The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 9, 1961 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1961
Page 5
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ling Of Son in East 'Bancroft .- Mrs H. G. Hamil- tori returned this week after at- t iiiding the 1 Wedding of her son pBert, who was married the evening ; of Jan. 21 at Lady of Ltfurdes C a t lib lie C h u r 6 h. S,ii? ''I ,ii?en's Village, N. Y. ' £he bride is th'e daughter of ivir.; and Mrs Alfred Dribks, El- rrioht, Long Island, N." Y.' ' The ceremony was. preformed by:;Rev. Charles Bals. The bride and groom will be at home in 1^6% York. Henry Eich is a patient at Holy Family hospital for medical treatment, Richard Schiltz, son of Mr and Mfs Arthur Schiltz returned to Minneapolis Sunday where he will continue his School at Gale Institute. CJeorge Fangman entered Holy Family hospital Monday for medical treatment. Dennis McCleish and Tom McGuire went to Cedar Rapids Friday for a week end visit at the H K." Lampe home. Mr and Mrs Lampe were Bancroft resident before going to Cedar Rapids. Mr and Mrs Joseph Kemna are parents of a daughter born Feb. 3 at Holy Family hospital Estner- ville. The Kemna's are the parents of three daughters and one son. aa Malnei Thu/iday, Feb. ,9, 1961 Former U-D-M Staffer Joins Chicago Firm Darrell Coovef, former assistant to both l/.S. Senator Barry Goldwater and former Montana Governor J. Hugo Aronson, has joined the staff of the American Finance Conference in, Chicago. Coover's appointment as administrative assistant to the chairman of the AFC executive committee was announced today by the chairman, Paul C. Jones. Coover, a Montana native, was legislative assistant to Goldwater and later served as executive secretary to the Montana chief executive. More recently he was a special assistant to former Vice President Nixon during the 1960 presidential campaign. AFC is a national association of more than 350 independent sales finance companies, founded in 1933. Coover was formerly news editor of (he Algona, Iowa, Upper Des Moines and a member of the Algona Kiwanis club. 103 William Walters of Garden Grove died recently at the age of l.()3. His wife died 50 years ago and he has since lived with his daughter. BOY F"our year old Peter Laws of Bvansclale 'was seriously injured recently when he fell' from the faipily car as his mother drove air-older daughter to school. LET US SHQW YOU how fo GET MORE PAY LESS Don Stark Of Algona Honored Don Stark. Agency Manager for the Kossuth County Farm Bureau Insurance Services, was honored as one of the 16 top agents at the 16th Anniversary meeting of Farm Bureau Life In surance Company in DCS Moines on January 27th. Stark joined Farm Bureau Insurances in Calhoun County in March, 1954. He was transferee to Afi'ency Manager in O'Brien County in February, 1955 anc then became Agency Manager in Kossuth County in September, 1960. Before joining Farm Bureau Insurance he was" superiri- tendent of schools at Early, Iowa, BEAVER "! \ Bill Lewis of Buffalo Center recently trapped an 80 pound jcaver near there. This year, jrior to the closing of the mus- jtrat and skunk seasons, Lewis trapped 120 muskrats and 4 skunks, as well as 10 raccoons and 3 foxes. ,i FOH TWO ALGONA COUPLES, THE DUANE CARBONS and the Geoige Cooks, the heart of Valentine's Day is more than a symbol of romantic love. To them, the heart represents February, National Heart Month, and the advances in heart surgery of recent years. More personally, it means .the saving of the life of a child. CALIN CARSON IS A HUSKY six year old boy. He has a sister years o<lder than he, but they are about the same sizfe. He's mischievous and very strong, and you'd never know now that when Calin was three years old he had surgery to correct a Congenital hole in his heart. The Carsons lived at Sioux City then and the operation was performed at Iowa City. They don't talk much about the ordeal unless asked, but they can well understand the- experiences of the other Algona couple who went through much the same thing very recently. SMALL PARTS CABINETS for home or office. Upper Dea Vtolnes Pub. Co., Algona. ' ''• FARM BUREAU MUTUAL AUTO INSURANCE NFW p/us °' Aer ill-" d/scounfs con mean RATES savings FOB DETAILS — CALL OR $E£ DON STARK 218 S. MOORE ALGONA, IOWA PHONE CY 4-3351 TUE Its Holwt, You don'l have to be a Handy- Andy lo do a perlecl job of installing acoustical tile on an old or new ceiling. We'll lell you ihe |asy way and we'll gel you started right. For quietness and'beauty, there's nothing like an acoustical ceiling. Come in soon and see the many new designs for every room in your home. Use our budget plan. BRONSON BLD'G. SERVICE N. Hwy. 18 Algona Emmanuel Lutheran Church Lone Rpck — Lotts Creek Rev. p. J. C. Gerike, Pastor Invites you to its Lentep and Easter Services: February 14, 7:30 P.M. "He y^ent Forth." John 18 1 February 21st, 7:30 P.M. "Exceeding Sorrowful." Matt 26, 38. February 28th, 7:30 P.M. 'Tfat betrayed Him gave a sign." Matt. 26, 48. March 7tb, 7:30 P.M. "I know not this man." Mark 14 71 Mprch 14th, 7:30 P.M. "He is guilty of death." Matt! 26, 66. March 21st, 7:30 P.M. 'On Him they laid the cross." Luke 23, 26. March 30th, 7:30 P.M. "Given and Shed for you" Luke 22, 19.20. ~ March 31st, 9:00 A.M. "They Crucified Him." Matt 27, 35. April 2nd, 8:30 A.M. "And the third day rise aqain " Luke 24, 7. / j • 'The season of Lent is gri invitation to engage in a very careful self-examinatiorj and to seek a fuller knowledge ana 1 qppreciqtipn of Christ's love and mercy. Will you not in ygur pwn heart f^PW address a quiet prayer to God that He will NOT let you go through this Lenten segson withaut having coi^e closer to Him, without baying become q nobler son, a lovelier daughter of His? Our services ore intended to help to such self-examination and spiritual growth! We invite you to attend," THE COOK'S? LIVING HEART SYMBOL is their five year old sen, Douglas,' who has what life'calls a, "railroad track" across his chest. It's'a .seal 1 'rtinning from armpit to-'armpit and it curves into, a couple of hills and valleys.' CalinV-scar is fading now, but both couples look upon them as marks of a miracle, for without the "railroad tracks!', and the heart surgery that p,ut them there, it is doubtful if the boys would have lived to grow up. -. WHEN DOUG WAS BORN, HE joined a family of three sisters- Bonnie, Lana, and Debbie. Naturally, the family was overjoyed at their first son, and he seemed entirely, healthy. But- when Doug was about nine rrionths 1 old, Mrs. Cdoki lodk, him to a local doctor for routine treatment for a'cold. The" doctdr'told her to get in touch with her husband at once. Their son had a congenital hole in his heart. AT UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS' at* Iowa City', 'the Cooks were given the hopeful news that the condition could be corrected by surgery when'Doug "Was,- "old enough for if'.'-There-followed several years of frequent, check-ups and constant iwa.tchiuln.ess lest the bo'y become overtired. And: there' was. the constant danger of colds.-. .". . HOLDING DOWN A HUSKY*LOO*KING little boy with all the normal desires for rough " " j*Qpran6 And Bgfitgne To Appear Were IreBmary 15 *• * * **t •*! • , ,. , ... , !« 'i- uv *»•' * , . ••» Two widely known soloists, so« prano Camilla Williams and Baritone Xodd Duncan, pictured here, will appear at the Algona High SchooP in a joint concert Wednesday, February "15th" at 4 8, spojisoied'bj? the KossjttK Community Conc'eiJ; j^so£(dtify. Miss Williams has appeared in concerts and opera all pver thfe United States and Europe as Well as Isidel, Africa, and Iceland. She is a graduate Of Virginia Slate College, where she prepared for a teacher's career, then on to Philadelphia to study a; short distance, his.'circulation'wpuljd'. go pad ancUhe had to be car- rjed. He could ride £J tricvpfej lots farther jhan he^ could walk. He cpuld go iii swimming but eyen in 90'degree Weather, a short: time tnusic only when" the .College Alumni "Association created" : 'a Special scholarship, for fitrthet" training of her naturally b^utl- ful soprano voice." Camilla Williams first achieved national prominence when she jjiade "her 'dfe'buY with'the'New jKprk City Opera Company and became the first singer of her race to appear regularly with a major Americari Opera 'cornpahy.' She has twice 'won the coveted Marian Anderson award. "'"' 4> In private life Miss Williams is married to attorney Charles Beavers and they make their home in' Manhattan. Todd Duncan, popular baritone, was first brought to light by George Gershwin, who select J ed Duncan to play the role of Porgy "in the American folk opera "Iforgy and Bess." This opera made musical history and, 15 ydEU-s later, the first revival of .the classic was, if possible, • an eyen greater triumph. ! ; Mr Duncan, in the past several seasons has sung in almost every state in the union, in Australia, New Zealand, Israel and all over (Europe. He has eyen appeared in $; movie "Unch'ained" and ;in se- rxeral,^ Broadway shows. B,u| de- jspite 'these successes, Todd pun* ah still prefers, his i; concert Butler College and a master's degree from Columbia University. He now makes his home in Washington,. D. C. •career. _ . _ got in my heart!" However, his parents, recognizing the danger that their son could become spoiled, administered about the usual number of spankngs any boy gets for misbehaving. • i » : * * •; AFTER A CHECK-UP) LAST SUMMER, the Cooks! were told that;Doug would be ready for surgery iri the fail, and -they.entered the hospital,in October. Thdiy had'thje sarne'publicity-shy surgeon the Carson? : had^ "No advance publicity, oir the 'operation- will not bfc •performed 1 ' life'told the;parents. This- prevents either couple from publicly'paying tribute to; (he doctor's skill, 'which' they: feel he :so richly deserves. The doctor; sjys, "Credit} if any, belongs -to"the-University Hospitals, and not .'toiany individual.' 1 ''»>'.' •: ' r. • • ;• \ '. : ;. • \ J » •': ; ' * * '•*• ' ' - ' . - - - '' - \ . 1 NEVERTHELESS,' PEOPLE OPENED UP' THEIR own hearts. Both operations required lots of blood, and it was all replaced in the blood banks by generous friends and strangers before the operations were performed. During,the 11 hour ordealiofiDoug's surgery, an Iowa City clergyman, whom the Cooks Had riever before met, R stayed \yitK "them Jo^ bolster; their faith.;. Gifts poured into: Doug's fj room ujntil'it reached^a .'p'carit 'that Santa was 'hard-pressed lasfLj Christmas to'find.'a toy ;he didn't already have. '' "-' • •• . ' . * * . t ' ' THE DAMAGE T.b' DOUG'S heart was found to be more extensive than originally thought and'he was very ill for a time. He •allied nicely, and/ except for some-understandable objection to'all those shots, he was an excellent patient. He returned hoine within a month. • - * * * DOUG'S FAMILY IS NOW rejoicing in the miracle of his recovery. His lips, linger and toe tips no longer get blue, because his circulation has bccn"corrected. He's looking forward to'spring and lall games with his sisters and his dad and he will enter school lext fall. "* '."'''• * .-> * IT IS UNLIKELY THAT THE'first scrap Doug gets into with lis contemporaries will be looked'upon with the usual parental ob- cctions to fighting. Whether he gets or gives the i>!ack eye, it wMl be considered a milestone in his recovery. Mi',. Cook said, "I wish you'would uyje everyone to givp tp-the blood -bank if they an. You can't imagine how much it is appreciated until someone you ove needs it." ' . '• '• . * * * IN THE MAIL THIS WEEK was a most welcome letter from ur old friend and best man at our wedding, Jim Bishop. How come \e correspond with people who were onec very close to us, only mcc a year? Anyway, Jim concurs with'bur son's recent theories in politics, anrl he's off to a month or so of complete rest in the /n;,;n Islands frum which he expects to return in the pink health- vise and in the reel financially, ' ' . * * * A LETTER ALSO CAME FROM Earl and Verla Miller at Spring Galley, Minn. They get.the paper bill don't get back here very often ji.i'a 1 ,!.;;. 1 they keep very busy at their interesting, but very hard- v.-irkiny busings of a fish hatchery. Verla says, "This week will il.oul finish the hatching^ bill not the work by'any means. As oon i-i they loose' lh<_' y:>lk sack we have to start feeding them. That likes a 1 it of work to prepare the feed. We teed ground beef liver iiid it nuut In; ground several times and then strained through heescrloth. They have to be fed every 2 hours day and night for i while an;l the ones in the ponds have to be fed commercial pet- ets. Uiniit now the ones in the hatchery look more like bugs than ish. but some are living to swim." Their work sounds fascinating, and Pop says we can accept their invitation to drive up and see them next summer. ONE OF THE BEST PARTS of the specials on ham the local stores h->v;j been having lately is the left-over odds and ends you have afu.r serving it baked, sliced a few times. This week's recipe is lor Ham Timbali;: li eup.s ground cooked ham, 1 cup medium white sauce, 2 eggs beaten, 1 cup milk, tor sauce, 2 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons fat. Meit fat and hlenrl^m flour to make smooth mixture' and add ,nii:; .-.lowly aii l cook oVer very low heat, stirring constantly,'until ihickciied. Add sail, about ''j teasp. for each cup of milk, and eook :i to 5 minutes longer. Mix all ingredients and pour into shallow fcrea.-;ed baking diali. Place dish in hot water, bake in 350 degree about. 50 minutes until mixture is firm in center. Makes about •i servjngs. — GRACE. . l ; 'Born in Danville, ; Kentucky land brought up in Indianapolis, Duncan holds a B.A. degree from, Ellen Stewart OfBurtWds Illinois Man Danforth Chapel. on the State University of Iowa, campus' at Iowa City was the setting Feb. 4 for the, 7:30 p.m. wedding of Ellen Stewart, daughter of Mr and Mrs Roscoe Stewart of Burt, and Russell ; Henry, son of Mr and Mrs H. N. Henry of Lanark, 111. The double : ring, ceremony was performed by Rev. Russell W. Hunter of Iowa City., The bride, given in Triarriage by her father, wore a : gown 'of Florentine lace over taffeta; 'designed with a sabrina neckline outlined with scallops of lace and long tapered sleeves ending with TAX RETURNS PREPARED Accurate — Dependable — Economical CHARLES ''Chucr BLOOM CY^-2595 ' ' ' Crop And Soils Clinic Slated . 15, Burt A Crops and Suils Clinic, plus liu ili-c'tion of u I'ojiiriiih.iioiK'r on Ihi Ko.isuth County Conservation Hoard will \,i- held at the Burt Legion Mali. V/edne.sday, bi-yliinin^ iit l::w pin., February Ifi. .iccordnig in U.-an L. BariK'S, Ku.i. uili County L-::li'iisiori director, Algona. Tlie pro": am for the cHiiii: will incKu'ir t.-,ik-. and illustrations of the lati-.a rwear.di finding in Uie fit-Id ''of crops a "net "soils"" by Lyle Ri. idn._ Cijn_i.i v uliuu Si_i- vici: farm planner for Kossuth County; Guorjji- S<-'t'rit, vocutioual ugriculluro leachur of the Algonu, Public iligh Scl^nyl and Dean Barnes, Kossuth 'pbUjpty extta- sion director. Itcidinger will discuss soils ancj the v/ays each ' pii'r.tivular type should be hun.d.lf(^'; "Igefrit wli'l discuss thu lyl'tst 'cJH9,micals 'fp( controlling w^e^s ;uid 'insects ahcj Barnes will dis'yus^' the use'' of, coninu.'ivial (ertilixer, ' the latcs'i varieties of outs, soybeans, le'gu- nu.'s ,-tncl the new eon'vept of ca- lejiflurixint; corn pluntiiiK.s. The public is invited to attend, vote tor a commissioner fen- the KusbUth Soil Conservation' Board . up to date on the new ideas in cic'p pruductiun. BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES AT LuVERNE - WESLEY - TITONKA - RENWICK ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR ANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne Eo«tt^amcto#ao^^ full- in back wftefe a deep bow of taffeta With wide 'streamers. Her'fiftger-tip-veil was held by a pearl studded cap, and she carried a white filble, a gift of'the groom. • Judy Davis served as maid ol honor. Dennis Tallman was best man. The guests were ushered to their seats by''Bernard JohnsoA ana Ronald Lindsay* '•'.'•'• A reception wasi held following th6 cererhony in the River Room of the idwa Memorial tTnion. ,'.. FRIDAY; FEB. loth BOSSY MANKINS end Ihe BLUE BOYS SATURDAY, FEB. llih VALENTINES DANCE HENRY CHARLES and His Orchestra SUNDAY, EEB. 121h SPECIAL •— OLDTIME COUSIN FUZZY , and His COUSINS Grestist - in - OLDTlME ENTERTAINMENT Adm. $1,25 per person tidn as a registered medical tech- nologlst in th£ bacteriology; paftment'a!t the Vet$ta?is-A histratlon hospital anfi in her part-time graduate studies at th;e University, • 1?: ^IlllllllllllllllllllllliWllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllllllllnilllllllllllll BALLROOM Whltfemore, Iowa SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12 "Big Tiny Little, Jr," Marv Reedstrom orch. No Dances During Lent Except St. Patrick's Dance - March 17. Don Hoy (Doors Open Eqrjy) | No Advance 1 Booth Reservations § Doors Open at 8:30 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijjiiiiiiiii i To 6wr loyal customers Whether you are one of our newer, friends. or have been,#iyvug over,the ye^ars, we want yog to.knovy^ow^ muchJWa walue/trfe 'banking friendship established' between us.' '•""" We appreciate,.too, .the confidence you have placed in us and we will strive to retain it by continuing to give you the best service possible. ", who have made our bank a regular stop, we say thank you for banking with us. And, for all our friends in the community we add — always at your service. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. All Accounts Insured Up To $10,000 SECURITY STATE BANK "THE FRIENDLY BANK" ALGONA ;efer a pojiMft tft or a full-size car? No - build $$ffl feo^Compact Dodge Laocgr, t dowr< thg IJQ9 auth Comet, Cqrvair and ll-size Ppdgf p^rt, priced model for Ford aiirj pjie^rjlf t. Compact and stand^~ J "~ '"" their major WHEELS WITH THE DODGE MAUD OR OH TOP LH IO "A d ° es n u 0t . offer ' A unitize <l. rust-proofed Ny. A sup,erb rda: To/ 5 ion-Aire. And 3 m £ i a " ed 3 ,u 3ltern ^-'"t makes the battery ast r longer lhan usual, because it charges even nJi dle - uc W<*;qr standard, see Dealer, lie's |ot the whe% ^ith the Oodg MQTQRS-IQ9§* Phillips It, A! S 9n§, !9Wi

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