The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1933 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1933
Page 4
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Iowa, ITw. 80.1933 I 1 ***? 1* Ffcflsw tfce American Legion Aarfliary wffl m«t at UK Let** ban Friday night «tf:SO. After tl» tteettng. Mrs. V/V. Naodain. president, «ffl give a party to aU Auxiliary members in apprvei*- thai of the nnR going ow-r. the top ia mexnbersnip. This is rehabilitation month tnd each member b asked to brio? good wwd clothing tor children, aces C to It yean. This win be sent to Use supply at Des Moines to be u«d for tbe men. Woman-* atrt ttttUat Almost forty n»«nb*rs of the Wo- met Frtdar afternoon UTS. ctande SMMnn at man's chib the Library rfded in U* atmnc* of Mrs. W. C tfcwH. Roll) rail v*» answered tay gfrr- ing th? mane of Town tndbm. M*& H T. Roll fare » lane em ladtons *i and Rose Bteabeth OoJeman. daughter «t Mr. and Mrs. Roee CoJemtn ot Algon* and oeorge Steil. Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. oeorge 8tefl of St Benedict vet* united in mtrria«e Thursday morning s« 19 otfcwk. Father T. J. tMrern of- fictated at the totmuuy wnfch teak pttwe at Ms hone. Attendants at th* c**** wwr Row S»«0. sfater ot the Frown and George Bahte at Alton*. TV trite wtwf *n ensemble of fctee *nd wfca*. w?» «4th natchlnit sun* br Miss Swfc* ef "Erie W»te« A reTirw 0} -*rtr t-t'f* *** **.* t ni-TtTd »t ts» hcrae »t irttteh efehimt p(W«5l. carts to be sent to disabled eo«dfc» to the hospitals, together with the Christmas bates. for ST. JOE FRIENDS GIVE FUHRMANNS ON GOLDEN WEDDING J. Puhrmann Berne, North west of Si' Joe, Scene of Festivities Evelm Rath, the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. L- Onttoo and Milton H. Pferte. son of Charles Pierce of Haveiock. snrprfeed their friends Sunday. Nor. 19. and were otdeOr married at the Baptist parsonage by Her. A. S. Hueser at 2:30. The bride wore * drew •if light Woe silk. The couple left for Manson and pomeroy and other points in the state to visit relatives of the groom and will return tab week end. Location of residence Is undecided at present. A miscellaneous showrr is to be given Saturday afternoon it the home of Mrs. Wallace McArthur. McArthwn Entertained— Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McArthur entertained Saturday evening in honor of their seventh and the latter's parents, .Mr. ana Mrs. L. R. Dotton* 4«th wed- ldlnr«»i*emrte*. Those present were i Mr. and tin. L. R. Dntton and the M. |L. and I. A. Dutton families. Fire j hundred was played, first prize being iwon by Basel Dutton. law prixe by fMrs. I. A. Dutton. A delicious tray luncheon was served. Bnmdages Oteerre AnairenU?—. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Brundage celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary Sunday, in the evening six couples fathered at their home and played bridge. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Mahan received first prize and Mr. and Mrs. Vie Lowe received second price. As a surprise to the celebrating couple, the Kuests presented them with a gin in honor of the occasion- Mr, and Mrs. James Waus enSer- tained their bridge club Saturday erasing. Henrv Johannsen, Jr, recerred erst riaa for men and Mrs. L. S. i Mocker received first prac? for and the travel prize. Mrs. W. O. iisst «ia be *5 «» boess? ef fi| br ss _i| ft 43 i W $k. »,. *. C. Rfc*. W» Set** Mrs, H dinner-bridge r*r!r Dtnner way 5esivd a} table decorations wear* in in; style. Contract bride? w*s during the pmalrar wltCk Mrs. Herbst winning; firs? prise. Tabie were aJso giren. * farm oi ftfl*nx«e> a -rw civwa hr Mrs. OotanaA to «r her dMorhter. FUteen gwsts and tbr new Mrs. Stefl r*. Joe: The golden wedding anniver- of Mr. and Mrs. John Fuhrmtnn w»s celebrated on Hoday, NOT. 37th at the old home place one and one-half jwusv lottJr fifts. Mr*. B. O. pf w«$ an oat of town gviest. irtre served later. Eatoiatm Members of a bridge dsfr entertained their hostends at the home of Mrs. Arthur Bribers Friday rrening. Brtdpt was paired durinjt the evening with Mrs. Peter Waldron winning first price for ladies and the travel price and Ralph Valentine receiving first prize for the men. Kadto Sewta* Party- Mrs. Harold GOmore and Mrs. L E. Hovry entertained the Amertcmn Legion Auxiliary at a radio sewing party Friday afternoon. Mis. Esther Thompson of Dallas Center gave the radio adreas from Ames on Rehabffitatian. A oainty lunch was served by the bost- Girt-FrienAs dub Meets- Members of the Girl-Friends club met with Bettv Barry Friday evening. Officers were elected and are as foltows: Alice Payne, president; Betty Barrr. secretary-treasurer. Tie next meeting will be held at the home of Dodds this coming Monday. Dinner Enjoyed— Mr. and Mrs. R, O. Bjustrom and family were guests at the H. A, Tut- home Sunday at a ofte o'clock pheasant dinner. A M&hers and Daughters banquet v-as rajoyed by TS mothers and daugh- "~ a: the Swedish Lutheran hall on . night. Tfcfe is the first organi- sation of this kind here and is sponsored by the Mission society. Following the banquet one candle on a huge birthday cake was set in the middle of the room. A piano solo by Lynnette Mahan was next on the program and following that three talks were given, -Home- by Mrs. D. D. Monlax, "Mother" by Mrs. O. D. Brundage and Tribute" by a Daughter to a Mother," by Violet Norman. A vocal duet by Meadames Sjostnnd and Monhuc concluded a delightful evening. The banquets are held annually. Tw* Birthdays Oteerred— Eighteen friends of Mrs. H. Herman surprised her on her birthday last Wednesday evening and gathered at her home. The evening was spent in playing five hundred and afterwards refreshments which the guests brought, >rere served. A decorated birthday cake was presented to Mrs. Herman. This is Mrs. Herman's 61st birthday. Sunday evening, a group of twenty- three friends surprised Mrs. Andrew Godfredson on her birthday also. The ruests played bridge during the even- j ing and refreshments brought by th guests were served. Mrs. Godfredso was also presented with a decorate' birthday cake. Mrs. Leslie Rftutoon of Otirrle, Minn. Mrs. Kntrteon will be remembered here as Susie Thilge*. ftegina ttraecher was taken to the Kossuth hospital where she underwent an operation tor appendicitis Friday morning. She is getting along as well as can be expected. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kramer and family and Mary McDonald left Monday afternoon for claremont, Minn., to northwest of St joe. The Fuhr««re married in the St. Joseph church in 1883 by the Rev. Father Zig- raag. Mrs. Fuhrmann before her mar- tiage w*s Mary Ursula Engert of Cook count?. Illinois. After their marriage I! Call Theatre, Algona Western Electric Wide Range Sound gives us the best sound in northern Iowa. Prove it by comparison. Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 30. Fri., Dec. 1 Extra Special Attraction—Walter WinchelTs "Broadway Through a Keyhole" 1933 musical drama. Matinees 1-3; night 5-7-9. Double Feature Saturday, Dec. 2 Extra big attractions and Wynne Gibson tn "HER BODY GUARD" "Kit Carson Serial" Sunday and Monday, Dec. 3-4 Extra special attraction. Exciting from start to finish, Mae West thrilled the men and women, Max Baer will thrill women and men. Jack Dempsey in the picture. THE PICTURE OF THE YEAR/ A thrillmq new FT man *•» a qreaf love story and a marvelous championship f My ma LOY Max BAER Prime CARNERA Jock DEMPSEY Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 5-6 Screened for 100 Cal' Tr. "MaeJekea im " in ker firtt 'CRADLE SONG" A Y »113 Pium Creek Club— The Plum Creek Literary and So cial club held an evening party at thi Clinton Sampson home last Wednesda; evening. Five hundred was played a 8 tables. The high scores were won by Mrs. Ben Knox and James Davidson and low was won by Mrs. Wm Fitzgerald and Ross Calhou.n The next meeting will be Dec. 13 with Mrs. Wm. Fitzgerald, Elsie Willrett assisting. Each should bring a white elephant exchange for the ladies and a 25c gift for the children's home. We will also vote on whether or not to remain state federated. Observed Fourth BirtbMay— LitUe Marilyn Audrey Tuttle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tuttle, observed her fourth birthday Saturday. Five small girls assisted her in celebrating in the afternoon by playing games at her home. Refreshments were served Jater and Marilyn was presented with a birthday cake, decorated with pink and green icing and with four candles on it. Guests were Shirley Helberg, Dolores Smith, Harriet Vinlng, Tola Mae Schoby, Betty Wallukait. they moved on the place upon which they remained until two years ago when they retired from the farm to their present home in St. Joe. Mr. and Mrs. Fuhrmann had 13 children, 10 of whom are still living. Lizzie (Mrs. Peter Erpelding) died June 5th, 1921, and the other two, both boys, died in Infancy. Those living are Anna (Mrs. Matt Faber). St. Joe; Henry, Lindsay, Texas; Joe. Chicago; Cecelia (Mrs. Henry Faber), Tower city. North Dakota; Nick, Portland, Oregon; Theresa (Mrs. John Thill); Val, Netherhill, Saskatchewan, Canda; Clara (Mrs. Charles Plathe); Louis and Adolph of St. Joe. They also have 47 living grandchildren. All the children except Joe from Chicago were present for the celebration. Rev. Fattier Theobald read high- mass at 9 o'clock. After this they all went to the farm now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fuhrmann, where they .••pent the day. A four course dinner was served at noon to the relatives and Father Theobald. The day was spent socially and open house was held in the afternoon. The children presented then- parents a spiritual bouquet which was given to them by the oldest child, Anna, a verse being read by a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Adotph Fuhrmann. Those attending the golden wedding lesides the children were Mrs. Henry '"uhrmann and children, Coralee and Rosalie, Mrs. Kate Mosman, Mike Fuhrmann, all from Lindsay, Texas; Mrs. Mck Fuhrmann and son. John, from Portland, Oregon; Alfred and Cyril Faber, Tower City, North Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. Val Engeret from Faribault, Minn.; Mrs. Joe Kupoer and son, Mike attend the Kramer-Phillips wedding on Tuesday, Nov. 28ttt The men of the parish who helped with the wood last week "put up" about 118 loads. Mrs. peter Thilges and Mrs. Chris Gales were chairmen of the committees serving the men their meals in the parish hall. Mr. and Mrs. Georpe Pchaller and family spent Friday afternoon at the Mike Monarch home at West Bend, petting acquainted with the new niece, Agnes Lucille. Mrs. Schaller is a sister of Mr. Monarch. Raymond Kramer returned home on Friday night from Wlnfred, South Dakota, after attending the wedding of a relative. Mary McDonald, a cousin, returned with Raymond to visit with relatives In this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kenkel and son, Henry and Mrs. Mary Wegland from Earllng visited with the Henry Bor- I manns last week. Mr. and Mrs. Kenkel are the parents of Mrs. Henry Bor- and Mrs. Fred Schad, all from Lindsajk Texas, and Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Fuhrmann and daughter, Yvonee from Livermore. Mathlas Weydert was taken to Fort Dodge last week for medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holtzbauer and children, Ruth and Robert were Sunday afternoon viistors at the William Hammer home. Word wtis received here last week of the birth of a baby girl to Mr. and night. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kayser are th parents of a baby boy born Thursday Nov. 23rd. They now have a family of one girl and three boys. The infan was baptized Norman Paul Sunday afternoon. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs John Relling. Mrs. Joseph Kupper and son, Mike and Mrs. Fred Schad from Lindsay Texas, arrived at the Adolph Fuhrmann home Wednesday evening. Mrs. Kupper Is the mother of Mrs. Adolph Fuhrmann and Mrs. Schad Is the moth, er of Joe Schad, who Is employed at the Adolph Fuhrmann farm. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Reding are the 1 parents of a baby girl born Friday, Nov. 24th. This Is the first child and first grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reding the second for Mr. and Mrs. Fred IDg. The Infant was baptized Darlene Margaret Sunday afternoon. Sponsors were Mrs. Fred Illg and James Reding. The card party in the St. Joseph's hall was well attended Sunday evening. Five hundred was played at 29 tables and high prizes were awarded to Mrs. Henry Woffe of West Bend and Sylvester Eagle. Bridge was played at eight tables and prizes were awarded to Allda Thilges and Edward Thilges. The door prize was given to Mrs. Peter Thilges. Mrs. Herman Plathe was the chairman of the serving committee. Infant Son Dies After Week's Illness Little Dwight Marrow McGlnnis, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Mc- Oinnls, passed away Thursday, Nov. !3rd, after a little over a week's illness with pneumonia. Every effort was made to save the little fellow's life, mt it was in vain, and he died at the age of 7 months and 18 days. Funeral erylces In charge fo Rev. Huise were eld from the Laird & McCullough hapel Saturday afternoon, Nov. 25th. To Meet Saturday P, The Westminster Guild Circle of the Presbyterian church will meet Saturday afternoon, Dec. 2nd at 3 o'clock at the church. Annette and Ermadlne Hanson are the hostesses and they will also conduct the devotionals and review chapter 3 of the study book, "How Far to the Nearest Doctor." Louise Smith will tell about "Henry Benjamin Whipple." Roll call response an item from "Five Continents." Honor Mrs. Tom Holmes—Six hostesses, Mesdames Jim Moore, Sam Medln, Albert Granzow, Charles Barrickman, Kenneth Seeley and Irvin Seaman entertained in honor of Mrs. Tom Holmes Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Jim Moore. Bridge was played at four tables. Mrs. Karl Wester received high prize, Mrs. Russell weaver, low prize and Mrs. Mads Christensen, chair prize. Mrs. A. W. Amunsen entertained her bridge club Monday evening. Mrs. John Dutton won high score prize and Mrs. Glen McMurray received travel prize. Tfee club will meet next with Mrs. G. D. Brundage. Thursday and Friday, Dec, 7-8 Thursday Mit'.^tt, Si.'.'i FEARLESS Special Merchants' Matintes—Admliiion Merchants' Tickets for the Chidren—1 hour comedy program (Nt-w) 12 to 1 o'clock. Regular matinee (new sJiow> "TARZAN. THE FEARLESS " Merchants' Children Matinc-ei, 4:30 to 5:30—6:30 to 6'30 Admission Merchants' Tickets. ' ' Friday, Dec. 8, "Tarzan, the Fearless." $500 00 Down $500.00 March 1st, 1934, will give you possession of 'A good, well improved \/\ section farm, bal. to .suit. Taxes are low and located on a good grav- elled road. Another fine Vi section in excellent community, low tax district, with a r-ornplete set of new buildings, insured for $17,000.00. Soil in high state (>f cultivation. r l1iis farm can be had for the improvements. The owner will throw in the land for nothing. McDonald & Co. Iowa State Bank Bldg. Phone 120. Free Pancakes Draw Big Crowds at White's Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes! All day Saturday there were free pancakes and coffee at White's grocery, it took 200 pounds of flour, two and one half gallons of syrup, ten pounds of butter, six pounds of coffee and ten pounds of crackers and cookies to serve the crowds that visited the store during the day. The pancake baker was kept busy every minute and the dishwasher had to hustle to keep ahead of the crowd. Naomi Circle at Mrs. Dehnert's— Mrs. Wm. Denhert, noble grand of the Rebekah lodge, planned a delightful surprise at the Naflmi circle held at frer home last. Friday on the members of the lodge who had been members for 25 years or more. The guests of honor were seated at a table decorated in pink and green, lodfe colors, centered with a cake, also decorated In pink and green and having twenty-five candles. Those seated at the table were Mes- tiames Rose Anderson, May Herman, Carrie Wright, Elizabeth McCorkle of Mason City and Miss Mamie Duryea. Rebekahs from out of town besides Mrs. McCorkle were her daughter, Mrs. May Pfahler of Mason City and Mrs. Daisy Ellsworth of Garner, Mrs. J. p. Stow, Mrs. Anna Vlnaas, MIS. Lillian Sheldon and Miss Edna Staley of Burt. Study class Well Attended— The P. T. A. study class dealing with the adolescent life which met for the first time Monday last week In music room at the high school was very well attended with 33 interested and enthusiastic parents present. The meeting was in charge of Rev. A. S. Hueser who presented the lesson "Under- handing Our children." in his talk, Rev. Hueser talked about the adolescent child and his demand for greater freedom than any preceding generation of boys and girls and how we are to deal with him. A general discussion was then held in which everyone present entered. Mrs. Victor Parsons Honored- Saturday afternoon Mesdames Clinton Sampson, Jerry Helgens and Karl Willasson entertained at a shower in honor of Mrs. Victor Parsons. There were several tables of bridge with Mrs. Ben Knox winning high score prize and Mrs. Henry Douglas, low. Mrs. Parsons received many beautiful and useful gifts. Dainty refreshments were f.ervod later in the evening, served late in the afternoon. Sunday School Class Han Outing— Eight girls who make up the Sunday School class of the Methodist church and who are taught by Adris Anderson enjoyed an outing and picnic dinner at the State Park Sunday. Miss Margaret Morris was a guest. Helping Hand Society— Tho Presbyterian Helping Hand society will meet Thursday afternoon, December 7. with Mrs. Cart Specht. Assisting hostesses are Mrs. James McGee, Mrs. Guy Van Dorstan and Mrs. Jeanette McMurray. Entertains New Deal Club— Valeria Pickett was hostess to the New Deal bridge club Sunday afternoon. Ruth McKee received first prize. ! Griddett End Year; H, S, Loses; Indie*' Foes Break Date The 1033 football season for Algona high Mbool ended last Priday afternoon M £»gle Orore, with ft 44 to 0 def**^ the gnfiie marked the clow of high school football careers for nine letter* men, Hutchlns, Larson, Max Miller, Ou- d«fian, sellstrom, Russ Medln, shackle- ford, McCtillmigh and Hiltoft. The score at the half was 12 to 6, and the big slaughter came in the closing: five minutes of play when Coach Mercer sent in his third string substitutes as a reward for faithful practice and interest. Eagle Orore did not substitute and its first team ran roughshod over Algona to score three touchdowns in succession. Basketball Under Way Basketball is now underway, and with five lettermen back, Medln, Sellstrom, Cretzmeyer, Dick Shackleford and Dick Post, there appears to be a fine nuc- is for a first class cage aggregation. The basketball season opens here on Dec. 18, with LuVerne as the opponent. Ida Grove Missing A large crowd at the Athletic Park, Sunday afternoon, waited In vain, along with the Algona independents, for Ida Drove to appear, but Ida Orove had disbanded without telling the locals much about it after scheduling the game. A hasty attempt to get the Fairmont team down here failed, and there was no game as a result. Complications Cause Nick La Franz Death Nick La Franz, who was operated on for appendicitis a .week ago last Monday, was getting along very nicely, but a serious bowel complication set in which caused his unexpected death. He was born on July 14, 1865 in Iowa. The deceased was baptised and confirmed in the Ev. Lutheran church. Then when he was about 14 years old he lost hte parents and ever since has made his home at various places. For the past four years he has been a resident of Kossuth county. Since March l, 1933, he made his home with D. L. Bryan of Algona. Relatives of the departed are not known. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Laird & McCullough funeral chapel with Rev. P. J. Braner officiating. Interment took place in the Riverview cemetery. VYWVWrtAWWVVWVVWWYW Big E. N. A. Carnival Dance Thanksgiving Night, Nov. 30 at Mlsbach's Hall Music by Buck Shaffer and His Song Birds. The Correct Time Is sometimes a matter of great importance. A watch that doesn't keep time is just as bad as no watch at all. if your watch shows an inclination to be unsteady in its habits, bring it to us, and we will put It in shape, at a reasonable price. We also repair all makes of clocks and alarm docks, if your alarm isn't worth fixing, we will make an allowance on a new one. All the Latest Models in the new Westclox Line WEHLERS DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Algona, Iowa Phone 240 It's No Use to You If It's FROZEN SOLID Ice is all right in lemonade or under skates. But it's death to autos. It hampers performance, murders engines and wrecks motoring budgets. Beware the winter season and its effect upon your car. Provide now and protect when frigid days attack your auto. Special winter oils, anti-freeze, and expert attention are vital if you would drive in comfort and safety. We have all of that for you here. Drive in-regularly—and let us service your car. Qoodrich Tires—Kendall Oil, Purol Gas. Clapp's Master Service Washing, greasing, Willard Batteries, West of Courthouse Square. Railway Mail Clerks A*ked to Contribute alt etett* tttififf In .Also**, for contributions to i fund for Wttfeft Work to be given to Ml** fionnitttter, Sd WMttSlM «* II^^TO all clerks hive b*en eolldttd the total amount and list el donors will be published. . A Dead Sure Thing Now we know it. Corn is guaranteed at 45c Uncle Sam says so. Suits and Overcoats are higher on reorder, and much higher for spring. We know it because we've bought. Suede Leather COATS While they last—only 25 of them—our share o*f a 500 lot purchase. $4.85 MISBACH

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