjf. ,' Mr and Mrs Tom 'Forbur'glf left Monday morning for MoUtv tain Home, Ark. Where'on Tuesday afternoon they attended the funeral of his brother*in- ' V. Hill. Methodist men will m^k Thursday evening, Feb. 22 at-tlfe church. Guest speaker wjll be" : a Turkish exchange student wlio attends Algona high school. , Mr and Mrs Valgene Ha'nsdi and Mark Allen 6$ Cedar Fall/s spent the weekend in the parental, Theron Hansen and Charles Price homes. Methodist Youth Fellowship Groups, both seniors and juniors, plan to attend a rally at RuthVefl Feb. 19. The Methodist Congregation pbsfcrved Race Relations Sunday with special music and an offer' itig for Rust GoilegV ft ~mW Springs, Mis§; - v . ;-- ,-; ; Guests in £h$ ^F|jt>rt)rf ftfanSen nome Thursday evening, Feb' 9, were Mr and Mrs John Paulson, JMr^nd,Mrs KM H&fl&gn, Mr and Mrs Leo Steven and Mrs Florence', Hanseh and Stahley, Mr and Mrs Theron Hanseri, Mrs Florence Hansen "arid Stanley were Sunday dinner guests in the Lso Steven home in Algona.' ' • The 54th annual meeting of the stockholders t)f the Farmers Co^ operative Elevator . Co, will be held Mo^dfly evening, Feb.' 20 in the public school 'auditorium. '• Al Lpebig was a patient in Mercy hospital, Mason City, sdveral days last wee)<,, T During Lent, which began' Ash Wednesday,-Feb.,18^ M|ss.e8 Jn St. Josephs Catholic church ofl Wednesday and on Friday will' ¥he Stations o* ftt 3 p.m. F 'of the parish a r tfts CDA's jn, a __ £ tit- Prayer arid Meditation Sunday, February 10, beginning With ,an 1J .o'plpcfc mass, then, a ham dinner and closing,at Jjii5, Mrs Jennie Luken of the ,&obd Samaiitan Home, Algp»8j spent several, days over the weekend at the hoiffe of her daughter. Mrs FJoft Studer. " " : /'', ; LAKOTA NEWS . Mr and Mrs John 5 DlX9/i pf Lone Rock were Sunday callers at the home of Mr a'nd Mrs Raymond Krominga. >FuneraJ Services were held at Bandrpft Tuesday for Joseph Koppen, ,72. Those attending from Lakota were Peter L. Koppen,' Otto ..and porothy, Mr and frvlft Kbpjjen, Mf and Mrs y KoBfieft, Mf and 'Mrs Pa"ul i\.oppen, lyw t(ftd Mrs Nick Kop- peJ9.,'Thbse frdfti L6dyard were: Mf a44 Mfs Jerry Sullivan and Jeremiah. Also attending were Mr and Mrs Willianr Goldtrap of Elmore, Minnesota,. Peter Kbp- gen was a brother 6f Joseph. Sunday callers at 'tfte hbme of Mrs Sifcne Nelson were Mr 'and Mrs yirgil Wells and faniily, Mrs .Glen'Wells and raniily of\61ue Earth', JAM., Mr-aha* Mfsi Alfred Christ, ftbbeft;,aM fiottha, Mr and Mrs Albert Nelson, Lowell and Donovan of Buffalo Center. Friday "evening callers at the Paul Hertzkes were Mr and Mrs Sam Steinberg and Vera of Blue Earth, Minn. Mr and Mrs Joe Schissel spent the week end at the parental Wayne Gardner home*. ."*, .• -, i Mfj» and Mrs Robert Steete, Rena and Atta Johnson Sunday afteftiooii visitors at the Ronald Yegge ftotfSe in Buffalo Center. ' ,-< j Mr,and Mrs Joe Botiifet of Aus' tin, Minn, were Sunday callers at the home of Mr and Mfs Paul Hertzke., Sunday dinner guests at the Jim Mayne home at Ledyard were Mr and Mrs Adolph Poppe Sr,, Mr and Mrs Otto Engelbarts, Mr and Mrs Henry Bosttcher. Mr and Mrs Herman • Jutting spent Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Wade Dorenbush in Emmons, Minn. Arloyn Erdahl of. Blue Earth spent Sunday and Monday at the Vincent Miller h6irie< Lodge Meeting Royal Neighbor Lodge will meet Wednesday, Feb. 22, and there will be ,an exchange of twenty-five cent valentines. NATIONAL ^ FOipD STORES ^ NAT10N*L-HEIHZ HAiras TO Bftiyq YOU vfaa !<*' KIND KORN STAMPS AT NATIONAL, TOO! PRICES FOR FEB. 16 -17 -18 QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED YOU'LL ENJQY SHOPPING ' • at NATIONAL not just because you shop with confidence of perfect < satisfaction, guaranteed to you iy NATIONAL . . ; but because;the folks at National are friendly and do their best to make your shopping pleasant as well as quick and easy. u i ~m Blpv NatcoSALt WITH THE PURCHASE OF A 4-OZ. CAN . • j | r*f*»'"** > *»****.*****>f*fY w ******* w ************ w *********^**' "JUST CAN'T BEAT fHA^F NATIONAL MEAT 9 :. of 4 i.n i; t\. ,9 $\ > • r'\ ?, p**9p. .- •.• i ]*>*-w£*^Q% mmm < .t'Vf Wty'^isji ? o*^^,.,;<:!,| -to .Fn»h young lamb . . . ,'Temptfag,, : < juicy, wonderful .'flavor that makes 1 || . NATIONAL'S MEAT is a grand "change of paw" p GUARANTEED meal, and at NATIONAL .fS- yV«»MrilB^/ yo^can depend on it | -SSr being at it* very best. || YOUR MONET REFUNDED JOTOY BHOITliDER OF Just Carft'ttuy FORBkbitmo...EiB LAMB CHOPS LAMB ROAST * k^-J "L^^ 'V'L I. ' fflik'T-, *x.roy.i 59" LAMB •RTtVAflT* ft» ' - ' - - ^. - ' * . \ , 5 I * T * * ; I ODtftAaM, Uf . • -^B ^^ VOVQITT W iTn JII»LI •_ f » J ' LAMB STEW-- . W Lplfe r . M* fiRAPEFHUIT ! r*™.°±....;,.. gQc EIOH THICK HEINZg* TOMATO • SOUP ! f It BREAflt OF .. XX. TOY. BONELZSS SHOTJLUEB ft gi _-, , , *|UC -' *' vao'.j.'! f ,)l '*".<< .'. '* 10 49 C j * . t OP juice .; rich" juice. BOCK CORNISH 16.0Z. Gm A BylC UCKIC p °r Something Special ^^^^"IB rlCnO Serve HaU or Whole. ORIOLE ^' vsWj(ty!at"ite peak. For I Thick SLICED RACOKI r •; breakfast halves or squeezed'I lll *» l % «*MWCI/ BMW VIM ig-with-sweet; tingy, "Vitaain-C- 1 TOP TASTE« SLICED BOLOONA TOPTA8TE . BEEF SAUSAGE ,L« r 4 SWIFT'S PREMIUM SAUSAGE . ' , t —• ; -T- r DUEING LENT FEAST ON CALIF. FRESH DATES •*' • • ED' • UNFITTED M ™»w«. * u j.<wu>uw«i QAUOAUA Ji^fe.'JIc' •i&SfrSf.-S:! BROWN 'N SERVE Nature's full flavored fruit, ready to eat. Wonderful In salads; bakint and cooklnr. 99 C 2» c 29" 49 GROUND BEE Per Lb •' m "^sfsffygmsr mm t& K8 :i,"N 1 Hl!B > »'«B-S:' BROWN or POWMRED 2-LB. BAG PARAKEET SEED ... .49c CRISP GREEN HEAD LETTUCE I.»ice Fresh Solid Heads Just r.leht for Delicious Salads •"»^^ •• ••« ••« WKI\W fc Pattie», 8-pt.. «• V WISCONSIN BINDLESS mm A FRESH FROZEN SLICED fi || LONGHORN CHEESE K 59° HALIBUT P W U 53 2 • 29 Solid Red from Washington stale Finest for Salad" _ •"{?' «'« Size for School ORCHARD PBESH APPLESAUCE B03 CANS RED RIVER VALLEY U. S. NO. 1 WASHED & WAXED RED POTATOES mt jfrnt * KAIK 49° Pitted DATES 2 & 49 , ,- J t<f OwiunetteB, Macaroni an4 _- , m ORANGES," lii 4 ^ M CHEESE Dinners 5 ^ J 1 BOuTHERIf 817H ^ A m WATnn ORflNftF DRINK 8 <">* M m A vi cc OL> F ^'^ OCo ViifUlUC uni|m II CANS I rllilVLfcaPINT JAR.... Vfl 9 J • • j i • ^-f.- -T . - •••» W 9 *F 9 P MliH Vr *--•••••! •_ m^m MYOO MANOAEIN Your BaUdi m *»*.«-,-*' WITH TOMATO W I V^™^ and CHEESE 8AWOB . A '<: SPAGHETTI ; \2" 29 0 / 1 ••----^•» Ri ' — —- _ _ ffi ~~ ---«'-— •—; »—-T~^7!»" '^ -<\ Finest Flavor. 4 A A Aft I KATIVB 3-«TB««fSt |U »' 09 Cherry tit Mix 3 ffil $ 1 fibHI ^'^5i:^i',x*^^^ : ^'^^;^^i^>'aaK3Js > | f Paolwd, 1-LB. CAN PREMIUM Green Lima BEANS OB Cream Style CORN 6 voua CHOICE 49 e at' STOKELV TOMATO JUICE Wake^^p^ r '» 46-OZ, 29 SIOUX BEE HONEY SOUP SUPREME CINNAMON t «JSP QE HEINZ PORK & BEANS 4 : 59 : BABY FOODS : ^ ^ ^ 0 SAVE KIN6 KORN STAMPS li fc » «'»*"jf i*ut- w«» * «^, »«»*£, v^i^^nv^ isfnvr y» . PARKA7 ' ' ~ — INSTANT COFFEE.O,».,85« 6rah«m Craeken « 3?' OLEO,» **.,. 30' KSit- CVDMD CORN STARCH.. 2%»• MAZOtA Oll^, 71' NIAGARA Starch M 25' . UNIT STARCH Pkg 47 ;ASyTQU!^ TflNn TREND ** BLEAeH , BI<BAC H «"»•

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