The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1933 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 12
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f ~v v-*. *T??~ Th« Algofift Pppw DM MoiflM, AlgoBA, low*, Hot. 93,1933 Faithful Old Hone Diet of Old Aft mvfeftte mart ot tnte»ti*m TftHllnH IttPHcfe QftHM TO Ml (Sflfl WBdfc WnWfl Wut UWWit^Ji iWWfe* ftfPWl In tiH. hte tee* ** fc^ISLJ!!* **** *** *** •••*-»^«»r$MI MW WlWlTOl Hm% Wfc^Wft WMMR *» kind during Mr*. Muss. »r«1 ttfos trtlth R«d of At|H»n* Wf* gwwts WW&y ft| Mrs. Xt*utte PMWW. Mr*, Dftvta* t*mt fat u* ivm MM et h»t wwMMst, .Ml*. win, Mr. tftvtes b * ***** Ml Mf tn IMS tn t**m »»t* ft m Awftin OrMH*K ttc tat h* cwt pwft any Mr *t »«t* of ftx* w« w wer* Mr, «wl Mrs, tturry iTHEATRE . ftn vKh the t*%int htrs «nd wane «*» 1^ irttl t«w»rt to h« own inl»lt*i fMhkw on tfw e*H Thentre htneh nkUjr noon, N0r. M M th« food ts the bwft tJie imrlM ftffctrdfi, *t * , . . girts. \T>& they got pteaty or response, «f U* Boverr M* t3» for , tt» Beerv. *»4 Jwilf Cooper shir* Wm. Malik's Story One of Pluck, Grit „„„ Ctty: Wm, BftNte, total* bUrnt WMWf raMwt ot titts tomtity, has iftfettetai t t*w putmnh* wtttt wat. Canaan, «| Oetftt RajtMbTat fenaw, k Mr, Hthfe w*a ttadaat«4 {ran acfewi for the Bttnd at Yteten, ,• «»t«*«d tt* mate Tftttonit* at ton* Ctty and fnftatta to t*tt from » la* ccwne. ri« fe ««n MMl favorfctty known hew h* twwi r>J*nos to inakt Ms Obituary of Howard Brigg»,3i,SweaCity , ««a of ntnua and S»r*h Bt^t?*s w*s bare Jtfy i, l«tt, on * f»rm B«1H fit Uctyiwd. *bel» he %rev to mAnhcod And Attended the 3* wiwcte. A$ A boy he tttooaed SandAy ScJxwJ whkft WAS bc3d to tlw dis«ct srtooxn how* t& . Be hAs t»naed far htnself the . A«K% in Gruft toTnsfejp, irttere he «AS MUttalh- «w*«xj unuj hts lAst flu BjaBMaxjaaaejgej^ Alfalfa Day —AT THE— State's Cafe « 6 *C««MK«»«9^^ »VAN\VNN\N\VVA\NVVVSN\NVNNS\NNN\NN%^^ I ^m • T.-*C o m r*cp*3*-'!v -% *C \tV 't S \\*. expect a ear of Kentucky Egg on track this s % xr<>ok. Order <varly—price xcill l>e ricrhl, ^! 2* 5* to tbe MTMA »*- **SKK* of »evs*3 nwntte, is (J te "HoapU" «*jch wffl be She rt-Atore Atlr«*Jjm *t tt» <SUi tT»i«> ft*, Tnerfnj- «nd wpdn««d«v of next LfttJe X%nA. Oie f«nons rpd^iMd finnBj- lases be- prtse she tuls for A rf«w-fnt vo&ng 5Hiia> who Joans JJie tr«ipfc. 7*er* e comjinwutojis, net *E of theon lap, bw the sway ti*s 4 punch And p)o&Of dTAJJJA. plus C3ATft AS A dtUWW ADd .t1««d swordljyrjj- A»d the 771C1W VAlot t« Poijtic* of MASOS Oitj- rls- his Jnother. MIS. Emnm pcntico Sondiy. We was takta J4t* abort October 1, with an Micros on the «fdne and was i to the Kwswth hospital at. Al- Ottobwa. «fao* an tbe B>edka} and U» best or <*i* was fivea him, but of DO avail, as pencraj iniw> Jioa at «* blood devt&gwd iwaa wafeh he passed away Noi-ember 14, ms, at tt» agf of XI years, 4 months and 10 "»S*. Re was of an unuguaBj- Mnd and sonny ti&pasiUaiv aad was «spp£S»Hy Uwogntfoa or hjg p»*ent& brOUios and $&&tn$h. He Its ^uirviwd tjy 2)& pwntss, Mr. aad Mrs. H, L, Brings, three hro- tbws, Wilbur, Arcbw and George, aad «ne sister, Dera, an of swea City, be" two niwes, Hetea aad Darts. _,^s, ome neDbpw, Robert Brtgpsi, and a J>ost of otbcr wSattws and frtends, B* Is prcocdod in deatti by two sdst*rs and a brcrtiwr. Faneral sark«s were neM Tram the name of hte broQjer, W, C. Bngps. and from the Methodist church at Swea City, I'Wday afternoon, being conduct<><3 by the Rev, G. R. M6D»we31, aad intcrtnerrt was made In Harrison township «anet«y, Paa bearers -were Adolnh Berhow, Veraon Bnrt, Earj Andersoa, Earl pat- i .V'TSira. Wm. Dorssy, Jr^ and M£srBn I Anderson. WVWW^^WftMAWft/tfWWWVWW | the tr. r». M.-R. Ads. 11 We Sell Iowa's Best Coal and j| ! *" PROFESS1ONAL P^CTORY. Ni ATTORJCETS AT LAW 1 J. W. SnlLVan iatu"6-> <& TP >* i Don't forget we can save yon money on all kinds % of Building Material, Storm Sash and Storm Doors, % also Storm Door Covers. String felt and R«d Ros- S in Paper carried in stock. s E. N. Taylor, Inc. | ; Diagonal > S57-W, On ATTORJCETS AT H«TJnjrt«n j. n. RAKRXVGTOX A XX>WE A'j.~j.OKAJs>xS A7 XA&W 212-14 First Natl T»*j»fc Bit. ALGONA. IOWA X I* BOKAK ATTORNEY AT LAW OcOtecOons wffl reeetro prompt Attertion. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QCARTOX H. W. MHAER ATTORNEVS AT lAW MTloe over Kossoth County State Bank Office Phone. <27 IOWA ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••M Alfalfa Day What makes all other stock look nice, And bring the highest market price; What nils the milk pails, feeds the calf, And makes the old cow almost laugh* ALFALFA. Years of cow testing association record* prove that alfalfa ha? no substitute for oco- nornic profitable dairying. HEALTH VIGOR and VITALITY for all live sror-.k that eat aliiilft Also fact* prr-vc rbc.rf if no substitutt for butter--- So Eat More Butter WHITTEMORE FARMERS CREAMERY CO. R. A. Bartjnrt. Oj(orator and Miiiioger. i A. UotnhJson T. C. Htrtchlson __TTCarrsov A nnrcmsox ATTORJCEYS AT L.4W Qnlnby Bldg. .Phone 251 Iowa. t I. TAN NKSSAG. W. STttiMAJS LAWVERS Office over low* State Bmk. Phone «9-W Algon*. Iowa 3ay3ord D. Shorn way Edward D. SH17MWAT * KELLY ATTORNETS AT LAW Office over Quinbj- & Krause O^uua, Iowa. Phone 58. L. A. W1NK.KL ATTOKS1T AT UIW Office to Qutnbr Bufldtnp. Phone IBB ALGOytA., IOWA t C. McMAHOK AtaBmey at Law Office over Qutobr & Kraune BMg Ugona, Iowa Phone IX J. W. Sullivan (dec'fii S. E. McMahoa i L. 1P^ t .'ytty^ft.^ StJUJVAS. McMABON * UKNAN ..VTTORNETS AT LAW Office over County Savings ALGONA, IOWA. J. Jt KENEFTCK. PHVSTCIAK AND SDBGEON Cffice forroerty occnplsd by Dr. JL L Rist over RexaD drag "store. Office Phone SflO Res. Phone 336 ALGONA, IOWA, C. H. CRETZMETER, M. B. Surgeos & Pliysician Office John GaThraltn Bldg. W. D. ANDREWS, D. O. Osteopathic Phvsician and Sargsoo General Hospital Phones: Office 187; Residence 888. Algona, Iowa. P. V. JA.VSE. M. D. PHTSICIAN A SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No.—«es. 886; Office 866. MELVIK G. BODKVE. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over Post Office Bdg. Phones Office 187 Res. 71) DENTISTS &. Attornev at Law Office over lows State Phone 206. P. A, ATTORKET -AT-LAW Offlee ant low* State Bant BWg. ftaf Iowa. Phone 65 CASSOL A. Atw PoeioflfJce DR. R. BL OLSON DENTIST Gas or Novocaine used tor extraction Located over Chnstensen Store, 'hone: Business 186, Residence 471 ALOONA. IOWA ' DR. C. ID. SCHAAP. DENTIST Bldg. Phnan H» Ret Phone 174 VETEBINABIANB Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B. Wrote Qflice 220 West State Street. OClct Pnone 475-W Rce. 47&-K Algona, Pnneml Dinetw Phone No 11 Iowa MTZ HOTEL /Minnoapolif Newest t^^u ••i»^ ^^& <^A, ^^^^M ^1 yw pwMnv ^^NV m* VHHV w Din* and D«nc« SPANISH VILLAGE Thanksgiving K«r yo«r Thanksgiving dinner—you will need some of the following items: Genuine Lisk Honsters with self-hasting top. Also steam vent and enamel trays. 12 inch length $1,00 11 Pywx Caaaeroles 1(> inch length $1JO 2 qt with lid $1.25 17 inch length $1-75 1% qt witJi lid —$1.00 18 inch length $1.95 II frames for above $1.00 Oarving sets, 3 pieee fork, knife and steel complete in fancy l>ox with hone handles, stainless steel, ??,50, $2.75 and $4J50 FiHMi Cliop|>ers, rnivtrrsal $1.00-$&25 Come to our store .n::d registejr your name—you will then receive a Cai lx>rundum gpcket knife hone with pouch—valued at 25c, Kohlhaas & Spilles Hit LA SALit AVtNV* fBt I rin llntrf to _*_ UOHT •A Homt New Dates 2 Ibs. Cut-Rate Grocery SAVES YOU MONEY HJ- fftfte ATC taQiar And ACter oajy A tew «f the adeobri for ttik ale. New Raisins 2 Ibs. Prices Good Five Days- Friday Till Thanksgiving OATMEAL larfft? box 14c JELL POWDEB, per package 4c lib. Slbs. COFFEE TEA / & lib. COCOA 1 Ib I2c 2 Ibs. 21c Oako Flour 19c Peaches. Xo. 2 1 .^. can 13c Salad Bressine. quart 19c K. O. Baking Powder. 25c size __19c Walnuts, large fancy. Ib, 21c Ginger Snaps, 2 Ibs. 19c Mince Meat, 2 Ibs. 39c Pumpkin, No. 2*4, 2 for 21c Cranberries, 2 Ibs. 21c Oranges, 2 dozen 35c 1.58, Sonny Boy 1.68, Hiss Minn. 1.78,1 CRACKERS WMte Soda, 2 Ibs. 21c Cfraliain, 2 Ibs. _____35c BLACK PEPPERS _10c 1 ft. 19c SLICED BAC5ON Slbe. 6 Ib. box 78c Dill Pickles, qt 18e Mustard, large jar 12c Xew Figs, package lOc Cream Cheese, per pound 15c Peanut Butter, qt 25c Sweet Pickles, qt. 21c Olires, fancy, € oz. jar, 2 for ____25c Macaroni, 2 pounds I9c Shrimp, wet or dry pack, 2 cans 25c Low Overhead makes these prices possible Toilet Tissue 1000 sheet roll 3 for 12c Cut out this ad. Check the items you will need for your Thanksgiving table and bring the ad with you. Laundry Soap "Big Ben" 10 bars23c Store will be closed all day Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes 7 pounds 19c Fancy Red Onions 10 pounds 19c Seedless Grape Fruit 6for 25c 'Busiest Little Store in Town, 1 Here Are the Facts Alfalfa Compared With Oilier Crops and Feed We know ALFALFA is a paying crop— farmers who bought GOOD ALFALFA BOOSTERS. Come to hear "Alfalfa from us are Prices of most commercial feeds are based on the protein content—-the hic-her the protein content, the liigher the price. Protein is the stuff in livestock feed that makes the cows give milk; that makes all younff animals grow wmidiv and healthy: makes lean meat; splendid muscles,'rich health-giving blood «nd active nerves. This is where alfalfa shines as you will notehy the following tables. ' * DIGESTIBLE PROTEIN IN FEED Alfalfa H.0% Wlieat Bran _ n.0% Oats . Corn __, Clover „, Timothy —__.. 2.8% Corn Fodder _.. 2.5% Oome in and let TIB %ure with you on your fwd and flood problems Good Alfalfa Seed m in Great Demand—Place Your Order Now! Burt Farmers S3. P. flifimghfeffl 1 flour, Feet, Grain, 6aed«, Tile * Coal t t

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