The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 1, 1949 THI NATION TODAY Marlow Compares U.S. Senate With 'Greatest Show on Earth' And Finds Admission is Free By June* Mirlow WASHINGTON, April 1. («")—For butter paUles-on-the-back, see the United SUtet Senate. Bit in the gallery for free «my day and took down on one of l»e createct shows on earth. 8M Uie 96 senators, although not all arc there at any otic lime, iettl« the fate of the nation. * Watch their tempers get raw but notice how, even when they heave harpoon, they dress the tip in •pimmering - praise For In anger they still butter one mother up with a tender Introduction. "Will the very distinguished senator yield?" says one, alhouglj he may not think there's anything very distinguished about the man he's asked to yield. And the ylelder may wish the other one would stop Interrupting, but he says "it Is- a pleasure to yield to the most able senator." The high point this year was reached by Senator Douglas, Illinois, Democrat, during the filibuster debate. He was against it. He had the floor and was asked to yield lor a questloniby Senator Russell,' Georgia, Democrat, and captain ot the filibusters. "I yield," said Douglas, "with a great deal of trepidation, as I tace one of the most able field generals I suppose who ever appeared on the floor of the United States Senate; and though my knees are knocking, I am very glad Indeed to yield." Once rrt a while Senator Tom Connally, Texas, Democrat, gets & little irritated and shows it with a sarcasm he lays on with a heavy hand. Connally Is chairman of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee which soon will begin hearings on the Atlantic pact. He's for It, But Senator Dunkell, Missouri, Republican, has doubts about It, and, this week took a lot of Senate time to say so although the pact wasn't up for debate. He asked Connally on the Senate floor U he could take part in the debate although he Is not on tlie committee. "We," said Cbmmlly, "are always glid to hear eminent senators give their eminent views on eminent questions." After listening to the 96 of them year after year, you begin to form a box-score of your own. Here's mine: Beet speaker—Claude Pepper, Florida, Democrat. He's the toughest man In debate on the Senate and Alken, Vermont, Republican. Two thoughtful, Intelligent men. Fights for Baby Sylvi'i Lou Orcdaugh, 21, with her who is '.he center of a legal struggle between her mother and Mr. Mrs. David VI. Hoffman, who seek to ndoot the child. Saying wonted my baby and want ncr." the mother filed an ob- Suspect's Mind Called Immature Psychiatrist Says Wont an Has Mentality Of 10-Year-Old Child DETROIT, April !—</!>>—Testifying In the Jones murder trial over strenuous objections, a psychiatrist said yesterday that- Mrs. Evelyn: Lari, 21, Ims the mind of a ten- year-old child This statement cnme from Dr. C. L. Penrman, hcnd psychiatrist-at Wayne County General Haspltal. Attorneys for the co-defendants Ualph Ray Hunter, 25, and James Sacchcttl, 31, tried to block the calling In of psychiatrists. So did prosecutor Ocrnld O'Hrien. Judge Joseph A. Oillis Over-ruled them. Mrs. Larl's attorney, J, Elmer Cresswell, said the purpose of calling on psychiatrists was to show Dint his client would have acted as she said she did on the night Elmer B. Jones, a wealthy contractor, wos killed.. Mrs. Lari hnel testified that Hunter and Sacchcltt forced her, by threats, to take part In the crime. "How would she rcacl to emotional stress, duress or domination," Crcsswell asked the psychiatrist. "I expect she certainly would not handle the situation in the way that ft normal adult would," said Dr. Pearmau. As the trial nearccl a close, police took extra precautions with Sne- chelti and Hunlcr. They said the men boasted openly of trying to escape. We don't know whether this is brnBgadlocio or what," said Inspector Vnim C. Rodgers, "but >ve arc taking no chances." Woman with Only One Year to Live Asks Advice on How to Spend $10,000 OKLAHOMA CITY, —f/P)—Death In 12 months—and $10,000 to spend before It comes. . , What would you do? An Oklahoma City woman—a middle-aged widow—doesn't know. But she Is asking, In all sincerity, for advice Here Is the background: We'll call her Mrs. Heart. She Is 51. Doctors have told her a henrt ailment probably will claim her within a year. Mrs, Heart Is moderately wealthy. She became a business woman alter her husband was killed In tile first World War, made wise Investments, and used her money cautiously. She sold her business eight years ago, ready to enjoy her financial harvest, to live In comparative luxury the rest of her life. But then the doctor said only for a year. Now she doesn't know what to do. Mrs. Heart, through the Dally Oklahoman, has asked the public for advice. The newspaper has investigated her story. It's neither publicity nor sympathy Mrs. Heart is seeking. Just a simple request for help In deciding hpw best to spend ?IO,000. Ing that money in cattle. All got the same reply: The newspaper had agreed to keep her Identity a secret. Put It In writing and the letters will all go to Mrs. Heart. Jeweler Weeps As she puts It: "Every Idea that comes to me Power Commission Re/uses to Reconsider Order Directed to AP&L WASHINGTON, Apr. 1. i/P) — The Power Commission hns refused to reconsider a commission order of lust February. The order directed the Arkansas -_- . Power and Light company to make Jcction in crurt seeking to halt the accounting adjustments In Its gen- adoption proceedings Colo. The gain when the mother took from the foster parents' home, but later returned the Infant. ~ Wire photo.) European Political Unification Sought By Senator Fulbright WASHINGTON. eral corporate books to eliminate {8,247,200.04 of excess over ordinal cost from Its celctrlc power ac- A. P. and Li. and Ihe Arkansas Public Service Commission requested a rehearing. Pef Dog Frees Family From Burning House BATESVILLE, Ark., An. 1. W> — Smokey is a hero in Ihe A. E. Roberts family. Smokey, a pet dog, crashed seems silly or useless. I want a plan. I want n purpose." The $10,000 Isn't her entire csUle, A daughter—she lives In California —has been "comfortably provided ! for." Mrs. Heart won't tell her friends. "Then," she says. "It Immediately becomes a personal thing. They'd be forever asking If you felt all right. And they'd stop talking when you came into the room." She has considered anolher marriage, but— "I would want to know someone pretty well before I thought of marrying him. I am terribly lonely." He would not share in her estate. Merely help her spend the $10.000 she allotted herself for this last year. A calm phllosphy has replaced the initial shock of knowing that death—to her—is a timed thing. "It's the most peculiar sort of feeling." she SUVE. "I have lost fear. I used to be afraid to travel by plane. It made me ill. Now it does- n'l bother me at all. ". . .It's a reckless kind of feeling.' Mrs. Heart's plight won quick reaction from the nation. City Editor nalph Sewel! of the Dally Oklahoman gave up trying to get the morning sleep to which every morning newsman is entitled. "My 'phone was ringing steadily," he said, "so I decided I might as well be at the office." Newspapers from Chicago to Los Angeles phoned to ask for Mrs Heart's telephone number, her identity and her sanction for contests House Approves $9,000,000 for Power Program AP Special Washington Service WASHINGTON, April 1. (/Pj—A $9.000.000 program for construction of public power transmission lines in six southwestern slates the next fiscal year has been approved by the House. Tile program wns included In the interior appropriation bill passed by (lie House yesterday and sent to the Senate. The bill would give the Southwest Power Administration an appropriation of $4,000,000. It also authorizes the federal agency to enter into contract obligations for an additional $5,000.000. The Southwest Power Administration was set ui> to market power from federally constructed flood control dams In Arkansas and Louisiana and parts of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Some clatns are In operation and others are In the construction or planning stage. t FURNITURE REBUILDING The House of Charm can really make .rour present furniture like new again! We offer truly superior workmanship, a wealth of selection In upholster/ fabrics at ererj price level, and 19 day service. Call for a free estimate. House Of Charm jimmle Heal Kemp Whlsenhunt ZOil West Main Fhonei: 4621 or 4461 tFrank Nussbaum, 54, Los Angeles eweler, weeps in Jail at Los An s, as he is booked on suspicion f receiving stolen property from jerard "Raffles" Dennis, accuse 'K'iety burglar held in New York Nussbaum and another local jewel Julius Brack, were arrested o nstruciions from New York Po ice. (AF Wirephoto.) Correct PIANO TUNING And Expert Repair Work BABY CHICKS Healthy, Sturdy • Buy the Best • Master Mix Feed None Finer Lewis Poultry 419 East Main Phone 3317 • For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 4601 NICHOLS DRUG GENTLEMEN: To have a suit that really fits, be measured by a (allor. Now showing all 'he latest spring and summer Imported and domestic woolens. Drop down lo our shop any day nt the week. GEORGE L MUIR "Blytheville's Only Tailor" 309 Railroad CAMERAS FOR RENT Flash or Box Type Cameras. Also a complete stock of flash bulbs in all sizes. Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television Violin Repair Experts Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main. Tel. 811 Barney's Drug Store 200G West Main Phone 3647 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phone 4141 G. O. POETZ Watching him organize Senator Fulbrlghl (D-Arkl says he through n glass-paneled door Tues- fine experience. And he ff sarcasm so he can keep on ways of spending her $10,000. and three children U> their burning house. A promoter phoned that he could make her rich. In a hurry by InveAt- timers — Clyde Hoey. North Carolina, outfit every day: blue gray Railroad at Cherry blue-gray cutaway coat with Bill expressing United States appro- arnation and a wing collar; nnally, who looks like an William Jennings Bryan his hair hanging down over Senate, the MtirshaU Plan amounts nell. He lugs in loads of dictionaries define a word. who don't talk unless they something to hay— Douglas and complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Builder sSupply Co took tof P"~ ' *"*, IB*? « «t..t- *'• H.T- W. H. Pease J. Wilson Henry South Hiway 61 Phone 2434 Coker 1OO Wilt Resistant takes first 14 prizes in Georgia 1947 5-acre cotton contes FOR SALE BABY CHICKS Plant your next crop with the prize winning Coke 1OO Wilt Resistant Cottao 4A Quality Order Yours Now It**!?. • HIGH YIELD • EARLY MATURING • DEFINITE WILT RESISTANT , COMPARABLE TURN-OUT • STAPLE 1-1/16" to 1-1/8" LARGE, FLUFFY LOCKS MAKE EASY PICKING BY HAND OR MACHINE We Find Coker 100-Wilt to be 1-32 Inch Longer Than Other Similar Varieties. HIGHER LOAN VALUE During the month of September, 11)48, we had a difference in loan value of $4 to ?7 per bale in favor of Coker 100-Wilt ginned at our one- variety gin as compared with other cotton ginned at our two custom gins. I l( u i Send This Coupon B. C. LAND COMPANY | Leachville, Arkansai , ) Send U* Colter'* Cotton Catalogue ) Ship ua lOO-lb. Bagi Coker 100-Wilt - - - - - ( ) C. O. D.» Addre**. B. C. LAND COMPANY — DISTRIBUTOR — Our policy m priws "It has always been our goal to put a bigger, better automobile within reach of more people. To that end, we have bought the huge factory at Willow Run, end hava a great engine -plant in Detroit. In Cleveland, we have acquired the world's largest blast furnace for the making of steel. Our engineering--production team and our vast dealer organization have worked overtime to reduce manufacturing and distribution costs. In liitf with the settled •policy of our Corporation, we are giving substantial savings to the public in the form of greatly reduced prices...even sooner than we expected. A'o;o, almost any American family can own a really big, fine car!" Keuer-Fratsr Corforatiott HENRY J. KAISER Cfiairmim JOSEPH W. TRA7.ER I So, now you can buy the tng car you've always wanted ..« , at virtually'little car" prices and at'liitle car'economy of operation!, ' • Think of what this means to you am! your famil/ in terms of • riding comfort, driving t»sc and fettigtl ^ Go choose your Kaiser or Frazer .oiiay. Your nearest • Kaiser-Frazer Dealer can probably s <ive you immediate delivery. • Fair-and-square trade-in allowances.. .but you do not have to have » car to trade to get the benefits of Kaiser-Frazer price revisions! , So, enjoy the comfort, luxury and safety 01 a new, 1949 Kaiser • ... the tou-fit-pricca 1 bi% car in the tuorW/ • • Look *nal these new prices sane you I L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Clierrj & Railroad. Phone 4493 Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or reenturced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate . . phone 601. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. model old pm-e* 1949 Kiisef Spcciit Kiitrr Dcluii 1509.01 d3JS are here again! Today you can get a big, bip ^9+9 Kaiser Special for only $1,995*...a saving to you of over $333.001 Prices of all Kaiser and Frazer nodels have been materially lowered. These are by far the most sweeping price revisions the automobile industry has seen. 849 fnnr «49 Friz* Minhiltin 161.71 1849 Kiisy <ir{ini«r. 3.1 n-S 1111)500 . Factor) '-nnsfartation jnd local laxet f if any) aJMlisr.M. JII frictt induct comfltU factory lyntmtnl, Welhing tlit to k *• l73v»"ilieeHise...lO f«et 7 inches sealing space,,, 1TA cubic till Irynli sjace..,wer 206 inches !cng,,,7,3-!o-t compression ritio Listu la Willu HKiacMll miry Sunlaj night, ABC ^..^ Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING OATS Also Alfalfa, I.cspcdc?^, Sweet Sudan, Sudan. I'asturc Mixtures, Lawn Mixtures and other field seeds. Call Us for Your Requirements BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blytheville, Ark. 856 Phones 857 MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 North — Phone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs

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