The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, A PHIL 15, 1940 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOR SALI BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NBW8 U "e'r'i'on"" l , nimum Cisrse __. ..... _______ 60o ' '' ! llnm p P e°r r ||!:'.°*Der"d;; ..... ---- !S° W " .. K', "i" "• ;iod u1l,nn ; ui. I kn Kl , b,-,l \\ltli i vi'iini; mattress. L.' ,-|IL-*I of di;i 1'lion,. '.'IOJ. 1501 W. Walnut, lo MOVK TO 1 Vlontk per |i no g0o Count /i ve avenue worji lo lli« line. I AiU ordered lor three or ,\i tiinea and flopped befurv r»|iimion will bo-chnrted !aj'»dli ! °" iL " °' "" ! ° < "'" * d •M'««J All Oluwlfit,! Adv'i-r.!"in/' cO|iy inb- m tied by ycrwaa rosiilins nul.ido o( Die clly Must be uvfcimj.ani...,! by cash K.IH.I uia>- Ijt- easily cOHiput'-d frum tko above Adtrertiifnt; order for Irregular Insertion* tuk t . h Hip uuu limy rate No reilioimibility will l» laWn for tilort «»n one iutorr.a insertion ol »ny clan. lified ad. >'o/ Sal* . 1i>|K Jn ^i t rl^[ liiMlv,-. Tiikr* von hi u^,-los. A rt'iil buy. |;i,000 ca^li. :l';,.V. lUfihllily. \Vril,> IJ17-K H'.MIi m-i'l. l.i>« Aiifvli-s. !.'>.,, I. ••.'_• PAGE nlii 1 .i yard Will .1., [.•at ,|L),I,1|.. 3 dminl lintrli m VOID' K.i.k n.l.>r< ,„ r Vli..\.. I'M Lr..( s u ill f |,' *ILI, :l r.-sM.-ri.J I.r..,l .Lie- >ri,l, km,,,. V7.V til. IIKllipviJlf. Ark. riioliP :l!l'li|! 1 "l • I, k • .-, t ', Arclvli-iH' wplilin^.iii'&rilcntl)- new ' &. i W. lijrjjn. 1'JIL \V. ViiH 1 . 0-|.k-nj fi room restdi'iu-e^ncMi- hiilh "'"l".'...""".'^^;!," j 1 ' 1 '.-'"'r-llL,,""" "l*' •school renting I'm- Sfir, a tio-jn-n. iJi.kit; lllOlldl. IVJCL- S5000. 'IVrillS l.««~i loo» r prTt20. 100 W. ChPr'rv H. C. CAM^UIOl.t. ; .i;!.:(i .'S I l(i in- 2S):!!). '"''rv'^in"^'''!'' "i""'" t ' n '"'r ''''"'i', 1 "-'" 1 JO-J,k-l7 Comfort able lionu', f i v e',-T; T^ , . ... CalilmKu nnil 'lornato I'tanls I;I?K runts, rooms and hath, located on ! N »•>"•' »«'> ""i )vii|,i-r> ii^iom, West Hcarn Street. l>las-i II """ "' n " W1 -"- I):lvia "« 'J^'V'',",; tercel, Venetian blinds. Ini- ',.,„ ,, f , n5 „, j,,,,.,,^ 7~,- metliate possession. See or ! '^''^'""cripc ji'lVtu'. it" 0 *'IJUBW'HJI'I" call Max LoKan, phone 502.! JJ,"'"',!',.™!" ,hiub r s* 1 \v!k;<,,"',' ll ^i,i, l .' sl! 'a'i l ,d [ I'lon-trs, J)&vi» at Vranklin. ^ ck-41lti 1:1,1,1. Hull . ,,. ,. •I 1,,'irn lion,'., In)-,. |,,j ^l->-,n CJ1 ^), ,2 Him ^0 acre fnr;ns, w,']| |niiirrtvnl. •f r,i,>iu h,ii, s ,, in -in,!] ninirr -'.t.'-!!!!- l'iK^L«. r'ltlliiiiK" ivaler. balli. ()ji(?. 1 '.-^ bull-,- ,111 Mini,, li.i, l-I.isi. i M .i'-vji. I '"'- ^'JUIli ol Htytlievillt' on Kriivi-t. •Iii'i.ui bully,, uilli b:nli: I r'-ini.'! |,i>ii,,. ' (J '" - . () » rnricrelu lili!luvay, y mi. from T,-n acrfi- '2\L mi. EOulti of Hlylboville on,' ft 13 ' <IJ1 Hit'liwiy 61. Nicu |jlacc to biiilil, 1-1.|,V-17 i '' - 1 "'"'-' »' »l'»l'«. "II feiicfd. l.utlivr . i lira)-, lioal K»l»te Jiroker, i'tion" •• H. !' . :: hie. L'.JU v.ilt motor \n. . I ( r V I'ooni rcsiili'nt'c with hath. - I'riL'o S2850. Terms. H. C. CAMl'lilCLI, Phones -I l(i or 2!):i(). i""iv v w'Si'" i-1!u,i""'T. 7 '' 1 ""' \"i.,fn 't-tr.-ck.4-22 • i^,-^,-^,^-^;^;^;^,,-. 1'i.A-n: tii.Ass run SJAI.K si.,,,.r, L.'.'''''"^ 1 '• 12-1.1-111 0-10 Clu-vr<il,-i I 1,1,1 ],:i,irl |r..,k Call ' HARGAIN! .'! small mules, One largo mule H- or 1500 Mis. Nice small 5 your old mare. So. 21 si St., Pride For ri I.I.OI- anil Kcnm-1 for rar|irnli>r w. nit I,],,, I; l:iyin^ :ui,l |,;iimjn>r. I'lli ' Addn. al Mill. 0. S. Rolli.soul «-""• ^' I " ; " ;l '!j- ^'".vhif"""""'''.^''"^'!? - . t t\ ..i- . i i* ' ' - l ' llim - J o''- . 1-Jik-u liebnili KviiiTinU- O.L; ill': •:, HI" .Inlin- ROI, and Una:. S,-,- !M ltl,r,,l,,s nt l.oy Ki.'li C'l^vroU-t II.iT^-i- b-i,k-r-Hi 1'ii'tuvc I'ramcs made fo or- <l«r. O'STKIiN'S STUDIO. 4-G-ck-'t-20 CONOKKTK H1TII,])].\(; lll.Ot'JCH nn>- sli -. .Inlin T. Nou-inan. <)! K l>l. k^r„srll<• liiillirr.oin lu-al,. Irii- frill for ,,-: li roniii. 1'ri, ioniiM... M,-l,;,lf < st.jn. r.,-:t House Moving and Foundation Keiiair C.ill -192. Frank Croekutt ISIb nnd ViiiL- -St. 2a | k I - ,-,! n. lit i,F Rprmjr- .ilnr,-. ; \.i,,a living room suit-'s. ^ir,:i.i>j 1,1 -?,l!i: l,r>0. <:..n.-i. Muc.'i-. •> int-iv. .?loi (ir, to VI90.. r )0. Ci'iirli only :j :.!i f>r, lo ^S3 - r ,u. nl.<o :i lar-u lannbor ,,f M-ritiK filii-,1 r,,,-k|.rK ti. s,.|,,-l Aivin ItnMy Used r.lilins, I'li-ctrir mi,l liilliry. (7uar- lllU-.-il for ::u -Inrs. ['.-rrv's H.iilio Si-rvicp & A],|,linnr,. fo.. pliooo :i 11 I .ri-.-i-tf (ini,-*T>- filor,- \vilh living unnrtpr*. tn- i:,.|l,,T vvitli -I r, linn-.'s ,\p],r,,\- ininl.-ly '2 nVri-s of ,:,, Fronts nil Hivy. 01. bor.lprj i,n Colton ilplt U.K.. Mp»l l,,<-:itior. for industry Spo <h.,]i,,,r.-: Trill , Ark M-pk-l I Now is the lime to store that stove. Home Service <ft Storage Co., phone 2801. 4-<l-pk-G-l Mother will <-aro for cliiUlriin in 1|« 1 P d.-iy or ni^lit. lt\fi,rpnoos. Itr l siiiuil>li' r:i1es. 119 Knsi t'li.'rry ,M r* Jaiiios HonHvell. 2;t: c k 1 i l oil stcvu William It. Ovcrlnn. acting Conntv Snrvi-j-nr. l.mnl Surveys mid clrjitf lin= (nrril ililrhcs. line Kn,l Ifvcli. Sicrvo.l this nrt-.i for 30 yoars. IG-lik-ljIO Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delia Implement Co. Phone Wanted To Buy (Ilil Cariirr.-!: mill ko.lnks [or O'Stvt-n's ShKliii. ; Toioato plants lion ri'.-idy. Mnri.-i.ilic anil I'lynilrosn <r,Mi,.,! s,'r,l I,. |,r,-v,-nt di- M-II-,,-, i:,r ,l,,/.,.n. ^^,U Cliicl.a>.'nvl,.i. 1'liotic .1!>i!>. H-|,l. t 17 t)TOr,ry Slur,' nn.l fixlnn-s S, e V It. nnvi-s. 1107 S. l. : ,l,o. •• .,, kill Alf:ilfi> !,.^y »n,l innl.i ilrann fii-in ini- |,lt-mrn!s -I'vU-i-lii'iii- :!;<. U'. A. .t.-n. Vnr fine porlrail.-! its O'STEEM'S STUDIO 'l-2-ck-5-2 I'UOI'KHTV OWNF.US: I will i,rin R yon a rasli i,ny if ymi ore n.nly lo M-ll ty. f rnn t-cll an,l,,' IOVMI ],]„[<• rrty unit fjrrn lanrl .it low r:\K- of intiTt-^1 \villi 1,-rlll i,r,'-[,ayiornt? Von Aro i',vi1,.,l In mil aii)tinu-. l.titli- IT (iray, Ko;il IM^t,; Hi.ik,-r. I'Uonc f'IS. :(L2V.|,k-l - J7 Don't worry about hard wnt- f cr in your farm home. Lot 1'lanlfcrs Hardware install - and guarantee a water softener. y-21-ck-tf , lialiy Cliicka Custom Hatching. Personal <-r .Ifinn |,.-i)|,lc ImVc wrlllr-n r.'i|»p!.t in^ Iho Hrytv family | o ronlinlip Iliui - . if yon , i'ko fit' ilinl in vntn." For fr. fi.rinntioii write Tlii; Bryi-f Hox JCI. KlyllK-v ' Strayed Strnypil frnin F.iriu . Snlrinl.iy nisM. nil luy hnr.p. t»o l,l;,rk hone 11111!,'- Ml- l.roivn liorM, innlrM. |f ,.,i,.,, ,,., :n«:>. Help Wanted r,-". S.-p Mr. Th,,n,,"o'n' " «'l' *Al'l Ni->v» Co. !o:o \V. Main f .<sl lilnrc. Slur,- cro], if dr.Mrcd fln.i.l liou.o. Sl:itp I.inP. I'lionp 71 Wanted to Trade Will toil., .Mlis riinlimr. We Ir^.l with rnlliv:ilor ami , I,n,.- for K., li»r.or nn.l ,.,(„;,.„„.,„. 1 „. n: II. 1.. ll.-iN.-ll. Illj-lh.-vil!.'. Id. ^. Blaylock Italchcry, Highway Gl N. 2-2G-pk-'l-26 IMioloslals — I.ef O'Stccn make a pholostiitic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service. O'STKKN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-tf WiH trade 41-42 model car for 38 or .19 models. Cooi deals. Phillips Motor Co. 5th and Walnut. 3-27-ck-l Agents Wonted SELL NOW To Philfips Motor Co, Can you afford to take chances when used cars will definitely go down? Come in while PRICES ARE STILL HIGH We will pay you for your extra equipment. Don't take a cHANCE Come in to Phillips Today! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 4r>3— 454 Political Announcements Th» Courier New tut been •u.homed to mnounc* the following ca»did*t««, tubject to UN Democratlo primary: KHKKIFF AND COLLBCTO* JACK mnxr ROBINSON WILLIAM BEH«YMAN COUNTY JUDGE GENE E. BRADLEY ROLAND QKEEN FOB TAX ABHKSSOB DOYLfi HEWDERSON W. W. "WINK" WAt.TON ClBCUIT CLKER HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COUKT CI.EKK ELIZABETH liiiYTHis COUNTY TRKAHUKEB OEliLA PUR'J-LB 8TATK KKI'KKSKNTATIVB ALENE WOKU E. O. FI.EBMAN IJESIJE "DI.rK.IK" 81'EOK li. H. AU'IHY STATE 8ENATOK J. LEE BEARDKN Siniishfs Window PR. (Ul'l—Mo- nd $25U <laiiii<Ku punleky steer ii pliite-ulass CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TODK BKHVICK- I Phon* j?241 Jam Jte^T I Lost t'hoiip Slugs Wane CHICAOO, 111. fUP) _ IVospcrlly 'v iUcli l"-il in K i »•*••». • •—^ i * ••• • >-•* i — I'ni.s M..IP or .-all LI 127. HOte rrmn tile Illinois lil'll i.-..|,k.'.n phone Co. Wanted to Rent I*P. Cull L'.ir.ll. I'l'mianiMil. I For Sale or Trade . . ., . luiniti- mi •n.-l aiul nibl>,<r an,l •my "' .'l«i .......... ' -' ilis.-. « .l.iKn llrrr.. I ..... il.iiii; |ilnu- Will II HI- Iniil.- tin-*,, tii.rlor* nnv inf. l!.n- M:ml,.v., Mu rimni' Nab Duce's Pal The use <>; worthless slues It Chicntjo's 20.000 pay ielephoiu>.s !u,.s clccrcnsccl lo "vhtiiftl!y nothini; the company hits iinnonuced "Virtually notlilni;." the nrm c- pluiiied, conslsla or iihout l.rxw slti :i liny. rt*ad Courier News Want Ao» Mndalcinc Cornbocuf, above, beautiful French actress friend of Betii(o Mussolini, has been jailed in Far is on charges o[ aiding the Axis. Known to the prewar Paris stage as Magcla de I'onlagncs, the 41-year-old actress caused an international Fcnsalion in 1937 when she shot Count Charles clc Chambvun for icvealiiig her friendship with "my Bcnilo." Refrigerator Service ! OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 WHY WORRY? fOTfct the y»id for Hie inmtiur— Contact ua for complete upkeep. Home Service * Storage Co. Coaily D. Eiton I'liono iSUl PLANTS— Tomatoes, Ic cadi—Flat Dutch Cabbaec —Cerlillcd Polalo IMaiils. ELKVATOR FEED STOKK Broadwily at K. II. Tracks OOYI.ICSTOWN. incntniy liirinoll resulted when a Miiusliett tliruiiKli show v^iidow. JCx-pfinttroopcr Chniles Kolil stilcl Ilic nunpiml iinliniil, npimi'ontly tie- lot-iiiliwd to I'litor A. H. 1'atton's store, pinned through Hie ."how window when lit sttw Kohl hoiKttiit; him oil' ut the doorway. The whitlow snui.slier wus one of two esrapees from Oliver J. l,oath- t>riiinir.s mltl-lown Uirii, isolh were iippivheiitletl without other dnmune Hcnd Courier New« Wont Ad«. I.OKKNM'S HKAHTV S1IOV ILiir, W. Mnln Slrrrt I.orene Hnmllton Georglii lltulson River Washed Sand -- Gravel also Good Sandy Dirt for Fills C. R. HESTER North Highway (il We Specialize in Fresh Fruits end Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 K. Mnin Phono !)7I! Perfect repairing for tort;iy'» ex- (jubiitr footweur utMumi wHeii rebuilt in our modem shop. RADIO REPAIR 1 imd 2 day Service make or model Relia V""rkinunship. ?HONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Collihon Kli-driral Appliance Co. Autharlzril MolaraU H>dl>. Skit* and Senrlie 106 So. First St. SELL YOUR CAR or TRUCK for the TOP CASH PRICE Any Make - Any Model* Come In Today to Out Big Used Car Lot WE GUARANTEE TO PAY THE TOP CASH PRICE | You don't have to Shop I Drive on our lot and be assured of the top. LO Y E ICH CHEVROLET co Texaco Gas & Oils J01 W. Walnut Phone 578 Rein! CmirU'r News Wiint Ads. PRESCRIPTIONS Frrahc«t Htoet Ganruteed Bent Price* Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWI5R ALL SIZES Che*per Than Bridie LnnWr OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phono 691 Oiceol*, Art. Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist ' GUARD'S 1 JEWELRY -1 209 W. Main. j Rend Courier ricws Want Ads. "It Pays to Adrertlse" SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS N. FranUtn 81 FhaM StK •Of) as »U10|1 f|u»lely Insured. Contract Hauling Local A Long I)isl:mrc Moving Competent Help and c(juii>niont. Aite- WAXTr.l): Kclial.lo M»i, or Woman lo Trst Von,I I'rorlncK .1 homo, aiul lalcr l.iVc onltrs if samplej arc >«l- isfsclory. Uii; lit>x ,>f full sii,' park' »B>-s Mnl for Ir-Minr;. K.n,| r..i mon- i-y. Write Blair, totpt. all'., l.ynrli- Vour Studebakei Dealer Says THE LID IS OFF;;. With Onsolinc Worries a thing of the past . . . With tires oil tlic rationed list . . . unit with millions of Motorists lookinc forward to their first vacntlou since the war Iliis Spring will FCP more travel on American highways and byways than has been seen tor several years. The only catch Is ... "CAN THE OLD CAH TAKE IT?" Many of you motorists arc our customers and you look to us for troublc-ft-po performance from your car. I^t our Factory-Trained Mechanics keep your car on the road until you are fortunate eivniKh to Ret a new one. DHIVE BY TODAY— Paint-up . . . Touch-up . . . Straighten-up . . . Keep the np- prarance of your car up to pur. Our Body Shop Is fully co.ulpped to handle all your needs. Complete Line of Sfudchnker Parts and Accessories WE 15UY AND SEIJ, COOT) USED CAFIS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. SIM Cash Buyers for Property! See us nl)0i>( your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechaii- ics working with modern fools anil equipment can put your car in top condition. We F.IKO have it paint antf liotly shop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your >:ar KO'll CASH. Oltl you ever notice that In my ad> I not only you the DOWN I'AYMKM un the property, but »lio , (he exuct amount yon are (o pay. You know the price before you consult me. A cood way to advertise. 1, 1st yonr property with me. Mr commlwloo b H. C. CAMPBELL Office: 120 .3. 2nd St. Phones 446 or 2930 DON EDWARDS -fh« Typewriter T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. OOROHA, A^fp RKU.'NOTOIi TYPEWRITER* Complete Sloclui of I'aris For Chrysler Products 121 F.. RUta ph ,.„ BOOTS AND HRR RUDDIES BY 'EDGi\R ; MARTIN AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRI_LI, BLOSSEH WFlTH Ti)F HELP Of PAT OWEN . JUWE AND HILDA APE OOIM& THEK UTMOSr To BR*JG A&OJT A COLLAPSE OF "WOMAN-HATlMG WEEK'-.. If 1 CALL CM mt, TH? FCLLA5 WILL CALL MET A RAT.' AMD I-D , DESERVE IT/ ! PAT LIVES IM THITRC J. WONDER WHAT MADE MS WALK 8y HER HOUSE 7 SHOULpN'T HAVE GOME HERE / SIMCE BREAKFAST. t--,v CONSCIENCE HAS FOUGHT ME AND FOUGHT Mfc~ AND FOUGHT WEI ,7 MO WONDER its IN SLCH A WEAKENED COMD1TIOM .' H's Win or E.l.^o BY V. T. HAMILTON WHAT 1 -; COME OX'ER YOU r ' ' YOU KNOW 1 AIN'T QUIET,-lOU DOPE! REMEMBER WE:'RE ENVOVS OF A &REAT NATIOM... BE COMPOSER.. ACT IMPORTANT' MSIFP INTO 'I OCf". foADFRY YOU'RE TH' rC&K COURT V AS JITTERV AS AW / ONE T' RUN AWAV FROM TROUBLE... BUT WHEN TH 1 OPP5 ARE FIFTV TO OWE, OF ATLANTIS... LETS eET OUT BEFORE WE GET CAUGHT

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