The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 10
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The Algona tapper Pes Motees, AJgoaa, Iowa, Dec, 7,1033 TOHITNG TIGER' OF IOWA POLITICS TO, SPEAK HERE FRIDAY P. Ch Cutler, Boone, First Candidate Out For Governor, Coming The first man to announce himself « a candidate for governor of Iowa, Brands o. Cutler of Boone, sends Words that he will speak to Algona tiext Wednesday afternoon, December 13th at the Mlsbach Hall In Algona. Mr. Cutler says that he will flre the "filg Opening Gun" of the campaign. Be purports to be the candidate of Progressive Republicans, Democrats, Fattner-Laborites, whom he expects to take complete control of the Democratic party In June, 1934. Mr. Cutler says that there will be several speakers and a "big caravan." A hall will be secured for the meeting if too cold for an outdoor meet- Ing. The hour is fixed at 1:30 p. m. THE WEEKLY RECORD WEATHER Nov. 28.... 48 26 Nov. 29 47 33 Nov. 80 56 25 Dec. 1 44 25 Dec. 2, .35 Inches rain 46 36 Dec. 3, .02 inches rain ....44 27 Dec. 4, .02 inches rain ....49 30 Dec. 5 31 17 ALGONA MARKETS Corn, 2 white $ .35 2 yellow 35 3 white, new 33 3 yellow, new .33 3 mixed, new 32 Oats .26 Cutler was nominated for lieutenant governor on the democratic ticket last year but was persuaded to withdraw When it was seen that the democrats had a good chance to win. Mr. Cutler says that he is out to ditch all political bosses and take charge hlm- «elf. He says that he Is "The Fight- infir Tieer of Iowa," and is "anti-Herr- mg, antl-Brooklngs autocratic govern ment, anti-corruption candidate, a tru blue progressive." Mr. Cutler furthe cays: "We cannot control the republican party, but we can take complete con trol of the democratic party nex June. This Is the only thing that wil save the democratic party, as the pre sent democratic reactionary bunch in power now will be defeated two to one next November by the republics is If they are nominated again by the democrats next June." Mr. Cutler seems to be peeved because he was crowded off the democratic ticket last year. It might be a good thing to come out and listen to his "hot .shots." Hogg-Sows Hogs, 140 $2.20 HOgs, 160 2.50 Hogs, 180-200 , 2.00 Hogs, 200-260 2.90 Hogs, 260-300 2.60 Hogs, 300-350 2.40 Packing Sows, 300-350 2.20 Packing Sows, 350-400 2.00 Packing Sows, heavy 150 Poultry and egg prices due to a fluctuating market are not quoted this week. Cream 20c Woman Near Fenton Killed by Shotgun Mrs. Walter Kellogg, 25, of near Penton, was Instantly killed about 7:30 o'clock Tuesday morning when an accidental discharge from a 12 gauge shot gun which she was carrying struck her in the right cheek. The accident occurred In the barn on the Kellogg *arm near Fenton. She had been In the barn while her husband was finishing the milking and as they prepared to go to the house Mr. Kellogg carried the milk ane she was bringing the gun, which he bad taken with him when he went after the cows. Mrs. Kellogg had climbed over some stanchions and was pulling the gun behind her when it went off Funeral arrangements have, not yet been completed, NEW AUTO LICENSES C. D. Hart, Bancroft, Ford sedan. Zella Nugent, Algona, Ford sedan. L. A. Meyer, Lakota, Ford coach. McEnroe Bros., Algona, Reo truck. NEW CASES FILED Ellen A. Packard, executrix vs W. A. Martin, et al, equity foreclosure. Equitable Life vs Ella Warner Wallace, et al. Equity foreclosure. Equitable Life vs Augusta Boettcher, et al. Equity foreclosure. Equitable Life vs P. E. Hoak et al. Equity foreclosure. In the matter of adoption of Wanda Taft. Otis Nicklas vs W. J. Slgsbee et al. Equity foreclosure. P. H. Jackson vs B. H. Peck, equity lease. Fort Dodge Paint and Wallpape Co. vs C. H. Baker, equity account. Helen E. Paxson vs F. J. Shilts, equity L. L. attachment. Oeo. Miller vs Ed Kaln, equity L. L attachment. A. A. Wlese vs J. C. Blome et al equity foreclosure. D. W. Bates vs A. F. Steinberg, et al, law note. Homer Altlzer vs Julius Hennig, damage. Algona Bldg. & Loan vs Minnie Fich ner, equity foreclosure. E. O. Slack vs Farmers Elevator, Titonka, note. Mrs. Joseph Rahm, Sr., vs Joe Furstl, note. D. W. Bates vs Wm. Aman, note. D. W. Bates, Rec. vs R. E. Vincent, note. Murtagh Bros, vs Henry Kuhlman, note. L. T. Griffin vs Kossuth County, account. Kossuth County Agr. Ass'n. vs Oeo. Dah, injunction. MARRIAGE LICENSES Thomas A Files, Mason City and Virginia Hedgecock, Mason City. Kenneth Ruhl, St. James, Minn, and Regina Huss, St. James. Harry Worrell, Cleveland, Minn., and Agnes Ruhl, Mankato. Fred Brumm, Jamestown, N. D. and Mary WUcox, Mitchell, S. D. Ray McMahon, Algona, and Pearl Robinson, Algona. E. V. Sager, Granada, Minn., and Gladys Thornton, Wlnnebago. Cornstalk in Leg Lone Rock: Lawrence Rath, son of Mrs. John Rath, had the misfortune to run a piece of cornstalk in his leg at the home of his brother, Fred, last Friday. The silver was removed by a doctor, and four stitches taken In the wound. Your dollar to still worth a dollar at Gamble's low tire prices—within a few -cents of all-time low. Buy now tot full non-skid winter protection. Road- grippera 40 to 45 per cent off standard list. '4fl Church Dinner Dine to Music at Baptist church Saturday, Dec. 9, 5 P. M. to 7 P. M. SUFFER MENU pried Chicken Brown Gravy Mashed Potatoes Scalloped Corn Cranberry relish. Perfection Salad Coffee Jelly Hot Rons Date Cake Whipped Cream DICKINSON REPLIES TO UDM EDITORIAL ASKING HIS STAND (Continued from Page One) tarian interests of the country in cooperation with the state and local char- table organizations." This newspaper, although differing t times with the views of the senator from Algona, nevertheless knows that there are two sides to every question, and 1* glad to be able to have a news release on Senator Dickinson's flve- jjoint program, Senator Murphy Replies to Dickinson . Dubuque, Iowa: Senator Louis Murphy said Tuesday that he was too busy to pay much attention to the attacks by his colleague, Senator L. J. Dickinson on the NBA. "The senator," Murphy said, "is the spokesman of the very elements that plunged this country Into depression and for three years failed to pull it out Silence would better become them than criticism. "A year ago corn was selling at the elevators In Iowa at 7 to 10 cents per bushel. Today the nrice is 30 to 35 cente and corn loans will effect to oesr he price at 45 cents. Latest figures for Iowa show that during October, usually a layoff month, 12 per cent of our unemployed were put back to work. "In the senator's home town, Algona, 23 jobless have been given work under he NRA. That's what my colleague wants to repeal." FOR SALE OR TRADE—1931 Chevrolet coach.—Algona Auto Market. West it Court House. 49 Dad—we must do our Christinas "hopping this year at Gamble stores. The finest assortment you ever saw and no raise hi prices even with the latest improvement on their toys. 49 THE CHRISTMAS GIFT THAT GIVES AND GIVES FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS SANTA CLAUS DUE IN ALGONA TODAY; WHO'S MARY XMAS? (Continued from Page One) derson Brothers, Joe Bloom, Zender & Oaldwell, White's Grocery, Smith Bil- iard Parlor, Algona Bakery, Madson and Hanson. A. H. Borchardt, F. s. Norton and Son, Dairy Food Store, The Elite Shop, Hesley & Johnson Service Station. Lewis Elke, The Algona Upper Des Moines, George Holtzbauer, The Goeders Company, Neville's Shoe Store, Wilson Bakery. Hawcott and Ogg, Milady's Beauty Salon, The Boston Store, George E. Johnson, Long's Grocery, Richardson Furniture, Haggard & Fal- fcenhainer, E. W. Lusby, H. R. Sorensen and Company, Cut Rate Grocery, Tire Service Co., Modern Dry Cleaners, Bjustrom's Gas and Electric. Kohlhaas and Spilles, A. & P. Grocery, Christensen Bros. Co., Pratt Electric Co., Wm. C. Dau Garage, The Advance, Kohlhaas Brothers, Jos. Greenberg, Hub Recreation Parlor, Moe & Sjogren, Call Theatre, H. D. Clapsaddle Tire Shop, Botctfbrd Lumber Company, R. A. Clark Grocery, Elbert Garage, Nelson Hardware, Brownell Shoe Co., State's Cafe, Neville's Tog- gery, Silver Gray Cafe, Basket Grocery Fisher Cafe, ChrlsOhllles & Herbst, Fred Wehler Co., Cummlngs 5c to $1.00 Store, The Graham Co., Sorengen Drug Store, Deldutch Super Service, Norton Machine Works, Mlsbach Clothing Co., Kent Motor Co., Holeoek Radio Shop, Helberg Garage, Council Oak Store, .Gamble Store, Anderson Grain & Coal Co., Algona Motor Sales, Algona Ice Cream Factory, Algona Flour & Feed Store, Algona Greenhouse, Daily Reminder. The celebration is going to be the biggest that Algona ever sponsored. Chickens and turkeys will be tossed from Algona (Store Buildings during the afternoon. The Algona grade school will close at noon, Thursday, so that all children may participate In the fun. Three movies for the kiddles will be given free at the Call Theatre, according to Manager N. C. Rice, starting at 12 noon, and 4:30 and 5:30 p. m. in the afternoon. Preference to free shows for children only, will be given youngsters from rural sections with Community Club tickets. Each child will receive a free bag of candy at Santa Glaus' cabin on the court house square, following the parade, and also a brand new 1933 penny as a gift of The Iowa State Bank. Christmas decorations were being put up the first part of this week, and Aleona's municipal holiday appearance will be far more effective than ever before. If you don't want to miss the fun, and want the youngsters to have the time of their lives, join the carefree throngs who will give Santa his 1933 welcome to Kossuth county this after! noon. CLASSIFIED ADS t This it the AW Frigidairt, Tlutt Uses Less Current Tlut.i Ona Ordinary Lamp Uulh Frigidairc isn't just u «nU years .. . That'* why if* CnrUtmas Duy Gift." It such u grand gift for any l>ud goes on giving heullu U ,,U happiness, convcuic»<%o and economy for yearn and yean, togivcuis family! And Frigld- uire costs so little to buy and use! Will you couio in? For Sale Have you seen the new scarf sets and handkerchiefs at the Elite. A Christmas gift that will be appreciated. 49 FOR SALE—Powerful Dodge Four coupe, 1926 model with 12-vot Ignition system, steel disc wheels, hot water heater, Spanish leather upholstering. A sturdy, dependable automobile. First $100 takes it.—Will Harris, Algona Upper Des Moines. FOB SALE—Duroc boars. Immuned. H. S. Fain, Emmetsburg, la. 48-51* FOR SALE—Threshers or corn shell- ers' liens. Algona Upper Des Moines 62-tf FRIGIDAIRE A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE . A small down payment brings a genuine Frigidalre to your home. No added interest. Notlhing to pay until spring. Bjustrom's FOR SALE—Hampshire boar, 300 pounds—Walter Orubb, Algona, on No, 18, old Hagg farm. 47* FOR SALE—Year old pure bred Poland China boar, phone Howard Wlth- am, Algona 10-F2 47-48 FOR SALE—Dressed ducks. 75c. Phone Howard Wltham 10F3. 47-48 Have you tried our Thrifty Wash.— Klrschs Laundry. Phone 207. 49-tl Wanted "GBEATER VALUES." WANTED MAN OR WOMAN—to sell famous Watkins Products full or part time here In Algona. Chance to en- Joy good Income throughout New Year starting immediately. Write A. D. Ha* cell, J. R. Watkins Co., Wlnona, Minn. 49* A Mighty and Unusual Sale of Coats-Dresses Three Days Only Thurs., Friday and Saturday December 7-8-9 This Sale takes the place of our Semi-Annual 2 for 1 Event. ANNOUNCEMENT Read Carefully Owing .to the wide divergence of price ranges on Coats and Dresses and because of the fact that Thursday, December 7th will be a day of immense crowds, we have decided to make selling as easy and quick as possible. We have therefore priced garments singly —but as a rule carrying the same savings usually afforded by our great 2 for 1 sale. There will be no 2 for 1 Sale this Fall. COATS Every Coat in this big and beautiful showing is included in this ruthless price cutting event Coats luxuriously fur trimmed and handsomely styled—bl ack, brown and novelties—all sizes from 14 to 52—^ a great selection (over 100 coats to select from)—almost all (except a few "better" ones) included in these groups. • 14 s 195 DRESSES This store has been noted for its outstanding dresses all Pall. Charm, individuality, distinction have characterized our dresses—and NOW—for this great sale—you have an almost unrestricted choice of this entire line. Dresses are priced in groups for quick selling—be on hand Thursday morning for the greatest dress sale in our history. All sizes—silks and wools—all shades— 457 7 S7 A few "better" dresses not included. Fresh, chic, new house dresses 98c to $1,38 Children's Wash Dresses 680 to 880 All Fur Coats reduced—a good selection. Remember this sale takes the place of our great 2 for 1 Sale—buy now—take advantage of This Unusual SALE

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