The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1964 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1964
Page 4
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•Algeria (|q.) Upper De» Moiftes Thursday, Nov. 19, 1964 Not to be out-done by Linda Schmidt, who found violets recently near her home, Lois Bentele, Wesley, sent me a bouquet Nov. 4 via her sister, Darlene. Thank you, too. A breath of spring In the fall Is nice. * * * I am "swinging down the lane" again - boll completely vanished and life Is again worth living I It was a well behaved one, gave me no trouble at all except when the pressure of my crutch made It say "No" very vigorously. * * * From the Presbyterian bulle- ten came this Interesting bit of Information, which will set many of us right: The word "Protestant" does not mean "to protest against" as Is often thought to be the case. It comes from two Latin words, pro and tes- taro which means "to testify for." As applied to members of the original movement,'therefore, It meant "One who bears witness to his faith", or "One who testifies that he has had an Inner spiritual experience." * * * I was sorry to read of the death by too many sleeping pills of Sammee Lee who played In "Bachelor Father" with John Forsythe some time ago and of late with Mickey Rooney. His role showed him as an amusing little fellow with quick wit. * * * The Adrian Sterlings are look- Ing forward to a visit In early November from their son-in-law and daughter, Jeanette, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Miller, Costa Mesa, Calif. Grace Jackman dropped In the other day to let me read a letter she had from Florence Patterson Howard, Phoenix, Aria. "Pat" was one of my first friends and was neighbor for many years. Grace has sent her some of my "Tidbits" and Pat had expressed pleasure In reading them. Remember our deal, Pat, years .ago? You did my German prose for a year and I wrote your Thanksgiving story and got you an A? * * * When I was trying to swat an obnoxious fly the other day for some reason this came to my mind. Mr. B. F. Crose used to say to Lucille's nice little black cocker spaniel, "You obstreperous canine", all In fun of course, for Don was anything but a noisy, loud doggie, though he did a little begging at the table, as any canine will do. Odd, Isn't It, how some little thing like that sticks In one's mind. * * * Mrs. Paul Dettman Is home from a visit of a month In California, from the south to the north, and she thinks It Is a beautiful country, "But give me Iowa to live In" she concluded. * * * Rev. Morz of the Presbyterian church gave us a very good message Nov. 29. As a purely personal suggestion, when callers come before our stated hour, 2 p. m., It would be considerate and nice If they would remain very quiet. From 1:30 ttirzKKP* Is OUR church, and we can't enjoy It when we can't hear the NEWEST IN MINNEAPOLIS \^/7/T//7/y/ Mm OH-WirH lifiiiifliif Hiialui;* to Infra* J Evirythlni you tvir (maitaed. Evuyibln'i you wmtt b provldid tor your «omp!«« «njoyminl and Mofort U ihi NEW Cirrlift HOUM—Larp D«corator-DMl|M4 Luxury JUomi. KJnrSiu Etdi, Individually ,loom* Co«?9llad Yur-Around "u you Ilk* U" Timparaturt, PL'Mt-DliUflf Tiliphonaa, Niwiit TV and Radio. Exeil- unt Food, Coflat Shop, Raiiaurant, Coekull LOUBM, NorthwuCi FlMit Autonatlo loplios (12 UnM), lUliui Lounat. K«ar Shopping Cintin, Sporli Attracilor.. and Thaatin. Mlnutii to Downtown — Eailly Acutiibte to latiru* tional Airport and MttropoUian Stadium. f M m»mii>ui »in, wmi »H*« n mute -— • .i lUoB ttr (£|N unhurt rt '"I»i»u tt'oi IM Mi In MluiatMli.* message over our loud speaker over which we get the talk. Callers are welcomed, don't get me wrong, but we residents do want our bit of church, too. * + * Sandra, seven year old daughter of Mr. anx Mrs. Pete Jorgenson, wasn't trying to do "the man on the flying trapeze" act the other day, but she did "fly" over the handle bars of her bicycle when going down the hill near where their new home is being built. She suffered a slight concussion, was out of school a day and hated to go back with a scarred face. But she is 0. K. now and henceforth will be more careful, her mother hopes. * * * Mabel Paxson has a private phone in her room, It was Installed as a surprise by members of her card clubs and other friends. * * * When I mentioned the Anderson butcher shop last week, I forgot to mention the barrels of pickles that sat around. Especially good were the mixed ones with cauliflower and onions added. Cartons were different than now. Then they were sort of square, the sides folded to make a top and the handle was of wire. Remember ? * * * Mrs. Ed Hough was here the other day. It had been some time since I had seen her, though we have talked over the phone frequently. I was reminded of the time mother and I sold, by mistake, a picture Hazel and Roy Keen had stored In our barn along with some things of my grandmother Henderson. We were having a sale and Mrs. Hough bought the picture. It had been years since we had seen my grandmother's things, and the Keens' things somehow got mixed with grandmas. Well, we phoned Mrs. Hough, got the picture back only to discover It was only the frame Hazel wanted and Mrs. Hough only wanted the picture. I guess they never did get together on It. * * * to the principals, l am sending It .to Leeta Henderson who also enjoyed them and we had such fun listening to them together when mother and 1 were in Pomona years ago. * * * Thanks to "Dutch' 'Hohsbruch, each resident here and all the nurses and aides were treated Halloween to a doughnut and apple. His assistants were "Shiek" Rex Post and little Stevle Smith. The doughnut went very well with my coffee the following morning. * * * I hope Judge Stlllman, his son- in-law, Dan Jones of La Crosse, Wis., and Dan's father, Fred of Sioux City, don't get arrested for shooting pheasants out of season. Until I get my schedule a little better in mind, tenses are a little confusing, so I suppose if worse come to worst, I can go ball or something for the three. However, I assure you, the men were doing nothing Illegal. * * * ed down from 49 and would be considered quite a "bargain" and automatically more and more people would come under the influence of matrimony. Rebuilt old maids who had never before been asked to wed by anybody (except their parents) would soon be married to old bachelors in their nighties, pardon, nineties, who have also had most of the body-squeaks eliminated from their chassis. One Is "never too old to yearn" you know. On your birthdays, your friends wouldn't know your age or how many times to spank, so those birthday spankings would cease, thereby saving the annual wear and tear on your friends' hands, etc. - Well, anyhow, It's "food for reflection" as the goat said as it ate the looking-glass." * * * . It was nice seeing Grace French a few days ago. It has been some time since I had seen her and was not prepared to see her so svelte. She has lost some pounds via the gall bladder upset route, quite a common thing now days, and while I'd like to take my belt In quite a few Inches, I don't want to do U the hard way. * * * Maude Dorweiler told me her sister, Bess, Mrs. Budd Lawson and husband, have already gone to their Florida home at Dunedln already, i mentioned having ,seen Bess a few weeks .'ago. She was very-thin and Maude told me Bess, 'under doctors orders, has a malted mllkjit bed time. Ah - a chocolate malt wouldn't be hard to take I » * * Norman Plngel was vlalted here recently by his niece, Mrs. Otto Johnson and two daughters of Ft. Dodge. Mrs. Johnson has a sister whose birthday is the same as hers - both "May Baskets", being born Just two years apart. Of course, you know May Basket day is the «rst day of that month. * * * I think I mentioned the cute program on radio years ago '"Vic and Sade". In a recent issue of a T; V. program for the week I read an Interesting account of what had happened Also had Bess Hopkins and Marie Hawcott in for awhile. Somehow our talks always get around to diamonds of which we are very fond. We found we are now surfeited, each possessing s,ome nice specimens and contentment Is wonderful. * * * From a headline "County Now a Tlnderbox as High Heat and Low Humidity Continue, "• followed by an item on the excessive heat In Los Angeles, It was nice to read Melvln Henderson's notation In the margin - "Oct. 21 It has cooled off now and begins to feel like fall." * * * Abner Long has been such a good correspondent and then to not hear from Mm for so long, I got a little worried about the outcome of his eye surgery and wrote his son Jack at Cedar Rapids to learn the "lay of the land", 'i am glad to report' from Jack's reply that it was perfect In every respect'' ind Nov. 9 he went back to Iowa' City to have glasses fitted, He has been In Davenport by himself for six weeks and had been with Jack and his family three weeks. He and Jack made a trip to New Hampton recently to seeAbner'ssister-ln-lawRuth Jackson and husband, Mr. .Achilles. He took the bus from Cedar Rapids back to Davenport and keeps up with his Klwanls, Hl-12 and other Masonic activities. Even attended a Republican dinner when Nixon spoke. But like me, the political outcome would not please him. * * * The expression "Be yourage" should be changed to "Beat your age." Under legalized Birthday Control, a person could be mark- Dick Post is glad he doesn't have to pay the phone bill $24,65 run up by a long talk with his friend, Jon Stormquist, a "buddy" he hears from' every now and then. They had a chat most satisfactory. Dick got the call about midnight. Dick served overseas in World War n and has a yen to go back over the same area. He would like to talk wife Lavonne into going, but she says there are so many places here in the U. S. A. she'd like to see first. I told Dick if I weren't so tied up with arthritis, I'd go with him gladly and I'd be sure of a protector from the suave Frenchmen and Italians who I am sure would surround me t * * * How frequently some small circumstance changes destinies and the knowledge of horses had a major part In bringing to pass a thing Bruce McCullough wanted very much - acceptance at Hebron Academy in Maine. He had been east with a national student group and was much Impressed by the country and prep school set-up. it la almost impossible to gain entrance, for sons are enrolled almost at birth by many families. Bruce was Introduced to Prof. Emeritus Dr. Boyden of Deerfleld, and the talk In some way got around to horses, a hobby of Dr. B. Bruce, also a horse enthusiast, but not the same breed as the doctor's, and such an Impression was made, Or. B. used his Influence and Bruce was entered at Hebron. Not only that, he has made the football team. He admits one has to study very hard, but he loves the whole set-up. His mother was worried about a lad only 17 being so far from home, the possibilities of roaming in New York City, but husband Bob pointed out that if the Call brothers could come out here to this wild country and live near Indians, surely Bruce was safe, The Call brothers were not very old when they came west - but I am moved to remark New York has a lot of "savages", but we'll keep our fingers crossed for Bruce's safety and are glad for him his aim has been achieved. * * * ' The fooll "Bigamist: Man who has taken one too many." And "America 1964 - Mermaid: Bottomless girl with a topless suit." St. Joe C.D.A. Plans Xmas Party Dec. 9 ST. JOE - C. D. A. met Nov. II in St. Joseph's school. The Court encourages pupils of St. Joseph's school to again enter the National CDA Poetry Contest and will award gifts to the local winners. Mrs. John R. Capeslus was appointed chairman for the women for decency program and Mrs. Joe Sinnwell, highway safety program. Lecturer, Mrs. Wm. McGuire, read on women for decency. Slides and a talk by Rev. Cecil Freldmann were greatly en- Joyed, and Father will return at a later date to show the remainder of the slides. Lunch was served and prizes awarded to Mrs. Leonard McGuire, Mrs. Paul Thilges, Sr., and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner. The annual Christmas party will be held Dec. 9, with a 6 o'clock potluck supper preceding the monthly meeting amf social evening. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Weydert from here, and Mrs. Florence Faber, Burt, spent the weekend at the home of Mr. and Mrs Leonard Weydert, Adams, Minn., and at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Loews and family at Hayfleld, Minn. Sharon Berte, 6-month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Berte, entered Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, Tuesday, as a medical patient. Connie Column PRINTED PRIZES Justyourstyle '65 Dodge Polara. A big handsome hunk of machinery that's raising eyebrows all over the country. Outside neat QuiriJ t 8an '»5l>!! nC Soo lnside ' inches bl 'ager than last year Quicker too. With a 383 cu. in. VS. standard equipment, that likes regular gas best. Climb in and take a look around Appointments and trim that you.would expect only MI™ *»u- L. on more expensive cars. Nices thing about the '65 Dodge Polara. If the looks, spirit and luxury get you going, the price won't slow you down' Dodge comes on big for '65.Why not come along for the ride ? At your Dodge dealer's. COLLECT A KIDDY- GIFT Here's an idea; from one of our area readers:!. Tote out your J] old bracelets and necklaces; get friends to do likewise. Sep-- , arate beads; box them with a spool of dental floss and give them to that little one make a fmost original Jgift in moil ments, look (first in the 'linen depart- Jment. A fancy 'pillow case or . . kitchen towel looks great, under glass! Frame it, and delight a mend. Or convert one handsome linen tea towel into two tasteful tea aprons; just stitch on grosgrain ribbon for ties and waistband. FRUITFUL COOKIES 4 Mix well 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1 lb. line- cut dry coconut, 1 Tbsp. white sugar, y 4 lb. fine-cut blanched almonds, 1 tap. orange flavoring, 1 package orange gelatin, 4 drops each red and yellow food coloring. Shape into tiny round oranges; roll in *A pkg. dry orange gelatin and trim with green-tinted powdered-sugar icing. Make strawberries and I O nt f\m a !•* « » n •'. 1.. _ l* j_ j* flavoring and red food color, or lemon gelatin,- lemon extract and yellow food color. Such splendid accents for holiday cookie trays! OODOE DIVISION £•£ CHRYSLER ^fff MOTORS CORPORATION GS Dodge Polara PERCIVAL MOTORS, Inc., 800 South Phillip. St., Algona • WATCH "THE BOB HOPE SHOW." NBC-TV. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTING.- bulbs, a bag of dirt, and several small dimestore garden tools. You may start tomorrow's star gardener. SENIOR CITIZEN SERVICE Good project plan for young clubs; holiday shopping services for your community's ?enior citizens. Shut- ins at hospitals, homes and institutions need someone to shop for them. Oldsters who can get about could use the aid of willing teen-agers, to drive or accompany them over icy sidewalks. Special bonuses for the helpers: better understanding, learned patience, a marvelous sense of satisfaction. BEE IN SANTA'S GAP What's wrong with being able to thank Santa on Thanksgiving? Nothing, say I. If you'd like a new gas range for Christmas, do your hinting now! Enjoy all its "gold star" conveniences for the holidays. Cook care-free, on its burner-with-a-brain; bake better, with even gas heat and gas oven controls. Broil smoke-free steaks on busy shopping days! Steer Santa toward your local gas company or gas appliance dealer. He can budget his gift-payments, you know. © Northern Natural Oai Company, Omaha, Nebraska GIVE LOTS FOR LITTLE Make this year's "family gift" one that brings years of modern living. Give your home a new gas appliance! Gas heats water faster, dries clothes nicer, cooks auto- magically, disposes of trash and garbage instantly. Year around, gas appliances help you live modern, for less. And you can pay for your gas appliances while you enjoy them! Northern Natural Gas Company pipes gas to your local gas company, who brings it to you ... for hap- S ier vh< jl lda y B (and every- oaya). Have a nice Thanksgiving! In Iowa... "•W*"~ after bowling, beer is a natural After you've bowled a game or two, or when you're winding UD the evening at the neighborhood bowling center, it's good to relax with friends and compare scores. What better way to add to the sport and the sociableness than with a refreshing glass of beer? However you take your fun-skiing, skating, or at your case in the game room-beer always makes a welcome addition to the party. Your familiar glass of beer is also a pleasurable reminder that we live m a land of personal frcedom-and that our right to enjoy 1-ccr and ale, if we so desire, is just one, but an important one o7 those personal freedoms. ' In ! goes with fun, with relaxation UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. BOX 159, OSCEOLA, IOWA TOP QUALITY BATTERY SPECIALS! WE FEATURE A FULL LINE OF DELCO&VARCON BATTERIES FOR TOP STARTING THIS WINTER CHOOSE A BATTERY FROM OUR BIG STOCK NOW I DELUXE 30-Months Guarantee 6 volt • Group 1 With Exchange DELUXE ' 15.95 ** 12-Voh * 30-Months Guarantee * With Exchange SUPER ACTIVE 5 18.95 ," With, *" 12-Volt •* 4-Ysar Gv»r«nte« VIKING OIL CO. 295-3749 ROY STOFFEL, Own.r "WE OIVE KINO KORN * QQLD BOND STAMPS"!

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