The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 5
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MANY LONE ROCK FOLKSHADOLD STYLE THANKSGIVING MEALS, GUESTS The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Dec. 7, 1933 Contests Keep High School Students' Interest at High Peak « i*nS5tJ?T?' Wi /• ^tton at the H. Sn j°/* an home at Algona• Rev 8 M £^J 1 !u ft , n ll am "y: ^d MS'----*• Mrs. N. L. home: at ^ Chas. mar Elmore; Mr. and Cotton at the Harl <* home of at Prank Voxel Dies i. L w;- jL. 086 ' died tt t the county farm test Wednesday morning. He was brought to the home of his niece, Mrs. Jim Ackerman and funeral services were held at the Catholic church n Bancroft at 8 o'clock Friday morn- !?*• Mr. Vosel was born In Germany, Feb. 4th, 1858, and came to Iowa when 7 ? ea ?..? f ?/ e most of his life. wherc he The following nieces at the charle9 Burt. Frank Flalm nt the home of Mrs. C. Acktrman In Burf. Students Come Home students spent Thanks- a £ to? 1 ' oarental homes: ' ?. tudent ttt A" 168 - »* home : Gordon and at f» a t toe J. M. Blanehard home; Beulah Gladstone of Cedar Rapids at S*_5 ev> a ^ Gladstone home: Vera y°™b ot. Ames at the Charles Morris ? m i? : 5 lladv8 Stebritz of Mason City *' S* J? ome of her grandmother. Mrs. E. M. Hawks. Declam Contest Winners The Junior high school declamatory fontwt was held .at the Lone Rock gym Jast Monday evening. The following •won: oratorical— first, Vernon Holllster. .second. Chester Simoson: dramatic— Jlwt, Marian Jensen, second, Luella «chmldt; humorous— first, Beth Mar- Jow, second, Jessie Blanchard. Winners of this contest will reore- •sent Lone Rock In the final contest •$£ 55 h l ld at p enton and Lone Rock Wednesday evening. Dec. 6th. Schools in these two final contests are Burt, Penton, Lone Rock, LuVerne and possibly Seneca . Lone Rock will have one speaker in each class at each of these two final contests. and nephews survive: Mrs. Glenn Burt, Armstrong; Mrs. John Sprank. Mrs. Jim Ackerman and Anna Flalg. Frank. Fred and William Flalg all of Lone -Mrs- W- J. Cotton visited friends In Estherville Friday and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice drove to Hampton to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. Rice's slater, Edith Hoxle. Doria Mae Blanchard spent the week end at the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Johnson near Bancroft. L. R. Roderick and daughter Imogene drove to Des Moines last Wednesday to get Mrs. Roderick and daughter, Bernlce. We wish to thank the people of the community of Lone Rock for their help during our recent fire.— Otis Banders and family. Mrs. William Fischer and daughter- in-law, Mra. Harold Fischer and son, Junl 2 r W dro y e to °'f den Thursday to spend Thanksgiving. Rev. 8. M. Gladstone conducted Bible Swea City Official, Resident 21 Yean, Buried Wednesday Swea City: C. T. Edwards died Monday evening at the Cherokee hospital following a two months Illness. He suffered a paralytic stroke and his condition Rraduailly grew worse until he was taken to Cherokee for treatment Erysipelas developed and his arm was amputated, but of ho avail. Death relieved his suffering. C. T. Edwards was born In Hennepin, Illinois, in 1866 and was married hi 1891 to Miss Jessie Howe of Waterloo where they made their home for several years and came to Swea City 21 years ago and farmed Christmas Trees Are Here Cherry Chocolates, so juicy, 23c Pound Box Navel Oranges, nice and juicy For the next 15 days our store wffl be the NUT HOUSE. Our Xmas Nats are better than ever. Next week oar great Holiday Sale Starts—See our ad next week. Our grade of Fresh Oysters, we know yon will like. Beware of the so-called cheap oysters—they are dangerous to the system. .. LONG'S Food Shop Meats and Groceries «. ti at «£; neca on Wednesday. The weekly Bible study was held at the A. A. Krueger home. Mrs. William Krause went to Sup- erlor last Wednesday to spend a few days visiting her daughter. Mrs. Orville Rosencjft'hl and fajnlly. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen and family drove to Downey last Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. Jeri- senfc parents. They returned home on Friday. Kathleen Lynch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lynch is vers ill with the flu. Others on the sick list are Kyrwood Qulnn, and Miss Behrmann, fifth and sixth grade teacher. Mr and Mrs. Ed Marlow of Zell. South Dakota, and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Marlow of Rockem, South Dakota, attended Kenneth Martow's funeral on Friday and visited relatives. Sunday dinner guests at the L. R. Roderick home were Mrs. Margaret Davlson. son Bob, daughter, Georgetta Mr. and Mrs. w. N. Davison, and Margaret Roderick, all of Mason City. Sunday, Fred Genrlch and daughter, Lucille drove to Ames taking the following back: son, Maynard, Yera Morris, B«ulah Gladstone, Johanna Flene of Lotfcs creek and Burton Thompson of Swea City. PLUM CREEK NEWS Leonard Drager who has been quite seriously 111 Is now able to be up and around again. Miss Clara Davidson, stenographer from Mankato, Minn., spent Thanksgiving day with her parents, the Frank Davidsons. Mr. and Mrs. Forbes Stlltz and baby were visitors Thanksgiving day at the home of Mrs. Stiltz's parents, the Ray Fitches near Bode. Miss Mary Kaln, R. NVfrom Rochester, Minn., oame recently to visit with her mother, Mrs. John Kaln and family until after the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Burt and family of near Armstrong were Thanksgiving day visitors at the home of Mrs. Burt's sister and family, the Henry TJadens. The James Davidson and Arthur Haag families drove to Dell Rapids, South Dakota, on Thursday and visited with relatives of the latter family until Sunday. A. J. Brown of Cresco township is -again operating his saw mill at the Agnes Seeley farm. Many farmers are having trees sawed into lumber which they use for repairing buildings, etc. Make This a Jewelry Christmas When you want to make a present you will find the most satisfactory place to purchase it is at this jewelry store. IN'O matter how much money you want to spend you will find a suitable present here. The famous "Virgin" line of Diamonds, in "Granat" hand made mounting's, yellow or white $20 to 9100 WATCHES Elgin and Bulova wrist watches at special prices. Others from 918,00 an4 up A beautiful line of neckwear. Pendants and rings to match in both yellow and white. Genuine Bock Crystal beads at 2.50 and $4.60 a string I^EATHER GOODS Ladies' band bags. blU folds with key or cigaret case to match from 91.00 and up Just a few of the many things to select from at WEHLER'S Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing. Phone 240 Algona, Iowa. in this vicinity. He was appointed as street commissioner here 6 years aso and has served faithfully In that capacity. He is survived by his widow and three children, Da at home, Harry oj Aleona and Leo of Garner. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Baptist church with Rev. O. R. Seimans in charge. Mlss.Dorene Linde who has snent the nast three months at Minneapolis Is lsltintr relatives here. Mesdames Roy Valvlck and H. T. Winter will entertain the first division of the M. E. Aid society on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. George Gale and fam- lv and Mr. and Mrs. I/jyal Gitsch were Thankselvintc truests of relatives at Storm Lake. Mr. and Mrs. John Knutson celebrated their 3th wedding anniversary ecently. The social event was planned by their children. H. T. Winter Is now employed as nleht watchman to take Ole Molan's place. Mr. Molan has been appointed to succeed C. T. Edwards. A post martial shower was given Mrs. Kenneth Thompson bv Mrs. 8. Warburton on Tuesday night. Many beautiful gifts were received by the bride. A. H. Hundeby. who was annotated as official sealer for the corn warehouses spent cart time at Des Moines the oast week where he attended a school of instruction. Mrs. Anna Larson entertained at a 6 o'clock dinner on Saturday. Guests included Dorothy Chrlstensen, June Larson, Lucille Anderson. Merlin Larson, and Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Larson. Plans for Christmas are being made by the business men's association. The committees are as follows: finance. G. O. Anderson and Carl Arnold: decorations, Thorwald Dahl, Ray Lord and GeOrge K. Nelson: treats, C. J. Aoole- oulst and E. L. Hansen. Winners of the home elimination declamatory contest held last Monday niKht. were: Reginald Winter. Marion Koons. oratorical: Hazel Rohlin, and Leona Carr, dramatic: Lyle Skromme. and Buell Pearson, humorous. The fudges were Rev. Raymond Swanson. Mrs. J. H. Warner and Miss Elna Berg. Home from various colleges for their Thanksgiving vacation with their parents were: Dorothy Chrlstensen of Coe College, Cedar Ranlds: Catherine Bravender. Merlin D. Larson, Burton Thomson of Iowa State College. Ames: Lucille Peterson of Minnesota State University; Ralph and Dencil Stockman. Alice Dahl and Lucille Berg of Waldorf College, Forest City; Emorv Bergeson. Edgar Price. Thomas Hanifan, of Estherville junior college: Har- rv Peterson, instructor at Cedar Rap- Ids. LEDYARDFARM BUREAU MEETING SLATED FRIDAY John Heetland Home Will be Scene of Christmas Party Twent Years News (Taken from the Upper Des Moines- Bepubllcan flies for the week December 3, 1913.) Lars Sorensen had just spent several days at the Twin Cities looking after business for his firm. Dr. H. R. Gibson, veterinary surgeon, had just moved to Algona from Garner where he had formerly practiced. Mrs. C. D. Fellows had had her hand quite badly injured Monday morning while operating a clothes wringer. A farmer's Insltute was to be held at Elmore December 12-13. Many north- end farmers were planning to attend. Tlie board of supervisors were in session at this time on drainage matters pertaining to drain 96, in German and Ramsey township. Fred Wehler, Chas. Nicoulin and J. A. Brownell had just returned from Des Moines where they had attended a big meeting of Shrlners. James McDonald and mothur had acompanled Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh and family to Burt Thanksgiving day where they ate turkey with Banker Buell and family. Elmer Haag had just come home from Sherburn, Minnesota, where he had been employed as foreman in a newspaper office. Elmer had been sick and had come home to recuperate. A basket social had been held the week before at a school west of Whittemore which was taught by Miss Grace Crelghton, one of Kossuth's best rural teachers. She had taken In $80, one basket bringing in $9. It was reported that the boys in that district did things right. The work on the J. W. Haggard and A. L. Peterson building on Dodge street was to be discontinued until spring 1 . The cement footings were in and walls built up as high as it was thought advisable to stand through the winter. The work of construction was to be pushed as rapidly as possible in the spring. Every saloon in Des Moines had been closed. The saloons, numbering sixty in all, had been closed the week before after the news had been received that the supreme court of Iowa had decided In a recent vote that the consent petitions that had been filed were illegal. It was thought that Sioux City and Council Bluffs saloons would also be closed. The final try-out for the high school debating team was to be held Saturday night at the high school auditorium. The question which was to be debated was "Federal Charters or Not?" and was a very Interesting one at that time because it dealt with the advisability of the requirements of large corporations to take our federal charters. Supporting the negative were Alfred Kresensky, Dlcie Beane and Fred Gelgel and arguing the affirmative were Howard Mawdsley, Edna Sorenson and Donald Hutchison. Mrs. Burton Seeley and baby had lust returned from the Philippine Islands where her husband was emclov- ed as a veterinary surgeon by the United States government for the past three years. Mrs. Seeley was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Helse and Dr. Seeley was a son of Dr. and Mrs. P. T. Seeley. Mrs. Seeley told of her experiences and the conditions In the Philippines. A lengthy article In this Issue explained about the life the natives lived, about tihe seasons and about the government there at that time. Ledyard: There will be a general farm bureau meeting at the John Heetland home Friday evening. December 8. It will be in the nature of a Christmas carty ana Christmas (rifts will be exchanged. Ladles are to brlns either cake or sandwiches. The orogram committee Is Mr. and Mrs. Ervln Wortman and Mr. and Mrs. George Winter. Norma Kelly visited In Charles City over the week end. Marjorle Stranahan scent Thanksgiving at her honie In Favette. Ruth Jones visited friends in Brook- yn over Thanksgiving vacation. Elvin Carpenter visited in Cedar Ra- olds and Olln 'over the week end. Mrs. Charles Bashara and daughter 'eturned from the Bancroft hospital ast Friday. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Laurltzen and terry visited relatives In Klemme over Thanksgiving. Mrs. Martha Gable and daughter Dent several days last week at the Jartln Gable home. Dorllne Huntlev of Elmore. Minn. Dent Thanksgiving at the home of her rlend. Alice Mavne. The sewing circle met last Monday night at the Ella Gelhaus home with Ruth Jones as hostess. Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett scent 'hanksgivlng at the home of Mrs. Barett's parents In Llvermore. Blanche Rotterman and Lumetta Recce left Saturday for Dea Moines where they will visit relatives. Mildred Barger of Lakota visited for everal days last week at the home f her sister. Mrs. Edward Knoner. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and ons, Kenneth and Duane. visited rela- Ives in LuVerne over Thanksgiving. Gerald Warner visited at home over Tmnksglvlng. He has been transfer- ed from Fort Snelllng to winter auar- ers in Eldora. Mrs. Carl Burrows and son.. Glenn Islted relatives at Fort Dodge and Gllmore Cltv this nast week. They re- urned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lauritzen and r. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett attended IB schoolmasters' club meeting at Meona last Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Yahnke enter- ained their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. fahnke and Mr. and Mrs. Julius Jenen of Buffalo Center for Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Worden and Harvey and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton En- elbv and Orval were Thanksgiving uests at the E. C. Campbell home ear Seneca. Mrs. D. B. Maver and Mar.lorle and Ulce Dunham visited their parents at; Waterloo over the week end. Sunday hey visited at the home of Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Harvey at Rowan. Mrs. Alfred Schultz was hostess to the Methodist Aid last week Tuesday. A good crowd attended and final plans for the bazaar were made. A lovely lunch was served by the hostess. James Mayne's sister. Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey and daughters, Shirley and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Robinson of Homestead. Oklahoma, are here visiting him and at the Joe Mayne and Howard Mavne homes. The senior high, school honor roll for the oast six weeks was as follows: seniors—Anna Jones. James Logan, Adah and Idah Telcamp. Lillian Sanders and Tilmer Halverson: juniors— Elaine Blome, Ella Goetz. Lillian Klinkslek and Mar.forie Matzner: soDh- , omdres—Luetta Gelhaus: freshmen— \ Cleo Gable, Henrietta O'Keefe. and Lois Wilson. On last Tuesday evening the first and second teams played Lakota here. A£ a preliminary game the 6th and Uth grades played the 7th and 8th grade boys and were defeated 3 to 19. The second team game was 5 to 7 in Led.vard's favor and the first team game was 16 to 31 hi Ledvard's favor. A large crowd was present to oack the teams. CRESCO NEWS O. W. Brown and wife, and son. R«y. visited in Boone from Monday until Friday. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Pool were Thanksgiving guests at the L. O. Pool home at Renwick. The D. D. Soarks family visited In Bopne and Nevada from Wednesday until Sunday. Mr, end Mrs. August Brown. Eva. Bwnlce. August, jr., were gueets on Thursday at the W. H. Brandow home. „ Mr. and Mrs. Franz Teeter and the Vern Teeter family and Mildred Bran- d°w were at the J. P. Larson home at Burt Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox snent Sun- v with friends in Algona and the H. T Sabin familvat the Rome Robinson home at Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Pierce returned last week Wednesday from Pomerov and Manson from their wedding trln r»nd are now at the W. A. McArthur home. Several from here attended the funerals of Martin Frankl and Christine Knudson, sister of Dorothy Knudson, teacher at the Runohey school. Monday and Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Potter visited on Monday evening at the Irwln Kuecker home at Whittemore. The latter's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hedlund of Ames are guests at this home. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Dutton entertained on Thanksgiving the Joe Koboen family and Vivian Dutton, Llvermore. the M. L. and I. A. Dutton families, and Messrs and Mcsdames W. A. McArthur and Milton Pierce. Mr. and Mrs. Fernlev Runchev went Wednesday of last week to visit the latter's relatives. They -were accompanied by Miss Evelyn Walters and Harold Clayton who visited relatives at Stanwood. They all returned home Sunday. Despite the rain Saturday more than 40 guests attended the shower at the McArthur home In honor of Mrs. Milton Pierce, formerly Evelyn Dutton. House decorations were pink and white and were also carried out in a two course luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. George Brazee enter- talned at Thanksgiving dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. stell, Sr., and Meta Bingaman and Rose and John Stell of St. Benedict. The Simon Henry family and George Hahle. and Rose Stell remained for a visit for a week. WEN A GUARANTEE MEANS SOMtTHlNP,/ F. S. Norton & Son Phone 229 Our Want Ads Bring Quick Results Union M.-D. Club Meets Next With Cora Bacon, Algona Union: The December meeting of the Mothers and Daughters club will be held on th 14th at the home of Cora Bacon in Algona. She will be assisted by Delia Troutman. The members are requested to bring canned fruit or other desirable gifts to De sent to the orphans' home at Des Moines. The program, which has been prepared is as follows: roll call. The Gift I Treasured Most of All, music by Mrs. Gunn, paper, 'Is There a Santa Glaus" by Helen Vogel and Christmas songs by Mrs. Shumway. White's Grocery Week End Specials GRAPENUTS per pkg. POTATOES, per peck OATMEAL, Ig. pkg. Cocoa, Mothers, 2 pounds for Peanut Butter, 2 Ib. jar CORN MEAL, 5 Ib. RAISINS, 2 Ib. pkg. 13c 4 Ib. pkg 23c JELL POWDER 0 pkgs. for SUGAR C?~ 30 Ibs. JJt COOKIES, fancy, 2 Ibs. 15c 19c 14c 21c 23c 13c 29c Hour—We are always rl«ht. Rose 91.58 Sonny Boy $1.68 Miss Minneapolis 91.89 Omar SL89 OUR CHRISTMAS GIFT To the People of Kossuth Co. Is a Pre Inventory Bargain Festival At just the time when you want these goods for Xnias Gifts. On this plan every person making a purchase makes a savings instead of every purchaser paying more for their goods so that some one else may have something free. Our stock is the largest we have ever shown—our prices the lowest they have ever been—if we cannot save you money and give as much quality then we cannot hope to deal with you—come in and see for yourself just what these bargains mean to you. See the Biggest As- We are showing dozens of beautiful lamps and are offering an extra special for this event in a lamp similar to the one shown above at only $1.29. sortment of high chairs ever shown in Algona Now on our Floors These chairs were purchased from a receivership and are priced to sell quickly. Just the gift for the little folks. Priced at $2.25 and up with porcelain tray. What could make a better gift for mother than a beautiful rug. We are carrying special low prices on every rug in the stock. 9x12 Seamless ister only $23.75. 27x48 Axminister $1.98 Bed Room Suites Living Room Suites THE BEST GIFT OP ALL We have always delivered a number of living room suites for Christinas and this year will be no exception. You will buy them cheaper here arid now than ever again. For this special event wo are offering mohair two piece suites at $52.50 & up with special low prices on every suite in the stock—buy now. Just imagine how happy the whole family would be to have our track drive up with a beautiful bed room suite for Christmas. We know this will happen at several homes for we already have them sold for Christmas delivery. Come in, let us keep one for your home, too. Just get a feel of the real joy of giving something really worth while. Special low prices on every suite in stock. Space will not permit us to mention all of Ihc gift items in the store but below we offer a number of practical suggestions: Occasional Chairs, End Tables, Magazine Kar-ks, Cedar Chests, Inner Spring Mattresses, Pictures, Mirrors, Norgo Electric Refrigerator, Rockers, Coffee Tables, Desks, Table Scarfs, and Occasional Tables. RICHARDSON'S Where Furniture Sells for Less any

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