The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1930 GET THRILLS HT MEET (Continued from Page 1) except for those v/ho make passenger nights. The projram, for each day, follows: 9 a.m. 10^11:45 a.m.—Arrival of planes. Inspection uy public anil Jiassenser flights. 11:45 to 12:00 n.m.—Formnllcn lying. 1 to 1:30 p m.—Passenger nights. 1:30 to 1:45 p.m.—Airplane race limited to iftht piiin. s 0 ,,). ; nol lo exceed 50 horsepower. 1:45 to 2 p.m.—passenger flights 2 to 2:25 |)m.—Airplane race Open lo all pilots. 2:25 to 2:45 p.m.—Bomb clropplnv contest. " 2:45 to 3 p.m.—Serpentine cutting. 3 lo 3:30—Passenger fllahis 3:30 to 3:45 p.m.—Acrobatic fly- 3:45 to 4—Spot landin« conlssl 4 to 4:15 p.m.—Ethiopian derby 4:15 (o 5 p.m.—Passenger flights 5^ to 5:15 p.m.—Balloon burslin^ Where Millionaire Airman, Pilot Died BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.)' COURIER NKWfl 5:45 pjn.-Pnrnchuic jump by Willis Joiira. 8 p.m. unt.ll dark-Passenger flights. Osccolu Society -J Pci-sonnl Fame in Films Viev/ed Darkly by Drinkwater LONDON. (UP)-John Drinkwater, the poet and dramatist has n gloomy view of film fame. The limit of Hollywood fame lie . said at the London Academy of Music, is about five years—sometimes only three. "T)i ink of the heartbreak" Drinmvaler added, "young girls r L«» to international fame, or call |t notoriety, almost overnight and claim huge salaries. Then they drop from sight and their success is passed on to someone else." He said that of all fhe faces on the motion picture screen scarcely °ne has endured for lo years will) the exception of people with personality and genius like Charlie Chaplin." Drinkwater referred to the desire to go on the stu»e as <Tp commonest emotion of mankind" and said the situation has grown increasingly difficult. "This new element of difficulty is due to the extraordinary phenomenon of the cinema. Hitherto even with talent and the necessary appearance. « meant t'nat actors had to cover considerable ground before they 5ay any hope of success NOW imhapplly^-very unhappily rl of 13 with looks and Before The Gl-Cas Bloating, Sleeplessness, Spells A n (| Rheumatism Had Made Life Miscr- Jilile For Mr. Moore For Years; Gly-Ciis Again Unfailing "Gly-Cas does the work when all else falls." said Mr . T . E . Moorc 1003 s. 4th St., Waco, Texas "For years my foods would .sour on my stomach, , Bas formed and I would bloat dreadfully MR. T. E. MOORE ' "My kidneys were out of order loo, would not allow me a good night's sleep as'I was ,, p n t n |j "ours. I \\as extremely nervous and dizzy spells added to my miserable condition. Then rheumatism settled in my arms, limbs and back and I was in almost constant patn. I spsnt hundreds of dollars but t'nere was not anything able to heJ[j me. But as n last resort I was persuaded to give this new Gly-Cas an opportunity to help ins nd i found it wonderful." "Qly-Cas did for me what all other medicines failed to do" he continued. "My stomach, kidneys and. bowels were regulated in a most natural nTanner. Now even my nerves have been quieted, eat and sleep good and those dreadful "WKmmtic pains have been eliminated Little did i realizo any medicine could do for me what Gly-Cas has done." Gly-Cas Is sold by Klrby Bros. Drug Company, this city, and by all leading drug stores In surrounding towns. Knitting Classes Tuesdays & Fridays, 2:30 p. M. 1109 Chlckasawba INSTRUCTIONS FREE ORDERS TAKEN FOB "BERNAT" YARN Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley Phone 792 \\reckr, 3 e of the plane which crashed n few miles from the Hakm House ah'poit killing Harry Williams, millionaire aviator, ,,„<! | l!s pilot. John -Red) V/orlhen. Mr. Williams wus'the head ol to We^ll-Williams Air Service corporation, which not only maintains nn airline, but manufactures airplanes. Then- t,-a E ic death wrote "The End" to the career of the three m,n who made ll.e We.lell- Wiumna firm famous the world over. Jimmy We.lell was the n*L to die. i,e at m,e me he c U e world speed reconl for land planes. His Walter ' Wedell. wa.s lift,, UI M ,„ „ c ™ s \v llams was the husband of Marguerite Clark, once fan, our, .Saga and screen star. I»ho 10 by NFA AwT intelligence is taken into a film studio and overnight is made internationally famous. Of course it is terribly-seductive to all the otlier young girls." Veteran Stage Producer Shifts to Movie Work NEW YORK (OP) —A producer of stage plays rarely changes into a producer of motion pictures, an:l vice versa. - To become both, a Happy medium usually . must be reached. For eight years Lewis Gcnslcr produced Broadway shows, among filem "Fine, and Dandy" nncl Pagan Lady." Today he is back on Broadway, but 0s a motion picture producer. Paramount has turned over to him production of "he Bi" Broadcast of 1937." the oldest paid fire department, In tile United Stales. The history dates back lo 1869. when Ihe Cnmden sleam Engine Company No, 1 was formed. These steamers replaced the old hand pumpers of volunteer days, nnd members of the fire department were paid. , Records reveal 'that w'nlle the firemen were paid, nil citizens— men, women and children—were compelled to form bucket brigades when a lire occurred. Freak Kcd Lily Grown , DENVER (UP) -'Freak of the : flora! world—a red lily—is owned ty Mrs. George n. Wright of Ueh- ver, It requires no soil or water and has' been glowing rapidly. |Life of'"Dan" Voorhees In Politics Is Written BOSTON (UP)—A. Democrat o the "North" who survived HepuU Mean landslide for nearly 40 years dining the Civil War and post| war era is the subject of n book "The Tall Sycamore of the Wn- bnsh" just published here b Bruce Humphries, Inc.. j It is the biography of the "frontier type" of Hooslcr Congressmni I and Senalor. familiarly known li. 'HLs time ns "Dan" Voqrlices.-The author is Leonard' S.' Kenwortliy Voorhces wns known during the Civil War as the "Voice of Two Million Democrals" who sliarec '• his views on slavei-y. Oldest Paid Fire Force .Believed in Caniden, N. j. . ; <up>;od-tu- crs here declare that cnmden has Now Located al 101; Norlh Secona ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I>ON EDWARDS,, I'roi.rletor »kM or.jr ? l,uilt /iyp? ? rltcrs, ; Adding, Macnlnw «nj cuJators—ItcpalrihE— Parts— Itibbonj " c«l- NATIONAL DISTILLERS GIVES YOU THE GREATEST WHISKEY VALUE SINCE REPEAL! NTHS 93 PROOF STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY •'"mil Williams, Tom .„ „. , Hal Craig uml Henry I'Vnvlkcs, nil | of Dyersuurg, wi're K III>.SI, S of Joo Cotton Sunday al the home of Mrs Emma Moore. Mis. J. W. T)irnllke!<| is spend- i;s Hie week vvll-ii Dor son, clay llmillkdd, and his wife, In si. T™ couples of Osceoln's younger •vt, chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kemlrlck und Mr. ami Mrs Jix- Cullom of Wilson, enjoyed a jJlfiilr Mippor mid .swimming ui the lllui 1 Hole near Wilson Tuesday iilsht, and danced later ut llir wll- Mis. W. o. Hnlhorn nnd son, Walter Chirhmil jr.. drove up yes- trrvlay from Macon. Miss., to spend the Hwkend wlt'n Mrs. llalliorn's mciihcr, MIS. Emitm Moore. Mr. and Mrs. W, J. Heed of Piiljibora. Mte., ure visiting their so ». E. li. Kwd, ,\nd fninjly. S. D. Carpenter of Little itoek, loiuuM' county agent, wns n business visitor In town Wedne.silay. J - II liium is In llati'svllle to- <iny and tomorrow iillendliiir t.liii coininenceincnt exercises of tlie Mnsonlc Orphan's llonn.-, nnd also! llic meeting of the Masonic Chur- Uy board, of w'hlch lie Is u mtm- '!'. Nicholas Jordan and Dale car- iwiitfr of MI. Vernon, ill., nrrlved loilay lo be tbi.' gueslj,- of Mrs. \\f : li. riamiigan and Mrs. John ud- nngtoii nnd nltcnd Ihe centmnlnl ccJebmtfoii. Mrs. Jordan, who has tocn here for several weeks vlsll- "'« Mrs. Fluimlgnn. will relnrn with (hem Monday. ' Mr. and Mrs. joe Croiuer enter- UiiiiLii the senior class of the Os«'la high school al dinner Wednesday nljia with n <lro|i-lti dance later In .(he evening, compliment- lug Ihelr daughter, Miss Marion, who Is a member of t:[i e class. Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Lovcwcll have as their centennial guosls, Mrs Charles Hale, Mrs. Jnmcs Diirhnm and Mrs. Ed Melldy of Noileiia. Mr. and Mrs. A. O. flrickcy cn- lerlaliiwl the wnlor class with dinner dunce nt the Hotel ivabo Imwdiiy nl«ht in 'minor of Iheh <!iui8hler, Kihel wlm | s one O r Kniduntes. Mrs. R S. Crlhllold HIH! Mr B . 'my. wr segravRs wrc |, osu , Ws ' ( MWfs of bridfio nnd » at. Ihe foi-mer's Lome ny aricrncon. A col()r tthcllr »»k and fr ttu WM cftrricri out In lofreshmenis, , m ,| dccoralion., wl roses, Illlles nnd Inrkspur. Mist, second nm! uilnl B /lri wrc won by Mrs. J. rj .^i ii Mrs. AriliMi- liowen and Mrs ' ConsoHHon ,,r] K U t 1 " Mrs. R. W . miller of liiv niyllwvllJo B i IP .,(., veto Mr i niB » c™« WKI MM. or 1 1'») '.,?'"' M ' ot I mils, ivnn., arrived l» cemeimh,! K ,,o s(s nf «. E. Mi-Denrinnn lr ,, m( \ ,.', "n«»y of 1,. 1, McDonrnmn S '' SC|!rnv « ' tiiim «, i , '•"•»" 1Tt s "'"i en i re;i lion a u Mary virjinln. Mrs sul Km m"',.','"" rrl '""»o'«l Mo,- . will ,lrl TO ,„ lomorrow lo visit Mrs. Behaves' son, Nebon. wiio Is n student at "Olo MLss" nnd li romaihlnij for the cummer school, Tlmnnoiid will also remain for the suinmer lenn Jnmcs McCKirrUy returned Wcil- Jirsdny from seven! jiioiillis fijient In Colorado, where 4 he' vi-as con- lieclcd vfHh a mining company. H is add t'lat liumlr«iU.of llwii- siinds of people dally are breaking the federal clgnrct, Jaw, inscribed wcvery package of clgsrets,- '. Crescent NightClub DANCK KVKKY NIGHT TO THK MUSIC OK Join my Hay and His Orchestra ' ^occs - - Direct From SI. Louis * Covpr Charge Only— COc ThuiBday nnd Friday 80c Saturdny and Sunday THY OUR Pit HAHHBCUE TASTY SANDWICHES CinnrcUeH ?],25 Cnrloii On Highway 01, 4 Miles North of Stale Lino at Holland Must llMutlfnlly i) M hralf,l Club In Soi.lheasl Missouri SOUTHERN AIR SERVICES, Inc. Aeronautical Institute With Ihe ^id-Smith's Greatest School Where the Airlines of the Nation Meet. (XMy'CTICNT INSTKUCTOKH - - V. AIRLINE COUKSH $85 up MAS'Y TERMS _WHirB.KOKkHKKHOQ K ,. CT - IT'S YOUU Kl.TUH.O - ACT NOW! • • • Wo nro SOUTHERN AIR SERVICES, Inc ' d A S~„, A,,S"i!:;,^, . N ,,. 2 , s «-«.« Buy An ^ i RENE Used Car or Truck oday-ot all dealers ~on offer lhat shatters ill «xisllng Ideas of Windsor, 0)18 months, gives you 50% mjn oge than most whlskiis selling otlliis price. NATIONAL niSTHURS PRODUCTS CORPORATION F ORD Dealers have adopted a new procedure in selling "used cars" that enables you to buy with complete confidence—to know exactly what you're getting for your money-and to enjoy the double advantage of picking from the best of the used car crop; and of taking away with your car written guarantees of satisfaction. One is a broad, open-and-shut guarantee that you may return the car within two days and get your money back if you are dissatisfied with it for any reason at all. The other guarantees that the car is In A-l condition throughout, and promises to repair absolutely free anything found by you within ALSO SPECIAL ^SQUARE DEAL FAIUES" FOR EXTRA THRIFTY BUYERS ten days' time to be otherwise than specified at the time of purchase. You wilt find these cars only at Ford Dealers and you will find them marked with the new R&G emblem pictured above. You will find prices and payment terms marked clearly nnd openly on the tags. You will find the prices low-your present car in average condition will make the entire down payment on any one of many fine R&G used cars. Convenient UCC terms fit the balance easily into your budget. In short, if you go to a Ford Dealer for your used car, you may go just as confidently as you would for a new car. Why'not - see your Ford Dealer today? I See Our Daily R&G Bargains In the Classified Section PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers

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