The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on June 14, 1896 · Page 14
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 14

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
Page 14
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J 7 11 MATX'Tl.l ' - -r-. . Dmrmir nn ! nnunnrnn Gov rn..r Tiirlln of Ohio THiV OK AIM' 'K. V1the ' CrWa 'j"4i It "T NE 1 iiOINES LEADEIi: SUNDAY SISQ. JUNE I t 189S THE DEJy JO tjj c !l I 4 i J 4 rl Ktjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjy 3 4 Thieves j: 3 Could not steal shoes and C my acu liitnirtJiy cut apt. matt 2 the prices will be here t X Saturday and nonday c i 10 Splendid 3 Bargain 3 Opportunities ! 169c i So. 2. 3 ?io.l. 3 I ! I 3 Ladies $2.00 White Duck Leather Trimmed Oxfords, to be. 1 L TLlii m' whoa moral conduct l beyond suspicion and not 'by those who have been Inclined when opportunity afforded! to Imbibe a little too freely. The impression aeenia to be prevalent thut the game waa given to yulncy by listless playing. LltlU Orcundori. "Flaherty has ben appointed captain of the Qulncy'a and I irli h. ana ram-u win partim-iVta la not ur . no wonder ttiey 4a orlereJ all tinea no tie taken out of t ceipta of Die visiting ilulx, and flu. -a will be renutleO. Peoria turned out IftW to I lame lt Wfi k. CetUr Rapids tteinilillifin: iraiiiB of he aerleii will) the Ii-mim waa prevented tiy wet itrou ilreiii unit hundreds or people v rK iii ins iMpe Unit a gum played anyway, and It la pro iay hti'l lHn nl 4 lie mi m-h wltneai l tiy at lea at Those wh went to the the areiitnxt ware, tionii . would le calle at n lai'i oret of Dee Moinea hav 4wr of fl are hitters team 1n the aaorlatlr A In the phltadelphia of, Utloii. Tliu, too, th J plii'iiera, and whim f 1M Ladies' $1.50 Ox- fC C fords, sizes 2 to 3. A Wl V to be V o.8. Childs'I.2TiFine Tan Shoes, sizes to W. to be and Oxfords and Elegant, 169c ap Slippers c it, to be S V L MS. U i I 3 ! o. 5. Boys' and Youths 11.20 Solid Shoes. lace and odd sizes V Ifo. 6. Boys' Narrow Shoes, -Ld W and Congress, f2.(XVA f 3.00 and 4XWo lg J So. 7. Oeo. ECeith's $5.00 Fine U Tan Shoes, a J f QA J; chance U V C )..- ... 9 Krijk 4 J y 7T biioes, an sizes af very extra The pnat trrrk hua not been an event ful one In bnae ball clivlm. About the only thltiK of coiiaeiiuem-e haa been the meeting of the uHxoclu.tlon at Hurllng- ton to consider the advlnabllity of drop ping Quinoy and putting another town In Its place. The renult Quincy la to be given another trial. Oed Jonea, who la bnckhitf the Quincy team, frank ly admits he bellevea Andy Somniera Is renonilble for the poor toum there. He aaya Sommero haa had money at his dlWMMul 'lth which to tecure a number of new men, but afcran to have exeicla-ed poor Juilmenit and to have aucurcri men that were no better tnan tnoae ie-Ifwued. Jones paid at the meeting he would try and necure a new ma-nnger nd It la believed he Will aticceed. It 18 possible an attempt will be made Tor the hen. -lit of Oulncv to have Ccn Strouthcrs reluctated so he can take the management of the team. He la con- Hldered an excellent player but at pro-Bent is In dlsreuute. He haa expreaacd a desirs to Kt back Into line and Is now In St. Louis. He made overtures ior the St. Joe franchlae when the syndi cate there wanted to sell out, but was iitmiiere.iHful. A Hvelv time developed at the meeting when it was proponed to drop Quincy, and Des Moines and Burlington Joined bands to resent wroni done them, saying If Quincy was drop ped they would insist on a aix club eii- cuit and would vote to arop m. J'-. However the occasion to vote did rot opie It I considered very doubtful If IKo Onlnev team will be able to stick and those who are posted look to see it go down after the present serlea on the home grounds is completed. he traded off the former for Hlirfey, the Cedar Rapida pitches and the Inner for 8iiwHli, the Peoria InHilder. t'lrlch haa developed into a ilixoiiianlaer, and if the management cannot iruue mm on ne win be put on the lMnch without pay. Kartell's work of lle ha ben very lo and they Unit half auapect lie la playing for bis release. ' lHlnn. signed by Dubuque, has Joined the team. O. C. Van Zandt. the Chicago pitcher, hua Joined the gulney'a. Van Zandt waa formerly a. city league twlrler, received Ii4h training aa a member of the Went Dl-vision hlarh school teem, and Inter as aec-ond hajieman for OIerlln college for three yeara. Donovan split his panta In a great slide to second at Cedar Kaplds. ami 'the umpire allowwl an intermission until he could get Into the club house and clothe himself in a pair of white knickerbockers that he ex-ikuined had been willed to him by Uuck The last two weeks have develoiwxl the fact that with the Kss!blo exception of Quincy there has been a general strengthening up of the assoelailon teams. Iu-limine has Improved wonderfully and considerable additiona have been made to the strength of the Burlington, Cedar Kaplila and St. Joe teams. JllCKey, .VI (JV IW ftirv fllflird tint vmr oihera. If ttie, u? dnta U will hav winnina the t 1 .1 t f.l'AI- UCA I hll1 ooee niHi uiry i " . " i HKeiy in s rook out tor . i Itiina la your nm.nv llilnna a i. i . . Cedar Rj.V lHian nae morwl ag tt will bo A ,.i . Trry j yet yoLA era wl,1f the v, reito: "flllent" Jack Ulrh DiibiKiiie. What il have to endure. Hut know there is one man can control hla mouth. 1 anys that the game la writes that the horsea e post and that the Hrew- ie front In the bunch when ague leaders get into the .11 c y VHr Ji Rlchter made the longest tic i ever made on Peoria groum there Thursday. Li' i ail V. a " ' I ... V U ! $1:48 i Arlie Latham haa been gauement by Conroy and K dians, for their new farce c Unpopular Hlckcy. Rriaent'Yllckey is fafd; losing the popularity that was responsible for his election to the position at the head of he association. It has been demon strated on more than one occasion that he Is not as well posted aa he snouia Ka in hiu ball mii.titers and the way he has ruled on disputes haa made -him , has a fair voice and a nlmi . i .nrlt land can tell gaga with tl very unpopular. He is not a favorite dance ma in ues Aiiones ior uie mumu ' seen fit to rule against this city on every point and on no less than two of them his ruling has been reversed. In St. Joe it Is said he is not nearly so popular as he w-aa when the season started but still Is better liked there than in any city in the circuit except Oedar Rapids. In Cedar Rapids he is exjtremely popular because of the conspiracy he entered into with Buck E bright to steal 'the Qu'lncy players when there was talk of that team dis banding, but the move that made mm Tvonnlnr there Is the one that has The more one sees cf harder It is to under!; so low in the race. Tl hlMers 1n the team. Ti herty will be a great Paddy Whack has beei will be In the game toJ more interesting witl Two new players Then they return. eral on the string rl a day or so. i"iB.lii5iui.i5s No. 9. Mens' Tan Shoes worth $2.50, two days So. 10. 500 pairs of Ladies' Fine Sample Oxfords; Black and Ji tan uoiors, sizes dft, 4 and V 4 A and B lasts. Worth $3.00 to 5.00 you. can choose at lured him in every other city m tne , "J"'' "cVV,7ten. circuit and made it necessary for the managrers, in order to protect their contracts with players and their rights to sign men from disbanded teams, to sit down on him. It is . generally conceed-ed he cannot secure a re-election to his present position. m i r 1 I winninv the i( ' , 1 1 1 ' W I it 'I w 7 r l m f i M It 7 I W M HI ; oil m II of ill vm If') Wtcvr r 9 a, r Ml I' 1 w- , H ar w r j ia , the ba . tha have eopie, I Willi arama The o many ia MK'in. no other a Moines ern assoc. hree tine In till !. ndnrd. It la lug in sitthi. ion are areat lv said of the with no acel- I whatever In ceidonis, how- n at any time, he down rond It a rush, and then d UiH'kford. The ever, ami a arest a between now and Vounkcr Bos.. I Younker Bs. I Vounker Bro5- art Is endeavorlna: to farm t some minor lensue. It Is that epringlield will get him I aaon. The Chlcaso club will ase him, although he has re- I xceptlonallv aood offer from a ' ub. Moitride lias not been do- I fitting that waa expected of him. that he was only tried In six and In rhese he could not And the 1 the first three, but in the final that he played he picked un a llt- id got in a few hits. With both Me nd Kelllv absent from the club It Joe Vlsner has made a failure as an iim- plreand it is said wtll return to ball play 4 uui Oi 'lilt? pniit, n il' I iiV'Wiii piu.i- be seen on tirst for the remainder of seHson. witn Decker relegated to tne tfleld. much to his dlsa-ust. Anson an- ars to consider Fred Pfeffer fast enouKh j hold down the second bag. flfl PlPf'C nf Pntirir CilL'r lhe latest loom productlons-a collection that embrace al 7 "I rUnCy 3IlK5"theil0. of 5llkB hat arecoontc(1 summerlsh ArSu- eyed, over-looking all the world of Sllks-our 511k buyer has enabled us to make a trio of offerings that will make the shopping public wonder at the price marvels of this section of the store. , 55 pieces of striped and brocaded Taffetas, in changeable Dresden and irridescent effects, a very proper collection of Silks for Waists and Dresses. They are the regular 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 kinds, for 85 pieces of beautiful Novelty Silks. comDrislncr an unsur passed assortment of triple tones, Persians, Dresdens and choice Printed Warps, sold regularly at $1.25 and $1.50 Tomorrow placed on sale at 60 pieces of high class Paris Novelties the creme de la cremeof the season's designs, loom tricks, and colorings-Are good values at $2.00 and $2.25 Closing at , N0TFCF-FUR5 ALTERED or REHODELED at 54c 69c 98c J It H - - as if Anson win tind it impossible to , insure burs over the summer months - . . very lowest prices. We also store and it loll nm of Hielcev'a umpires, has r' been the howling success it was predict ,a upn 1 1.1 i t,v r h weorla. iia.ners. ' Rockford's arounds have been b' llsteddiv the association because the airemen't haa not turned In a portion Memorial day receipts and the 10 pr," association dues ror twelve games, i the money Is paid over no games on the grounds wll De recognized elation games. Breen, released a short time a buque to save, expenses, has s Cedar Rapids. He is a good m hit ;ame tn en- come- atham heels. fage song dncy's the they are e some fine ition of Pl-a- ithem, as captain. He (1 will make it oachlng. with the Saints er Dye has eev- 11 sign several in Rof kford Rpifc -v ,i,o' ti,,v,, in- I Fielder NewmiuL Manaiter Nlcol to lasts, worm r $1.48 J- frrrrrccrccrccrrrrrcccrcrZ COME 'SATURDAY AND MONDAY FOR BARGAINS. THE HUB 607 WALNUT STREET. A Rockford Wail. On the occasion of the release of Paddy Flaherty the Rockford Register eays: Captain Paddy Flaherty of the Rockford team was given notice of his release by Manager Nicol last night. Paddy's numerous admirers in Rockford will be greatly surprised by the news, but it had to be. The great player and field captain has been disabled ever since the Peoria series, when his rib was broken by Pitcher Thomas. The doctor said yesterday that he might he able to get In the game In a day or two, and It was thought that he would a trma t Qi. coyer the mlddlne fipder. good base quiiHiiun. i,nft nar(1 an(j often, runner and cana because that team is Dubuque let h' reducing expe' . . . has signed with the Patsey Fla Quincy club George Tebeau won't yulncy ,y- president Jones re-come to from him' last evening ceived a U negotiations were off. He saying tnav from Fort Wavne. The can t net however, is not (rreatly dis- manaKeror there are other good play-appoinn Presidemt Jones yesterday 6nt .pitchers, Blake and Vanzandt, sl(rned.UBh Metllcal college of Chicago, from j,al(1 to be swift ones, and will be Theynt. There is a probability that bTso get McBride, the Chicago out-WP, A-hom Anson "fanned" out to Ael'-a last season. Sommers wired Ro'nt Jones yesterday if he should of-PrBride a certain sum that he would It was a. big price, but Jones cptJy wired back to offer it, and very ! it will be accepted. Rockford Star: I'mnlrln does not suit i Joe Vlsner at all. Joe has had some hard games to handle at Dubuque and is about ready to Quit. In an Interview In the Du buque Telegraph he eays: "Rockford let me out because my arm was bad. It Is all right now and I Intend to slrn with Cedar Rapids next week. Umpiring is no snap, j I wouldn't work at it for a thousand dollars a. minute, if I could help myself. You're bound to get the worst of it whether you do the right or not. I Intend to do the best I know how until I get something else to do and then I'll say good bye to umpiring forever." The Burlington team will be In evidence before the end of the season. In Carruth-ers, Hollinttsworth, the White brothers and Rurgett it has men who are more agreeable toeet as friends than enemies. Three members of the local team were fined tJS each yesterday by the directors, who refuse to give their names. Dubuque Tribune. Bet LaRocque was one of them. Cedar Rapids Republican: It will be seen that the- Rabbits have onlv to win a few straight games and they 111 be up among the leaders, If not In second ptace. The team is now playing better ball than at any time during the season, and it is quite probable that there will be no more changes In the team during the season. Since our Uncle Hiram shaved his mustache off he has regained some of his youth and Is playing a game at short that 1 a paiuern for some of the younger fellows to follow. The Chicago team has sent McBrlde and Relllv home, and they will probably be released. Thornton, has been recalled from Grand Rapids, and will be utilized as an outllelder. Thorn'ton is a fine sprinter and heavy hitter, and his friends In Rockford repeatedly urgad him to devote his attention to fielding instead of pitching.' Yes terday, however, tie snewwi wnac ne ran Meteor team that is on Its way to tha coast. Miss Ilattie Livingston is riding a Cresant. Mr. Alf Horbln has purchased a Wellington. Mra. F.'W. Cherry 18 riding a new Cresent. Mr. Ray Ashley has received his new Smalley. Mr. Harry Young Is now riding a Kenwood. Miss Gertrude Rltchy has a new 2- ' "eparaite committee and the department American. cycling was turned over to the Des Mr. Ralph Seeley has purchased a . Moines L. A. W.. who are to receive a Columbia. enaje in the profits to he used for club i Mr. F. A. R.iichenback la riding a xpenses This will give tha club entire ' Pacemaker. rowtn ror this season. Each branch of sport was placed in the Tva.nrt . ctharge of the new 1-3 mile Imi-i ,fnr v. cling, and wiill bring a large -number of new men into active wxrk in managing -th track team, race meets and other affairs of the club. An effort will be rrraae to get every active wheelman in Iee Moines Into the club so that Des Day ten Tamdem. Mr. Manning Stoner has purchased an Ide Special. Miss Trude Lehman has ordered a Kenyon Special. Mr. A. D. Rrown has received his new 'Moines may be encouraged tf nrMn Last Thursday evening -was a great ' fldf,r? who n"ln male a respectable disappointment for the wheelmen of the i a Pal'V,!;th?,btf't ln the west- city Kverybody expected to eZ ( Tuay X nnest road race ever run in the state, opening at the park, iat which time the but owing to the rain that came lust dub will make plans for soma or h previous to the time of eating tha race it ! f yc'lng events for the' season. There was necessary to postpone it until to- !? or a bl"w morrow evening at G:30. there were a number of wheelmen that were entered that were willing to run and others that were not, and after duo consideration among the officers of tha day the pestponment was finally decided upon. Mr. A. Westcott, the Chicago rider, was not here and .will probably be here Monday. The coarse will be the same as do in the box by hutting out tne .unwau- Thursday evening's run. The following Kees wnn lnJTf u1 ' ' r""l is me list or Btarters with their numbers Thornton ought to be every whit as good and handlc-ans: .In h a tn.ftttld a tra i n TVlHllv WAS too high salaried a man for the Rock- Urnas of Peoria wrenched his arm dur ford's to carry, however, as the crowds the Des Moines series. of late have been very enm. tie was Oulnov whig says Paddy Flaherty's troubles. Perfect safety may be as-getting $160 per month, and as Fergu c. yes, and he's of emerald hue. , sured those who keep on hand DeWItt's es Breitensteln or even nusie. Doheny, the young twlrler of the Giants, is fhe best discovery made by Irwin this season. Bert Tnks, who has finally caught on with Cincinnati, made a poor showing against the Bridegrooms Tuesday. Dubuque Times: ' Tt is easy to see why the Des Moines club wins so often. It plays team and not Individual ball, although 'the individual playing is superb. Young mothers dread the Summer months on account of the great mortality among children caused by bowel ..HOW TO.. son is Dlaying a fine game at thirr" " Manager Nicol concluded that It wou' Tnp st Joseph papers are roasting Hal-he better not to disturb the infield, bier for his treachery In writing that ha to sign a hard hitting outfielder, sor would like to manage m i thing that is needed to strengthen team. Flaherty's release will cause wef RFC I IV VATTR I and wailing among the faithfii', Ii U fl I fl lUUfl ; though they will realize that It ..HEALTH.. Consult DrJJ.Mershon e ha "hest thing to he done. He is oneps greatest third basemen in the bhltiJ his judgment of quick, boundiy being little short of marvclo; throwing is quick and accurat0 flu a coacher he is strong. He hj'e bat perior as a field captain, and D()n .ne is a power, aiiiiouRii ne i"go far c!nan for The acknowledged leading specialist Of Iowa TWENTY-FIVK years' experience who will receive a limited number of patients at the low fee of FIVK DOLLARS a month. MEDICINK FREE. ALL DISEASES OF THE STOMACH, LIVER. BOWELS. HEART. LUNGS, RHEUMATISM, EPILEPTIC . FITS, PILES, RECTAL ULCERS, KIDNEY AND BLADDER TROUBLES. COME EARLY if you wish to take advantage of this low fee. ALL NERVOUS AND PRIVATE DISEASES treated and cured. SYPHILIS, GONORRHOEA. GLEET. STRIC- T U R E . VARIOCELE, SPERMA- j home team TORRHOEA, LOST MANHOOD, DISEASE OF THE PROSTATE GLAND. In fact, all delicate diseases. My suc cess recommends me ana i asK you to the fine that t Investigate. lousiness connaentlaL Thousands cured by mail. Call on or address. Enclose stamp for reply. Dr. J. W." Mershon, room 6 and 7, Good block, Des Moines, Ia. Remember my FIVE DOLLARS a month rate. Medlncines free to all hitting quite up to his no. Paddy ongnt to mawe a gr, m any team, and if the QvQrt trieir sign him and put Ulrlch a - ' weak infield would be r. Tha oitYvkholders of the Quincy club held another meeting Thursday. President Hlckey has appointed Ward ns an umpire in. the Western association. Ward ervpd in the same capacity last year. He left Kansas City yesterday for Rockford. I Colic and Cholera cure, and administer It promptly, f or cramps, duious cone, dysentery and diarrhoea, it affords in-ftant relief. All druggists. Are you made miserable by Indigestion, Constipation. Dlzr.lness, Loss of Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shlloh's Vitalizer is a positive cure. For sale by Chas. W. Rogir Co., 511 Walnut street and M. Olsen, 513 East Locust street. The .Stape Burglar's Peril. New York World: An amateur actor in Harlem recently took , part In a pri- ntihimiiA nlavers who make home runs ,h A-rnrmq In a ihmrse where the on Home grounus " u-i. Hollingsworth is playing a great game j at short for Burlington. to wear, nyt to talk through The Burlington team Is still weak In bat-i. rwl the number of stolen bases each stone ay n-eips maiDinuij " 11 'o wall Flaherty's friends,, and that triat ne win get a guuu rf to play. his injury will soon per A Ton of Gold In Your Teeth... Would do no good unless the teeth are properly prepared Usually a severe operation, unless prepared by aid of Booze at Du ' " There was a A Dubuque papers cub shaking up in the r ,a8t early n the week. ft that ioQ come to be known t dfta, to do much booze has hf.f, nll k rhe with the poor baiL ' ,,t the direc. home team. Thu A ,Vpa 1s fine tors held a meetl,annlr and Tlg.he-each on Newmr,8 &so a,ttached to There was a P:,ond offense would I Tne line mm v pii-nenslon without cost them -0 ewman was given his ray YesterdrnJ and Kahner walking papj Ij0nK had been out put on the t'nA KOt ,nto a serioua the night b iceman and was in difficulty w- ,HV x-pterdav. Zah- no eondlti- sam boat but begged to Bachman's Dentine ner was lr,ame nd h allowed get Into "thc )wt ln tihe second Into go be" jrtruk out the first man ning. F' ... ,ih boll go through P b",st;ad of trj'ing to get the oft .htc. .eon, J1"?' n n as polble kwked after it wXw. a trifle t ,iiil af ter ft. ana w nen ne i lv i. ana i h(, roHj it to Smith, allowing per to get around third bas?. theions were suoh as to cause ev-to become ten.porarilv insane. Pr,"nd was certainly disgusted and r'rahner to the bench at once and w Graver n from the field. c Aaothcr Pitcher. ne local anagement Is fishing und for a new pitcher and expects add a fourth man to tne ron in in .urse of a few days. Bennett recog- dies the team needs Ftrenginenini? in "aU a t-l4" bis resect. Several good men are on UDtUnUerthe string, but n has not been decided one win le iaru. ....... now that he released Hurrell more anyinmg was a disorganaer. Which reffevea all pain, operations guaranteed for EARS. which claims I Drs. Bachma 2 1 1-2 1 J Equ Je. IEL That Qtilncy UiiM. LToal fans regarded the score made In the trame at Quincy with a good deal of suspii ion lre re th w i r g W(,itt ten errors in a gar (T -ap-v. DO VO-. if 1 wmiU r-rm i th "-mr . 1 hits ' Th y say they cannot tee the ! Mi'nes team, time's h. b.en s.imethlng radically ith th'ir conduct. c-.tiM make a game and hat Andrews l-" r,(i t." make '.very. It is ion. though, Hack ra,rlor seirved aai the stage. The actor. "haid to Impersonate a. man who pretended to be a burglar and enters the etage from a rear window, where he haa a funny scene with the heroine. To reach the window he went to the hack yaird, put a ladder agaiinst a storm shed, from which he could easily open the window. He was. d'isguised with false whiskers and a mask, 'and he carried a pistol. He had reached the top of the ladder when a policeman who lived in the house hacking on the yard, ran up the ladder after him and caught him" red-hanled as he was entering. rru i nt.j.rtpl a.a ehe discovered Eddie Burke has an entl-Keeley clause ,,r , 4he hands of a police- n his Cincinnati contract, and he hasn t "a lt,ne audience, who thought roken it aa yet. t . -h- r,(.v amnlau'ded heartilv. The young man tried to explain, but the policeman could not be deceived and carried his prisoner away, to the great delight of the audience, who voted the bluecoit the moat realistic aotor in the cast. A L Wooster, a prominent citizen of Osseo.'Mich.. after suffering excruciat ingly from piles for twenty years, was cured ln a short time by using De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, an absolute cure for all skin diseases. More of this preparation is used than all . others combined. All druggists. ! Captain Sweeney. V. S. A.. Pan Dlegp, Cal savs- "Shlloh's Catarrh Remedy is the'first medicine I have ever found that woufd do me any good-" Price, W cents. For sale bv Chas.. W. Rogg Co.. SU W al-nut street "and M.. Olsen, 613 East Locust street. j NOTICE TO IOWA M'KINLEY MEN. The Iowa AUIson-McKinley club haa adopted the Wabash as the omciai route to the St. Louis convention, and will leave Des Moines on the 6:10 train Sundav evening. June 14. Several of h cars will be decorated with bunting and portraits or .Major .Mciviniey. .mc-Klnley badges will be for sale on the train. Following Is a schedule of con necting trains from pom's named: Train leaves Mason City, Iowa, 2:15 p. m. Train leaves Hampton, Iowa 3:20 PTrain leaves Ackley. Iowa. 3:53 p. m. Train leaves Marshalltown, Iowa, 5:30 p. m. Train leaves Grinnell. Iowa. 6:40 p. m. Train leaves tskaloosa, Iowa, :S5 ti. ni . Train leaves Ottumwa, . Iowa, 9:20 p. m. PRIDGE. annua opposing teams. ' It Is reported that Hines has signed with Mobile, Ala, and ia waiting transportation, , Mauck has evidently struck his old time gait. He has wonderful curves and great speed. Warner seems to be improving in his work right along, and will fill the bill all right at second. 1 broken . MeCreary, the Louisville left handed twirler, ia being worked in the outlield. Mao makes a iiveiy iieiutri .uu i"'" numerous with his bat. j Jimmy Donnelly, the resurrected third baseman of the Boltimores, never played Ihetter ball, and Jimmy was on I red Steam's Detroit team In ISSti. The patronage of the New York Polo grounds has taken a eudden jump, though the fans root for the visiting team more than for Irwin's waifs of Gotham. Walter Thornton, the young left hander of Chicago, contemplates matrimony, and, I 3 marrv a younn nnu iruy j older than himself. Thorn- 12. 13. 14. 15. 17. 18. 19. 20. 31. 22. 23. 27. 2S. 29. 30. SI. 32. 33. 34. 35. 3fi. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. and handicaps: The riders in tomorrow's race will be numbered as follows, so the spectators can tell who each rider is by the number he Is wearing: 1. Gus Larson, scratch. 2. Oscar Moline, scratch. 3. C. A. Westcotit, Chicago, scratch. 4. I. L. Thomas, Oskalooea, 1 minute, 30 seconds. 5. J. P. Rhinehart, 1 (minute, 30 seconds. 6. W.P. Burns, Le Mars, 1 minute, 30 seconds. 7. A. R. Elder, Marshalltown, 2 minutes, 30 seconds. 8. J. B. Havlland, 2 minute3, 30 seconds. 9. W. J. Snooks, Nowton, Z minutes, 30 seconds. 10. P. E. Durand, 3 minutes. . , 11. S. A. Dockstader, 3 minutes, " iFrank Griffith, 3 minutes. I O. J. MHler, 3 minutes. i L. H. Baker, 3 minutes. i committee. K. u. farmalee. 4 minutes. 30 sec onds. 16. Charles, Brown, 4 minutes, 30 seconds. J. W. Baker, 4 minutes, 30 seconds. , A. C. Burnett, 5 minutes. A. M. Stador, 5 minutes. A. M. Morgan, 6 minutes.. M. P. Weston, 6 minutes. George Hulsizer, 0 minutes, 30 seconds. George Ohaoman, 6 minutes, 30 sec onds. 24. W. H. Burnett, 6 minutes, 30 seconds. 25. D. A. McOauiey, 7. minutes, 30 seconds. 26. Roy Campbell, 7 minutes, 30 seconds. A. E. Rudge, 7 minutes, 30 seconds. J. C. Crabb, 7 minutes, 30 seconds. Clarence Hinsey, 8 minutes. Horace Campbell, 8 minutes. Murray George, 8 minutes. Homer Porter, 8 minutes, 30 seconds. Charles Ansell, 8 minutes, 30 seconds. Will Chase, 8 minutes, 30 seconds. G. W. Crainer, 8 minputea, 30 seconds. Ed Hahnan, 8 minutes, 30 seconds. Franklin Hare, 9 minutes. F. J. Rej'nolds, 9 minutes. Harry Comparot, 9 minutes. Art Hoare, 10 minutes. Fred Ross, 10 minutes. Ed Thompson, 10 minutes W. F. Brindle, 10 minutes. , Charles Prouty, 10 minutes. Charles Sheehan, 10 minutes, SO sec- 4 H. E. Jacobs, 10 minutes, 30 seconds. 47' S. Lockridge, 10 minutes, 30 seconds. 48. Levi Hockott, 12 minutes. eeklv race meet trtr j Waturday afternoons. A six day race meet, ror week, etc. There will also be a large number of new mem. her voted on. Any one interested in cycling! 49 invited to be present at the meeting and offer suggestions. At tha Y. M. C. A. park opening on Tuesday, the I6th Inst., the track team of the Des Mdlnes L. A. W. cluh will be present and show how they train for racing. In their pretty club suits of racing. In their nrettv suits of olive nA whi te. At the Tneetimr of the Y. M. C. A. athletic committee on Wednesday the fol- , lowing eoimimittee was appointed to j work with the athletic committee and take exclusive charge of the tennis 'hrandh: Mr. Will Tone, chairman; ' James C. 'Hume, Lee Windsor, Murray Campbell, Dec Foster, Hal Howell, ' Otis Love, Harry OoggeshaH. Harrv Plummer, Ward Bannlpter and Charles Lynde. At athletic park three courts have been prepared ajid in two of them the netting hack stops and accessories have been completed and put in place. On Tuesday evening ait the opening o the park there will be tennis games in prog ress, under tihe auspices of the new An Ourang-Outang as a 'Cyclist. Here is a wheelman with a genuine hicycle face, one of those which haa been talked about so much, but Little Jo's face is perfectly composed, aa shown here, and its peculiar expression is not due to excessive riding. Little Jo Jasper Rlnehart. Mr. Jasper Binehart Is In the employ of the Des Moines Cycling company. He is 25 years of age and has been riding a wheel for three years. Mr. Rlnehart won first prizes In the Boone races last vear and has won a numher of other Little Jo, Portland's Ourang Outangr Cyclist. All Western assoclmtlon Pnes must be promptly paid, as President llickey haa i 1 1 uticura VUKFssOnj Xwmite t . v - a I IM xUJ i tLJ B K fjnaa a v. I'rvi, (. iinosir.RS GO TtT HIGH An ...omint of the H.vtier's I reunion hell at High Bridge June 15. , the D. M- N- & w- wiu m!1 rund trip ticket at ty cent. JASPER RINEHART. He expects to enter all the meets this year and is training very hard. Mr. Rinehart has lived in Ies Moines only a few months, coming here from Boone. He 4s a member of the White Flyer track team. V. fl. C. A. ote. At a billed meeting of the athletic ...imnvittoe on V eunesuay evening uir athletic works of the aiwiciation was ; siibdivKled into various classes and j lives at Portland, Ore., and his brother Leo resides in Spokane. Jo rides a 20-inch wheel, made especially for him. He learned to ride 4n fifteen minutes, and is now giving exhibitions dally ait Puget Sound. During the summer he will make an eastern tour. Jo is said to 'be a great favorite with the ladies, who use him in Portland as a pacemaker in the riding school. Bicycle Notes. Mr. Nicols is riding a Niagra. Mr. Ed Jordon is riding a Fowlr. 'Mr. John Crab is riding a Sterling. Miss Harbach has a new Rambler. Dr. Graves has purchased a Cresent. Mdss Delia. Bishop is riding a Meteor. Mrs. John Ericson has a new Cresent. Miss Lizzie Evans is riding a Pierce. Mr. Will Lichty is riding a Columbia. Mrs. C. J. Cooper is riding a Hartford. Miss Mabel Sfofford is riding a Pos tal. Miss W. Prime is riding a new Sterl ing. Mr. Cecil Stewart is riding an Ameri can. Miss Haaelton has purchased a Craw ford. Mr. L. M. Redfield is riding a Craw- frd. Miss Mabel Shafford is ridinar a Fi delity. Mr. L. B. Abdill haa purchased an Andre. Mr. Arthur Moore has ordered a new wheel. Mr. Will Wallace haa purchased a Pierce. Master Willie Lissender haa a new Cresent. There will probably be a Urge delegation of wheelmen who will go to the Cnuncnt Haa iad a wuoderfui ! astern part of the city to meet Ux Mr. Carl Dalberg will leave this week for Ms century ride. Mr. Clinton Ashell has purchased a new Kenyon special. Miss Eva Field will ride a Kenyon special, a gift from her faithor. Mr. Ed Long has Joined the list of those who ride th White Flyer. Miss Corai Pease received a Sterling bicycle for a graduating present. Mr. Clarence Watts rode to Colfax laat evening to remain over Sunday. If the weather jiermlts a number of i the Des Moines wheel club will ride to Colfax today. Mr. Bert Perkins and Miss Maude Shank rode to Altoona Tuesday evening on a tamdem. Messrs. Don Foster and Clyde Potta are contemplating taking a trip to the lakes about July 1. Mr. Will Chase says he cannot state exactly when he will have the Hartford Columbiaplcnic. . There will be a Stearns tandem in the city in a few days. It has not been decided who ehall ride it. Monday evening, after the road race, the Des Moines Wheel club will give a "smoker" to Its members. The Junior bicycle club is arranging for races to take place at the fair ground In about two weeks. The Y. W. C. A. have decided not to have any more runs this season. They will begin agaJn in the fall. The Meteor Team which left New' j York about two weeks ago on their way to the coast, will be here Tuesday. I A number of riding parties are goini? over the course for the road race. As it . is one. of the finert rides In the oUy. i The following East Side boys will rld 1 to Adel totfay: Bert Kizer, Rob Turner, Claud Englebeok and Geo. O'Dea. A party composed of Mr. George Hul-zer, Mr. Gilbert and the Mlssess Prltch-ard, rode on the Avon road Friday evening. The Des Moines L. A. W. held a meeting last night to determine whether or not to hold biweekly meets during the season. , A party consulting of Messrs Rob Tur- ' ner, George O'Dea, Burt Burneitt, John Hulzer and Ellis Englebeck rode to Car-lyle last Sunday. Mr, Seth Perkins has accepted a position with the Pace Maker Cycle company. He will also keep up the Des Moines Riding school. Tuesday evening at the Y. M. C. A, park will be held an opening of tha park. There will be all kinds of games and aomie bicycle races. A party composed of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jacobs, Mrs. John Trepanier, and Mr. George Bartherick enjoyed a ride to Avon last Tuesday. Mr. John L. Poole, representing the Pope manufacturing company waa a visitor in the city Friday. Mr. Poole says tliat the Pope company will manufacture a cheap line of bicycles next year. Among the new riders at the Des Moines Biding School this week are Miss Dungary, Miss Ruby Moweland, Mls Lie la Earl, Miss Nchloson. Miss Josephine Taylor, Mrs. A. B. White, Miss Lyman and Mr. A. Rawson. The Kenyon-Cooper cycle company have placed in their sales room a large tank filled' with oil for the benefit of riders who have exhausted theirs while out riding. This Is another feature added to the line of useful things for the cyclers. 6. N. Taloott received a letter fmrn Chicago yesterday stating that De Vaux and France. th9 two gentlemen riding from New York to the coast, w-ill be here Tuesday. The letter stated that ' t'hey were in Chicago one day ahead of scheduled time. They bad traveled 1.083 miles in 10 days and have had 4 days of rain and mud. When tnev arrive they will be the guests of S. N. Taloott & Co. FISHING IN MINNESOTA. The lakes In northern Minnesota are considered the best fishing grounds in the world, especially for black bass. June is the .best month for fishing. On June th and I3rd Homeseekers' tickets will be on sale to points on the Northern Pacific railroad in Minnesota and North Dakota at one fare plus $i for the round trin. Limit twenty days. For rates or further Information, apply to any ticket agent, or to Oscar Vanderbilt, district paasenger agent. Des Moines. d&w One minute is the standard time, and One Minute Cough Cure is the standard preparation for every fern cf couth or cold. It is the only harmless remedy that produces Immediate result. AU drug fists. 0 . . . L X -Z7-- - L.: ' V ' 7 : 1 "t ' i "'tt

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