The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, February 16, 1961
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By Russ Waller,, * * * — . —-...—» AlCfdilfi how living in Spencer, „— in for a .visit last week, and reminded us of a 25 cent bet we ohce-wagered-on • a'Softball gamej Gene, maintained* that <hd won, had,rteVer teeii paid. We figured'oiit that at 4 der' cent Interest, for 25 years, -tfie amount owmg, "would ,at ^least have .doubled, riot' compounding interest.' Ortfbeing offered a half dollar to settle, Gene declined — said he' had more fun JBS a credi-' tor. For andther 25 years, maybe? Mr.* and' Mrs* Torsten Lagerstrom, whose method of. keeping beef production, records w,as fea-" tured in the Sunday farm tabloid,' went one step further than re ported by Glenn Cunningham Several years ago they checkec on shipment of some "of their bee from the Mgrrell .plant to the eas coast, then traveled to Boston traced down the beef to the exac place it 1 was served, ordered sonv themselves, and -checked on it final judgment' from , the cook and customers ' who prepared nerved and consumed it. * * * Maybe we just don't understand, but for the life of us we cannot "Comprehend how this' man Lumumba, who only, eight months ago was an unknown minor clerk in the postal service, of the Belgian Congo, should reach the status where: his death at th'e hands of.-fellow natives could plunge 'a' continent — and maybe the world — into war; '» * * MAIL' BAG: Novatof Calif., from Leo Spilles "You may'.be wondering what an Iowa hardware merchant-may be X Dept. of History and Des Moinee 19, Iowa ESTABLISHED 1863 , *«*& ' ALGOI IOWA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1961 3 SICTIONS - 20 PAOK PLUS 16 PAGE TABLOID VOL 98 - N6. 7 Guard Muster 'doing here. Wei estQtei- Enclosed^ J selling real >r gettin letfer edUh%dUr p-tibHstfeS lt o 10 Greatest PeopW of Our Times The selection 'depends a great .deal on 1 the person's"-training fields :;'of 'interest,' 'rnembfership groups',' etc.'I Would guess by the list'submitted that the, person 1 was •Df ' Irish'-Derhocratic ' leaning, a scientist, teacher, • or, army person, with a background, of'Eng- lish-French Huguenot, ancestry.". Glenn submits a few: names of his own; which space prohibits publishing at. this moment, but we'd Jikefto ; tell him,; that the person who sent, in the .first list is a woman, a housewife and mother, and of .; English-German descent. He is right on brie point; she is a democrat! ... * \' * *.' Who wants to be the first merchant or clerk to stop some customer and accuse theni of shoplifting under the new state law? We're agin' shoplifting,' but we can foresee plenty of trouble -in handling this new law, especially if the suspect is found NOT to have been shoplifting. *. * * ' We received a voluminous fi-' nancial report of the State University of Iowa in Tuesday's mail ell done up in color, etc. Judging • by the. cost of higher education, we should say that the proper procedure would be for parents of students to submit a financial report to the State University of Iowa. Nelson, center, aboVe. to ihe position of exWcuiiVe"officer' of'Sne _ _ - x — -— ——-*•* —v. .•*.»«* ***** M ***£*ii\f*ta\jii \j± * &4gvna Actually, Merryman assumed command Feb. 1 -and has beeh'active in the local unit for quite a WrlUG. * i '-.•...,,, local unit is planning a Muster Day open house during its meeting night, Thursday, Feb. 23, o p.m. to 10 p.m. At that time'anyone who 'would like to look the equipment over and chat Studio m pC7uDM^ WiU .^° be free =°«ee and doughnuts: (Glenn's Final plans for <the annual Muster Day at the newly-named William H. Ingham National Guard Armory ^ in Algona t we announced during the week'end by. Lt. Dave Merryman manding officer of r1,.{ . t'f,"% ^/ - o will »*lri& se-irifer- | chance > to I ------ ft "all 'persons who attend be invited tp have free , coffee and doughnuls. A two-page lay-but on National Guard, sponsored by 16 Algeria firms, 1 will* be found -elsewhere in? today's 'UDM. ; f - - '• Jri past' years it : 'has beeri^ QUSJ- 'units' 1 all 1 over" the conduct expensive recruiting drives in cori'j unction with Muster Day, however,' with Ihe local unit at 95 percent, of its authorized strength, ' Such a drive is unnecessary at the present time. Of course, the Guard ' always on the look-out for promising recruits. ' * tornary foi^ country to The Algona unit of 93 enlisted men" and three officers is the lai - gest artillery firing battery in the entire sta'te ah'd a part of the 27 National Guard divisions' in the .United' States ,that qan become ijombnt-ready in .l^ess^than 14 week"!.', They _.c'ant"also' bei icallea if necess ' disaster! - sary, 'a^ th.e-vtime ! W.|V ! '.,W.( V , fe^A^rt^fhpft by .Merry- Ingham, father of the |ate «prvey Ingham, ,\yho became editor-of.the Des Moines Register and ,Trjbun,e after serving in the same capacity .with, the Algona Upper Des Moines, arrived in Algona -in, 1855, There was, at the time, a need for an organized militia grpup to . protect 'the settlers from'ihe Sitfux Indians who were oh 'the 'war path in southern Minnesota. . ,. . , . ; The! Roster List -.'; . Besides Merryman, officers are Howie Stephens'oh, Algona,, 1st Lt,, and Richard Strach'an, Ames, 2nd Lt., ,-.,-. ••;.•.:. Other members pf the 1, o c a 1 unit are M/Sgt. James Kelley, Algona, SFC. ; William '. Detrick, "Well, hew d|4 tht '014 Mol4er of Public Opinion' fart today?" Seout» that Ms- Mahon. of Sexton can fry a nifty panjppke . , . only thing is, he makes them oblong in shape instead of round ... fishing expedition friends vouch for their quality, however. famo«». IrfWt _ Tilt felttfratl» *f after <he twe»tnt«i of JQW pVicp i« Algona Sales Barn To Reopen Here Feb. 24 Announcement was-made Wednesday of new management for the Algona Sales Co,, located just north of Algona on highway 169. Garel "Dutch" Leek of Wesley, well known auctioneer, and Jerry M. Lewis of Algona, real estate and farm management consultant, have taken over the operation of the sales barn, constructed entirely new only a comparatively short time ago. Sale of consignment livestock is being planned and further announcement of time fop same will be made. In the meantime, a grand opening is planned for Friday, Feb. 24, -at the barn, with prizes to be offered, and coffee and doughnuts for all visitors. Creamery Ass'n, Bancroft, ilects Patrons of the Bancroft Cooperative Creamery association hejsrd the auditor's report submit. ted by H, J. McNertney, secretary treasurer, in which Assets of the company were shown to exceed liabilities by $17,139.30. The Annual meeting of the association was held at 3 p.m. Satr urday at the Legion oJub rpom in Harry Wilhedmi was re-elected to the board, of directors and McNertney was re-appqintecl secre^ tary-treasurer. Other niejnberg <j| the bpsrd ere, S. S. Ifurre, president; Fpanfc tJroessler, yice ; §enje ttmpi anjd, , of the preajnery is A. Schrgndt assisted by Kenneth Helcjorfer and Pennis McCleisb, - V Farm & Home Tabloid Today Today's Algona Upper Des Moines includes the February issue of Farm &; Home rotogravure tabloid, 12 bonus pages of suggestions for Lenten meals, tips on farming, and special pictorial features. Farm & Home comes to readers exclusively each month in this • area in the Upper, Des Moines. Reeled Three Bode Elevator Directors, Feb. 11 Three directors of the Bode Fanners Elevator, whose terms were expiring, were reelected at the annual meeting of the organization, Saturday afternoon at the American Legion building in Bode. .They are Harold Bprge, John P, Jensen and M. A. Sorlein. Other directors whose terms cai> ry over are Irwin M. Olson, Harold Reding, Ralph Reding, T. M. Aure, Harry Nelson and Maurice heim. Ernest M. Ellingson is manager of the elevator. Officers will be elected from among the directors. Irwin Olson has been president, the past year, with Harold Reding as secretary. Algona, ,SSG ; Dean Banwart, West Bend, SSG Jerald Davis, Algona, SSG James Elb'ert/tWhit- temore, SSGi Lewis Ferguson) Algona, SSG. Johnu Kadow, t Burt, SSG Francis Kis,ch, Whittemore, Mojjr js- ,-.' Perkins, •, Rodman, ,. SSG • Gerald ? Streit; CpJ. . Cpl. iJae.Sdi.vens, I .TitpMaM Paul Grdnbach, Storm La'k'e, Cpl. JimiRjbmer,, Algona, Cpl. R'ichard Voif iBank,; Bodo, j SP/4' j(|harjes ' , , Bjustrbm,. .Whitte'rndre/ SPX4 -Ee- Roy Bruns, Titonka, SP/4 Edward Flynn, Elmore, SP/4 Les' ' ter 'L. , Wes't Ben$ To Offer Free Silver-Annual Dollar Days Annual .mid-winter Dollar Days will be held in Algona next week Friday and Saturday, Feb. 24-25 . With the annual event, Algonu Upper Des Moines readers wil have,an 'opportunity to share in the-activities in mbre way than one..-_.;!Each rooy of next/ week's ' issue will be numbered on. an vjnside section. On .the front page of the paper will be a list: of inumbers assigned to advertiser's, If the number on- the paper you receive is lisl- •,«ti '6h' the front page of the V TTnoer Des Moines, all you haVevio do^ is tear out the corner with- the number and lake it to. the. designated store Where 1 you'.will receive a free isiiver dollar. ' ' -Readers of ,this paper Ao not have' t|> buy a thing to receive the free dollar. .! - • • The^siiver dollars are being donated.,by the Uppar Des Moines to/add' a little fun and zip to the Dollar* Days eVent. , ,Fr,onC a 'merchandising starid- poih't,'''local business firms have been'planning the event for sev- eral'weeks.'.'•' '''•'..'. > A lips t of "stores will be offering specially priced items in the dollar bracket, and in other combinations Which give; the dollar an extra; .purchasing power these two days. ; •' ' We are hopeful that next week's Upper Des Moines Will provide t'he thrifty, shopper with, a wide variety of rnercharidise, in; all .categories, mnd! at prices thatimake* it inost'' attractive 5 to'do'sonie 'of your .family buying in Algbna that weekend.- . (for 'the' Feb., 23 (Dollar Days edition jof [the Algeria] Upjiejr Des Moines; You'll find' Ways of saving;-many times the yearly subscription cost of the paper ^in this, one issue alone. - Sgt. Paul jTjaden, Wesley. Seneca Farm Is Sold, $262 Acre Seneca — Pill Bernhard of Bancroft recently purchased the Thilges Estate farm located 2 miles east end '^ m|le North of Seneca. The purchase price was $362,50 per acre. He will t^ke possesjon March 1. The farm regent Jy operated b,y tbe Norfeert .Thjjges has been, farmed this past yew by Wayne l<ynch Hjnsen- . Al Grill* ' AlgoVa; SP/4? Janies Harms, West Bend, SP/4 Virgil Heifner, Titonka, SP/4 Robert Hutchison, Humboldt; SP/4 Mar- .vin Intyeld, Algona, SP/4 Ronald Johannesen, Lone Rock, SP/4 Adrian Kersbergen, Algona, SP/4 David Kollasch, Bancroft, SP/4 Duahe Logema'nn, Forest City, SP/4 Kenneth Mogler, LuVerne, SP/4 Harvey Reding, Ottosen, SP/4. Louis Scott, Burt, SP/4 James Steven, Algona, SP/4 Kenneth Thilges, Algona, SP/4 ene Thompson, Swea City. Pfc. Larry Anderson, Corwith, Pfc. Leonard Anliker, Rodman, Pfc. Mark- Bernhard, Bancroft, Pfc, Harlan Bonnstetter, West Bend, Pfc, Mervin Bruns, Titonka, Pfc. Dwight Decker, Whittemore, Pfc. Clinton Eden, Wesley, Pfc. James Eden, Woden, Pfc. Fred Erickson, Algona, Pfc, Ray Harm, Whittemore, Pfc. Andrew Harms, Burt, Pfc. Arthur Kahler, Burt, Pfc, Lester Lammers, Ledyard, Stanley Limberg, Woden. : Pfc. Earl Ludwg, Whittemore, Pfc. Edward Otis, Wesley, Pfc. Dean Ricke, Wesley, Pfc. Dwight Seaberg, Weslpy, Pfc. Richard Steward, Burt, Pfc. Justin Thompson, Emmetsburg, Pfc. Marvin Tigges, Burt, Pfc. William Ulfers, Algona, Pfc. Lawrence Wilhelmi, Bancroft, and Pfc. Dale Yeoman, Corwith. Pyt. Roger Arndorfer, Algona, Pvt. Edward Berninghaus, Algona, Pvt. John Dittmer, Burt, Pvt. Wayne Eckels, Britt, Pvt, Lloyd Hanselman, West Bend. Pvt. Donald Harms, West Bend, Pvt. Raymond Helmers, Titonka, Pvt. Chris Hinders, Brill, Pvt. Wayne Hulehinson, Bancroft, Pvt. Edward Kellner, Bode, Pvt. James Klemm, Algona, Pvt. Larry Koester, Rockwell, Pvt. Marvin Loebach, V-'hittemore, Pvt. Dennis Miller, West Bend. Pvt. Jon Olson, Woden, Pvt. Francis Schafer, West Bend, Pvt. Marvin Schafer, West Bend, Pvt. Cyril Thilges, Bode; Pvt. Glen Thilges, West Bend, Pvt. James Thilges, West Bend, and Pvt. Richard Thompson, Emmetsburg. Ret. Parrel Berkland, Fenton. Ret, Francis Bormann, Livermore, Ret. Kenneth Carlson, Wesley, Ret. Pavid Dreesman. LuVerne, Ret. Allen Pumstorff. Bancroft, Ret. Merle Giddings, Wesley, Rqt. Stanley Hansen. Wesley, R.ct. Cecil Heifner, Buffalo Center, Ret. James Hurlburt, Ehnpre, and Ret. Ponald Preus- cljl, Algona. Rites Are Held Here Saturday • Funeral services^ for a well- known, long-time resident of, Algona, Mrs T. H. Chrischilles, 70, were held Saturday afternoon in the Congregational church with Rev. James ' Boyd officiating. Burial was at Riverview cemetery and McCullough's Funeral Chapel was in charge of arrangements. ' Pallbearers were D.' E. Pewel. •H. M. Smith, H, W. -Miller, G. W. StillmaivKarl Hoffman and Matt Streit. Mrs Chrischilles died at the family home here at 8:10 p.m. Wednesday night, Feb. 8. She became ill following a fall at home New Years Day and had been a patient at St. Ann hospital twice since that time. She became ill with pneumonia Jan. 22 and following hospitalizalion, had been home for 10 days prior to her death. Mrs Chrischilles, the former Irene Kranz, was the daughter of John and Sallie Kranz. She was born at Holstein Aug. 16, 1890 and received her education at Holstein, then graduated from the Universiy of Minnesota in 1913. She taught school for a year at Brooten, Minn., then on Nov. 17, 1915 married Theo H. Chrischilles, whom she had met during college days, at Holstein. Mr and Mrs Chrischilles lived from that time on here. Mr Chri- schilles is owner of the Chrischi- les Store. . Mrs Chrischilles was a member of P.E.O. Sisterhood, the Congregational church and the Order of Eastern Star and was also active in church groups, ete. in Algona. She is survived by her husband, three sons, Ted, Jack and Julian, all of Algona, and nine grandchildren. A daughter, Ruth Ann, her parents, and two brothers preceded her in death. 40th Wedding Anniversary The children of Mr. and Mrs. Axel M. Carlson of Hurt, pictured above, are holding Open House in their honor on the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Carlson at their farm home, Sunday, Feb. 19, from 2:30 to 5 p.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m. Friends and relatives are cordially invited. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson are the parents of nine children, as follows: Raymond of Wesley, John of Burt, Robert of Algona, Carol of Fort Dodge, Mary of Swea City, and Ralph, Phil, Paul and Norman, all at home. (UDM Engraving). 5 Area Teams Left Sectional Final At 3 Sites End 01 Week Five Kossuth county gii-ls bas- ,ketb4U t^ams apd four frorn ad- aiient dortimunitief survived (the of ftlaV in "sectiona -irlr three- sites, "Mon•day- and Tuesday!' ' ' • • - Wednesday e^rung 1 I at two sites,' (he field was' riarrdWed tb two 1 teams; ; and at SeMral' high the semi-finals 1 will be this evening, Thursday.' ' J • i ' • ' Sectional'"-tourney. ' Summary through Monday arid 'Tuesday was as follows: ' ' ' ' AT SENTRAL , ' Whitterhbre 5&, West, Bend 43 Sentral 54, Rodman 5Q Armstrong ^58, Burt 53 Ringsted'73 1 , Cylinder 88 • AT GOLDFIELD ! Corwith-Wesley 59, Boone Valley 47 Twin Rivers 55, Rolfe 42 Goldficld 50, LuVcrne 47 Gilmore City, bye AT CRYSTAL LAKE , Titonka 49, Thompson 34 Lakota 66, Fertile 24 • Ventura 54, Woden-Crystal l,ake 30, • ' ' . . ' Ledyard, bye At Goldfield Wednesday night, Corwith-Wesl9y was to meet Gilmore City, and Twin Rivers was matched with Goldfield. At Crystal Lake Wednesday night, Titonka met Ventura in one of the top games of the even- ng, and Lakota look on the Lod- ard girls in the second game. Both Ventura and Ledyard were undefeated prior to Wednesday. Tonight, Thursday, at Sentral, Armstrong and Ringsted meet at p.m. and Whillemore and Son- ral battle stnrt ! ng at 8:30 p.m. Finals and consolation games t Crystal Lake and Goldfield are Friday I'voning, and the final t Sentral will be Saturday even- ng. AHS|l?M«e# . , i ",•, ^ /' rv-r-*V*T fcm A will'and codicij/filed in', district court here recently 'folldw- ing .the .death of Miss Ella P. Thompson, .well-known Algona lady, .disclosed thai a previously sel-up education fund, which provides scholarships for gradua- .es of, Algona high school, will receive an unknown added sum as a bequest. The exact amount which will 3e added to the educational trust 'und wi'l not be known until an nventury of the lady's estate is completed. Miss Thompson, in her will dated May 10, 1058, bequeathed icr furniture, fixtures, household joods, etc. to her brother, Wilard, and sister-in-law, Henrietta On File Here Thompson; $3,000 to the P.E.'O, Home, at. 'Mount .Pleasant; and ,$5,OQO 'to the public library,'here, The codicil,' dated June 24, 196& outlined a $1,000 tax free bequest to a long-time friend, Flora I. Tiss of Algona, . Miss- Thompson and her- brother, Willard, who resides at La- Jolla, Cal., made a capital nvest- ment in a trust fund of scholarships for deserving-graduates'of Algona high school several years ago. At the present time, $5,000 is available annually for student use for college educations. The fund surpasses $100,000 in value at present. more points. Linda Glassnap with :7 led Ringsled and Margie Freenan tallied 46 for Cylinder, Missing Water Search Goes On The mystery of the missing water is still a mystery at Qttosen. This north Humboldt county town is losing something like 10,000 gallons of water each 4ay from an undiscovered leak somewhere in the town water system. The leak ha; been draining the water fg? two" weeks. HOW FORTUNES WENT AT SENTRAL TOURNEY Nancy Schmeling, Whittemore sophomore, poured in 38 points to help her learn in the contest with West Bend. Whittemore led, 25-23 at halftime. Sharon Hanselman tallied 17 points for West Bend. Sentral had a rough time with Rodman, and wus behind at the half, 27-2(j. With the aid of four free throws and a stall Senlral edged oul the foe, however, with Linda Tomlinson scoring 31 points. Ruth L'lrich of Rodman had 28. Sentral, a stale tourney team of last year, was not up to par in shooting, but Marjorie Johnson and Jeancltc Hanna, veteran guards, kept Rodman under control. Pal Gaarde led Armstrong with 31 points against Burl, bul Burt hud a halftime lead of 28 to 24. Pat'ti Long poured in 35 points for the luckless Burt. team. Ringsted and Cylinder were tied al the half, Tuesday night at Sentral, 28-28. but in the final 30 seconds Ringated with a one point lead managed to snare four TITONKA, LEDYARD AND DAKOTA 'DO OR DIE' Lakola had an easy time in its irst round at Crystal Lake, beat- ting Fertile, but such will not be the case against Ledyard. Pat Tjaden scored 25 points for the winners. Titonka led by Elaine Folkerts wilh 20, handled Thompson ralh- cr easily, also, while Ventura made it 20 straight in an easy win over Woden-Crystal Lake. LU VERNE BOWS TO GOLDFIELD, 50-47 ^t Goldfield, the LuVerne girls lost a tough One, 50 to 47, lo bow out of the slate lournamenl glory road. Maebelle Maas hit 29 for LuVerne, bul the Kossuth team could not beat the one-two punch of Fuhr and Graves of the winners. Twin Rivers with Helen Rutz scoring 30, got pasl Rolfe, 55-42, wilh ease. FT 0 3 7 0 0 0 0 10 PF 3 Game summaries of most of the first round contests follow: SENTRAL (54) FG Wehrspan _________ 6 Tomlinson, L. ____ 14 Tomlinson, B. _______ 2 Johnson ---------- 0 Hanna ____________ 0 Ramus ____________ 0 Hannover ----------- 0 Total __________ 22 1 2 3 4 2 0 18 RODMAN (50) FG FT PF Ulrich ___________ 10 8 ' 1 Moser _____________ 053 Mersch ........ ____ 8 1 0 Lenz _____ ...... --. 004 Shriner ____________ 002 Barber _____________ 002 Total ............ 15 H 1? WHITTEMORE (58) FG FT PF Schmeling 17 4 3 Belts 443 Grimes 1 2 1 Tietz 005 Meier 005 Metzger ._ 002 Maahs 200 Total 24 10 19 WEST BEND (43) FG FT PF Bonstelter —_ G 2 2 Schupfer, C. 5 2 ,1 Hanselman 4 9 1 Smith 006 Jurgens . 000 Anliker 002 Gerber 000 Balgeman 001 Schupfer, S. 003 Total 15 13 16 GOLDFIELD (50) FG FT PF Graves 4 11 2 Fuhr 922 Jones, L. 421 Edwards 0 1 2 Dewitl 002 Jones, R. -- 002 Carlson 003 Totals 17 16 15 LUVERNE (47) FG FT PF Mauss — 8 13 3 Clark 424 Ramus 002 Brink 4 0 Nelson - 0 0 Brislow 0 0 Totals 16 15 3 3 2 17 « » » CORWITH-WESLEY (59) FG FT PF Will - 11 7 3 E^arski, C. 544 Babcock 561 Ezarski, M. -- 003 Erdman ._ ,.. 001 Davis 000 Reddel 000 Totals - 21 17 13

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