The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1933 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1933
Page 11
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Awarded Hi W*M«M MM Established 1865 ^••^^^Ji^ ^^^fc. • "*»**• w»o*ujr u» jiuwa, ittoo ISllteattpper Be* ;fHome* ALGONA, IOWA, TUB WtATHER la temperature. " — -"-M-"-^-c*m.D.mK, 14, lyyy Swfinti T««~ I ^ r> ~ ^T7 I ^=T Action Two. 14 Pages- VOT, 31.-NO. 50 TOP IN CONFERENCE Lone Bock, Fenton, Ledyard Win in Week's Cage Contests ^_^_.^___^_ '"~ ™ SCHOOL NOTES by the High School Scribes —• basketball team maintained Its fast pace to the North Kos- «uth basketball conference race, by defeating the Seneca boya, 55 to 20. It was the third straight victory for Ledyard in the conference. Fenton Just about equalled Ledyard's high score by defeating Titonka, 32 to 18, In a ' .y- Long, scrappy guard who was shot in uie foot during Thanksgiving va- . wtion^managed to nose out Bancroft, The Seneca girls got into action again and trimmed the Ledyard girls, 27 to 24, In a close contest. This leaves the Seneca girls at the top of the con- lerence with two victories and no defeats, while Ledyard and Lone Rock each have one defeat and no conference victories. This week the high scoring Ledyard and Fenton teams will meet on the Penton floor in the feature battle of Friday evenings' contests. Seneca wil play at Bancroft and Lone Rock wl entertain Titonka at Lone Rock. Standings, Monday, December 11- V.S5 Alrona Orator* Second "uJte of the North Central *,, i ii Webst ^,? lty ' ta wWc h dx STTJrri AJ & ona ' Webster City, Hum boldt, Hampton, Eagle Drove and Olar Jon Partlcpated are as follows: Hum b ° ldt a** %to "3 points, Algona sec mm ".it* »« and Webster City third — were ranked by by each Individual tJl-'-jT""'"^ "** ee Pupils, Walter Beardsley and Gertrude Nelson to extemporaneous and Violet Norman in dramatic passed the preliminaries and spoke in the evening finals. * * * Calendar of Activities Junior high operetta, December 15 Basket ball here with Laurens, 18 til. * Season with ...................... 1 2 .333 Titonka ...................... 1 2 33i Bancroft ............... .'!!.' !6 3 000( Whlttemore is scheduled to 'play Lone Kock next Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 7:30 o. Ml. f m. Swea City Five Downs Ledyard Swea City's strong basketball team defeated Ledyard. 28 to 13. last week^ 8wea city, while the second team nosed out a close 7 to 6 victory. Swea City ^.P^y, Armstrong at Armstrong on JWday night of this week. This was Ledyard's flrst defeat of .the season, but Tell Tale Tld Bits th i 8 "!!? 1 ls the buslest KM i« the school. Mr. Laing has a weakness for mouse traps. Verner Sands never £l s * n ,f. word more th &n necessary Bob Cellstrom thinks boys like to be flattered only they don't show it. Meryl Yeoman likes to sing in rhythm with is typing and what rhythm! Ada Flene always walks as if she were go- »m f a ? r ?' "*** Posfc has not ye* Sl° Ut °/J° oth Picl»- Mr. McDowell always starts dags by flaying "Are there any questions?" And Allen Sarchett can find more gueatjons to ask. Special—Bob Spencer is In level English Plan Parties Miss Krampe's ntath Bnglish. have drawn names and will a Christmas party next Tuesday at their Jowlingr League Under Way With Teams Entered Season Tickets for the nine sold to the - -— ;--> —•» Mciiig a very good buy -- the students save 60c. Mr. Lainit is also working out a plan for adult save°" kets ** wWoh adult s can Lost and Found A lost and found department has been organized. The S. O. O. S. club is in charge. Wrestling Started A wrestling tcfl-in JIBS bfi6H orfnuilzGd nd will be coached by Mr. Ward. The earn expects to be in pretty fair shape nd with good coaching will probably make a good showing this year. on At ^iPI ,. Wednesda y afternoon, Dec. <:u a onristmas program will be given in the high school auditorium, we want everyone to be sure to come, It's li'PP. flTIn tno'll m*n*.n««- A _ . WESIEYTOFACE ST. CECELIA TOES. Patterson Looms as Valuable Addition to Coach Ed Butler's Men nnptwrf"*!," 1 * academ y basketball opened the cage season for Alon its home court, Monday even- J before a crowd f\t avmnf o^n .* ; -.iti. ... OI "Wut ^oo pco- .--, witn a decisive victory over the Pocahontas five by a score of n to 16 The score at half time was 20 to 3 and only the substitution of men kept he score with the flrst team in ac!on from running to a higher total ^^f a T sfc Dleasln & spectacle for :ademy rooters, who saw a smooth working quint in action. Patterson ° B 1 e to°L dm w f °J Ward s. got his flrst taste or battle and seemed to like it Playing a stellar game. With Kelly at center and Hansen at the other forward, the trio bore the brunt of the n °f e ± V ,L W ?L k :.^^n and Baker the Pocahontas Algona High Opens Season Here Tuesday The 1933-4 edition of the Algona high Bulldogs basketball team will get its flrst taste of action on the local floor next Tuesday evening, with the Lu- Verne quint furnishing the opposition. Local fans are looking for a fairly strong team in view of the fact that such star lettermen as Oretzmeyer, Me- dta, Sellstrom. Dick Post and Shackle" are back. Added to these men are who Bob . Ftet. Stewart and Irwin irst squad. Practice has been under way for several weeks, and Coach Ken Mercer anticipates a good, representative team on a par, or possibly better than last years qulnt.jvhich won the county title. Rotary Starts "Lie" Contest; 5 Entered I Red Cross Drive Nets $744; Theo. Hutchison Elected \ K t^ &l of I734 - M was collected *« Kossuth county in the annual Red Cross drive, it was stated by Dr. H . M. Olson, county drive chairman, m an official report made public this week. I Dr. Olson wishes to thank all workers lOr thPli* nnnnavMiti.... j— . " Wltt « 1 «> selection of Theodore Hutchison as ~ u . nt , y chairman, Dr. Melvin Bourne and J. P. Overmyer as vice presidents M«. Inez Wolfe as sectary ™d Harold Qilmore as treasurer. Robert Harrington and Dr. H. M. Olson were BD- polnted to the membership committee. The net returns follow: Algona, $379.20; Lone Rock Ti .d5, Titonka, $53.25; Weslev «3i«o- Luv Ae S B 3 urt. All towns have completed - and •* An election of officers resulted in the Good Hope Program December 15 A play and other attractions will be given by the members of Union Twp. NO. 7 P. T. A., at the Good Hope church Friday, Dec. 15, at 8 o'clock. Admissions 25o lind lOc. Free lunch after program. Krtf ,* ** thep bewildered by some of the high school nlrknames so hl e fB hf a tevr ot them Cached to the right names: ? i RI S hard) Post : ctatto, (Rob- Post; Swede (Robert) Sellstrom; Pony (Palmer) Sellstrom; Nanny Clarence) Bruns; Smltty or Evy (Eveyn) Smith; Speed (Verner) Sands- Speed (Mervln) Gardner; Handy (Bernard Yeoman; Shack (Richard) Shackleford; Slick (Drennan) Mathes. Substitutes Used Substitutions were frequent and Coach Ed Butler used JoeTahlhaus- er, J. Bestenlehner, Lichter, nccounts The Man nlght ' both the t amB ^ ln come here *» a game with the academy teams The 7*0 p!"S? ^ scheduled ^ sta *t about Kelly. Hansen and Baker, the three starting veterans, seem to have found able running mates in Patterson and Daughan. the latter also being a veteran of last year, although not used ?M te o? much as the flrst toree, In the l^l s ??f on - Although bothered with asthma. Daughan has not shown any traces of it in his steady and consS- ent floor play. *LUU .— = new and different wnn presented at the Rotary lunZon on »y noon, In the Algona hotel, five members of-the club were ... u P on to Blve a five minute talk either their most embarrassing experience, or else to tell a whale of a big "^n^,s e MuSh we rd r ' R o^ of experiences, while Andy n» T*^ hat was P r °bably the big- lie of the week. The feature wUl 'nue until it has included all mem- ^.toe club, what with a big should reach monstrous ' the time everyone gets It was announced that the best Rotary liar would meet the best Kiwanis to ar p£vaa e Dear future - Te *<* rules Algona High School Basketbal - r Fill Your Bin with West Bend Teams Split Games i West Bend: Whittemore's teams invaded West Bend Tuesday of last week and split a double header. The Whit- tomore girls won, 27 to 15, while the boys' team lost, 42 to 18, to West Bend. Friday, the boys' team defeated Emmetsburg, 30 to 24. Next Tuesday the two teams go to Ottosen. Wesley-Whittemore Met Friday Wesley: Wesley and Whittemore high school basketball teams tangled here last Friday. The boys won 37 to 13, end the girls were defeated by Whittemore, 29 to 17. The Wesley girls' team will play the girls of the parochial school from Pocahontas on the Wesley floor next Friday , .night. Rev. George A. Wessling, formerly of Wesley, is superintendent of the Pocahontas parochial school. Presbyterian Church Supper Saturday, December 16 LEGION HALL 25e 35c Menu Begin serving at 5 o'clock Chicken and home made noodles Mashed Potatoes Baked Beans Cabbage Salad Rolls Jelly Pickles Date cake with Whipped Cream Coffee n the bowling: league now under way at The Hub alleys, when they galloped into flrst place this week. Games are played every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and the standings below do not Include the Tuesday and Wednesday night games of this week. The standings w L POT. Hank's Colts 63 .667 Phillips 54 .556 Coryell 54 .556 Farmers 04 .556 Court House Rats 45 .445 The Hub 27 .222 Hank Furst is captaining the league leaders, Bill Pestotnlk is at the helm of the Phillips rollers, diet Orr is do- Ing Hkewjge for the Coryell team, Andy Godfredson Is acting as leader of The Farmers aggregation, Ed Butler is piloting the Court House boys and Jess Schmidt is doing Ills best for the trail- Ing Hub team. The league has gained a good start, and plenty of interest is developing, with each team having a considerable following. Town Says 3 LuVerne Fires Damage Garage and Two Homes Lu Verne: The garage belonging to W. H. Woito caught on flre early Wednesday morning from an oil stove which had been lighted and left in the garage. It was quite badly damaged and the paint on the car was burned and r <he windows cracked. On Friday night flre was discovered in the kitchen at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Look but was put out before much damage was done. Early Sunday morning fire was discovered In the clothes closet at the Irwin Chapman home. The fire department was called and the flre put out but all the clothes were burned. The flre is thought to have been started by a spark in a robe which had been worn while making a flre that morning. A fhort time after the robe had been hung in the closet the flre was dlcover- ed. Bowling Billiards Beer at The Hub Full Iwe of Smokers' Supplies for Christmas, "Do your Christmas shopping early" is a well known slogan the XT. S. postal officials advertise. Saturday is ;he large trading day ofr the Iowa farmer. Farmers come to town to shop and ship only to find that the post office is closed to them on Saturday afternoon. This condition should call for an investigating committee. Last evening two little girls were standing in the cold looking in at a gayly lighted store window. Roy Hilton noticed and took them inside to buy them candy. That deed is typical of Roy. He Is one "good fellow" as many a school boy and girl will testify. He has treated them daily for several years. Just a few more like Mr. Hilton and Algona will be a second heaven for the kids. Let them appreciate the good will spirit. » • • A boy walking up and down the business streets ringing a bell caught the curlosltv of another lad who stopped him and wanted to know the idea. The bell ringer stated he was advertising for a church supper. His inquisitor asked, "Why don't you yell, nobody knows what you're doing." "Well, they didn't tell me to say anything," came the reply. And so it was—the church was the loser. » t t Walter Will was hanging show bills on the board near the Naudain office when one of the Lund boys, about knee high, asked how Walt knew which show was comine and what pictures to put up. This sounds simple but asking questions and being curious Is one way to find out things for oneself. No doubt that little boy will be able to tell his pals a lot of things which he learned by observing. • • • A Swede, Norwegian and a Dutchman were talking things over as they attended the Friday night married people's dance. Louie German, who lives south of Hobarton, was the Dutchman and the other two are his neighbors. As each one gave reasons for coming ing from the old country (Louie didn't A over, although a listener would think so) one's imagination was taxed to the limit to swallow all the nice words about the mother country. Anyway the arguments left them all together In a new country and they were getting along fine. » • • AI Tweet gets around by the use of a cane. He left a store all excited and it was an hour later when a friend inquired about him not having his cane. AI was dumb-founded. He hadn't missed It. Right then AI couldn't go another step. His cane was retrieved. And AI carries a tooth brush but it's real reason is known only to a few. It's not for teeth purposes. * * * Not only Is LeRoy Davis a good telegrapher, but he was discovered to be an expert chicken culler. And chic- . kens it ft. Sort of got a hold of him something like the kleptomaniac way. Ill 111U ' 'jLUUlUr IB : . ' " —"•"" Also Victorious The academy girls' team, coached by Delia Frankl, scored a sweeping victory over the Pocahontas girls in the preliminary contest. The score was 27 to 6. The starting lineup consisted of Margaret Lichter, Laura Hansen, Katherine Streit, Rita Dooley, Gertrude Zender, and Arllne Kapp. NOW (9 Home Games) Adults $1.25 Students 75c Reg. single Admission 15c for students 25c for adults SAVE MONEY! Buy a season ticket from any student or at ticket window at first jj game, Tuesday, Dec. 19. and forget Winter A warm home creates a pleasant, cheery atmosphere. Enjoy your winter evenings in the 'security of knowing you have a good supply of Anderson's Coal. Order now. Anderson Grain Phone 308 Algona, Iowa. P & G SOAP 6 Bars 19c (large) White's W-R-S Sale WHITE'S RECOVEEY SALE December 15th to 20th MATCHES 6 Boxes 20c Lard 41bs. 33c Corn 4 cans 22c Tomatoes 4 cans 28c Cleanser Scans 10c Peas soaked Scans 23c Peanut Butter 21b.jar 23c Mustard quart jar 14c- Salmon, ABC Red 2 35c Oat Meal, Large Pkg., 2 for 25c Cookies, fancy quality 2 Ibs. 25c Crushed Pineap'le OQ., No. 2, 2 cans ^"^ Georgie Porgie, 9C _ JJt 2 for Soap Chips, Crystal White 2 Wheat Cereal, 00- Omar, 2 pkg. ._:.« WL Golden Syrup No.5 23c No. 10 __ 43c White Syrup !fc?o::.-S No. 10 Peaches 39c No. 10 Pears 39c No. 10 Prunes 39c No. 10 Blackb'ies 43c MILLER'S COBN FLAKES, large package, 3 for „_. 25c No. 10 Bed Rasp's 49c No. 10 Bed Cher's 58c No. 10 Blk Basp's 58c No. 10 Apricots 43c HILLSDALE PEACHES in syrup, No. 2Va size, 2 cans for 33c Toilet Paper 1Q r Crackers, 1000 sheet tissue, 5 1JH - ] 2 Ib. Graham ____ Crackers, 2 Ib. white Preserves, 2 Ib. jar Peaches No. $1/2 size ... He Portiville Brand FLOUR Bose $1.58 Omar $1.89 FLOUR Sunny Boy 241bs.85c 49 Ibs. $1.68 Soap, Bob Wnite 10 bars for —__

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