The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1968 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 13, 1968
Page 5
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iiiiiniBiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiimmiiHiHiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiimmiHii^ January 31 - Well, the longest month of the year has almost passed and I don't know what happened- it didn't seem long. Maybe it was due to so little snow. Some snappy days, but a good many nice ones. Well, it's still MY state I And especially when I read of the California smog and the concern it is raising, according to a newspaper item I read a few days ago. I grant it is a beautiful state, a glamorous "siren", but smog and I wouldn't get along at all. Tobacco smoke, burning grease and other odors affect my breathing quite a lot and I sound like a broken organ bellows for awhile. - o - Isn't it strange how a name can evade one, then all at once it pops into one's memory? Annabelle Elbert and I we re talking about Dolph Miller's death and were trying to remember who he married. We could get the Alberta all right, then all at once I said, "Grossenbach". I will have written more fully on him before this gets to press, but I will mention now he was a son of the late Frank and Mary Miller and his sisters are Mrs. Alice Wilkins, Mrs. Twilla Bartholomew, Mrs. Lloyd Wellendorf, Mrs. L. H. Crawford, Minneapolis, and a brother, George of Oregon. - o - My nice Gene Barry was on a TV program the other night. It was a re-run and I had seen the picture some time ago, but he still looked good to me. He is a handsome, suave person, and thank goodness is mentioned in magazines as a good, steady family man, with many years of marriage to the same one and only women and father of two teenage sons. - o - I read about the Ft. Dodge ear phone flim-flammers and was even more indignant when I learned of the trimming he gave a woman I know very well. It just makes one's blood boil to learn of such bunco games. The item said there were six or seven in this area who fell for the deal and with assets of only $1,800 the victims will be getting a very small return on their "investment." - o A friend and I were talking about this Head Start school project and we had much to say pro and con. With schools for the retarded, I am afraid I am not much in favor of Head Start but I shouldn't express an opinion due to my ignorance of it. In my day, our classes were divided into the ones who learned more quickly and got the better grades. This class was given less time for classes and the one who were not quite so quick were given extra class time. I don't mean to boast, but thank goodness, I was in the upper bracket. It worked very well apparently, for many who were in the B-class graduated with the A-class. - o - And it is no wonder the young fold of today want the world with a fence around it, and GET it I Delinquency was very rare now it so common. Now the children are picked up in buses, taken back and forth to the various schools at lunch times, fed wonderful meals at very low Evelyn Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1968 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines-5 each end, but this was a period before such elegance. My friend said she felt very embarrassed at her "corn husker" approach. - o - cost, yet many grumble. When I was in school, the country children got back and forth as best they could — horse and buggy, bob sleds, horseback, and some even walked a few miles. They carried lunch, ate it cold- no thermos bottles of hot coffee or soup. And I defy anyone to point out better students and better citizens later than we produced. Just to mention a few- Chester andWalterSchoby, Harry Jenkinson, who became a brilliant doctor, Wood Cowan, a cartoonist of note, Ray and Day Potter, who became veterinarians - and I don't dare go any further for fear of omitting someone and giving offense. Not being a parent, maybe my views on all this is completely out of line. - o - Going back to old times, it was go good to hear "Every Little Movement Has A Meaning All Its Own", "By The Light of the Silvery Moon", "Moonlight Bay" and "You Made Me Love You" drifiting across the hall from John Arndorfer's radio. And of more recent time, yet long ago, "Diane" and "Charmaine" of World War I. "Roses of Picardy" and "Long, Long Trail" to round out nearly a perfect program. - o - Bessie Jones was down the other day to visit a friend, Mrs. Viola Knudson, Irvington, who had suffered broken foot bones and couldn't climb the stairs to Bessie's room. After her guest had gone, Bessie came to see me a little while. She said, "Wasn't that the BEST sauerkraut we had this noon?" I said, "Yes," and added, "It is the best I've had in the nine years 1 have been here." She replied, "I've never liked it, but today I could have eaten more." I said that was the way I felt. Prior to this, it has been too sour to enjoy, but this I think must have been rinsed and a little brown sugar added. Anyhow, it was super and I hope we have lots more. I'll take She needn't have felt too badly about it, for my aunt Eva Goddard told about passing a finger bowl in which she had placed a geranium leaf. The person she passed it to first was elderly and not familiar with finger bowls, so she leaned over, peered in the bowl and said, "Yes, it's very pretty." Probably the leaf chuckled. - o - The bone dishes of my mother's and my era have emerged from such things as chicken bones to salad dishes and cigarette ash holders. Well, we used ours both ways - bone dishes and on a small table they were elevated to salads, but since we were not smokers and none of our friends used the "weed", the dishes never were lowered to the cigarette level. - o I never knew a Feb. 2 that the groundhog failed to see his shadow. And you believers, let me enlighten you. I read that he does not hibernate - so don't be taken in by that old tale superstition would be a better word. - o Don Kaul of "Over The Coffee" gave Princess Radziwill such a panning on her "Laura". lam probably not an able critic, but I couldn't see what she did that was so lacking. The plot wasn't very deep, I figured "who done it" at the very start, and I couldn't see that Laura needed a very great artist to do the part. All I resent is that she gets by from being Jackie's sister and takes a job from someone who needs it. - o How true. Milk - First ade. a generous serving, thank you, and so will Bessie. She looks so well and so peppy. It was wonderful seeing her. - o - That hold-up at Denver and Aurora, Colo, was a little jarring as my good friends, Connie and Harold Jergenson, live in Aurora. - o - The Sam Medins will as usual spend the summer at their cottage on Woman Lake, Minn. I asked Rose what she did besides fish. She is an avid fisherwoman I know. She said she collects a lot of driftwood and makes various mantel pieces, vases and lamp bases. Well, it's nice to have a hobby. I guess the nearest approach to it would be crocheting, of which I have done a great deal. But I have quit that and Lizzie Post can't understand my total disregard for it now. I never was a collector. I don't care for "do-dads" and a lot of cups and saucers, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, etc. leave me cold and unethusiastic. Probably the nearest approach I have is Currier and Ives pictures, but in one room, my six small ones, four grouped together and two flanking an oil painting, are my limit, though I do have two more tucked away "just in case" you know. - o - When I viewed Thailand's celebration, watermelon day, I was reminded of a time we were in Davenport, Hazel Lusby, Lizzie Post, Earl Bradley and I, guests of Ab and Blanche Long. We passed a place on the highway where many people were gathered and a big sign invited us to come in and eat all the watermelon we wanted. Luckily, Hazel had a reserve of picnic spoons in her car, so we could eat melon without being drenched. But had we been home and in old clothes, we'd have eaten it a la corn on the cob. - o - Which reminds me of a friend who was a guest at a hotel and corn on the cob was served. My friend began pulling back the husks and then saw that her hostess was daintily removing a portion of the husk, eating the exposed area, then pulling off more husks as necessary. Now there are holders to stab in COMPACT CONSOLETTE with Automatic Fine Tuning RCA FIRST IN COLOR TV The CASTLETON MQdel CJ 702 23' di«H.. 295 sq. in. picture A perfectly fine-tuned picture every time, thanks to VHP and UHF automatic fine tuning. 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