The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1933 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, Nov. 2,1933 FRIMML, S2, DIED MONDAY AT WESLEY HOME Six Children Survive; Services Held on Tuesday ! at Catholic Church Wesley, Funeral services for Joseph Srimml, 82, who died early Monday morning at his Home north of town, was held this week Tuesday morn- Ing at 9 o'clock with burial taking place to the St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery. Mr. Frlmml was born In Laudskronne, Austria, and has lived In America since 1869, coming direct to Iowa county. Since 1920, the family have resided on the Frltnml farm north of town. Besides his aged widow he leaves six children: Frank and William, Nellie and Minnie, all of Wesley, Mrs. Caroline Ryan of Marengo, and Mrs. Lucy Brabec of Burham, Minn. Rev. I. C. McNulty attended an Algona district conference held at the Methodist church in Garner Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Al Wagner and children of Corwlth were guests at the home of her parents, the Ben F. Felts, aunday. Mrs. Gordon Gldfllngs will be hostess to the Woman's Foreign Missionary society at her home north of town Friday afternoon. Miss Evelyn and Irene Haynes, student nurses at the Mercy hospital at Mason City spent Saturday afternoon visiting home folks. Members of the 8th grade at the parochial school entertained the 7th grade pupils at a Hallowe'en party at the school house Monday night. Miss Susie Pfiffner left Sunday for YOUR FRIEND AT MEALTIME SPECIALS First Prize Flour 1 CO 49 pound bag l.tlif Red Salmon, ex. fancy Alaska, tall can 15c Smoked Salt, CQ r 10 pound can OJV. Superb Syrup 10 Ib. Amber 45c 10 Ib. white 50c Green Cut Beans, 1A r No. 2 can Ivi» Giant Sweet Peas, 2 No. 2 cans, .....,.,.. Iiyfe7&Tu*gh test for making soap, 3 cans Apricots, No. 10 can 25c Blackberries, No. 10 can Tac-Cut Coffee, pound can Council Oak Tea 14 Ib. box 13c Y 2 Ib. box 24c Wheat Cereal, lC r Robb-Ross, pkg ltrl» Peanut Butter, OQ r Superb, quart jar **<* V. Buckwheat Flour OQ P pure N. Y., 5 pound bag l+tt\f Block Salt 71 r 8 blocks • **» Stock Salt, CC r 100 pound bag «Wl» Minneapolis In company with Mr. and Mrs. John Ooeders of Algona to visit several days at the homes of cousins. Mr. and Mrs. j. T. Meurer and two children drove to Charles City Sunday where they spent several hours visiting Joe's sister-in-law. Mrs. Bertha Meurer and family. June Adele and MaryAdine Kunz entertained a group of their young neighborhood playmates at a play house party at their home Saturday night during the supper hour. Clarence Donovan left Friday for Kenyon, Minn., to visit a few days at the home of Harry Hultgren. Saturday the two men went on to Minneapolis where they viewed the Iowa-Minnesota football game. There has been great rejoicing for the past week or more at the Axel Carlson home when a daughter was born to them Tuesday of last week. The little Miss found a hearty welcome into the family who already have five children, but all boys. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Lease, Sterling and Loren, and Mr. and Mrs. Halvor Flom, Jr., drove to Storm Lake Sunday where they spent the day visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Kleinpeter who have been located in Storm Lake since May 1st. Isabel Kerrlns, manager of the Wesley telephone exchange, is spending a two weeks' vacation and left Tuesday morning for Everly to spend a few days at the George Spangler home. Miss Dorothy Ooetz and Miss Marie Hanson has very ably taken care of the switchboard during Isabel's absence. Rev. and Mrs. I. C. McNulty entertained the Epworth League members at a Hallowe'en party at their home Tuesday night. Games and lunch appropriate at the Hallowe'en season were enjoyed during the evening, and the younger generation speak very highly of the entertainment by the Rev. and his good wife. Miss Anna Wester and brother, Alan and Miss Katie Eden left Friday for Ames to spend the week end with friends during the annual homecoming of the Iowa State College. Anna was graduated last spring from a course In home economics and is awaiting her turn for admittance in a hospital in New York Ctly where she will serve in- terneship in dietetics. Mr. and Mrs. John Ormsby in company with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klrsch- baum of Garner and Mrs. John O'Hern drove to Des Molnes Thursday to attend the funeral Friday morning of Bishop T. w. Drutnm, a second cousin of Mr. Ormsby, Mrs. O'Hern and Mrs. Kirschbaum. He has been a visitor in their homes at various times. Bishop Drumm's brothers and sisters are all living in Ireland. Mrs. Joe Krogmeler, James and Katherine of Fort Madison, spent Friday visiting her sister, Mrs. Gus Brandt at Clear Lake, and arrived Saturday in Wesley to visit at the home of her mother, Mrs. Mary Uhlenhake. Sunday, the Bauer family, Mrs. Uhlenhake and Marjorie, and Mrs. Krogmeier and children drove to Whittemore to spend the day at the home of their brother and son, J. P. Uhlenhake and family A party of sixteen relatives held a family reunion at the home of H. J. Braley Sunday when members of Mrs. Braley's family within driving distance came to spend the day together. Those present included Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Isaacs of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Emmons and family and Arthur Emmons and daughter, Gladys, of Em- Kossuth Folks in West Meet with Mrs. Bowyer Notable Gathering of Former Residents Entertained in Honor of Carlons (By Horace Maim) Long Beach, California, Editors of The Algona tipper Des Molnes: I have the guest list given to me by Mrs. Nellie Gray Bowyer after a picnic party last Friday, October 20, and I am sure your readers will be Interested In an account of the meeting of such a notable gathering of former residents of Kossuth county. There were 33 guests present, Including Mrs. Bowyer's great-grandson, Bil- lle Hall, grandson of Mrs. Gwendolyn Bowyer Norrle, and son of Mrs. Murle Norrle Hall, who were all there from San Diego. Miss Cora Setchell also came from San Diego. George W. Pangburn, Mrs. Lora Rice Pangburn and the three Manns, Viola, Bertha and Horace, went from Long Beach In the Pangburn car. Charles Waldo and Maggie Henderson Waldo were also there from Long Beach. Also Mrs. Julia Thomas, Mrs. Bowyer's aunt, and her niece, Miss Marian Thomas, formerly of Humboldt, were there from Long Beach, and her uncle, Charles Thomas, came over from the Sawtelle Soldier's Home, bringing his drums which were an appreciated accompaniment to the singing of old tune songs. Harry Wilson and Mrs. Russell Wilson, Just back from visit to Des Molnes and Algona, came over from Orange. Mrs. Bowyer is also Just returned from her Algona visit, and she brought with her from pallon, Nevada,, two well known former residents of Kossuth county, who are visiting California friends. They are Josephine (Jodie) Carlon Skiff, and Emily Carton Dodge, and It was in honor of them that Mrs. Bowyer's party was given, as they will soon return to Fallon. Mrs. P. H. Vesper and Mrs. Katy Blackford Jones came from Glendale. Dr. Arthur Piercy, who has been practicing physician for many years in Oakland, but Is now practicing in Los Angeles, and who must rank well up toward Mrs. Louisa Crose McNutt and Harvey Ingham as the oldest living native son or daughter of Kossuth county, came to meet other descendants of pioneers in the settlement and development of the county. The writer got his educational start from four winter terms of school under the Instruction of Clayton Hutch- Ins, where he completed the study of Ray's practical arithmetic at the age of thirteen, completed Ray's elementary algebra in a class with his sister Viola and Louisa Grose at fifteen and the following winter studied Ray's higher arithmetic with Prank Crose and Emma Carlon as classmates. It was therefore an especial pleasure to meet at Mrs. Bowyer's party, the two sisters, Mrs. Clna Hutchlns Call and Mrs. Lettie Hutchlns White, who livq in homes next door to each other In Hollywood. Mrs. A. D. Clarke, Mrs. Olive Salisbury Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hawkins were also there from Hollywood, and Mrs. Llda Watson Cole, from Inglewood. Mrs. Ruby Smith Wallace and Mrs Effie Hawkins Berryman of Los Angeles, had many friends whom they were delighted to meet, and W. H. Horan, the latest addition to the Algona colony In Hollywood, while not ranking as a pioneer, finds that his many years of residence In Algona have made him a host of friends among their descendants, whom Mrs. Bowyer so delightfully assembled to meet Mrs. Skiff and Mrs. Dodge, as well as to renew many other friendships beginning in Kossuth county. The bountiful picnic dinner was served, cafeteria style, in the yard, where tables were arranged, and community singing of old time songs was enjoyed both before and after the repast. I wish that time and space would permit an extended comment on the reminiscences which the assemblage brought forth, suggested In part by McGuffey's readers In Mrs. Bowyer's possession, and a reference to Mrs. Florence call Cowles' volume entitled "Early Algona," of which the one I consult bears the Inscription: "Alice and Viola Mann, 1052 Gundry Ave., Long Beach, Calif. Compliments of Josephine C. Skiff, Emily C. Dodge." It was sent from Algona at the time of the Diamond Jubilee. Sincerely yours, Horace Mann. LUVERNEFOLKS , OBSERVE 52ND DATE. OF WEDDING > Mr. and Mrs. Fred Legler Celebrate at Farm Home; Wed in 1881 .able prizes were won by Mrs. Bishop of Algona, Mrs. Alex Evans, Mrs. Cecil Huff and Miss Norma Partridge of Lu- Verne. Refreshments were served by ,he hostess. mons, Minn. Rasmussen and family Kf Forest -.City and the Braley family. The Royal Neighbor lady members entertained their husbands at a seven o'clock chicken dinner at their lodge hall Monday night where a large number met and enjoyed a meal together as a big family. Several rounds of cards were played following which took place Hallowe'en stunts entertainment. Decorations were in keeping with the Hallowe'en season and the members and their guests greatly enjoyed the hours spent together. Comunlcations have come from Dr. D J. Goen and wife who live at Manchester announcing the arrival of a baby boy born to them Tuesday, Sept. 26, at a hospital in Dubuque. However the little one passed away the same day. The Goens have two children living, the first and last born both being deceased. Dr. Goen practiced deritistry in Wesley a number of years ago, and his wife was the former Miss Evelyn Byrne, who taught in the public schools here six years ago. Mr and Mrs. Arlo Dawson and Mr. and Mrs. George Aldrich spent the week end at Minneapolis visiting Mrs. Aldrich's three sisters and brother, Mrs. Margaret Granaski, and the Misses Hlldegaard and Audrey Koepke and Herbert Koepke. They also attended CALL Theatre, Algona PROGRAM OCT. 30-NOV. 17 Onlv Western Electric Wide Range Theatre in Northern Iowa. It means you get all beautiful overtones in the music—here. New News one day old. City Service on Features and Short Subjects. Mon. and Tues., Oct. 30-31 Leslie Howard in ' 'BERKELEY SQUARE'' \n*A nHiiifo T?ri BING CROSBY JACK OAKIE JUDITH ALLEN Wed, Thurs. Frt,B , (TOOMUOHHABMDHY M MOV. l-^-O Uauy ' Bln crosby 8x iO tinselled photo to each lady Matinee 2:30 Blng at matinees. Saturday, 4 < * LEE TRACY MAE CLARKE OTTO KRUGER "TURN BACK THE CLOCK" Our Gang comedy— Silly Symphony Fresh Ham— Kit Carson Serial Sun. and Mon., Nov. 5-6 RUTH OHATTERTON GEORGE BRENT "FEMALE Donald Novis, Dawn O'Day, The 4 Eaton Boys in "Operators' Opera," a sparkling fantasy Tues. and Wed., Nov. 7-8 BARBARA STANWYCK "EVER IN MY HEART" Dave RublnoS and his hand with Jean Sargent, Hot Blues Singer Thurs. and Fri., Nov. 940 JACK PEARL JIMMY DURANTE ZAZU PITTS EDNA MAE OLIVER "MEET THE BARON" "Vas you dere sharlie?" Is the star Saturday, Nov. 11 BL BRENDEL; WALTER OATLETT "OISON'S BIG MOMENT" Mickey Mouse, Kit Carson and "Our Gang" Bun,, Mon,, Tues,, Nov. 13-1344 . DUNN OWFF EDWARDS BUDDY ROGERS in the Musical "TAKE A OHAN0E" m*A mi,,,.. Wed. Thuw, , 104047 JAMES OAONKY RUBY KEELER , JOAN BLONDBU, in t&e Musical PARADE" NOT. 88*8£8fTM*> WMtto «V»t NO the football game between the Iowa and Minnesota State Universities In which Minnesota came out victorious with a score of 19 to 7. Iowa has played 2 other games this season, one each with Illinois, and Wisconsin, and came out the winners in both events. The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of this district held their unit meeting as scheduled Friday at the M. E. church with a large attendance registered from Forest city, Garner, Brltt, Emmetsburg, Algona and Wesley. Wesley's part In the program was furnished by Mrs. C. Kraus, Mrs. J. Hodges, Mrs. Lawrence Hanson and Maurine Hanson. Plans for the program of work for the coming year were discussed and planned. Mrs. Herman Ostercamp Is president of the local organization, who hold monthly meetings at the homes of their members. All Saints Day Is being celebrated In the local Catholic church Wednesday morning with, two masses at .eight and ten o'clock. Thursday will be observed as All Soul's Day with three masses at 6:30, the second Immediately following, and the third at eight o'clock. This Is a special prlvlege granted Catholic priests since the days of the World War, the only other day when three masses can be sung being on Christmas day. Beginning November 1st, until notice In the spring masses will be held at eight and ten o'clock, whereas in the summertime masses are held a half hour earlier. The American Legion Auxiliary here have 24 paid UD members toward their quota of 31. Cash donations for Child Welfare, Christmas Cheer, District dues, H. Hoffman Educational fund and the Iowa Leglonalre have been sent in, as well as their order for 200 pop- ples. Six members attended the monthly radio party held at the Wolf home Friday afternoon, chairmen for the standing committees were appointed Thursday night with the following results- Rehabilitation, Mrs. Edith Henderson; Americanism, Mrs. R. K. Rowley community service and activities, Mrs F. A. Bonnsetter; Child Welfare and'family care, Mrs. Helen Johnson; poppy, Mrs. J. L. Studer; Memorials and Gold Stars, Mrs. Tom Forburger; Emblems, Trophies and Awards, MJ'3. Robert Welter; Fidac and National D'i- fense, Mrs. G. Aldrich; music, Mrs. U. Bleich- Cradle Roll and Junior Activities Mrs. J. T. Meurer; Publicity, Mrs. Edna Flom; Education of War Orphans, Mrs R. Garman; Radio, Mrs. M. Welter- past President's parley, Mrs. Gar- feli'a Johnson; Membership, Mrs. L. L. Lease- Legislative and constitution and by laws; Executive board, Scrap Book, Miss Gunhild Miss Laura Wolf. Flom; organist, Sexton in Regret A* Old Neighbors Move to California Sexton: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilmore left Monday afternoon for California, where they will now make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore have lived on their farm south and west of town for the past 19 years, and have now sold out and will Join their children In California, where they all now reside. Their son, Ralph and one of their daughters drove through in a car and took their parents back with them. Mr. Gilmore was In town Monday morning bidding all of his old friends goodbye. Everyone will greatly miss them in the future. Everyone, however, wished them a safe journey and hopes they will like their new home as well as they did this one. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hartley drove to Mason City last week Friday to see an eye specalist for Mrs. Hartley's eyes, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Thornton of Sioux Olty came Saturday evening and spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W- Z. Miller and family. Aloyslus Kirschbaum of Forest Oity spent last week Thursday evening at the home of hia brother, Mr. and Mrs August Kirschbaum and family. Mrs. wm. Klrschbaum and her sister-in-law, Mr* Henry FennewaUl were Wednesday evening supper guests at the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs August Kirschbaum and family. Mrs. Arlene pasley returned home Sunday morning from near Kankakee Illinois, where ane had been for a, week going there to atend the funeral of icr mother, Mrs. Fred Hamilton. Mrs. Wm. Comp and son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Comp of Winterset, Iowa, were Saturday and Sunday visitors at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven and family, Mrs. Sarah Wise, son Herman and daughters Nell and Mrs. Drusllla Noble were supper guests Sunday evening at the home of their daughter and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stratton and family near Britt. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Huff and two little sons, Lyle and Eugene and brother, Wm. Huff, drove to Mason City on Sunday and spent the day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Baker. BUI Huff remained for a longer visit. Miss Anna Kain, teacher of District NO. 6 school, with her pupils put on a program at the Sexton hall last week Friday evening. A large crowd attended and the program was certainly one to be enjoyed by everyone. Lunch was served and the kiddles all enjoyed a fish pond. Harvey Steven was greatly surprised last week Tuesday evening when forty relatives gathered there to help him celebrate his birthday. Meanwhile Mrs. Steven had him take her to Sexton on business and when they returned, there were no cars in sight, but the house was full of people. It was indeed a surprise. Everyone enjoyed a fine time and a big lunch was served with a big birthday cake and all. Mrs. Henry Fennewald who has been visiting with her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kirschbaum, for the past five weeks, left for her home in Dubuque last week Friday morning. Her nephew, Aloyslus Kirschbaum of near Forest City, took her to Mason City, where she spent the night with a niece, Mrs. Harry Maleney and then took the train for Dubuque from there Saturday morning. Mrs. Wm. Kirschbaum acompanied her to Mason City. The True Story of the Chicken Bone It seems that our farm editor made an error in reporting a mishap which happened to one of our good friends and we hasten to make correction, and perhaps the best way to do so Is to publish the facts of the accident as reported by the victim as follows: "Algona, Iowa, Oct. 27, 1933. Dear Editor: I believe your farm editor created misconception in the minds of some when he stated that I swallowed a large chicken bone. As I have received some queries, would you or the farm editor please state that the bone I swallowed was a small triangular flat piece found in the back of the chicken next to the ribs. As the chicken was somewhat young this piece was rather soft and as I did not have my tooth plates in, I did not feel It until I started to swallow and it was too late then. I became scared, and ate some bread pellets to try to get it on down and only succeeded in making it worse. But it is out now for which I am very thank- 'ul Thanking you, Mrs. Thos. Metcalf." LuVerne: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Legler celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary Sunday at the farm home. They were married in Humboldt Nov. 1,1881. Mr. and Mrs. Legler have four children, Mrs. George Watklnson of cedar Falls, Mrs. P. C. Lichty, Wilson and Arthur Legler of LuVerne. Friday evening Dr. Muhleman will show pictures and give a talk at the Methodist church. Mrs. Harold Phillips entertained about ten ladles of the Methodist Missionary at a tea Friday afternoon. Miss Marvely Alexander underwent an operation for mastolds at the hospital in Fort Dodge last week. Mr. and Mrs. Wlllard Hershe of Minneapolis visited over Sunday with Mrs Hershe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Burtis. Kenneth sorensen was brought home Thursday from Iowa City where he spent several days at the University nospltal. Miss Ruth Smith enjoyed a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. smith, who came from Manly to spend Sunday with her. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Yankey and their daughter, Elda, and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Peterson of Mason City visited over Sunday at the Wm. Ramus home. Fay Niver has been offered and has accepted'work from the government as appraiser of a loan company over 8 counties. His headquarters are In Emmetsburg. W B Mason and Charley Patterson drove to Charles City Tuesday. Ed Mason, who has been visiting relatives here accompanied them to his home In Charles City. Mrs Lettie Askew of Castleton, North Dakota, and Mrs. Guy H. Hill of Vancouver, Washington, visited from Tuesday until Friday with their sister, Mrs. Josephine Brink. Mrs. irwln Hot accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tweed of Lake Mills to Chicago on Tuesday for a visit with Mr. Tweed's father and to attend the Century of Progress. The Girl Scouts under the leadership of Miss Norma partridge, marched In a body to the Presbyterian church Sunday morning with flags and banners flying where they listened to a The Rev. A. F. Boese family spent Sunday afternoon at the Fred Schwartz home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schroeder and Miss Francis Schroder were visitors at Algona Saturday afternoon. Miss Freda Schwartz who Is employed at the Ideal Cafe, spent Sunday at the parental Fred Schwartz home Miss Gertrude Wortman and Mrs. Harvey Johnson and daughter, Betty, were Algona visitors last Saturday. Mrs. Harvey Johnson and children Betty and Harold, visited a short time Sunday afternoon at the Wade Ball home. Miss Gertrude Wortman entertained her pupils at her school south of town last Wednesday evening at a Hallow- e'en party. Mrs. Guy Hart of Bancroft, and Mrs Fred Park of Algona, were calling on relatives and friends In Lakota las Wednesday. Miss Lena Gutkneoht^ and little Genevleve Bruer were up from Mason City to spend the week end at the August and Chas. Gutknecht homes. Maynard Mabus, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mabus, was operated on at the Buffalo center hospital last week for rupture. At last reports he was getting along nicely. The Ladies' Missionary society of the Presbyterian church will meet next Thursday at the home of Mrs. H. J. Berschman. Mrs. C. C. Freeark will be assisting hostess. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Schissel, Mr. and Mrs. Ashman, E. J. Woodworth, R. E. Hamquist, Billy Ley and Robert Hamilton drove to Minneapolis, Saturday to attend the Minnesota-Iowa football game. I. E. Wortman who Is employed by the Chicago Joint Stock Land Bank, as called into Chicago on business last celebrate the occasion. Those prtwnfr were: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruer of thi» place, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Rippentrop md three children of Pilot (Strove, Minn.. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Madtsk* and daughter of Elmore, Mr. and Mr*. Fred Weinberger and two children of Buffalo Center, and Mr. and Mrs. Ricklefs and two sons of Titonka. Presbyterian Church Rev. C. Pud Cartoon, pastor Regular Sunday School at 10 a. nu Morning worship at 11 a. m. St. Thomas Church Dennlnfboff, M. TK, vector Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity. Church School, 1 a. m. Chornl Eucharist and sermon, 11 a. m. Visitors are always welcome. 'hursday. He was accompanied by /Irs. Wortman and they returned home Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Classem of Goodrich, Minn., spent several days ere the past week, with Mrs. Clas- em's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Ennen nd other relatives in this vicinity. The )lassems were accompanied here by Or. and Mrs. Albert Wilklns and son. Saturday, Oct. 28th, was the 40th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. im Bruer, and on Sunday the child- en and their families all gathered at he parental home, each bringing a veil filled basket for dinner to help AFTER Regular Cleaning Makes Your Hat Last Longer Dirt is destructive. A hat, a suit, or a pair of gloves will last twice as long if they're properly and occasionally cleaned. Elk Cleaners & Tailors Phone 330. Delivery Service in 28 Towns. talk by the pastor, Rev. Koonce, Miss Angeline Roorda, who Is teaching this year at Clear Lake visited with friends here Saturday. Miss Roorda, accompanied by the Mises Irene and Bernice Swensen, spent Sunday wltn Miss Kate Skinner In Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Thompson and family of Lake City, Mr. and Mrs Faye Thompson and family of Eagle Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Thompson and family were dinner guests Sun day at the home of their father, Mr and Mrs. Peter Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. :TOank Amspoker o Newport, Minn., and daughter Mrs Paul Emery of Humboldt were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Phillips on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Llchty Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Chapman visited them in Humboldt Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dornberger o Albert Lea, Minn., visited a few days last week at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wermersen. John Wermersen and Bailey Burtis of Algona also visited last week at the home of their son, and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wermersen. The J. J. Club held an anniversary meeting Friday at the home of Mrs. Harry Lichty. For roll call, each member told an account of the first meeting they attended. Minutes of r'f- ferent meetings were read. Mrs. Hurry Lichty and Mrs. Archie Sanford were In charge of the social hour. The hostess was assisted in serving lunch by her niece, Miss Evelyn Perkins, and Miss Alice Gorley of Corwlth. The Entre Nous club was reorganized Wednesday when Mrs. Opal Morrison entertained them at the home of her aunt Mrs. V. V. Naudain in Algona. Bridge was played at four tables. Miss Irene Geishecker won high score and Mrs. Jess Lindebak won low score. The Mrs. Andrew Hanson and daughter, Sheila Ann, of Titonka, spent the week end at the home of her mother and sister, Mrs. John Caughlin and Drusilla. Mrs. Hanson was formerly Agatha caughlln. If all eligible farmers in Iowa who grow wheat should sign the acreage re- iuctlon agreement, Iowa would receive about $1,200,000 in benefits. 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The Standard Price of PRESTONE Anti-Preeze Solution is 2.95 a gallon We make this Announcement to Correct An Error of 2 weeks ago Which Quoted a Lower Price in one of o* advertisemente.

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