The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1968 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1968
Page 16
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t-Algeria (ta.) Upper DM Moin»i Thursday, Fob. 1, 1968 iHifliHWfliiffliM Evelyn Remember the old radio program that opened with "It's a BEAUTIFUL day in Chicago!" Well, I can boast, too. "It's a BEAUTIFUL day in Algona," and It Isn't too far-fetched that we may soon get that January thaw everyone looks forward to. And before long, we'll be looking for that first robin. The older one gets, the faster time flies. I can remember when one Christmas to the next had years between. Now we barely get the tissue paper put away and it's time to get it out again. 1 had a card yesterday from Alice Ditsworth who is wintering in Tempe, Ariz. She has an apartment within walking distance of her son Dick's home and added "Florence (Patterson Howard) of Phoenix is coming over next week to stay with me awhile. It is about fifteen miles mostly on freeway. Florence and Zada Brunsonwere the first little girls I knew and we lived in the same neighborhood. She and her husband lived in Visalia, Calif, for several years and when she was back on a visit one time, she told me about their trip there. Her husband Merril had a motorcycle with a sidecar. -Florence and the Spitz dog rode in the car, their clothing and bedding were put in tin suit cases for protection from rain - and sometimes they'd go to a motel, sometimes camp over night in a desirable spot. By the time they reached Portland, they decided it was time to switch to an automobile. Traffic was too great and a motorcycle being small, was not easily seen and they figured it was too hazardous to go the rest of the way via cycle. At Visalia Merrill went into the lumber business then decided to move to Phoenix where he engaged in the same business. He died a good many years ago and while he was an Algonan, lived near Florence and her grandmother, Fannie Wheeler, I never met him until he and Florence were back on a visit and were guests of Mrs. Carrie Bourne, a close friend of Florence's parents. Their daughter Nadine lives in Phoenix, has taught school many years and Florence has the granddaughter with her much of the time, though she is now of school age. * * * The card pictured Papago Park which lies between Phoenix and Tempe. I have driven across Arizona and the yucca and some of the cactus plants are beautiful. I think I have mentioned that on the auto trip we saw some flowers that looked so pretty and Elizabeth Libott, with whom mother and I were making the trip, walked down the highway to pick some. She came back to the car and said the stems were so strong she couldn't pick them. Mother volunteered to make a try and Elizabeth said, "Take a newspaper, the stems are prickly." I was so afraid the stems might give way and mother might fall back into the irrigation ditch, but she came back victorious. And guess what the "pretty flowers" turned out to be! Just plain ordinary thistles that Iowa farmers have fought for years, and a white flower that looked like a California poppy but was white. Well, we lost both at the California border when the car was inspected before entrance to the sacred portals. Then there is a type of cacti that holds water in cup-like leaves. This liquid is processed and made into cactus candy, but you may have my share! But the two handkerchiefs we bought that were made of cactus fiber (I don't see how it can be done) were lacy and beautiful - silken looking. Not practical, just for "pretty." It seemed so good to see Edgar Bergen and his trio-Charley McCarthy, Effie Clinker and Mortimer Snerd—on TV recently. He has such clever repartee for each. I wish he'd appear regularly. Whether he does his own script or has a clever writer, I don't know. All I know is, it is amusing and entertaining. With my very good friend, Marg Dahl, in Franf'ort, Germany, and such bad storms so near her, I wonder how things are going. She was told not to take a heavy coat, but she sure should have a rain coat and galoshes. A letter from her near Christmas gave glowing accounts of the city and surrounding country and I hope Frankfort isn't getting too bad weather. Telephone are unpredictable things. Last evening, 1 was trying to call a woman who lives alone and I know has no boy friends, so when a man's voice answered, I said, "Well, who are you?" He replied, "You know me and I know you." I couldn't quite place him. It was BobReilly and he was making a call to a friend. * * * I told him about a time before dials that I had called Akres Grocery to place an order. Mrs. Akre was talking with Bill Steele about some underwear for Don, just a lad, and for awhile we had a three-way conversation and had a lot of fun out of it. Bob told about getting a wrong number when calling his wife to see if she wanted any groceries before he came home. The girl who answered didn't know who was talking, but assumed it was some man trying to get fresh with her mother. Bob tried to explain, but the girl hung up, not knowing who he was, and he never knew who he talked with. STRONG CHURCHES.. "And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offense toward God, and toward men. " -Acts 24:16 Every man has a conscience. Some merely choose to ignore the fact. The words above were spoken by the Apostle Paul, appearing before the governor of Jerusalem on charges of causing disturbances in the temple. Paul believed that he was doing the work for which he had been chosen. He was thusly at peace with his conscience. But, how many of us can say that we are free of an offense against God? Can we say, and have our conscience agree with the statement, that we have not committed an offense against our fellow man — in the conduct of business, in the conduct of social affairs? If we are truly guided by conscience, we have nothing to fear when the day of accounting arrives for us. These Special Weekly Church Messages brought to you by the following PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: VAN'S CAFE Junction 18 and 169 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phone 295-2827 - Algona, Iowa KELEHER & McADAMS CLOTHING Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO. Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC. O. B. Harmes "Super Speed" Tools. SWANSON'S - ALGONA "Where Shopping 1$ A Pleasure" COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 and SHILTS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE "The Shoe Store That Takes Care of Your Feet" Telephone 295-5371 - Algona, Iowa BENNIE B. WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122 S. Heckart St. — Algona, Iowa KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wayne Feeds - We Buy Eggs and Poultry 216 West State Street, 295-5206 ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver - GMC Trucks - Geh! Firestone Tires — Stanhoist KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend — Before and After the Fire ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Your Friendly IH Dealer - 295-3501 IH Tractors - Trucks — Farm Equipment Real Estate Transfers X "We managed to get by fairly well when there were only two of us, but we recently got a cat" Another amusing thing happened to me. A man called and asked for a person who was only known to me by name. He wouldn't take my word that he had the wrong number, so I played along and said, "Where are you?" He said, "I am at the hotel getting some work finished but I'll be done in a short time." He added, "I have a nice pair of stockings for just the right girl." I replied, "Well, I'm not the right person but the one you asked for is, and I hope now you are convinced you have the wrong number," and I hung up. * * * I have long been convinced that the old saw, "Truth is stranger than fiction" is correct. Years ago, when Clara Granzow, sister of Albert, was in high school, she was in one of my classes. Little did we dream that years hence her daughter would be a nurse in the rest home I live in. Clara married Frank Cruikshank and has been widowed for sometime. Their daughter Ruth became an R.N. and has been doing nursing and missionary work in Mexico and New Mexico for a period of years. * * * I told Mrs. JohnHanselman she should not try to duplicate acts of the man on the flying trapeze for she isn't as agile. She seems to be accident-prone this winter, from a fall on the attic steps to an injury on a chair. I hope she is well covered by insurance. * * * Oliver Young, one of the residents here, is a little wisp of a man who seems to be able to wiggle out of bed rails and restraints put on when he sits up. The nurses are so careful to try and avoid accidents, but in spite of it, he gets loose. He was able to walk and get around well when he came here a few years ago. Then later he had to be helped and now he is beyond walking. I heard a thud the other day just before supper. A patient in the room with him tried to summon a nurse, but they were busy in a remote room, so I rang my bell and told the one who answered that something had happened in the front room. Oliver had somehow managed to get out of the tight restraint, hit his head, received a cut a few inches long, a doctor was called, he was taken to St. Ann for some "embroidery" and brought back in a short time, intact, ready to sing a little, and it's surprising how well he sings hymns, in good pitch and rather sweet voice. * * * A letter from my cousin, Fred Henderson (Melvin's son), Upland, Calif., mentioned the lovely roses they have at their home but gophers are a menace. I recall Clark Orton telling about the troubles he had with rabbits and his young fruit trees. Thank goodness there has been but one squirrel at the bird feeder this winter and he hasn't made a return visit that I've seen. He was so fat he must have been full of corn. Trust a youngster to do some- tiling annoying at a crucial time. It is an old story that youngsters love to use scissors on their hair and often on companions. I've heard of many instances, but this one came at a time that it was important to look ones best. Carolyn Black has beautiful hair but it was shortly before the marriage of her father Hugh and Frances Pruismann. She cut a couple of swaths at the back and the problem facing the adults was how to cover the snipped area. This is being written before the nuptials, and I'll let you know how the problem was solved. A little lace bonnet was one suggestion, a ribbon bow or a barette came as second suggestions. There is one consolation - it was merely a childish "yen." Usually it's the bangs that are the target, but Carolyn must have decided to be different. * * * I believe our January thaw has begun. I can hear dripping on the roof over my bay window. Beware! Keep antennas moving—but be sure and leave them at the desired location before sundown— you might get "frozen" to a station you don't care for. * * * Apparently there is a difference in radio programs in the west and our area for a letter from a friend in Lost Angeles mentioned a program called "General Hospital" that comes over ABC. This friend was not impressed by Peter Hansen whose TV name is Lee Baldwin, and classes him as just average good looking. But a friend of hers, when she met him at a mutual friend's, said, "You look just like "Lee Baldwin" and was amazed when he said, "I am, but my real name is Hansen, as introduced to you." I'll be looking more closely at ABC and perhaps I have overlooked the program. It might be in the morning, and I never watch morning programs. To be perfectly frank, there aren't many evening ones that interest me greatly. I can't stand "Daktari" yet some people enjoy it so much. I guess I'll have to admit I am a crank. * * * I. had a little caller today - a tot five months old who is walking. If you have a record to beat that, I'd like to hear about it. She is a little darling. * * * Hooray, I found "General Hospital" on Ames at 2 p.m., so I'll postpone my nap time an hour and see what it is all about and how will I like this Hansen man. * * # Apparently she couldn't be choosy. Coed to date-"There's no one else, Sheldon, or I'd be out with him right now." * * * This is good, too, and true. Too bad the girls can't see themselves as we see them. "Girls have legs like this ) ( and this () and this I!." Andrilenas, Susie Mary & Edward to Eugene Henry Zelmet 1-19-68 Undiv. int. in W 1/2 SW 1/4 35-94-29. Bjustrom, Quinten A. & Irene to Quinten A. & Irene Bjustrom 1-18-68 Undiv. 1/2 int. SE frl 1/4 2-96-29. Bunkofske, Harold & Dorothy to Beulah E. Black 1-16-68 Lot 7 Blk 8 Si E 13' Lot 8 Blk 8 Murtagh's Subdiv. & Outlets 1, 2, &3 Murtagh's Add., Burt. Clark, Edna & Howard to Beu- lah E. Black 1-16-68 Lot 7 Blk 8 & E. 13' Blk 8 Murtagh's Subdiv. of Blk 1 & OL 1, 2, & 3 Murtagh's Add., Hurt. Dahl, Martin W. & Fern I. to Northern Natural Gas Co. 1-22-68 Beg. at a pt. 946.45' N & 40.0' E. of SW corner of 17-99-29 thence see rec. INVINCIBLE METAL NITURE franchisee! dealer Upper Des Molnes Cub, Co, WHAT ROLE ARE YOU PLAYING TODAY? hcve o 5-nvings account to fit it! Money-manager? Open an individual account with $5 or more. Only you add or withdraw. Half of a "budget team?" A joint savings account is for you. Either owner can add or withdraw without the signature of the other. Treasurer? An organization account may be just what your club or lodge needs. Benefactor? We can help you arrange trust . accounts for your children or grandchildren. ~*\ji t ^ ~*^ Get full details on all the accounts available here. Convenient Passbook Savings This it the best all-around savings plan for everybody — the best way to have money available when you need it ... the best way ta build small turns into large. Dividends are paid twic» a year. Put any amount into your account . . . any time. HOME FEDERAL Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Insured to $15,000 Save From The 15th — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 — ALGONA, IOWA ON PASSBOOK SAVINGS AND 6-MONTH INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES .savings Accounts Insured up to $15,000 by F ederal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporttioil j ••••••••••••••••••*•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• you can't beat electric heat! 0 2 03 O O) .•«• 1 Algona Municipal Utilities iif ••••••••••• MIMillllMIIRMIIMIIMflMMIMIIMMIIIMIMMMIillllllllllMM

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