The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 5
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KHIDAV, MARCH 9. H ! ".J BLYTHUV1LLK, (AUK.) COUIU10H NEWS ;PAGE MCDEKN HCHC NEWT Conducted for this newspaper In tl)C Interest of Its women renders by rccosnized authorities on nil phases' ol homo making. Florence lirobcck, Editor , Mrs, (Jwn-jtc Th'urn, Associate- Kditor A New Flavor for Fried Vegetables Mrs. George Tluini Gives Some Nc\V Ways oi Preparing OH Favvoiles, IK-.u- Friends in ISIyUicviltc: Of course you gel lired of (In 1 .-.niie old vegetables! So many ol you have .said so. and wiiucn in asking for new ways lo prepare some of tlic favorites,. While I believi: that very litllc cooking ol! iTuctables, an<l cooking them in only a s-mall iiiianlily of water, with only a suspicion of sugar, a very Htlic sail Uio Eod'.i!) and ihcn seasoning wilh uullci 1 , us tlic very best way to serve vegetables, there are other good ways much appreciated by the family. And how much appreciated by the woman who must plan lilies meals n day, every day! j Baked whole vegetables havcj been discussed here; and irom' lime to time we have talked abotu deep fill fried vegetables mil saut- ed and broiled vegetables are also delicious and worth knowing iiboul. Saulcd vegetables (pronounced so- luycd with tlie accent on the lay) are those cooked in a fr '• „ iian in shallow fal. the pieces being! Also Given for Vwil and Hum Pie ant (civ Sour Cvcum Pic Curried Eggs on Brown Rice foi 4 Lent Eggplant and other vegetables are delicious when coated with conimeal and niayomiiilsc, (lien com mer.i iiBain. and sauted in hot Jat; or fried in deep, hot fill. Menus 1'or Four rimed many times. They may Ix; plain or ilipiwd in eg;; and crumbs or other mixtures, limited vegetables cup conimeal; one tablespoon salt; | three and one half cups boiling i water; one cup chopped |)caiiuts. Cook all but Ihe peanuts 10- j gelher for nbout one hour, or un- thick. LJeat iu the ground o: 1 ^ Many o( ihi 1 dishes called for Ptied peanuts, and jwur the • in ihesc menu* are tjivcn on this inlo a bread pan rubbed 'page. or grilled I with shortening. Let. get thorough- j vegetables are those dipixd In egg ']y cold. Then slice like mush, andj pan Ivy. Appreciated by those who won't eat meat. —MRS. GEORGE THURN. and crumbs ur oilier mixtures, or melted lal and laid on the grills o! the broiler and cooked as meat is broiled; they are conked nn one side, ilien . on the other, turned ] iigiiln possibly. As a rule vegcta-• ble.s to be sauted are First par-' boiled. Illustrated is a savory, sauted j eggplant, made by par-boning »"l egi! plant, culling il in slices! aboul. one third inch thick, dip-1 ping the slice in fine conimeal, I then in mayonnaise, then in com-! Lh eese bailCC [ViakeS JUll- meal again, and sautcing in hot Int until cacli side is yoldcn brown. Delicious with moat. Artichoke Hearts Canned artichoke hearis arc sold iu nil parts of the country. They arc Kg'cnarcd like the eggplant and t'nc family will nsk irgalri antt asaiu 'or these; use butter tor this I'an Tried Cabbage To fry or saute cabbage, fusi able Dressing for Many Kinds oi Fish Cheese sauce makes an exceptionally welcome dressing for almost any kind of fish. Make the j cheese sauce by following yourj white sauce reci|>c, and add-1 ing from one half cup to one cup ! of cheese to two cups of thin' Clear Tomato Soup Whole Wheat Crackers Salmon Loaf Escallopcd Potatoes I'aiifried Celery Blown Dread. IJiiUcr. Honey Baked Apjjle ami Cream Coffee Iced Tomalo .Hiicc Roast Shoulder of Lamb Fried Eggplant linked 1'olaloes Whole Wheiu Broad and Butter Waldorf Salad Gingerbread and Raisin Sauce Coffee Fresh Fruit Cup Liver and Dacon Fried Carrots Ncsv I'cas BiKcuts, Uutlcr, MarnuiUidc Caramel .Custard and Cookus, Coffee l-'rum an ussoi luieiit of recipes .minimi by Ihi- Conkhiu School VmiiiT "pies" are pivsfiilcd '1'hry nil a special niche in menu m-.ikhis for llK-y uvi 1 delicious, mi.. iiv.ial and worth refuting nuiny , limes. l)i-e|i Dish Chuwilrr I'ic One ami one half fU|M diced rxrtaiiiw.; one cup eari'ots sliced; n'.u- niu cooked pens; Uvo cups . f.mur-d salmon freed of bones und ^kin. four table.s|>ooiis shortening; • fiuii- iaule.srKMii.-i chop|>ed onion; | imir labU-.-.|mn.s Hour; one cup wa .in in \\hlch tin- vcBi'lables cook• i'd; two cups milk; one teabiwou • l alt; one fourth teaspoon pepper; :i crust n| baking powder biscuit diiiiuli imiile from your uiv>l rediH'. dink tin- vegetables together, adding one half U'asrwon of salt. ami save the svulcr :is directed !<'>•'ihe sauei'. Make u cream sauco : iU ilu- shiirlfiihin and Jlour, Kllr- iiiihi smooltily luKf-lhcr, thon slow! !y siir In ihe vegetable water and imilk. llie .--aH, pepper and onion. • In rook, .stirring lrct|»i-nlly until smooth and thickening. Arninti- alu-rnale layers of ves- I'iablc.s ami linked ILsh In (ho '. ciiKM-roli! rubbed ivilh butter. Cover jail with the sauce. Then shii|M- Hit: jliUcKil dounh to fit Ihe l«p of the i dish. Sprinkle lop of vegetables I ivllli parsley, place llie dough on 'lop, piick the top. And bake twenty u> iwenty-ilvo inliiules In a hoi ' uven. -150 degrciis. and Ham I'le '. Three cui»s raw lean veal, cubed; [ oiii' cup cooked, smoked hum, cubed: uvo .small onions; four potatoes illced; one half cup diced cairrrt.s; three tablespoons Hour; w.v cup sliced celery; one le.iapoou day or a finest dinner. .•""": °" e '">" teaspoon One cup ficur; two teaspoons <l»vii whole cloves; iwo baking powder; one half teaspoon i Nioons butler. Mill; one eighth teaspoon paprika: | L'ook the veal slowly in tolling By NKA Servltc Lemon dishes are In ouler avul every homc-nuikcr know.s tluit they oiler excellent upy>rliliillles lo use of nnd oilier meat One is curried CRgs on brown rice. Try making il Ibis way; „ ... .„„.. .- I'ul four lablcsiKXms of butler substitute*. Silo also knows lhat ami four liil>lui|xxms oi flour In MB Here's a dish any gucsl will ap- ircciate and Ihe family will gloat iver. It's particularly nice for Sim- . her family lulckly llrt.i of plain siTumblcd. I'.oltwl or iioaelicd eggs mid lhat It's up lo her to use Iniaglnaltiiii In concocting iippcllz- Ing dishes from tlic same old ln- lliedicnls. Maybe she'll like lo ri'ly on a cm i led dish now and then. There a hot pun iuul blend them thor- Add two CIIJM of and curry When you serve this milk. salt. der to taste, dull again (that's almost tnovit able once yoM'vc tastul ll>. )>ul In about oiie-li.ilf cupful ot milk from a coeoninil, II will give NIC sauco ari- many such rrcliics lo v-'rrel » ilHIerent flavor. Holl one und one-half cups of brown rice In four cups of water until lender. Wu.ih Ihc cooked rice In cold voiler to. remove excess March and put in o pan, covered with wax paper. Set the pan In the oven until the rice is very ho!. This make's tlic grains fluffy. When ready lo serve, place rift on a hoi serving dish, cover will} whole boiled eggs (Iwo lo » pcr'v son) and pour Ihc curry suucf over llicm. ; • fourth teaspoon sugar; one cup cooked corn, or one cup can- led corn; one egg; one third cui> rdlk. Hoi creamed chicken, or reheated chicken gravy. waler until U-nder. Ingrcdient-s Add the re- excupL thv (lour and the butter. Cook stwlj unlit the vegetables arc lender i Drain, icscn'lug the liquid, urn Sift the dry Ingredients logeth-, put the meal and vegetables ii cr and mix In tlie corn; add the beaten CSK «"<! nillk to make stiff batter. Drop by large syx casserolf. Measure Ihc ll(]iilt udding enough writer to It lo innk three cups. Then melt the Uiiltei IIY S1STKR MAKY NKA Servlre SUIT Wrllcr .lusl at this season of the yoai when most ot ua mu-sl rely on shipped and canned goods, seasoning and "llavorhig" Is n m« art. 'Dw. clever cook will never lulil eiiounl seasoning of any sort, to let Urn tnslc stand oul lo the exclusion o nil olhar flHVors. She «'lll work to bring onl the nnluriil Havoc of tin- [ood iind give it tttnl lulvigiitni, "fresh from the garden" laslc. Sal1 ' s "B"r .spices and frail juic fuls onto tlie hot greased gilddlcjsiir the (lour .imoolhly Inlo il, and |" .»" nL 'I' 0 ,''""'.'i, 0 J, 1C ,J X ', r) ^ or into a heavy Eklllel and bak«,|add Hut liquid. Stir and cook until " "' boil the cabbage until lender, j sauce; heat in the upper part of •Ihcn mam. Pack inlo a glass or the double boiler until tailhcnwarc dis'n mill press llie cabbage down, placing it under a ndsthl of at least live pounds. . .Use Ihe flat iron on a plate, ir|«cuer effects. noihing else is available). Wlicn cold, slice as cold nuish is sliced, and fry in melted butter. Sprinkle. biuwncd crumlis on lop beiorc .-•erviiig. Carrols well blended. Sprinkle the. top of tlie finished dish with a little pa-] prikn. or garnish with parsley, for' One cup thin, hot cheese sauce; one cup cooked, flaked fish (salmon, cod, tuna, halibut); one egg Cream of Polalo Soup Laiul) Chops Fried Artichoke Hearts Creamed Potatoes Conimeal Muffins, Uulter Tomato Aspic Salad Coffee browning on both sides. Arrang' on a hoi serving plMler and txiiir IV.e creamed chicken over caoli fritter. ..If the chicken .gravy is used make tlie fritters slightly larger and thinner and place three lo- i getlicr for a serving. Clu'ckcn Shurleakc > This dish is a favorite for undge Munchcons; b:i! there is nu ri'.isJn I why it shouldn't be served, as a [family dish occasionally. Gne and one liulf cii[Xi flour; tliick and smooth. I'our over the mixture in the casserole. Lay Miuill Uinbaked) ImXUig |»wticr biscuits on top, hnvlnn them Just touch. Bake In a hot oven, 450 degrees, until tin; biscuits arc done, which should ire about, twenty minutes.) Serve HI once from the ca.werole. Snur Crtam Tie Besides enough pastry to line pastry shell and make .strips mid do much to give point lo olhe llnvors. A few grftlns ot suit should l> Included In every dish prcuarci Fruit cups, salads, desserts, eve cclfee and every bit of-food Ilia Is served will be Improved by n [touch of suit. wd In cflkes, piKkllniis or bever- gets, Vtn »t Glriftr Qing«r' is more valuable In ev>- nclns; !\avoi6 than lh« uvenigc ook reftllies. Ciire inusi be taken liat. It IK evenly distributed through lie mlKlurc because B'nger has » lecldccl tendency to lump. Any pud- ling Unit. Li dciVnUcly Unvorcct *ltti union Is unproved by a sivi Inkllnn if ginger. Fruit sulncLt lire made more Interesting If u little gin- ;er Is added to Hie dressing:. Several vegetable gain n de- kled (rrohneCn ot flavor It « tiny bit of ginger \n Ihorotighly iiilxctl wit I'thc sugar and salt used for seasoning, Carrols, cabbagi; and ii; hcnivs have been cxpcrimcnl- cd with iusd (omul gwolly improved treated, this way. The.* sumo condiments can be used lo give variety of flavor lo inuny dishes. The predominance ol any given flavor or seasoning changes many mixtures Into somc- UiliiK dlflercnt nnd acceptable on that account. lemon Fiis; boil the carrots. Slice in! "cat Hie PTOCCS and miarters and saute in hot fal. Sea- cr about five minulcs. .-on wilh ii little .salt ar.d To make g'.n/cd carrots, cook tiiQUgli hrown sugar to cover: and beiUr-n; one tablespoon ] Juice: siri la rye slices toast. Heal llie ?n\ices and fish logclh- Stir in the. beaten eyg, acid lemon juice and cook one minute. Serve on the loast or crackers. ---------- t three leaspcons baking powilr.v. one i',a]C tea^iX)3ii salt; one teaspoon , I i| | chopped parsley; three labU'simtm I Jlj I shortening; one half cup cocke I III corn; one cvtf yolk; one. third cu cold water. to sure lhat tiic ca:ro!A are only! par-boiled instead of completely iiroileil Fibh Steaks ilavc salmon sicaks cul about No woiuler the family ahvays wauls (o stop al the l:nl dog staurB n'ony the road when ion t'° chiv- ing oul inlo t ; r.M co;;n'.ry! Frank-1 Nlj j. [} , m f'.intr ?.are gc^d, ami tl'.ey arc " Sift the (lour, baking powder and sail together. Mix in the parsley. Cut in (he shortening. Mix in ihc corn. Beat the egg yolk and add U.e walcr to il, Ihcn slir in the dry ingredients wilh a fork Turn out the dough on a (loured board and pat to one lia'.f inch And by llie same token sugar Is added lo mnny \cgeUiblc and meat dis!:es lo brlni; oul the flavor. A fi'W ijrnlns of suuur Incliidcil In the •seasoning of incuts develops rlch- or Ihe top. the following ingrc-; n( , ss T ^ MMfS diunts arc needed; two eggs; llirce . A( ,| ds frall |- Uvur ourlhs cup sugar; one teaspoon : U , m0 ii and orange Juice come cinnamon: one fourth U-aspoon :i . cxt , n jm|WrtnnCL .. Extr, TDTOOTWW'S Menu BREAKFAST: chilled, BI sauce with lemon . ]ulcc, cci-eal ream, crisp broiled, bacon, crlij oast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON; Cream of marrow at bean soup, ryo bread and Id uce sajiriwlcties, cabinet pudding lilk, leu, DINNER: coilllsh cakes with to nato sauce, splhach will) draw .Hitler «aucc, stuffed apricot sa cl, 'rice souflle, mlllt, coilee. one tourlh teaspoon cloves; one cup sour cream; one cup small rulshis. Line a pic ciish or pan with Ihc lastly: mix the other ingredients and pour into Ihc shell. Cover wilh the pastry strips. Place low in Ihc oven, al slow, or de- with the few grains of sail addcri wllli lemon Juice lo any fruit concoction improves the flavor and if fruit has losl Its first freshness the Judicious use of lemon Juice docs much to restore It. Por a moal common example, try addtii); OHO labte.S}xn>n lemon fulcc lo tlic ncx apple pic you bake, particularly I the apples have become a bit wllt> and tasteless. No mailer whether a sweet o . i tart fmil mixtuu: is wanted u dasl Detroit Frenchmen Plan 1°' lcmcn i ulc « « m '"''"K oia "" n L M J' t fL U I (lllvors and aid In blending a com KcDUIlding OI LhurCll | blnatlon Into a .siiioDlh and delect .able whole. DETKOIT I'HKNCil.Mcn—14 .. ..• Sonic tarl fruits ale made mor DETROIT. Mich. tUPI—Hardly j bland by U'.e use of orange Juice ad Ihc smoke cleared away from ; Strawberries lliai arc used In an yrees, and bake slowly, nboul one hour, until (he cuslard Is (inn. Serve warm. ciiiiliflov.i-r. Par-boil il, then Inowu! r<;i ' u - Vi wltl1 in hot (al in which two table'- L ^ e . c ;; e .^°,, tu ' 1 tliociis of onion have been browned. O; 1 iiller washing Ihe cauliflower took il whole, kl cool, (hen slice, dip in beater, cgy, in fiv.c crumbs or cormiifal. raid then pan fry in Or tin-. 1 -!: slices of the cooked < :i-.iiillo ! ,ver niiiy be treated like tlic i.:; plant: dip them in cornmcul :,c,i.', with sail ami pepper thtr. into mayoiinaiic. then again in Lower in a frying baskei mlo deep, hot fat and fry i;i:l!l golden brown. Fried Celery Kc'.ccl ralhcr large (ficiy. Pull the. stalks apait. cut off tops, wasli. boil until tender ;-nd cut the pieces into two inch inictti-. Din each m conimeal. th'.-n toiler and cornincal ayaln. I-ry about two minute;; in deep. or i:iitil i:-e bacon j.s cooked lli'Ji- ar;! lemon juice. Dip each in bcal- cn CBB ami crumbs. Lower carefully in fry mi; o-jskct inlo :iecp . Serve al cnce. Savory Frankfurlcrs ner frankfurters liv?' lo I hoi fat. Fry five lo .seven minutes, i Serve with golden cheese sauce. | cigU m i m it(. s in a covered pan. Another variation ii; prepare, i Drain and rub (he surfaces with the fillets as above, but when roll-i a nixturc of rniuer, mustard and ing them in llie crumbs, mix with | io man j;,ice. Serve as a garnish eratcd dry cheese. Fry as above. \ [ or a planer of cauliflower drtv-s- ,. 'jcrvc garnished with slices of tc-'sd with cream fauce. ou. • • F'rankfurlers ami Alararoni liakcd Fillets Mix three c;j;vs cocked maca- Imtcad of frying of flounder or roni wi!!i or.c anil or.? half cups sole, season them as above. and:t'.:in cream ,--aii:= and one cup Ihin lay in a baking dish rublied with 1 slices of simmered frankfurters. hut f;M. a fine mesh Irving basket (or fccsl rcsulls. Another method is to cook the eddy, and .'Mite llu- pieces in hot fat. scaior.i-d with Fal!. and pt-pper. Fried I'Arsni^ The pan frviui; mclhod ot pic- paring pai-.snijw makes all ini'.ibual- !} delicious ciish. Boil the par- mips imtd lender hut r.ot. >oll. Slice, dip in molasses ;iiid tV.en in flour and saule milil brown Fried Summer Squash Small Miuasli Is treated like ihe parsnips. Boll, cul off llie fiwcr end. .--lire in thick slices, dip in Hour and tautc. Or clip in then in bailer or beal- i n cci;, Iheu in corn meal again and fry in dceo hot fal. Vegclablc Scrap,)! One mcdluin sized onfon minced; cue medium carrot, mlr.ccd; one half grctn l^PPer. mlr.ced: oue'pavl of Hie world. butler. Sprinkle with .small dabs 1 four ir.lo a baklnn dish, sprinkle of liiitlcr and cover with waxed'Ihe lop wilh prated cheese .nnd paper. Hake in a hot oven, 400 dc-i brown :n ho: cien. IJclicious. frees, for twelve to fifteen mm- Fjankfiirlcrs ami Spanish Kite iite.v. Hcmovc the waxed paper. Tiircc cups cooked rice; one IIID- i cover wilh -.1 thick cheese sauce-.iliinn f : .7ec! chopiicd onion: two la- i seasoned with a few drops of lo-' blespooiis ciicppcd green pepper: bacco or Worcestershire sauce Put i'»'o cups! torn a I Ae.-:. simmer tic rirc Is colored and al- S]X«Jll paprika; out cup scaso:ieil thicken I fcrolh iwater in which l!.c cliicken. has cooked, ivitii the lal skiir.mcc cf;>; oi'ii: cup milk: two cups cooked chicken freed from tlie bones and gristle; Iwo cgs yolks; or» fourth cup cream; one i.alf Ica- spcon Icir.on Jtilce; or.c le.ispcoi chopped parsley. Mcll Die fot, add the flour ant •r-asoning and elir well, then ailt the chicken broth am! the mill and stir, cooking nnli! t':ick an smooth. Use a double boiler. Cover and cuok ten minutes lougc add the chicken. Heat th cliarrcd ruins of old St. Joa- Iilm's C'lnnch here, when volun- coiilributions lo a fund fcr cbulldinj IV.e church i»nvcd In rom all sides as loyal Frenchmen allied lo save tlie final bit of old •'rancc from disappearing from he city. St. Joachim's exi-sH'il solely for scattered handful of French who or years had carried on the traditions of (1 eir forebears by at- ending the .services. French Women Declare .. Cocktails Snobbuh PARIS lUP)-lt you-drink cock- lalls Here you're a snoo. This Is e decUlon reudereil by Ihc rer ntly organized womon's national ommlllee In fnvoi- of wiius and l cocktaliv Tllcy lake Hie and thai cocktail drinking is Hnobblsm, as far as French omen arc concerned, al least, ml petal oul how much more abU; and IwaltM'.u Is a gloss I wine if an appetizer. Several new names have been ddcd to the committee, Including line. P. E. Flandln, wife of. the i resent Minister of Public Works. ] Tht other members ol llie com— illtto Iridutle; Mmc. AcliUte Pould, i •Ife of the former Minister o( Ag- ! Iciilture, rcpreJentlug the Bordeaux wine region; Countcta Bertrand-de : Vogue, dauijhlcr or Count Bcrlr^rid de Mun, nun Madame Marcha\i- Icau, wife of the former Minister of Ihc Budget, Mayor of FUielmS, j c|>rcsciitln(f Ihc -Champagne ro- I glon; Vlscounlm de Mouchcron, ! rc(>rc.«nthig tlw Burgundy regloij; : Madame Oftull-Surraiit, niece'' of I'lie Minister or tlie Interior, representing the Southern, and Mad ; , ime Houdln. Ihe Central wine re- gloiu. The yMrgln Islands were pur chased from Dcninirk, In 1911. Tlie Olympic games were n vlved In Athens In 5800. Positive Relief For Itchy Rwfi Cooling and gnollilnf Bine Stir, Olnlmcnt melt!; on the skin* sonp-V In* tested medicines deep into ptjris 1 where it quickly kills itchy r4sb,' idler, eczema, ringworm «nd fuot- : Itch .torture, luhtag ends. SKin' hols. Safe, lore, quick, (adv.) fashion save "an nalurellc" ar vaslly Improved If a few lablc s)»onstnl ol orange julco arc add cd with Uic sugar. Spices also can be used lo tic vclop flavor. Nutmeg, Kmgcr and cinnamon arc Ihe most • commonly used. Sprinkle oysters ever so lightly wllli nutmeg the next time you make a stew or cook them In any wny. Ti:e flavor of spinach is acccntu- ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS Ami \'i of Our CusUunurs Will Gel Crystal Chef Coffee and Tc;i Makers FREE! CONTEST CLOSK3 April 2 Losl in Ihc fire were, valuable I tied by a dash of nutmeg wilh the rc'.cs, parl of the ceremonial equip-1 lemon Juice. ncnt of St. Antic's church, Hie] Add nulnicg lo the scasonltiss lirsl In Detrcll. Valued allar lln-1 for veal cuticls or roast. ens and wall hangings, also from 1 Add a sprinkle of nutmeg will) St. Anne's Church, were destroyed as I'r.e blackened walls crumbled. Crcal Britain ceded Alaska to Russia in 1823. vanilla In cake, cookies, sauces or Icings or cuslords lo obtain a delicate yet dcflnlic vaullla flavor. Cinnamon wilh vanilla develops chocofalc flavor whenever this Is buck in Ihc oven for five minutes! j ""til- SCITC. ' moM all li'.e moisture'• 1'ilc on a he', p'.alter nud garnish < with hoi. .« numeral (raiikfurlcrs .Stole Patlipr's Moncv (rubbed '.\Hh inrllcd butter and DETKOIT ( UP) — Fifteen-year- \ mustard. old Margaret Zink found licr fa-j Krankfurlcrs and A^ile thri's life ravings of 52.500 stowed ''•• Place irankdulrrs on Ihc rack aw.iy behind a picture in the liv- of the broiliiiij pan. Arrange thick ing room. She had taken and -slices of apple sprinkled wit:i btil- .spcnl S1.4CO of it over a pcrio'l ' lcr an<1 bron 'ii sugar along side of several months before licr fath- tl'.em. Drown under a low name. cr dibrovcrcd the loss • Serve when the frankfurters arc bursting with juice. egg yolks slightly, add the cream, and anoul five iiiiimtcs before icrvinu add Ihls mixture lo Ihc clilckcn mixlmc. Cook Iwo min- i-tes. Add lejncn juice ami parsley, and nerve. Sotnc cooks use sherry iiisicad of lemon juice, aboul on? tablespoonful. This version is chicken N'cwburp; and much appreciated on wafllcs. Manila Bay Is the largest buy! After seven years of courl l;al- in Ihe Philippine Islands and Is | ties, a Jock of hair belonging to one of tlie finest harbors In that Napoleon I IIBE been awarded to " ' , t!;e National Museum ot Boulogne. Unknown Cow a clump ALBUQUtUQUE. N M. iUP> — An unregistered Holsleln cow. wilh-1 otit pedigrees, nl the government Indian school here. mono a milk production record by giving more than $100 worth of milk within a month—an average of 11.8-! gallons a day, wliicii. al 30 cents a gallon, figures out to 5110. She Is kno',vn simp'.y as No. 143, Head Courier News want A HIGH QUALITY ALL PURPOSE F LOU It AI Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. MIK. FOK COFFEK It l\ mil too late to iUrl colltcllitK the courwns found In each ran el Four teat Coffee. The more you hive the belter chunce of wln- nlnjf one of these S».5f) Cof- frr. and Te» Makers. SUrt today! FOR TEA ' Tomorrow's Coffee- was Rousted Today! X l;ock Kur This Roasting Uutc! . . Central Coffee Co. .. ; - ', BlythevJIle, Ark

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