The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on October 22, 1950 · Page 4
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 4

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 22, 1950
Page 4
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Det Moines Sunday Rtglstar Oct. 22 1950 paqe 4.G v?snerai oecrion - FLYNN SAYS IT'S FINAL MARRIAGE MONTE CARLO, MONACO CP) Actor Errol Flynn, hero of many a blood and thunder movie, gets married Monday "for the third and final time", he says. His bride will be tall, red haired, Patrice Wymore, 24, of Salina, Kan., who rose from one-night stands on the song-and-danca vaudeville circuit to a Hollywood starlet. Wedding Gift. A practical as well as a pretty sirl, Patrice's wedding srift to the Tasmanian-born tor, 41, will be a tractor. She bought It for bis cattle ranch on the Inland of Jama-Ira. Hynn's gift to her "Is still a secret," h said Saturday. "We hope to raise a big family ' Flynn said. "I want enough boys to make up a crew for my boat, the Zaca." The yacht normally has a crew of 10. Civil Ceremony. The couple will be wed in a civil ceremony at 10 a. m. Monday in the mayoral mansion. A religious ceremony will be, held five hours later In the' Lutheran church of the Trans-figuration In nearby Nice. This will be performed by the Kev. Frank Gtiruthiil, Lutheran minister from Paris. Oueuthal agreed to marry the couple, despite Flynn's two di-vorces, when he leurned that neither of the previous marriages was performed in a church. Flynn was formerly married to Actress LIU Damita and to Nora Eddlngton, now the wife of Singer Luck llaymci. Police (iunrd. In return for a police guard of honor at the wedding in Monaco, Flynn donated an undisclosed sum of money to the police fund for Monte Carlo's annual children's Christmas party, specifying "tho kills have gotta have a big tree." Ml Wymore hits been In Monle Carlo with her parent for the punt week. Her father, James A. Wymore, Is a Kansas oilman. Mr. Wymore once was a concert pianist and coloratura soprano In the middle West. Prince Rainier III of Monaco personally invited Flynn and Miss Wymore to be married in Mont Carlo and lifted Ma residence requirement to make It possible. Monaco citizens will give a reception In the mayors! gardens after the civil wedding, many of them in colorful mardl gras costume. The official wedding reception will be held In Monte Carlo's Hotel De Paris after the religious ceremony, with 200 guests. There will be a 75-pound cake. Dionne Quints On Young N. Y. Quadruplets NEW YORK, N. Y. W The Dionne quintuplets went calling Saturday on four other famous children the Col lins quadruplets. Not on bit abashed by their famous visitors, the 17-month-old Collinses, Edward and Andrew and Linda and Barbara, more than held their own with Cecils, Yvonne, Marie, Emili and Ann-ell Dionne. brought Gifts. In fact, th fiv 18-year-old girls, who have been somewhat shy and bashful stnc they arrived In New York Wednesday night, still clung to their reserve. ' But tlielr generosity was th opposite of their loquaciousness. They brought toy dogs for the Collins boys and dulls for Linda and Barbara. "Welcome, we're thrilled to liavs you," said Mrs. Charles Collins when the Diomivs arrived accompanied by Francis Cardinal Kpcllman; their father, Oliva, and a group of their classmates. For their visit the (Quints wore cream colored light wool ilresHes, grey hats, green accessories and corsHRca of tea roses. The quads wore white pique suits or dresses With green cross stitches. Visit Mayor. Later th Dlonnti and their party wor received at Oracle mansion by acting Mayor and Mrs. Vincent lmpcllltteri. Mr. Inipcllittcrl, holding her flmt riceplliin, formal or other-Vtlw, since she moved Into the mayor's official rcide nee, panned out randy to the girls and gave Mr. Dionne a bottle of perfume for his wife. ARE YOU JITTERY? QCANT SI-Kll'T IKKITABLEf Quiet ThoM) with VEXTRIN Tho High Potency Vitamin 11 C'oniples ttllh Uver and I rem. Constipation, loit I'ep, Hud kln are frequently symptoms of Ik of Vitamin It Complex, Just On Capsule a Day will help prevent and correct your Vitamin B Deficiency. Ucgular 7.5u alue. 100 Day ma Supply tftRallU SSLM TAX 111 French Abandon Frontier Fortress in Indochina ?.;' CHINA i&gXJl -I ; lusngprsbang French force Saturday abandoned the frontier headquarters fortress at Langson, leaving hundreds of square miles of Indochina territory on the Chinese border wide open to Communist-led rebels of Ho Chi Minh. Earlier the French pulled out of Caobanf, Dongkhe, Thatkhe, Nacham and Dong Dang (underlined). Open arrows Indicate possible Invasion routes for the rebels. Former defense perimeter ran from Laoksy to Moncay on Oulf of Tonkin, with only the anchor points still remaining to the French. By Tillman Durdln. Leaxrd Wire rom The N. Y. Times. S A ICON, INDOCHINA The anticipated French evacuation of their main China border defense station at Langson was announced in a high command communique her Saturday. The Langson post was headquarters of the China frontier defense zone and controlled the main pass and highway linking China and Vietnam. No Opponition. Saturday's announcement said that the Langson garrison was pulling back toward unnamed new positions "under good conditions" and so far without opposition, except for some engagements of "minimum importance." The communique said the withdrawal had not been decided under enemy pressure but In order to acquire troops for the purpose of enlarging the mobile reserves at the dls-poHitloa of the high command. The announcement said: "No new withdrawals ar envisaged and our troops will resume the offensive when the work of reorganization now proceeding la completed." Final Mtage. The Langson abandonment represents th final stag of French strategy, which will concentrate on defense of th Tongkin delta and leav th rugged mountain Go Calling III Traditions of Quality H II ' Traditions of Service lELiv nothing to the cost. ( JKj ' ill II ixv Use Our Convenient Payment Plan 'PS" 'P',0n' Samrtua ' zone to north and northwest of the delta alone. There Is some surprise here over the fact that the Vlet-mlnh have not struck again In strength. It's considered possible that heavy Vletmtnh losses were a factor and in addition that the Vlet-mlnh troops have not yet acquired the ability to regroup and plan new attacks quickly. Meanwhile, Bao Dal, former emperor of Annam and chief of state of the French union government of Vietnam, returned by plan Saturday from France. Grave Event. Before his departure from Franca the Vietnam leader declared that he was flying to Vietnam "to beat the aid of my people" during the period "that grave events ar menacing north Vietnam." Cennors Hamper Correspondents Censorship and control of mill tary Information hers Is seriously hampering correspondents. In the opinion of correspondent, censorship has been used for other purposes besides military security; It ha encroached the poll Ileal field and censor hav blue penciled material that might embarrass military commander. During ths withdrawal of French forces from Caobang cor respondents were misled Into believing the operation had virtually been successfully concluded without major fighting. Then suddenly they wer con fronted with the admission that a bloody battle and serious French losses had occurred. Exact details of th battl hav never been revealed here. No jewelry store can exist and thrive for 85 yean without making a specialty of serving its customers well. The satisfaction of the customer, die good will of the customer is more important than any transaction. In selecting diamonds, watches, jewelry or silverware, it is natural for you to come to Plumbs, secure in the confidence that whatever price you wish to pay, it is the finest selection your money can buy. These are some of die reasons why Plumb's name on the box adds much to the gift but Gulf of Tonkin AN ERROR MADE BY TRANSLATOR ENDS IN WEDDING FLORENCE. ITALY CP) An American translator's error had something to do with one of the highest-speed romances ancient Florence ever saw. Pretty 22-year-old Liliana Blagl sent her photo and a little ad to the Atlanta (Ga.) Constitu tion saying she wanted to ex change letters with sn American to perfect her English. Somehow that got translated so that It appeared sh wsnted an American husband. Glover W. Miller, 38, of Jeffer-sonvllle, Ky., started writing letters. But they wer romantic, and Liliana hadn't expected that. She quit writing. Miller wasn't discoursged thst easily. He came to Itsly a few days ago, found her, and they were married Saturday after getting th normal waiting tim set aside. 5 Youths Killed In Head-on Crash ELTASO, TEX. (U.r.) Five youths, four of them high school students, were killed Saturday when their automobile collided head-on with a truck 20 miles east of El Paso. State police said the victims were en route to El Psso from Plalnvlew, Tex., soma 400 miles to the northwest, wher they attended a football gam. Dead wer Tommy Mendoza, 17; Roberto Lopez, 16; Manuel Cabralea, 17; Oscar Paysn, 16, and Antonio Ybarra, 22. Th truck driver, J. W. Cri san, wss hospitslized, but his condition was not believed ser ious. G.O.P. UNLOOSES POSTCARD FLOOD WASHINGTON, D. C. UP Republicans bombarded the vot ers Saturday with postcard de nunciations of President Tru- L"" man's UUULV 111 the Far East and elsewhere. Into the malls went a flood of double-size postcards bearing 14 questions, most of them on Korean policy, which Repre sentative Walter J u d d (Rep., Minn.) recently read to the house after saying he couldn't get th administration to answer thm. . Some of the questions: "Why did (Secretary of State) Dean Acheson Invite the Communists to take over Korea, Formosa and China? Why did President Truman insist that Chiang Kai-shek take Communists Into the Chinese government f "What happened to th 95 bil lion dollars spent on national defense sine World War II?" "Why did President Truman limit ths air fore to 48 groups when the Republican eightieth congress ordered ths air fore ex panded to 70 groups?" Mailed Postage-Free. Senator Clinton Anderson (Dem., N. M.), executive vlce chairman of his party's national committee, said he understood that at least S million of the post cards were being mailed postage . I. a I ; MAI THE P&ICE RISE BUY AND FALL and WINTER 100 ALL WOOL HARD-FINISHED WORSTED p 5 j- y 1 O nn n ci O 1 5))H ; 1 FREE ALTERATIONS III ' K IjS ! YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED f 3 IM i OR YOUR MONEY REFUNDED I kill 03 9IUKI) IN rKINWimb WIIIC9 i II A A .V !V . if. 1 . ... A A . A A A In free under the franking privilege of Republican congressmen. Anderson accused th Republicans of spending public funds to send out "phoney and fraudulent campaign material. These questions," he said, "are based upon misinformation, misunderstanding and downright misrepresentation." ' Republican sources said the number of postcards being mailed was not eight million but about 3,200,000. Democrats Answer. The Democratic national com mittee soon mad public a series of answers by Representative Mike Mansfield (Dem., Mont) to Judd's questions. The answer's Included: 1 Acheson never Invited the Communists to take over any territory. He laid down a Pacific line that the U.S. would defend by Itself and announced that aggression elsewhere In the Far East would be resisted by the United Nations. 1 President Truman didn't Insist upon Chiang's government taking in Communists. He called for "a strong, united and democratic China" and for an end to the Chinese civil war. 8 Almost half of this country's postwar defense spending went to liquidate th cost of World War It Th rest went for essential purposes such as feeding and equipping th armed forces and operating th Berlin airlift Albert B. Hermann, executive director of the G.O.P. national committee, said Anderson's "hysterical p r o t e sts demonstrate the alarm of the Democrats over the Issue of this campaign." "If we had the money, ws would certainly see to It that each vot lng American had a copy of these 14 questions to study before h goes to the polls," Hermann said "The people will decide Nov. 7 NOW AND lrf) whether any adequate answers hav been made to the vital questions," ha added. Republicans, meanwhile, continued to charge that there was political significance In President Truman's mld-Pacifio conference with Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Their latest campaign paper, "On the Political Front," featured this one-sentence editorial: "Did President Truman meet General MacArthur to get his advice or to silence him?" , P. W. WAS TOLD DEAN DIED ON DEATH MARCH PYONGYANG, KOREA (U.P.) An American prisoner of war who escaped from his Communist captors said Saturday a North Korean colonel told him that Ma J. Gen. William F. Dean, former commander of th U. 8. 24th Division, died during a prisoner "death march'from Taejon to Seoul. Second Lt Douglas W. Blalock, 27, Savannah, Ga., also formerly with the 24th Infantry, said Dean was seen alive 13 days after he was reported missing In action July 19, after th fall of Taejon. Blalock said th colonel, who was trying to persuade him to make propaganda broadcasts, told him Dean had been captured and perished Just before th 83-mile march ended. Th colonel refused to discuss the subject any further, Blalock said. Dean, 61, was listed officially as missing in action on July 22. Ths tall, red-haired former military governor of South Korea, disappeared July 19, after he was seen passing ammunition to a bazooka team during th 24th's losing battl for Taejon. Fabric Valus $45 to $55 All Yours for Only $32.50 UM AY-AWAY PLAN A MPOtIT HOLDS YOUR PURCHAM AT TM PRESENT LOW PRICE MF At YOUR CONVININCI TRY BLACKMAIL OF A GRID STAg DETROIT, MICH. IT) A De troit police character Saturday was ordered held under 150,000 bond on a charge of conspiracy In an attempt to blackmail Lou Creekmur, tackl for th Detroit Lions professional football team. Police said the - plot waa en gineered by Dave Mazeroff, 50, who figured In an investigation of the ambush slaying of Stat Senator Warren G. Hooper in 1943. Prosecutor Gerald K. O'Brien said Mazeroff threatened a 20- '. year-old girl In an effort to force her to aid In a $10,000 shakedown of Creekmur. Creekmur, in San Francisco, CaL, for a game today, denied any knowledge of the girl, Luctll Genoff. "I don't know what they ar talking about," h said. Miss Genoff said she purposely wrecked Mazeroff's car last Tuesday night so police could rescue her. At the time of his arrest early Wednesday, Mazeroff was sought by police for further questioning in the ambush slaying of Senator Hooper, who was to have been a star witness before a grand jury that was exposing corrup tion in the legislature. Miss Genoff is not charged In the conspiracy. Police guarded her home against a possible attack by Mazeroff s friends. . INDIA LND9 GAS RATION. ' NEW DELHI, INDIA UP) Th government announced that gasoline rationing throughout India will end today. STEIN'S CORNER 0th WALNUTi CAMPBELL FOODS 111 Locust, Des Moines, la.

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