The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1933 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1933
Page 10
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-'* ol mm OMWA PAYROLL SPLIT BIG MELON (Continued from PA& one) _. Geo. Cunn, Charley Riley, Will...... Scull, Howard Schore, M. C. Frand- S.?'»i Ma y nar d Spooner, Delbert Fos- Chapln "arris, Pld Spear, Emery Redfnsr, Ernie Hutchlnson, Sunchey, Mntt Lnux, Anthony • ™ « ohn Bft)ir . Rrnest Burch, Edwin T. Baker. B. F. Rhodes. Mlko Baiter. Goodman Blindness. Hnns Hanson t nit T J"' °" ver Koons, William I* Baker. John Erlckson, James Mur- tall ™i. Bryan ' CI ' arIe S r Hanseti. Law- ttsnce Elbert, Helmer Helmers, Enpene Mvors. William McMahon, Cnrl Marshall. William Muckey, Don Palmer, E. J*. tiones, I^ylo Johnson, Roy Larson, Job Jfprd.trom, Ike Harms, Ed Meye Clarence Koppen, Leonard Wamba Ser, Emery Smith, James Walker Go Adams ii-vlnAltlaer, Verne Mollnde . J. Adams. Qeo. Lau, Lester Bomme Htauffftcher, W. M. Hedrlck, Ev „„,•_ Arnold Wfegrner, Ed E Ra Oreen, Robert Stevens, A ~ Frank — ' - mnt man.U ?. ' Ed , . Mlnard McNelll, And . 8am Warne Kramer ' . Conway, Clmrllo Kramme •Clarence Nemmers, John Tobln Jim Itoblnson, Vincent Latllmer, Fred Oil ll». Pete Peterson, Allen Carr, Herber -a ? hn R»«ti», Irvln vnap Doyle, Fra*ic*» Elbert, Her *& . J , ohn ^'l*i>n, John Ken- Kelly. Rf.jr»r Elbert, Bett o« Kromlngra, C. W. Hanson, Hugh Carroll, _« Vanderwef*, John Schmidt, wmn '« F ,'' ed M ster, Paul Baker. William Baker, 8am Boyer, Clalr Robinson, Charley Kuchynka, H M Jiansen, John Ormsby. Oeorge WelK Young, Henry Phillips, oie Qer- gren. Cliff Johnson, Henry Cooper, Elmer Holtcomp, , Roy Hang, rert Palmer, t. u"'^ "'• Joe P'at*. Oeo. Gron- •ach Wm. Kehnlcke, Ray Alrhart, Haren Flsch, Marlon Wagner, Arthur erscheldt, Richard Kasrhmltter. Zumach Bl<lt ' naym ° nd Nue ' nclnhflrd Ray E. Olson, Clau Peterson. Lord Untz. O. D. Castleman, J. C. John- on.Arno Rlstau. Ben Nolle, B. B Mav- r - J; £• Estle, John Manthel, Oeorjre Looft, Fred Beltz, Harry Schroedpr, A. Vance Oatley. Frank Welch? Wefden }Vlese : AuKust Sprank, Art Miller. Hen- jl m Q]j on]| jj|j, e u a |i% Her- Lance Relbhoff, F. O. Stow, Frank Train Crew Did Not Break Rule* , Kick down man, ^~ DelPerdangr, Oscar Grant, Nick ~ers, iMte Simmons. Petn Tlioioon Wolfe, Jake Keller, Ed Brun"; ), we stated that a a Milwaukee train - - — -~—.-. D | WC«w O* he had been asked to some coal by the flre- .- — the engineer a,i u .t.».j~i». 0 { thls traln ' u should I» stated that a subsequent Investigation by the railroad determined that neither of the engine men Knew that the youths were riding on the train. It is expressly against rules to allow anybody to ride a tender, The youth who reported the Incident here told local officers his pal fell from the tender when he went up to kick the coal down. The youth who fell off later stated that this was not the case. Hence the error. Infant Daughter Dies Funeral services were held for Jenfl Elizabeth Larson, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert LArson, Thursday afternoon at 2:4t at the Merrltt Pun. erai Hoine. Services were conducted by I Rev. M. A. Sjoatrtfid. The baby was born the Wednesday evening before. parents of a gin born last Tuesday and fid b€6fi nftfftcd Ddnfift LCG. Mrs. J. A. Oevlne and Art Murray re- 11 J *"* '' ""ft death of thelt aunt, of Kansas City, last Hubert fiood tad id Seeker wete tia* Vernon Barker sawed wood one day the past week for Julius Capesius. . Mr Hood has an I. O. A. store HBBtowt and Bd is the butchef «»« »«« deprtmeat. daughtet, SENECA NEWS &£99gg$3& w— Hi*u»<v*)O CMIU see Hubert Hood. Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy from Hutchlnson visited from Sunday until Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrf. Ambrose Kennedy. little boy knocked a burning his face, the A i •"•*"•• ". v. WMWA&VUC& BUU ut»ugAiber, i «*w MftT Jftt t>f ffttwHiijltt flft tttA Joe Welp, »m JaavMn, and J*rank &**>!*» *°v* to LedyAfd from BMW rends Bro*. ftafcj fi&ft been -™ Becker drove to Bumboldt Thursday *$?«<*&» where -fuanlta teaches Wheat. Mr. and M» ftfcttift on business and while there stopped to 2?"* «*»yed ft few hour* with Mrs. their " *wron «oe Hubert ttflflrf iDevine before returning home. petfi MM. Ambrose Kennedy and MS*. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mousel art-anted a surprise children visited party on Mrs. Joe PO* Monday evening, home She received beautiful presents and a noon. J -"-" A -' lunch was served after cards. Mr . nA i • JWT. ana ««•« .. „„_. dally glate or milk | daughter, Doris, | silitls. Leo Weydert and Miss Gertrude Klepner were Sunday callers at the Julius I Capesius home. Miss Margaret Oales spent the after- will remain about a week but his moth- is coming aJong nicely. er will return sooner. t -^^ " , , .. *•• Br °wn, son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Mr ' 6 '" Bercns from Wera at the home of ^i ml1 Krle «. MeMn Helden wlth, George Ked- Dwlgrht H fi^ i, a v A Bruns> Wm ' Winter, H. aroen, Al Young, Ken Fisher, Homer Harbour. Everett Faith, Albert Olon, Ed Palmer, C. B. Chubb, Hayrnond Housour, Walter Johnson. AliieFra"- *. Fred Oronbach, Chas M w"o, ~U ;" Purant ' John Helmers,' H. W. etebrltz. Frank Bankson, William Tikes, Den- Is Hngerty, John Lunstrum, Verne hi,? 8re « J ? hn Mlchae1 ' n <>lP» Shlpler, harles McDonald. Herman Boettcher, Zlttrltsch, Erlck Nelson, Raleigh i r,, ,' Mucke y. Arthur Waltmnn, leo Black, Frank Butts, Olaf .lohn- on. Frank Balls. Lyle Madnen. Albert nng, Fred Peterson, Hoy Davis M II ;r^° rtlon rintt ' "irm Helmers; ohn McQulre. Jnko Teuschcr, Kenneth nm "' I-.; !«;jl/ Suffer* Stroke While •"" af Snn'a at OOn « Mrs. R. M. Gardner suffered a stroke Sunday at the home of her son, Floyd, who lives on the old Gardner home farm In Plum Creek. Her condition was reported as better today and she was able to sit up. Mrs. Gardner cele« fcrated her eightieth birthday during nvh."""^!? 1 ftnd a rece P ll °n K'ven hf h {L chlldren waa neld at her h °me in Algona. Sunday A number of ladles urnrt <>H *t I "' r>ruwn> "on-m-iaw or Mr. and Mrs. I Mrs- Hans Jensen. =—- ——••• "t'v"" vnc BIKCI- iT?t-onir «fM~ -n,ij _ j * u *p'"jsea Mrs, iPctcr Berens from Omaha was here I Mr, and Mrs svani" tintn/. „» n.v. '. and Mrs. Fred Oenrlch from Lone n *^ e lftdles spent the rest of the day Mr. and Mrs MftSn ._—..-.... . . 'm Mason City, * I .«.7!li±:?>L.*?*. "a?™ Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wagner and four and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Ke,. i rwe _-^.?!?? i ?. lnsl . nawft ' Wisconsin, Mrs. Julius Capesius accompanied by Agatha Thilges attended the Thanksgiving party at the Allda Thilges school recently. is Capesius and by Miss Agatha goose dinner at the »«* WWe h «e on business Saturday. Mrs. Guy Hart and Mrs. John Will were Alffona vwtore daughteTbori'lef " they will vWt their "eiSIPsgSSS Inp'iftst MnnWatr '""*• *"*'" I "™ess«en oeorge Ratow, who has w,»£«.Z « cc TT Bwea Ulem h o»8 |pe last Monday. I be6n ^^ her ! >retwn ^'^^ \%«S££S «£&*• ln Minneapolis, BANCROFT NEWS Every woman who loves her home, or lovingly plans it aj a. bride- to-be, finds in the Hospital News General Hospital News Dec. 9, Mary Ehlers of Woden submitted to an appendix operation. Kossnth Hospital News A baby girl was born to Mrs. Robert Larson of Algona on Dec. 6. Lynn Kuchenreuther of Titonka underwent a major operation Dec. 11. George WaJlace of Algona entered on Saturday night for medical treatment. Miss Phillippa McQuire is assisting at the Paul Grames store during the Christmas rush. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Menke and daughter, Inez drove to Des Molnes Thursday for the day. N. E. Sheridan was on the sick list Sunday but Is up and around again the first of the week. Mr, and Mrs. Albert Deitering are the' CLASSIFIED ADS Give- Enjoy the Charm of These Exquisite Lunch and Dinner Lace Cloths w-m STCHLINO W/iooo Pint JUST ONE FEATURE OF THE NEW ALL- PORCELAIN FRIG1DAIRE No sticking ice trays if your refrigerator is a Frigidaire. These trays release automatically at the touch of a finger. And the Super Series Frigid- aires are lifetime porcelain inside and out. Interiors are electrically lighted. There's '/ 4 more food space in the same sized cabinet. Defrosting is automatic. Shelves are adjustable to any height. There are double Hydrators and a cold storage compartment. The new Alljporcelain Frigid- aires are the finest ever built. You'll agree when you see them. Why not come in—today? FMGIDJUI A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE No Payments Until Next Spring Small down payment will deliver to your door. No interest or payments this winter. Get in on this wonderful deal for Christmas. Greater values. iustrom Phone 520, ideal of fine silver. She sees expressed in the refined beauty of its design ilu very spirit of her home- true and gentle hospi- ttlity. Silver so genuinely lovely that, as a gift, it will say "I love you." A. H. Borchardt Drags and Jewelry Notice of Sheriff's Sale STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of special execution directed to me from the Clerk of tho District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, on a judgment rendered In said court on the 28th day of November, 1333, In favor of J w Haggard as plaintiff, and against J. Clyde bmlth and Bertha L. Smith as defendants, for the sum of Thirteen Hundred Nine and 42-100 ($130942) Dollars and costs, taxed at Sixty four nnd 44-100 (J64.44) Dollars and accru Ing costs, I have levied upon the fol- owlng described real property as the of the said J. Clyde Smith and For Sale FOR SALE OB RENT—Reasonable Seven room, partly modern house, newly decorated. Big garden and Everyone knows our Non-Explosive Naptha dry cleaner excels. One trial will convince you. Our oils, greases and gasoline are in the same class.—Banu- dall Service Station, A, V. Larson, man- 8ger - 50 L;smith"-to%atr s V7saTd" 1 execu"L^ OR SALE-Fhilco Radio No. «. to-wlt: Lot Eight (8) of Block *™ tl speakers; inclined sound board T™,.?™^.^Jr ««« CM!'. Avenue (Perfect condition. *60 cash, 319 Elm' ton, Addition to Alsrona, Iowa. And I w5!! profleed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 6th day of January, 1934, at the east door of the Court House In Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 7th day of December, 1933 CARL DAHLHAU8ER, Sher/ff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By CASEY LOSS, Deputy. J. L. Bonar, Plaintiff's Attorney. 50-51 St., Algona. 50 FOR SALE—One new circulating heater for coal or wood. Call at Dalrv Store.-W. J. Sigsbee. FOR SALE—Canaries, guaranteed singers. Also a wheel chair.—Myrtle Turnbaugh. Phone 598-J. 50* ^^ -* Peterson Studio Owing to the fact that Christmas is so near at hand, and our business has been brisk, we cannot make sittings for Christmas pictures after Dec. 16, so be sure and have your sitting before then, or if you have proofs out, please bring them in as soon as possible. Have you seen the new scarf sets and handkerchiefs at the Elite. A Christmas gift that will be appreciated. • 48 FOR SALE—Duroc boars. Immuned. H- S. Pain, Emmetsburg, la. 48-51* These lovely lace luncheon and dinner table cloths brihg to your table, the glamour which made Point Milan lace first used for altar cloths and then for state dinners and special festival of the nobility. These cloths offer a wide range of designs, each distinguished in its smartness^ and beauty. All are made of fine hard twist yarn that launders easily and perfectly. FOR SALE—Hampshire boar, 300 pounds—Walter Orubb, Algona, on No 18, old Hagg farm. 47* FOR SALE—Year old pure bred Poland china boar, phone Howard Witham, Algona 10-F2 : 47-48 54x72 inch lace cloths ' _____ <ti 4.; f rt 30x60 inch lace cloths $1>45 t0 72x72 inch lace clothe _____ 72x90 inch lace cloths ------ ^I~~~ Pure linen 60x90 hemstitched table cloths, 8 napkins per set 52x68 linen, hemstitched table cloths, 6 napkins _ _ :_ P ___ FOR SALE— Dressed ducks 75c Phone Howard WHham 10F2. 47-48 Have you tried our Thrifty Wash.— Kirscha Laundry. Phone 267. 49-M J4??? 7 Ch * schill .!f &E ? rbst has ^en associated ith fine that a ri - wvvwwwwwwwwwwv WHERE ECONOMY RULES ITEMS Reg Price For Ic More CAMPBELL'S Tomato Soup . 4 cans 30o CAMPBELL'S Soups, assorted 3 cans 30c DELMONTE CORN '4 no. 2s 54o SPAGHETTI, Franco-Amer. . LIBBY'S Tomato Juice CORN, lona Brand B—19c 2—19c 3 no. 2s 25o 5 cans 31o 4 cans 31c 5 no. 2s 55c 3—20c 3—20c 4 no. 2s 26c TOMATOES, lona Brand ... 3 no. 2s 30c,4 no. 2s 31c 5 no. 2s 51o 4 cans 20c PEAS, lona Brand J4 no. 2s 50c SULTANA Red Beans , CAN CAMP'S Hominy ARMOUR'S Star Lard .SPARKLE, all flav. choc. pud. P. & G. SOAP NORTHERN TISSUE BIRDSEVE MATCHES .... OLD DUTCH CLEANSER ,. Wanted WANTED MAN OR WOMAN—to sell famous Watkins Products full or part time here In Algona. Chance to en- Joy good income throughout New Year starting immediately. Write A. D. Hazell, J. R. Watkins Co., Winona, Minn. 49* FOR SALE OR TRADE—1931 Chevrolet coach.—Algona Auto Market. West of Court House. 49 THE STORE BEAUTIFUL 3 cans lOc 3—19c 4—30c 6—27o 6—19c 3—20o 6—29c 3—24o SUNNYPIELD FLOUR, 49 Ib. bag $1 69 GOLD MEDAL, 24% pound bag $105 PILLSBURY'S, 24% pound bag ___ "$i 00 BUTTER, per pound 2 3c IONA, 49 pound bag $149 SUGAR, Beet, 100 pound bag IIII$4.77 NOW is the time to buy CHEESE. National Cheese Week, Dec. 11-16 ' "CWA Checks Accepted Without Charge" Say "Merry Christmas" With Pine Poods Archie Sampson's Royal Knights SEXTON SAT., DEC. 16 North Iowa's most beautiful and m odern Shopping Center invites you to this grand exposition of Distinctive Christmas Gifts IT'S YOUR MOVE NOW Mt! $ f i*r HOLIDAY FARES Round Trip for Christmas and New Yesr Cents a Mile eac/i way Everywhere Awtyforehe bplldayil What better time (or enioyiot t few day* back home—viiiuD« wich old frieodj— or gelling away for a well-etined Chriiunaa or New Year vacation. North Weitern't Zoa-mile fare 1» good ivtryuiben, an til Uauu la til claiiei of equipment. Long Return Limit Go December 14th to January lac, iocL Return by midnight, Jamury 15ih. Btutiti, tuxcharge on ileeplngand parlor car aboiiihed — Children half fare Bafga#o checked We certainly have slmpllflled all of your Christmas shopping problems—as far as choosing gifts to please feminine fancies, la concerned. Our buyers have been planning and working for months . . . Chamoi suede Gloves With clever accents of trimming. Luxurious quality. 75c to $1.26 Just so that we might offer you everything that's newest and most intriguing in the way of gift ideas It's your move now ... and a thrilling game it w 1 " Prove to fill In the blank spaces on vow gift lists with these lovely articles. 8 Dancettes These clever new dancettes will solve many a vexing gift problem for the ('younger generation." $1.35 to $1.96 Chiffon Stocking i Here is a gift that any lady will appreciate. Luxurious chiffon. Smart New Handbags New models that are eloquent of true distinction. $1.95 to $2.95 Scarfs Are Gay Gifts Oharmjng right styles In sports or dressier patterns. $1.00 Dainty Handk'cliiefs Exquisite hand embroidered or appllqu- ed styles on sheer, fine linens. 16c to 76c All-Silk Umbrellas All of the season's favorite sylee, colon and patterns. ANOU) STORE WlffNEW IDEAfi. Embroidered Silk Gowns ; I*vejy satin or cre» gowns, elftboratffy eoftroldered and J e : pUM?U* r $2.95 to $3,05 oasecooe

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