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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 9

Des Moines, Iowa
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What Is Muscle Shoals Project? Story and Pictures in Next Sunday's Register Roosevelt's Tennessee Valley Plan History of It in Next Sunday's Register THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 16, 1933. 13 States Wait Only U. S. Action to Sell Beer; 24 Ready With Legislation MRS, HENDERSON I'M an exile: Tornado Sweeps Kentucky-Tennessee Border JOBS EXPECTED Baering Down On the News FOR 50.000 MEN TO BEJJUODAY Negro Sews Without Glasses. Milwaukee Breweries Wait Word Go.

Mrs. Adaline Henderson will celebrate what is said to be her one hundred NEW YORK, N. Y. W-In 13 nublic purchase of beer By Arthur (Bugs) Biter. (Copyright.

1933.) Official Washington is now moving faster than a goat galloping down hill. In 11 days the legislators have bid affirmatively on more things than a mob at postoffice auction. No more rolltop desks, no more tenth birthday await only its legalization by the federal government. today at her home, 8. E.

yp Twenty eighth SI. An brewers over the nation prepared to upend millions of dollars and a and re-employ thousands of men, a survey showed Wednesday night that In 24. other states measures are pending In legislatures or await approval by governors to locked doors, no more deliberate and profound dawdling. President Mrs. Henderson, a Negro, was born a slave on a nlnntation near Roosevelt has put zippers on everything.

Look at the beer bill. Went through the house quicker than a breeze through an alpaca over allegedly on Mar. SAYSEINSTEIN Deplores Plight of Jews in Europe. NEW YORK. N.

Y. (VP) Prof. Albert Einstein announced himself a voluntary exile for the present from Germany when be arrived here Wednesday from California. Einstein said he "will not put foot on German soil as long as conditions in Germany are as at present." En Route to Belgium. Ho sails Saturday for Antwerp, Belgium, there intending to decide his future course.

Without mentioning Germany he referred to "the prevailing disease of an exaggerated nationalism," and said: "This nationalism is a grave danger for the entire western civilization, which at one time had its origin In Greece. "Eastern Europe." "Behind it are powers Inimical to life. To combat it is inescapably the duty of every well-intentioned and perceiving being of our time." He spoke of Jewish persecution in "eastern Europe" and said "It is not easy to say where the western boundaries of this eastern Europe are to be sought." 'A 16, 1823. She came to Dos coat. The senate added a wine Moines with herons, henderhon.

husband and three children after the Negroes were freed. legalize ana rrjuitio mo eaic ui beer. In Three, Doubtful. In three of these success appeared doubtful. Congress must provide for the District of Columbia.

The remaining states either retain their prohibition laws or have defeated beer legislation. Orders for barrels, bottles, cases, caps and grain have been placed. Additional orders await word from Washington. kicker. Now it's a beer and wine bill.

Queer mixture. Now, the president may add another amendment for a chaser. They're all pulling together. Her favorite pastime is quilting, and she does her sewing without glasses. She tnkes care of her chickens and enjoys cooking and baking now and then.

She also enjoys listening to the radio. Mrs, Henderson's granddaughter and her husband live with her, And, thank heavens, it ain't on a chain. An official of one of New York City'a largest breweries estimated ni'h orders for immediate deliv WOLF'S rimr' umjr mi-t. ery would total more than $100, 000,000. Waits Only V.

S. Wednesday morning after a tornado struck the section, taking a toll of at least 34 lives. Rescue workers are pictured here searching through the ruins of homes in East Nashville, early Upward of 50,000 men will be returned to permanent employ The Cape Style ment in breweries alone, for new plants and renovation LORIMOR BANKER nt old ones, the expenditure of DIXIE GIVEN RED CROSS AID Indianapolis, spent $200,000 for renovation, employ up to 60 additional men with beer production. Iowa Bill to legalize beer pending. Kansan Beer prohibited Kentucky Attorney general ARRESTED HERE New Orleans Police Solve All Murders NEW ORLEANS, LA.

The New Orleans police department report for 1932 shows 41 murders committed in the city and 41 murders cleared up, it was revealed Wednesday. One of the Many Clever Styles Shown This Season in Spring SUITS Tornado Death Toll Stands more than $5,000,000 is either contracted for or contemplated. The states In which the sale of beer awaits only the action of the federal government are Missouri, New Jersey, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois. California, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Montana, Maryland, Delaware and Arizona. 27,000 Job In Milwaukee.

In New York, Massachusetts and Colorado all of which have Youth Denies Theft Of $50 Worth of Candy City detectives claim Willie L. McCarty, 18, has a bad case of the "sweet tooth." McCarty, who gave his address as 1600 Vermont was arraigned in municipal court Wednesday on a chrge of stealing $50 worth of candy from a garage at 1507 Arlington ave. The candy, it is alleged, belonged to the Northwestern Candy and was being stored there. McCarty pleaded not guilty and is- being held in default of $1,000 bond. Hearing was set for opinion legalizes beer if and when congress passes pending measure.

M. G. Bacon Charged With Embezzling. M. G.

Bacon, 41, cashier at the First National bank at Lorimor, was jailed here Wednesday Special Session. Louisiana Governor Allen has at 34. NASHVILLE, TENN. (U.P.)-The Red Cross and other relief agencies concentrated Wednesday night on aiding the victims of Tuesday night's unseasonable tornado which struck eight mid-south communities. Late Wednesday the death toll M'KEOWN DEATH VERDJCTUPHELD Supreme Court Rules been requested by legislators to call special session to pass beer bill.

Maine No breweries in Maine. repealed their state prohibition laws leeislation is pending for stood at 34, with more than 350 Beer prohibited. control of beer sales. In Oregon the last legislature refused to regulate beer. The Maryland Breweries ready for beer.

"bone drv" enforcement act was Massachusetts Prohibition law in Dentist's Case. OLYMPIA, WASH. (VP) The state supreme court Wednesday repealed, commission drafting leg repealed, but constitutional provision prevails against "intoxicating liquors." islation to have state and federal affirmed conviction of Albert laws conform. persons injured, some probably fatally. Damage throughout the area was estimated at more than Nearly 1,000 persons were made homeless.

An area extending 543 miles was affected. The storm was reported first in southeastern Missouri. The full force of the storm struck East Nashville where Wednesday national guardsmen patrolled the streets. In Milwaukee, famed for Its McKeown, Seattle dentist, found Michigan Repeal of state dry 16 ARE INDICTED BY GRAND JURY 5 Arraigned Before Judge Herrick. breweries, the association of com statute pending in legislature guilty of second degree murder in night on a warrant charging him with embezzling $10,000 from the bank.

The action, which was filed in federal court under the national banking act, is only a technical charge, however, brought by federal officers in an attempt to investigate an alleged $25,000 shortage, it was stated here. Faces Court Today. Judson E. Piper, United States commissioner, said a warrant for Bacon's arrest was issued on the basis of the embezzlement charge, and that the cashier would be arraigned this morning. Federal operatives said the bank shortage was discovered by officers of the bank during the holiday.

The bank received permission to open Tuesday morning, the merce estimated the return of Minnesota Approval of beer connection with the slaying of his beer would provide employment to pending in Mississippi No breweries. Beer prohibited. The cape style suit is winning host of friends this spring. Of (Jray, Tan, Blue, in mixtures. Tweeds and novelty fabrics and va also hare at this popular price many of those high in favor Mannish suits and fur trimmed suits.

We Feature Missouri Falstaff plans to Old War Flag: spend $700,000, increase produc tion from 170,000 barrels to 580, 000. persons. In St. Louis, the Anheuser-Euach plant, one of the world's largest, has 40,000 to 50,000 gallons of beer fn its vats again-ready for distribution within an hour after the law is lifted. Tarade Draft Horses.

In celebration of a beer bill signed Wednesday by Governor Park of Missouri, St. Louis brew Montana Beer bill signed Five of the 16 men indicted by the Polk county grand jury were arraigned before Criminal Judge Herrick Wednesday afternoon. The jury ignored cases against six in its report Wednesday, the first of the March term of court. mother in 1932. The high court held that in as much as counsel for McKeown failed to file a bill of particulars certified by the trial court to contain all the evidence the supreme court had no evidence before it to justify reversing the lower court.

Mrs. Rhoda A. McKeown, 81, of Muscatine, visiting her son, was found dead in the basement of his home here March 1, 1932 Tuesday by governor. pi Jii'S Nebraska Bill Fending. Nebraska Bill pending in leg operatives said, but closed again after a few hours.

islature to legalize beex. Nevada Beer bill in passage. New Hampshire; Bills pending to repeal state law and allow beer sales in stores. "To Cover Old Losses." Bacon, is quoted by operatives ers paraded their draft horses through the downtown streets. In Milwaukee, however, brewers said the horse age was passe that motor trucks would be used for distribution.

COATS 17.75 as saying the alleged $25,000 He advanced the theory she had fallen down stairs as a result of Is Restored by Von Hindenburg BERLIN, GERMANY President Von Hindenburg Wednesday decreed the removal of the black, red annd gold inset In the corner of the German war flag, thereby restoring the old imperial war flag, and reintroducing the black, white and red cockade on military caps. President Von Hindenburg In a decree read Sunday by Chancellor Adolf Hitler pushed the Republican flag into the discard and ordered that the old imperial flag and the swastika emblem of the Nazi party hereafter be given equal rank. New Jersey No prohibition law. I New Mexico No breweries. State to vote Sept.

19 on repeal heart attack, but coroners deputies found bruises on her head. One Brooklyn brewer has adver tised for a week that it is taking He later confessed the slaying, orders for delivery upon legaliza tion. pleading temporary Insanity growing out of many quarrels with her. shortage was used to "cover old losses." Provision to restore the shortage was said by operatives to be under way. The alleged shortage covers a period of several years, operatives said.

Other officers of the bank refused to discuss the matter when questioned by telephone at "bone dry" law. Legislature passed beverage control bill which governor says he will sign. New York Brewers over state The only plea of guilty was entered by W. E. Day, who was sentenced to 10 years at Fort Madison penitentiary on a charge of forgery.

$18.60 Check. He signed his father's name, F. E. Day, to a $48.60 check, according to Francis Kuble, assistant county attorney. Richard L.

Hand pleaded not guilty to breaking and entering the Proctor Cleaning Co. office at 1301 Crdcker st. Neal Macklin pleaded not guilty to a similar charge at the Locust Poultry market, 120 Locust st. A pleasant surprise in store for you really handsome coats in cape style Tailored styles and fur trim styles in Gray Tan Blue Special at 17.75. The state charged the dentist Jacob Ruppert, owner of the New York Yankees, has authorized a $100,000 newspaper adver killed his mother to avoid repay ready.

State control measures in ment of $10,700 she had advanced him. legislature. Pennsylvania Ready. North Carolina No breweries Beer prohibited. North Dakota No breweries.

Second Floor PFISTER HEAD OF DAIRYMEN Legislative approval in governor's Farmers Return to Land. EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. (U.P.) With the words "depression," "mortgages" and such confronting them, farmers of this section are living more and more "off the land," it was revealed here recent Pure Elects Two Indictments. Two indictments, one for larceny and the other for operating a motor vehicle without the consent of the owner, were returned People Virginia Young, Rich Missionary and Friend of Homeless Girls, Dies. Milk Group Illinois Man.

ly in an agricultural report. against C. C. Smith, who pleaded not guilty to both. Smith was charged on the first count with taking a camera valued at more than $150 owned by CHICAGO, ILL.

(if) H. A. Pfister of Prairie View, Wednesday was elected president of the Pure Milk association, organization of 18,000 dairymen in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Pfister succeeds W. C.

McQueen of Elgin, who at the association's annual convention Monday was defeated as director from the ninth hands. Ohio Governor will send emergency bill approving beer to legislature if and when congress approves. Oklahoma No breweries. Legislation pending. Oregon No regulations beer.

Pennsylvania Reading, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh brewers ready. Anything in Carolina. Rhode Island Commission drafting legislation. Brewers ready. South Carolina Pending legislation designed to legalize anything congress passes.

South Dakota Beer prohibited. Referendum in 1934. Tennessee Beer prohibited. Texas Beer bill in house committee. Breweries preparing.

I th Legislation, awaiting governor's approval, would legalize manufacture for sale outside The New 10 General Electric TT As Advertised in the Is Were Saturday Lvenmg Tost) Deaconess Virginia Young, missionary and social worker, was dead in New York, N. Wednesday. She was 67. Daughter of a wealthy New York man, she devoted her inheritance to helping others. For years an advertisement appeared in New York papers reading: "Any girl needing a friend, advice or shelter, may apply to Miss Young, 17 Beekman place." Thousands of girls sought George Yates, Register and Tribune photographer, and on the second with taking an uninvited ride back of the wheel of a taxicab he found Btanding at 819 Seventh st.

Pleads Not Guilty. Clarence Walker, Negro, pleaded not guilty to breaking and entering in connection with cigarct thefts from Amend's store at 1331 Keosauqua way. One other indivinual of those indicted was in the county jail Wednesday night awaiting arraignment. He is Pedro Herman- Sykes' Nomination Reported Favorably WASHINGTON, D. C.

(VP) A favorable report on the nomination of Eugene O. Sykes of Mis aid and received it. sissippi for reappointment to the federal radio commission was voted Wednesday by the senate in W. C. Bullitt, variously report terstate commerce committee.

state only. tising outlay for his brewery, effective as soon as beer is legal. Similar campaigns have been prepared in many cities. Tax Yield in Ohio. One Los Angeles plant placed an order Wednesday for 21,600,000 bottles.

Another has 32,000 barrels of 3.2 beer in storage. Few states have acted as yet upon beer taxation. In Ohio, a state legislature measure, recommended for passage by committees, estimated a tax yield of annually. New York City breweries have several hundred thousand gallons on hand ready for bottling or kegs. Inasmuch as the de-alcoholizing of beer is the last step in the making of "near" beer, all breweries marketing "near" beer keep their vats well-filled throughout the year.

Status by States. The status of beer by states: Alabama Legislature defeated proposal to make law conform to measure in congress. Beer prohibited. Arizona No breweries in Arizona. Sale of beer permitted in hotels, restaurants and grocery tores under licenses.

Arkansas Bill died in committee. Beer prohibited. California Legislature haj re-Pealed state dry law. Ean Francisco and Los Angeles breweries ready for immediate production. None In Florida.

Colorado Some plants ready 'or Immediate sale. Connecticut Assembly empowered Governor Cross to name commission to draft liquor control P'n. Commission to report not ter than Apr. 14. Five breweries lt their action to begin production.

IraHareOne of state's two breweries ready for work. nitrit of Columbia Congress must provide. FloridaBeer prohibited. Georgia Beer bill pending in 'egislature. lima Bill rending.

Idaho Beer prohibited. to legalize defeated. tllirtoiM prima and Atlas com-rlan Increase output 300 eent over present "near" beer tirn. Indiana Breweries, dez, charged with rape. til I ed in European capitals recently as a representative of Franklin D.

Roosevelt, conferred in Washington, D. Wednesday with the president. Vermont Legislation probably will be proposed to make state and federal laws conform. Eight Milwaukee I'lanto. Virginia Beer prohibited.

The Rev. Richard D. Hughes, 51, Closed on Washington No limitation sales unless by cities. West Virginia Beer bill pastor of the Emerald Avenue Presbyterian church, was dead Wednesday in Chicago, 111. He was born In Columbus City, la.

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NEW HARDWARE WITH SEMI-CONCEALED HINGES, Graceful fingertip latch and hinges of chromium finish that will not tarnish. Cushiony live-rubber door gasket. Textolite door strips. COMPLETELY EQUIPPED WITH FOOD CONTAINERS. Covered glass containers for foods.

Chiller tray. Vegetable Pan that keeps green stuffs crisp and fresh for weeks. CARRIES THE UNPARALLELED 4-YEAR SERVICE PLAN of General Electric, tha worlds largest electrical manufacturer. In hands of governor. Wisconsin Eight Milwaukee Oreta Garbo has her trunks plants ready.

Legislation may prohibit bars but beer gardens to packed and her passport in readiness for her return to Hollywood, she disclosed Wednesday, at open upon sale. Wyoming All limitations Stockholm, Sweden. THURSDAY, the 16th Our store will be closed Thursday, the 16th, as a tribute to the memory or our Secretary and Treasurer W. E. EVENS 1867 1933 Field Shoe S08 Walnut St f'oa Art stiffs' to Visit Oar Dliployt Dcs Moines Electric Light Co.

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