The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1933 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1933
Page 2
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Upper Des Moiues, Algona, Iowa, Dee. f, 1983 Slgoita tipper JBes ittomrs • Worth Dodge RAOOABD* WAUUBL Iowa, trader aet of Ounum of ttartb bavefapt a* red bot wtSfc news gtoris in tbe psk ten die Sa& £QK fln^-m! i * <i gB ftf tw^ ; KATES CT KOSSTTH OO^ Oar Tear, to Adraace flb Montba, to Advauoe ... Tare* Month*. te Advance OStttte 3s advance. PsrabJ* a Advance. Auvcf ita-iswu, J9t 1J5 per H file rw? men ia Cfelifu&'iiia reaSlF a*ftie ££017* cS tbe uanajjjjttug and tonftai murder thai flffipwed, banning might be cafied * Jrat rptribirtacECL Trae, tbey K»- fessed, b* H new devchu*. feat tt-jJr tewpts- «o«im« out at a Uard decree, aad tbas be was art a* tajtamuAauoaB, & is bop pfi tba* be ti'la-jffi 1 ' iJiiH^f t" WsJ ft p? H'F jH^SCBTTjJMf?? C^S" jj^t-^PP 311 9ftS OHO THINGS AND NEW-By Lame Bode Btd &. Pa.i£. a Fedoras lorr IE U» ««? of ti» sntii a TtnSc! a rcrfiirt the fret* 1* aafe.' if tte foe- tbe Haxnic iaarm,prff fnriber mt* -rw IKS jt WE IM1WI ETE?T QET MAD Good, lirefy nevxpapEr dBpeStaan geaer*J« tiles- 17 of eJeetricHr belweec ooanpfUue papers, wfciefa fe a normal and nsnaay beaKir state for tbe napes to be otber crtaes t0 sreri; a omhtkm— ^riaoa not be pood lav bat miftil be ^icri lia.» Tbe AmerfeBB pnbSc. K vDaid! sens, if gelSixc mme- •rbat netted at tbs f^atET of Cartes to occrrtrt mad tbe great inass of }epal weJmicamMs *3dca bave teea tn&2t i^} 10 tbe }x^ui aljt±2e 8237 smart defeat tbe etaie or tbe I^edera! p^'a to. aad a good thing far toe coBumall results in latAivt aewsffpts*. Cosspftffloa breeds TrnpfrmriTrtJeBK. as ft ffid last wesfc. when onr contemporarr fired a bruadthte ai tbe e&orSe of Tt* la a pr>- LrnrhiTitrt of the past fpr da?s are bus tbe oaS- of pBUBc reatstai apaiart tbe lecai kiopbcites lilii i n'i •vioca snarl lavrcsx and aardened cociper»ie to defeat jintioe.. and ibe lav. nc£ ii Upper Oss Molaes to prorioe an opes foram meeting for dfeCBSEtaa of fl» ecro-bog r*". a oatiflUut&ve talk on aHaifm. To jBomie KeriQe, apolofSf* lor any Hevffle uoilxu-t ia fait article «Uied thai Ibis paper did KOT lrrrt> hie. to the party. Ac a maScr of tact, be was irrrtled, persaoaOir, tn a riot paid to **" fcr bot2> Mr. HnK^xi^m aad a njceaautatli'i of **% nrK^japer. Tbe article by Mr. SerQe sad tbe *»«^K^f -wtoraa oar cacteDspamriGe pat OTCT it do not txiirrtdf- At enrr- cce tno-sra. Jixmnie Kerlflf played «a '"Tirqrt-»nl part Jn pnxnotiaii -work is KoEatJi. £ar XOSES 15 MGHT Bases to tbe fcotbaZ pl«rers of Stsaftrd Triiea paQed at to vine. $eszn* they •ranted to in tbe ""tr^ i»m-8imi«iiri Q; rass f octifaaB gaiae. Toted 2r« for PrsaoeJcn. tares I>ake and tJBJnJ Aranr, viUi Vp-hiEBTi tgarrtlrii: TSx bors eridentir vsnt to mate tbe game a Foccoa— JITBE a -PSR coast We are perfect? mining to resl onr case fire l^uf B^ ,rgil o? doff c^tiaexuE d ^ds couctj tended the meeting wiiiioct ooct and rniOi tte ent to UK project De* ^torrxat by pria? Siieir eadot ID tbe forsQ of sdverSStfizig. Mr. lor lits serrioes. ic a lad &n± otXtex Xova, siitii as li>r Decani Pi££ic OpbaaEB. tie Webster It it a safe bK v?;°-* vhatersr tesm is iirnlEd to tbe Base Bcnr! taD not be tbs tUrumges; teszc t?«t coald be obtained. rrecsral-Bt of vaeubsr or not each a tzam nagic iis-j» loEt a |A2ne or two. Ttewns in tbe «AMU VSEI plET sacb s isfi-fi csme of foocbtlL and so much rapenor to t£i£t. of tbe esat. tb&2 it is tinas: to come tJi.Tmy^i a teasaa Tith^u; & defeat or a tie. BSE Iron tbf slandpooc d tbe fegings of tbe coast fans, the aimrmi jooibaZ manecer of Saanlard is tzria? 10 msn-f ressocs for a frtfiorKfcina a5er •Ox of tbe HYDROGEN HEAT Two Couplet Are Wed at Baptist Partonage Two Baamates were inttnriaea by Rev. A. H. Hneser (be put flew daj* at UK Baptist paiauuage. Saturday, of Jamestown, Hortti Dakota, cad May WOcox of Mttehen, Sooth Dakota, were united In merri- ase. Tne tetter fe to aunt ot Mrs. John Romer, who was recently married. Monday, Peart Robinson and Raymond McMahon. both of Algona, were married at the Hneser home. SEXTON HEWS Reader Comment Tbe XKA nnd 25M Towns bare also ajjxoimed BJrntlar msKangi aad aeguii«! JRU i^oec of 3£r. Bdclipjui for ^?^* progTX& iteit as does ibe fact that tbe Sp-seer end ccber ^***i rt z it^m^mj»ff JQ the aorttncesteni put of tbt Elate are sponsoring lib* meetinsz in tl»e near fatare. We m*r be -rnang. bat ve fed tbat more progresiTe sod edacstioDaLl ymtmg cocb &c **>f a2ia2f*-oo£8-&og woold find ereater ptfcfcc apprormJ tb" a war ftotaote and a "rtrit^jting >^»»«THT\» jo a stneare, oootrfboled opes lornm letter. odds and ends FOCB LAXE HIGHWATS Ptmr iigL w'i j-£. each four lanes wide, are proposed tar Iowa. Tne rrrinvr of sach a project wlB probably keep it from becoming a reitSr, at tbe nn-t^'Jt time bat tbe idea is one that wOl probably be carried oat some time in tbe futmtt, assoming t>i»* motor bansportataon increases as it bat In tbe past. And, if four lane highways are to be constructed, why not blow one oar way. Tbe dtias and towns located OQ TJ. S. 18 might very weQ get togeber and pull for sacs a highway. Tbe northern row of counSes are of sufficient importance to warrant a four With tbe tbongjji in tirimj cf inc in ererr passible way wKb tbe president^ recoverj 1 program. w« sug- gtsted to J. J. Engbes of Dss The DratgicUr Mvtaal IBS. beye are gsOing ready for a big year in 1934. It wiU be the 25th anniversary and they intend to do some celebrating. Hundreds of friends and customers in the middle west win be guests. What break for ***** druggists—no prohibition. It pay* to speak weO of yonr friend*. was all dolled up in ££?££ ^JSP 0 ^^ \ S? £Z£ M^dTv night -5 Several weeks ago hi * taeetioos moment, we tacked on an "Oh, Yeah" alter a story from one of our high actual scribes tn which she stated that everybody was studying hard for final exams. Last week tbe same scribe suggested in a footnote that U we wotOd care to take a heavy load from her mtnd we "^eH write tbe exams ourselves, and tben added as a sarcastic afterthought that maybe that wouldn't help mnch, either, because she wooU EtaQ worry about tbe results. Which «ortofpotnsmoizrjriaos. • • • Tnercls nothing rd love, with a tore quite so heart? ji» taking the Hie of the Me of the party. and tbe traffic on U. a IB, the saaigbtest arterial road from Chicago direcUy west is about as heavy as that of any other 17. a highway in tbe state, not directly adjacent to DCS that be send oat to tbe various ^ffi^Ttt*frR^ puTif^'jTiff v \ ^^*c So™ formation of popalar interest Many people ret tbe impression tfcat tbe wmk of tbe XHA is over, that interest in tbe Tm >i'»^T?yni bBS matter of fact, ing made almost every day. Hew codes are being adopted, new rulings issued i leg." Sam reached in his pocket and i handed tbe fellow & twenty-five cent piece. OTHER EDITORS A hgarfHng says t h ft the NRA morement has business men ponied. Which is lair enough, because badness seems to hare tbe NRA gents feeling tbe same way. • • • Clarence MfOand of EZmore tells a story about a leDow who kept »^<«*">« ia his barnr^. Coot m H- JBOEe, boweser) -and .the «ater gripes -burst, dzoxning-the chickens. After some time be finally got his request for damages peraonaSy to the mayor of the city. "What shall 2 do about it," he asked tbe mayor. The mayor pondered, then in a judicial air responded, "Keep ducks." 9 % 9 Two volume novel, with thanks to Dorothy Parker: The con's gone dim and the moon's Hcrwd black, For I loved him and be dfeun lore back. This being the season for selection of Ail-American football cnogiomerattoDs, oar scouts, after serious stody, have named tne following *<gmr>g AB- American tor 1SSS: Left end, Leigbton Micbach; left tacke. Doc Cretc- meyer; left guard, Quick Nicoolin; center, Gene Neville; right guard, Leon MerriU; right tactte, Stew UcPad- den; right end, Tom TT><": quarterback. Ken Mercer; left halfback, Les Samp; right halfback, Bill Barry; fullback, Jim Pool. Our selection of ends was mnrtf heranse no all-star outfit could be complete without Uiebacb and Kain, two of the scrappiest candidate* of the season. Then Doc Cretzmeyer got the left tackle berth because he sul! oves us SO cents on that, bet made regarding the outcome of the Oct. 23 football classic. Ntcoulia and Uernvt are two guarxis that would be hard to beat in anything, poker, football or what have yoo. Gene Neville is the logical center— of a dog race, promotion saint or a foo> ball team, and besides he furnishes our sporte department with an occasional cigarette. S%ew McF%dden at right tackle would provide an insurmountabje object for any opposition, and judging by his talks to the Icdtpeod- ents, he must know his football. The backneld a hard problem. No team would be complete Mercer, and the sport* department deeded to give the quarterback berth, because no matter wh&t he played he would dill do the quarterbacking. Samp gets a halfback post because U he wae&t on the be&m be wouldn't agrte with our lelectiocs, azid Bill Barry gets the other post because he is a good Kiwacian, t"4 we're got a Rotarian on the tram. Jim Poo! goa ir. u fullback, because when he gets his in up 'ust -cJcL-t \o scare the hide ofl anyone, tritnd ce- it* &Uk4. If yoa have any changes to cuggeet, send them LL_ Famoos Laet Uoe— I cufl jet Uite ear vrer 7& "Dick" b Taking f*-"-tta Webster Cttjr Rmnao^Jownal,- Hbbody 00 fiOonc to OX. XT tbe poBete of President Roosevelt succeed and tbe country is enjoying a fab* degree of prosperity three years benee there win not be much likelihood that Iowa wffl elect a senator wbo wffl be opposed to tbe national administration. If it elects a republican he win be one. in aB probability, who has favored giving Roosevelt a fair trial, artd of course that wffl exclude Senator Dickinson. But if the Roosevelt policies fan, Senator Dickinson win be in position to reap tbe political benefit, as he has been against Roosevelt almost from tbe first and *>« shown littledisposJtIonto help in tbe program of recov- hopes for failure of tbe president's pip"ff typl he "rtgtit- reap political advantage. John Hammffl, tbe Freeman-Journal believes, is stronger now with the people than when he ran for senator in 1930, and if he and Mr. Dickinson are tbe only republican candidates for senator before tbe June primaries of 1836 ii win b» one of the mosi interesting and absorbing contests held in the state for some yeara. Put This ia Yonr Pip*, Al EmmetEburg Democrat: Al Smith says that he prefers "gold dollars agftinfit baloney dollars." Gold dollars gave us seven cen: corn, wholesale foreclosures and the breadline. Gold dollars were responsible for tbe trade of the world slipping completely from our grasp. Gold dollars were on the throne when every fr"-<r in toe Unived States was closed because there was a camples* lose of confidence in our banking structure. And goid dollars were being used wiiesj the "sound mosey" group «t>nn«t. wrecked the agnculatral aad Industrial life of th.e United States. Mr. Sxith, by his own statesneza, would prefer to go back to that and toe ieadertaSp of tbose who have so ^rnphapcaily proved their incompetence. He is gainst waai he ehoa£*s to call •'baloney donate," although he can te* that values are ric££, ihat confidejuee is gradually being restored in our banks and all Hrvte of nxaiicuaJ i^EUtuiiccc, and that men are gradu&Jly going to work. H* prefers the kind of Jfcadsnhlp that never looked beycuxi the directors' nxam of a corporation U5 a leadership that considers the bviy and soul of Bitn above any o'^itr e&rtcly thing. 1 would return to the cystrm of public rr-tnty lor the needy, as erer- cifred by private orgacizaiioas. t<o ti* ey««n wiich allows met to give t£*ir nc»n«st eSoru through 6 program of public works 10 that they may tetp body and &ou! together—a eyEtem ol hon^Et toil, witi head and eyes turned upv-ifi. iiist*fcd of tat irftarrit of being forced, with dowriefcs; eyes. w> daily fcccejr. ^^m>. It may bt that Alfred E- Snu'-h has his eye on the demoemie noccicaUciD for prttiient ia UrS6. If w, b* ir*y u well forget it. Tae Aoterican people at thi n-.ccrx-tt art tsjojitg tbe kind of ietoeniup tie dtaao- CTV> ptrty ha* fclwayt ir*d to provide a&d which the Roof*re!t fcdjEizjctra-tioE it et*n,j»iifring jc a rez^rt:- It U dot httjy thfct tie prtsd^st will be by Alfred E. Ssatc t&i Si* Uciwd Bt&t«i Chamber cf Comzatre* in hi* efloru vo wrest oocu^l oj war evk-trr-aLtiit fr«c uue grifp of U* U-'-fratViviitJ btck- tr Our tr-lef esfccuuv* at? i*s cart ti*t ht hts th* en *rwei.ia^ij ti,-j»^.'rl of & iti^jnty of iae ItCJow bth:ric f,:rn in i and tbe gin'^yTvmfmt is rushing for further steps in this great business- buflding jimgiMTn We received our first buBetui from Mr. Hughes last week and we quote one important paragraph: "There is a good deal of confusion relative to tbe executive order exempting towns of less than 2500 from tbe retail code. AD employers in towns of less than 2500 are not exempt— only those wbo employ not more than 5 persons and who are engaged in local retail trade or service. The following persons are not exempt: manufactur- Johnson grocery store. He is wondering what to do with it providing he has the lucky ticket. One chance in & lilC tj^np for fffln^* Ciyl. Bode Man Charged With Criminal Attack Leo Besch, 33, of Bode, Tuesday went on trial in Fort Dodge before Judge O. J. Henderson and a Jury for an alleged criminal attack on Mrs. Gladys Ponsness, 23, of Fort Dodge, a lew BSCfflffiffascasMKces Andv J. PhHUns of Weslev sneat tbe week end witu his Krandmotber. Mrs. Sarah Wise. He returned home Bandar evenine. WIDard IPTf"**? visited last week Tfarneday evenine at tbe home of bis sister. Mr. and Mrs. An/rust Kiracft- laum P"i1 family. Mr. and Mi*. Harvev Steven and femflr spent Sunday at Burt at tne borne of their son. Mr. and Mrs. Uovd Steven and family. MB. Baste McManon ten tbe latter pert of last week for Huron. South Dakota, where she will visit with her sister. Mrs. Nellie Allen. Mrs. May Harris and daughter. Marie and Marr were Thanksgiving dinner enestB at tbe borne of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Oiddinm in Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neahring and little son. Donald were Sunday visitors at Renwick at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Connor and family. Mr. and Mrs. George Olsen and son. Arthur drove to Lake City a week aeo Saturday where they visited over Sunday with Mrs. Oiaen's sister, wbo lives there, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven and babv son of Burt were callers Thursday even- ine of last week at tbe home of bis parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven north of town. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Black and four children from east of town were dinner euests last week Thursday at the home of Mrs. Black's sister. Mrs. Greene and family in Alscna. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Taylor and children. Rex. Mitch and Dean and Arthur Stueber were dinner euests Thanks- day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Brooay west of town. Mrs. Mary Neuman came Sunday to the home of her dauehter. Mrs. James Brooby, where she will now stay for tbe winter. In the summer she stays at her own home in Alrona. Ernest Davis of Oregon, Illinois, who was here to spend Thanksgiving with bis mother. Mrs. Peter Hansen near Doan. stopped in Sexton Thursday evening of last week to see old riends. Mr. and Mrs. August Kirschbaum and children. Kathryn and Leo. were suooer euests at tbe home of his brother. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kirschbaum and family in Garner last week Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neatoring and son. Xmald drove to Renwick last week on Wednesday afternoon where thev attended the wedding of lola Johnson and Fred Poeee at the Johnson borne near Renwick. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stratton and each as iiimi>« building m bonding spedaltfeK, buflders 1 snppHes, _ Tbe trial was set for Monday but en, newspaper publishers and a=tov- Besch faUed *° a PP e * r »»> *hen be four children of near Britt and Mr. ere engagedto seffingatretafl nroducts *"* absent •* thc OS***** or court on and Mrs. Henry Philllns and family _»<•-«« JUOEUUICM^CI-U pruuuoe Tjjgsdgy morning jodge Henderson of Wesley were Sunday evenine supper Grt ^ toh aU^ b b^/^tl1be SSfMa. aL*vn£ "* *^*' ™~ nan an noor later on* V* .,*f r _ mad Mt». Atttntr fii'«nmftfitf fr^i danxhter. Edith. Mr. and Mrs. HaHard 6nyder and children were entertained at dinner Thanksgiving day at the borne of Mr. and Mrs. Clem Cunningham and family west of town. Mr. and Mrs. William Kirschbaum Another *eet*on deals with tbe pro- guess of recmpJoyment of some 4400 men in Polk county alone. Thus it win be seen that tbe national recovery program is progressing and it must not be thwarted in any possible manner The local Compliance Board has sought to gain results through cooperation rather than through compulsory methods and it is hoped that every H^TTO will give it his or her whole-hearted T.H. CHRIBCHILLES. Chairman, Kossuth County Compliance Board. The Man About Town Says cuni. Judge TTmrtPiADu ordered an witness* ; except Mrs. Ponsness and tbe defendant's wife "yffadfd from the court toom unto caBed. Avoid Post-Morfems irr.'v// ',"•;? tf.? c'-tt r Ji '?'<. cv • • u?i '^ $ c"?.r u e k;t ifxsfk i* c.-'.—.'.• •-''. l.r.'e or no pf^nt to c-rtet f./ed cf-irrej, «.',r tracts d r d t'.e tc'.criss Of viljto'e w : ou b'.Vj kr.o// thit pro/.iicri cin be mi a*- x >\ ovoid such Is'.tei through By'ineis Irterruption f, /v) Iride/ sound stock fire insurance companies I Wrile.pfcone. j__, or tall tor I information I I L, E. Hovey Insurance Agency Shumwav & Kelly Law Office Phone 58. When be iant baking bread George Wilson has a hobby of mnfrlng fiddles. >ne of his masterpieces is being used I >y a musician of tbe former Souia ' band. He has started another this : week and is rfntng the work by h nn ^ ' Mr*. Fred Bebbner. with her pieas- jing penonality has joined the list of i tport faithfuls. She plans ahead sever- j al days for a mming evem. Right now the HKX a smile while arranging t h e trsys of candy for Santa Glaus at the thop- That is going to be sport "nnqgfa Jor Uie kida. A Bomber of Aigona'i yomg men are < being attracted weekly to Fort Dodge. | One gees as far as Hiimboldt where j be le Edetrzcked. One of the best as- tev of & gcing town is it* handsome rirl£. That's what takes our boys away. The names are buried in secret lest parents find it out and spoil the fun. Perry WUte BSM* go to Drbaqne once in a whll*. He's glad that vacation te coming to the can be home. Lead of MiBBMoU carried tbe to 1 rn-t-r W-Ro-.Tjrn't eosJ line for a touchdown from tbe one foot lint that won Tr.t gam* That makes him all-Am- frio&n choice of Chuck Nicoulin's. Whn iofci WaEer eay? They^e being kidded. Prof. Ward hM come real fanner* ia hit class at the high school. Most '-•! tLtrrs need cn!y to take the final ttett. Ttey teem to know aU there Is a bctinr thing tbe golf bog t* Mart Weaver is taid to get ." ;t t-'•':>« nn dsi!y anl look them ov- «•, wtpe toe dust off. and carefully them back in the bag. matter here," are fa of Mads Christiansen. Anyone *K>und the creamery knows them by heart. • • • If ye« wwat to at* a ptr*on more awkward than yourself take a look in »t th» bowline allfvs Most of them come from the court house. Bill should charge the spectators Mf"t*t^ff; it if worcb a smaD fee. At tbe wndwirh stop on East State street is Rudy TleU A very facial image of the ?rf at crooner. Rudy Vallee All r<«"1v rnr th» cabbagee. Take a look, you'll think toe tame. CREAM SEPARATORS If you are wanting a new cream separator it will pay you to visit our store. We have several separators priced to sell at a price which will be a big saving to you. —VEGA— 750 Ib. machine* at $57.50 1,000 Ib. machines at ___$69.00 Take advantage of this offer while they last We made a purchase of a quantity of 12 qt. tin dairy palls, which we offer at 2 for 49c, regular 35c value. Kohlbaas & Spilles Gift Slippers for Christmas Cozy Styles For Men, Women, Children Everyone In the family likes comfortable house slippers —«o cozy to wear on winter evenings at home. Be sure to Include '.hem on your gift list. Smart boudoir slippers for women- genuinely comfortable shoes for men—cunning little slippers lor Uu email (oik. Browne 11 Shoe Co. 16 East State Street Algona, Iowa, went to Garnet i«*t week TMrtat •** where ttoer vtttted OT» the ,.«. boBdaj» wttto --^ Mrs. Robert Klrwhbawn famfly. Tner returned bone Simday. Hi. and tin. Perrte JctOooo and famMy «tf Oflmore City were Thanks- pfvtat dinner meste at U>e bom* of Mr. and Mrs James Bntfn. Tben UK BTODDV fwnflv and the JobjMoa femur, returned borne with the Tat- jor fatally and were raooer twite there. Mrs. Sarah Wtoe. son. Herman tt*& damditer. Nell of Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. Ltord Steven and litUe son. Barter Doane of Bart. Mr. nad Mrs. Frank Bunrer and infant son. Larrv Roland and Mrs. Arch Boner of Tltonka were all TnanksMvinc dinner crueeta at tho hcme of Mr. and Mrs. Henrr Phfllioe and cb&dren of Wester. Mr. aad Mrs. Everett Hodrin of in- wood were visitors Saturdav afternoon at tbe home of her narenta. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven. From there they drove to Bint aad spent the oiont with Mm. Bodein's brother. Mr. and Mr*. Uovd Steven and family, returnine to Inwood Sunday evenine. Thev bad been at Rudd with Mr. Hodein's oarenta over Thankwivinit. Mr. and Mrs. B. & Sanders enter- tamed at dinner Thankselvine day the following relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John Pink and son. Bobby of Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Boienus. mm Robert and daughter. June of near Doan. and Mr. and Mr.,. Bar! Sott and 000. Kettb, also of Tttonka. The Henrr Hawtev famUv of Mason City bad alao olanned to come but due to sickness thev were unable to attend. Cut Rate Grocery Specials for Thursday, Friday, Saturday Look What 19c Will Buy 2 Ib. box Soda Crackers 4 pkgs. Jell Powder 3 bottles Catsup 4 Ibs. Navy Beans 10 bars Laundry Soap 2 Ib. jar Preserves 5 cans Oil Sardines 2 pkgs. Kelloggs Corn Flakes 3 cans High Test Lye 2 Ibs. Cocoa 1 at. Bottle Ammonia 1 Can Sani Flush & Brush 3 cans Pork and Beans 2 Ibs. New Dates 3 pkgs. Macaroni I Ibi Green Tea 3 Ibs. Raisins 5 rolls Toilet Paper 1 Ib. pkg. Cake Flour 6 pkgs. Washing Powder 5 cans Cleanser 5 Ib. bag Oat Meal 1 auart Salad Dressing 10 Ib. Sack Salt 2 Ibs. Dried Peaches 1 pk. Potatoes 4 Ibs. Pop Corn 2 1-lb. pkgs. Lard 1 Ib. Cocoanut 3 cans Corn 3 pkgs. Starch 4 bars Toilet Soap 2 .iars Mustard 2 bottles Bluing 2 cakes Honey 2 cans Peas 1 Ib. Fancy Cookies 1 Ig. can Cooking Molasses 2 pkgs. Marshmallows 2 Ibs. Elbow Macaroni 1 pkg. Biscuit Flour 3 Cans Tomatoes 2 Ibs. Ginger Snaps 2 Ibs. Prunes 1 Ig. pkg. Oxydol 2 cans Oval Sardines 1 Ib. Black Pepper 2 cans String Beans FREE —FKEE —FREE Brine: this ad checked with tho itoins you want and get n 15c Jig-Saw puzzle. "Busiest Little Store in Town." RHEUMATISM Backache AND KIDNEY TROUBLE Drink your rheumatism and kidney troublea away with delicious YERB- AVIDA, one of Nature* greatest blood purifiers. No dope, no Miet. Just * t«*w oupa a day of this marvelou* tea will quickly, surely and harmlessly cleanse your blood of uric add. Your kidney, will rapidly Improve and jour backache disappear, You wtl noWoa r«- lulU the ant week, and by drtakina Yerbavtda oontlnuowly Inttaad of to* too. permanently relieved. Yarbavlda to FoxaiUlt Mnif -IMRRieV

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