The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1930
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—No, 128 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier, BlythevlUe Daily Ness, n| V 'riII,'Vll 1 T.' MJKAN^AS TllllTJSnAY .VllfMIST 1.1 101(1 Blythcvllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Lender HI, 1 * HUWim^AKKArS!sfl!3,_ 11IUHMJA1, AUliUt>_l_H, IJ.iU HOME EDITION I •••>' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS KIDNAP GIRL FROM AD Girl Pilots Demand Equal Rights With*Men IS FUSSED OVER; VETO OF Council Unanimo us in ; Vole; Measure Introcluc- • ,- cd lo Cut Water Rales. The city council last night: I'assrd an ordinnncc, sponsor I'd hy lof.Tl bukcrios, over llic vtto oT Sluyor Neil! Rccd r designed to place a privilege tax ..of S250 annually on salesmen ,cf lirccitl m.inuructured outside of nivlhc- ville. who sell to local merchants at the same time keeping the privilege (ax for local: linkcrics at the wusenl stale."-' 1'assed on first and sutornl readings, an ordinance to .imciul tHo present rnHnanro- unA franchise for wnlc r r,i(es m Ulyllie- ville to reduce the rides anrt clinncc rules under which HID ulilitirs coninanv operates, TJie Dronr,sed crdinawc was ailv.inced to tlie third anil final reti'linf. Heard S- J. FcUnnthal :nut his altnnipv di^cucu OIF-IT itlan Tor furnMiiu^ l)lvthi:villt: \vilh ya^ anil their desire of TrjincMsi- and mtrcrd tn inrrt «-itli Fei- scnthal al a lafor dale tc. gci more thoroughly in the proposed franchise. Resolution fnr 'rxteiisTnn r>r water main nn Davis cast of LafJt'dc IKISSPI) en lU'filioa presented ontniRil. PettMnn to e\- tPtnl sfrec*. lights into Uollipclcr- Shnnvo ntlrlitioii :Uso passed. Resolution rnccpfl i\rfirmh>T iTcement \«illi T.iltl^ K^rk nl- tnrncvs for :u'lton in Cherckee gas franchise Hligalion. Posse in Search For Abductors KAIjRIOH. N. C.. Aug. 14 (UP) —Newton Rogers of Angler reported 10 Rnlelgli irallce that Viola Rails of Klizabcthtown, with whom he w«s riding In an nntomoblle, wns dnuiBcd from the c:ir by three ncgrws ami curried off shortly before I a. m. ' ;• I A |io«e was organized nl once to Illy Hulled Prt'ss) - | so|u . cll fcr (ne mlss | tlg g | rl . New nil- triumphs were wrllloii | ,,,, ,,„,, met lhc Blrl 0 ,,| y 1(lst today on aviation's scroll of Junior. !nls ,,,, Rugl . K salti Afwr ' driving said .e Endurance Flyers Drone on, Other Records Made; Dirigible Is Off. STILL OUT j Captain Frank M. Hawks crushed lu . 0 . 1n ,i H;lk | Bl] ' ' tor n while he said another record when he streaked ho (lccllU , (1 [o tllltc ,,„ tn hcr , lomc Reminiscent of the fight for women's right, to vote is the con- troveisy bc-nveen officials of the National Air Races, to b? held scon at Chicago, and some of the nation's fairest flyers who demand an equal rating with avi- ators of Hie sterner sex. The '.vomci! declared the air meet, committee's action in ordering I hem to fly low-powered planes and providing them with escort s for the women's race from Los Angeles to Chicago Is misdirected chivalry. The aviatrixes paint out ihat many of them are better pilots than some of the men contestants and they want equal rights. Some concessions already have been made. Pictured here are: Ruth R. Nichols, extreme left; Gladys O'Donnrll, center above; Bobble Trout, ex- across Ihe continent from Lps An- CTtcs to Volley Stream, Long Island, yesterday In 12 h'-iirs mid 25 minutes. He traveled 220 miles an hour and traversed the continent In the lime It,.would take a fnst New York Central express to go from ] New York to Cleveland. | Shortly after his arrival In Val- jlcy Stream, Hie glnnt dirigible 11100. with one of Its motors crippled, took off from St. Hubert's Held, 'Quebec, for Its home port In EHB- ilnnd. It made good time down the] iSt. Lawrence valley and at <;:•)!> a. m., eastern daylight time, Imlny it passed Naloshoiinn, n hamlet near !lhc river's mouth. H took off lit !):30 p. in., eastern daylight time, and set a course, reporting weather gocd and all welt aboard. •' i Meantime Edward Schneider, 18, |started at 5:55 n. m;, eastern day- i light lime, In a monoplane from West field. N. J., bent on breaking [the junior transcontinental record hitherto held by the late Frank IccUlsborough. lie pro|K>scd to I hall at Wlchila and Albequorque on I his way to Los Angeles. In SI. Unils Dale Jackson and In Elhmbcthlown. Willie en route the kidnapping occurred, he said. At duwn u posse iniiler the direction of Deputy Sheriff Clyde WJilt- nker Ix'uiin searching ,tlie wrotls surrounding Oanier, N. C., where Rogers suld the kidnapping occurred. Fear was expressed she might have been murdered. was Tho veto nf th" "bi lfir <rT t ance" bv Mayor N»ill Reed |-llin rMVv'c^uri"}! Inr.t ni' T hi. u-lten | nrt'.tiou'nf, XfarfTus.- Eward, a.l( 'lev, leoref'eiitini.' locnl bak«r T aldermen, '.-d'fd 'to^ Invoice I nrivilr'w tn>r of S950 anm'illv Isi'ie of Blvthev»i|n while ke^"- j I in? the tax "ii local bakeries ft W nnnunily. Mayor Reed predicted I that Ilin vnin nf the council would i result irt tli<!' liss of the profit ' revenue received from the "outside"I bread bakeries liv their refusal to ' T>;IV and i» rnint lest of Ihe ordin- [ I ance. Question Forrest City Officer After Shooting MEMPHIS. Allg H. (UrH-^Offif cei-s 'here today questioned Cori- stable John C. Crawford of Forrest City. Ark., regarding his par! in the shooting of W. M. Black of that I cliy sini'.lav night. Black's death occurred yesterday . .. . . „ and investigation has revealed he Are Attributed to (ami- was shol following a quartel be- l pi \ I I ' ! tween himself and Ed and Robert dom; Uues Are Lacking nanks. boih of Forrest cuy. in Mirlfllp West in IVIlCiaiC Wt-bl Irenie itelil. and Jean U\ none. | Forest. O'nrlne kept up their en- EllLoi s'.riitli and Hlanclie Wtl- j durance C.rintl 111 Die Greater SI. i.ox Hpyts, lefl to right, below. iLouuli with which yesterday they 'wen'a new record. At 9:11 n. m.. central standard time, today they were blythely rolling olf more hours niter'being aloll 578'hours, Driver Will Appoint Two Youths to Annapolis. >; 25 linurs boycnd^ilic Hunter broth- vlers'.Clilcago r'ecord.- ••*•*•'•*•;• •*" • • \VASHINOTON, Aug. 14. — Two j Also In St. Louis, I.ntirn Ingalls yonlhs In the district of Represen- tiitive William J. Driver, Arkan- established n new. -record for .the ijnrrcl roll wlicn she turned her Cot Ion Grader Here and I Making Survey of Blyllve- villc Territory.' Plans for cslabllshlUB Ihe loca olllce of the. MKriJmtli Cottm Growers Assaclal!,. D/IiC going for ward. Ben F. l/ajf'P 5 . wllcl ls l be in cha.-ge k "" / Blytlievillc ol lice, a government liceiused u>'.'.> grader and classcr Is in .Blythevllle (his week looking over'(he ground and Insrectlng possible locations for the 'office, Mr. Phillips Is employed by lhc American Colton Co- opcrnllve Association, the agency which handles tlie cotton .for all th& cotton BMWlU'lntw.Miil. loaned (o the Mid-south to 'Hate charge of Ihe office'here. Work of the committees signing (By United Prcss> Underworld rule by bullets was charged with five addilional inur- Mr. Evrird in again nresontln? ciers today in the middle west, the nrcn^srd ordinance on behalf Three gangsters were assasinatecl nr the local bakeries charged that : near St. Paiil, one near Chicago Mayor Reed in o'fircisine his veto : and another at Detroit during the n»«'ci'vhcn tin: ordinance wns pass- erl at the li"! mrptinj did noi studdy th orrtinnnc'" carefnUv nnd Stein and Frank Coleman that t ; i» mnyor.'s decision holding sas City, and Butch Myei the ordinance illegal and in res- : ni^ht. The St. Paul slaying of Sammy traint "f tradn was not Paul were believed to have an- bv _ nounced the entry ol the " n m Kan- j Absentee Vote May Chang rcrs nf Si- j o r r> " \ I otandmg between Alex- Federal Agents Seize Craft Plld Tell of Rum Opera- I vacancies exist In Ihe first con- tioilS 011 Mississippi River 8 reKion!l1 llistrlcl -° r Kansas and ...... ....... „ .............. . ... to the Naval Acad- ! biplane over 714 consecutive times, j up members wns suspended dur- " ------ ------- ' siis, are emy at Annapolis next year. Announcement was made today by the navy department that two MEMPHIS. Aug. 14 (UP)—The seizure of a trim cabin cruiser re- puledly employed in liquor Irafflc on the Mississippi river today revealed u new- line of: attack of prohibition agents here. The 45 fcot cruiser was attached in libel action filed by Herbert L. Harper, assistant United States district nil-rncy. who alleged illegal Ihiu Representative Driver will be called upon to make recommendation of a principal and two alternates In ench case. Tliey will have n chance to take the examinations preliminary !o appointment to the academy. | Other vacancies exist In the sec- ] cond. third, fiflh, ninth and tenth j districts of Arkansas. Three ex- I 1st In the Lentil, two each In the j fifth and ninth and cue in the 1 study the ordinance carcfullv nnd : "Bugs" Mornn gang nf Chicago in- j J into a Icnuthy dlsi-ussinn of the or- to the struggle for control of the | |/diiiancc and the drafting of the ! northwest liquor traffic. j plnn. auotine freoucn'inK from The Ihree victms were found op court decisions. He hel'' that l1 " 1 ' : a road to an inn where Moran's jmeasure simply placed the outside followers hart been reported 015311| hakeric", on eiml basis in compel- : '"" i uiE with local bakeries. izing In a Chicago suburb Danny Vnl- ander 'and 'Brogden. O.=car Alexander held a slim margin of 10 voles over B. F. Brogilon in the race for the fourth juslict of peace office in Chickasawba township with R. L. McKnigh; The boat was taken yesterday at a local pier. Information that the Mi;s Ivy cruiser, seized by the deputy .customs collector, was operating in liquor trafficing was gathered by four special prohibition department agents. The agents were brought -here from Detroit and mingled with liquor runners, still .. Memphis Wholesalers Declare Drouth Will Not Make Foodstuffs High. fifth and ninth and cue in the j MEMPHIS. Aug. 14. (UPI-House third. ' wives in the tri-slates area will nnt There arc no vacancies to be | be laced by higher food prices bc- hig Ihe past week on account ol i the election and will be started again Immediately. Interest In the ! movement, Is Increasing wllli the drawing near ol Ihe cotton picking season. Farmers seeing the cotton market steadily solng down ward are becoming more inclined lo go Into the co-ops in order to be able to have tho advantage of Harrison Has 1200 Majority, • Hollipcler 3400; Parnell Vote Is Heavy, Wilh only one box. Rocky School, not Included In the unofficial re- urns ol the Dcmocrutc primary Tuesday and only a- few scattered ,. bsentcc votes over the county ta be added lit the meeting of the central committee In Osccola Frl- lay to certify returns, all races for county, district p,nd stale offices n Mississippi county appear on the lace of the unofficial tabulations, definitely settled. A total vote slightly In excess of 0,500 was cast In the county which Is approximately 1.000 less '. ll'aii the total vote In 1928 when a urcnuous foulest for the sheriff's olllcc brought otit a heavy vote; 13. Harrison, candidate for e.oimty and probate jtidgeshlp, Increased Ills margin over George W. nnrlinm running for re-election for a second term, to approximately '1,200 votes when returns from Half Moon and Ihe Ford building ballot box in this city were added to tlie 5'1 precincts that had rcportecj yesterday. Only the Rocky School box, containing less than 50 votes/Is still missing from lhc unofllclal tabula- lions. •.. .... Olher candidates held their" own In the late returns with Dillahunty cinching his victory for coiinty assessor when he polled 105 'votes at the Ford building box l:ere, only who ran;' Dlllariinkj-- „ ose race: J. W. Watklns was'Ihe ilrd candidate. . . :.': W. W. Holllpeler Vccelveil the iggest vote of : any candidate^ foi- contested qmce-'wltlr .4,*70':yotes against 1547 for his opponent, Joe . Pride, ..In .,the' race_,for ; county.., reasurer. Billy Gnines. held.a'hnnd- ome lead of approximately 1800 otes over T. W. Potter for circuit om-t clerk. William It. Overtoil as leading J. I'.' Kincnnnon 'for ounly surveyor by-.- approximately iOO votes with but one box missing. B. E. Alexander gradually pulled way from W. Paul Marsti in tlm etiirns In the contest, for rcprc- enlative. enjoying a lead of about 100 votes on the latest returns af- er Ihe two had engaged in a sph 1 - filled by Arkansas senators. I cause of the drouth, nor wll rof ru — ~ j ..... ----- ---------- --,...„.._ w . — -------- , — - | .i lrnllff M Allcgethcr there are 718 vacancies j Ueerlng lake place here, prominent i »1™ 11 B" to be filled during 1931. Of this | wholesale produce merchants said I 0 ' number 393 already exist while 325 j here today. (he Farm Hoards facilities handling and financing the operatives cotton. Opening of the BlythevHle office is expeclcd to be of much tan- clU lo co-op members as It wll give them close personal contnd with the organization, facilitating settlements for cotton handled nssocialion, the ben* classing service ant that 'can only vacancies be created when the class of 1931 graduates. , . . , njiugicu »MLII uuuui militia, aim . _ 1 PI I heading the list. Ed Walker second operators and bootleggers for three Burglar Shot by - The concensus of merchants her** is that there will be no shortage ol vegetables or fruit despite (he I long extended drouth. The dry j be had through the branch offlc Tlie local committee which Is In 11U Wllli I'JLltl UilM-ILCS. «>, ik VJll.Lll^M .1>twl,,u u,,,,i*J 11,1- - t ., , . , „ . ., , - , . • i -i Mnvor Reed tola the council that : lo. once sought in the massacre'of I a » d G£0 ' J ' Wa }* e \ th ,f rl ' fm oth ; 'months before their identity was he had vet™ d the mcasur- hera.,=n Moran rangers, was shot, bv two ! «' candu r.tes. It. L. Robetson and ; known and before any arrests were I e Mievri it to bi unenforceable : men ? s"he^tcpped from an'.MUo- ', ;'" 1 " 1 ' Walt en were we,l in the rear i made. . ' I he | nnd in restraint of trade bcco'";" mobile, it could be v construed as lo stifle The peace of competition and mleht Irad to 1'ie \vorlt: 'vas ei:(ieu when Carl Stilli sale nf foreiRn products here with- n u a . 35, nn s killfd while driving air in the lOwnship rare. ; Majority of liqucr made in this HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Aug. H There is a possibility that nbsen- ! district, the agents testified, is pro- | (UP)—Jamrs Q. Murphy. 45, alleg- tce votes may change the s'.anclin; f duced on islands in the Mississippi : cd burglar, w.ns seriously wounded ol Alexander and Hrogdon and ,„, Ul , charge of the sign-up movemei i weather has contlnuetl 87 days i hop; to have the ofllcc in oper Policemen Near Death j causing damages estimated in th; 1 nllon by SjP tcln »" lsl j *' vl ' t ! neighborhood of $25.000.000 to farm- tt-MH the lime that it is c-rwcii. ers and dairymen living within a picking *'»' slnn W™ rnlly ' f p 100 mile radius of Memphis. tpblishmcnl of the ofilcc nmge "Prices for vegetables shipped entirely on lhc success ol_tl_K mem auto. The Ihree oMlbreaks apnarentlv all | cut any revenue when the measure was act.uallv treted ill court H» declared that the ordinance would n . ld no com . e ction except tha'- probobaly involve the city in the i rxnense of a lawsuit. Capt. Crawford, city attorney, voiced similar ! objections. Tlie council passed the ordin- I ance alter Evr.ird stated that his I clients were prepared to bear the iiccssary cost-s of publication and j any court fight in which the city ] might become involved as a result , of the ordinance UJI IMauub ul lut; ,»i,=.i,:3iiJi'i , tu UIUI^KII. .iv.,,«uj,/ .,uu,,,,^u ..... . . . , ,. Thev said the only means of j in a gun tattle with- Palrolman : '"to Memphis are about the same - .-..!_..=•_.... . i ns prices last year and I look lor times ' tllMn lo I]D plentiful at reasonable place the Intter cihcacl and in lhc . rontrolling the liquor trafficing i Charles Robbins here f:da; fourtli position. i was the establishment of a patrol i Murphy was shot three Liuitrs ; Harry Taylor totale:! 010 vjtcs-. as m ghly organized as that operal- Uvhen 5l]r priscd by Robbins ft t-| prices tills by the government along the Umpting to enter a residence. Rob- j president o! p Ci ins was uninjured. I P an >'' ft Commission . Inent Tennessee | company. to 237 for C. B. Burch in the race arc presumed to have resulted from [ for constable of Chickasawba town- -coasi. gang rivalry. ' siiip. ' ' The total votes for Justice of the ' T IIMI • r : ppTue with the exception of the ab- 10m Hill 10 race Ucntte b.V.lots to be opsnwl at O.v Preliminary.Today | ««'a. roibw: R L. McKni B ht coo. _____ J [Ed. Walker 593. Geo. J. Walker Sit. MANILA, Ark.. Aug. 14,-Tom | Oscar AUxander 531. B. F. Bro 3 - Uill will be arraigned bclorc Jus- <"•" 5?1. n. b. Robcr-=oii 3G2. John Walton IDS. Canale anci corn- firm and prom- food products lice of the Peace. Ncc'dham today Zal B. Harrison, Blylheville law- ' at one o'clock, according to re- ver declaring he represented a ports' thnt have reached here this ' "ro'up of taxpayers presented lo morning. The preliminary h?arlns I The council a proposed ordinance ! will be held at Ihe city hall. calling- for reduction of water rates and containing n provision to pre- It is suppcsed that Neill Reed, as• sistant prosecuting attorney will Amos 'IN' Andy Are Hard Nuts For English to Canale said butler was advancing ' sharply here but there is litlle rca- '. son to fear that meats will go totrhlp sign-up in this county on Pcuiscot ' ~ Missouri. — .... . tin re are some 650 members In In and At Dunklln countic the present tlm Wnrk on New VfOrK. Oil licw By NBA Service LONDON.—Amos 'n' Andy, those popular American entertainers, arc. Front for Mead Companv like other American humorists. Work has been started on th, 11"'^ '» "I* English. They tot rrmortelina and redecorating of the i " w " l """^out tllelr bally iokes vent The water company from dis- appear for thej.ate. The^aUorney Mead Clolhlng company en. West] ^"^^ Brit|sh (ee , Rbou , The slore is to have a new front 1 ™\™£ ]c ^^^& t p; ign will be undertaken In which It Is expectol that new members nnd old members will pledge enough cotton to justify the association In opening its office here. Mr! Phillips is going over the territory, meeting the members and _ ____ __ r ^ .making a survey of the situation. with those of a year ago find them i u the quota is secured, he will nearly equal. Eggs nnd milk an j m ove to Blytheville and make his reader, hardly to be understood by ! somewhat higher but have not in-1 home nere . Mr. Phillips is known 'creased proportionally and higher LO the cotton trade and recognized food prices resulted in federal in- i -^ nn authority on cotton grading jnnd the Work connected with a <* as long as the company is in debt . nounced. Hill is being tried for to the customer by virtue of a the murder of n fellow woccismnn, I meter deposit. Ucwey Woods, whom he murdered Capt. Crawford, city attorney, was late Monday afternoon. The scene asked for his opinion of the pro- \ of Ihe murder was at Sieve's Mill. V pc=cd .ordinance and declared that j eight miles south west of Manila. 'he DtMicved the city could not', Woods was buried, at the loca! ' break fits agreement in a previous j cemetery a'. 4 o'clock yesterday af- contrnjct and franchise for water . tcrno:n. Witnesses have told their ... , j- _!_„ „.:„,!«„.- ihnt I JU «*» illllUlU til rti wih mcrtern d splay windows thai will ccmpare favorably wil.i any frnm „,„ „ ,, clnh an English listener. There is so . little In it to describe. It Is not a joker's act. nor a mere jumble o' wisecrack jokes. The listener laughs ne laughs with a . not as nt a smart saying. Here. In | fuel, is a serial story, a continued | drama in two simple lives. ! "The regular continuity of It vcstigation. i.j Milk Strike Called By :ed baltle on the basis of early. urns. W. W. Shaver was unopposed^for c-elccllon as sheriff as wajCSfrs. John Long for counly court, cl.eri: nd W. H. Stovall for coroner./ In the state races in Mississippi county. Gov. Harvey Parnell palled ivcr 3.100 votes lo a total.of approximately 2.300 for his three dp- wncnts. Brooks Hays ran nearest' .0 the present governo'r with 1,903 votes. Lawrence Wilson for fieu- lennnt governor with 2,258 votes l.cld a comfortable lead of -about 000 voles over his nearest opi»- nenb Tom Hill. Ed McDonald polled the biggest vote for secretary .of state closely trailed by Homer Dils. ;. while Walter Brasher had a safe mdrgln over Roy Leonard, his nearest opponent, for state treasurer. Mrs. Belva Martin, formerly of Glytlieville, received a vote of 4..265 lo 1655 for her opponent.' Ed Rosser. Judge McHaney held a similar margin over John Harris for the contested associate Justice of arpa" aiid 1m active clean up cam-1 the supreme court. Clay Hender' son pulled away from William Wilkes in the late returns for a lead of approximately COO voles In Ihe contest for railroad commissioner. ' G. E. Keck of Blytheville held an overwhelming majority in Mississippi county over the three other candidates for the two district jt;dgeships and apparently had as SKfe a margin although not as great, Ihroughout the dislricl. Neil Klllough, who Is practically conceded election to the second "dis- tiict judgeshtp over the incumbent. cotton office I In the ^. n j | plUilbCll HI lULilil 111UI, Wllv n. v. ~. --- Llty r rodUCers- has secured the services of Mr. ! Phillips fo r the Blythevllle office. KANSAS CITY. Mo. Aug. U | Farmers who are interested In Local men interested ,.._, r ... .iition are very well I W. W. Bandy, of Paragonld, and n that the A C. C. A. I Win. Carroll of Joneiboro, ran sei:- 011 d to Keck In Mississippi county. WTTLE ROCK. Aug.. H. (UP)- He rendered a similar ; stories abo'.it the murder to Ilsttn- opinin on" a prcnosM along the ; ers on the streets. pbnTof the one presented by Harriso/. which \vns brought to his attention several months ago he stated. LIKES VAGAnOXDTXG WINNIPEG. Man. (UPi--Vag ! bondage is the finest- way of get- rhe ordinance was Introduced by tinq away from one's routine, says Alflerman Liinsforcl following Har-. Miss Kathcrinc Trevelyan. dnngii- rlstn's outline of the ordinance j tcr of Sir Charles Trevelyan, Bril- anA was advanced through first • ish minister of education. Miss antj second readings by unanimous •• Trevelyan Is in Winnipeir after hav- votf with the intention it was ' ing walked hundreds of miles aero<s understood of allowing the water; prairies and thrmieh mountainous conlpany's allorney to appear be- • country in western Canada. She for! the council at the next, meet- j left her home In Cambo, North- I (Continued on page three) . i:mberliind. England, three month? 1 ago lo walk across Canada. ccmp in this section, according to U. S. Briuuou. local architect. Tlie ex- erlor base is '.o' be of b'ack lanaonyx with a handsome tile en- erior base is to be of black sanaony v.llh a handsome tile entrance. The plale glass windows will be placed en the interior of lobby, allowing extra space for display of goods. The lighting arrangement is to be especially good with 50 electric lights Illummattns the two windows. ' New composition floor covering wil Ibe placed on the interior of the store which is to be I'.iorough- ly redecorated throughout. The enlire cost of the project will bo about 84,000, it is estimated by W. M McKcnp.le, manager of the store, who says the work will be completed possibly within three weeks. from the United States. While Foss I same hour „ _ - — - . acknowledges that the team of Cor- efrement of infusing one's life | city's supply was called here today rel and Gosden are unbeslable iv | with this extra friendly element, i by the board of directors of the the United States, he doubls If Ihcv This Is the sm'ritual ci;o of lea of j Pure Milk Producers' A=.w,all™. ivould register so well in Jolly old a tlrerl a pel thirslv nation." ' The strike was to begin immrdi- Tn forecasting tne future nopu- : . ately and unless an arbitration j larity of the leam. Foss says: j conference Is succcs?tiil in ncgoti-j Rniikcil Wilh Immorlab • ating a settlement, the consumer "Amos nnd Andy may follow; will be affected tomorrow, it was England. I hem: The Here is what he says of United States, which her of the local committee seems to feel a spiritual need to BO 'cr.izv' over something. ,wl:ctlirr It be Mother's Day or Lindb:reh Ires now gone properly crazy over Amor, 'n' Andy. "The first names 1 heard on setting foot on American soil were Uiose of Amos and Andy. An rsnc- clal charm lies In the fact that tlv world of U. S. A. knows Amos letter than it knows Rockefeller, and vet can never know him, beer.:s- lh?re is no Amos to know. So Much— Yrt So I.itllc "Their nightly 15 minutes is al- s just returned 1 seems unbrcaknbleVNlchtly al'tbc i (UP)-A. milk strike affecting be- j t hc""co-op movement arc urged ] pullylng prccincls fl 0 ^ "'! ab "!^~ :omcs this new en-[tween 70 and 80 percent of the to gcl lnPtolleh , llh som e mem -| ^ the^ rosujU of Tuesday^el^ victory of Senator Joe T. Robinson, veteran Arkansas congressman, and that of Governor Harvey Parnell. Robinson's lead over Tom W. Campbell, the first opponent to oppose him In 12 years, was upward of 100,000, and indicated it would total 120,000. Parnell, seeking re-election, and Youth Joins Army ating a settlement, the consumer ..,,,,,, i »<„,, -—.- -• ..."^ been sent to Fort Mlssoula, Mon the Two Black Crows to another j said, sphere. Though I care nothing fnr j their creators, whn can look after GVPSV IS GYlTKlt themselves. T should be sad at tin I RICHMOND. Ind. death of Amos nnd Andy. ' gypsy dropped ^ "lucky com" into "At nrescnl Ihcy ran proudly I the pockctbook of W. F. ^ lcl ™ s stand In lhc row of immortals ' Phllsdelphia. a $10 roll ol bills dts- who. without suhstnnce or flesh I appeared he told poliff recently, have won the nftcctiom or man-' He stoppc<l outside the city, no Und. Their 5i:ccess could be an-if aid. when the gypsy stepped up 10 r.lyzed. manv reasons having al-1 his car and offered h:m :i lucky v«sdv teen ossienecl to it. Let us piece. He opened his purse nnd sn? not Innuire. Tt would lead us too lar into the comolpx question of most indescribable to ah English Ihe American mind." chopped in thr coin. Upon arriving In lhc city he found his money was missing. tana, for service In Ihe fourth infantry following his enlistment in the United States army at the local recruiting station. MAILMEN WILL MKET GREELEY, Colo. (UP)—Plans are being completed for entertainment of the state convention of supervisors , mall clerks, and mail carriers of Colorado to be held here Aug. 29, 30,31 and Sept. 1. More than 1,000 will attend. Prominent visitors from Washington are expected. i entered in one of the bitterest campaigns of his political career, early I today had a lead of 40,000 over his nearest rival, youthful Brooks Hays, (Continued oil page.thrcei WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy with scattered showers tor.lsht and Friday.

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