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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 61
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 61

Des Moines, Iowa
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Page Jhres NEWS OF IOWA AND PES MOINES WOMEN'S CLUBS By Blanche Wingate Misses Emily Hunter, Laura Carson and Lois and Emily Candee. Miss Lelia Wilson also teaches ft large class at Plymouth Congregational church. And Miss Leta Des Moines Women's Club to Hold Annual Stunt Day Here Wednesday Federation To Open Art Exhibit Here Sidelights By BLANCHE WINGATE Fowler is a pipe organist. See What We Have EASTER! TJOBBIES of Des Moines business women are as varied as and a book of poems written by Dorothy Miller, of this city. Mary Fiedler has compiled a scrap book of favorite poems and from this book many are read to Camp Fire Girls of Des Moines where she is the executive.

CHILDREN and people are the hobbies of soma of the best known women. Zephyr Gilpin is vitally interested tn girls, a number of whom she has known from babyhood and to whom she has lent a helping hand financially with their education. Caroline Gruener is Interested In psople and her Sunday school class of more than 40 men and women at the First Evangelical church might be termed her hobby. The altar at St. Paul's Episcopal lx their professions.

A reception Monday from 3 until 5 p. ra. in the Younker tearoom art galleries will open the Iowa Federation of Women'! club's exhibition of paintings which will be displayed until April 26. There are hobbies that give a thrill, hobbies that are health giving, hobbies that keep alive the love tor tne peai tiful, fanciful and idealistic, trude Darrell, who owns a tiny The exhibition was assembled china shoe more than 90 years old. by Miss Freda House of Daven TRS.

EDITH M'ELROY'S port, vice chairman of the division I VI hobby Is books. In her col of art, and is the second sponsored by the Iowa Federation during the administration of Mrs. William lection are more than 1,000 beautifully Illustrated books for children. Her small daughter, Mary Jo, collects tiny articles In Larrabee, of Clermont. Are Exhibiting.

church with its hangings and flowers has its charm for four well known business women, There are bobbies that take one to the woods for nature and bird study and hobbies that take one riding over byways and highways in search of spring blossoms and autumn leaves of brilliant hues. Golf swimming, horseback riding, motoring and bird scouting are among the health giving hobbies that have been embraced by B. Edith Moore, Lucille Wallett, Nina Kolberg, Doris Coover, Lillian Van Busklrk and Dr. Mary Golden. DURING her many long motor trips Mrs.

Moore has acquired more than two dozen baskets with Indian specimens and those MRS LR FRENCH MSSV I COS30H II t(r The themes of the paintings deal with Iowa landscapes, haunt of chipmonks, chore time, farm and barnyards, old houses and flowers typical of the state. The exhibitors Include Arnold pottery. Ruby Holton is much interested in jewelry, pictures, Navajo rugs and baskets made by Hopl and Pima Indians. Mrs. L.

K. Ellis also has books for her hobby. Her collection numbers more than 50 miniature copies which includes a Life of Lincoln, more than a half century old and a set of prayer books from France. These are not more than an Inch long. Aden, Edith Bell, Ruth Eby, Cath -j erine Macartney, Edna J.

Patzig Des Moines' 13 BIGGEST 5I Washwoman yr M. W. Pelzer and Harry E. Stinson I of Iowa City; John V. Bloom of of tropical countries predominate DeWitt, Marian Gilmore of Ot tumwa, Chris Glasell of Dubuque You'll be delighted with the trim lines and the swanky newness of this seamless pump featured In Orfj, While, Rlno, Brawn uid mark Kid Whlta and Black Faille $3.95 $4 85 HOSIERY Chiffon or Service, flttc 2 Pairs $1.35 I and Margaret Triplett of Storm INNIE R.

RICE owns a col 6000E- MRS. J. E.KES3ELL I Lake. To Be Hostesses. M' MRS.

LRTAlRALL. lection of 16 hooked rugs made from silk and wool Also Joanne M. Hansen, Emma CURTAINS Are quickly ruined by coal smoke acid. Send them often to the Cascade Laundry for washing or dry-cleaning. They will wear longer and look better.

Only 43o a pair and up, called lor and delivered. Kitt and Edna O'Brien of Ames Evelyn B. Ficke, E. J. Hlnrtchsen, Mrs.

George Cosson Is ing. Her mother's wedding handkerchief of Point de Gaze and Duchess lace Is the prized possession of Miss Celeste Robinson, whose hobby is lace. Many old laces purchased in a French shop in St. Louis about 50 years ago are included in the collection. Miss Robinson is naturally interested In the history of lace and is well read on the subject.

A fascinating collection of glass and china slippers is that of der- Lou Weisbrook and Karl Schmal haus of Davenport: Alice McKee yarn and rags by a former Des Moines woman, Mrs. J. W. Lem-ley. This 78-year-old woman now resides with her aged husband on an acreage near Ottumwa.

Poems charm some of the business women. Mrs. Loree Van Note has a collection of more than 50 written by her mother Charleton, Guy Shaw, Ernest S. Olmsted, Millard Waltz, Don Evans, Ray Fuller, Neil Garrett, Casper Sehenk, E. B.

Bieghler, Dean Trick, J. C. Clapp, Paul Helmick, I. H. Tomlinson, H.

T. Steeper, Eugene Mannheimer, F. F. Faville, George Seick, E. D.

'Weli In Charge of Program. Wit and humor, combined with ines 1 Cascade 3-uai On Cumming, Kerr S. Forman and Louise Orwig of Des Moines; Edith E. Sternfield of Grinnell, Marvin AVCNUI,. Launderers-Drycleaners llrn.rk Offlrr, HO Mlllhrrrjr St.

D. Cone, Eleanor Cook, William iimiiiiim 11111111111 Hennlng and Edward B. Bowan of dramatic skill, will feature the program for the Des Moines Women's club annual stunt day Wednesday at Hoyt Sherman Cedar Rapids. Hostesses at the opening recep tlon will include the Mesdames Frederick W. Weitz, Ernest place.

Brown, J. S. Carpenter, Mae Habe- Mrs. George Cosson, chairman of the program, has been assisted nicht, Frank O. Green, Fred Hunter, Warren Garst, Jay Tone F.

E. V. Shore, Ralph Sawyer Perry, Harold Gordon, W. E. Cameron, D.

W. Bates, Homer White. C. D. Purdy and C.

W. Patterson. In Cast. Also Mesdames George Harna-gel, Harry Wallace, Hugh Harter, Roscoe Whittemore, J. Montgomery, Clyde Donnell, J.

Carmichael, C. H. Chambers, L. E. Kelley, Tasker Henderson, Glen Mishler, D.

P. Graves, William Koch, F. R. Korns, William E. Maulsby, Lee Hill, Vincent Starzinger, Joseph Brody, Arthur Kirk, Fred Orschel, Fred Bodke, Henry A.

Howell, J. in planning the various phases of entertainment by the eight department chairmen. Charles Lynde, Howard J. Clark, Charles E. Risser, Francis A.

Robinson, Jessie F. Clark, Arthur L. Elliott, Agnes Lee Hermansen, W. W. Waymack, Earl S.

Linn, Guy E. Logan, Sam D. Chapman, Elmer J. Davidson, Ellis Engel-beck, D. W.

Mott, George Sherriff, Don Evans and Robert S. Howell and the Misses Prudence Tomlinson, Fritzie German and Katherine French. To Stage Comedy. Luncheon will be served to 350 at 12:30 p. m.

and will be in charge of Mesdames Clinton R. Dorn, R. J. Baird and J. A.

Downing and the Misses Aleda Olmsted and Fern Stover. A comedy will be staged at 2 p. m. Mrs. Goode will direct the farce.

Those to take part are the Mesdames Gordon L. Elliott, A. L. Haas, W. C.

Darby, Gertrude Hun-toon Nourse, E. B. Bieghler, Jo-siah Johnston and Rose Lorenz. Mrs. Maurice Lan will be assistant director.

May Take Guests. The stage properties will be In charge of the art department, the costumes of the home and educa-. tion department with the literature department assisting. The admission for the day, according to Mrs. Elliott, will be 75 cents.

This will include the luncheon. Members may take guests! and the program is open to thej public on payment of the usual club fee. George, H. M. Havner, George Simpson, R.

S. Patrick, C. F. Pat terson, Ethel Scarpino, W. H.

Simons, Helen Westlund, W. L. Harding, Henry B. Hawley and C. Bernard, William G.

Lichty and Mrs. Cosson Is shown In the Illustration with the chairmen who are Mrs. Newton of art, Mrs. French of history and travel, Mrs. Kinney of home and education, Mrs.

Fairall of literature, Mrs. Knudson of music, Mrs. Korns of philosophy and science, Mrs. Kessell of public affairs and Hilda Spencer Goode, drama. A playlet, a skit and a world Leslie French.

Others in the cast are the Henry Irwin. To Attend. Also Mesdames Margaret Flint E. A. Chamberlain, J.

F. Jastram Misses Betty Howland, Helen Clark, Eugenia Gill, Helen McCarthy, Elizabeth Chambers, Mary Jean Elder, Agnes Flannery, E. S. Olmsted, R. H.

Souder, Marie Clark Miller, Emma Killebrew, Louise Anderson, Bonnie Mar cruise will be featured. Club women will cast aside dignity for shall, Patricia Pierce, Margaret Wallace and Sidna Dowell. Charles Lehman, C. M. Kilgore, H.

D. Mcintosh, Frank Noble, Robert McBride, C. M. Kennedy, L. W.

Beiser, J. Frank Auner, Roy this day of sport and annual Writes Skit. The public affairs department spring frolic. Music will be contributed by quartets from two senior high schools. Doran, Charles Goble, C.

R. Hill will present its contribution at 12 W. E. Haven, G. S.

Moss, C. F. Parker and Charles Clark. noon. The skit was written by Mrs.

Frederick W. Weitz. Those who will appear or are helping to make it a success are Mesdames To Participate. At 11 a. m.

the history and Others planning to attend are the Mesdames Byron B. Boyd, John Cowles, Leland McBroom, travel and philosophy and science Sidney Macmullen, Donald Mc Don Allen, lone Travers Hoyt, Roscoe A. Whittemore, Ernest departments will offer a world cruise. THEUnCA Gregor, David Marquis, Norman Jenny, Paul M. Payne, Cummins Brown, Eugene Perry, John T.

The women participating will be Mulvaney, Hugh Harter, Gordon Mesdames C. A. Isaacs, J. H. Rawson, Ralph Orwig, Rufus L.

Chase, Forest Huttenlocher, William Franklin Wood, C. D. Mc DePew Club To Have Display Scarfs at 1.49 Gloves at 1.95 New Bags 1.95 dent; Mrs. Parker, second vice president, and Miss Grace Russell, secretary-treasurer. The personnel includes those named and Mesdames B.

F. Carroll, Jean F. Carroll, J. H. Charlton, F.

F. Faville, Almeda Bren-ton Harpel, E. H. Jones, J. F.

Riggs, S. E. Wilcox, Clyde L. Herring, and Lon Pollock and the Misses Emma C. Wilson, Caroline M.

Kennedy and Winnifred Wednesday Chauncey DePew club will hold Gregor, L. Worthington Smith and B. F. Elbert. Also Misses Mae Anders, Blanche Wingate, Florence Weaver, Sidna J.

Dowell, Mary Rose-mond, Florence Sprague, Harriet P. Macy, Mary Lou Moore, Jean-nette Lewis, Caroline M. Kennedy, Estelle Hayden, Katherine James, Ida H. Elliott, Irene Carlson, Minnie Eckberg, Winnifred Dodson, Nellie Oyler, Anne Brunk and Helen Lee. an all day meeting and arts and crafts display Wednesday for which Mrs.

J. A. Gunn, 655 Fifty-seventh will open her home. A potluck luncheon will be served at noon. EASTER Accessories Choice specimens of antique and modern china, glassware, potteries Go hand In hand with new fur Jackets and embroideries will be shown by members who will tell of their To Be Guest.

Mrs. Mabel Smith of Newton, department president of the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, will be guest of Auxiliary No. 8 on Friday and will act as its inspector. A dinner, sponsored by Mrs. Ella Plummer and Mrs.

Hattie O'Neill, will, be held in honor of Mrs. Smith. AVtVl in a contributions to the display. Mrs. Ralph Parker will be in charge of the program.

At its recent meeting Mrs. E. C. Musgrave was elected president; Mrs. E.

G. Albert, vice presi Record Breaking Sale GLOVES 1.95 Drake Alumnae Will Sponsor Play This Week Drake Alumnae association will present Drake players in Shaw's "Arms and the Man" on the ve-nings of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Drake auditorium. The play, which is one of Shaw's earlier plays and from which was evolved the musical comedy "The Wooden Soldier" is one of the series being presented this season under the auspices to the alumnae association. Prof. James J.

Fidcr-lick will direct its presentation. Earl Harlau will play the lead role and Grace Odgen will play opposite him. The others in the cast are Frank Mills, Shirley Martin, Jane Alexander, Howard Porter, John Webb and Lewis 10,000 skins, bought at the lowest cost on record and made up in exact copies of expensive Paris imports Smart new featherweight cape slip on gloves with overseam stitching in shades of eggshell, navy, beige, black. Other Gloves to 8 95 first Floor. "Wish IDA and my 5 Daughters were here To Buy ry Third Floor Main Spring Arch Shoes Steak Fry.

The members of the Non Parcil club will entertain their husbands and families at a steak fry Friday at 6:30 p. m. at Union park. AnVKBIISr.ME.NT BAGS 1.95 1933 CABANA Tie: Black calf. Black-and-white Hitching.

Perforated through. Full kid lining. Main Spring Arch. 00. How Do Clubwomen Manage? Fine Calf handbags in smooth and pig gram finish.

All with zippers and other fittings. Grey, navy, black and beige. First Floor. The New Styles Are Stunning New and smart in exciting ways! Cape collars and revers shirred shawls and ascot scarfs puffed and pleated sleeves set in deep armholes you'll marvel at the many, many styles. The Smart Colors for 1933 are: Parchment Brown Platinum Black Sizes from 14 to 40 U.

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