The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1933 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 4
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The Algona ITpper Pea Moinea, Algona, Iowa, Hot, fl, 1P38 HENRY MEMffiR, LOVERNE, VlCnM OF HEART AHACK AT FARM ON MONDAY Widow, Thm Sons and Two Daughters Survive Lui Verne Man LuVeme: Henry Nlemeier, who has been quite ill at times with heart troub. le, passed away at his farm home early Monday morning. He Is survived by bis wife, three sons. John of Lake Andes, North Dakota, Ralph of Mason City, Prank living at home and two daughters, Florence and Phyllis at home. Funeral arrangements have not been made. Mrs. Ray Stone attended a mission* ary meeting at LeMars Monday. Rev. and Mrs. wm. Baddeley and Mrs. H. R Peltzke were visitors In Oar. ner Monday. Alexander Evans went to Ames Saturday and attended the football game between Ames and Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wolto have moved their household goods in with his sister, Miss Anna Woito. Mrs. Scrlbner and her sister and father attended the funeral services of their sister and daughter in Algona on Saturday. Mrs. Priscilla Schaffer went to Forest City Monday where she will spend the winter months with her daughter, Mrs. E. R. Dows. Mr. and Mrs. George Orlmsehl and Sylvia Qrlmsehl went to Fairmont, Minnesota, Sunday and spent the day with Mr. Ortmsehl's sister, Mrs. Fred Will. Mr. and Mrs. George Watkinson and daughter. Joy of cedar Falls, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Llchty and Phil and Phyllis, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Legler, Eart and Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Legler and children of LuVtrne, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Legler of Marlon, Iowa, attended the 52nd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Legler Sunday. CRESCO NEWS ther. Mrs. R. 3. Hutchison, In Algonft. Ruth Mattlln of A»gona spent most of last week at the Earl Crouch home on the Simon Henry farm. Delpha. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Halsrud on the OTUiurke farm, gave a Hallowe'en dance Tuesday evening at her home to a targe number The Mothers and Daughters club wfll meet next week Wednesday with Mrs. M. L Dulton. Mrs. O. a Moore win tell of sights at the Century of Progress. Messrs and Mesdames Homer Milan of cylinder, Floyd Milan of Curlew, and the Robert Runchers were guests Sunday at the home of Mrs. Mary Runchty In "Algona. Iirln Oerber. in the corn husking contest Friday Injured a finger with his hook soon after the start and was unable to work as speedily as otherwise- He was rated as one gleaning com cleanest from the field, however. Harry R. Brown of Denver. Colorado, now at the home of Mrs. Brown's n»o- The Fair Finances AFFIDAVIT STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, S3. $ 3,379.40 488.92 265.50 4,133.82 245.00 1,321.73 200.00 1,482.07 226.70 172.50 600.56 999.76 1,489.00 896.67 6,543.17 2,872.06 $ 8,382.38 11,800.90 13,050.10 2,452.75 340.75 64531 319.99 7.44 914.50 1,601.41 2,793.50 1,343.00 2,069.00 underwent, «n opftatton for Saturday at the Kossifth jhospttal. Friefids will toe pleased to learn he to doing nicely. Mrs. E. C. Potter was among guests Monday evening at a miscellaneous shower at the home of Mrs. Mark Mc- oulre In Algona in honor of Miss Mona Dunn, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Dunn, former residents here. There waa » quilting bee Friday afternoon at the Dunn home. Both were enjoyed and refreshments served. Friends wiU be grieved to learn of the death of Mrs. Sam Ondhorst, 8». of Duffer, Oregon. October JJrd, at a hospital there, caused by cancer of the intestines. HOT Illness was of short duration. She became worse on the 20th suffering severely to the end. Beside the husband she leaves one daughter. Virgil. 17. and two brothers of Texas. Miss Doris Remster and Lyle Runchey of Sioux City students of Moro- Ingside College, arrived here Sunday forenoon to visit relatives. They accompanied Mr. Martin going to City. They with the Femley and Will Run- cheys were guests at noon of Mr. and Mrs. Will Greenfield. Others present were the John Ulfers. Fenton, Charles Morris and J, Burnds families of Mason City. In the evening the Runcheys all went with baskets and surprised Mrs. M*ry Runchey of Alfona In honor of her 75 birthday Saturday. Mr. Martin and Darts and Lyle left Sunday night for home. OOU A** \-»WW« *.&, S7k7. . _ . We, C. B. Murtagh, president, E. L. Vincent, Secretary, and H. J. Bode, Treasurer of the Kossuth County Agricultural Association being duly sworn on oath depose and say that the said society or association, being duly inoor- corporated under the laws of the State of Iowa, held a fairknown as toe Kossuth County Fair on the 4th to 8th days of September, 1933, in the city or town of Algona, Iowa, and that the said fair consisted of a bona fide exhibition of livestock, together with agricultural products, farm implements, etc., as contemplated in the law. We further depose and say that the sum of $2,79350 as shown to the financial statement attached hereto has been paid to the winning exhibitors in settlement of premiums won at the fair for the current year and that no part of this amount was paid for speed events or to secure games or amuse- We further depose and say that the attached financial statement is a full and complete statement of the receipts and expenditures for the current year and that the attached statistical data is true and correct. C. B. MURTAGH, President E. L. VINCENT, Secretary. : H. J. BODE, Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st day of October, 1933, by C. B. Murtagh, president, E. L. Vincent, Secretary, and H. J. Bode, Treasurer of the above named society or association. (SEAL) E. C. McMAHON, Notary Public. FINANCIAL STATEMENT RECEIPTS Cash on hand from last report (overdraft) $ 7,133.18 Receipts outside gates (incl. season and family tickets) Receipts day grandstand and quarter stretch Receipts night grandstand and quarter stretch Total ticket sales Entry fees, speed department Concessions and privileges Advertising: In premium list and program State aid (this year anticipated) .Miscellaneous receipts of fair: Stall and pen rent Other entry fees From all other sources of fair (dance) Total miscellaneous receipts of fair Total receipts of fair — •County aid Account settlements (compromised) . Money borrowed Other receipts, 4th of July celebration Total receipts from sources other than fair Grand total receipts DISBURSEMENTS Open premiums: Horses, ponies and mules $ 26450 Cattle (beef and dairy) 548.00 Swine 466.00 Sheep, wool and goats 91.50 Poultry and pet stock 281.00 Agricultural products 130.50 Fruits, plants and flowers 96.50 Culinary products 14655 Textile and art depts 254.75 School exhibits 12725 Baby health department 24.00 Dairy products 22.50 Total open premiums 4-H Club premiums: Baby beeves and purebred heifers 219.00 Pigs 8.00 Lambs 5 -°° Other than live stock 108.75 Total 4-H Club premiums Total premiums other than speed Premiums for speed Music and attractions Miscellaneous expense of fair: Advertising Printing Postage Salaries All other expenses of fair (dance and misc.) Total misc. expense of fair ... Total expense of fair Indebtedness of previous years paid (Ryther) Insurance, interest, etc Permanent improvements Maintenance of grounds and buildings Any other expense, 4th of July celebration Total expense other than fair Grand total disbursements.... Overdraft STATISTICAL DATA Admission fee charged at outside gates: Adults, 35c; children. Oc; vehicles, ' fee charged at grandstand: Day, 25c; night, 25c. J. B, Cunningham called at the B. V. Daniels home Morxta.v. F3oyd Ward spens Sunday a» the hosne" of his uncle, Hiram Ward. Ret. C. a MK«heU attended * dis- trtrt conference at Garner Monday. Arline Daniels spent U»* week end with Blanche MeFarland near Fenton. A basket social and program was given at the C- L. Phelps school Monday night Next Sunday is rally d»y at the M. E. church and dinner will be served to an. N. I. Morness has been ill and confined to his t*d for several days with the flu. Mrs, Laura Paine and daughter. Mrs. George Free, called at the J. P. Stow home Sunday. Charles Hannah, C. Bowie, and W. J. Davison attended the football game at Minneapolis Saturday. Mrs. H. W. Trainer and little daughter spent Saturay aat Algona at the home of Mrs. Laura Paine. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Pierson and two children and W. H. Smith spent Sunday at the Ray Smith home. Mrs. Donald Wier gave a one o'clock Celebrates Birthday) The Pine was $10 John Weber, employed as farm hand, was 67 years old last Sunday, fie felt the occasion called tor a celebration. AS * consequence be landed in the court of P. A Danson, Justice, and WM fined $10 and costs on a charge of drunkenness. Weber was picked up by Sheriff Can Dahlhauser near the bridge on 169, north of the city, after several motorists had nearly run Into him. Weber was on his way home at the time. At a hearing. Monday, the fine was Imposed. John is now over 67, and IS minus. Re paid half the fine, the balance to be taken care of in 30 days. 3,488.85 759.92 105.20 559.95 2,629.71 9,694.35 4,054.78 13,838.75 788.65 , 'daylranfctendV £476; day quarter stretch, 364. Total number admissions, night grandstand, 2,124. <,rtmi«tnn R > Total attendance at fair (include both paid and non-paid admissions) 20,0000 (estimated). . .„,,„„ Total number paid admissions, outside gates, 9,689. Total number exhibitors, all departments, 1200. Number of exhibitors, live stock departments, 129, Number of horses on exhibition, 52. Number of cattle on exhibition, 224. Number of swine on exhibition, 214. Number of sheep on exhibition, 66. Number of birds on exhibition (poultry department), 500. Are grounds owned by society or county? Association. Millage levied for next year's county aid, .01 mills. Amount you anticipate levy will return, $1,489.00. How many acres in the grounds? 40. Estimated value of grounds and improvements, $75,000.00. present indebtedness, $15,300.00 grandstand certificates and $654317 other luncheon recently when she entertained the ladies of the sewing circle. Mrs. C. B. Chipman, Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Mitchell drove to Armstrong on Saturday to attend the bazaar. Iver Nordin is at the Elmer Hansen home near Bricelyn, Minnesota, where he is assisting with corn picking. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Isenberger from near Decorah were guests of Paul's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Isenberger. Miss Jennie Nelson went to Lake Mills Friday for a visit at the home of her brother, Nels Nelson for several days. Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle drove to Fort Dodge Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Brooke and two daughters accompanied him. Arnold Trainer is staying at the Ac- tcerman home while the boys are laid up from injuries received by their corn picker. Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Mitchell enjoyed a visit from their son, who is attending college at Morningside. He returned Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Cunningham of Elmore spent Sunday here at the Julius Briggs home. Mrs. Cunningham is Mr. Briggs' daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hammerstrum returned home Friday night from 111., where Mrs. Hammerstrum's mother has been seriously ill. Harold Smith has just finished a new hen house on the Archie Hutchinson farm east of town, which, is occupied by Tom Trenaxy. A bayb boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Orville Stow Saturday at Decorah. Orville is a son of Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Stow of this place. Mr. and Mrs. George Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holding and son spent Sunday near Lakota at the Elmer Klenitz home. Word was received here by relatives stating that Jahu Grover, a former Burt boy, was married to Olivia Neal- sen, October 21st, at Kayette, Idaho. Mrs. Bernham left Saturday for Waterloo where she will visit her mother Mr. and Mrs. Bernham have been conducting the Lee Cafe for severa' months. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Ryerson entertained a number of friends at their home Saturday evening at dinner in honor of the 40th wedding ol Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Ryerson Paul Krueger went to Wisconsin Saturday to attend the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Dlckman. He went to Rochester, Minnesota, where he Joined his brother, Adolph on the trip. Mr. and Mrs. Ranney Putz and son came down Sunday from Truman, Min nesota, to visit relatives. Mrs. Till! Dexter, who has been at the Putz horn for some time, returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Coffin recelvec word last week that the camp at Calen dola, Minnesota, had been quaranttn ed for Infantile paralysis. They expec to be moved to Decorah next mont, some time. The woman's club met at the horn of Mrs. H. O. Buell with Miss Anna Overgaard assisting. Mrs. F. L. Pratt read a paper on Hobbies and Their Influence and Mrs. F. E. Rubey gave a book review. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Holding, Mr. and Mrs. Merwyn Holding, Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Holding and Mrs. Wm. Boettcher drove to Famhamville Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs J. N. Holding's brother. The following people were entertained recently at the Walter Steward home: Mrs. Steward, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hennings, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Steward and son Miss Lottie Hawcott and Miss . and Mrs. E. J. OTJell of Bancroft spent last week Thursday visiting relatives here. Mrs. Mike Wiltgen returned last week Thursday evening after several weeks at LuVerne. A very large crowd attended the Halloween program Friday night at the fchool in district No. 6. Nola Benge and Herllna Nielsen of Bradgate were Sunday evening visitors at the Wm. Hammer home. Mrs. George Becker and baby son, Jerome returned home Sunday from the Kossuth hospital in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. John Thill and family of near whittemore were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Adolph Fuhrmann home. Mr. and Mrs. John. Prideres and family were Sunday evening supper guests at the Peter Mueller home near Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding and their children from Whittemore were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mrs. Lucy Wagner. The Rev. Mathlas Stork and aunt, Gertrude Lengllng of Arcadia, spent Thursday and Friday in this vicinity visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holtzbauer and children. Ruth and Robert and Leo Hammer of Alexandria, Minn., spent Sunday at the John Hammer home. P. J. Lenertz was taken to Iowa City one day last week for medical treatment for his eyes. HJ had been suffering from Infection received by running a cornstalk in his eye while pick- Ing corn for Frank Zeimet south of Livermore. Wednesday of this week will be observed by this parish with Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock in St. Joseph's church. Wednesday is All Saints Day. Thursday is AH Souls Day and Masses will be at 7 and 9 and a third Mass immediately following the second. There is no school in the parochial school here Wednesday. Notice of Sheriff's Sale State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. Notice is hereby given that by virtue f special execution directed to me rom the Clerk of the District Court f Kossuth county, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered in said Court on the 9th day of September, 1933, in favor f John S. Crowell as plaintiff, and gainst Guy R. Mantor as defendant, or the sum of Sixteen Hundred Sev- nty Two and 89-100 ($1672.89) Dollars nd costs, taxed at Sixty Seven and 5700 ($67.57) Dollars and accruing costs, have levied upon the following described real property as the property f the said Guy R. Mantor and Mrs. Guy R. Mantor, his wife, to satisfy said xecution, to-wit: North half (N%) f lots seven (7) and eight (8) 5n block Eighty Seven (87) of the Original Plat f the city of Algona, Kossuth County, owa. And I will proceed to sell said pro- erty, or so much thereof as may be ecessary to satisfy said execution with osts and accruing costs at public auc- on, to the highest bidder, for cash, in and, on the 4th day of November, 933, at the east door of the Court iouse in Algona, in Kossuth County, owa, at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., of aid day, when and where due attend- nce will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 4th day of October, 1933. CARL DAHLHAUSER, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By CASEY LOSS, Deputy. J. L. Bonar, plaintiff's Attorney. notes. OFFICERS OF THE FAIR President, C. B. Murtagh, Des Moines, Iowa. Vice President, W. T. Peters, Burt, Iowa. Secretary. B. L. Vincent, Algona, Iowa. > Iowa ' IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY November Term, 1933 Eleanor Mae Wanzer, plaintiff ORIGI- vs. NAL Frank A. Wanzer, defendant NOTICE To Frank A. Wanzer, Defendant, YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that the petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled cause is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa In and for Kossuth County, Iowa, claiming of you a divorce absolute from the bonds of matrimony on account of crue] and inhuman treatment such as to endanger life of the plaintiff. The plaintiff also asks that her maiden name be restored. For further particulars see petition on file. AND UNLESS you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the next term, it being the November term of said Court, which will commence at Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, on the 27th day of November, 1933, default will be entered against you and judgment or decree rendered thereon. Dated this 16th day of October, 1933 HUTCHISON 8e HUTCHISON, 42-45 Attorneys for Plaintiff Dorothy Steward and Harold Steward. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ward of Montrose came Friday. Mrs. Belle Reynolds and Mrs. Art Berger accompanied them to Wessington Springs, south Dakota, to visit Mrs. Alfred ward, who is seriously ill. Mrs. Alfred Ward is a daughter of Mrs. Reynolds and to Mrs. Berber's mother, Stomach Trouble Sufferers Drink YERBAVIDA This remarkable beverage, made from a desert herb known, as th "Plant of Life," has brought abou most amazing results in the differen forms of stomach trouble—hyper-acl dity, gastritis, heartburn, dyspepsia, and ulcers, yerbavida is a drugless beverage and its delicious flavor is very pleasing to the taste. A cup at each meal promotes good digestion, while a cup at bedtime insures good refreshing sleep. Yerbavida is inexpensive/ too. A large package, enough for 840 cup?, can be obtained for only $1.00. H your local druggists cannot eupply you, accept no substitute, but send 11.00 direct W Yerbavida Bales Co., 613 Southwest Bldg., Los Angeles, California, Or » M« page book, "The Story of Yerbavida" free on request. For Sale at Lusby's DJTUJ Store. AUCTION As we are equipped to do your farm sale advertising and ^11 pmt promptly and at reasonable prices, we will sell same at The Algona Upp DCS Moiiies office, 9 North Dodge St., Algona, on Saturday, Oct. 28 (or any day in the year except Sunday or holidays) SALE STARTS AT 8 a. m. SALE CLOSES AT 6 p. m. 1,000 Head of Livestock Cattle, Horses, Hogs—You can list any number of head of livestock in our sale ads—one to a thousand head—at no extra cost. List it all—bidders usually come to a sale because of some certain things they wish to purchase. Horses -:- Cattle Or any other kind of livestock can he sold by Algona Upper Des Moines advertisements and sale bills. You can on ly sell by letting the prospective buyers know what you have for sale. Make, your bills and ads say something. Hogs Sheep etc. Can be sold if advertised properly. Let The Algona Upper Des Moines help you put on a successful sale. We are ready to take care of your needs at all times. Our sale bills, printed on colored bristol board attract attention. Farm Machinery Plow, harrows, seeders, mowers, milk ing equipment, household furnishings— in fact almost any kind of farm machinery and furnishings will be in demand soon. With many changes in fam tenants between now and March 1, there is a good market for farm machinery. List your machinery in your sale ad or bills. Remember—"the more you tell, the more you sell." More people are trying to rent farms this year than for many years. Many of them have been away from the farm a number of years and will have to buy entire equipment. There is your market. Beach it through Algona Upper Des Moines advertisements and sale bills. TERMS—Cash or any arrangements you can make witih the clerk, John Q. Puhlic PROPRIETOR ANY OF THE FORCE, Auctioneers Algonu Upper Dea Moiues, Qlerfc i

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