The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1968 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1968
Page 12
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WAIH1NOTON Mtny.Go.Reuid WASHINGTON - Much could happen between the time this is written and before it comes off the press. However, it is our opinion that no war will develop over the seizure of the communications vessel Pueblo. This belief is based on the fact that President Johnson, worried over the possibility of escalation, is playing it cool. He has received all sorts of proposals from subordinates for the use of limited force, such as a U. S. bombing raid on Wonsan to blow up the Pueblo; also seizing one of the many Russian eavesdropping ships stationed off the American coast. Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson in Moscow was instructed to drop a hint to the Russians that this might happen. However, the President is determined not to make any moves which might bring the Chinese into the war, even if he has to swallow some pride and show some humility. While not worried about the Russians coming into a war to back up the North Koreans, he is concerned that the Chinese may do what they did when General McArthur sent troops to the Yalu River border of Manchuria in November 1950, thereby causing the Chinese to enter the war. This prolonged the Korean war two years. President Johnson had on his desk last week intelligence reports on Premier Kim n Sung which showed him to be one of the toughest communists in Asia. Trained in Siberia and a former captain in the Soviet army, Kim has been exhorting the communist world to retaliate against the United States with diversionary tactics in order to aid the North Vietnamese. Already Kim has instigated approximately 600 terrorist raids or incursions of the 38th parallel, including one daring penetration Inside the capital of South Korea with a suicide squad .bent on- assassinating South "Korea's president Park. The President believes that an irresponsible leader such as Kim, with nothing to lose, must be treated as one capable of almost any irrational move regardless of the international consequences. - o - -LOSS OF SECRETS - It is an unfortunate fact that seizure of the Pueblo probably put priceless secrets into the hands of the communist world. The United States has developed such sensitive listening devices that we can intercept messages from a Soviet submarine on the other side of the world or listen in on a conversation between a Russian pilot and his tower below in Moscow, Khabarovsk or elsewhere. The Russians have similar listening equipment and have stationed their "trawlers" off such strategic points as the Guam runway where our B-52s take off on bombing raids to North Vietnam. The trawlers flash the departure of each raid. While Russian trawlers are usually careful to remain outside the three-mile limit, there have been occasions when they have strayed inside. The United States has hitherto ignored these incursions but may not do so in the future. - o - -BOBBY VS. LBJ?- In recent weeks Bobby Kennedy has been seriously considering contesting President Johnson for the Democratic nomination. He feels that Sen. Eugene McCarthy's campaign is not getting off the ground and that LBJ's candidacy should not remain uncontested. There is deep bitterness between the two men. The last few days, however, it is understood that developments in North Korea have caused Sen. Kennedy to change his mind. - o - -NASSER'S HEALTH- Arab leaders who have talked to Gamal Abdel Nasser report he is in extremely poor health and that part of his work has been taken over by subordinates. » o *• -RE PUBLIC AN EXODUS The President has now lost the only two Republican members of his Cabinet, Secretary of Defense DREW tlAftlON retary of HEW John Gardner, both extremely able men. It will be difficult to replace Gardner. Despite denials, it's a fact that he was provoked over the drastic cuts in his department necessitated by the Vietnam war. He argued vigorously with the President in Texas last month that LBJ should warn Congress then that it must restore health and welfare cuts. The President declined. Remaining in the administration, however, will be Ambassador Arthur Goldberg - at least during the North Korean crisis and probably sometime beyond. Goldberg had planned to resign February 1. - o - - SHRIVER FOR SENATE - The last surviving Kennedy in the Johnson administration is Sargent Shriver, a brother- in-law, who has done a good job as anti-poverty czar. As the Kennedy-Johnson feud has intensified, however, Shriver has become the unhappy man in the middle. The Kennedys demand total loyalty from all members of their clan, including those who marry into it. And President Johnson, who likes Shriver personally, is uncertain how far to trust him. So Shriver, having won his battle to save the antipoverty program is expected to resign and run for the Senate from Illinois against the old Republican warhorse, Sen. Everett Dirksen. - o - -IKE'S WARNING - If you reread the speeches of President Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles back in the summer of 1953, you can understand the motives behind North Korean President Kim in seizing the USS Pueblo and adopting other "diversionary" tactics. - Shortly after Ike made good his',promise of "ending the Korean; war with the July, 1953 truce, his Secretary of State, Mr. Dulles, began to warn that this would now free communist troops to move south against the French in Indo-China. President Eisenhower himself made one notable speech, at the Governors' Conference in Seattle in the summer of 1953, spelling out in detail the likelihood of a communist move into French Indo-China to take over its rubber, tin and quinine. To head off this drive, Secretary Dulles created the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization- SEATO - which included the French, the British, Pakistan and smaller Asiatic allies. Since then President Johnson has complained privately that he is stuck with John Foster Dulles' SEATO, which our stronger allies, the French and British, have deserted. Even Pakistan refuses to lift a finger to support SEATO. Only the little countries are left. Historians will long debate whether the domino theory was ever valid. But they will not debate the stragegy of North Korean Premier Kim, who clearly saw the truth of Eisenhower's and Dulles's words, namely that the United States was spread out thin over several thousand miles along the Asiatic coast. That was why Kim urged diversionary tactics against the United States. - o - - BEHIND THE INCIDENT - There is no ship in the U. S. Navy which the Defense Department would have less liked to have fall into enemy hands than the USS Pueblo, crammed as it was with sophisticated electronic devices. The reasons why nearby U. S. planes and ships did not come to its rescue, or why Commander Lloyd M. Bucher surrendered without a struggle, or without scuttling her, are now under intensive, indignant investigation. The last time an American commander gave up his ship without a fight was the USS Chesapeake in 1812, and he was court- martialed afterwards. Some of the reasons for the incident can now be disclosed as follows: 1. Reason why commander did not call for help was because he thought the North Koreans were bluffing. He didn't dream there would be a communist seizure of an American naval vessel in international waters, so didn't take the warning seriously. Actually there were two hours in which he could have called for help, and there were about 100 air force fighters and fighter bombers in both South Korea and Japan which could have responded at a moment's notice. The reason why Commander Bucher did not finally scuttle the ship when he saw the North Koreans coming alongside with a patrol boat to board the Pueblo was because he blew up electronic equipment instead. Apparently he thought this was sufficient, though some of his superiors in Washington disagree. There has been no explanation of why he didn't drop his anchor and foul his rudder. 2. Reason why the Pueblo was off the Korean coast was to locate Russian nuclear submarines. Russia has 350 submarines, of which 40 are nuclear, and we have refined devices which can not only locate them but tell what kind of vessels they are. The Pueblo was watching for Soviet submarines out of Vladivostok. Actually she was not 25 miles off the North Korean coast, as officially stated, but 16 miles, which is four miles outside the 12-mile limit. 3. Reason for seizing the USS Pueblo was the North Korean policy, which it has urged on other communist nations, of diversionary tactics. North Korean Premier Kim n Sung has argued that the best way to help the North Vietnamese is to divert American worry to problems elsewhere in the world. To this end North Korea has instigated well over 500 incidents along the border between North and South Korea during 1967 alone - an increase of about 500 percent over 1966. ACTION The Freshmen-Sophomores are really in the trading and selling business when it comes to out-of-town basketball games. Everything from oranges to Fresca are swapped on the bus. Also songs are sung. Not from everyone; just a few members of the "sound". .'". .but it's a difc ferent sj;qry when the game is lost! - o - Any get well wishers who would like to drop a line to Bill Carlson, here is the address: Room 322, University Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa. Wouldn't you like some cards or letters if you were laid up? - o - In latest intramural statistics the Wildcats remain on top with the Raiders, Warriors, Celtics, and Trotters behind them. Bruce Olson still leads as top scorer and best season average. These games are played every Monday night at the Lucia Wallace gym. First game is 6:30. - o - The Junior High sure has been changed from way back when. A pep band as well as marching girls entertain at the J. H. basketball games. Heyl Isthereanad- mission? - o - Room changes were made last week because of Junior High students taking Iowa Basic Skills Tests. A real nice job was made. We hope all the J. H.'ers brought their two No. 2 pencilsl - o - - o- Hey, grooversl A hootenanny is going to be held on Feb. 4. This happening will take place in the Garrigan gym along with a few other schools. Anybody wanting to have an act or sing is to report to Mr. Richard Black. . . .in other words, it's another talent showl Rumors are that the "Brothers Two" might make the scene. - o - Last Wednesday, the North Central Choral Festival was held in the Algona gym. Area schools which participated were Clear Lake, Eagle Grove, Humboldt, and of course Algona. A program was held in the evening for the public. The guest conductor was Charles Matheson from the University of Northern Iowa. - o - The regular locker cleanup was held last Friday. Very neat lockers. . . .and Max did clean that downstairs locker out didn't he? - o - Picture day was held for class Here's how to call "Information" in a distant city... ...and-it doesn't cost a cent! How's your list of distant phone numbers? You can bring it up to date with a few fast—and free—phone calls via Direct Distance Dialing. To get an "Information" operator in a distant city, just do this: DIAl "I" This connects you with the distance dialing network. DIAL THE AREA CODE for the distant city, if it's different from your own. (Area Codes for many cities are listed in the front of your telephone book.) DIAL 555-1212 This is the distant "Information" number. That's all there is to it! And calling your friends and relatives in distant cities is just as easy when you Dial Direct. It's the fast, satisfying way to keep in touch. ^officers last week. We're anx- combed. Right "Goob"? iously waiting to see the sopho- _ 0 more's three girls and one boy officers' picture. Maybe it'll look -Well, go get it manl" like all girls if the hair isn't Thursday, Feb. 1, 1968 Algeria (la.) Upper Dft* Mo!n«-3 KOSSUTH COUNTY'S FAVORITE NEWSPAPERII \Withe CLASSIFY Now! Impala V8 Sale! 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Power Steering Power Disc Brakes Comfortilt Steering Wheel Be smart. Be sure. Buy now at your Chevrolet dealer's. KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 14-0115 103 SOUTH HALL ALGONA, IOWA PHONE 295-3554 Northern Natural Gas Company The pipeline serving Natural Gas to /our local gas company Gas dryers iron permanent-press clothes to beat the band. Northwestern Bel) •-t S. Sec- The votes are in. It's a landslide victory! Women all across the country are rising up in arms against ironing drudgery. Down with ironing woes! Up with the wonders of gas drying and the new permanent-press clothes. The modern fabric cycles on the new gas dryers have what it takes to unchain you from that ironing board forever. So, don't be taken in by the "promises" of the opposition, examine the issues and cast your vote for relaxation. Elect a modern gas dryer to help you stamp out ironing. March right down to campaign headquarters (your gas company or gas appliance dealer) and get on the bandwagon today. NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 39*4414 "Where Service is more than a Name" AIQQNA

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