The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 5, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1949
Page 5
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TUKSDAV, JULY, 5, BLVTHEVrU.E (AHK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FTVB Drought Is Costly To Eight States $50 Million Crop Damages Listed in Northeastern U.S. By The Associated Tress A scorching 43-day drought ap? I parently has killed or spoiled more I than $50,000,000 worth of cro«s in Sfc farmlands of eight northeasl- 3» -states. Moreover, frmn experts warn. Ihe I damage in the area's rich fruit vegetable and dairy regions will I soar to a vastly higher figure if I rains do not come in a few dtivs The parched drought regloi I stretches from Southern New Jer- I -ley's truck crops area np througl j the dairies and farms of New York State, and then fans out over al most the vrholr of Southern Ncv | England. The drought, which has inflictei ts searing damage for more thai I .six weeks, comes from a sluggisl I high pressure area that fiphls of | poipntial rainstorms. Until that high pressure area i | shoved a^ide, the drought wit] las Now Jersey's drought damage hn | reached an estimated K?8.nno.OOC s in the nolatfl crop alone ac [ co\mts f«r S4.500-000. And, along with the temperfl I lure, prices of fri'it and vcgeU | have been climbing. On I^ng Island, the biK nr I erop has suffered by S4,ODQ,000 an I truck crops are reported severe! I damaged. Further north, in New YOJ [ State's rich farm and dairy land | the story Is the -same. Aii Erie County, N.Y., ngrici j tural agent estimates more tha Sl.000,000 hay loss to dairy tarn | eni in Erie" and Niagara countic Strawberry growers in Ei Qounly, he -said, will lose about "pjfirter million dollars worth -neir fruit. The gonern! c:rop oiitlook. a Sta I Agriculture Department offic. said. Is "a mixture of good ai ! bad." The same type crop, he e plained, will show up well in one | reeion and bad in another. Fruit and vegetable men In the I mid-New York State area have been heavy losers, according to Prof. F- B. Morris, state leader of county agricultural areas, HAND IS QUICKER . . .-—Cargo men on a commeicizil airlines plane work out a new I wist on the old Indicia rope tncrk. half a mile of rope arrived at Miami, Fla., in coils loo bis lo lit [:n-oiii>h the doors of (he plane. The crew solved the problem by uncoiling the rope, passing it into plane and coiling it again inside. The United States has eight great j rivers—t h e Mississippi, Hudson. Delaware. Potomac, Ohio, Missouri, | Columbia, a nd Colorado. Cuba is the largest Island be- I tween North and South America. UN Urges Resumption Of East-West Trade Hv the Associated Press In Geneva today, the United Nations urged a resumption of East- West trade to head otf a world economic recession. The annual economic survey was prepared by the U. N. secretarial for the Economic and Social Council, opening a six-weeks session today. U said economic activity is levelling off alter (he post war industrial boom. It said positive action is necessary "to counter possible recession." The figures showed production was up in the Soviet Union over 1937 figures but Russian steel production was still only one-HUh of the American production. The report said: "The indications are that it will be difficult for general industrial output in Europe as a whole, exclusive of the Soviet Socialist Re- Smith Says U.S. Armed Might Slowing Reds WILL1AMSBURG, Va., July 5. (/T — America's growing m i 1 i t a r sirength has halted connuunist e: pansion in Eurojie, Lieut.-Gen. Wai ter Bedell Smith former ambassa dor to Russia, said yesterday. H called the cold war a "contest indefinite duration." "It- is not .sufficient only to ha\ the potntial to defend ourselves attacked," lie said. Now commanding general of the First Army, Smith spoke at Independence Day ceremonies mnrkhig the opening of a restored 18th-cen- tury arsenal in this former colonial capital. "Our strength must actually exist and must be apparent to all if i it is to serve its highest purpose— ' that of preventing war and assuring peace." Supreme Court Reverses Four Of Eight Cases LITTLE ROCK, July 5. (/Pi—A $5.000 judgment against the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, "based on sympathy rathei the the evidence" was reversed yesterday by the Arkansas Supreme Court, as the court adjourned until Sept. 26. The opinion was handed dowr in a involving the death in December, 1947. of "Busier" Stur- divnnt. at Paris. The I-opran Clr- coil Court hatf awarded Ida f?s- telle Sturdivant, his widow, a jutip- meat on a ->ohcy issued shortly before the man was found shot to death In his parked automobile. In reversing and dismissing the ease*, the simreme court sntd to- TV that StnrdivAnt'tt death ofo- lously was suicide—a cause not ivercd in the policy. The opinion was one of pi»ht muiefl down—hull of them rever- ats—a.s the court began iLs summer aration. An act of 1861. fixinc (he bmiu- ru'ios of Sebastian Count v, v:a«, LiMiecter' in a le]i"(hv opinion b> "stire Ed F. VT '»Fa(Min mtholdiu- ^p H-Mi^Him ConnIv O-ial utn i-TMi'iifj Company in a dispute ovei Thf company filed suit against! Joe Pfuitt. chunking; lie was t rests pr and cutting timber on eom- nanv Innd. Pr <ft claimed the laurl .vas in Scott Bounty and tha'. he IIP I'"' a tax title. Tlic -Sebastian Circuit Court Fmmd for Ihe conioany holding [he land is located in Sehnstiun Count y. That ruling was affirmed by snnreme court opinion. Action of the Miller Circuit Court in awarding workmen's compensation to the wtdow of a man kilted in a traffic accident, was reversed. Her.she! Williams was killed in Tex'irkana Aug. 21, 19-16. and three other omoloyes of Robert \V. O'- Meare, oil well driller, were hurt iti an automobile accident. Williams widow and the injured men filed apainst O'Meare for workmen's compensation, claiming- they were enroutr to work. The Workmen's Compensation Co in mission finding to the contrary rev vscd by the Miller Circuit Court. which awarded compensation, but that niiing was upset by the supreme court. The opinion by Judge McFnddln said the court could find no proof of any agreement between O'Meare and the men to provide them transportation. THANKS FOR THE LIFT — Western Berlin's mayor Krnsl Rculer g;i/,es proudly at tlic sign marking off "l*lat/ der l.ufl- brucke" (Au-tin Square). Tho secliuii wiis named in honor of the flyers who kept ISeilin supplied during the Fled blockade. The event marked the lirsl anniversary of I he Anglo-American Airlift. FOURTH MINERS publics, to increase 1949 as in 1948." as rapidly In NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of ihe State of Arkansas has issued a permit. No. an lo L. M. Chappell to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on llie premises described a.s 22 E. Main Si., Blytheville. This permit issued on ihe l day of July 1949 and expires on the 30 day or June 1050. L. M. Chappell Truman, Aides Discuss Legislation on Labor Continued from Page I. said tills morning thai only three j traffic aeekU-MUs were inve^isu.ted, ' in MLSi'ks.sippi County over the Fourth of July week-end with no injuries reported. A con. i idcrablc amount of property damage 1 ted from the three accidents. Officer Smatley said, .nnd in one, ft car owned by Rev. J. B, Robinson, Neyro. was nearly demolished when it collided with another car driven by Ernie Johnson o n West Highway 18. Johnson was arrested for itrivini; while under the influence of liquor i ft e,r the accident. Officer Smallcy said. itate inquiry Jatc tills month, early In August. During Uic eok-cnd lie declared: 'I c.iti't believe that Congress, In (•mining unions from the anti- list laws, ci'cr Intendi'd to confer any union live right to control oitucMon and thereby tile right control prices." Hobert.son'.s comment brought a ypsfmliiy from Ocnrec .1. liter', UMW District 29 pri'.shicm. ho spoke at a July 4 observance Berkley. W.Vn Tiller dc.icnbpd loljcitson as a "watchdog around onpre.« for Southern Coal protluc- .s' Association chieftains.' 1 Meanwhile, tlic United Mine Vorkers 1 Jrnnmil liintrd tlie .short •ork »wk iniaht 'continue a.s IOUK live months. That would while the present mined coal -stock- lie from about 75.0CO.OOO tons a lore normal reserve ol some 25.- Cfla.OOO tons. If Lewis can't agree on a new ontracl until perliaixs tall he would in a better bargaining position. Read Courier News Want Ads \ The iwpulation of the world in 1800 I* estimated at 919,000,000. New Hearing Device Has No Receiver Button in Ear Chicago, III.—Deafened people are hailing a new device that (fives them clear heaving without making them wear a receiver button In the ear. They now enjoy son^s, sermons, friendly companionship and business success with no sel(-conscloui feeling that people are looking at any button tumping on their ear. With the new invisible Phantomold, you may free yourself not only from deafness, but from even the appearance of deafness. The makeri of Heltone, Dept. 40, 1450 W 19th St., Chicago 8, 111. are so proud of Ihcii- achievement they will gladly send von their free brochure 'In l)lain wrapper! and explain how you can test this amazing Invisible device in (he privacy of your own home without risking a penny. Write Bel- tono today D ... THE BEST BUY IN TOWN! NEW NORGE Big 6-Cubtc Foot Refrigerator the chance of revising the Taft bill passed hy the Senate, but 'no determination was made on whether to bring it up in the House." Negro Deaths Services for Melvin Nnthan Harris. '2, Mississippi County's third polio victim, will be aomi noted tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Locust drove Baptist church at Odder by Rev, J. H. Galhens, pastor. The boy died at the John Gnston Hospital, Sunday. He had been a patient there since he contacted polio June 28. Tcasley and Cobb Funeral Home of Blythcvillc is in charge of arrangements. Continued from Page I. reproofntatlvcs of the UMW, t t:oal ope.rulors ami the eouuno wealth II fixc-s weekly product! on Ihe busis of market demand. Lewis hasn't uv.ule all of bus de- nnnds public. But it's known he wants ii lower work week, possibly 35 or 30 hours insleiul of the pres- 40. And he wnnts , the 20- cout-a-ton piiyments to his welfare fund increased. Low Is tried to get the operators to n.Krce lo the tin ec-riiiy-week but thoy rejected his proposal, Such u plan \voi'Id vi'ilnto t he Sherman Anti-Trust Art. they d-'clsiral. The soft coal operators indicated th-H' won'd post ivftuhir work ."dicdules of four and five days a \vrek. Hnt it was n foregone conclusion the diggers would show up only on the days their chief'wants —todny, WPrtnesilay and Thursday of this week — and Monday-Tuesday - Wednesday beginning next week. Sf ui Is Rcpcrcussitins Lewis' action ha.s had repcrcus- .sLons in Washington, Senator Robertson (D-ViiJ says he will call for AT A NEW LOW PRICE $20995 Holds n poii nils of fro/en foiuls, and ;i full c;isi- of bottles! H:is more than 11 MI. ft. nl flevihle shelf urea. Dozen* of oilier udvuntujjes. WASHINGTON. July 5. Wi— President, Truman and his Democratic Congressional leadership discussed labor legislation today but put off! a decision whether to fight in the' House for repeal of the Taft-Hartlcy' ]a\v. Speaker Rayburn (D-Tex) announced after the conference that a decision on whether to fight for im administration labor measure at this session will be reached attct he has conferred with Chairman Les'Hsk' 'D-Micht and oilier members of the House Labor Committee.! nayburn said the President riis- cussed with the Congressional group NOW OPEN! CRAFTON'S SERVICE STATION Highway 61 South, Next lo Kazorback Washing & Greasing Our Specialty We Guarantee Telephone Satisfaction 921 KOSCOE CllAKTON, .1R., 0"n«r and Manager CHILLS AND FEVER due to Malana Ask tor 666 WITH QUININE NOW AT YOUR . DRUGGIST WHEAT FIELD HARVEST- Charles Blosser can work on his farm i n Concord i a, Kan., a nd catch fish at the same time. Just lo prove it, he holds the two three-pound carp he caught in his wheat field. The fish were stranded in the field from the nearby Republican River which overflowed aCter heavy rains. PIANO TUNING The world's finest — don* with the famous STKOBO CONN and EXCI.USIVK 1< this territory, r'.n.jny a per fectly tuned piano once. RADIO REPAIR Today—take the wheel of a 194.9 HYDRA- Planters Hardware Co. Inc. 12fi Wt'sl Main Phone 515 iVo to shift! No dutch to press! Simple as 1-2-3! START THE ENGINE— l>\il torgft tlie clutch pedal now 1 . For there i?n*t any clutch jieclal in a 19-lfJ Lincoln nr Lincoln Cosmopolitan with HVDRA-MATIC'" SET THE "DRIVE" . .There's a "Drive Selector instead ul a Kf'jirshiit. Set it at "Drive" position. HvrwA-M.-Mlc transmission—shifts for you automatically! Then . . . STEP OH THE ACCELERATOR and RO! To slow down or stop, just step on the brake. Thai's how simple it U to time any nev^- 1919 Lincoln —with HYDRA-MATIC! SPECIAL NEW "SALON STYLING" Lincoln now proudly prr^frits the most beautifully failiiontd automobite interiors In tKc world! All with superb IK-'.V tailoring . , . complutcly n^w upholstery fabrica . * . smart new body colors., .and exclusive new "Salon Styling' 1 lhal makw the 10-19 Lincolns more (hancvcr America's mast ftistinc'u 1 : fine cara—nin'dc and ot'(' Come see them today. Say It With KJowert THE FLOWER SHOP Glemitic Huildln^ I'lionr 11!)I in 274? on every make and done hv a GOVKRNMKN'I UCKNSEO radio-lcleplionc opcrator with every job GUARANTEED RIGHT. MUSIC SUPPLIES Everything from the linesl pianos to the smallest parls^ RADIOS— SHEK'l MUSK —RECORDS — iHS'J ANYTHING IN MUSIC. BROOKS II Music Store ||107 E. Main Tel. 811 i GUARANTEED SERVICE ' ON • IttfviKi'rdtnrs Household — CominiTciii) • Air Cuiulil inning • Kadiiis—Ri-rord l'luyei M * * • \\ushers • Gas KiiKHHis We I'ick Dp ii Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO.. Inc. W ,Maln I'hnnc i The SECRET of Rothrock's EXPfRT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. PHONE M51 A rea* shtrtmaher aided hi moric-rr equipment a ml linrsl material* brln^ neu life Lu worn tooLw«v here. H-fl LTCRS OUOLItY SMOC SHO! 121 W M a i RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & N1ES 'vpes KxcciM (Janccrl Clink -SI I Main tttvthrviU< Ark Phone ft ;?:? /./.vco/^v r:ns,\torot,tTAX STORT .S/.'/MV *iV«-ic«tt tirtt, r-M'-f Ifnpr.r.nJ ttYDRA-MATIC IranimM.! fpltinsil nl tilit r,9tl STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut & 1st Blytheville, Ark. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing U|> to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulh Kraadwiiy . Phone 2651 NEED A TAXI? DIAL 968 BLYTHEVILLE CAB 501 E. MAIN Jack Onment Richard Pu)fh

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