The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLR, (ARK.) COURIEH NEWS Cracks Down Declares Commissioner To Rule Over 100 Players Free Agents BY HAHRV GRAYSON Sports Kdilor, N'KA Service (Copyright, 1938, NBA Service, Inc.) B^LLEAIR, pin.. March 17. — 'llie most, imporlanl decision tn the' history o! baseball is about to lie made here. Within llie next sevm! days, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Land Is, the supreme dictator, may declare at least, 100 ball players free agents. If Landis goes through with this declaration; it means 0>at the 100- or-more players will be able to sign with whatever clubs lliey please. l.*slle M. O'Conner, secretary-treasurer of baseball, as Judge Landis is pleased to call Ills office, says that the number of athletes involved will be closer to SCO than 100. O'Conner personally conducted Die investigation for Landis, working on it for Uvo years. There are 500 pages of evidence. If Landis goes the way that he intends to go nt this moment, nt Jeast $300.000 worth of baseball talent will be thrown on (he open market. This action will be based on charges that tlie Cardinals have violated one.oL the strictest rules |t»U, shtch says tbalno ma- ISll'.jljJj may have a \vork- 'Tagreemcnl with two lie minor league. nr ^ , —i the cedar Rapids Club In the Western League had a working agreement with Rochester, a St. Louis affiliate, in 1935. In 1936 and 1937, this relationship np- lieared to have been severed. Thereupon. Cedar Rapids • entered into working agreements wllh a large number of clubs of lower classification. These various clubs were in leagues with which the St. Louis club or some of its affiliates had working agreements. Landis tells me that the testimony in the St. Louis-Cedar Rapids hearing In Chicago. Feb. 8, which no newspaper reporter gave i tumble, developed that all — o most all—or. the players on the Cedar Rapids club, and the various clubs with which It had working agreements, received all of their players^or approximately all—out of the Cardinal-conducted spring- field, Mo., training camps run by Brand] Rickey and the Red Bird organization in the springs of 193G nnd 1937. „ - -" * ISiks Pad for Rickey Judge Landis also lolrt me Dial some of these players were placed-, under contract with the Spring- ^icld .Club, but that their contracts were destroyed, and not sent to the National Association offices for recording and promulgation as the rules of baseball required. It is alleged that these players were then shooed in to'the various camps of clubs having working agreements with the Cedar Rapids Club, the players being under the impression i they had to be shooed there. | y," says Landis, "sincerely ihit they were under the Judge Landis Iii Hot Water Branch Illckey Chib.- ! h e Cardinals' tlic spot thai lie now occupies. Truth be known, he despises Branch Rickey, director of the far- flung St. Ixniis Cardinal system. As far back as 1930, at the meeting - —.. | "f "is National Association of Pro£ Evtaical severance, due | fessional Baseball Leagues I heard as JE* c£K relationship of Brancli Ihtc fluent Rickey's bitter speech Harry Johnson, ihe against the c-jnr-llke altitude of the It zojr tierdops that the sever£ <£ reitSoiishjp between the -*-"^" -~* the Cedar Rapids n dlffcrrnt slnnl. If l,iixlk MI-PS In bare all the facts. Twenty or more leagues will Ije affected. Al least three will be destroyed, according to Dramhain. Trait- Questionable Methods Landis Is supposed to have evidence thai records were altered, c"l3ln:il slgnalurcs were eradicated, and questionable methods were resorted to in hen/led allempis In cover up when the jig was discovered. , Hut l.umlis traced original letters ; and communications to their points <4 delivery, and at tlie Chicago [hearing asked: "How come [phony duplicates?" "I never be/ore saw Branch Rickey stopped," says Uramham, jiu Judge uiralls knew more than itlckcy Mispeelcd. "Judge l,anrtls has tin open ami f.liui cas 1 .' that would stand up in any court In ihe land." I aski ;| Landis if he had definitely miidc u]) his mind lhat Ihere was fraud In Ihe case. ••IvaiKl. young man, Is a tough word." lie replied, "but Ihi-re was deception. And Ihcre will be no deception in ta.sebiill as long as I urn the commissioner, nnd my con- uur-i runs through 1941." Li.ndls gels $65,000 a year for being in town, by the way, I asked Landis if he would punish llie higher-ups, as well as Lhe pawns or litlle Idioms who might have .some of ihosc slray hall players. "Declaring ball pluyers free agents is punishment enough, nc- coidlng to the howls thai I've heard when I've declared one a free agent," replied the silvery-haired commissioner. ''Innocent purchasers will be recompensed." Landis always has been against Ihe so-called "farm" system. His contention is thai baseball will support itself where It is worth being plnyed. "Don't let major league owners (ell you that they are subsidising minor league clubs just lo keep little leagues going," he asserts. "They're doing 11 for their own selfish motives, and they know thai 1 know it." I asked Judge Bramham If, on Ihe evidence, bamlls hud grounds to bar Branch Klckey from baseball. "Landis once sentenced a minor I league owner to five years on evidence that he schemed to take his old manager from a club he had .sold to one Hint, he had purchased," explained Judge Bramham. "I can't see how Judge Lnndls can penalize minor league owners without doing something about the director of the Octopus/ 1 Kule Forbids Syndicate Control Sometime back, Landis heard i complaint unofficially made b 1 George Weiss, director of the Nc\ York Yankee chain. .Cedar Rapid., of the Western League had draftee a player from the Norfolk, Va outfit, a Yankee subsidiary. Weiss immediately got in loud with Rickey. He asked why the Cardinals were fooling with lulu Yankees. II seems that Rickey pa llally slraighlened Ihe situation oul, but Weiss paid $3500 for a ball player who originally belonged lo Col. Jacob Ruppert. and who had been drafted for $2500. Anyway. Landis got wind of what was going on. And such n fine authority as thai able Norlh Carolina lawyer, judge Bramham, tells me lhat Lanrils finally has Rickey and the Cardinals dead to right. Landis frankly tells me that: he simply is exposing the syndicate baseball operations of the St. Louis Cardinals. They're all trying- lo square U. THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1938 S.E. mm PUN ftCTI Gandhi Fighis Again—Passively Cedsr Ei-pis o-xner. Landis and ilEam Gibbons Bramham, of the National Associa- o( Professional Baseball Clubs, agree that the relationship was old Chicago jurist. Landis, always against Hie farm system in baseball, bided his time. "I felt sorry for Rickey at the St. Louis-Cedar Rapids — ... — • ' " J "• L '" i " i >-vjtuiu ttupius nearmff in aJsntfcal to that previously exist- I Chicago, Feb. 8." savs Bramham "- but depending in 1936 and i who Is here with Landis and post- 1937 upon a gentleman's agreement, basis rather than upon and above agreement. ,, r ,„,, uul _ I]t . iuumc lne (jmcago landis has waited 18 years for Black Sox scamlal of 1919-20 on lively on Rickey's side. Bramham asserts that this shakeup will otit-hendllnc BOYS! GET READY FOR BASEBALL SEASON. BALL and BAT Goldsmith No. 81 Baseball league Dall, retail Genuine Oeorjia Cracker Baseball Bat, retail value Schedule For Southern Division of Golf League Is Announced CARUTIIKIISVILLE, Mo., March 17.—Owln's Country Club will open the )9!i8 scnt:on of Ihe round-robin sclicdutc on Die home course wiUi llie Kennott Country club, Sunday, April 24, II was announced yesterday by Jess Owlji, owner or the local course. A iwo-dlvlslcn engne .schedule for the rounil-rotaln tournament of tlie Soutlienst. MIs- iciii'i golf lenuue hns been drawn up with clubs from live towns composing each division. Teams In llie northern division are Sike.ston, Clmrle.ston, Perryville, Dexter nnd (lie HiJJcresl Chit) at, Cape Girurdcaii. Teams in tlie southern cllvisior arc Gwin's, Keniielt, two clubs al I'oplar llluff, and the f'arngould, Ark-, country club. The sclicilule calls for two matches cacti Sunday from April 24 to July 10, Inclusive. One club will have an open date each week. AL the close of the .season's play, the two leading division teams will meet for the championship of the association, tlie match to Uc play- | etl on n neiitrnl course to be de- | signaled by (be teams who play for [ the title. 'Hie schedule for the southern division is as follows: April 24 — Kermett ab Gwin's, Piuagould at Poplar Bluff Country Club. Open dntc for Poplar BlufT Wcstwood Hills Club. May 1—Gwin's nt Westvood Hills Club, Poplar Bluff Country Club at Kennett, open date Paragould. May 8—Westwood Hills at Pnrn- gould, Gwin's at Kenuelt, open date Poplar Bluft Country Club. May 15—Poplar Bluff Country Club at Westwood Hills, Parngould at Kennelt, open date Gwin's. May 22 — Westwood Hills at Gwin's Poplar Bluff Country Club. nt Paragould, open date Kennett. I June 5—Kennett at Poplar BlulT Country Club, Paragould nl Westwood Hills (Poplar Bluff), open date Gwin's. June 12—Westwood Hills nl Kennett, Gwiu's al Paragould, open dale Poplar Bluff Country Club. June 19—Gwlu's nt Poplar BlufT Country Club, Kennett. nt Parn- Eould, open date Westwood Hills. June 26—Paragould at Gwin's Weslwood Hills nt Poplar Bluff Country .Club, open dote Kennett. July 19—Kennett nt Westwood Hills, Poplav UluII Country Club at Gwin's, open date Paragould. Win. A. Schuette. of Ihe Hillcrest Club, Cape Gtiardeau, is pres-, ident of Ihe league. Two divisional secretaries arc: E. Wilboum, Paragould, .sop.tiiein, und Dolpti Wallers. Cape Girardeau, northern. Adolpli Onterreiner, Caratliersville, is the retiring president. \ ' >& ;Rotarians Want Razorbacli.!'/ Game On Mtemphis Grid A letter favoring the approval i by the Memphis park commission 01 one of ihe dates requested by the uthlellc departments of Ihe University of Arkansas and tlie University of Mississippi for a game (o he played in Crump stu- tiiiiro Ihis fall will be Mill to the fooll:all committee of the commission by ihe Jtolncy club, i>, was deckled al a luncheon meel- itig of that group at iho Hotel Noble today. Tin's action was taken because it was understood lliat certain groups in Memphis were opposing ihe playing of the Ole Miss-Arkansas game there as ii conllict- td with a game Southwestern Un-, • Ivei-fily, at Memphis, is .scheduled tt lo play wllh Mississippi Stale o\ '« Mcvc-inber 19. Since Memphis is t* • Ihe ccnlcr of the Iri-stale territory and tlie most convenient place lorn major football gome, the club urged llie committee to grant Ole Miss aiif! Arkansas permission to ! use llie .stadium on Nov. 10th, nth • It'th. 'Ihe program al Die meeting j look (lie form of a Rotary qui'/. with the organization divided into two teams. Gne.sts at the meeting were: i I,. K. Cooper of Slcele, Earl V. Byrd of F'ayetlevlllc, J. E. Kay of Jonesboro and 1), A. Lynch jr. of HI. Louis inioj Moisture Storage Seen For Arid Dakota Land '> :\A VJaJialinii Gandhi. Ihe little brown man of India WIQ u fn-.v years back r.adgered the British lion sjranllng concessions with lii.s passive resistance campaign, has returned to the Indian political scene, i The ]ilioto shows him at Ihe opening of ihe All-lnjia Swadesi exhibition at Vitlialnagar, Haripura. On coming out of retirement. Onndhi reiteraleci hi; principles of passive resistance which he believes PAROO N ~~D~<UP) - Farmer England's governors to release a mimba- of politicals whom they are holding In prison in in lliat section of North Dakota defiance of the demands of Indii's Congress Hint they be freed. jwest of the Missouri river — in_ j domilable individuals who have been victims of drouth for seven force TOT |i . . i T-J i-* __.,. -. _. . Would Aid Poor-But Wed Rich but Landis' neck is bowed. This Is his turn at bat. Jim Tipton Candidate For 'Bama Track Team UNIVERSITY, A;?-., Mar. 11.— Jim Tiplon. tackle on the 1937 Alabama football team. Is no\v a Candida le tor llie track and field team. Tipton has played his last football for the Tide, but hns never been on the track team. Tipton is ivorkiug with (lie discus, and should develop into n capable performer in this event before the season is over. Palace, Hudson Bowl Over Ark-Mo, Hubbard Palace Cafe won over Arknnsas- Mjssoliri Power corporation and Hudson Tnllor shop defeated Hubbard Hardware company by decisive scores in last night's City league bowling matches at Sud- bnry's playhouse. Bert Looney of Palace ronllnued to set Ihe pace for individual scorers with an average of 227 for last night's games. Woodrow Hall,. Palace, turned in the best individual game score of league piny so far with 288 and Mclvln Halsell of Hudson made the second best score of league play with 272. BOTH FOR ONLY $1.29 SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STORK" • J, W. Shous* Phone 35 Wilson Henry PRICES AND TERMS Are Lower Buy Now And Save! 1031 Chevrolet Coupe. Humble Seal. Runs good. Good tires 1931 Buick 4-Door Sedan. New paint. A nice automobile 1330 Ford A. model l>/2 ton Truck. Stake Body 193-1 Chevrolet 1/-1 Ton Pick-Up. Lots of service yel 1932 FORD V-8 Coach 1928 Dodge Standard Six. Brakes are good New paint. Runs good LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. $299 $112.50 $149 $159 $79 307 East Main Plionc .120 Does Good Deed But Reward Costs Him COLLINCSWOOD, N. J. (UP) — John Pennington. 16, "took" his reward for being a good Samaritan an;| ended with being placed on probation for six months. Mrs. Mac Green of Westmont stalled her automobile. The youth volunteered to help stdrt the machine. Pennlnglon succeeded in starling ihe car, but inslcad of stopping at tlie nearest curb, continued on. He returned 40 minutes later with the explanalion lhat he had taken a "joy ride" as payment for his service. Read Courier News Want Ads. Rains and snows, the things that will build up Uie subsoil reserve a Sainst drouth, have come to : " lem '" abundance since last sum- 1 mer - T!le P'ospects, farmers admit, nre br 'S nt f 01 ' a good growing sea- Grinuell Hislory Recalled aniNNELL, la. (UP)—The oldest living woman graduate of orinnell College, Mrs. T. J. Noll. 83, Orinnell, recalled the smallest graduating class In the school's history when she was reminded that the present .senior class, one of the largesl in the school's history, numbers 153. The smallest class was in 1813. when all 23 members were expelled i and only two returned to graduate. Though they are pretty well of! and "still take iheir husbands Ivom Harvard. Princeton and Yale rather than from transient camps." Vassal- college girls are nevertheless perturbed over the poverty o: their less frotunale sisters. Vivian Lic-bman, undergraduate editor of tlie Vn.ssar newspaper, toid a Senate Sub-Committee. She -,vas testifying in support of n bill lo appropriate $500.000,000 for American youth, and is piclurcd above as, with Sen. Ernest Luiideeu, Its author, sitting beside her. she declared the Vassnr student body favors Ihe measure. Bears do uol hibernate on a full slomncli. They fast tor several weeks before going into their dens. The western plateau of South America i.s (he native land of Ihe "Irish" potato. -ENJOYTHE MILDNESS AND GOOD RICH TASTE Xl PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE amuels IS TT is fitting (hat happy j., vs J- and pleasant experiences DC honored \\-fth "T. \V." tlie Jiquorofrcmcmhrjnced.ncm.iny men have preferred since J34-I. Its fricndlv , ;lslc> smootll n . lvor and old-time ;iror,u h.ivc m.ide it niradition.iH.ivoritcfor 93 years. F.very drop soM umlcr die. T \V Samuels brand is distilled 'ami bottled by f. \V. ,S. lmuc | s> , nc . Arkansas Dislributor »-'ri"u,,,, R (.^^JS,,, Rock Saltt «»pr«.«n,flf,««, CHARLES F. MUUR, 1HC _ 5: ;ii ,, oN OUR SALE GOES ON! N K MOJO USIDUR REDUCED PRICES! LOWER FINANCE RATES! li).')7 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Town Sedan §525 I'M? Plymouth l-I)oor Sedan SlfiS IMfi Dodge Touring Sedan 5345 l!)3fi Chevrolet Conch 5345 !!):!•! 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