The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 27, 1956 · Page 7
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 7

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1956
Page 7
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vmv Hmrmtwf' r,f'Vy,T' " t "mf -n'W Mcat'fi, Producer And Traveler, Dies HOLLYWOOD. CAL. T' John Henry Wears, 78. lyricist for such composers as George Gershwin and Harry Tierney, died Thursday. He managed the John Drew the- I'KJIT, its ' iitrical company, and too! p.ut in stage ventures with Ilorciu Ziegfcld and M.irris C'st. He set records for trav. cling around the globe in 1913 and ag un in 1028. t 1 - : wj'Vy ' is..;-- i l V -i Am j. 11 UhiU ,t ... 1 fi a t Pedaling Across U. S. Phillil Ann Foster (left) nJ June Meyer During Bihe Stop in pen Moines Two young women from New York, pedaling across the country, igreccl here Thursday night that Iowa's Highway 6 is fine for bicycle travel. "We were pretty unhappy tvhen we found we'd be on Number 6." aaid Phillis Ann (Teri) Foster, 25, of Schenectady, N. Y. "Narrow In Illinois' "it was awfully narrow in Illinois. But in Iowa we just ride along the part that has ben widened." Miss Foster, born In 'Red Oak, and June Dolores Meyer. 23, of Baldwin, Long Island, N. Y.. said they are making the trip "just to see the country better and be able to stop and talk with people." They left New York, N. V, on June 22 and expect to arrive at San Marino, Rule Night Speed Limit Set by Moyer Is Legal The jowa supreme court Tuesday ruled that Iowa's "reasonable and proper" speed law is sufficiently broad to give the state highway patrol power In an'o.her case, the high court also upheld the state's . "control of vehicle" law. 7-0 Reversal By votes of 7-0, the court reversed decisions of H. A. Walsh, Burlington municipal judge, who had dismissed the two test cases brought by the state department of public safety. State Safety Commissioner Clinton Moyer had both cases appealed to the supreme court to get a ruling on whether the h'ghway speed laws are suffi ciently clear to inform the Individual driver of what kind of conduct would lead to penalty. Defendants In the cases wera Cecil F. Coppes, 31, 'Yarmouth, and Mrs. Easter R. Holling, Corpus Christ!, Tex. Coppes had been charged with speed greater than "rea aonable and proper." He was accused by officers of driv ing 100 miles an hour at night last Dec. 26 on U. S. Highway 61 about 8 miles out of Bur lington. Safety Commissioner Moyer had instructed highway patrol men to arrest anyone driving more than 63 miles an hour at night. Judge Walsh had held the speed limit was in valid and unconstitutional, in that state law did not suf ficiently inform the driver of penalty. Drivers Should Know "Operators of motor ve hides .... know or should know what speed is proper and reasonable under different traffic conditions," the high court said in Coppes' case. Mrs. Holling was accused cf failing to have her car un der control on a curve, hit ting another car making a left turn last Nov. 15. The hich court opinion in Mrs. Holling's case said: "There are a great variety of sharp turns, and curves of different degrees of curvature, many descents with different degrees of steepness. "It would be impossible to specify a mile-per-hour speed that would be proper or prac tical for these differing high wav conditions. The best that a legislative body can do is to inform the motorist in pertinent general language." Present Iowa law requires merely that- a moiorist drive at a "reasonable and proper" spd and be able "to stop within the assured clear distance flhehd." Moyer, commenting on the derisions, said: "I don't mind saying that I'm immensely it.nn.KMf.T. What foot Doctors tired, burning feet Hmiiii vjtir M t't-M nl fcinnt. H Mn-'rtr for HrM. Vimini . . . iwnhin n't n '" nt t n.iM C.n f.Mm n U loatHm nnolii At 1l itniff uti. flip Cal.. on Sept. 19. They expect to spend about $300 In the process. "Of course we don't have to bu gas and we usually sferp in state parks camps 'or a Y. W. C. A." Miss I-ostcr explained. "But it's costing a little more than we expected." They will be in Greenfield today and in Red Oak on Saturday and Sunday. There they will stay .with Miss Foster's uncle. Paul Foster. They stayed at Hotel Fort Dcs Moines here. Good Suntans Miss Foster said ths trip is giving them good suntans and making them "very very healthy." She said they usually wear shorts or bathing suits while cycling. "Everyone's been more than friendly," she exclaimed. to prosecute speeders. gratified, of course. I certainly would regard it as a milestone in Iowa's safety fight." He had said when he appealed the cases that if the high court had upheld the Burlington judge then he would ask the 1957 Iowa legislature to impose a specific speed limit. HONOR PHOTOGRAPHER (Tht JUCMtrr'l Inwa Nw, rvic) FORT MADISON, IA. -John Amborn photographer here, Thursday was awarded a certificate of merit by the Photographers Assocaition of America at its annual convention in Chicago, III. The award goes to photographers whose pictures are selected to hang at the convention. Now-a Mitivl r 7 f1imAH. mm The freshest, y 4s iA 7 f v frmir mnmiwm . Iced tea In seconds-with New Irasf ant Teddies iLeaF Tea p"e tea It's the one and only Instant that's all pure tea -New In-sUnl Tendrr Leaf. No fillen, no carbohydrates, just lOO'i oranee prkne and pekoe bla k tea. New Instant Tender Leaf makes prrfect ired tea in-ttonthj-and wonderful hot lea, tool FIND CITY POOLS IRE CROWDED City P.irke Superintendent Paul Sardahl said Thursday Dcs Moires' four swimming pools are more consistently crowded this summer than any year in his memory. The parks department operates pools nt Grind, East Town, llirdland and Ashwnnh Parks, Roys and girl- pack them almost every day, Sandahl reported. Swimming More "We thought when we opened the East Town pool it would help the crowding at Birdland." Sandahl said. 'But not many people moved over to the new one. Apparently the. people around East Town just started swimmin;; more." One danger in continued heavy use of the pools, Sandahl explained, is that it reduced the amount of chlorine in the water. The antiseptic gas evaporates easily, he said, particularly when the water is being splashed around. Content Falls Occasionally, he said, the cMorinc content falls below recommended sanitary levels during days when a large crowd uses a pool. The park board gave pool managers the right last year to refuse to admit any more swimmers when they felt they would create a dangerous condition. The power has not been exercised so far this year, San-Hahl said. iiBH break for. tea drinkers! r r,'i t" v - ij it'- 1 T friskiest No messy tea haves No "wrrpy" ten baa? to bother with t Hit! Just dissolve In st int Trtnlcr laf Tea in t little Iviilin? wMer, th.'n fill tip tlm gl.' 'A'ith ice and tap walrr. So quick and easy! Hi If the ct of tc hw, no , . . one n'kf ulinnt w mucli tea as 75 tra hags. f .. .. i' I H. Save Anethr Proluet of Standard Brand ine. r - .: m-H Jn Smoke billows above the Burlington Railroad bridge over the Dcs Moines river and Riverside drive Thursday afternoon. Heat from the fire warped rails and halted traffic across the bridge for more than four hours. The bridge is near Pioneer Memorial Stadium. BRIDGE BLAZE WARPS RAILS A fire on the Burlington Railroad bridge over the Des Moines river and Riverside drive blocked traffic across the bridge for four and a half hours Thursday afternoon. The fire was reported by an un identified woman at 5:50 p. m The fire was confined main ly to the east end of the tres tic. Flames from the tracks I 54 5 .. 'i ' I. lot nowl A p'risl iiitrnrbirtory ffff to Jirlp vimi gcf. airj'iainKi with t!ii wnndrrful nw lr.l4nt Tru! 1,'iok fur tli TrnrW Leaf ' j-r '.tat wi 10e oil -it'i at your SriKi'r's niw I 1 1 billowed to the top of the bridge and dripped down onto the grass under the bridge. District Tire Chief Art Andrews said the cause of the blaze was undetermined. He said he wasn't certain exactly what pirt of the bridge caught fire first. Smoke from the burning creosote was visible over a wide area. Heat scorched tics and warped rails over about 50 feet of the bridge. 1 Railroad officials said three Drive Oui and Enjoy a GOOD DINNER wr,Ji3 at One of These Fnc Restaurants . . . I I MASON CITY MW HAMPTON Jj t SIOUX CITY ST0RMT) DUI'J0l'l 1 H n pahshautown,'. "ctOAn ($j J CAMQLl " CMHA(na'' 1"" , " WA'NGroN 1 1-Adel HORSE 'N BUCQT DINING ROOM win H. uur mtrt in tm inurt I;-.! iNmh, ,n4 f ih ln 1 Mill mrliinr4 Ik Ih. pfll. M- t Ml" in-" Hill II M mi HTM -nd... 1 1 A. M. till 4 2 4mono THE nONNEBURQ RESTAURANT h"f In wher siy run ramt (jinan t.anv an4 pirli mhiic hifr tr (fi iirrlitltM mrKristfsi Willi ! enM finllv tuU, Thrw Ptlni Sir f ntiHMkm' InlnM IA l.MI. AmfinU 'Tin PrUftl flailT 1 1 ii w. I i. m. unit A p. m. A m. mmen4e4. 3 Jme$ THE SOLAR INN M( hM v MO. I ' i ftillM tntltlt Af Mif hwn ill Binih H f ,rw. tlMTlMtiflni In tiftl.. efl m.if R(H 1)4 I Mri,. rnar prl.M I'lent t pifklltC Hr. A If ennulMntlM Rernm- liiwn dHy frifft : lo hip m, Hyn-4vfl I ! nMt till I .IU, ( lo4 un 4Anamosa QUALITY CAFE Ijw-hi.A iw Nirtiwatt hi n4 IRt In ninnm 4Mnw. ratiinnff ft m m rnnkril i.mmI Inrfi.ilinr llm.mll Pi'. ft ?wlitli Ul hH -4 In.lii4ni tlfUl.. rlmiw. flllrli.ft In ft ha.V.I l)WH lll M l II T. l. n4u a m mm, 5 Atlantic VAN S CHAT AND CHEW CAFE tlirku nf wtn fmtl 4H. Uur vhirbn nn4 Hm 4inrr ire ft Mm4v miir and spfitnf apctutt Miff in fiu?iHi-. f hti rlrrfl tw Ironwi , 4lr rwit Mnn'if Inf nr ntlni rmrtrl. ftt-tittr toll . m. 6 Carroll TONY'S RESTAURANT tA-nt'4 at JttnrtlnN . n, HltiHt 30 A l. I !( t H fMl. 4 ffHniiirir hrruli ft mflil ( f'lttrin rnntpip 'tirirhfifi nd rilfinrr tiifim. titrtuflinf vtrRk. I htikn, mh ani iprm(- tr Hem itr-h ( tin ttwi. 4 hr M-ln ffarferni'ff fflih. Itttin )patr-iti with M't MH tnr ihh itr, tMitiit iinwuntirr 4r ntiirfii. nAr prtr nn v nf fn-t fortune, ( hit. ilrfn fiMm, Orwrnt'il h rrrrnr-l retititeitn. 1 rm f mum I or-tm fn Mfrr Hm H a. m. (Ml I ft. m. Thnnn nni fn mpMalKtflii. 7 Cccfar Fa$ LOO CABIN INN trl-n n llamhon Ir1. 4lf I nnH-ttt'flH ftit'tnt (r strain nirkn an4 ara I'nnit (m t"tj rfru thru ""rt th nil I hi hirinin tnt 1n IHal tHv ar all I mini r, Mon trnm A i m nil lo p. m, ,. datt huilaa 11 mmn H 9 a. m. 3 Cerfor Rcpt'ds TWIN TOWERS CAFE t MOTEL t.waiM Junrii m. at HiitHat nil ani I 4 nMttriv atr ( miali tlnrtrri f-iaiir4nl 'finr i 4rli inn farmfv 4mn-r uat, rhnp Ml4 afnfi1. 4lav (nrfHlrh' f iiintr HttlK in if rtintm rnnitt wfvir f'arf fnrtii aiaHakbi, l)PM Mlly 7 A, " l 1 I Ffer you hav 1 I j - V .j - - - ,0 Fire Halts Rail Traffic trains were affected by the fire. Two trains were detourcd across the river on Des Moines Union Railroad tracks, and a third train was delayed until about 1030 p. m. when the BurlinRton bridge was reopened. It was decided by bridge engineers to use the bridge Thursday night after straightening the rails. Several ties will have to be replaced later, they said. ?-Chore$ Cfy CLUB IOWA Mfirtll lna lfwt ' or trtl Ml Hcll- w i III ia. I n Ul af I hart' I lit. InHa Of a) aim fmm I t M'hin till I 4 M. fiini a tarlrlv .f rMmitl allfmrr. hrafRH( lirr, 444 and Munrin Htia aiHrnp1 rlrnt f fr aarhtna tar ftur ant- tn nHi an 4 HntHta It !' II fcrtak-ihervfnr . a auixMi rMfraitmi, rhona ), 10Cre$ton BERNINQ CAFE I f-ae4 Ni 4 rtna mn MrH- at l Urntkfa! I.unrh ltafra. 1 nu a til h it-al nHli iir mHo rir. I ma tl t'M1 fmff. VlaniU'l rwm r iM-rlal Mir tie ftaat (tm(hf r tf f nntMlinr Ttif ritht n'a in ttt tn tmilhnrtt !nt tf"l 4 (M) ft, m. ! 10 ft m. 1 daa a) rli. II Dcs Moines COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Hpvtati'rtnl l4rAt4 at lftl n ir4 iM wo iMMms Mmnii lie M'Hnr an4 Ural Im Mifit- lranil I nmntrlHv rrnifMlppi ann) 4tr I wHinna. Iratiir-ic IH ft! ml in' tiHia- I airrtnc. Hump iiriirv Mrl la Wir-, lrrl Ihe family "ih hr-'" al l-a 1fifiM Vttraf fetiil 'neat llftra H I 4 M. nil 3 A. M I'aana 5 umij or a -.Hi! 4. JOHNS Y t KIT'S RESTAURANT 4'rnM frnm 4lrtmrl. I t. t'rtm rhar-rj hrir4 aiaa 'ft -lifii and frif-ln 4 i" an4 aa 'a I rtua t rtal ftnip. RtUiS Ir. rif 4 fl" rrfnita-tini fnr aiialliv fnl anf vrtlr, (rrt 1 4ai Pffh mrk. r, M. la 1 4, M. THK LATIN KINO RESTAURANT On f . Hiehwa lt anM 'I nlfrtltv and Miihhrll l -.nrt" nni In I Nlrltrn, iai. --a"h-fl. fiih Nif -vaf(fH4. 'f rf"t4ittnnrf I or mr rnninlia rm-f-r. .arf prl at party rnnm. Ipn ita'lf. 1 w nil I a. m nnlar III! I ft. m. '"irMrrf TuaTi, ROCKT'S STEAK HOUSE 'nf lrii an4 hfanlni 4ian (ar aiptMPii n f Ihhri laitptr fc'rak Hip nl4l tnt flnp rhlc-n. fru n anw locftiiAa fr 14 traa, 4'r fnrt",.n'4 frti ir ramMp i i nlrHaar TVaf ftrfcmf I r rrni tlnn, pKttn 3 ft'H llrw-n Hallt l I 4 na 'ti'l 1 4 M. 4 Wiwq1 ail l-onrtaja, 12-0'fbuque? KARIIWS RESTAURANT FAMOUS FOODS I nraM f'nrnff mt Ith an4 Irniral 4-IhihiMMi, "n HMfbwavt int. Ml, ft a4 la :i. un piftirrau OM "Itithmtit an4 Ml hit MUl-inpi n? nnlr 4 hv ( ar trantlfti f htirrhr tt4 rhnU. harlf an 'a. Mn nti nf Nr( ft I ( InHa' -tinf H"'an"n f ni-mi i'nrr 4r 4 .niina4, Oprn 2 h'wrn 4'lt. 4 In' 4 Thim-lan, 13 Forf Docse . PARKWAY CAFE I na'H aa fast 4 nf trt lmfr mi l'lihi o f ininili pfm-..i-lr y n It pn'f Hff fatiiii rilnnrr. tat, 4 Nnn 4 Helen anit arlmn. rr m a nlr,nl Inftirmal 'rtii.nhr. Rp tnnahto ftr)p 4 r mvMinn4. I'ini nf frf fiarfdnv, 4pn 1 4ai nrrli, A ft. m, in a m TPNY'S FAH0Us"fllFsTAURANT with l lirt h4tr nn MUhwav .'ll anil hi r nmmt fur lrat rlilt Un, ftfniMl narlfltt rlh -hfch Kh-H on a tk'w-r. rtl print rih af Hrf. Italina ptitia. .i ttitr)M pH ftrrarf hnitu -nii4 VflO'M fM f f'frH nif a 'a 4p''nt f "mml air nnnrti-tinnr4 fl'-n'v nf fr narlilri Otn t a ttpfh ft ft. r lt I 44 a m, 4 41 rfomnril4 4U limr'a ( htH, Ihiai-aa Hm. lcnM anq ,aHr C tut. ?4 Humboldt HEW CENTRAL EATERIA CAFE t.orar-4 aa Hihav ;t an4 I '4 in lmninn Hunftiilt fwrAl'nK in lamii) 4tnnr trnii an4 hi-t oti'i rrmfnth4r frir4 rhtrl.rn. Htntin patria 4in lf ianta(a tr.-r. Oai-k. fiMirin acrtif-' 4ir fnrtl-nM4. la 7 4 ft A ft. m. enoyd your meo emj f i ' l t m 15 Humeston JIMMIE'S NIWAY CAFE I Aral '4 an Hi hnav t.4, lav ill rnhn mi f rannlv 4innrr rbt , I hfV-an tW'H tm nn ft nal r ft an4 aiira. I'paan nintai itnt.phf. 4r rna4iitin4 fr tur rnifnri. f'lrnty nf fraa -ain(. Hum ft ft m la 1 ft. m. 4aii. (M .nnla al 1 ft. m. J6-lowo Cfy SMITH'S RESTAURANT Iwalr4 al 1 1 liiitirttjiH1, In 4'"nlnn wa llt aa Mnwa .'IH. 4 hn air r'tn Mitmr4 rrlanrant framnni I m fundi (tin"''- Mfc I hnna (hi , taf'Mut Hnnrria4 pairlr ft nria 1, 1 mi II Inta aitr ia ilrt Mrll watrr. rmiMlar ariira lnn 4 M 4. M In 1 IA f M 1htir(laa, 1444 rrnfflntrndr4), 17 Iowa Falls PRINCESS CAFE 40 fart I ha mm inratt" ln-a4 (a 4inlnwn va I ail na HuHmt Ml. hlri nmI nf H'ahaia a.y iraftirinff ramu ;" "T "V. rp rrram 4 ir n4tHn4 ir ump rimfnrt. Knannahta ftHfl. rhtftla ha n if! rnnm. ?8 Marshalltown UOYDS In-alp4 an HUhuav :t" MarhalMnn. 1 a'rt( n faniiMr if "Mrm a'a rlrnnif i aitn ratnr mrr fii hrnatifiil rarrMir4 Hmmi nm an4 grill rmmi I arv laririt af th f'nr ffHt4, Trrmtr, tOM",u rrr. I arvp fmr4 CHirlnc kit Op a II 4 M lit I' M 4a' 4 Inr4 Mnn4aa. i 4 4 4 Ilurnan Mtiw lnrmM rarnni-mrn4pli ?? Mosof? City TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT f'nntrntrnllf lf(l4 4tliiaft rtl Mlkh-Mat- I -4, aril la Innnkrni In rth Itna an4 aHih-pfi linn-nta H a lh 4 nnwipnli'ai Rinti't fnf '-liarrlml aat'n pinir" iil nr hraullful arw 4inln mnm fr ft 4-tl hlfnl tarirf nf imrrlir4 ft4 rarinf nron nnr ntfhttt nm a im arr frra parim la rrar 4r rM4tnw4 Oora 7 4. M. l niMtnlrhi 1 4ata ft ttark. 1444 frc ftftimrprfrd i 20-Pf. Vrrncn HOLIDAY HCUSE tin of Ittaa r- flrt'Jtu'naU, f n-mlr4 JM. Illha 'ti no nl, Urn-n-r. frattirlm inm rh nf hrrf. ItiH I-14'ia) i anadtan UaH rii4 -'"' -luiv. W idr afWla '1 rfru. 4lt ann4-Miclira lltintpntKil natrlr. I ar lr- Mv HnmcmaHp ln4M irtnal M ntp4 null ahiip-4 rrram. iiwrial mraa fr llir liMil'p. 4ir rnn4iilap4. wn 7 m. m. la f a. m. 4aii. 4 Inr4 Tnr-ilat. 21 New Hampton MAIN DIN E R CAFE (In m Hi. I an4 tl Ut rniir Inn tn tr(hcat 1'itta mmorhir n n rt.ntiif al U' 4lanil'r I nt. 4n rrr tinnaJU rlan rrinranl h rtrrlknt f and h"in mnd ml . Httn I tiflifir. 4tr'rn4-nH f"f mir rnm-ftpl V f I'ttta h Hiaav p-nnf nf ncra InrHid'it I imam ,IHI nrv-nn f h"r-h al ahi.a an4 sp fill rn, f lnrk al -tMi i ! M a mnf ah . ft,n Opa ftH4pa frm T "I ft. ni, In ft i ni. fk 4a 4 A .10 ft. m. I. II p. m. 22-Otofac?; CRESCENT BEACH LODGE On h?tillf.l mUp Hhohnil iul 6 ml. S W. nf Mnfofil nn Hlchrtav I. I'lan fjow tt 4t1rrirn, ll ftranHfill hht wfr Onr iak fmat 4'nlna rim nf'rfi tnBirMM fnnif 'a ft 4rll-hffn aimnrN-' WnifB.ll r Iliinrr rnf4 4'l p4 a 4 ft .!., 4 hiriia Ha "iriwn an4 fiwi'iT 4 ""wr nn Mi'l Mfcn I rnl narh I.n4ca fnr f"4 n I'r a arann. - . REO'S GOOD FOOD I'Mth I . M. 11. 4ir r.liirnnl -mii'lntio Ikhkril l'ak H'l .lnl il.nnr. rw llrHr-ln i.rv. In I hirk.n In h.i. Hlh ohrtmo, ld't I miii Mnhiirt. M'l ft Iftrr (rll b nllw .itnrtonh" Pt"l it f-r. nr' Ini Iln 7 Hu ft r0. fSes Peifttxroiiti, pion mgnfion fhii guld. m ' - 'Jilt .l.J.i-.4r-. 23 Omaha THE TOWN HOUSE RESTAURANT lniirU a n4 ml th fiar la Ih Mirlni-at 44 fcMinini 4luta tnmn Mwiia Mntrl fnr ntrr alti iH1!!. W ftpft la Omaha la tu. ! ar n i fft'ft fma. ft ilil In Ifta fnn Hnut an lit maka tntir "M ft nmrahla mriiM. ImalH al Vim A l"4. pa 7 4aa rarft al fnr ftrrftkfftkl. .unrftroft ftn4J lhanrr arnlra, 24 Osceola JONES CAFE -4 aa Huhwar l. i ftlnrlt Snrlft nf Huhvav .11 iiihra rnrar aff tnar. mia'a arr4 "! a A'Mp M al ft limr M 4ir rB4t'nn'4 fratfttf rani ai4 4mlnt rwn. rln I . ft. rhfMrr m-a'a. f ami' 4n"r ft amria-It tMMi'ra f-r fha lml4i ill hail prir. Onn 4aiiv ft ft, ! ft. nail (Avd Ihjrwlav 25 Ottumwa MOLLY'S RESTAURANT On I . ft II, In -aft (Mlnmna 4ft ftf- lr.HI, ft.r-fon4iti..n4 ft.nint PH.m an 4n ft a m. in niMnnhi aprlalifa in im4 alrak. (Hn nmkr4 ram lrftt h'tirtp a4 "al Innrhv art4 at all irw Hprciai aiirnlnn tn hi'4rn. I unrlirna an4 4lr. tn ftl '0. 4 htf nat'4 parkmf ln(. fhnna 2-44. J 4 4 4 lpminmrfi4'4 1 . 25 S'oux City TOLLIRS STARLIGHT IMMMi iimiM .ni 'irra M. fn If ihr.-uin 1-ill-r Mruc 4 n., AmrrU ra hnrmt 4m nr, Mnin rntnu rntmlrr n4 fmtnlaift rK'. 't : 'O ft. in. In 1 ini p m. 4aMr. Ill . m. In ft a m. nn4a an 4 H"tHa. 4 W ran and lahi ftnt Una fnnf al nurftrratv prirrt. I hH4rra a mnii a Pril prh-a. 4mrtfaft cooking. Air-mn4itianr4. 27 Spencer CRONK'S CAFE Uii'il aa M'thaav tt n4 14. Ftml'f finf MM.. 4 Hlrkrft afnnila tr4 Mir fatnnia b9rt. Part pfli f"f Urt rrniin 4 ral tn4 pift'aa 14 at. 4r rnp4Ulnn4. ('Pft ii ftoum ft ftat rr nnt 28 Stirm Lake STEAKHOUSE nr(kHt tia fn--l fnratr4 tft HtHnn A in4 II, in hraiillfifl Narm I mi Imiif MMh a pcranpatitv tfttitriii( M r fantMit ' nntinrtiiaj Huff- 4inn-r f hlrhrn fill Ham and TrHiia R'k nf - t . ftrM !Min4fc "m.n an4 lakrlav a4alnci. Othar fma f.M.-u rir4 ilaiiy 1 1 .00 ft. M. to I H Q p m 29 VosAngfon WINGA'S CAFE llMna nf Uahlnvinn lamntia r"f fft link lif-atM .1 hirwka orlh nf Hiffh wav i. a .Norih t4a nf ha iquirr, rl Ini a larg ant nf fma fn-H tii frtiMi 4:. 4 M, In 11:0(1 f. M. Iim'ii rnit nr 4fh'-iaui ftan4fty 4nnrrtw i 4 4 4 rr r 'tin niendrd . Water'ro THE CHESTERFIELD CLUS On lh i lh- 4imh. li I llft I .m.'rr-n. Hum Uf.Mirirf 4tr. t-r.lurliif iCMrMttit f.MMjft liiriiinir (ml. rhiri.M, l... Il.flmi illfinr inil p.!""w1. f. Mihilill lrt 4 .' Pirrr rnmlwi .. I4 I WrU , iKnrt. n1 l. ft., f.r? vnur rnt'-riiln nl "lor aii. trtltn i uur rwiMinl lftrflltm',, MfPthrr f th ii'nf' I I'lli Oprn lftt'f II 4. M. In J P V mni r. A. tt 1 4. M.. r.iM iin1t 3-'Wflver.y CARVER'S RESTAURANT 1 nrn'.rH oft ol.t. Mili" .1 " li ft, Hi.knn Hi., nl Hr 'Hr. ti.rmmiiriiiM t 4 4 4 Oftnr.n Hib, .-.urtnl ftnil li-o'uril 4 rnr4 I in-.-ft Moc.rln. HI.- H. mrnlf rftn In. In.m llrllix M.nhrf' l rn pi. I. 4innr. I ftni.Mi. (r .hlr Pr. rft I'l. 4nl'lr lliii.tpllnit oii-l.l ot.H. Oiriri.t litrkr lllnrier., Oprml lrnft fnr OMirft. 4f i flH- t-nn-i. Own iln R 'MI 4 M. In R r M. ii-', ft iih 4 JI. In nn r. i. 2J JU.U av.fto,

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