The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, December 8, 1930
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THE'DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP AND &OTTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS ' * • **-f (<>'• V- VOL. XXVII—NO. 226 Blytheville Courier, Bljthevlllt Dally News, _Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. 1 ^- ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECE.MIilOU 8, 1930 ,000 EMBEZZL tin Expect to Reopen |Wst National ••••• i • f 11 • • • *>•» - •r~: — —— '• — — —— W- •-- - * -" .: \ Acii-ess Slapped — n Vice- President Little Warns Depositors Not to Sacrifice Accounts. Revelation of the embezzlement of close to 450,000 from the I-Hrst National bank of Blythevllle. which has been closed for a week, has not interrupted efforts of officers and directors to reopen the institution. A. a. Little, executive vice-presi (lent, In a siatement this mornln? warned depositors against sacrificing their accounts to persons who may seek to buy them at a discount. Discovery of the theft made n" cessary a nostponement of the reopening, which had been tentatively scheduled for tomorrow mom- ing, but bank officials were conn- dont today 1C would still "be possible to resume business. Protected by Bond The S50.000 loss will be covered largely, if not entirely, bv surety bonds. The employes involved are at present under a 525,mo blini-et honri. but a substantial part of the Inss Is believed to date back to a. time when each employe was cov- in a L-jndon restaurant, Tsjllulah pvcd by a separate bond. If that Eanktaad. above, actrestl-daughter time can bs established .full recov- of Congressman Bankhead i-I Ala- ery is virtually certain, while in Slapped and mauled by «n uniden- Rogers Banks Take Unique Action:-Hope to 'Reorgan- ]ZC American Exchange. i _ : • LITTLE .ROCK, Dec. 8. (UP)' ' Three bank's of- feefeola to Close Doors January 1 and « ram mar school faculties werei rfficlally advised at a meeting her,n f; !t " rdat1 [ «enlng. tliat .funds, ^for Jl<! con tlnuotlon of school after the reported to have -'dis- tab'le .-with a.parly .of ^ .inv event there remains the TX>S«U i mis sed .the incident. According, tp bility of 'recovering part of th'» I witnesses, the woman -pulled o!f stolen monev from the men who 1 J * is5 Bankhead's hat : wltl} on$ have.admitted Us theft. hand and lashed her with the other virronv'case the 'financial, loss to ^thclstage star^was, seated.; aUa 'rte_bflnk, JJ any. will-\iotr.-b5 'such- as to jeopardize Its condition. In hiq statement th!s mornuV* Mr. Little pointed out that there may be efforts to profit by thc bank's difficulties through the purchase at a liberal discount of th? Recounts of depositors who may be In immediate need of money or who ere ignorant of the bank's condition and pmsnects. Belicvts Deposits Safe "I have every reason for confidence," ho said, "that deposits in Ihis bank arc worth 100 cents on the dollar. I would consider it vsrv ! vnwlse for depositors to sell t'.!ei>- i accounts at a discount to person 1 ;! Pair Believed ,Caotured at Marvel, Ark'.; Following Dayli Robbery. WHEATLEY. Ark., Dec. 8., (UP) who, realizins the fundamental I — Two unmasked bandits who loot, soundness oi the institution, mav i e d the Rice' Grower's Bank' of .wk to profit by the distress of j Wheatley shortly .after • it opened thorc whose money is now tempo- tnda y' escaping with $3,15S we're re- ther notice. . -.'..'. 'The action .was taken by the board of directors : bl the "First Na| tlona, American National and Farmers State banks last' night to guard against possible runs resulting from the closing of two banks at Bentonville. Saturday, the banking department v;as Informed this morning. Officials of ttie banking department declined to divulge what action, if any, the department would take regarding the restraining order. Officers of. the three Institutions conferred \yith_Assistarit Attorney General Claude Duty, last night and'this morning regarding the action. -Banks Feared Runs In a statement' to the . United Press today Duty said: "The action in limiting withdrawals 'taken by three Rogers banks is Justified on the theory that an emergency exists,- and notwithstanding that all three are solvent." ' . • . The banks'-.anticipated runs, today because E. F. Jackson, president ; the First National bank">f Hb«- ers Is" a brother -o't 'Elmer JjicJaflir- assistant ca'shler of the 'Benton County bank .which failed, although there Is absolutely no'connection between the two institutions. \_ . It was. reported to tlie bankin? department and attorney general's office that rumors had .been .spread through Rogers regarding the condition of banks'there and theipr- der. restraining withdrawals ' w'a s deemed necessary to. thwart • possible runs. •'• I- 1 -'. Duty said, "I have been informed -the banks will resume full-payment r -to depositors when th'e fear created by failure of the Bentonville bank subsides." " ' ' '..•'' . ; contract effective DecTember.. 1?,: when school elects for the holidays, 1 unless they prefer, to return it;-; ler the holidays for the remaining week of. the month. ' ' •' -., : . It was explained .by members)ofj the school board that due to'the : situation; it would be impossible ' to make the customary, arrangements lor funds with which, to operate the. scho-lli until such -time ai taxes could be collected in the'spring. .. The condition of the school district is not different to ' that .of former 'years, it is understood,' but- lunds provided by the special district tax are usually exhausted. -by the first of January and the. cuD- tonT heretofore has been to' borrow the monthly pajToll 'from, local •banks 'until such timt as the county collector turne'd over to trie local board its pro raU pert of the gen- rarilv tied up."' Seek Reorganization LITTLE ROCK. Dec; 8...(UP)ported captured near Marvel, Afk M T h at an effort will be made to re- Hank officials expressed their re- at luxm 'oday. A portion of the organize the' American '-Exchange grel Joday that the reopening, which it had been honed would take place tomorrow, would have to he DOsf-Donnl. hut oointed o<it the money was said to be recovered. The robbers drove up tci the bank in a large automobile about 9:30 a. m. Both entered with drawn necessity of sifting ths -embezzle-' revolvers and 'ordered ' Assistant ment case to the bottom before! Cashler Bernard Ray and a. cus- rcsiimln; business. j tomer to lie down on the floor. They In the meantime work of prconr- nurriedl i' ransacked the cash draw- "- J •-••' - ers, .scooping up all visible money into sacks, and overlooked valuable j securities in their haste to escape. After warning" the cashier and the 1 institution for ultimate" re- suniDlton of busmen Ins not be»u abandoned, and directors were I hopeful thai a definite announce-! mrnt could be made within a few days. 11 " ° turn in an ahrm dashed from the bank and j sped out of town in the direction of Marvel. An alarm was sounded Immediately and a posse formed to search for the robbers, as surround- Cl Usceola Masonic Lod?P mg towns were n° tlfi "l to keep a 5 [sharp watch for the car. J. A. McCutchen, vice-president B. N V/iknn NPW Mictar ". n. Tf 1ISOH H6W master OSCEOLA. Ark.-At the annual election of offirei-s of the Oicenlfi Ma'onlc Ledge No. 27 F. ond A. M. 13. N. Wilson, county highway en- of the bank, was informed shortly before noon that two men were arrested answering the description of the bandits and that approximately SHOO In cash had been found in their possession. Trust company which closed three weeks ago, precipitating a eencral run against approximately 70 Arkansas banks, was indicated today- following a meeting of stockholders of the Little Hock Institution. City.Superintendents a.t.Os- . ceola Plan -Legislative O5CEOLA; • ARK.', Dec.-: 8—Sup- erlritindents of 1 twenty>f)vp At- kansas schools sat;•• In on a- meel- ing'-' of the • legislative : comrruttee of--the• city supetlntendenfs\ sec- t'lo'n'.' of .the Arkansas 'Educational Aas'ociatlon'; Aiere . Saturday ; when te'ritatiye ' plans • for .-the,'.,- relief, 1 through legislation,-of the'-flnaricial situation which is ' hancycapplni city schools all over the state,.were discussed, 'and.-two possible measures : adopted' by Ihe' committee: These two measures',.will be. embodied "in the - committee's report to the city superintendents' section/ which 'will meet In: JfQt Springs on December 15 and 1.6 for the purpose of fomulatins bills of proposed legislation which the 1931 state legislature will be urged to enact- at the meeting of the A depositor's committee w a s I General Assembly In January. named at a conference to formulate plans for reorganization. The condition of the bank was outlined to stockholders, all of whom' favored plans whereby the bank would be rcotwned. The depositors' committee included Charles L. Thompson, chairman. V. J. Griffith. J. G. Lel«h! Prpd R. Brown, Vernon Jackson, and Nathan Alder, none of whom are connected In any official jf\- pacily with the bank. ^ Thompson said, "In its undertaking to devise plans for reopening the American Exchanae Trust company the depositor's committee has been prompted not only by consideration of the interests of all depositors but also by consciousness warden: Dr. E. R Bogan.' senior deacon: C. L. Jenkins, junior dca- ' f"? . con: c. M. Dennison treasurer and I 11 ^ believed the y hav e hidden the ' They had abandoned their car ° r lnc extreme public. importance i field where E. S. Chile;; secretary rernalr > ln g loot. They will 'be re' for the reopening of the tion at the earliest possible moment." Exptct Receiver »t Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark.—While no official announcement was forthc'im- [turned here later today •for'lilenU- . on j ficatlon, local authorities said. a joint installation of Masonic and j n ™ 7~ Extern star officers will be at- i rrOSeClltor Wounded in tended by Deputy Grand Master! n,..i W .. L u , Fred stuckcy of Lepanto. Tho' D3ttlC With Murderer. meeting will b? followed by a ban-1 PAWNEE, Okla., Dec 8 (UP)— ' OT tne First State Bank of Osco- ouet end icclal meeting. Eastern - - Ol ». which suspended business fol- Star officers will be elected on the Jack Powell, 85, farmer and alleg-. lowing the closing of the American third Tuesday evening in December. cd kl " cr of a deputy sheriff and an > Exchange Trust company ot Little ' I I? ,- e 5 r °', d , boy ' ^^ captured at | Rock several weeks ago, would be Services Held Sunday for Little Holland Boy Funeral services were conducted at Holland, Mo., Sunday afternoon for LeRoy Jones, five-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Elmore Jones, who died late Saturday fol- Would Have SUte Auumc Bonds Of the two possible plans advocated by the committee," which Is composed rf superintendents Geo. Doyle of Osccola, Will Pierce of Parajould, Fred Keller of Jones- bcro. R. C. Hall cf Lltlle Rock, J. E. Howard of Clarenden, J. .1. Doyne of 'Lonoke and .Dan clary of Pdrdyce, one proposeti that the state take over the bonded Indebt- "iress of the school districts In'ex- cess of 3 per cent of the district's assessed valuation In a manner similar to the Martlneau road measure, the necessary funds to be (Continued on Pago 3) ernl schcol. fund, when was repaid. -the Closing of the First State Bank here a few weeks ago has affected the local financial situation to such on extent that It will possible this year to borrow the IS,[STIflJ[S 111 BILES Ginnings of. 12,834,970 Reported Prior to Decem' ber First. WASmNOTON, Doc. 8 (UP) — — ...~ ^.. „, MI.M «, t ., V Li-»- J;$ tlnmtc<l 1'nxliicllon of cotton in sary lunds to "(Derate until taxes me Ul »t«l States in 1930 ivas 14,......... U..S. Warrants fpriSliipniaii and Sciott l)ue Today »re collected, it Is understood. Gus Childress, 35, pf Near Luxora Victim, 'of Tragedy in Missouri.Is'Report '"•Guy Qhlldress; 1 .. 35/'of near Lux. bra, died at the Blythevllle hospital thts morning from wounds said to have been Inflicted -by Henry Caldwell,; ;48;yeat-old former constable of the -Huffman .township. The trtgedy |-took place- late' last night abjout-.&'. quarter of a mile over hej '.Missouri line near Huffman. . S-o J far Is' known, no legal • Investl- B»tl6tr has'-bieri -'made.:' t . Mississippi coantj officers Jay that : the pase Is not within their jurisdiction and prosecuting attorney^: O.;i.E. ;' Hooker • of Caruthersville said this afternoon that - no affidavit had been filed with him. Relatives oJ Uie ..dea man stated they -intend- tp; prosecute -Caldwell, Childress'- was brought to the hospital at 1:15 'A. -M, by a, Mrs- Youhj, L : a widow,. ..-who .with. C aid- weUV'daughter.'-'.ifas an eye witness." -She is -said to have stated that Cdldwcll struck. Childress over Ihe'ittsd withl a -billet or 'pistol ShcUth'en kicked him in • i he ' chest after-fhroi-Ing him > to the ground. It is 'probable that a- post mortem ,^43,000 bales, according to the agrl- culture department today. Tlic 1929 cotton crop was 14,828,000 bales. .Simultaneously. the census! bureau announced Rlnnines to Dec. 1 aggregated .12,834,970 •' 'bales. The abandonment of acreage since- July 1st |s 2.1 percent, leaving 45,218,000 acres left for harvesting. Indicated yield of lint citton Is 150.8 pounds per acre, for harvesting. The estimated production states: , '; State- Bales Virginia ................. 42,000 by North Carolina South Carolina Georgia ..;... Florida •:.... Missouri ---- ; Tennessee Alabama. Mississippi 755,000 l 049 ooo 1,626,000 50,000 160,000 . 400,000 1.500.COO I/iulslana 110,000 Texas 4,10o!oOO Oklahoma ...*;. 900,000 Arkansas *•, 610,000 New Mexico -.'100,600 Arizona California Other;) .:...'.....,.... Ma)j B. Held of Reid, Evrard and Henderson, counsel for Aubrey E. Scott- inid John ,E. Shlpnmii, admitted linrllclpan'ls In the embezzlement or $50,000 from the First National bank, staled this afternoon that he would Initiate a move to have charges against the two taken Into ledcral court at Jonesboro. Ho Intimated that alter this was clono lie would seek to have them admitted to bond. It Is probable that Scott ami Slilpman will be arraigned before Ed Westbrook, Jr., United Stales commissioner at Joncsboro late today if the sheriff's ofllce here will release the pair from state charges • in the event federal warrants are Issued. Their release from state charges .will be'allowecl when asked. It U understood. Mr. Reid de- ilarcd that any charges against Ills clients wguld legally . have to ie brought In federal court and he desired ito have the proper court, In Jurisdiction of the case as-soon as possible.. Scott and Shlpman wero arrested last night on warrants Issued out of the office of Oscar Alexander, justice of the peace, and ball bonds were set at $25,000 and $5,000 respectively. They were unable, to make bond and were kept 111 custody of - officers, being placed in cells on tho third Iloor of the county Jail, this morning, Mr. Scott told the. Courier News this afternoon that'lie had no public statement to make other than Ills admittances to bank officials and attorneys. He stated that he could not tell what had.become of the money. 250,000 0,000 fcgh't tp"Refaia Craighead^ 1 Agricultural Agents FaiU JONESBORO, Ark—Not only will Cralghead county be minus the county agent and his assistant next year, but they also will be,lacklng Ule'services of Mrs. Dora Stubblefield, ' county home demonstration agent a'ccordng to Information, gained' following an adjourned 'day of Quorum court meeting here Sat- urda'yr.-Th'!> court 1 adjourned 'with no Selio'n- being taken toward're- considering the court's failure to make • appropriation for the posts the post'of- county home demonstration agent'also will have to be abolished because government appropriations will not be awarded a county employing but one agent the blow or kick in the' chest caused his death.•:•.'• • ' I • : The story is that Childress and Mrs. Young were, taking the'.Caldwell girl home when they were met by her father. An argument ensued climaxed with the former of- i fleer striking Childress. When brought to the hospital he was unconscious and died without recovering consciousness. Funeral services are to be conducted at. the. Sandy Ridge cemetery tomorrow afternoon. The deceased, who had lived In Mississippi county for 20 years, Is survived by one son, .John, three 1 intoxicated, reckless driving and daughters, Mlis Esteile 'Childress, (speeding In police c-iiurl Ihis mom- Mrs. Lela .Davis' and-Mrs. Lulajing... Forsythc; all of near Luxora, Grov-i ..Mary "Steel and Son Syeel, ne- c.r of near Luxora, Charles, of here! grocs, were fined five and ten dol- and.Walter Gators', of Brdwilsviilr, i lars'Vespecllv'ely, on charges of dls- HEITY Bailey Gets Delay in Drunken Driving Case Harry Bailey, well known 'along the Arkansas-Missouri line, was granted, a three-day continuance ct Tits trial on charges of driving while Tcna, and one sister, Mrs. Djiiie! turblng'the peace.' Bradford 'of Sikeston, Mo. He is '' : Carl Sheddan, 20. .._ _ ... also an uncle of Mrs. E. Damon of on a charge of netit larceny. lie Hi<» ~lt.. • ". •• i \ '. ..... *..... tills city. was fined SIO was arrested by chief M. o. Good- Blytheville Undertaking company i win, when the police head espied funeral arrange-1 the youth taking a bntile of mill: 1 from the doorstep of n ncljlibor of Is in chnrgi men Is. Ancient Scottish;Bible < i;; 1 / Survived English Attacks Hidden amonsr-lhe rocks by shepherds in the vicinity of Edinburgh ing the rumor was current here j neatly'500 years ago to escape dc- thls afternoon that a receivership struction by the English, an old Ratson, okla., early .today after a announced tonight, gun. battle in which Assistant Ccunty Attorney Lewis Raba was! shot three limes. » Raba, who was a member of the posse seeking Powers, may not live, Sheriff Allen Jones, said.. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair Monday Tues- lowlng a brief Illness. Ths Rev. day. Not much change In tempera- Henderson, pastor of the Holland j ture. Methodist church, officiated at the According to the official weather funeral services and burial wss j observer, Charles Phillips, the min- made at the Holland cemetery with ; imum temperature here yesterday the Blythevllle Undertaking com-! was 12 degrees and the maximum, pany.'n charge of arrangements. ,54 degrees; clear. On the same day Besides his parents'.^jjc chlW \= a- year ago the minimum temp?ra- sitrvivpd by three sisters' and two ture was 42 degrees and the maxl- 1>rolll <' rs ' ,, mum 65 degrees, Ben Lino'sey Arraigned Scotch Bible now In the possession of Mrs. J. H. Starkey, of tlils city. Is a prized heirloom with an'lnter- estlng history. i - •' The antique volume, prlnUd In the Gaelic language, U in a remarkable state o!. preservation. Its leather binding Is still partially Intact! although the steel tips a.iid . _, 1 I J 1 * I t«VVl MAtl'VUQll *!!%» Bl^Ci H^T3 ttJ JU I0r Disorderly Conduct ; relnforcemen t It was originally I equipped with have long ago been Inscriptions made on some of.Its "not guilty" to charges of dlsor-! leaves centuries ago are barely dls- derly conduct todav when ar-1 cernlble, but a number of blrUi records, dated as early as Novem- NEW YORK, Dec. 8 (UP)—I Former Judse Ben Llndsey pleaded' ralgr.ed In West Side court In connection with his eviction yes- ber 14, 1766, can be easily read. Divine C2thedrfll °' S '-' boo ' i was f<>r centuries a onn, we uivme. , pos^on O f the McKtHar family. His hearing was set for 2 P. M. | of which Mrs. Starkey Is a de- Friday after Llndrey explained to i acendant. It Is f»inlly tradition that MHstrote Drcyer he had engage-1 this volume was kept by the Mc- ments, one In Reading, '-Pa., to- Kellars during the historic days ot f"v.-. another in Hartford, Conn., the old clan letiders, Wallace. Douz- Thursday. leaders, Wallace, Doug| i u j, n< i Robert ths Brucei It te said to, have been hidden from English thc chief's. 'P^r'celPost Bomb Kills Osceola District Officers Active Over Week-end: Alleged Thieves Nabbed OSCEOLA, ARK.—A white man and a negro were awaiting trial here, and another white-man was belng^.sought, following a series of liquor raids-Saturday night by J. W. Co,x, ,.>Benny Johnson and David Turner' of the sheriff's office. Liquor seized In the raids, placed In a cell In the courthouse, was slolen Sunday night by an un known marauder who broke into (ho building and smashed the lock to the cell. Leo Adanir,, negro cafe proprietor, 'was hound over to thc grant Jury under 51,000 bond, which he failed to furnish. OHIcers found two buckels of liquor at his place and 20 gallons of wine In his cor.l house. W. H. Brcedlove. v,'hltc cafe proprietor, will appear In" court to morrow. Officers found a case am a half of whiskey at ..his place A raid on Ihc A. and P. bus sla lien, Jim Cornell, proprlelor. net ted n case and a half .of llquo: but Cornell was not found. Shorty Hinklc, and two other; named Redmond and Dye, al white, were arrested at West Ridgi Saturday night. They face charge of attempted robbery and assault with intent to kill following an at- tcinp.t Friday night to rob the Chapman-Dewey store at West RIdgc in I he-course of which t'.ie night watchman was badly beaten. Fred Barrow. 33, of Island SI, was held lo thc grand jury as an accessory after the fact to recent safe Bobberies at Joiner. Bob Kenton, 37, white, also of Island 37, FIRSI rail: Aubrey Scott, Cashier, and John Shipman, ' Bot»k- ( keeper, Under Arrest.. 1 ';; Aubrey E. Scott, cashier, '-. and John E, Shlpman, general bbolc--. keeiwr of the First 'National'- bank, '•"-! were In county Jail today following-/./' their confession to embezzlement ' of bank fmids.arid falsification "and destruction of bank'records.'-,'.:.:;;: ' >i A cash shortage of close to '$50,000; : '^ was dlicovered late Friday by Vrui-" ''::•-. am R. : Young, binK'examIh'er,'and j':i Junk employes,. and Queitlpning \oj /.'' Young and Shlpman Saturday and v! Sunday brought'admissions 'that ~S accounted 1 for $37,800 of : th6.mqriejr.' i.V: While. tho men ' are 1 • now • being .V:' held on state charges; the pffensesV! which they have admitted are vlb;...,),; atlons -of the federal laws, and"l.t -:'-V Is regarded a* : cert aln' - federal 1 -.--"','; charges will be brought agalristV'' them. - . . - .- •':••,'• .-.•.'; The matter has riot been silted,.to -V" the bottom,-: but the dcfalciitlSni p j-"J may prove to involve persons.6u^>.:-:. : side the bank,, and further .amisits •'?•' are possible. .Izzy Thomas, assistant '"; cashier 'of the, bank, has. been qu,esi' .'•' tbned, but no charges have- Beeri : ^ brought against him. , ..' .:»•:•.•-._• No suspicion 'of anythingi'-'-.wrpafg V-V In the affairs of. the bank develop^ '-' edl until late Friday,., wlie.n'..-lfir; •"} Young, the examiner; came ' upon on entry, Indicating a big dlscrerW '-\ ancy . between the .'deposit • total : ;. shown rn the general l«ger"nhd ; . : the total of the Individual ..deposits .; ledger. Scott, In .whose haridwrit-' 'i. ing the questioned'.'general' entjy .-was made, at flrst professed .Inabil-;-:; 4tjr l6:«pl»Jh It, but the next 'day, : V after ce'rtairija^lrnlssioris'had b^en TV' obtained from Bhipman, admitted that there r»4-been a s Ing over a 'period of more than •&'.-• year; • '.-••• s • . . -.' Concealed Orerdnfti • The method followed by • Scott.-, and Shlpman wa» to ctah cheoks against their own accounts but fall-.: to charge them. The. checks'were| put with overdrajts and.other caslic; items and later were put aside, be-... ing'carried In a concealed over-" draft account. To coyer up the'.ifej- stractloru; a balance was forced be-- tween the controls. on the Individ.-. , ual depcilt ledger and entries, on the general books;. In' .this."way the. general ledger showed the bank's .cash as 'It actually was, but showed deposltii approximately $50,000 \liss. than they actually were.-' '. : ~» Further Juggling of various accounts, was resorted- to at tlrhes': of bank examinations to maintain • an apparent balance. .'"".: No evidence has been discovered of any manipulation of the record^ . of individual deposits,' and bank . officers are _ confident that these . arc correct. . • •-...,' Telb of $37,880 Information given by Scott yes ; terday was lhat $16,000 In round : numbers, was taken from the bank. ' In the way outlined above prior to April 1 of'this year. At that time a new start was made and lo the lime of the bank's. clgs r . Ing a week ago today an additional $21,£00 was taken, partly; by the concealed overdraft prc£ T cedure and partly by manipulation of clearance records. Scolt|s figures account for $37,800, slUl leay-. Ing abcut S12.0QO of.the apparent shortage unexplained. . '" Bank officers and directors who participated hi the questioning of Scott nnd Sliipman Saturday and Sunday believe lhat llic men, while making admissions that seem cer- lain (o send tium to the federal l!cnlte:itiary for long terms,, have, not told the whole story. They. May an ,„ ellt persecutors who sought to: destroy >= now n as "Ihc alUBibles in Scotch homes not fm? "" " printed .In the English language, smuggled .from Scotland to. America, when members of the family Oeap>r.«tions later the book was came to this country and 1 settled In Virginia. After being In this country many years, one of the women of the family, Mrs. Sarah Coleburn, a grandmother of Mrs. Starkey, was] sent back to Scotland by her great, great grandmother. Her purpose was to learn the ancient Scotch tongue so that she would be able to read from the Bible to the almost century-old grandmother, one ot the old settlers who could understan-1 no English and who was very lond of Bible reading. This Is claimed to be the only Scotch Bible in Arkansas, and Is highly valued by the present owner. Authorities who have examined the- volume place Its monetary value aj-hlgh as $3,000, although. Mrs. .Staikey. considers It worth a much greater sum in sentiment. "Millionaire Newsboy" " B ,IIPI T .,, v : sme cas?, were reease u'rt "bcc^nc for lach of evl(icllcc ' Jlm Bow- U'«it lo persons outside rnnl oi,™«S° man ls st!11 bcln S 1lcl " I" «""«- NonC of thc OVErdri '."^ rc .,"?* . ^.. "on with the case. have b=en discovered, an and Arch Wilson a^d Lfcle Jack-j ! 'ave given no. information as to ton. negroes, held in connrcilonj tlle use m *de of the. money, but. with. !he'same cas?, were released i !;!WC indicated that some of .It the bank.- aft checks ith the case. 1 navc b=en discovered, and Shipman his- ion, 16, seriously hurt when, cided lo open his "birthday pres- Blast Destroys Ship Seeking $6,000,000 Gold BELLE ISLE. It was Shlpman's assertion that Thomas knew of the destruction, of the checks thrtt led to the questioning, of (he latter. . ' -* Ural Is for $5,M4 Cashed' Discovery was made of four drafts for a total of $5,000, drawn In the name of Pete Minyard against the Minyard Gin company ... of Holland, Mo., which, bank of- Dec. 8,;cldent today. The monarch suf-! fleers were told, were cashed last King of Denmark Kurt in Automobile Collision COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, Dec. 8 (UP)-Klng Christian was slightly InKired; In an automobile ac- tUP)—The Italian 'alvage ship Ar-. fercd face cuts when his auto | January but never charged against tlgo, Hearing succ r ^ m an effort to j collided with another car. relrleve some ss.KMOO In treasure frrm t- ? sunken gold I liner 1 Egypt. wa;i sunk yc*!;rdsy by a deep: sea explosion durins operations to. remove the wrerka^e o( another; PARMAN, Fonnost, Dec, 8 shin, the steamer Florence. Earthquake in Formosa th« gin company's account, but I held as a concealed overdraft, i Minyard has not been questioned [concerning these drafts. Information was also given by Scott ti:at ch;ci3 , , a o An earthquake occurred In south-' cashed'by' : at least Fourteen mernters of Hie crew, cm -Formosa at 2:20 p- m. today.; of the Artlgo were lost and seven j Four-persons were killed and five! wore injured, | were seriously injured, (Continued on Page Three)

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