The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUE BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 9, urn THE ^BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUHUSHEHS C. B, BABCOCK, Editor - H, W. HA1NES, Advertising Itfanuger Sole National Advertising RepruenUtlvcs: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Clncago, D«:-vlt St. Louis, DaUas, Kansas City,.Memp!iU. PuMlcJitd Every Afternoon Excqit Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the i»st ofllco si Diythcvllle, Arkansas, under net o! Congress, October 9, 1917. Served oy Die United Prtss SUBSCRIPTION KATES By carrier In tr.e City of HlvtMevllle. 15c iwr week or SG.50 |x-r year in ativtmro. By mall within a radius of M miles. S3.00 per yenc, 51.5") lor six monthi, 85c fcr ll.rce months; by mail in |»sial zones two io.slx, Inclusive, $6.50 per'year. In zones seven and ehjht, $10.01) JXT year, payable in advance. Fascism Presents Us With Another Laugh If you I'ri'l that sumi'lhintt drastic ought to Ue dune sihoitl -aviiiR Ihu republic, and if you also, like to wear nice uniforms and have- a reeling I'or vague siipernatinalism, then yon surely will want to know alioul tlu- Silver Shirts. This seems lo bi> a Fascist sort of outfit now Ill-inn orgiinixed in the middlewest. Us leader is u man who says thai he once died and then returned to earth, endowed with supernatural powers. As ;i result, it seems, lie possesses "phyehic antennae." with which he is> uMr to perform such prodigies as malic forecasts actord- intr to the dales which are inscrihud ... in stone on I he great pyramid of " Gizeh. It should IK- added, perhap.s that Hie g-entleman once was employed 'as a scenario writer in Hollywood. •> » » Sonic time between now and lil;iG, the Silver Shirts plan to seix.e Hid reins of government in the United States. They arc op]»scd violently to nil ic\vf, iissert'mg that tbe Jews control hot'li international linance and the U. S. administration. Yon can join this iuelYnhlfi outfit for ?10, vyliieh hi-ings you a neat uni- ','..' form consisting of L-am[>aign hut, silvi-r shirt, blue corduroy pants, leggings ••• , V.-.-rllJU. > 1111,:'.. and lie. Presumaoly, also, you are : pnl in touch 'with the leader's mystic ' ' revelations from beyond the void. Now all this—which must he taken seriously by at least enough people to -- give the leader a living—really' represents a lucky break I'or America. * * ^ The; contagion of Fascism, which afflicts European countries very badly at this writing, seems to break out in • this country only in symptoms which are laughable. Some months ago there was the fiasco of the Kluiki Shirts at Philadelphia. Now there is this • woozy business of the Silver Shirts; and the result is a sort of rcduelio ad absurdmn of the whole idea of Fascism. II is being presented to us, not as a movement which can enlist the sympathies of determineu men. bill as a supremely dim- aberration al which we only can chuckle. That, to repi.-a',. is a lucky break. OUT OUR WAY Once lc-l mi idea tft-t it humorous «»so- ciiition in Uu- niiiuls of llui American people iiiul lliey never will take it seriously. If 'wu are lieing introduced to Kits-Tism in its most ludicrous guise, there is small rlumro UwV we ever shall commit Iho blunder of I'iillinj; i'or il. —Hi'iicu (Hilton. A City Speaks Up One i)l' I lie hilt-resting side issues in cuiillecH'Hl \vilh lilt- case 1 of tile nnlol'-. tons Uilliiitfi'i' jiiiiij? in lliiil :i ily ni last lins I'tiinut a way of pressiiiK its tlis.siitisfui'lum with l yers who stiuid In'tv.x'Cii iTiioks Thirty Days That Rocked the Nationl * * * the Crash—One Ycar*Af?cr Harry I'krpiml, urn- n|' Hie njiiinstur.-. is hold in .jiiil al I-iin:i. ()., "ii a rhai'tfe of nuiriler. lie ivtainwl as his counsel an attorney who also h:i|)|nMicd to lie i-ity *)lii'iiw of l,inr.i. And what did tlie city I'oiiiiril of Ijina do hut (k-rnnnd that (his lawyer -c|>arale liim- tielf Jit once I't'ijiii tiie city iiityroll, as a peiinlly I'm 1 ili'fi'iuliiiK !'ier|)tinl ! Now this, pv»t>iil)ly. was ;ui unjust and impolite UII'IIK tu dn. lu'ery ;ti-- cnscd man has l[ic ri^ht to retain conn.SL'l; liu-ry lawyer has a rijjlil to I ii hi'i u ciisc that is ull'ered him. And yet, eonsiderinn one tiling willi another, it is at least easy to mjder- slanil why the Lima city eonncil did what it did. l-rosldull KvBscvtlt signs Ills lirtt bill—Hit bill iflvlnr lilm extraordinary hanking itowers, which VMIS ruAhrd Ihiuush Congress on- Us first ilny. Twenty-Fourth Day, March 9 ME GUESSES SIDIi GUiNCKS % George Clark on Hack 1'ajt't CHURCH EXCUSES By Gto. W. Barium Liver more, Again .li-ssi.' l,iverniiiiv, mice famous as "the buy plunger" of Wall Street, is busied again. His |H,'lilioii in bankruptcy disclose-; that lie has liabilities ul' inure, (linn $2,2M,()()U und assets of approximately ?!8i,t)00. l.ivermore has been broke before, and has come back to make a millionaire of himself. No one familiar with this career of this canny trader will (Initbl thiil he will do the same thing again. He knows the Wall .Street game as few men Uiunv it. He .may go broke, but a man of l)is kind never slays broke. Bui the career of this famous speculator seems to stand as a kind of symbol of the whole stock market arena 1 , a steady cycle of boom and depression, periods of great alfhience followed by periods of extreme financial stringency. And what, in the loug run, does it all amount to? Just who. in the end —if anyone—is the gainer by (his kind of operation? Surely not society as a whole. SK.VT: uy cuts. lloosevell :ttks ItV WII.MS THORNTON serve authorities in New NKA .Service Staff Correspondent $'J5.000.0W for llic week. 1'lie TJril Congress, summoned four tints' notice, mel In an tosphei-e of solemnity strut «rav- ihat Mad not. been seen In the ipilol since war days. In the oiifc B'lllery, kiiilUiii;, sat, Mrs. oo.sevcll. Immediately nfier convening, the IminlxUiiUon's bank bill was )>ut ,j s lore Hit House, so hastily prc- ircil Hint copies had not, even en printed. Members knew what bill contained only insofar ey Uciiid Hie clerk icda it from :iBlc copy scribbled -with pcn- l«l covvcclloiiK. In Just M minutes tltc House isscil the bill, unanimously, put half liour lalcr il was before tlie etiaU'. Here thetc tvns some ion del/mi 1 , but the Scnnle, too. issetl Hie bill promptly, 73-7. In tea ei«hl hours after It had onvcnccl. the 73d Congress had i.^-seil Ihe key bill giving Ihe iires- • lent dlclalurlitl powers over iin-) oiindiny of sold, Issuing of cnr-j cncy, cmlil trnn5Rctlotis and relmi exclinngc. A few sighed with regret to sec Const-era "iibdiculc" il.s powers >: but. many moi-c .sighed with clief al [losillvc proof thai a vcp- 'UliUivc assembly could, act luickly iincl positively in an etn- Sliurlly after (liiincr. I'ro.sidcnt ftooscvcli received Ihe bill, and ill 1:25 he .signed it with n borrowed fountain j:c-n. The New Deal was on its way. I Another $30,000.000 of hoarded:! gold was turned in lo J-'cdcrul He- I I Water Works KrOicn UTICA, N. Y. (UP)—Many residents of Ulica find nearby cilie.s and villLige.s went on mender ru- of muddy water during a week when wiitcr jil|>cs llirougli- mil the area were fioyxni during 1 ;i prolonged, cold spell. Brewers vc- imrtccl greatly Increased sales of Mother and Joe arc like a lot of church members, They have enough time Hi-cuing baptism lo York i have made ihcinselves viilunlilo to I lhe causes llieir tebpei'tive chnveh- c.i represent. Bui like a loiolincin- i federal I licrs "icy !llc molc rom-Ji-necl I about my elinrcli anil my baptism: [than they are about, tiic smite! that the (j)uinh could render In] teaching right HviiiB as exempli- . field by the Man who tauftlil Uu way of life. Mother .says -.he is; ready to slop the argument any i r:.j!ii nu-iiiuil. f tolti (hem lime Joe is willing lo admit, Iliac liiiut cln-y may lica:- Ihe word 1 !, she is right and Iliat her rlmrrli |-whv .stand ye iicre idle," for 1 was ninong Ihe firil. if not tliv i',n nui fcncnv of a lietter example ! J M ",J ^j,,, ]lim very first to discover tlinl lln-'.ol niltni^s tlian l\vo or moiv pm-. "You're aniiind." just k-rriljly uiimsiiif; whon anyixidy «[<« is bolh coni'ince Jw Uial he is vvi-ong ll il takes hot 1 until the day she fol- Icvvs him lo his ^ravc or whercvt-!' . ccr and (|i!i-.s!!o;:, but motliei 1 .snys she will Rend Cuuner News Wtnt Ads. KATHARINE 'AVILAND-TAYLOR IVI.p nrrltr* UnUKHrr. ESTEI.r.E. ' fnlli In love wltb ker ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Ne*s hns been au- Ihorlzcd to announce the following as candidates for public office, subject lo the Dcinocralio primary iiuxl August.: j'.op ul —Henri is Uu- prey of a uand of criminals \vlio r.o'.tuii 1 ^ lo carry cut llvoir evil ucU. Chsvon. inhiUtcr ol justice-. For Member CLINTON L Fur Sheriff j CLARENCE For KC-elcctlon r.- Cnnsrcss CALDWICLL and (.'nllcclor H. WILSON for Second Term No ma'.lor I'.uw fat a ivouirtii ;; man 'o: ln-i .'time jlluLC. —Mr.-.. I circt;:. I;i'. \uanan. Ihere'.s 1 Orerr, • he Loid iii-.isi have been wrom; if caintuiism w:o(i'^. llidn't the Lord kr.o\v wliat Ifr was iiy when He mivi: Abraham his l'n>l 1/K. and when lie -Setiaui! 1 llwi y Uol Ins i:rct-n pasture? Rv Williams; For County Treasurer UOIjftNU OREEN' JOE S. D1LLAHUSTY tor Cireiill t'ourl Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDISO.N For County Court Clerk FEED FLEEMAM For Tie-Election lor 2nd Term For Assessor R. L. (DILLYi CVAtNtS U. C. (IKE) HUDSON BS I Si \i WH1I ANV iiE'UL ON Y TH' SUIT CA i'M PA-5G1M 1 OF Tri 1 FuU. 1 OOM'T UK-L V^RY WuUL— HELL GET PLE.NTV Of AIDIN WHEN THER A'.N'T '-. KO3O9Y AROLD-jD. i / '1'LL'lrtKE HIM CUT—\ 6IVF. HIM TO MR.! \ A vVOLil-DM'T D1S65ACE p A BHi HF- MfV:! ; T HOPS, WHEN YOU'RE ; MARRIED, SOUR \MIFE : SMILU LIKE 8LOCO- ' S-IOUMP5, OR WOLF / ^, DOGS. -- . For Constable Cliickasawb.i To» JACK of FOR fITV OFFICI..S Ejection Tuesday, April 3- for Cily Clerk S. C. CfUUG n. T,. MCKNIGHT ROSS BEAVERS For Cfty Attorney SAM MAXATT 0 >WJ5- pucci,explctrr. -ill fir tfVdcld TUlVcU ^ Old salts '<?.tncy dQJ:'( voi.KU Pioierri rnlilllli ktinn* nnlhlnK ol llltf pnfvnt*—n (tlltd GnulUhmnn «nd n xrrtnnl elrl. An n child h« ran n\rn7 fmrn ANOBI.A. rkr llfirr- lm« ulrl* In trbnip care hr ":i« int. *\nre thm hp hn* ll*p« «llh ,\<lltnl< XOVES. nnnlfd bT luill^^ rnr n mnrdrr ytnt* bftolf. TKI1 JI:fFIME^. « earn «l Ike I'lrlil hnnif.. B*r* .VorrB nmA rte- ir> hlil^ In the •vrnnin Hud fr«M< Uc- n. nirrr Mnj Ihrre. In Ihr «nnru|i N'njm hfnn • null ?lrl oi^fclnu plnn« In rnb Mi.- I'lc-M lionir ditTtnK tfc* •»!»•- K'lElmnl fclllne NIIJFW. rablltli ljn« il<*trrnilnrd to EI> rn (kt fncty Ii. ordff (• talk to C«ltll«. B* MI\V co os WITH TUB sronr CtlAFTGK Vftl. p,\llt,lTO found Noyej share lliey liat) agreed to meet In oan of Ihe swamp near an OD Blrelrb. "It's all right." lie said, seeing ttie shadow that was Noyes. "Ynu'ra sure?" the other a: In an undertone. "Ws. I'ro occn to Ihe camp and to ilaniiim'9. Notioily's been tolt- Ins In either place. tVe been lliinhlns Jeffries may not have rcenr;iii?.ed you—" "lie fcnew inc all right. I saw It In Ms eyes." "lint you were facing tho Bun." "Just the same he knew mo." "Well, any Bay, It's all right. 1 * Pahllto Btnoped and untied Noyea' canoe. U'hea lie raised Ills head he saw tlio faint glow of tho firo farther In tho swamp. "Knmcono here!" ho asked. "Yen. I'll Icll you about It laler. I dnn't know what to do about what I overheard. Dul lei's siarteil." "All rlslit. Heady?" "Yes." I'ahlilo yavo the canos a shore and led II Co tlio end of his boat. uice I'ablllo gat^c UK canoe expression. a cliauga ot expression. Ik thought quickly. Thcro would bo a boat for Havana In llio morning. It Korea could get ore ovcmlilns would 1)0 all tigM. It Noyca weal down lo tho flock at once he ti'ii'.-.i bo able to Elcal aboard. Qm'C on tlie boat It would ho quito si:>.;.:..• lie H E beard himself thaokiii.i 1. off. Then ho came hack in '. shack and outlined His p!,::i Xoyes. "I'll join you 13 soon as I •-,,•. Pablilo promised. "We'll mcci j Utat hotel called 'U M:r.i.- I t'To heard Kerry al the enain si-c lag t!io toreador c:;li:n;o. Koycs, ah'.:it :';-a iiu:c. ri-al! lio U:-.;l f.ill t'.U.litQ what l'.:i'l hcarit In tj.> r.v.atiui. He. Hi* ; '.i'.o tievor v..-ni to I-'iclil'a camp :-.i!cr the fall r! il'u-k. At Uic ti.i.k.; !;.-• ;.:ir.;s;l. I!" H.--1.) IKIVS jual i-,:.f dri:i'K. lie 'irjirlp;!. l;o | : r,c:ik^d altoard One d-'iak ". irrli.i]:; — i-.oiild SIMd.r •. ? i]i I not go to BnnturnV •.od in!-) a n:orG obscarc 1 L-re he was nut well known • hi' ilo.v:; and ordered a of n:!ii. : ?. f:v.- n:;i]i:tes an niisiiaTen wfii fnd once ticca wbite. 1'iic ho -r.r f., fi!:n. fi '•'•:L ti:r ;» v.-ri In ile made it fast to iha second bojt.l 0 ' n ottcn - You '" "'" '° S " ; "' B..I In and headed home. ,, Q ! board tonlgM wltbo',.1 »«vo,,, ,.,- whlnleil on (lie way. He «aa re- j las Ilevcd lieraiire Noycs r>as sate and! an ' J you can t1p an:r Iscaufc | i9 had hU costume. Per ' " tUw CB|3 you ' Ucl °"' haps on the following nlghl he wcinld lalk lo l^stc-IIc. When they reached Ihe Island he (Led up bolli boats and followed Nojcs Into ilia shack. Looking over the older man's head he saw eyed ivlth n-onder, was cjcileil llicsG preparatiuus. "1 tliink. my" Me f.n "liiat this ivill lio rnlhor parly—" It was nr the end nr ifio nfler- noon anil li» anil ihe yhl wcr'j moored by llvf^ dork in l'ie tio'dl Pahllto had rua for llieiru EslGllo looked tawuid Ihe Intnl. There bad Iweu cliiin^c? fiycii ditr- . Ing (Eie hour ihey lud spent on (lie j water. Thcro irns o lilt lenl wild a cotorftti Vcnctinn awnitis Fnlkcil lo tlio grontitl by tnll jwlea will) gildeil L0[is. and a foresi ot ever- 1 greena had suildpnly sprung up. If only, slie llimiclii. she could svartder tl;:s fairyland uitli soino- ono like [lie J'onn^ niaci ulio rnn her father's hoaia so edlrlentJy. j She turned tier uelicate. oval fare toward 1'ablitn. "It could not help but lie a veiy wonderful [uuiy." st\t f;ilci urn! tor the first time her voice \v;is a liitlu vasue. l-'icld sleiipcd from Ihe Imai to help tier out. Pahlito. nnc Eirony, IP.nnoi] hand on the (lock and the oilier on llic cds« of the bnni, looked up at her. "it \v;is a line run, 1'alilito." 6he "Thank you. Miss [CMeUe." "\Vill yon be working iiere lo- nlght'!" slia o.ucstinncd. "No. Miss Ksicllc." "I'm snrry. I: will t« tKliitlful with all tlio colored lights. I Ihini you might like lo sec It." • • • '•'•'T'HANK yon." ho saif- tgaln. j Then lie watrheil t«v ranVn 1 her way up Ihe long. watt-T-MacV- encd dock toward the land. ; i-'in'd l»ft her as Blic set foil ; uiio:i liie hcnc'i and returned l'i . r;il.|i;n. "Pmilh." lie said. "I «aiit a Ilillc lalk with yon sorno tlnie. Sli.'ilt wo say tojiorrow mivniiiS at IT" "At any U:i.e l!-.r,t suits you, sir." "Very wi-li. Tl-cn I'll espcct you at [hat hditr in itiy office." 1 "Yes. sir." "1 «ant to i!o Misrieihin;liiat will I)D ralhcr suri'l Inr vr-:j, Suliltl." "I'lr.iUii you. 51: " Alone. I'atitito w-'.r-.dercd why tila onipluycr slinnlrl «.m: to talk with lii in. Ile di'uli'.ed Kn'M's intca- tlons. lie had lic.-ird .it bis Imlns "yood" lo uiea hcr^rt- n:*rt knew fi.ini v.herc he bad Inien sit-1 . r.iei: or warvliii; u:er «ail-Inns Noye.-. lie scttlfd i:ic yoa. Tako plenty ot a-.r,:,i'> of llicr.i to help you through the c-.-.sii.-.-i house, too, so the officials won't sec you. I have enougu 1 ini'i'.!—" Ho gave Noyos flOO; fee bad 51j left, Koycs packed a few llili^s l:> an IJe t:e.vcomcr; j •-• roll r.f liillj. n.ii'c o:in 0:1 i;ic. ho bsrl ' l!i-2 a:a i-tch i.ore. Jet- ot ..'l".i:l!i 1:5 would go <l[iiva t.) the v^l in lip.iicl (ho b'jiil without ;i;o;iO talKS him. : t!.e i,:;hl ot •XQ'M lii. f.!r.3 i:» mans aad be W f.>r n.irhin'j N'o diribl. H.ihllln diirilnl. fries linrl told il ham.c Xoyca. Ho nnifl l:a l 'e «»•''!!It to Field asirt n.-«' l-'ii-irt was rlannlns to use ibir- ln!-i;t:i:n|pn for h:3 own |.r.r;"- r f "» «OI|M try to make ,1 inol ol liie oao wlio was shielding Noes Well. I'abllto reflected, Nnyc? was in I'una M Jacl;, or.!> ot Hie Forvantj nt tuc I old tiag; ttieo Pablilo iioicd li:m comp. I to Ilia mainland. They said fan.- "!i/llo," I'atdilo slid wild forced! well hastily. Palililo watclit;! cuilliliiy. "Wpro havlns a parlyJ Noycs up <h« track until lie r -''• iir.u;;!;l a tilend home wiUi rjaloul ol slElil. then went liack lo 'the suack—alone. Kor a Ce« mo- Jji i> mailt v.o rculj lo tliaU "1; incala lie sal "" Noyw' co1 ' '<>"<'" cvtnv: ovnii lo walni >i>u-all," he' ins Noyci' Hilluvi. Then, tic.'.an^o « "Alice. Mis' Jeffries' | lio karcd to indulge an nunianlj «-i»:.|. >!.e —*' ' display even while aloue. lie arose .'»uiiu teaid ih« ;loi; n-uti.:iit I and opened Ihe p.u-kase conlslo tlie I this lin:e. Ile ilr Or- 1 rteritlis ol nlnc!i -,;h. n-ni 'I 1 !;;-. c;,;:.p> w: t :i .1 ;'vrcw,;3 n -io turciic; I'.ote airJ ilicre ^ave.tlcf. i>!f waveriii; fi..mc3 ntiicb tnadej Lootiae l:i M.c nalins cast lonp, black, uncer | standing Mfo:c iht- •Miii t!ia:io\ss. HIUF; \\ere spread j Itecn set up uliire i l u:';t cis^.ina.'. 'liie lioats were | water. Ho hoiird rfivrui'.r Vhai n ^if,,in .-.iliSt as Gondolas. A Kowj Field *vrmld furb tlmee n^iiurat 1'.. Y.-.r* r..ivisi bait |MOd'.i«ri a rosai stlticis ot bis wlilcli bad i->-eo •!:- t.ndco and Kiaucols, also ot New • played so fully ill i>ilii-r r.m.p [ .r- .York, bad presided marvels of' tics. Doubtless lie w.nild. iio j food and drink. i hsd coaie I --iile ii a; Ic Icr tte atlalr. ' Field cc.uM see llial Este'.l?, Eslclls oo the lo Two orchMlrasicectncd so deeply d, fruin the north to tiro- daughter who ID co ««y rosent'eil 'her lat!: t!"

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