The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1933 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 8
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The Algona tfppef Pea Moiaes, Algofla,Iowa, Noy. Rabbit Foot; Indies, H. S. and Academy. AllJLose —• _____— ' _ , „... MB. ACADEMY SET TO TAKE REVENGE ON UVERMORE FRIDAY St Cecelia's Bow to First ] Season's Defeat at ,_ Mason City The winnng streak of St. Cecelia's academy football team of Algona came to an abrupt end, Sunday, on the spear. head of a devastating offense launched by St. Joseph's academy of Mason City. Algona was playing without the services of Bode, brilliant little backfield man, who suffered a carbuncle on his shoulder. The score was 27 to 0. It was the first victory for St. Joseph's over the local academy in four years. Next Friday afternoon at 3 p. m. the academy team will attempt to duplicate the feat of the high school team by defeating Llvermore high on the local field. The game is expected to be a thriller, as Livermore, with a veteran team, has improved vastly since the first of the season. Two bad breaks resulted in Mason City touchdowns. One came when Omar Kelly dropped back to pass, but was rushed and fumbled the ball which was recovered by Mason City. A touchdown followed. The other bad break came when the Mason City line broke through to block one of Kelly's punts on the 15 yard line, capturing the ball to put the St. Joseph boys in a scoring position, from which they made good. The neatest play of the game was made by Wolfe who crashed through the center of the St. Cecelia line, eluded all taoklers, and swept 71 yards for a single-handed touchdown. The Lineups St. Joseph's— 27 St. Cecelia's— 0 E. Hearrity ...... LE — Bestenlehner Ryan ........... LT ........... Baker Balek ........... LG ......... Matern Buhr ............. C ......... Behlmer Gassoway Campbell Nelson Kelly Cannelia Hearrity Wolfe ........... FB Scoring— Touchdowns, Hearrity (3), Wolfe; point after touchdown— Hearri- ty (2), Wolfe. Score by quarters: Mason City ............ 0 14 6 7—27 Algona ................. 0 0 0 0—0 'First downs from scrimmage: Mason City 7, Algona 3. i First Lutheran Church ' M. A. Sjostrand, pasjtor Sunday School and Bible class next Sunday at 10 a. m. Vesper worship next Sunday at 7:30 o'clock. The Every Member Canvass will be conducted on Sunday, November 12. BG ........ Kohlhaas BT ........ Patterson BE QB HB HB Diem Lichter Hansen Baker O. Kelly White's Grocery Specials for Friday and Saturday SUGAR 10 Ibs. COFFEE, Butternut, Ib j Pancake Flour, OC p 5 Ibs. for ^ JC CRACKERS, 2 Ibs. for POST TOASTIES large pkg. FLOUR, Rose, 1 gg per sack YEAST FOAM, 2 for Tokay GRAPES, 2 Ibs" A. & H. SODA, 2 pkgs. P. & G. SOAP, OC r 10 bars for ***"STARCH 1 C r 2 pkgs 1DC BUTTER, Algona per pound SYRUP, 10 Ib. golden ' APPLES, Gano, 1 10 per basket J.»l«' CHEESE, longhorn, 2 Ibs. _ J Enjoy lilt. B« on your toe*. F«l wide-awakt USE Railway's Pills <Tfce Vegetable Laxative) 10 cbuw tb* wtutiiul <?ut ol ImnnWtf owed by ccwMijwiioa. Yout puitwdrtt blood wUl «iv« you mv ll fnf" MUd - KtlUbl* At Your THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPEN J^ WANT 10U TO fni UCTN DOCTOR AS i S THINK I NtlD. SOMt SOLD (CROWNS AND B«lD«tWORK/ 'o M roousH. ALL! YOU HttO 15 10 HAVE .1 YOUR ittTH CLEANED!) |KiCTNAT»N*t CAMOOM Co 8. y.< Algona Dentists Pictured in Poems Editor's Note—The doctors of Algona broke into print several weeks ago with a vivid, word painting of their portraits by Miss Winifred Sarchett. Miss Sarchett has again spent much effort, this time in behalf of the dentists. Her work is reprinted herewith. We might add that there are also a likely collection of lawyers in town, who might furnish good subject matter in the future. (By Winifred E. Sarchett) Our good old dentist, Adams, He's praised by all the madams, Also by all the men. And they go to see him then, He'll fix your teeth up right, He'll work with all his might To please you, and he will, For we all praise him still. Though he's been here quite a while, He still is all In style, Whatever you want done, To your teeth he's the one, And if you are a "had 'ems", False teeth he'll fit, this Adams. He will fix all teeth, bad ones, For child, woman and "dad-urns!" Our good old dentist, Baker, Believe me he's no /faker. For him we take our stand, He's the best in all the land, When your teeth begin to ache, For him then make a break, He'll toss you in the chair, For your teeth he then will care, You'll soon be feeling fine, And you'll go home to dine, And praise him to each friend. Their teeth he then will mend, When their teeth set them wild, He'll fix them for each child. Whatever we want done To our teeth, he gets the "mon"l Our good little dentist "Ole," Is not a roly-poly, But when in his chair we've sat, He's mighty good to look at, His eyes, they sparkle and shine, And his curls they look so fine, He works with might and main, But does not give us pain, He cleans our teeth up nice, For a very moderate price, And if he finds anything wrong, He'll fix It up for a song, When a tooth you annoys, Just see "Ole," girls and boys, We all sure like him fine, We're proud to say "He's mine"! Our cute little denty Schaap, He is right from the shop, That is, he's new you know, Not long from school, that's so, Which makes him up to date, But he works at a reasonable rate, And yet he does fine work, And believe me, he's no shirk, VARICOSE VEINS Healed By New Method No operations nor Injections. No enforced rest. This simple home treatment permits you to go about your business as usual—unless, ot course, you are already so disabled as to be confined to your bed. In that case, Emerald Oil acts so quickly to heal your leg sores, reduce any swelling and end all pain, that you are up and about again in no time. Just follow the simple directions and you are sure to be helped. Your druggist won't keep your money unless you are. For princess or for brat, His work's the same at that, For broker or common man, He does the best he can, And he'll wait for his pay, For awhile, so they all say. If you find it hard to bite, He'll flx your teeth up right. Our good old denty Nugent, If we haven't even a new cent Will flx our teeth anyway, And he'll wait for his pay, Till we get work some day, And he won't holler, "Hey! When you goin' to pay that bill," When the going is uphill, But patiently he'll wait, Till by lucky turn of fate We get the money for him, We'll run in on the rim, For our teeth to have him care. When we need a friend he's there! In everything he's nice. Best work, and moderate price. Our swell old Doc McCorkle, He sure does make us "chorkle," He looks like the old "Harry"! You'll have cheeks like a cherry, Soon If you visit Harry, And lips just like a berry, So healthy you will be, A splenlid dentist he, Some say he is the cheapest, It's sure he's not the steepest, He's loved by all the children, And praised by girls and young men, Old men and women, too, All like him, sure they do. They know his work is right, He works with skill and might. Our good old "Doccy" Rlst, Retired he Is, but this Completed would not be, If him, we'd miss, you see, He needs no recommend, All will praise him to the end, Some forty years by his chair. He's stood and practiced there, He's always done his best, And enjoys a well earned rest. Always did the best he could, All praise him, as we should, For he has been our friend, And will be till the end, And when he goes away, He'll shine in fadeless day. PLUM CREEK NEWS H.S. LOSES 1945; CLARION HUSKIES, PLAY HERE TODAY Visitors Lost to Mason City by Scant Margin of Six Points Miss Florence Black of Blch Point vicinity spent the week end with Ann Kain. The Misses Rita and Imelda Dooley of Algona were over night visitors Monday at the home of their friend, Anna Shick. Mrs. Wayne Keith will be one of the hostesses who will help entertain the Algona Baptist Ladies' Aid at the home of Mrs. L. W. Keith in Algona on Thursday. A pie social held in district NO. 5 school Monday night where Miss Irene Devine is the teacher, was well attended and a splendid program was given by the pupils. There are twenty children at this school. Friends here are glad to hear that Eugene Keith is getting along as well as can be expected, but will be al the hospital for some time yet. Eugene was Injured in a tractor accident while he was pulling a corn picker at the home of his brother, Stanley Keith, recently. Emmetsburg high school walloped Algona high, 19 to 6, at the local Athletic Park, Saturday afternoon. This afternoon at 3:15 •J'clock, the strong Clarion outfit, defeated only by a 6 to 0 score by Mason City, will come here for another conference game in the North central Loop—and things look dark for the Bulldogs. To start the Emmetsburg game, Algona recovered an Emmetsburg fumble on Emmetsburg's eight yard line, and lacked the final punch to put it over. Emmetsburg then took the pigskin and crashed down the field for its first touchdown, scoring on a pass. The kick was good. Algona received the next ktckoff, but a few minutes later, Emmetsburg intercepted an Algona pass on its own 40 yard line and drove down the field for the second touchdown. The first half ended with the score 13 to 0 in the visitors' favor. The third quarter was different. Algona woke up, and the boys demonstrated that they can play football, in spurts at least. Receiving the punt, Algona started a 60-yard mach which resulted in a tally. Emmetsburg was unable to stop that march, and the hopes of the fans were considerably buoyed up wfoen gellstrom plunged over for the goal. But with the score 13 to 6 the drive ended. And in the last of the fourth quarter, Emmetsburg intercepted an Algona pass and went over again. Coach Ken Mercer was forced to substitute Boren for Etherlngton at an end, as the former has an injured hip. But Boren demonstrated the possibility of developing into a cracking good end, and Is certain to get into more action. It becomes more and more evident that Algona high school has the material for a good football team, but not very many of the best prospects are out In football suits, which Is unfortunate. However, scrap and fight can sometimes help to offset weight, experience and lack of natural football ability, and the boys who are out should get plenty of credit for their efforts. Large Crowd Attends Pep Meeting Thursday The eighth district convention of the American Legion and Auxiliary was held at the Warden Hotel in Port Dodge Thursday with a large attendance. James I. Dolliver, Port Dodge, presided at the Legion meetings and Mrs. J. C. TJnderkofler, Britt, eighth district committee woman, presided at the Auxiliary sessions. Legion officials, who attended were B. J. Laird, Des Moines, state adju- ;ant- Frank Miles of Des Moines, editor of Iowa Legionaire; State Commander Leo J. Duster, Cedar Rapids; Vice Commander Glen L. Gray of Rockwell City and W. Earl Hall of Mason City, former State Commander. The following Auxiliary officers present were Mrs. Winifred Neggemeyer, Fort Madiaon, state president; Mrs. Marie standley, Boone, state vice president and Mrs. M. Myrton Skelley of Des Moines, state secretary. All fourteen units in the district were represented at the meeting. Algona was the fifth unit in the state to meet its mem- oership quota. At six o'clock there was a parade led by the Fort Dodge Drum and Bugle corps and a joint banquet was held at 6:45 with over 300 present. W. Earl Hall of Mason City led the singing and talks were given, by all the state officers. A dance followed the banquet. Those from Algona present were Mr. and Mrs. V. V. Naudaln, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Brundage, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hovey, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, Mr and Mrs. L. M. Merritt, Mrs, A. H. Stock, Wendell French, W. E. Hawcott, Maurice Bartholomew, Miss Arnold, Ben Sorensen, Luke Linnan, Matt Streit, Dr. Arlo Adams, H W. Pletch, John Momyer, Charles Barringer, Alt Sresensky and Harry Hull. SCHOOL NOTES by the High School Scribes Mr. Project* Started Ward's geography class has started making projects such as maps, booklets and simple machines to represent the country they have studied. Junior Hl»hhM P*rty The Junior high school had a Hal- lowe'en party Monday afternoon at 4:30 in the gym. Basketball Started Basketball has been started for those who are not out for football. Eleven or twelve boys have reported every evening and Indications are that we should have a pretty good team this year. Sophomore Patty The sophomore class held their class party last Friday evening in the gym. Refreshment* were served and at the latter part of the evening there was dancing. Teachers Not Outdone The teachers are not to be outdone by the students in the line of parties for they held their first faculty party last Wednesday night. There was a general treasure hunt in which a miscellaneous collection of things were found. After the regular entertainment was over everyone was invited to a free show by Mr. Bice. No wonder the teachers were sleepy, the next morning, staying out till after the second show. A Stiff Neck Valeria Pickett was wandering "*u nd the building Monday m?™* 0 *. »«M stiff neck, looking neither to right nor left, as the result of too much enthusiasm in trying to perform some of the gymnastic stunts in the gym classes. Glee Club A selected group of girls in the high school glee club sang for the woman i s dub at the public library frWay. afternoon, The girls were Valeria .Pickett, Gertrude Long, Esther Pratt, Ella Mae Johnson, Margaret Stephenson, Evelyn Smith, and Ruth Malueg. Donald Hutchins also gave a solo. Judge at Contest Mary Helen Hudson, Adlne Thompson, Marine Praser and Dorothy Fraser were the Judges of a recitation contest at Irvington recently. Try-outs for the coming Junior play were held Tuesday night but no results have been announced as yet. Contest a Tie The advanced typing class staged an informal contest Monday to see which side could secure the most number of points. They both got three points and Miss Kreikenbaum searched vainly for more material to play off the tie with but after each team had secured three more points and were still tied she gave it up and announced that they would have to finish the contest some other day. FENTON WOMAN, 78, LAID TO REST , FRIDAY; 5 MUELLER SONS SURVIVE Mrs. Emilie Mueller Passed Away Last Tuesday; Came from Germany Fenton: Mrs. Emilie Mueller passed away Tuesday, October 24, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Uthof at the age of 78 years, 7 months and 29 days. Emilie Patton Mueller was born in pommeranla, Germany, February 25, 1855. She was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith. At the age of 16 years she emigrated to America in company with two of her older brothers, settling for a time in Chicago. In 1873, in Chicago she was married to Ferdinand Mueller. Following their marriage they lived for one year in Broadhead, Wisconsin. Leaving there they located in Algona until 1878 when they moved to a farm one-half mile north of Fenton, still known as the Mueller homestead. Her husband preceded her in death in 1902. Thirteen children were born to the union, five of whom are dead. Surviving her are: her sons, William, Theodore, Louis, Ernst. Ferdinand, her daughters, Mrs. Paul Nemitz, Mrs. O. J. Borchardt, and Mrs. Henry Uthof. Thirty-six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Gronau of Chicago also survive. Funeral services were held Friday, October 27 from the St. John's Lutheran church, the Bev. B. W. Kabelitz officiating. Burial was made in the Lotts Creek cemetery. Mrs. Gronau and son, fiichard, daughter, Margaret of Chicago attended the funeral. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Finnestad Saturday morning. Mrs. Frank McFall was hostess to the Hook and Needle club last week Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weiland and amily of Estherville were entertained Sunday at the Jacob Hengel home. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Fauerby and amily spent the week end at the home if the former's brother, Henrik Fauer>y at Eldora. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mitchell are the parents of a girl born Friday evening. Mrs. Mitchell is in an Emmetsburg hospital. Wayne, the nine year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Finnestad received a painful wrist injury Saturday while trying to crank a car. Arthur Kuecker and August Krause, students at Ames and Leona Borchardt, student at Cedar Falls visited at their parental home this week end. Wilfred Stoeber drove to Minneapolis Friday on business. He attended the Minnesota-Iowa football game Saturday and returned home Monday. Mrs. M. B. Schuett of Giese, Minn., Js visitnig with her brother, Jacob Hengel, and other relatives. She is a former resident in this community. W. E. Stoeber left Friday evening from Algona for Chicago to visit his brother, Dell, and to attend the world's fair. Enroute home he will visit his brother, Fred, at Charles City. DROP KICK GIVES SPENCER VICTORY IN LAST PERIOD Independents to Battle the Austin Packers on Local Lot Sunday A crowd of about 260 saw the Spencer Merchants score a drop kick from the field n the closing minutes of play to nose out the Algona independents, 3 to 0, in a close contest at the Athletic park here last Sunday afternoon. It was one of those contests, which despite many mistakes on both sides, found two team* evenly matched fighting for supremacy. In fact, if Algona could just have its complete array of backfleld stars on hand for any one game, they could whip anybody. But something always happens and Sunday only three regular backs, Mercer, Samp and Barrier, were on hand. Parsons was pulled into the backfleld from the line and rounded out the quartet of ball carriers. Next Sunday home fans will be treated to a pleasing spectacle when the Austin packers come here from Minnesota for an inter-state contest. If you're football minded, you'll get your money's worth at this one, as Austin has a beefy, fast outfit, which is going to make things hot for the local boys. On the other hand,, Algona will have both Nordstrurn, Academy coach, and Mercer, on hand, and all the rest of the regular team which went to the Minnesota-Iowa game last week. The boys are all going to try and be there, and the fans should do the same. Algona carried the ball to Spencer's two yard line once in the first quarter, but an attempted place kick by Mercer failed. Another time Mercer carried the ball back 45 yards after receiving a punt, and only the inability to block out one man prevented a certain touchdown. Louis Moore was a mountain of strength on the defense, and Spencer at times thought he was a regular member of their backfleld, he was with them so much. The Lineups Algona—0 Spencer—3 Ostrum LE Knudson Cosgrove LT Austin Adams LO White L. Moore C oalahan Bradfleld BE. Martinet BT. J. Moore BO. Mercer QB. parsons .....BH. Samp LH. Barrier PB. Pitcher .. Torrence Ketler Shine Warrlngton Webb .... Dartts KITZ HOTEL Newest TWproof H •ARAM Coffe« Shop „, ,*, *. ~4 —fc* * RatM Reduced ANDJP a* M, M, M* L«*«t*«« II MwUtt* S^ Dint and Dtitct SPAN^H VTLLAGI | ^ M, M (ONVENIFNT, fOL-VFkY'IHIN< ST. BENEDICT NEWS W%3&8V&^^ Mrs. Lawrence Clnk spent Monday afternoon at the A. J. Pehr home. Mrs. J. O. Downs and Mrs. Wm Elsch were shoppers at Algona Monday morning. Mrs. Joe Rahm, sr., and Alberta Mu- lert were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs Rose Arndorfer. A Hallowe'en party given at the school hall Sunday evening was well attended and a very good time was had by all. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bleich and daughter, Mary Jane of Titonka spent Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seller. MLss Alberta Mulert, who is staying with her grandmother, Mrs. Joe Rahm, Sr., spent teveral days last week at tha home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mulerf at Claremont, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Steussy and two daughters of Clear Lake spent Sun. day with the latter's mother, Mrs. Josephine Rosenmeyer and attended the Hallowe'en party at the school hall. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Huschka and children, Vlrgina and Emery of Marmon, North Dakota, came last week on Tuesday to visit the former's mother, Mrs. Anna Huschka and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John Newhouse of Dy- ersvllle came Saturday to visit the latter's father, Joseph Bruenlng and her brothers and slaters for a few days. Mrs. Newhouse was Anna Bruenlng before her marriage. Frank Rosenmeyer and a friend of Canada came last week Tuesday and spent a few days with Prank's mother, Mrs. Josephine Rosenmeyer, and brother, Al. Prom here they went on to Chicago to attend the world's fair. Church Supper The Methodist Ladies' Aid will give a chicken pie supper in the church dining room Saturday night, November 4, at 5:30. Adults 35c, children under 12, 25c. Menu Chicken Pie Mashed Potatoes Harvard Beets Bpked Squash Cabbage Salad Jelly Rolls Coffee Assorted Pies Chance You might get by tonight, but sooner 'or later you will have trouble if you don't prepare your car for cbld weather. Stop today and let us put in antifreeze. Prestone Glycerine Alcohol Clapp's Master Service Washing, Greasing, Goodrich Tires, Willard Batteries, Purol Pep Gasoline and Stove. Gas. Phone 26 Algona, Iowa. Protect Yourself against Rising Prices by Buying Your Coal Today Get quality coal here at lowest prices and be assured of warm comfort, There is a difference in coal, just as there is in everything else, Buy high quality coal that bums evenly, and leaves only a little ash. Then and only then will you get full value for your heating dollars, Try our coal, and save money, Anderson Grain & Coal Company Phone 808,

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