The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 6, 1968 · Page 40
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 40

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1968
Page 40
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Beautiful color ........ i is 4-LOMBARDY POPLAR (Populus Nigra Italica) Fast growing 40-70 ' ' foot tree. Graceful columnar form ............................ i.ig 2-SWEET MOCK ORANGE < Philadelphia Coronarius) Ht. to 10 feet, clusters of flowers closely resemble creamy white orange bios- orange - soms in color and fragrance ............ i '' ' ............ 30 Foot PRIVET HEDGE (Ligustrum . . . Species wt think best'siiits' your climate). Grows Vigorously. 15 plants ...... 2-RED OSIER DOGWOOrJ (Cornus Stolonifera) White spring i r&MT r 7 S , > . D ?{, k r f 4 s P/" di , n « Branches are winter show .„..." '~ DE ' ( ' ul Varieties) 5-8 ft. shrub. Flowers are white or on 98 .ilnkish in attractive"..... t no 2-SWEET SHRUB (Calycanthuj Floridus) Spicy' 'fragrant' reddish'' brown 2" Spring flowers. Bright green leaves turn golden in the ran. up to 6 ft. hi...'., 1-CORALBERRY GIANT ASSORTMENT SELLS FOR $19.60 AT OUR INDIVIDUAL PRICES y nb * u ?vable but true. 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Climbs trellises, posts etc ' .go 1-70 M« 12 i oo 2-PINK SPIREA (Pink Flowering Varieties) 4-6 'ft shrub used 'as a •> ?n n Jcl s iB a . n !r with X. !"'*?, s P irea - Pink flowefs in clus ' 8 "' • • 2-FORSYTHIA (Forsythia Varieties) Popular 9-12 foot shrub, with golden blooms early spring. . 1-BUSH HONEYSUCKLE fLoniceri Ta'larica Varieties) Vigorous 8-10 ft. shrub. White to pink flowers in spring ....... .... . 1-REDBUD TREE (Cercis Canadensis) Heights to 40 ft. Rosy-pink flower clusters cover twigs early spring ..... 2— Silver Maple (Acer Saccharinum) Fast growing, often to 120 ft Leaves bright green above, silvery white below. 2 00 •1-HYDRANGEA P.G. (Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora)'cbrnes'to you in shrub form for growing into a tree by following simple directions. Giant white flower clusters turn lovely pink and purple. Bonus For Ordering by Deadline Date ......... 1 00 MIC! IF PURCHASIO FROM US INDIVIDUALLY ...... '.'.'.''' All 43 Plants fours for only $2.98 FREE! 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SG-1549 Grand Rapids, Mich. 49502 r. return ,r, 1 " not l alisfied on arrival for s P fi "8 10 days for purchase price refund. may D GIANT 42 PIECE ASSORTMENT plus HYDRANGEA and 4 planting guides ......... to 98 D Double order, _84 plants PLUS 2 Hydrangea and ....... 4 planting guides ............ n 7 c D 12 PIECE EVERGREEN FOUNDATION PLANTING ............ 3 98 D Double Order .......... •« ° 'S 8 SaSBraBT" mm D 30 CUSHION MUMS '''' .......... ................ SCO i PLANTS CHEEPING D Remittance enclosed. Add 65c and we ship postage paid. Send C.O.D. plus postage NAME- ADDRESS- MICHIGAN BULB COMPANY DEPT, SG-1549 GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.49502 CITY_ -STATE- -ZIP-

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