The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 13, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1930
Page 5
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'AGE SIX •Ash f«ui Heroes Leading Hitters Often Gain Stardom Alter Rciun Shoved Around Majors. BY Wil.MAM nitAUCtlKR SKA Service Sports Kdilnr Here are ihe names of six of the lending bailers in ' the ' National league: Herman. O'Doul, Stephenson. Wilson, Mellmah' aiuT Slsler. Every dny you so cthcir nnmes twbbhiE up in ilir; box scores, the liome-rmi c-.lumn or the headlines chronicling some fonts of derring- do. . . - Yet each of these sentlcmen, ul one lime or another,'has been deposited In the ashcnn- out in the alley along wtih the old shoes, worn-out tires, Christmas-trees anil ginger ale bottles. And each has come popping back like spurious or the well-known luniily c:u. • • * Almost everybody who over had anything to do with Ihc executive direction of n ball team has consigned Babe JJerman to the place where all old tomato cans eventually find peace and rest. As far back as 1922J liciroit Imle him hail and farewell. He went to Reading. Ihn to Onrahn. only to bnb tip n?ain with [Ii Red Sox. The lied Sox dc-cidcd lie needed schooling and sent him to .Atlanta. Atlanta sent him lo Memphis. Boston finally had lo take him r-ff Memphis' hands but shipped him right out again. Babe kept trying, exhibiting his act in San Antonio next. Thence lie repaired to Little Hock. They bade him lake li. on the lam nl Little nock and he fled to Seal- tic. In 1925 he turned up at Minneapolis, still declaring himself to be a ball player, Finally your Uncle K'bbie. who has a soft spot in his heart far cnsloffs, liave hi inn trial with ihe Robins. Your Uncle Hobble is not one to let a job slip through his hands half done. lie. determined that Herman would cither bcc.rme a ball player or get killed out there In the oiitfii-ld with n fly ball. The outcome was that Babe learned how to catch Hies in his glove instead of his mouth and there he. i:.—up among tlic .100 hitters and the joy ot frenzied Flat- biish, * • • Hack Wils"n also had some diffl- cuitv In learning the habits of tin: fly.ball. McGrnw brought him ui •from Portsmouth. Va., in 1023. anc suffered him to dash around the ouUleid for three years, hi nil that time Wilson noaral the .300 murk only onr^e, In lfi?4. when he hatted .295. JOin finally released him to Toledo whence the Cubs drafted him in I92G. Now Hack is doinK nothing ejse but batting among Ihe leaders and pursuing the Bambino for home-rim honor?. Rlggs "Old Hots" Btophenscn was unearthed in excavations in the Delia League back in 1920 by some research folfc from Cleveland. He batted great guns for Cleveland for four long years, as a second baseman. Then his arm \vcnl awry and in 1925 lie wa>, shunted from Kansas. City to Indianapolis. The Cubs sent Indianapolis nn old pair of garters and a slringless ukulele in trade for him in 1926. Today lie is one of the most feared hitters in the National League and is playing n dependable outfield. After the name of Frank O'D;«1. who led the National League in hitting last year and is fighting for the top again this season, appear the words "optioned." "traded," "waivers," "released" and "sold." He was up wilh the Yankees in 1919 and down lie went. He was up wilh the Red Sox. He was up with the Cubs. He always went back until . McGraw g--t him, and traded him to the Phils last _ year for Fred Leach. .Now he fs trying to beat his teammate, Chuck Klein, oui of the National League batting lead. Memphis BlnuliiKhaii! New Orleans quanta Champion Cubs Move Out in Front by Game Margin; Macks Take Two, NEW YORK.—The Chicago CH'JS swept into a one game lead In Hit ' National league with a thrilling 3 to 2 victory over the recently tlls- ; jiowtl Robins In (he. first came of i.; crucial .wiles yesterday. | The Bruins finally ejiieiHPtl victorious alter the hurling bailie !>»• i Iwoon Dmy Vance and Bhtrilf I lilake had gone 11 inninas. TliL- I lloblns loaded the bases in Ihv i ninth and tenth Imiinn.s but each line Blake tiorc down sureessiull;.. Tiie Pittsburgh I'lrales resiini-il to 54 1)7 flil Fnur;™cr. Ihcuismi:! fans gathered lo erect CirovcT Alexander his first ilny in Toledo, bill AW failed to show iip.'We hear Alex was In Clil- caso trains lo make a luxlcab diiv- er uudcidtund Hint he might to b? able to drive to UCO Vino street, St. Lmils In alioui. 15 minutes. Well, the baseball season Is Hearing an ond-— anil pretty won satnc- body besides ball players will have a clwuce of celling In Pittsburgh hospitals. one of the . O'Ooofty says Ills golf game ir picking ui>. He picked up on 1!' holes out there yesterday. Those Robins held a tremciuloir jailing rally against young Mr Hubliell of the GlanLs the oilier day. driving out a vicious ba^r- on balls In the ninth arid winning ;ame, 1 lo 0. Tis said limes are hard, b"' thcrr- Is some hope. We haven't heard of a sliiRle college or university being obliged to lay off any toolbail players. They say Ike Doonc. the new outfielder for Brooklyn, catches fly balls with his feet. To Hie batters he's a 13ooue companion. Orlil Stars in 11. The Yankees have signed Jesse Hill, University of Southern California athlete of no small fame in football and track. To succeed with t!ii- Yankees. Hill has to overcome a tradition. If memory serves me right, about 0!) out of 100 football and liack stars u-ho Ret to the big leagues, are M-IU away after a brief, trial. McGiiiw [;ave Jim Thorpe, the uthlete of our modern limes, every ehauee In the world lo succeed as an outfielder. Thorpe had been a slai 1 outllelder :\l Carlisle, had won Olympic fame at Copenhagen uy. winning the pentathlon and decathlon and was the finest football player a coach couli desire. McCiraw realized l!:e Thorpe drawing power and gave him a bigger cliaiifi.- than lie accords most rc-rruils. • • * N'o Like C'rookoil Hall liiit Jim couldn't hit. Anybody \vith a good curve bal had the Jn- ilian sluii on the Ban and 1'ox Iribi-suuin. Jim's weakness for a cuivc was so pronounced they die 1 not even want, him In the minors. The be.-a teachers in the world couldn't teach him ho\v to set him- :lt for an out or nn outdrop. Ernie Nc-vers was another. Nev- r.j mis All-America fullback onr •ear playing with Stanford. He vent up to the St. liouis Browns. The big league was loo tough for im. Even the Browns couldn't use nm--:iud he was one of the great- st football players the coast ever 1)11) VOU KNOW THAT — Ccimie Mack writes that hi boys consider President-Hoover'? presence at one o! their games an omen of gofcd hick. . . "Excuse us. please," says Conni? "but we have adopted President Hoover as mir mascot" ; , . the gentleman at the adjacent desk, who voted for . Smith, says ho always thought Ifonvpr would make good in a big way. . . . Mr. Mack didiyt say, however, that he hoped the A's would not so through any periods of "readjustment/! . . . In 1920 the Macks'opened the scries In Washington, and will 1 Proxy Hoover present scored 3 top-heavy victory .... nm' Hoover sa\v the last prame of Ihc world scries In Philly . . the president, saw the Mack win the first and lasl games of 1020. and Connie hopes to nav the chief executive as a g»c. .it the. world serie.s again this ;ear. Chicago uiookiyn Nm York Itaum • Cincinnati .. Philadelphia W. li. (W 44 4(1 •17 52 55 til liii Cl 5!) 73 Philadelphia Washington Neve York Cleveland a hard tatting attack to Ix-at the 1'hilllf;-. 8 lo 7 in a fourlcen innhis Uame and 8 to 3 In :i regulation /c contest. The St. LonU Cardinals hit their j Chicago former teammate Wee Willie Slier- Sl L oms del for eight, bunched hit.; lo win ncsion the opening game ol the series from the liosion Hruvrs. 4 lo 2. Lindsi-y allowed three scattered hlis as the FJraver, were unable to connect in :)>e pinches. With Giove and Hill Shores luirl- in« unbeatable ball the Philadelphia- Athlelic-s bid fair lo sprcru! eagle Ihe field In the American circuit, wilh two triumphs over the Cleveland Indians, 9 to 1 ami ' lo 0. The Nationals of Washington f fcatexl the Chicago While Sox 5 Ir •1 in the first game of the series at Washington and one of ihe fastest played during the season. Babe Ruth' hit his «rd homoi and came through with a single to drive two men home and break up a bull game'between .the Yankees and Tiger.s. Babe's team won G-b Rob Reees' single with' tilt base; full and two out in.the m'nlli_In- 45 47 American I.fasue W. TJ .... 08 .... U8 .... 58 SB .... 5li 50 .... -SS liB .... 45 70 .... 40 74 AV. .•llii M'. Pet .COO Jil .Ml .4SC- .(J02 .531 .500 .-181 .30S .Ml .351 Games Today Southern League Memphis at Nashville. New Orleans at Atlanta, Mobile at Ulrininshani. • : Little Hock at Clmuanooga. American League .?<. Chicago al Washinglon. ';• St. Ixmis at rioston. Olevehuid at Philadelphia'. . ! Delroit at New York. './ National Lr'aeue " Urooklyn at Chicago. Uosion at St. Louis. I'hiludflphia al I'Ulsbiiisjh. New York al Cincinnati. Memphis Team u Gels Four I Jolrncrs; Veteran Pilches Twirls Iwo Mil Game, ATLANTA. Oa.—Tiie fly in? -Memphis Chicks tucked t'lij'Vols awav In defeat in a horns run show an;: battle of bals ut Nashvilli- 1 .-: niinia- U:re park. Ill U> 8. Seven litmip riins were made during thr: moire with the Chicks liiuinc four anri the Vols three. Tlic New Orleans Pelicans turned Die tables on the Atlanta Crackers and wen a double header 4 tc '2 and 5 to 3. Uoth teams plave.- Ix-lter hall on the field. New Orleans gained third place in thr Dixie lixjp by winning. Bill" Hughes was in form as Ih Chattanooga l.ookoiiLs failed t,n conned anil huiiir up a 4 In 1 Iri iimph. Hughes had the 1.0'ukout: lifting easy flies most of the \vav Caldwtll. Raron veteran, let th Mobile lii-ars <lnwn with two hit. 1 as lilo Iklicjtis Karn^red (.-i^liL bin '^l2s, Thr: score of the closely con- i tested game was 3 to 2 with the j Hnron;; comilins the winning talh ! in the ninth stan/a. found she had taken seven nice Ing jiowders. 'A(licn asked liov. ••! i-f.iilil lake so mtmy. MIC said, •<' 1 gnl n glass of. water mK | ju s( fci.'pl r.n swiillnwlng." '" _^ ^ - -,m | MliS. NOTT: Or, you mls s fj| I folks r.exl dr.or sincr- they mnvM way? MUfi. nUIT: No. T;lf-y neve xirrov.'Cil anylhinj,', I hardly kricn noni —Hummel,' Hamburg. Wednesday and Thursday I A 100- Talkinpf Drama Pack' od with Thrills! Tlic Dynamic Exploits of Bvavo Li'rn.i; ni:ADACin: j WALDO. Ore. (UP)—"I had a i htLJe headache." said four-yeav-old I Norma Plnlay v:lfi'ii her (nollicr A small'' electric fan helps to keep the kitchen cool in summe diives out cooking odors. and Now that baseball is being nlny- cd under electric lights, you'll s r. lot of fly-by-nighl outfielders. aw. Glea KUlinger made the All- America one year at 1'enn. He was iven ii trial in the majors, but Irlftcd down, anil this year \va: holding down an infield job "this year for Pueblo in the Western League. Bruce Caldwell. the Yale Imlf- back of a few years ago. who .could have teen named to the backfield of almost anybody's- All-Arherica team if they had been so InpllncU; has IjMin up several times with Ilia ClL'Velan<l Indians. He went' tjr'ea't ?uns iii the International Leajjiie as a fir.-it baseman, hilling a. lot.. of home runs. But he was no gren; shakes as a fielder and failed ' to measure up to major league hitting standards. ' -. '. Pid ' Purely was another example. He was a sensation at.Bcloit, and Ister in pro football created quite a stir. Cine in nut I gave him a trial as an outfielder, -but this year he was shipped to Columbus. Of course, there; have been college football 'players who have made good in the majors in a big ning scored a rim which gave Boston a 5 U> 4 victory over St. Louis. •The Drowns were shut, out for seven innings by Gaston. TIT FOH TAT One Sunday morning a member of a church that, conld not boast of a new' organ met a friend who belonged to a church that had ju.s' mrchased one. "I hear you've got a new organ," le said. "Now all you need is - uonkey."— "And all you need is an organ," his friends answered with a smile. —Answers. In the District -Court of the L'nltei' Stales for the Jonesbnro l>ivi- sion of the Eastern DMrict <if Arkansas. In llic nmttri' of .1. V..~ Tillman. bunk- rupt No 145. N'oticc is hereby' given that petition for discharge of the bank- nip; has been filed, anci same' '.ill ts heard in tiie United S!ate- Court llnolas, at Utllc Rock. Arkansas, on the 12th day of September, THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday A Meny, Mail melange of Misadventures, Mixnp.s • and Mirtli, . ' "Sailor's Holiday" - . .. with -Alan Hale and . Sally-Ellers . Samuel Goldwyri RONALD! UOLMAN II UNITED' ARTISTS; PICTUHEI • -•", ' \\ Ronald Colman at his best! way. The Sewells from Alabama, Slcphenson, Lou Oehrig. playing al. Willlnmsporl in Ihe New i Charley Berry and olhcrs have suc- rork-Penn.sylvania League. Karnw anil C'aldwcll Marty Karow was a great fullback al Ohio Slate. /\s I remember it was the Cards who gave him a trial in the big leagues. Majty has teen cc(d«l. But I think the failures have far outnumbered the sue cesses. It seems that the better lliey arc as football players, the worse lliey are as ball players. Read Courier News Want Ads CHRYSLER The other- two whose names arc up there are Harry Heilmann of the Reds and George Sislcr cf ihr- Braves. They are Just a couple ot old men who don't know anything about what to do with a baseball except to belt it out. r.f the park. Decrepit, aged and Infirm — but. when they come to the plate-, -the pitcher shudders. Verily, . the treasures! .- oshcan ofc. : . CONVINCED DOCTOR: Your wife seems to have eaten something that, disagreed with lier. HENPECKED HUSBAND: Oil. no, doctor I It wouldn't dare to.— Answers. In the District Court of the United Stales for the Jontsboro Division of the Eastern District of Arkansas. In the mailer of J. R. Nicholson, bankrupt, So. 1515. Notice Is hereby given that petition for discharge ot ihe bankrupt has been filed, and same will b: heard In the United State* Court nicies | RcomSi nl L iitlc Rock. Arkansas. i on the 18th day r.t September, A | D. 1930. at 9:30 a. m. Sid U. Rodc'ing. Clerk, By Juantla Wfsi. i). C. TK1 A FOR SALE 50-Gallon Steel Oil Drums, 75c Each At Our Warehouse Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. Phone 233 Chr)lUr Eight RtxiJsXr, c •'Arc/; rww) COMPLETE LINE There ts today a Chryskr for virtually every pur»e and every pt r.«on'i ticed or dtiir* — lix-rylmdfr Chrysiers and eight -cylinder Chryslers — an J in i.lulevrr Chrjilfr you choow you gel more for your money than ihe wm< sum or a •bnilar mm could tlsewStrc obtain. LCI us prove it lo you. NEW CHRYSLER SIX Our Gang Comedy and Now; .w Review and Cometh Admission Matinee and Nicrlit Admission Matinee 10c-30c : Admission Night 10c-35c D. 1930, at 9:30 a. .m. I Sid B. Redding. Clerk. P.y Juanita West, D. C. CHRYSLKR "66" i Cet.K,Sm: R*a*$t<*n, WJ; Fni&ur (»r'd mcHf wll.Sim.- KnyalCnfe (wfc n^ilt ira). J. J S: K^J ,v,i, n , S1K!. f.O'K. CHRYSLER "70" Jf O»#r, I1W; Bravfkn, HW: RoyilC^^^-ithnatU Silt): Pfixan, JIH5; R«ter (.id n^H, ,,a), HW. r. O. B. Fe,:cr). NEW CHRYSLER EIGHT taaJ MaJeli — RatJiirr, ilW: O«ft, HOi; SfJ^, ;i«(— Social C«« I SptcU SrJm, UK!: Sftfitt ComrrtiHt Ccqx, SHS): Sfari Rotd&r (rid, 6 tit, er.J fnml rjcj), !M1. F. 0. B. Fsacrj. NEW CHRYSLER IMPERIAL EIGHT • Ftmr mjgtzfttrj tody Ifjlft: ^rtTn-Pjifmifer S«kn, 5f Jjn-/jiaeiii«, Ftrt-Petimyr - , S1V15; FOWLER MOTOR CO. niythcviUo. Ark. IM.VWOtJTH SOI l> lt> Oimsl.KR DVM.FHS ILL outdoors invites . .. your motor car can take you to places now and different ... opening a new world of pleasure. Drive in comfort, avoid the-annoyance of trouble, look for the Blue BE SQUARE, trade mark of BarnsdaU.T/jfWorW'jIvVs/Rf/iw"-. Have our. attendant fasten one of the attractive red, blue and gold radiator emblems of the Be Square. To Your Motor Club to your car,' and then wherever you may drive you will be assured of the same service, pioneered over 70 years of reGning the finest in petroleum products. BE SQUARE TO YOUR MOTOR THE WORLD'S FIRST, GASOLINE MOTOR OIL Thoughtfulptofh used'lo say: Be Kind to Ditmb A nititah .. «»«' tilt) also say: Be Square to Yinir Motor. Cart ailCpn- long lf>t'life of jour notar. ' Lnhr/falteti Strjitf irl>tm-ir wi"s<e'Iht'BE SQUARE.

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