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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 1

Des Moines, Iowa
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Monday, October 24, 1927
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A se Gmiaircb ecu mem The Weather Fair and unchanged. CUMTIJSTK KKItlKT ON FAGE II.) r TU, The Newspaper Iowa Depends Upon H S rtitff (OF I sunrise A$ fevjUA&fevA' FINAL fyumte ' I I ----- I VOI,. 79. NO. 123. DES MOINES. IOWA.MOXDAY M01IMN(i, OCT. 21. 1027.-1 OIIU I EKN PACKS. riiui: -SCENTS lo) fA UVJU ma) 1 Eli gt J I $50,000 in Narcotics Seized by Federal Agentsmm m ! UNUt AUA1N I U GRAYSON SHIP RETURNS WHEN MOTOR BALKS Airjil irpiane urnm uacn u Starting Point on .Beach. THE SCOFFERS old Orchard. Me.. Oct. 23 (A.P. ) The Grayson plaue, the Dawn, which hopped off this morning for Europe, lauded ten hours laiet at the. starting place, having been iriven uacB uy a ueiecuve inuiui sua heavy tog. Aimougn ne naa but "one and a half engines" functioning. Pilot Wilmer Stultz made i perfect landing here on the beach shortly after 4 p. ni. "We bad made better than ninety miles an hour," ne said, "from the takeoff at 6: 13 a. m. to a point off Cape Sable at about 10:30 a. "ru. Suddenly, for a cause we do not know as yet, one moloi went bad and we could not run it at more than half speed. Sends an S. O. S. "I sent out an S. 0. S. and we were quickly in touch with a ship, 1 think it wan tho Coahoma. By radio 1 told the skipper that a forced landing might lie necessary and asked him '0 stand by. He toid us, if we did have to come down, to land on the starboard side. "We dumped tha pas In the tanks which streamline the two engines and with our lightenJ ship decided would proceed to land under our own power. We found that the lightened ship rode fairlv well, so we kept on toward Old Orchard. "The first place we sighted was Bar Harbor. "Things were all right, so we ept on." Few at the Beach. All who had secu the plane off this morning were so confident a nonstop flight to Europe had beeu begun that all had left the beach. Igor Sikorsky, builder of the plane ar,A T UaM ICtncnid. Wl'iellt ft mm nr exnert. had left for New- York. Onlv Mrs. Coldsborough and Mrs. Stultz remained at Hotel Brunswick, where the; awaited the evening train for New "oik. Cant. Harrv Jones, whose hangar i ill ,id been placed at the disposal oi the expedition, had tlown 10 iew York with the movltiE picture film fnf the tnkenf and "had not re- Atmued. A large Sunday crowd or lughtseers was on hand, however. I Wives Hear Message. , By ;.n odd twist or fate, Mrs. SiColdsborough and Airs. Stultz fwera standing in the operating room of the naval radio compass istation at Cape Elizabeth when the husband of the former was iseuding the message which told . :if their nredicameiit and forced Tt turn to Old Orchard. Because (of the interference of other stall ions, Radioman Haul it. Clark, f.ilthough he recognized . the jluwn's radio sending tone, was ianle to catch only the last three swords, "see you later." L 1 Because the last message only tin hour before, which came in earlv. had reported better progress than expected, they be- eved tlfht Goldsborough reterrea to a homecoming after the expected reception in Copenhagen. Ihrv returned to Old Orchard ijsnd waited confidently for an Jjcvpning train for New York. At ',' p m. today they were startled nv the message that Cape fcliza- petti had heard that the ship was returning. They Are Reunited. Since the position of the Dawn ' as not reported in that niessatte. fn greater surprise came in less i an an nour wnen me iape iF.Iizabeth coast guard station jughted the returning amphibian. A few minutes after 4 p. m rthe plane landed on the beach and it he flyers and their wives were 'reunited. i Mrs. (irayson said that no decision as to the future of the expedition would be made until to iSiiorrow. That the flight has not f et been abandoned seemed to be ndlcatcd bv the fart that T. llar-i'l l Kinkaide. the Wright motor vperr, and Igor Sikorsky, the iplane's builder, were immediately am'tfied bv te ensrah to return Kinkaide had flown back to few York this morning after the fakeoff. while Sikorsky started liver the road at the same time. 1 The flyers estimated that their pital mileage for the flight was 8?4. The first 500 miles was :uwn in little more than four and ft half h-urs. mi J W & - if ml: Din nnor D!Mn! National Guard Men um uurL msiu , , . T. T . orri nrrinr jiccusea in luun riot ziu urnui. S EXPOSED B ARREST HERE 'Chieajjoan Lured to Cilv Through Subterfuge hy U. S. Agents. ricnire on I'.ic A narcotic ring w.liich is be-liccd to have supplied tho entire state of Iowa with "dope ' was exposed, federal agents revealed last nUhtl with !!,e arrest here ot William Jloanier of Chicago and the seizure or morphine which is valued at $50,000. Tha narcotic ring, with head quarters in Chicago and New York, has been supplying "dope" to wholesale dealeis who have been distributing it to retail men throughout Iowa and uilddlewest-ern states, it Is believed. -Though Beamer is not a ringleader, tic connection with the Chicago head quarters of the ring was learned and two federal narcotic agents lelt immediately for Chicago, Beimiers' anest was the cut-ininatloii of a four mouths' investigation by Federal Agents 11. (i. Higbee, Harry Blizzard, liny I'ruess, and City Detectives 1'red Si lick and V, K. Timuions, with help from Sheriff I'.irk FindU.y. . Arrested in Hotel. - Reamer was arrested in i downtown hotel after he hnd been lured from Chicago by prospects of selling a large amount of morphine. His arrest was thu result of carefully laid plans hy authorities, who had been seeking foi several weeks to have Ueamei come to i)es Moines with a con signment ot the narcotics. Chicago, Oct. 2;t il'.l'.i High army nud Illinois national guard ollicers are connldenng court martial proceedings several mem born of their commands who are accused by prohibition agents of conspiring to withdraw liquor ; ixl grain alcohol from a government warehouse here. A 1 1 llitll ! Ii ue,'.fv ev tj I Inil Lftncei ning the uriiiy liquor iu-r vestlgation. it has been charged thai nriny trucks were used to transport liquor, and prohibition agents claimed to have learned of many mysterious liquor transfers from the government warehouse to a national guard armory and other storage places. The investigation was instituted several weeks ago when "furniture'' shipped hy ('apt. .1. I.eland Bass of the army was found leaking iu a freight car. The furniture proved to ho tine liquor and pure alcohol. lu a raid yesterday prohibition agents confiscated l.iilili gallons of alcohol which were claimed to have hvn withdrawn from the government warehouse through connivance of army ami national guard officers While details of other alleged withdrawals and names of the army and guard oil Hers and men involved were guarded by the prohibitum department, It Was said Adjl. lien. I.utz Wall I and Maj. (Inn. William I.assiter of lh armv, and Adjt. Gen. Carlos Black or Illinois had been informed of the circumstances and were investigating. Former Editor Helieves Job Is the Kight One for Him. Two Church Men Scolded by Primate Dickman, of World War Fame, Dead i AI Slader, onetime editor of th Ankeny Times nud pen tmliU candidate for sheriff, is iu the field once again to defeat Park Kind-ley for the ( fflce. On his return to folk county Inst week. Mr. Stader was surprised to lea ru that lew persons . knew of bis ii- " plans to enter Cjf W the mi llllril - ? fight again. "I ( (Oil d n ' t Iosh iiiy bat Into tile ring, becauxa it has been there ever since l'nrk l'Tlldley beat me in the election wo years ago.' ;he said. I m not out London, Oct. 23 (I). P.) The Archiblshop of Canterbury gave stern public scolding today to two prominent l'lngUsh clergymen for t' elr inu la -In stil l ing up a country wide controversy over evolution and the doctrine of Iransub-staiitiallou.t lu un oii..i letter, the primate of Kngiand took to tusk the Right Uev. t;. W. Battles, bishop ol liiriiiiiigbuiu, who bad. preached bis belief In evolution and disbelief In the doctrine ot transit i-st a ti t In t ion, and the itev. G. K. Bullock-Webster. "Not by action of that sort can the cause of truth be reasonably set forward," the archbishop said, referring to ('anon Bullock-Web- jster'a iinprecendentod attack upon i,i. i ... ,i,..r..,.t TH o ..-.iu , ,.,.r,t, , i ni f (h.iHlu inniHJ I ill ,i. laiun iiiiiiv'iim i,, f ,iw. l.,.,.,l ...i.i.i.. n .. o l" vus uooui in u';inri n n,;i' Commanded Third Army of A. E. F. in France. II, M AUI II. for the Job be cause my friends r urging mo to run, but because I think the sheriff's office would b an exceedingly good place for me to bo. My campaign has been in progress ever since 1 gave any thought, to running for sheriff several years ago," Starter Is an advocate of the plan of authorizing the hoard of supervisors to feed county prisoners, a task which is now inn- idled by the sheriff. Polk county no saveq approximate Washington. Oct. 23 (A.P.) Maj. lien. Joseph Theodore Dick-man, 70 years old, organizer and! commander of the third A nmrl, un , could army in the world war. died at i f.'J'"0" d"1,ftr8 annually, he be- al'te. bis arrival here. When he stepped from the Chicago train, inon. And, as for the bishop. Hie I !.- I I w.lw,,l "Z. ?l !!IAV liSm for ,rad,K before 'the 'pub- F.Ingersoll Dies From Gas Fumes Iiles Poindexter Will Run for Senate Office J f-pnkane. Wash., Oct. 2:1 tA.i'. v f--Mile Poindexter of Spokane, p niiassador to Peru, today an- ! "ned his candidacy for the re- 'oiican nomination for l nireo i senator from Washington e said he would resign his am-""-adorshin and enter the cam- ;f -itgn nit March. He will leave lomorrow for' Washington. f'.. en route to his post in Tit. Frederick Ingersoll, the father of the American roller coaster responsible for more tips ana downs in American merrymaking than any other man, died yesie day at Omaha, according to an Associated Press dispatch. He was found dead in a con cession stand at Krug park, Omaha, with doors and wUidows tightly closed and an open gas let filling the room with its fumes. The county coroner, con vinced that death was . self inflicted, held no inquest. The act was attributed to ill health. Ingersoll is well remembered here as the amusement park mag nate who installed the rollei coaster and other amusement de vices at Ingersoll park, the van iehed center of gayety once operated at Korty-eignth street and liiEersoll avenue. At that time he was regaideo as the foremost amusement park magnate in the country, with im-uortant financial interests tn parks in putsmirgn, uieveiaou and Philadelphia, as well as Ues Moines. At one time ne operaten five Luna parks in five eastern cities. f Besides his Interests in the Omaha,amusement park. Ingersoll was associated with similar enterprises lu Lincoln, Neb., and le-troit at the time of his rieatlu He has lived for the last eight years in Omaha. Amoncc amusement men. Omer Kenvon of tha (Jarrick theater said last night, Ingersoll was re garded as the foremost -amuse ment park promoter in the couu try. To Ingersoll is given-credit for the discovery, long before the airplane became a more practical imitation of a bird's flight, that Americans like the thrill of bird-like soars and dips and glidings His inspiration led to the rapid blossoming of gaunt white roller coaster structures on the out skirts of most Ameriian cities of any siza. uaier ne exienaea nis iaea to other thrillers, such as whirling chairs, crark-the-whip rides, and swift revolving swings, on which zestful men and wutnen spent three or four exhilarated minutes for 10 or 1 cents. Former Iowan, Movie. I Producer, Kills Self I.os Angeles, Oct. 23 ( A.P. ) Oscar C Staby, 41 years old. wealthy Investment broker and motion picture producer, shot and killed himself at his home here today. Friends could ascribe no motive for the suicide. Staby came here three years ago from Davenport. la., where his parents were said to he wealthy residents. He was secretary of a motion picture producing company. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. Bellamy to Be Married on Dec. 28 Fire Causes $750,000 KamaRC Patterson. N. J.. Oct. 23 ttXP.) Fire caused $ 7 iMi.OtlH damage at the nilliBtin Lumber yard here tonight, before it was extin gnihd hy the city's entire Iireithe Man, Sought for Murder, Lived Here lie his beliefs and disbeliefs. The archbishop's letter iswered Bishop Barnes' open Iter to the primate, asking jopinion regarding the controversy I w hich, after remaining dormant angiitis fiulph Bellamy, leading man end manager of the Princss Slock company, and Alice Uelbridge will he married Dec. 28. It was announced last night by i)r and Mrs. 1. H Delbridse, parents ot the prospective bride. The Delbrldges came here from their home in Detroit wheu their daughter and Mr. Bellamy announced their Inteution Friday ol being married within a few days. The Inability of Mr. Bellamy, how ever, to reach his parents, Mr. ana Mrs. Hexford Bellamy of Chicago, wno are now traveling in tne east resulted in tho postponement of the ceremonies. ' Dr. Delhridge left for Detroit last night, but Mrs, Delbridgo will remain here until the wedding, in order lo assist her daughter with th preparations. Dr Delhrldge will return at that time, and as soon as the Bellamy s can be reached, they will lie informed of the date so thai they ma be here. Mis Delhrldge is second woman of the Princess players l-ast Thursday the young couple drove to Winterset to obtain a marriage license, but were too late to obtain onj. Hurrying across to Indianola, they lost their way. The Princess cast, ignorant of their colleagues' secret plans to b married, held up the show until 9 p. n., and then called it off and refunded their patrons' money at the box office. When their disappearance was finally cleared up and their marriage plms revealed. Miss Del- bridge and Mr. Bellamy decided tol delay the wedding until the parents of both could lie present. Burt A. Hull, who is being sought by San Francisco police In connection with the death of Mrs. Mamie Hull, was for many years a resident here, it was learned last night. Hull originally lived In Ilun-nells, it was learned, where he married Jessie fleece, who now lives in Dos Moines. They were divorced here, and he later married Mary Hull of Dana, la. San Francisco detectives have learned that Hull was regarded hy his friends as "a man of many wives," Scattered from Iowa to California. Another divorced wife, reported from San Francisco to be living In l)es Moines with a son, Lance Hull, is not hero now, it was learned. While Hull lived In Des Moines and other places In Polk county, he contracted for interior decorating Jobs and established a fair business. He moved to California, however, shout eight years ago. So far as his relatives here know, he has not returned toIowa since that time. Tho body of the latest Mrs II ill was found Friday iu the San Francisco apartment occupied by herself and Hull, with whom she had lived as his wife for several months. She had died from st Angulation. The couple quarrelled several days ago. according to the San Francisco police, after which Hull disappeared. Heamer and made a pretense ol arresting Pruess, who hud posed as the buyer. The other officers remained on guard outside the room to prevent, au escapo. After he was nrresled. Beamer was handculle.l and rushed to the county Jail lo face a charge ol violating the Harrison narcotic act. Was Here Many Times. Fedeial agents became acquainted with Beamer's suspected activities In the state nearly four months ago, when h was alleged to have made a delivery of narcotics at Adair. Since that time, several "buys" of morphine have been made hy government opera-lives. Beamer has been In lies Moines three or four times since federal agents, detectives, and the slier-ift's offke began working on the ins, lie was not arrest oil. how ever, because the source of llv.. his . tesiuttime here arlv todwvl in imiiii ii Buoucn heart look him to thu hotel and gave him $50 in marked money as a payment on the narcotics. After the money hud changed hands, federal Agent I'ruess signalled Agents Highee and Blizzard .urn n..,e o . ..u "Mu-.iror months, suddenly flared up irons. Blizzard, Silllck und Hi-allpr (l, canons attack in the nee entered tue room aim arro.ueu I,n,hrr ,.i,n.h of Emikiml. Canon Bullock Webster, with a luindhil of followers, last Sunday Interrupted Bishop llarnes as he was about lo preach on "Man's Creation Hy Design or Blind Cieati.irt?" hy walking up to the pulpit and demanding of the congregation that the clergyman be forthwith deposed and cast out of the church. The archbishop said he decried such sensationalism. The Incident broughta storm Col. h.) attack of trouble. Famous also us a cavalryman, Woneral Dickman had spent practically all of his service in that branch since his gradual Ion from West Point in 1KXI. Leading the third army oi the regular army o v e i a e a s im March, 1!IS yrjlT Cenernl Dickman m u , v participate ttit I'd in virtually every matnr campaign of the American troops, rising rapidly in rank and fiuailv receiving command of Hie third American army which he led into Germany. Won Service Medal, lie returned bearing the dis tinguished service medal of the United Stales and the decoration!' of Great Britain. France. Iialv ramnalnn stxtv- elalit "Stader-for-shei iff" club were organized. wielding a , mighty Influence over the rountv. Iln is an agent of the board of parole and bus been a resident of Polk county for fifty-one years With Starter's eni ranee tutu the fiuht three and possibly four i candidates are out for election. I Sheriff I'urk Findley wants a fourth term; Frank Long, deputy county auditor, is soon expected to announce bis riimiiilacv. nnil Minora A. Llllott. stale representative, has signified his will Ingness to run. MAJ. COGULAN, OLDEST PRINTER IN U. S IS DEAD (Continued on Pace TWO MISSING SCHOOL GIRLS RETURN HOME Julia Snow and Jean Hind, 14-year-old and 1 r year-old North High school girls, respectively, were hark at their homes yester- htsiday. after a statewide search last ing two days had proved futile. Julia, who lives at 1ltl Seventh street, and Jean, her closest chum told classmates Thursday thai they were going to run away to Hollywood and Join the movies Friday morning they were missing, and sheriffs and police all uer the stale were asked to watch for them. The real secret of their dlsnp- St. , Louie, Oct. 23 ( V P. ) lsj. Philip F. Coghlan, the oldest, working printer in the 1'nltcd States, died here today of henrt disease al Hie age of ill years. He was at work yesterday as usual In the coiimosinir i nnm of I he SI and Belgium. He then commanded Louis Post Dispatch, where he has the eighth corps area with head- j been a case worker for fortv-four quarters at Fort Sam Houston, I vears. Tex. until his retirement after'," Major Coal) Ian was awarded a for y-f ive years of service on Orl K0ld medal by the National Uraph-''''.." ,.i r.i i u . , ! ,r Arts exposition last August, as .eiieial Dickman had partici-i ln(1 oltivHt W()l klng printer In the psted III two campaigns In the ;,.,,, ry H,,th his employers tmrt Philippine Insurrection and was , vpograpbl. al union' offered cniet or siair or me t.inna retier,,,, ,.ijn; htm ,,n,on twenty supply had not been learned. He was in lies Moines unoui mice weeks ago w ith a small amount ol the drug and a "buy ' was made from him. Thf morphine found on Beamer was termed by men working on the case as the largest amount of "dope" seized in the .tilddle-west in recent years. The morphine was contained in a hag which was packed to capacity with ! pearanre. however, was revealed containing one ounce cart ois cans. One Payment Made In Chicago. ENGINE STOPS, BUT CHAMBERLIN f ZlalVl LANDS SAFELY yesterday when Julia said that thev had been only as far away as Camp Dodge, visiting at the hottm ni1 her crandfslher Ceotze Ona payment was made on the j RWnn morphine in Chicago, and the see. end was made iu the room of the fffTLf Ft HFf? I ? iw.tol inui l.t.rrtra Ihe mnn un r m tm h- tested. The final Installment on the "dope" was to have been made later. All the federal, county and city officers winking on the case had Invested money in morphine in "buys" from lies, rncr in order to gather evldencf again-l him. A companion,- who as accompanying Beamer from .Chirai.'o was put off the train at Newt,n la , when he became embroiled in the conductor. efinile word bad DUE TO REACH LISBON TUESDAY expedition of 190(1. At the outbreak of the world war he. was In command of the Second (a-, all) at Fort Kthnn Allen, Vt. Iliul Good Health. General Dickman had been enjoying inmparativcly good health lately, F.urly today he asked lot medical aid and he died sbortlv afterward, lie is snsvived bv a widow who was al Ilie heiWulc; a brother. John, of tlllscitv; ibiee sisters, Mrs. 1!. L'. Murphy, ot Dayton, u , native city of the general; and Mrs. F. W. Freck and Mrs Clem Stueve of Wnpskonets, O.: and two daughters. Mr If. K Knauss and Mrs. Charles W. Foster of this city years ago. but he refused saying: V OI K Keeps me EOlllg 11" was a pat commander ot the ti. A. H. in Missouri. 'Handcuff' Await Those Who Burn Feast's on Pacing Petcrboro, N. J Oct. 13 (A.P.) Clarence D. Chanihcrlln. In his tiny reconstructed foreign biplane, today performed a stunt not on the program 1,000 ad mirers had come to admire. The engine of the plane, which has a wing spread of only 25 feet and weighs only 500 pounds stopped when Chamberlin was over Woodridge, a mile and a half from the airport here. Although the haze was thick, the trans-.At-lanttc fiver glidod to earth at the airfield here without mishap. Chamberlin had tlown the ma fighting strength. Clitiirh Observes Anniversary. Shrewsbury, N. J., Oct. 23 (t'.P.) The congregation of Christ Episcopal church, founded hy William Leeds, a reformed pirate follower of the notorious ( aplatn rwdd. today relehrs ten chine from Philade nhia. Lalernhev were atiemmiiie to make mstftntion s two- hundred he the air snd stunted over I landing on the Limoln aircraft Funchal. Madeira Inland. Oct. 1'3 (A.P I The steamship Lima, jwiih Kuih Filler mid her co-pilot, jGci.irgp W. Ilaldenian. abroad, ar- jrived here Ibis morning. I he lly lers will I Lisbon. The Lima docked at 7 s. m. and Miss Fider disembarked three been received here from Chicago !,,,. ,ni-i,'a iin iaiH ih. , tired or being Delow and longs lo fly again. The Limn Is expected to arrive at Lisbon Tuesday, FOIL NEW PLOT TO ASSASSINATE KING ALEXANDER Oct. 23 lP.i A Macedonian plot to assassinate King Alexander and twenty .hii; ' Hlavian statesmen bus I n ilis covered bv Belgrade am boril ie It was officially announced today I hat, the authorities have ob tained a Macedonian committee's confidential circular, enuniei riling Ihose marked for death a1" well as Ihe names of twenty persmn en trusted with the proposed n-as proceed on me Lima 10 ,9i,aiioti Several arrts have heen made them last night, it is bplieved that Agents Pruess snd HiKhee of I)e Mo'nes, with Chicaao agents, have made arrests and have been sue. eessful in breaking up the mid-western part of the ring. A telegram from Pruess lat night, though without details ol progress frt Chicago, announced that "everything Is all right." l-'lers Burno! to 1 tea lit. Sail Fake Citv Firm Suffers SI 00,000 Fire Salt Luke City, -The 10 story Oct. 2 3 I A.P.I warehouse and i ii v,,i. (,,. it iui utrte sterv ihiviih'SS nuiiuing in n ..' .n",i 'h.ri r.rr hi ii ,r i the Carpenter Paper company iu Lincoln, airmen of scant experience in flying, were burned to death early tonight when theli plane rrahed in a lemetery two mil-s south of the my limits a I twenty-fifth anniversary. j W. F Mitchell, superintendent I of vireets. lias neen fUMhg lo the '.citizens of Des Monies', "Pieasa j don't I urn sour leaves nil the pavement " but all the while lie's ' been holding- a pair of handcuffs I behind his back, he levelled last ni-Uit "We appreciate having folks I keep their lawns raked," he said, I "and the best way to dispose ot leaves Is to burn them. But heat from a file ruins any type ot pavement. There Is a city ordinance to prohibit bonfires on tha paving but so far we Imvo merely been saying. 'Please don't!' "However, ,lie practice has readied a point where wo can no longer ihe pavement crack up I am going to instruct Ihe police to arrest all offenders if It doe not slop." j Afur all. it was decided last oielii hv persons who bad slacH oiling I'-avcx at the riiriiinz, 'ho k yard r Hie best plare to burn Auto Deaths Total 13,500 for Two Years in 77 Cities Washington, Oct. 23 ( t'.P. ) More than 13,500 persons were killed by automobiles In seventy-seven .mer.rnn cilles during the last two years, the department of commerce announced today. With f..fH:. auto deaths reported 111 fiftv-two weeks ending Oct. 9. and r, h?3 for the year ending Oct. K. 'J27. fatal automotive accidents show a 4 per cent inc rease. For tnr four week ending Oct Ihe ticid. Deid, not far away. the center of Ihe business distiici here were destroyed by fire to itisht. with an estimated loss oi 4 00. (no). ' Spontaneous combustion was believed responsible. Four fire companies fouslit the blare for more than three hours before bringing it under control, ty-scven cilice. For the tame'FratuUco, nine period last, year 650 deaths occurred in the same cities. New York reported the largest number of deaths, 113, for tha four weeks. Chicago seveuty-six, and Detroit, thirty-one. I.oKton reported eleven deaths; New Orleans, ten: Atlanta, four; Buifitlo, twelve: Cincinnati, eleven: Cnluiiibiis. seven: Cleveland, twenty-one; Dallas, two; Deliver, five; Indianapolis, six; Kanfas City, Mo., six: Memphis, three; Pittsburgh, seventeen; - S. 19 J7. 682 desths from auto ao-i Portland. Ore., six: St.; LonH, cirients were reported from seven-' fourteen ; Salt Lake City, one; San

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