The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1938
Page 4
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t> AGE'FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS COURIER NKWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET : This Tickef Will Admit H.mncmt Saxc and companion 116 South Lake ~;o tnr— Km THEATER —to Bve— "ARSKNE LUPIN" Social Calendar -.'. FRIDAY'3 EVENTS -C»U meeting of all officers ol (lie X>. K. S, Rl hall ill 7:30, *, Music department of Woman's • club meeting at 3:00 o'clock ;il junior high auditorium. ~! ; Mrs. J. W. Adams sr., Mrs. J. W. Adams jr., Mrs. Carle ton Smith •jr. .and Mrs. W. p. McClurkin •en'lerlainiiiif will] bridge parly at 2:00 o'clock.nt Woman's club. SATIIRDriTS PVEK'TS • .Chapter ''N" of the P. E. 0. sisterhood meeting ul 2:30 o'clock at home of Mrs. B. A. Lynch will) Miss AHa Oailinsion as hostess. J, J. Field. He Is a rcprcscnlativc of Ihe Julian and Kokcm:e Shoe Co.. Columbus. Ohio, lie and Ills bride will live jti llol 6m>ngs at 1C4 Park avenue. Has Chili Tally Mrs. Matt Mninighan \viis the. eucsl of Airs. Harry Kliby yesterday afternoon when she was hostess to members ol the Wednesday tiridse Club. Lunch was served at snniH Uiblo-' arranged in the living room whiUi was decorated 'with jonciuils. St. Patrick's day was observed I;;,- (allies in that motif. Mrs. Farnsworth Ulack was high and Mrs. W. J. 1'ollmd. .second high, in Ihc bridge games which followed luilcheuii. FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia I i corn, im•rucAsuvicc.iiic. F.M Bir, u s r*i.on ——4 = Weekly Sunday Htluiol THURSDAY, MARCH 17,1033 -r f Keeping The Body Strong V ^J Test: Mark B:53-50; Judges 13: | niplion that inevitably in time IZ-H; Corinthians 3:l(i, 17; Ko- has its physical effects. •ftntci'lains For Mother .: Mrs. Dixie Crawford cntcrlaiucd 'With a bridge luncheon al Her 'licme yeslei-day in honor of the Tiirthriay of lier motlier. Mrs. W. •P. Hanlcy. of Dycss, when Mrs. ••jii..H., Wqrkiiian, Mix Gerald TEjrooks, Mrs. Ncwbei-ry Johiiyui, ;Mfs. Sims Micliic. and Mrs. P. W. Coleman, all from Stcele, were the . Jlft .of. tpwn guests. ^•A spring botujiicl with narcissuses pjjedominating formed the ccnter- plfece of Hie lace draped dining la- ble where luncheon was served.' Floral tallies added to the sprint; atmosphere. .i'Mrs. Hilcy B. Jones received an Ivy bowl for high score in the bridge games which followed the .luncheon. Kay Jackson Weds Jtlrs. Mhudr Hull ^Announcement has been received here of the marriage of Mrs. Maude Hull, of Hot. Springs and A - - - llnlertains fm- Mrs. Jamo.s llasson Mrs. James ftasson. whc^ was ljr> fore lior recent nuiiiiasi- Juanita perry, was Kiicst of honor f :il a bridge inn ly last night when Mrs, J. B. Jijifison, mother of Ihe bridcKi'crjiu. entertained la guests »l her home. A pink and while, color scheme was carrie-.l out in the party dcco- i rations. Sprinj flowers \vrre arranged throiishout the home wllh jonquils on Ihe dining (able, illuminated by white tapers. Vases of pink sweet peas were used on (he small table's for rcfresliinrnls un:l (he wedding lallies were in tl'ic same sba:le.s. l he bride was presented a set. ol silver. Mi's, Joe Cl. Trieschmann. who was high in (lie bridge games, received pillowslips, Miss Juanita Smith, who was IOH-. mis given hosiery, anil a glass center bowl and molchiiii; taper holders were presented Mrs. John F. Lend for (lie cut- prixe. ' Ice cream molded in llio form of a lily, individual pink cukes and pink and white iiiinte carried out the color scheme In llic dessert- plate served. Irrtains at Hotel fpring flowers decorate:! Ihe 'Rose room of (he Motel Noble Tuesday afternoon when Mrs. Jo= G. Trciselimaim entertained members main: 12:1, •>,. liy Wia. >:. (ill.HOV, I). 1), 1'jlitct 1 of Advance I'dlmpis one of Uie most characteristic asijccls of our iige is ccncc'rned with the body and with H<;od hcnllli and physical well-bc- iiitt- All sorts of cults and "move- I iiii-nls" have arisen iu tills realm ol physical culture and the care ul (lie hocly. Yet .strange to say, (here profo- al:ly never was a lime in Ihc lift; ut humanity when there was on uch a wicip K.'aH' .so muds dis and so widespread in- 'Utteenco in ways of living and habits that are destructive ot the ideal of "a somid mind and a foiiml body." On (he cue hand, we see the world's immense con- crrn with liar and violence and implements of destruction, Where men and womtn have lived healthy lives with useful toil, plenty of froth air. proper hours of rest, without vicicu? or questionable habits, and with plenty of ijood whclcwmo food, (lure has not bceirTmicli need to concern themselves with the body or to Ihinlc a great deal about it, It Is to llils area of g'JO'J and wholesome living (hat the Bible constantly introduces u.s, and we later lile of Israel, is inslstciil upon the evil thai lurks i'iT'iiiloxi callen, laid stress on yood lieallh. record of the miracles of Work Crew Finds Gold, ' Goes on Digging Spree The Scripture in our lesson, passages from BLOOMSBURG, S. D. (UP) — The job of deepening n cellar in Bloomsbmg is compleled, but the job was rtone loo well, the contractor concluded. John Johnson, n workman, lurn- Iii'iiliiig syml;oiizes'lHis'"who'lc'at'-! cd ll|) ll S2 ° 8<>!d piece wllh his •"-•- ' 'Pick and tallow workers dug in with (heir might. Several hours' effort yielded $1.240 (57 coins) ot an apparently long-buried treasure. So haul did ihe diggers work Ilisit they dug Hie cellar Iwo feel <lee|)cr than the owner desired. iiiudo toward life. He came to restore the. souls and bodies of men. n.s He came to teach them iishl principles and lo establish Hie in ways of good conduct. There is a great deal of true rc- hSion in what we might call "ivhoksomo living." This means four .wurrp.s llml one is nnl going to do or in---- Ilia dtifcjp in .— .. „,... .,_«,, ,, w ,,,H V u •.!!•• e per>otia asoti'jt ti rrpircl of pliy.sical welfare ami temperance in keeping Hie body thai to his own Scrap Iron has become a million hurl or to the hurl of his neigli- dollar business. bor. 'Ihc passages from Coiinlbiaiiri ami from Roman:; only enforce ray strongly Iliis general conception. If a man has a sense ot (lie .saciprtness of his own life Pcihaps we might to reverse the order of these passages and lake Hist of all tlial fro;ii the Hook of •Judges. Early in Ihe life of ]s- rarl, it became apparent Hint, the --- seed hftiillh, both of (he inc.i- f;uildint;-ui> of (he bodies ol men j virtual and oi (he people ns •• n< mi- uc in line physique with Ihc idea) whole, defended upon keeping Ihc Jti'iowln-h Ihiil I heir strength may he used life of Israel Iree from contami- lollow "ways of life n n i arc imliGii wilJi'llie vicioiM practices, against the welfare of either bo'dv 01 oUiiuiiiKimg peoples and free or soul ' I also from :itc corrupt ami clcnas-j— — I inn influences from thills in llieir: I| f\ Uf VAII own life, 'flic danger thai inhered Si UVW I U U • in .-ili-cii" drink became <|i;icklv ap-i piu-cnl, and the Bible in all its' jjiigi'ji. both from Hie curly in violcnl ways, cither for de- Irnsr or aggression. On Ihe other liiinil. we .sec -aspects of loose living and indulgence lha( lend Inward the weakening of the tody, toward Ihc; breakdown of Rood health, hotli individual and Kirial, and toward a moral cor- Says Noted Authority — — ....i unji m<. | G" (o Klruy Bros., mid gel a box ami a realisation lhal his tody, i of Rock-A-Waler Tablets. Itednco fia it is the temple of his soul. 10 pounds in 11 days Thirty-day may also be the lemplc of the- treatment only »2.00, ruid guaran- hung God. he cannol liginiy or Iced to make you lose fal wllh- indiilfic in habits or otil dieting. —Adv and "0o you kiiowhe one from iiiilnimcnl.'i of Hie orchestras arc discussed. Ihc f will be demonstrated by Joe Bvrard. Bill Morse. Billy Jnnt?.. Liszt's "Lolbarstrnm" played on the piano by Marjoric Stevens will be Din eotichidiii:; number. Mrs. R. p. Paddisoii and Mrs. George Hamilton will he hostesses during (he social hour which will follow. Last week, Ihe lllcrnry <lepart- mcnl of the club met ut the club house for a program on "Women in Medicine" ted by Mrs. F. L. Must-mil. At that lime Mrs. Husband reviewed "Madame Curie". the vein . pastor, officiating. •r-Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Nowack, ol' Chicago, were Hie only attendants, Mr. Jackson, who has lived here for a mimucr ot years, is a bro- lingerie. The (juest prl/j-, hamlkcr - thcr ot Tom W. Jackson mid Mra. Delectable -Salad. Bow ... of glistening black s'aturn — garnished with a grosgrain chin strap and a dash of color, Tllli irtnncily New Kcctuimy Sinn) Fliciic DM . Ingram Bill? and Mrs. J. E. Ilns.wn. Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon held hii?li score among the clulj members for the aflernomi and was presented c-hicfs. went-; to Mr.s. Adams. ^A wilnil iil'ale- was tcrved at- (lie I'Ciicltision of the taines. t"ul> Has liuest Mr.s. Waikei II. Have Dinner Tarty Members of the Arkansas lldinc Economics association who live in Mississippi County had a dinner parly at. the Rustic Inn Tuesday niyht. when representatives from V/ilson, .loij'.e!-. Osccoln, Keller. Blythevillc, Dell, and Luxoru were present. A business session presided over JTU.l. I>.ur.LI 11. IJflhti |JMV<ll '.".• ^,^,;,tlllj L,,n cards with members of Ihc Tuesday 1-- s °™ cc Piielps followod Ihe Bridge club when they were entertained by Mis. J. ^fick Thomas at her home. Jonquils were the cenlerpirrc for (he dininij table which was covered with an autumnal colored luncheon cloth. Yellow candles illuminated (tie lirown ami yellow scheme of the (able which was further cm- j phasired ty placccard tallies in the Iwo colore. In the card yamcs. Mrs. Floyd While was high and Mrs. liakcr, second high. * + • iMiisic Dcpurlincnl of Woman's Club to Meet Miss Mary Emma Hood is leader cl (he program which will be presented »l the meeting of-the Music department of Ihe "woman's club at 3:00 o'clock Friday afternoon al Ihe junior high school. A'business meeting in the audi- lorium will be followed by a program in room 205. The projram will be op.-ncd wllh a selection by Ihr junior Iri^h boys chorus following which the third grade of Central Ward will present "inccllne. At this time, plans were miu'.e by the guests to attend the sfale association meeting In Little Rock. This group is made up of horn; economics teachers in high *c)iools of Ihc county. Iliivc Supper Club Jonquils and other spi'ini: /Jowcrj; decorated the home of Mr. and Mr.s. Ilnrry w. ITaine.s when they entertained members or the Tuesday Night Supper club al their home lasl night. Dinner was served at small tables in (he firing room where the guests later played bridge. Mr. anil Mrs. H. A. Lynch held high score! the evening. oul in the tallies and luncheon cloliis. The club prize, demising petals, went, lo Mrs. lay Welch, and the Eiie.-it prize, n double deck of cards, was won by Mrs. lirown. Mrs. Wil- Icy, who will leave aion lo make her home in Oxford, Miss., was presented toilcl walcr by her hostess. A (lessen plait; w'fts iicrvccl al the conclusion of Ihe gamos. Bits of Ne\vs Mostly Personal Mrs. U. Lynn Wade and Miss Until Butt plan lo E<> to tomorrow to spend Ihc day ala rug hooking parly. Mrs. Mil-.lrcd Tin renllnc and Joe T. Ulylhe. who have been in Memphis with Wils Davis, who i.s seriously ill in Ihc Methodist hospital, spent, lasl ziighl in Blytlieville with relatives. They lell this afternoon lo return lo their homes in Detroit, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Farnswortli Ulack ami daughter, Betty, spent Tuesday in Memphis. The condition of Mrs. E. J. Browne who is seriously ill from pneumonia al Ihe Memphis Methodist, hospital Is uncliaiiBCCl, Mrs. Hubert Potter went down Tuesday to be with her. The Rev, Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Baptist chinch, is directing a religious census campaign in Paragould this week. | H. K. Crawford has been rsmov- Icd, from llic Memphis Baptist ho.5- pihil to his home in Dell. Miss Mary Jane Lylc, of Louisville. Miss., will arrive tomorrow to be the guesl of Miss Artclc l/nig- ston. She will be here nniil Tues- Ihc phylct, ".Snow white and "tin! | CnUlwrl], Mrs. J. 11. KU:i ;! s. Mrs. P. Has Club I'.nly Sl. Put rick provided ihe lor the afternoon parlv «h Mrs. L. II. Moore al' her yesterday alternoon when she entertained members of the Wednesday Cr.nliact club ami six quests. The iiurnts were: Mrs. C. H. \Vil-j Mrs. p.-ml lirown. Mrs. Chesti-iM Ul' ^ 11 H I ,• i- I [1 T.'l,.;... A .... *. I •Seven D.varfs". rhc junior f.irls rliovii.s will then .vini;. gjiliic Mnthis will r)ny Rjihcnstcin's "K!>nnnrnnoi OslrbVon the piano. 'Hie "Unit on Ortliestras" will be discussed by Don liickmiin. I i: Voiuic, Barbara Ho!:o and i Butcime Jii'igcrs. As tlic various L. Englcr, and Mrs. Cecil Shane. NnrelBitisrs and jontjulls were the lidal docoralioiu,. wl'-ile liic screen mid white color scheme wa. carried . .KiltVol town prtiple who \yrre hoioiTucwlay lor the funeral : ul MiV-'S.-A. Hn.viie.-i included Mr. and Mrs. C. W. llaynes and cliil- (U-en, of DyersbuiK. Mr. and Mis. QeorBc Cakes and Sanincl and El- mvi- Hnynes, of Mciniihis. E. A Waynes of Duiims. ^rl:., Mrs. Lcc' Mosby of I'orlaecvillr., Mo., and .f. A. Combs of Prcderiekton. Mo. ' .1. r... Omird left last night J 0 r1 Clncaijo. ill., lo l;e with his son,' James, who recently underwent.' an' ; apiiendecloiny there. Mr. Ounrd is a student in tlic Cliic.iso School ol Oploinctry. E. M. Holt. 0. a- I loll and Mrs" B. C. Smith left lhi s morning- lor! Newport, Tonn.. to be wllh llieh? father, A. J. Holt, who is seriously ill at his home there. Mrs. Rodney L. Banister and Mrs. John F. Ldifi spccil yesterday in Memphis. , Mrs. C. R. Layman and son Charles, formerly of here bill now I ol Memphis, were through here j .vcslerdny on their way [ o Detroit" I where they will allcnct uic fn- ncial services of Mm. Layman's brother. Bradford Wuision Ml. and Mis. K. L. Male .spent .vcflterdny in Memphis. Mrs. 5X1 Williams, of Armorel is in Wilson as Ihc guest ( ,r \ m in"lhcr, Mrs. W. M. Wallace, Mrs. Hcrnard tioocn, Mrs Chad;'. 1 ; Crigcjcr, jr.. Mrs. I; j',; Blaylock, nnd Mrs. C. K. Cvijicsei' M'.. were- iu Memphis yesterday. MIT.. Fnrnsworlli liiiiin. ..Irs ' \<f J. 1'ollaid. Mr.;. W. I). Chainbli-i At the Hospitals Kaiser News >'iL rri !i itc i;irl MEN '"T f "'' ron " arlw n»» you I \vnli Ioi3 ol pcj> an,) mercy llmo-nro^n |,r rlurvcy,- Lynn Morris.' sun ot fir. (Mid-Mrs. Harvey Morris, who-im- clern-ent an operation for' append! citi.s Tuesday afternoon al the lily- thcvillc hospital, is yetting along fine. Miss Anlliancll Wliiln-ortli 1111- dcrv.-cnt n tonsilcctomy ye,slcr;lay at the niyttrcvllle hospital Mrs. lien Burns, of Stcele. was i iZj-iv dismissed from Ihc Blytlieville L',-,,,.,; hospital yr.-iterday. jMuup Miss Xula Mae Miller underwent major operation at the Blylhe- ville hospital totlay. . Mrs. J. R, atovall was adinidra to Ihc Olylhcvillc hospilnl lhis Mrs. Anna Jonc.v. ijit/thi'i' ol [J. K. Jones Ls spending the week at Ihe (eacherage. Mrs. Jones' homo in Grenada, Miss. Mr. and Mid. Walter Allen 01 Forrest Cily ivero guesls in Keiscr lasl week. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lowe all:! family spent Ruiiclay in Mcmplhs eucsl of Iheh- daughter, Miss Ella Mildred Lowe. Mr. and Mr.s. Spcnce "Williaius visited Mr. and Mrs, J. W. Walker in Coming over the week end. The ladles of Ihe Melhodist missionary society met at the church Monday afternoon in a double lesson on the Outlook Proaruin and the final chapters in Ihc Bible study book. "The Radiant Heart," A .short business session followed the study courses. Word was received recently ol the marriage of Mrs. Ruby Mizc of Memphis to J. M. Taylor of Memphis and Paragould.' The couple will live in Memphis for ihe present. H. B. Kcllner of Memphis spi-m Tuesday us (jurat, of Mis. I-lovd Kcllner. Mrs. Edwin Bnu-e is spending Iwo «c-(-ks wilh her aiml in Memphis Mrs. P. D. Frazicr. -iml tiwls, M|n°lS«i 1I ire 0 t l ono'i![! and thus tralins imlabli: ticrvta n Jfl^rc [irp to really injc,'y !ijo, ; I-'or over eill ycurs one woman ! iillicr liow Co CT -smiline Ihni - lolil an. <liMrc« Ifooi ill rinkliam'a l''ur new delicacy of flavin- Passenger revenue of the Class I railroads of (he United Slate amonnlni to S357.9C4.308 in 1935 n.s compared to $;M6,32-1,903 in the preceding year. Sam H. WilJi&ras New Lion's Club Member •Sam H. Williams became a now momber of the Lions club at a held TiiKiiny nigiit al Die foble. which replaced the luncheon meeting of the The to members prc.-rcnl parlici- patcd iu n "lying conlcst" in which F. f). Joyner received Ihe pmc. A cold plate supper was served. I iaiorxal BrucLqe Skoes OiVE VOU Tlllil GLORIOUS Walk Ihe Natural way . . . and enjoy day-long comfort in smart, trim s [ 10C s. A-cleverly concealed natural arch iiaci sofl bidden cushions, just where needed, make walking dc- ural Bridge shoes come ici a wide varicjy of styles • • . nil in (In, height of fashion Come in lod.ij The (jrope-Hmg power of ii whale Is enormous, and no accurale e.sli-1 male can be made of it, One instance, is recorded of n blue whale that towed a steamer, by the har- lioon rope, for 24 hours, in spite of the fact- lhal the ship's engines wrrc in reverse. ilcsiga in n larg Icalhcrs, fabrics combinations ?5.5tl iinil Jladi&i Itridgc v.iricty of and color Si; (Formerly New Economy simp) llrtls •Going over big! Announcing The Of The New 104 West Main (Former Location of Purity Bakery) Our new store will nripii r,, r Business I'riiliiy mcrnmjr with u complete i:«v .slock of fine fontls at [Jriccs you can itffort! | 0 pay. Shop With Us and Save On Grccci-its and Meats • -Free 'Delivery Service W$i; til H, S rVoyiyj/j.j FOOT HCAITH for loni.' hikes or short walks, to safeguard ifrowintf feet, wear «p- §Hil¥IE"S TO O/ Here's the breakfast bit ot llic seaion. Crispy, cruucliy, delicious ))itc size morsels of whcal.., you've never enjoyed anything -so lenijii- itig and satisfying. Grownttjis and children love lo eal it oul of the package! Uctlcr try it.

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