The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 25, 1933 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 25, 1933
Page 3
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John Deere Men Attend Sales Meeting Co dealers from this section of th state. New John Deere machines for 193 ."* «"°wft and fully explained. Spe cial attention was called to the many mnrovements made on the older mach ines to the line to insure their giving longer life and better service. The officiate of the John Deere Plow Co. are looking forward to increased business for 1934 due to the Immense sums of money being released to farmers which will give them much needed debt-paying ability and purchasing power. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 21,1933 The Man About Town Says A boon to doubting parents Is the discovery that Bert Orinnell is an experienced nurse maid. A bouncing baby boy of theft months of age was left with Bert an entire afternoon while Ite parents went shopping. He fed the baby via the bottle, walked the floor with it,-sang It tunes and all the other little things required from a youngster, Chip sharp, the famous Lone Rock sports manager, Is handling the Swea City Cardinals basketball team this rear and Is going to take them to the national tournament at Kansas City. That's quite a jump but it must >e remembered the Cardinals have won heir share of state and district tournament for the last two years. Tire Service Co. It to useless the way it is. Old timers (not so long ago, either) will vouch for it as the best hunting grounds In the country. And fish, too. Algona has a gun club, an active Dilg league and a member of the flsh and game commission. Why not try it? • • • tt took Jotia Kohlhaas » long time but he finally mastered the art of knowing where to find the many varieties of hardware. Chas. Johnson has been in the business longer than John and his best efforts are: "I've got It somewhere, if I could only find It." LtTVERNE NEWS The church will hold Christmas pro- l*k(st victims of the "bomb craze are Ted Larson and Bob James Andy Anderson, who always has a hand In something of this sort, says Bob actually turned pink when he started his car. Ted, of course, wasn't scared because he has helped fix other cars. The Legion and Veterans have set a new closing hour at the hall on meet- ng nights. Two o'clock Is the limit. 3111 Geerlng who has to do the lock- ng up will be satisfied if members will depart earlier than that. Some of the ioys who stay over the limit have been eminded of the time by Night Watch Van Alstyne. Merry Christmas Due to the heroic efforts of onr PRESIDENT many of you will find yonr stockings mnc h better filled this Xmas than lart. We back our President's program to the best of onr ability- next Xmas should be even a happier one. wui»y, nexs UId ' "f r *J >y anyone to get a; FEDERAL LAND LOAN OR * McDONALO & CO. Iowa State Bank Bid*. -•* Pictured above we sen The Man About Town presenting- his Number One L,ndy with a Christmas sift. This picture, snapped while ttio Man About Town, AlRona's best keyhole peeper, was not looking:, only goes to prove that every chain has Its weak link, or something. • • • That handsome man from the telephone office, Cec Benner, has been transferred to Humboldt. He will be In Algona several nights each week because one of the girls at Graham's store will be waiting for him. * • * One of the water pipes at Joe Bloom's store broke and was discovered late at night when the water was flowing into the street. At first it seemed there would be a water soaked stock sale but none has been announced. If yon arc interested In the liquor laws of Iowa and the revenue to be given the welfare of the state why not write your congressman a letter anc tell him to give Iowa the same privileges ns the bordering states? If not Iowa will have all the liquor needed and other states will get the cash. It has been that way before and will again If we don't have the right laws. » » » The old Ohubb bridge on the street north of the Bryant building where so many high school kids have spent their petty love-making days is the scene of action again. Neighbors have been watching a well-known married woman with a big car meet a man at this spot. They don't know who he Is but they are sure it Is not her husband Certainly It will make a good story with developments. With the great CWA program of artificial lakes, dams and parks, why wouldn't it be a good thing to reclaim. Union Slough at practically no cost? Phone 120 There are truly so many things we'd like to wish for friends that words alone will hardly do. Perhaps if we merely say "Merry Christmas" you'll know what we mean. Barnsdall Service A. V. Larson, Serv. Mgr. Walter Meyer, Bulk Mgr. (On the Diagonal) ho holiday » feel *eo it. Cua you hear it? Listcu...tclephoue belli... thousand* of them. People arc auiwcrlng... •'Merry Clirl»lmus"..,"Haiii>y New Ycar" our voice* thrilled to exchange greetings.,.it'» the holiday spirit on the telephone wire*. Exchange greeting* by long distance thi* Cbriilmai,..and New Year'*. Enjoy the thrill of volcc-to-volco reunion*. The cost 1* small. // you do not have a telephone, get one for Chriitmat, li't a gift far ail the family for ad the year. Cut Rate Grocery Xmas Week Specials Bulk Dates, 2 Ibs ...19c Raisins, 4 Ibs. 23c Cake Flour, pkg. 23c Jell Powder, 6 pkgs. 25c Pineapple, No. 2, & cans 29o Graham Crackers, 2 Ibs. ...2Sc Oyster Crackers, 2 Ibs. ......35o Oliver, G oz. jar, 2 for 25c Pickles, 6 oz. jar, 2 for 25o Mustard, jar I2e Peaches, No. Zy 2 can 15o Apricots, No. 2J/z can 15o New Figs, pkg. lOo Peanut Butter, qt 25c Green Tea, '/ 2 Ib 12o Black Tea, y t db. ISc Mince Meat, 2 Ibs. ..39c Salad Dressbig, quart 23c Macaroni, 2 Ibs. 19o CANDY AND NUTS Peanuts, 2 Ibs. I9o Mixed Nuts, no peanuts, 2 Ibs 29c Walnuts, 2 Ibs. 29o Almonds, 2 Ibs. 35c Brazils, 2 Ibs. 35c Pecans, paper sheD, Ib 25o Filberts, Ib 20c j Mixed Candy, SO per cent { filled, 2 Ibs 29o Chocolates, 2 Ibs. 29c | Chocolate Cherries, 1 Ib. box 25c i Animal Cookies, fancy. Ib. ..25c Hershey's Choc. Kisses, Ib. B5o FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Cranberries, 2 Ibs. 23o Oranges, 2 Ibs. 29o Oranges, others, 18-23-SSo Grape Fruit, seedless ..6 for 25c Grapes, 3 Ibs. 28o Apples, fancy, box $1.65 Bananas, 3 Ibs. 23c Lettuce, large solid, 2 for ..15c Celery, large fancy, 2 for ...25o Grape Fruit, large size, 4 for 19o Cabbage, solid, Ib So MEATS Picnic Hams, Ib ............... 7 0 Bacon Squares, Ib ............ 7c Bacon, sliced, 2 Ibs. ....... 25c Frankfurters, 2 tbs. . . ..... 2Ek> Cheese, Am. Brick, Swiss, Pim. Per pkg. ................... iSo Lard, Ib. 9c, 4 Ibs. ........ 33c Inclement Weather No Hindrance to Union M. and D. Club Last Thursday In spite of the inclement weather, thirty ladles of the Union Mothers and Daughters club gathered at the home of Cora Bacon In Algona, each one bringing gifts foi the orphans which were to be sent to an orphanage at Des Moines. Mesdames Helen Vogel, Anna Marlow and Cora Bacon were chosen to prepare the articles and canned goods for shipment Delia Troutman assisted Mrs. Bacon ic entertaining. Roll call was answered with the Gift I Treasured Most of All. The club song was sung. A piano solo was given by Mrs. Sylvia Gunn. Mrs Snumway favored the club with some Christmas songs. A paper which was very inspiring entitled, "So There Is a Santa Claus" was given by Helen Vogel of Burt. The gifts for the orphans, which had been placed near a Christmas tree, were unwrapped by the committee previous to lunch. Those not bringing gifts contributed money, a nice sum being realized. The next meeting which falls on.Jan. 4th, will be held at the home of Anna MarJow, Mary-Bonnet-'assisting. The program scheduled Is as follows: roll call, Things I Never Knew Till Now with music being given by Vera Chipman and Lucille Sewick of Burt. A talk, the topic of which has not yet been selected, will be given by W. C. Dewel of Algona. grams and a tree Christmas Eve. Miss Anna Wolto has gone to State S'fi! l * le ?* M ' he wi " * end the »">• with relatives. . Hazel Leopold went to Superior Thursday to attend the funeral services of her grandfather. The Y. p. s. met at the church basement on Tuesday. Refreshments were served by Harold Riddle. The Methodist missionary society met Thursday with Mrs. Baddteley. Refreshments were served and a thank offering taken. Miss Ellen Steussy who Is teaching In District No. 8 held a Christmas program and tree at her school house on Friday evening. Mrs. H. D. Rlstati and Mrs. Elmer Emery were hostesses to the Good Will club Thursday at the home of Mrs. Emery. The afternoon was spent socially. Refreshments were served. A shower was held Tuesday evening nt the home of Mrs. Kate Barton for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barton. Rook was plnycd and refreshments served. Jr. and Mrs. Barton received fine gifts. . Maynard Spooner, "Criticism for and Against the Radio." There were 12 members present, served. Refreshments were TneEvangelical missionary society met Thursday at the home of Mrs. M officers »M held, the old officers being reeleoted M follows: president, Mw. Fred Merkle; vice president, Esther Merkle; secretary, Anna Wolto; treasurer, Mrs. Carolyn Hefti; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Lang. Refreshments were served. many Neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Mrs. Frank Devitt Friday evening, in honor of her fifty-ninth birthday anniversary. The evening was spent in playing rook after which refreshments were served. The Progressive club met Friday afternoon with Mrs. Ernest Woito. There was a radio program. Two papers were read, one by Mrs. George Hansclman, A Right Merry Christmas In the good old fashioned manner, and with all our heart behind each word we wish you everything that could make for your a "Right Merry Christinas" Pestotnik Service Station Phillips "66" Products East State St. THE GIFT for the lonesome "Away Prom Home," Gamble's Radio Sale makes possible this wonderful gift. Large size 7-tube Console was $44.50, now $39.95. Others as low as $12.95. 51 ICE CREAM BRICKi MOLDS! BULK Twenty Years Ago f*l News For the Holidays Your holiday menus will have a special appeal if you serve Our Ice Cream for dessert. Bricks, varied flavors ' Fancy Moulds per dozen 50c 1.50 Algona Ice Cream & Candy Co. ANOTHER SLASH The nearer we get to the end the deeper we cut tiie prices. These bargains speak for themselves. All of our 98c overshoes and girls' 98c shoes go in one lot at . Women's and children's two~"~ -in piece underwear, each ;___ ' iUC Women's and children's t A Hose, per pair _" .•_ _ IUC Wool Sweaters /»« as cheap as only _ _ s~- - _ W/C All lOc toys, •, at each _ _ All 25c Toys, ! at each Men's part wool dress sox, per pair ( Ladies Wool.Hose, 25c per pair 5 pair for Wo haven't time or space to list all the bargains but will say we have to be out of here before S uary 6th so you know we are cutting everything to the bone. We never kid anyone, it's a very foolish thing to do but I would rather kid some one else than myself for three years straight. Neville's Toggery 5c lOc 15c wwvwvwwwww ALGONA, IOWA. Jewelry "The Perfect Gift* FLOUR .................... ..$1.58 Sunny Boy ................ $1.67 Miss Minneapolis . . . . ....... $1.84 Omar ...................... $1.89 SYRUP Wigrwam, can is e Golden, 5 Ibs, g5 0 Golden, 10 Ibs.' 450 Crystal White, 5 Ibs. 28o Crystal White, 10 Ibs. 48o Get the Curt Rate Grocery Habit—It Pays Bier Dividends Corn Flakes, 2 for 19o Bran Flakes 90 Whole Wheat Flakes 9o Wheatles I2o Prince Albert, Xmas 1 Ib can 89o i Pineapple, No. 10 can 5So Matches, 5 boxes I9c Laundry Soap, 10 bars 83e Washing Powder, 3 for 13o Good Brooms, 32-48-55c Store Closed Xmas Little Store in Town.' (Taken from the flies of the Upper Molnes-Republlcan for the Week December 17, 1933) A number of necessary improvements were being made at the Congregational church and the basement was to be remodelled. Taken from News and Comment: "it is a mighty hard proposition to get a smile out of the mail carriers during the Christmas rush." Public Librarian Miss Gertrude Sheridan planned to leave the coming Saturday for a holiday visit with her parents at Baraboo, Wisconsin. Mrs. J. o. Paxson and daughter, Miss Catherine, who had Just returned home from college, had been hostesses at a pleasant afternoon party for their lady friends the Friday before. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Peterson and Mr and Mrs. Andrew Peterson had given a very pleasant dinner party the evening before to & company of their friends at the spacious Andrew Peterson home. A new billiard and pool hall with a cigar stand was soon to be opened by Moore Smith. The place of business was to occupy the former post office room which had recently been occupied as a restaurant. Algona's new creamery was soon to | be completed. It had been pronounced I as one of the very best creameries in I the state. Buttermaker Anderson and his force expected to move in during the coming week. D. D. Monlux, railway mail clerk, had met with a painful accident the previous week. Wliile he had been making coffee In the car at North McGregor, the engine struck his car causing the boiling coffee to splash and badly burn his hand. Mr. Monlux expected to return to work the next week. While Janitor Matt Holtzbauer had happened to be In the court house the previous Sunday evening he had heard someone go up the stairs very stealthily. He had immediately phoned to Sheriff Branson who made a thorough search of the building but did not discover the Intruder. There had been evidently someone who was greatly Interested in the court house matters as this was the second intrusion. We wonder If the mothers and dads of today remember—and tell—this escapade which happened In their youthful days: "A little disturbance on the strike order took place one day last week at the high school. It has, in prmer years, been the custom to dls- niss the seniors, who did not have to ake the examination In reading, but his year the rule was changed. As a esult about 18 boys and girls took the holiday, going to the woods, where hey roasted wieners and had a good Ime. Under the directions of Supt. Overmyer, they are now doing double i toe after school hours." Our line of jewelry offers selections chosen by us for "lifetime" qualities. Handsome, heavy Birthstone rings are priced as low as Latest rings for women, all new stones and styles. $3.00 Every piece is guaranteed — dependable merchandise being the only type we ear- The lowest prices in history on men's fine gold watches. 12.50 & UP, New gold wrist watches. Deep relief Expansion wrist band. 15.00 & UP, i Lusby's Drugs & Jewelry THE FRIENDLY STORE. Toilet sets, Manicure sets, Stationery, Fountain pens, Atomizers, Perfumes, Xmas cards and everything usually found in a well- stocked Drug & Jewelry store. Call on us.

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