The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1933 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 4
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Royal Neighbor Party- There were five tables of five hundred at the Royai Neighbor benefit card party Friday afternoon given by Mrs. A. B. Ouderian and Mrs. John Bockes At the Guderlan home. Prizes were won by the following: Mrs. John " — first; Mrs. Frank Vera, low, and Royal Mary K. Muckey, travel. Five Iftdles gave another »« . •—•"«.«» gave niiuniei tioyai Neighbor benefit party Wednesday afternoon at the Green Lantern. Fur tner particulars will be in the nex issue. Woman's dob Friday— The regular meeting of the Wo man's club was held Friday afternoon at the Library. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Claude Samson in the absence of the president, Mrs. W O. Dewel. After a short business meeting roll call was answered by giving the name of an Iowa author and one ol his writings. Mrs. Lura Sanders gave a talk on children's Book Week and Mrs. Ida Richardson gave a very Interesting paper on Iowa in story. Leglonatres' Wives Meet— The wives of some of the Legionalres met Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Agnes Tibbetts and enjoyed a dutch treat dinner. From there they went to the home of Mrs. Milton Nor ,-_ .— v ..»»*,, vl £tn ai iVlillXJii l^Ul "• ton and spent the rest of the evening at cards. Mrs. Joe Bloom received first prize and Mrs. M. J. Streit received second prize. This Is an annual affair and this year there were twelve ladles present. Entertain Sddnay— Mr. and Mrs. Wm. c. Dau entertained Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz and . «2S« 8 mother ' Mrs.(Anna Dau, all W ^*L emore at a dinner Sunday ?°<> n - That evening they also entertained, Mr. and Mrs. August Meyer and two daughters and Mr. Rehmer, all of Fenton at a dinner. Guests from Fenton had attended the Lutheran meeting at the school house during the afternoon. Bridge Club Entertains "Hubbies" A bridge club whose members number seven ladles entertained their hus- oands last Thursday evening at a 6-30 dinner at the G. D. Brundage home. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Becker were the guests. High prize was received by Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Brundage and second prize by Mr. and Mrs. Al Amunson Entertains in Honor of Guest- Mrs. Floyd Saunders entertained on Tuesday at a 12:30 luncheon in honor of her guest, Mrs. R. H. Foutz of Sioux City. Guests enjoyed bridge during the afternoon. There were three tables Mrs. Foutz was again honored by Mrs. saunders at a 6:30 dinner Wednesday evening. Eight guests were present and bridge was played the re malnder of the evening. Three Ladles Hostesses- Mrs. Lloyd Muckey, Mrs. Walter Dale and Mrs. Lou McMurray were hostesses to a group of their friends Thursday afternoon at the Muckey home. Bridge wns played at five tables and first prize was received by Mrs. Ralph Valentine. Mrs. Frank Vera received travel prize and Mrs. Sam Smith received low score prize. The Algona tTpper Da* Motees, Algona. lorn »ov. 16,1033 Mrs. Hawcott and French Entertain— Mrs. W. E. Hawcott and Mrs. W. P Prench entertained Friday night at a 7 o'clock dinner. Mrs. R. H. Foutz of Sioux City was guest of honor and was presented with a guest prize. Bridge was enjoyed later at four tables with Mrs. E. R. Morrison receiving first prize and Mrs. joe Greenberg receiving ravel prize. Girl Friends Club— The Girl Friends club whose mem Mona Dunn and George Hobbs MafHetf The marriage of Mona Dunn, d<wgh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. George Dnrfn of A l!Pt?' 6ft J? Oeotge Hobbs, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Hobbs of Alta, Iowa, took place at St. Cecelia's church on I u ?.? daj L mornln * at 8 o'clock with Father T. j. Davern officiating. The couple marched to the altar to the organ strains of Lohengrin's Wedding March played by Miss Julia McEnroe The couple was attended by the bride's cousin, Camilla Fraser of Burt, anc t'.ie bride's brother, John Dunn The bride was attired In a white satin, ankle-length gown trimmed with lace, she wore a sequin covered cap to which was attached a long veil, and carried an arm bouquet of Ophelia A long, grey dress " ~ - O' B» - J \t'^aa WJl Hdfc UI CpB with hat and slippers to match was worn by the bridesmaid, she carried a bouquet of pink and white carnations. Following a wedding breakfast at the home of the bride's parents, the couple left for a short honeymoon trip Bnd ° theT P°' nts T ... the M. home until a few weeks jrlor to her wedding. The groom has been an employee In the McGulre construction gang for the past twelve years. The newlyweds will make their home on a McGulre farm northwest of St. P. T. A. Study Class— The p. T. A. Study class dealing with the adolescent life will meet for the first lesson Monday, Nov. 20 at 7:30 p m. under the leadership of Rev. A S UltABrt** A !•«..!. *_—, i _ _* IRVINGTON FOLKS ASKED TO RURAL SCHOOL PROGRAM, FRIDAY, NOV. 17 i **f Wao l seele vs brother. Forrest Is one of Al , * vavuci gong's V oun«r men who have made stood ** t*. I Saturday Mrs. Dayton and Mrs. Seele Of In- I visited at the Beth Cairy home in Whlt- Bjustrom-Walker Wedding Thursday *.i Mls Mr. and Mrs. Ban MUler departed on Friday for Boone, the occasion being to attend the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Ben ..., nett - Earl's grandmother. Mrs. Ben- EM]- teacher In nett recentlv fell, breaking her Mo and i»i i. - recev e, reng er o n Riyerdale township district No. 1 will one limb. As she had reached the ad ' u, 0^5 one J.ICTM i caoi<cu line c*u~ „ = . age of 92, little hope was given n rTiaay evening, Nov. 17 at for her recovery. For many vears she fi-T'K'itli* 11 ^ 1 the .,K en erai pub- had lived with her three daughters, all nroJrVmtnh' „££ «>«oirtM Is the of wh om reside at Boone. John, son n£?£ m lh£ e i B «.T son*. Thanks* v- O f the Millers stayed with his grand- 5 Day. School; Welcome, Lucille HalS- tiarPnH Mr nnrt Mrs Tnhn m* rinr. rud; dialogue. Here's to Thanksrivlnff. R?_ S??' "?il_ atn<I -£!™- ? onn Cox> dur elx boys; recitation, Nov. Can't be Beat !? " s Ji^, f f nc . e l, „ „ Richard Hansen: sones. BUI Bolderidire: L Mr ' M" M rs ' *•. L. Jordan and son, Espe; chool; sones BUI Bolderidire' Mr ' an ~ Mrs. A. L. Jordan and son, ;d Menaeerle s^vLn Leo ' of Burt wll( > formerly lived In the ue A Real ««>? «E Be (itYno I ter - Mrs. Alvin Weber, attended the John graduation exercises at the Hamilton 1 School of Commerce at Mason City on Karefe; sons, Mv Pony, clarence and School of Commerce at Mason City on Eugene Casev and Keith Halsrud- dla- Monday evening. Nov. B. The occasion ogue, Gettms Office Heln Phllin wns tn A eraduation of the Jordans Halsrud and Richard Hansen; read- two children. Joe and Edna, two of our ing, Levinskv at the Wedding c. R. \}'£ im * P">Ple who have eone out into Schoby: drill, Pumpkin Heads?school; (he word nnd achieved success Both recitation, A Sensible Boy, Keith Hals- ar , e working and earning part of their rud: recitation. The Cltv Maid's Poem education. Edna was graduated with Kathryn Schoby; song, Iowa, school. ' H complete secretarial course and re. _ ceived an honor graduate degree while nf M« wm O,,M rt „ Joe was STaduated with a Junior ac of Mrs. Wm. Rutledge | coun ting course. Each have received Good Hope: The union in matrimony of Cecil Truman BJustrom and Grace Evelyn Walker occurred Thursday, Nov. B, at the Good Hope parsonage. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arch E. Walker and the groom, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew O. BJustrom. The bridal couple are among the popular young people of the community. Following the ceremony the newlyweds left for a visit among relatives in Boone county. On their return they will make their home at the Andrew BJus- trom farm near Whittemore. Tuesday afternoon a shower for them was given at the Qulnton BJustrom home to which a large company of guests had been invited. Mesdames Soy and Clifton BJustrom, Mrs. Lewis Broesder and Mrs. Orville Holdren as slsted Mrs. Quinten BJustrom as th hostesses. Auditing Finished Carl Bllmaler and Stanley Morgan tate checkers, who have been check- ng the 1932 records in all county of- ices, expect to finish their work here y Friday. They have been at It for everal months. They report the re- ords in excellent shape. remains the same. i I.VUIIVIIIK ^.uuioc. cjnuil nave ici;civ< excellent nosltlons. Edna Is employed »*„ «j .» T T, j .. , ,. j cAueueiii nosinuns. aana is employed as Mr. and Mrs. Jess Bedell visited for .stenographer for the district simerln- P^mmM 1 ™ 01 ""* »£«£ mem - H U «pr er Ahnf,/ e /» rS -1! P ° f Rev ,\ A - S ' lf vew days "> ls week wlth Mrs - **m Indent of the Northwester BeTTe^- bers number eight, met at the home of fi ueser - About fort y h »ve enrolled in Reaper. phone company at Mason City and Alice and Eleanor Payne Thursday ev- ? nls cla! >s r * you wish to Join, be at The home of Mr .and Mrs. Ernest J°e Is working as a mall clerk in the cnlng. various questions concerning ; he music room in the high school on Raney has been gladdened by arrival main office of the Standard OH com- the club were discussed during the busi- Monday night. Everyone is eligible for °f a new son. rmnv at Mason Cltv. Mr. and Mrs ness meeting. The next meeting wUl ^1? . class - Yo " need not be parents with Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Jones of Algona I J ° rdan a" 8 to be congratulated upon be held Friday evening, November 24th, children twelve years old and over In were Sunday dinner guests at the J. ut the home of Betty Barry. "act, it would be wise for parents with M - Cox home. —::— younger children to come and familiar- S. Parsons of Minntsota visited the Entertain .1 T.= I ize themselves with the nroblems of t.hlo past week at the Sumner ParsoRs home. — _. .. _. congratulated „,,.„. success and achievement of their children. Entertain at Tea- juuiigcr uiiuuren to come ana laminar- » r-uiauiis ui jvimntsoia visiiea tne ize themselves with the problems of this Past week at the Sumner Parsons home. I D-mriin uofnr^ yjey ac t u ally have to ™ e men are brothers. i mu . dub WQS en _ at the the twelve heads of the committee who other Grlggs received the prize. M,,. be used in lat- Alvin Weber has been suffering with later. -_..„ r l Twelve Gwssts Mrs. W. B. Quarton and Mrs. E. J. „. a -•— Standard Bearers Have Guest Night- . Mr. and Mrs. Armour Lempke entertained John Kendall and Mr. Nelsor of Harlan, Iowa, over the pheasant I season. The ladies of the Irvlngton church "Hiawatha" Play on Good Hope Program sed pn Longfellow's story >e community room Friday evening, -. 17, bv the pupils of District No. Mrs. W. B. Quarton and Mrs. E. J. The Standard Bearers of the MetH- are Dlanninl J'-^S.J'TS? 1 SrSftr'.±^ e L at ^ 6 = 3 ll n ; » *?!te_ M<*W f s ci e etren- l^&a^uturT^rth^r - oary soceen Mrs. Dennis Goeders receiving 8 first fleers of the societv iTad chw prize and Mrs. M. P. Haggard the tra- recognition service' during r the mentswlU be served to all. The laes 2 re r eouested to brln K baskets. It is oped the community will give its sup- P ° n l ° th ' S cOmmunlty prize and about 15 girls were taken into the society. As a part of the program be given through these columns. Miss Leona Stewart, daughter of Mr. ~ J Oeorge Stewart, is visitins -- — part of this week with her prandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart. John Bockes and Mrs. E. A. Guderian entertained last Friday after- Hides and Fur === ================ _ society. As a part of the program 0 ^ Ts ; Jolln Bockes and Mrs. E. A. WSOXSaaa^^ followed, a short play was given KMnat^^Pri^n^nP' 1 ?' 1 ^" 61 '' d by some of the Standard Bearers A IM? v. tfte ,,y uae r lan home in AlRona w small <;iim trnc Mini-irorf */-... »v, i _ v. I w ."« a benefit, card party for the Rov- jBi o "*«"i auiii »ds cnargea for the lunch- al Nelehhnr inriiro •^^-^^-^— _^^^^^ Ml f.ntl nrVllAl. ...«. * ._i_ ... I *"-*fi»*wvi JUUKC. Arie Mitchell was baling hay for Etna Mitchell on Tuesday. •s. Bertha Wallace of Aredale. Iowa, is here for an extended stay with Mrs. Wm. Treptow. -je James Knolls and the Arthur Bakers were guests of Mrs. Wm. TreD- tow last Sunday for a pheasant dinner, John Reid is again kept from his work with an attack of rheumatism, D. A. R. Guest Day— . a daughter of Mrs. Johnson. TT. i , , 8 ., „"• •"•• "• " tta lnei r annual g Highest market prices paid for hides and furs g cas J ion U ent ay and ln honor of the Trapping season opens Nov. 15 to Jan. 15. Closed been confined to bed ' J ; ? ourl i e hom e during much . „„„ season on muskrats. Joe Greenberg- gggssas'ss^^ j^^^^^^^^^^—= ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^•MM We Do Our Part- - With the greatest amount of sympathy and understanding we render a "service" to bereaved families, with the full knowledge that the "last tribute" must harmonize with the financial status of the family as we u as the desire that such "service" be in keeping with the pleasant memory of the deceased, we feel that we know your needs—when you need us most, consultation gladly given. LAIRD Funeral 0 „.,— WM j of the D. A. R. During the afternoon a short program was given. Mrs. Myrle Griggs spoke on the subject of "Peace" and a playlet. "Midnight Fantasy" was presented by Margaret Blossom and Mrs. G. w. Stillman with Josephine Murtagh asslst- Blerstedt at Lone Rock The two fam Hies were old neighbors and friends hen th « ScheppmSns lived in that vicinity. , Mr - an d Mrs. Frank Ditsworth with Ivlr : Dltsworths father, James Ditsworth a nd Directors We Are in the Service of Others Phone 521-W j^^ Iowa> ^ WERE VOU ARE SUW/ FIVE TOMS OB HEALTH AM' COMFORT INSURANCE FROfA FSNORTONtSON Car of Iowa Coal and Eastern Ke tucky Block on Track This Week, Order today, Call 229 F. S. Norton & Son Centenary Class Party— "*~ The Centenafry cJass held their [monthly party Tuesday evening at a 6:30 dinner at the Methodist church with over 100 members in attendance After a short business meeting a program was presented which opene"d with a skit by the senior class of the high school. Two solos were then sung by by Donald Parsons and Maxwell Miller, another skit was given by the members of the faculty and concluding the pro, gram a group of songs was sung by the boys' octette. Basket Social- District No. 6 school of Union township will have a basket social at the Good Hope church Friday night, November 17 at 8:30. Pupils will present the play taken from Longfellow's "Hiawatha." Ladles are asked to bring baskets. Lunch will also be served. Hugh Raney will auction the baskets. Florence Black is the teacher of the school. Entertain at Two Tables— Mesdames M. J. Pool, E. C. Hancher and L. G. Baker entertained Thursday evening at two tables of bridge in honor of Mrs. R. H. Foutz of Sioux City, guest of Mrs. Floyd Saunders. Mrs Foutz was presented with a guest priz and high prize was received by Mrs W. H. Cummings. Entertain at 6:30 Dinner— Harlan Frankl and Russell Hutchins entertained twelve of their friends on Saturday evening at a 6:30 dinner a the home of the former's parents, Mr and Mrs. John Frankl. Games were played following the dinner and danc Ing concluded a delightful evening. Get-Together Saturday- Three couples met at the John G McDowell home Saturday evening for an evening of bridge. The couples were Mr. and Mrs. Otto B. Laing, Mr and Mrs. David C. Ward and Mr. and Mrs. j. E. Mason. Refreshments were served later. Bridge Club Meets- Mr, and Mrs. Henry Johannsen, Jr., entertained their bridge club Tuesday evening at a 7 o'clock dinner. First prize was presented to Mrs. Lloyd Muckey and the prize prize for the men "• to James Watts. Bridge Cub Entertained — Mrs. George Free entertained her bridge club last, Wednesday evening. Bridge was enjoyed during the even- Ing and scores kept. The next meeting will be in two weeks with Loretta Howie. Annual Meeting of Churc"— The annual meeting of the Congregational church will be held Thursday evening at the church. A family overed dish supper at 6 o'clock will • followed by a business meeting. olnt Meeting Soon— The members of the Masonic lodge nd O. E. 8. are planning a Joint meeting to be held at the Temple on ™uesday night. November 28. Program '111 be announced later. tlrthday Club Meets Mr. and Mrs. p. E. Kent entertained •heir birthday dub Monday evening at 7 o'clock dinner in honor of the rthday of Mrs. R. H. Miller. First Ize was received by Mr. and Mrs. twomen-an-coualaa. Miss Goldie Riley, cousin of Mrs. Se ward Thornton passed away at hei home in Livermore this last week. Mrs Thornton and son Bobby attended the funeral which was held Friday. Interment was at LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jewett and Mrs. J. A. Jewett of Grand Junction were week end guests at the Fred Gel- eel and George Hackman homes. The men took advantage of the hunting season. The Jewetts are cousins ol Mrs. Gelgel. Mr. and Mrs. John Gross are the :arents of a 8% pound boy born Nov. . Mrs. Gross was formerly Alice Harmon and worked at the E. A. Guderlan tome when they lived west of Irving- on. The Gross family now reside north of Sexton. Miss Eunice Thompson is assisting t the Tony Sorensen home for the resent. The Sorensen home has been laddened bv the arrival of a new baby, deviously it was reported the Soren- ens had moved to Rich point, which ley have not, but hope to In the near Russell Hutchins, younger son of Mr. nd Mrs. can Hutchins. and Harlem Tankl, son of Mr. and Mrs. John rankl, entertained Saturday evening t the Frankl home with a six-thirty inner. Twelve boys and girls en.loyed he courtesy. The evening was spent t eames and dancing. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dayton, Floyd Dunbar and chalmer Marshal] all of Brighton, Iowa, were week end guests at the Harry Seeley home. Dr. Forrest Cairy of Sioux Cltv was also a guest at the Seeley home being Mrs. , few da * s - Mrs - Sanderson of ? ur i, ^looking after her home and " V dUrln * Mra - Bushs "bsence. A question as to the date of the ap- gf a rance of the Rust College Colored sln Bfrs at Good Hope church has arts- 5 nfslnce ,°H r last announcement. The announcement will be made at the """"— at, Sunday. ,„ " ;yinjr on the school grounds a«,~fc—<v—^ 1 X 0 ' 5 last Friday. Howard Sarchett, fell and struck some sort of an obstruction which resulted in a rather badly cut Up. It was not sufficiently serious to keep him out of school, however, thoueh he was taken home Immediately following the acci- lent. Steele Store Ready The newly redecorated store building on the corner of state and Dodge treets which will be occupied by the Steele clothing Co., is ready for occu- iancy and the clothing firm has made ts opening announcement for Friday oJ his week. Wm. c. Steele and his son re associated in the enterprise. ATTENTION FARMERS Our 1034 winter catalogs are in now. if you haven't received yours, come in. Coast to Coast Store Joe Bloom, Mgr. It May Be of Interest to You . . . When you use NOURSE GUARANTEED MOTOR OIL in your crankcase, you are using an oil which forms a perfect film of protection between piston and cylinder wall, so you have no loss of power—no dry spots on the pistons—no fuel waste. Have you seen the new line of Horton Washing Machines? Come in and look them over. Some*thing different in washers. We can still furnish you that Rayboy circulating heater at the old price, if you do not delay too long. All set again for Friday and Saturday with a complete stock of shells, all gauges and all sixes of shot. It is time again for Thermos and Heated Chicken Waterers arid we have a nice assortment of these to to choose from. Nelson Hardware Societies and Clubs Third Parish Party— The last of a series of three parties was held Tuesday evening at the academy with 24 tables of bridge and five hundred. Mrs. Walter Lorenz and M. J. Weydert received first prize In the bridge game respectively and Everett Robinson and Mrs. A. Wagoner received first prize in five hundred respectively. Lunch was then served and the remainder of the evening spent in dancing. Next Tuesday a dance will be jiven at the academy with music by Tiny Little and his Texas Toe Teasers, Girl Scouts Organize— A group of sixteen girls have formed Girl Scouts organization recent- and held their first meeting at the library Friday evening. M*S. Lloyd Bohannon was elected captain. The it girls are: Phyllis Mathes, Phyllis Sawyer, Barbara Haggard, Betty tAint, Meredith Richardson, Mary E. Worster, Margaret Anne Beardsley, MaMhe caldwell, Shirley Vlnson, Unogene Hill, Lorraine Morrison, Mary Lea Nugent, Mildred Richardson, Louise Smith, Adra Yeoman, Lucille Calhoun. Basket Social at No. S— A program and box social will be given at central school, District No. 6, Jnlon township, Thursday evening, November 23, at 8 o'clock. Mary Glsch s the teacher of this school. Owing to ack of space the program cannot be printed but it is expected to be very pleasing. Baskets and flinch will be old after the program. Articles for hose holding lucky numbers will be given away. The O. E. S. will sponsor a benefit bridge party Friday, November 24, at two p. m., at the Masonic Temple. Mr» W. G. McCullough's division will be In charge. Delphians will meet next Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. W. G. Mccullough. Mrs. c. H. Creta- meyer will give a book review. Distinctive Glasses Wear modem and attractive Have your eyes examined. A. W. Amunson Optometrist Office located 1st door South Call Theater. CALL Theatre, Algona Western Electric Wide Range Sound—upholster- cd scats—head phones—new releases. Wednesday, Thursday, Fri., Nov. 15-16-17 Matinee Thursday 2:30. The entertainment masterpiece— "FOOTLIGHT PARADE" 1,000 new thrills. Bigger and better than "Golddlggers of 1933 " News News. Football Reel. Saturday, November 18 Fighting, Leaping, pigger and better shows for Saturday. Double Feature— fluper Special. Eicardo Cortez in "BIG EXECUTIVE" Also Kit Carson Serial. . Sunday Only, November 19 ^ Olenda Far. "HAVANA WIDOWS" Zaau Pitts-Thelma Todd in "Beauty and the Bus" And New News— one Day old. Monday-Tuesday, Nov. 20-21 "THE THREE LITTLE PIGS" Technicolor Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf— Here it is again! 6IGGEST FLAME WAS A MAMMA / Directed by Charles F. Rlesner. it's the Fire Chief Himself in ' 61 ° n Stage, screen wRadloT A Four-Alam Ohlefl Here come8 "* world's tough-leader MaoKal11 ^d Walter Donaldson? Popular ""^^ Also a Musical World journey, "Samoan Memories- New News—one Day Old. Wed., Thurs., Fri., November 22-23-24 Thursday Matinee 2:30—10c-25c. angeT MAE WEST Reputation , .. O nd Never Mined III... with CARY GRANT A Paramount P/cfyre New N,ews—One Da y o j d ,

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