The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE. (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Tree-V-Easy" Silhouette UP mm New Loose Lined Silhou- cllc Finds Favor With Women 1)}' MARION VOUNfi MCA Service slax Correspondent NEW YORK.—Tills Is the spring of springs for the woman who never has been ciulle happy In mnn-tailoied suits or coals which arc ligurc-hUBgmg—often figurc- liimling. For, in addition to severely tailored logs—always chic ni«\ nlivuyK right—there's a new silhouette in the Easter Cushion Dlcntro. It i.s called, variously, loosc-fillim;, easy-lined, "frce-'n 1 - <rnf.v." Fullness .swings forward in a I :a<-k wool afternoon coal, which i'niis rouluricre Bruycrc feature:;, And it swings from the waistline, giving hips and legs coin- flclc freedom. Fullness swings Irom all directions in many ot American coulimcre Elizabeth Haws' coals. AS a matter of fuel, in every collection, easy-fittliiK I'jiothes vie with figure-molding ones. If yen have Imd a slim reefer every spring for years, ask to .see a few coats with Moused backs. Maybe you'll decide to try one lor a change. Look, too. at coats with clbow-lcnRlh sleeves. Mid with full cut armholes. •Univc From (Mlreon IJlouscs In cveiiins us well as daytime dirges, fullness often begins at the waistline instead of just he- lew hi)>s. Many rpdingote ensembles inclucle 'drosses with pleated .vfciite and o-asy-mting coal-s with tacks ihal swing and sleeves which cud anywhere between elbow and wiisL. The vogue, talked about early in ibc winter, for separate skirts and Gibson girl blouses and bal- Ifiina ffcii'ts wiili full blouses such as Spanish bullfighter:; wear, both talked about early in the winter was a forerunner of the new silhouette. Couturiers may have figured that,-the woman who Cms been wealing a loose blouse mid .flaring skirl under her winter coal might, .not- like to discard them in favor of a perfectly straight skirt and a snug jacket. The majority of hats seem to \;r. less difficult lo keen on (he hriid. loo. Large' numbers of them have crowns that are a little dccp- rr. And wide ribbons instead ol narrow clastic "bands across Hit tack arc evidence that no piri really will have to walk in the Easter parade with one hand on her lial. IP y^rgs-^-^^^' niw UUK patronage - « • ° Ur nTC b T raided lhe market * ! n <* have lileral| y * tol « ******** «f 'terns of QUALITY D 6 lhr ™ ln « " BirtWa y p a'ty-our 36th-and we're inviting YOU, THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD- By passing these savings on to you we wish to show our appreciation for the long years of your faithful . ..... -J. J. DALY, Manager. Men's Dress SHIRTS 93 € I'rc-Shrunk liTOiddoth! A shining example of the new loose lined silhouette ir, Info wonderfully flnticring spring coat of mifcby wool in navy blue. Ms hemline swings. Its armliolcs arc wide and comfortable. sleeve:; full. J| K back is .generously blouscd. The suave fabric phis the loose lines .ind the crisp wliite pique collar make it one of tlic Handsomest models in current collection:;. No ordinal y shirts ihcsr! 'Av (•hem. you'll vvnnl .sevcrnl! Uistrons brondclolhs, cut lull for comfort! Smart patterns thai won't fade, Nucrafl. non-will collars! Hurry for youin Hnrjftiin Stoop! Alclal SUIT CASE Sturdy aiVtl $1 U>c it for travel or nc, n ft'orkliiR kill Slui-dlly miule, light in weight, 21" Ions! r.m-nblf baked cimiw] flu- teh! Bright nickel cornerj, li'athcr hnurtlp. ioel; niid hey. A swell UHV ID Give Extra Wear! Uargiiin Priced! Work Shoes pr They've the :,liuulu,i n w ( irii'n dcniaml! Sturdy relau I Hater - rcStshuiU ii|i|H«, ilitibcr liccl;-, tllirahlc I'oniiin- tilicii sales! Tnkr ndvatitafti nf this price! Pain{ Protects Against Weather There m-c painls on tin.- market] Ihal Kid in making siuccn.' brick I of cement, proof agninsi, frost, and the elements. Funds for applying this material may bo obtained Jrom a private financial instlUi- licn operating under the Property Improvement Crcdi;. plan o! the Federal Housing Adniinislra- Kidneys Must Flush Oul Acids-Poisonous Waste Kidney ailments won't wear awiy —and too dangerous to ignore— you've Rol to hel]i these delicalc organs fimclion properly again. It':; the tame way with bladder trouble. Healthy Kidneys filter ihe acid* and poisons and Ihni llic bladder discharge them from the 1 t:ody. .Backache—getting up night; — moist-palms—scanty, -liigh colored urine—rlictiinatic pains ivc some of the symptoms. Af'f. your riruggiit for a 35 'cent 1»>: of sale, gentle Ramon's Brownie Pills lor lhe Kidneys. Be sure you gel Ramon's, Hie original an(genuine. Osceola Society — Personal SPECIALS Fridiiy-Salurdiiy- Sunday All Day Niil. Layer 'Cakes, tin. .. Chcrrv Nnl s," Urn I'KCAN KOI.1.S IOC I)o;;cn 14 KRUiT-VVAKKKS "*t Doxen W PINEAI'PLK Turn- *C i'fr\ Each CUKKSB HUB AD |ftC [,»af 8* I-ct, tis make those, parly cakes, rolls and minis. BLYTHEVILLE Phone .ill) I'. E. O. Has Birlhriiy I'arly The regular nicc'liiig of the P. E. o. chapter held yesterday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Flunk Williams was in the nature of « birthday celebration, this being Uic second anniversary of the organization. The P. E. O. colors, yellow and wlijlc were canricci out in the decoration with yellow jonquils and Paper white narcissus throughout the house. Th= birthday thoushl was further emphasized in the refreshment |:late that included individual white cakea liolriinj two yellow c.indlcs. Mrs. Godfrey white led the lessen study in Correct English. Mrs. VV. J. Driver -arrived home from Washington Iliis week on »:count of the illness of her IWD granddaughters. Pegsy Jane and l.?.Lou Driver, chlljrcii of W. J. Driver jr., who have liolh been quite ill from measles. Harold Siler is confined lo Ms home (his week witli a Uiroal trouilc and tlirealcncd :Ulack of flu. flulph McKlvaiu \vas a bUJ-incjS visitor In Little [tock Tuesday and Wednesday. Ti. II. Hums. G. HHi-Usill 'Banhs, A. '1. Bell and Dr. C. M. Mavwcll attended a Rotary inneliiir; jn Jonesboro Tuesday night. .Mrs. C. M. HaiVcll. Mrs. Maggie Barbicrs and Ann Scnime-s liar- biers have returned home from Pine Bluff, where they iiUcmled tile stale convention of the Daugh- ters.of the American Revolution us delegates from the William Strong chapter. Miss Barbicrs will go to Washington in April lo represent Arkansas at the National Congress. Rains "Dry" in Orc;on J SALEM. Ore. (UP)—Oregon -rain j is :lry rain. That is how a CO J on- lollee from Georgia rbscribr.-l it in a letter to his family, when the youll) gave the letter to the camp educational instructor for corrcc- ticn, lie was asked what he meant by "dry rain." lie replied, ';in Gcorsia rain pours down. but. in Oregon It rains a lot drier." >*.Ul always ust MeCormick's PureVaniOa because it makes QUAKER OATS says DICK MERRILL, Trans-Atlantic Ocean Flye is a Great Breakfast," vilia hatdi the All-Time Retard hi two successful Atlantic Round-Trip}! • You can't best a Quaker Oils breakfast for n-arm, fricndl yjift on a cold, cheerless morning . - . It's rich in food-onerey, rich in flavor, and costs only Vi cent per portion . . . Ucsidcs, Quaker is abundant in Nature's Vitamin B — thc precious vitamin that doctors say you should have daily to combat nervousness and poor appetite! Give youngsters this Breakfast of Great Americans. MEN'S sui'UR ' ()XHIT)K OVERALLS . K tK. Uenint-sanfuriiicd. HO.VK' Sixes MEN'S SUI'UR HK; MAC OVERALLS Extra h'oavy 8 ra. ilonlm Fully Khruiik Oxhide WORK SHIRTS '"nil Cul Sixes aa VV 77 BROADCLOTH Value Sensation. 1 10 C YD. A hi; .-:ivir,s for your spring. ami summer -icwing.'. in benulllul solid colors Xlra Spcuijil; glen's I r ancy I.WHSS SHIRTS 49 C * Xnn-uill roli ivs o :-:i«:, n h> n DRESS PRINTS Solid «C Colors Too! / Ei; l;ar^anit, iii (n.M lo B«:Jiing pcrcftlc.s! l-'or eomlort- rrs, p.pronri niul drcosc. r \ 1 . Rich in food en- ,..,.. y. Rich in fla- ^tlC«MC-ET / ™EK,ON A ilQTf^ \ BRi; «f''ST! fctlfs vor! 1 he one and only Quaker Oats I BRACES-UP NERVES & DIGEST/ON Xcv, ficctuly for Spring I{cri/'onm.s! Chenille SPREADS Remarkably , Low Priccrl! I'«joy the lAxury and beauty of « rlfli cltrnille bedspread Ici' very little money! Creamy vclvcly SfiKarc; and line; on unbleached shiel- ing, ouliiurd wllti colored tU';;cr. rrc-Bl:nink! Taav colDi'l 8B":il05". Bargains Galore t Men's Oxhide Work Shirts • Triple sewn scams • I 1 nil cut fite. 39c Men's- Shorts • lOiiit colors. • Siuitorir.ed uhrunk. 15c Men's Dress Socks > Smart patterns i Newest colors. 2 1'air l<'or • 15c Canvas Gloves while ciiuvi 8c • B (32. WllllC cilllVH.1 Pi'. I 1 ' ill I KaH Silk Hose • Rliiylcs5 clillTon:; • New colors » Gnv ami colorful • Folk:;, this | S n scunp! Muslin • to"" wide « Unbleached. Vou Can't Afford to M|HS This Bargain! STREET DRESSES 55 Beautifully Styled! ll's siimrt to start tlie i .•*otoh by shying iniring wardrobe. simple .when .you values like lliesc at'l Newest Styles Guy Prints Solid Colors Sizes 14 to 4<l 'Ilicse froofcs arc .mode of unc quality rnyon crepe— they won'l pull al tlic seams. Come In tbd»y— the styles, prints nnd colors arc so exceptionally smart, the: 'trtm- mtnjs so RttrRcUycr-thBsc drcrscs arc/sure to sel} IaSt'1 Gloaming Rayon Taffeta SUPS 'IVImniMl! . Save on these lino ntllng Klips! They've strong ccanvi, n d Juslablc straps. Bin. 1 ; I oul styles. Hard-to-Bcul Ytt ,ites! TUB FROCKS l-'usl (o Washing 2Sc Dainty sheers ,for -drcsK up— (iturdy . per- •cnlH for cv~ cryday! Large choice taf Btylest! l-H.. Hitch Fashions! IJargain Priced! 5c Knit R:\yon Panties rt fcnrgsln Ir>r misses omt women. 13c Silk Hose culir .knit chlffo Ircal for thrifty 25c >-Circular .knit chiffon > A Ircal for thrifty women. Kor Women and Girls * (Jay striped lops • Liiblex tack of cufl. 2 Pair For 15c Monk Straps $|77 Women's hluc & grey kid straps, trimmed with, .palenl leiilher to mike (ho smnrt- rsl comblnalion this season! Designed wltli attractive cul-outs R nd .perforations. Covered Cuban heels! Outstanitlmg—-in Style, Qtwlily, Rrice! FROCKS 33c Avenue Vat Prints Cotton frocks—well made. & styled with .a morerexpenslve look! Better/wake 11 a point to' see tVicm Trlgta-" -away— they're exceptional Tiuys, ahd sure to sell fasti Polka Dots! Popular Checks! lixciling Florals! < '^11 bfaiiU Jicw for tprlng— with short sleeves ..... pique, organdy and telf trimmings! Ycii'l! like the smart details—the grand variety .. .. there's a score of styles and colors to choose from! Most of all, you'll like the wny they launder—just like ucw! Sizes 14 to 14. r E N iv i V , C 0 M F A K •*

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