The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 21, 1968 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, February 21, 1968
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The Paper With th« Grocery Bargains Upper nt Algim.-i. I.r.v.i • I March 3. 1K7" ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1968 Two Sections — 26 Pages VOL. 102 NO. 14 Sometimes all of the statistics that various government bureaus collect can include a bit of interesting information, as well as a lot of hog wash... for example: 70% of the people of the United States live on 1% of the land . . . with tliis ratio is it any wonder that our big cities are beset with a host of problems... and it isn't very pleasant to be told that 14,000 troops of the regular army and National Guard are being trained in this country now for potential use in city riots, come summer. * * * There's been considerable talk about the city dump, but not so much about the municipal sewage plant. When the state health inspectors were here recently, they also inspected the sewage and had nothing but compliments on its management and effectiveness . Our telephone rajig the other evening and a perturbed local woman was on the other end of the line. She was worried about the new expressway program of the state highway department, which includes a new, proposed road across Kossuth county from 1-35 at Clear Lake to Spencer. The map of the proposed road cut right through her farm, and her worry is readily understandable. However, it should be noted that this is a "proposed" program for development after all interstate highways in Iowa are completed, and these will not be finished before 1973. Someday there may fig either a new expressway, or axl'idening of present U.S. 18 to four-lane (although highway engineers say this may not be feasible due to existing commercial construction). But any new expressway Is a long way off I The Vietnam involvement and recent developments have resulted in a considerable shifting of sentiment in Congress, with a number of former hawks beginning to think more like doves ... as one of them said: "It's becoming a matter of common sense, not of patriotism." However, the far extreme point of view is expressed by the national president of the reserve officers association, speaking in Atlanta, Ga., is quoted as saying that we should "banish dissenters against the Vietnam war from our country." This strikes us as odd because after our high-ranking military leaders retire they almost all seem to be willing to speak their honest minds, which is that we've made a big mistake in Vietnam and ought to be willing to admit it. Shall we "banish" them, also ? This writer and his wife have an appointment in Illinois, this weekend, to visit a daughter and a son and their respective spouses in the vicinity of Glen Ellyn and Mount Prospect, HI. The daughter is playing the part of Cinderella in one of those Little Theatre projects. Some months back her husband had a leading part in another production of the group, and she got tired of hearing about it at home, so she secretly tried out herself for this part and got it. We were not surprised; we figure she comes by this acting talent naturally. Back in the 6th grade at the good old Maxfield school in St. Paul, we ourself were selected to play the part of Will Scarlett in the sixth grade version of Robin Hood. The school had no auditorium (or gym) and the drama was presented in the hall of the second floor. As we recall it, we got through our several lines of a speaking part without a flaw. Come to think of it, we also played the part of a Hungarian Hussar in some home talent production put on in Algona a number of years back, before TV and wide screen movies eliminated home talent productions. Harold Cowan and the late Dr. C. D. Schaap were among other Hussars, and we did a rousing Hussar chorus somewhe: in the presentation, so you see acting should come naturally to a daughter. Anyway, we'll see! SEU.A.BRATION 3 BIG DAYS Thur.. Fri., Sat., Feb. 22-24 2 Weidenhoff Organizations Meet, Elect Weidenhoff Employees Credit Union and Weidenhoff Employees Recreation Club held their combined annual meeting Saturday, Feb. 10, 1968, at the Veterans Memorial Building. Elected to the board of the Credit Union were Mary Becker, Allen Vaske, Arthur Plathe and Mathias Frideres. Officers for the year will be: Wilbur Courtney, president; Edward Broesder, vice president; Miles M.Sloniker, secretary; and William F. Kraft, treasurer. Auditing committee members are: Mary Becker, chairman; Mathias Frideres, and Allen Vaske. The Loan and Credit Committee includes Duane Price, chairman; Edward Broesder, and Arthur Plathe. Elected to the board of the Wei- denhoff Employees Recreation Club were Bonnie Reising and Robert Arndorfer. Election of officers will be held at a later date. Annual reports were made by both groups. Weidenhoff Employees Credit Union announced that for the fourth consecutive year a dividend of 4% has been declared. Seventy members attended. Refreshments were served and Bingo was played after lunch. Final Report A final report on the Jackie Roethler Fund shows a total of $728.25 donated by persons from this area. The 14-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Roethler, rural Algona, was injured in a farm mishap and hospitalized for many weeks at Ft. Dodge. She is now recuperating at home and will return to Ft. Dodge later for surgery. GOP Precinct Caucus Sites Are Selected Republican precinct caucuses have been officially called for Kossuth county on Monday, March 4. They will elect precinct committee men and women, their designated number of delegates to the county presidential convention and regular county convention, both to be held at the Algona High School annex Friday, March 22, at 8 p.m. Times and locations of precinct caucuses are (all p.m.): Algona- 1st ward, AlgonaHigli School, 7; 2nd ward, Lucia Wallace School, 7:30; 3rd ward, Bertha Godfrey School, 7:30; and 4th ward, courthouse, 8; Buffalo- Titonka library, 1:30; Burt-Cunningham Cafe, 3; Cresco-Johnson House, 8; Eagle-James Rock home, 8; East Lone Rock— Bernard Miller home, 7:30; Fenton— Fenton Lumber Yard office, 7; Garfield - Raphael Montaghome, 8; German - German Valley School, 1:30; Grant-Donald Mino home, 8; Greenwood - Wm. Shoenhair home, 8. Harrison- Legion hall, 2; Hebron - Swen Larson home, 8 (March 5); Irvington - Elevator office, 8; Lakota - Town Hall, 2; Ledyard-State Bank, 4; Lincoln - Steve Tjaden home, 7:30; Lone Rock - Blanchard Hdwe., 8; Lotts Creek - Harold Bjustrom home, 8; LuVerne — Town Hall, 7:30; Plum Creek-Community Center, 8; Portland — Center School, 2; Prairie George Guenther home, 8; Riverdale - Wayne Smith home, 3; Seneca - Cecil Baldwin home, 7:30; Swea — Laurel Peterson home, 8; Union-Karl Kiilsholm home, 8; Wesley - Library, 8; and Whittemore - Creamery office, 8 (March 5). $33,750 Pollution Grant, Swea City Two area towns, Livermore and Swea City, were among six area towns to receive grants from the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration last week. Livermore received a grant of $18,330 for an interceptor sewer and stabilization pond. Swea City received a grant of $33,750 for a life station, force main and stabilization pond. Leaneagh Is Elected To Young President's Ass'n Jerry D. Leaneagh, president of Directory Service Company, Algona, has been elected to the Young Presidents'Organization Inc. (YPO), an educational association with an international, membership of 2,200 young, successful chief executives who have become presidents of sizable companies before the age of 40. YPO was founded in 1950 to help young presidents become better presidents through education and idea exchange. Educational activities include seminars at leading graduate schools, special seminars and conferences throughout the world, and the annual international University for Presidents. Young Presidents also learn from one another at over 300 chapter meetings each year. Members represent more than 30 countries. Chapters are located throughout the free world in Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and the Caribbean, with 35 in the United States. $694,057 Damage Case Slated For Trial Here Next Week Damage Case And Divorce Are Filed Here A damage matter, in which the plaintiff seeks a total of $5,215, and a divorce petition and temporary injunction were filed in district court here this week. Neva M. Thompson alleges the City of Algona and Violet K. Miller, defendants, were negligent, resulting in personal injuries when she tripped and fell April 19, 1967 on a cracked sidewalk on Moore street, between Call and State streets here. The plaintiff says she tripped on a crack in the sidewalk, fell and fractured her right arm and sustained other personal injuries. The amount sought in the petition includes medical services, travel expenses for treatment, etc. and she seeks trial by jury. The divorce and injunction were filed in behalf of Barbara Wilberg with Jerry L. Wilberg, defendant. They were married Nov. 17, 1962 and cruel and inhuman treatment is charged. She seeks custody of four small children, household furnishings, car, and $150 per month support money. County Demo Women Plan Meeting, 27th The Democratic Women's Club of Kossuth county will hold its regular meeting, Tues. Feb. 27, at 7:30 p. m. at the Veterans Memorial Center in Algona. At last month's meeting it was decided to give a donation of $30 to the two schools of the Head Start program. The money is to be used to buy toys for the children. Appointments to the following committees were made by the president, Maude Ella Ellefson. Program committee - Phyllis Bray, Algona; Carol Welp, Bancroft. Ways and Means committee — Joan Diamond, Algona; Ann Degen, Mrs. Charles McNertney, Bancroft. Hospitality committee - Delores Winkel, Kay McEnroe, Algona. Membership committee—Julie Winkel, Algona; Vera Bradley, Burt: Ruth Hurlburt, Swea City; Maxine Rooney, Algona. Calling committee — Lavonne Lindhorst, Mary Straub, Darlene Farrell, Algona. Auditing committee-Rita Derner, Dorothy Duffy, Algona. Publicity chairman - Darlene Farrell, Algona. Algernons' Son Halts Driver, Suicide Threat John Giltert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gilbert, Algona, and now an Iowa Highway Patrolman at Cedar Falls, was instrumental in winding up a matter tliat attracted statewide attention last week. Involved was a Waterloo man, who was wanted in Davenport where lie had been charged \\itli lascivious acts with a minor. The man, stopped Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 13, near Waterloo, had a double-barrel 20-gauge shotgun in his auto and he threatened to shoot himself if any attempt was made to take him into custud\. Patrolman Gilbert spotted the car after a radio report alerted every law officer in that area. He forced the vehicle to stop and the suicide threat episode followed. The man's two sons later talked him out of suicide and he was returned to Davenport to face charges. Auto Fatality In Jan. 1967 Annexation, Dump, Cable TV Discussed By Algona Council Basis Of Suit Also Purchase Station Wagon For Police Gordon Winkel appeared before the council on behalf of Eugene Faulstich, who also attended the meeting. Proposed is that the council make a lease to Mr. Faulstich for a cable TV communications system. This has been done in other towns, Eagle Grove being among the latest wherein council entered into a lease agreement for the cable setup. A temporary lease form was discussed, with more study to be given it by Russell Buchanan, city attorney, and Mr. Winkel. Pole rental and an arrangement whereby Mr. Faulstich would pay a percentage of his income to the city were discussed. Following further study by the attorneys and council, a public hearing will be set in the near future. Francis Holland of the Mason City firm of Wallace and Holland appeared before the council and discussed the Oak Ridge addition. Thirteen lots are involved, with an extension of North Thorington street and Park Place involved. New grades will have to be established, with about 220 feet of curb and gutter involved. Proposed is that the present curb and gutter be removed, to ac- comodate the new grades, and the request was that the city share in the cost of replacing thecurband gutters as well as blacktop the streets. Sewers will also have to be placed. It is the plan that. electric and telephone wires be placed underground. Rough estimate of the city's cost is approximately $2,000. The new road would be along the crest of the hill and would be known as Oakridge Drive. The matter was referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Kyle Keith appeared before the council with regard to annexing the second addition of Riverview Heights at the southwest area just outside of the city limits. Proposed is an extension of Overmeyer Drive. The matter was referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission, who will also be asked to study properties adjacent to Algona on all four sides. This would be in connection with further annexation at some future date. Bids were received on a new police car, a sedan, and on a station wagon which would be outfitted and equipped for use as a standby emergency vehicle. Low bid for the station wagon was from Ken's Auto Service, with a bid of $1,993.89. Kossutli Motor bid $2,009.92 and Taylor Motor Co., $2,213. Council decided to purchase the wagon from Ken's. The 1968 budget was amended to enable the municipal airport to build a new hangar at a cost of $15,500. This had been budgeted for 1967, but since the hangar was •••not built in that year, the amendment was necessary. Approved was a report by City Clerk Smith, to be sent to the state for road-use tax benefits. The financial report included all of the street expenditures for 1967 and was for a total of $155,652. Approved was purchase of paint and a street marker for streets and parking lots. Cost was $751.25. Discussed was possible repair of the roof on the sewage disposal plant. Cost is estimated at approximately $360. No action was taken until City Clerk Smith can devote more time and study to the project. Also discussed was the heating unit at the city shed building, where the furnace is in need of repairs. A new unit Algonans Wed 40 Years Mr. and Mrs. William Ludwig, Algona, will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary Feb. 21. No special observance will be held. would cost approximately $1,500, and for about the same price two hanging heaters could be installed. No action was taken. A work meeting was planned for March 2 at 1:30 p.m. The next regular meeting will be held March 13. Discussion of the city dump took up a great portion of the regular meeting of the city council here Wednesday evening. It was brought out that the Planning and Zoning Commission had previously studied and made a report to the council regarding the dump. Council authorized City Clerk Dave Smith to write to Mason City to the two engineers from the department of health who had studied and surveyed the dump and made recommendations regarding a change in the site. It is hoped these two men, F.R. Pfeiffer and W. J. Meeker, will meet with the council in the near future. Wesley Girl Passes; Rites Held Sunday Mary Jane Becker, 2, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Becker, Wesley, died Friday in Mercy Hospital at Mason City. Funeral services for the little girl were held Sunday at 2 p.m. in St. Joseph's Catholic Church at Wesley with Rev. Gerald Zeirian officiating. Burial followed at the church cemetery and Blake Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Mary Jane was born Jan. 5, 1966 and is survived by her parents; five brothers and four sisters, Edward James, Jean Marie, Elizabeth Ann, Doima Jean, Michael Joseph, Joan Catherine, Jerome Alan, Patrick John and Donald James. Her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Young, Garner, and paternal grandmother, Mrs. Justine Becker, Wesley, also survive. OMVI Charge Chester Rickard, St. Paul, Minn., was arrested here last week and charged with OMVI. He waived preliminary hearing in Mayor Bill Finn's court and posted §335 bond. Rickard was bound over to district court. He was arrestec 1 . by the highway patrol. They are parents of two children, Mrs. Larry Manus, Burt, and Darrell, Waterloo, and have six grandchildren. Harvey Graham Funeral Held, Titonka Church Harvey J. Graham, 80. well- known Titonka retired farmer, died Thursday, Feb. 15, in Hancock Memorial Hospital at Britt where he had been a patient fora short time. Funeral services were held Saturday in the Titonka Methodist Church with Rev. Paul Hansen officiating. Burial followed at Buffalo Township Cemetery arid Blake Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. He was born at Imlay, Mich., Jan. 28, 1888, the son of George and Carrie Fitch Graham, and came with his parents to the Titonka area as an infant. He married Lillian Jennings Dec. 22, 1915 and they farmed in the Titonka area until his retirement. Besides his wife, survivors include two sons, Harvey, Algona, and Donald, Titonka; a daughter, Lois (Mrs. Joe Boekelrnan), Titonka; seven grandchildren; and six sisters arid three brothers, Mrs. Jake Godden arid Mrs. Leo Fox, Algona; Mrs. Fred Jennings and Dwight, Titonka; J. G. and Maurice, Burt; Mrs. Robert Ririgsdorf, Woden; Blanche Watson, Wellmari; and Mrs. Ada Cook, Mason City. Rites Monday, Froehlich Baby Graveside rites were held Monday at 4 p.m. for Dawn Marie, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Froehlich of rural Algoaa. The rites were held at the St. Benedict cemetery, with Fr. Leo Riesberg officiating and Hamilton Funeral Home was iu charge of arrangements. The baby died at St. Ann Hospital Saturday. She was the first child for the Froehlichs and survivors include the parents (Mrs. Fruehlich is the former Linda Lockwood), paternal grandmother, Mrs. Evelyn Froehlich, St. Benedict, and Maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Allwin Lockwood, Lone Rock. Trail by jury of perhaps the largest damage matter ever filed in Kossuth county, with the plaintiffs, Elaine Guerdet et al, seeking a total of $694,057.29 from the defendants, James Thompson et al, is slated to begin in district court here Tuesday, March 5, at 9 a.m. According to County Clerk Alma Pearson, 36 petit jurors have been asked to report for possible duty that morning and Judge G. W. Stillman will be presiding. The original damage suit was filed Jan. 11, 1967 by Mrs. Guerdet, administratrix of the estate of Douglas Guerdet, deceased. It named Thompson, doing business as Jones Transfer Co., and Donald Bates as defendants and a third defendant was later named. A 2-truck mishap at 2 a.m. July 29, 1966, which resulted in the deatli of Douglas Guerdet, husband of the plaintiff, was reason for the suit being filed. The petition stated Guerdet was driving a 1961 Ford farm truck when it was struck from the rear by a semi-trailer truck, allegedly driven by Bates. Both vehicles were headed east on highway 9, three miles east of Armstrong at the time of the tragedy. The Guerdet truck, according to the petition, was hurled 250 feet along the highway, through a fence and into an adjacent corn field. It is alleged the plaintiffs decedent sustained injuries resulting in his death. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst and Larry Hudson (then a deputy sheriff) investigated the mishap. The original' petition also charged Bates with six counts of negligence and charged Thompson was negligent for permitting Bates to operate the vehicle. Mr. Guerdet was 30 at the time of his death, with an alleged life expectancy of 41.24 additional years. The petition charged the estate was damaged in the amount asked. John Larson Dies; Funeral Held Saturday Funeral services for John A. Larson, 80, well-known retired Algonaji, were held at 2p.m. Saturday in McCullough's Funeral Chapel, with Rev. Frank Harcey officiating. Burial followed at Riverview cemetery here. Pallbearers were Ray Ladendorf, Elmer Phillips, Charles Sorenson, Ellis Mains, Lloyd Muckey and Julius Cink. Mr. Larson died Thursday morning at St. Ann Hospital here. He was born at Burt March 22, 1887 and was a son of Nels and Harrna Jonsson Larson. For many years, he was employed by the Algona Ice Cream and Candy Factory as driver of a truck on a route in this area. He had been retired for a number of y$ars. He never married and was a lifelong resident of this area. His only immediate survivor is a sister, Mrs. Ellen Dailey, Algona. Golden Wedding The family of Mr. and Mrs. Senus Isebrand of Titonka will hold an open house in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary at the Ramsey Reformed church Saturday, Feb. 24 from 2 to 4:30 p. m. All relatives and friends are invited to attend. The honored couple requests that there be no gilts.

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